Xenos Hunters Session 14

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  1. antoine You stand on the bridge, about to depart after deciding to check on the ship engines to make sure they are not going to go critical anytime soon. The Dark Sons and their wounded men stand and sit in one corner of the bridge as scared crew go about their emergency procedures. There are however no standard operating procedures for being swallowed by another ship so they are merely following...
  2.         antoine ...their boarding protocols. The sound of rustling on the outside of the ship reminds you of the many beasts that intend to slowly devour the entire ship, one inch of hull at a time.
  3.         Anselm  takes up his swords and motions for the door. "We should get moving. I'd rather not wait with a potential bomb."
  4.         Balmung "I agree"
  5.         Cadmus  "Agreed, let's get that taken care of first." Cadmus says with a nod.
  6.         Anselm  steps up to the door, and looks back to those of his fellow Astartes who will stay on the bridge. "Captain, Brothers, is there any further way we can render assistance before leaving?"
  7.         Balmung "It might be wise to get the layout of the ship"
  8.         Cadmus  "True, do you happen to have directions to the reactor?"
  9.         antoine Captain Oeris turns towards the group half way through his conversation with Captain Lyons and hands Balmung a dataslate, "Here, the layout is detailed by the machine spirit but expect problems due to structural damage."
  10.         Anselm  "Then we must depart, now," Anselm says, and motions to the man at the door.
  11.         antoine The navy rating opens the door with a hiss, obviously the Captain has prioritized a spare generator to power his bridge's bulkhead doors....
  12.         Balmung follws Anselm
  13.         Anselm  steps on through the door, mumbling mantra to himself: "I am the vanguard, the hand of fate - when I fall, I bring down the wrath of Him on Earth..."
  14.         Anselm  looks back to his companions. "What is the path we must take?"
  15.         antoine Heading past a couple of checkpoints with anxious navy personnel waiting for an enemy attack you soon leave behind what you believe is the last small pocket of humanity still on the ship. You head down deeper into the bowls of the ship in your race to secure the engine, the dark corridors are occasionally punctuated by a single illuminator or a corpse left behind by his comrades. You reach...
  16.         antoine automatic blast-door that has sealed due to the destruction caused to the ship, the bright yellow and black lines criss-crossing the face of the bulkhead stand vigilant against the invading xenos and their pungent atmosphere.
  17.         Anselm  looks back down the hall, then up at the blast-door. "Is there any other path?"
  18.         Anselm  examines integrity of the door. "I wonder if we might be able to cut through it, though that would expose the far-passage to attack..."
  19.         Balmung "I wouldn't want to risk the beasts invading the ship"
  20.         Anselm  grunts. "I'm sure the Navy armsmen would fall, though surely the Captain and his men could set up a proper defense..."
  21.         Anselm  shakes the thought away. "No. No. Too many of these things. I won't risk it."
  22.         Balmung "Indeed, though the men of this ship have a great deal of courage to still be realitivly sane after their ship has been "eaten""
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  24.         Anselm  "Please. You give the mortals too much credit. Their helmsman's maneuvering is what got them in this position in the first place."
  25.         Balmung "We must give any mortal credit to stand in the face of these beasts."
  26.         Anselm  "Perhaps," Anselm concedes. "The Navy tends to attract the better parts of civilization in its lower rankings."
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  28.         Anselm  moves to the control panel for the region's locks, and begins working the panel to bring down the blast-doors.
  29.         antoine Anselm manages to open the blast door, it slowly rolls open with the aroma of the hive ship flooding your sense as it moves into the slightly lower pressure air behind you.
  30.         antoine Moving quickly through Anselm shuts the door behind you with a hiss of its hydraulics,
  31.         Balmung puts his helmet back on
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  34.         Anselm  hefts his swords. "Now, let's cut through whatever interferes..."
  35.         Balmung ++I can agree with that.++
  36.         Bellerophon     ++We must make haste. Cut it down.++
  37.         Anselm  surveys the area beyond the door.
  38.         Bellerophon     prepares his heavy bolter
  39.         antoine This section of the ship is thick with the atmosphere of the hive ship a dead man lies on the ground, his nails gone as he tried to scratch his way through the blast doors from the other side. The corridor continues onwards towards the engines.
  40.         Anselm  steps forward. "We should move. I shall keep point to protect you, Brother-Devastator."
  41.         Bellerophon     ++A sound plan. I cannot fend off a xenomorph in melee.++
  42.         Bellerophon     follows Anselm into the bowels of the Talisman
  43.         Balmung follows the group
  44.         antoine As you continue onwards you find more bodies and the ship appears to be in further and further states of disrepair and damage. Finally you reach a corridor where a 5m gap exits, looking below you see something massive cut through at least 20 decks when the ship was being devoured.
  45.         Bellerophon     jumps across the gap and doesn't look down
  46.         Balmung jumps across
  47.         Anselm  leaps the gap.
  48.         antoine You continue your dash towards the engines, the signs of tyranid movement and attack becoming more and more common the further you head in, the metal plating and grill beneath your feet clangs loudly as you rush ever onwards.
  49.         Anselm  ++I worry these creatures might be in the enginarium already.++
  50.         Cadmus  ++They shall be cleared with extreme predijuce then.++
  51.         Bellerophon     ++Stay alert, brother. The alien surronds us. I hear not, however, any in front or behind us.++
  52.         Balmung ++They could be above us also++
  53.         Bellerophon     ++They are.++
  54.         Bellerophon     continues forward into the engine bays
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  56.         Anselm  guts the floor with his power sword. ++Hiding! Like the cowards they are!++
  57.         antoine Anselm carves up some of the floor and spies a beady eye looking up at him but doesn't manage to score any blows.
  58.         Cadmus  takes aim at the left wall and fires off a spray of bolter rounds.
  59.         antoine Cadmus tears up the wall with his bolter rounds but the lithe creature avoids the damage.
  60.         Balmung roars and uses his axe to make a hole in the wall
  61.         Balmung ++Show yourself coward!++
  62.         antoine Balmung makes a mighty set of swings in the confined 3m wide corridor, he shears the a section of the wall off before grabbing it with his hands and pulling it down to the ground, the heavy metal crumpling and bending as his gene-enhanced muscles and servos add to his strength. crouched before you are two big genestealers, hunched and ready to pounce.
  63.         Bellerophon     switches his heavy bolter from "Genocide," to "Annihalate," and wastes the two genestealers that Balmung just made visible
  64.         antoine The two are ventilated by the heavy bolter rounds, falling to the ground in clumps as the weapon goes to work.
  65.         antoine The xenos punch through the hull with ease, some tear open the entire hull to get at you, others use the holes you have already made to swipe with their razor sharp claws.
  66.         antoine Only anselm is hit though, his helmet now gouged down the side, superficial amounts of blood leaking out.
  67.         Anselm  screams in fury, and begins hacking at the floor.
  68.         antoine Anselm opens up his earlier cuts, revealing the lurking xenos below him
  69.         Anselm  ++Filth!++ he shouts, and swiftly assaults the abominations.
  70.         antoine Anselm's attacks are deftly dodged before he manages to drive his personal sword through the skull of on of the genestealers, spiking it to the ground before he quickly retrieves the weapon with a flourish.
  71.         antoine one of *
  72.         Cadmus  takes aim at the foul xenos above them and introduces them to the Lion's Fury.
  73.         antoine The weapon spews hot death into the xenos, they manage to avoid a few hits but ultimately there is no escape from Cadmus' point blank barrage of fire.
  74.         Cadmus  grins as the xenos are gibbed.
  75.         antoine Balmung attacks in a whirlwind of fury, power axe flashing with power in the dark corridor as its keen edge cuts down two more of the Tyranid melee monsters.
  76.         Bellerophon     grabs his bolt pistol and plows 3 bolter shells into the genestealer's head
  77.         antoine The two bolt rounds enter its skull detonating and spraying ichor everywhere before a final third shot enters its chest and leaves a gaping chard black hole
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  79.         Bellerophon     twirls his pistol a few times before slinging it back into his holster
  80.         Cadmus  ++Anselm, allow me to treat that wound.++ Cadmus says, moving to the slightly-wounded brother and raising his narthecium.
  81.         Anselm  snarls. ++I'm fine, save it for someone who needs it.++
  82.         Bellerophon     ++We must move. There will be more.++
  83.         Bellerophon     clomps down the hall
  84.         Anselm  follows.
  85.         Cadmus  ++You need it Brother. What if you are unlucky enough to be dealt a grievous wound and that scratch is what keeps you between fighting on and leaving this mortal coil?++ Cadmus insists, following him.
  86.         Balmung follows the group
  87.         Anselm  ++I must push on for my inability to repel my foe,++ Anselm counters. ++Save your sacred chymistry for the necessary.++
  88.         Cadmus  ++Fine, but if you are badly injured because of this i shall ensure that your time in the infirmary is five times longer than normal.++
  89.         antoine Using the recent rush of adrenaline the team makes good time, coming across more debilitated areas, signs of tyranids passing left and right before you hear the sound of metal on metal past in a voidsman's room to your right. The sound stops suddenly as you approach.
  90.         Cadmus  ++Shall we investigate, Brother Leader?++
  91.         Balmung ++It would be a good idea++
  92.         Bellerophon     ++Verily.++
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  96.         antoine The door is of standard design, close with blood smeared across the surface and several dents from gunfire made in it.
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  98.         Cadmus  ++Survivors perhaps?++
  99.         Bellerophon     ++Not anymore.++
  100.         Balmung ++Doubt it++
  101.         Cadmus  ++We need to at least open the door and check. There could be a badly injured survivor inside.++
  102.         Bellerophon     ++Brother-Techmarine. Bring down the door.++
  103.         Cadmus  covers the door with his weapon.
  104.         Omniel  ++Understood, Brother.++
  105.         Omniel  steps up to the door, activating his plier-like servo-arm to try and manipulate it.
  106.         Omniel  slowly but surely prises it open, doing his best to leave it intact as he does so.
  107.         Anselm  pushes forward. "Please, it's dangerous. Let me go first."
  108.         antoine As Omniel opens the door he reveals a techpriest working on two servitors, each with a shotgun attached to their shoulders... He looks up a stub pistol in his hand before he cocks his head and lowers the gun, returning to his work.
  109.         Anselm  ++Well.++
  110.         Bellerophon     ++Next of kin.++
  111.         Omniel  ++Apparently it is not so dangerous after all...++
  112.         Cadmus  "Pardon me, but what have you been doing in there?"
  113.         antoine The techpriest continues his work, a quick screech of binary chatter emerges from him.
  114.         Omniel  clears his throat. ++He says he is building and upgrading, Brothers.++ He helpfully translates.
  115.         Bellerophon     ++Will he be done soon?++
  116.         Bellerophon     ++Or is the tyranid menace not a concern.++
  117.         Balmung ++Building what, tell him to get the Plasma drives online we need to get out of here.++
  118.         antoine Another screech of information comes from the machine god disciple
  119.         Anselm  remains silent.
  120.         Omniel  ++Apparently there are Xenos present in the Engineerium.++
  121.         Balmung ++Tell him to fix the drives and we'll handle the xenos++
  122.         Cadmus  nods in agreement.
  123.         Omniel  ++I believe he understands us, Brothers. He merely sees fit to reply in the machine tongue.++
  124.         Balmung ++Then he should know I'm not asking him to fix the drives I'm telling him++
  125.         Bellerophon     ++Relax, Brother.++
  126.         antoine The techpriest is actually a techpriestess as she stands you notice enough humanity to make out she was or is female, "I can not do that without your techmarines assistance."
  127.         Anselm  "Your usefulness ensures you will be well-guarded."
  128.         antoine The servitors power up, looking at each of you in turn as she enters information into her data slate.
  129.         Omniel  ++I shall be glad to render any assistance necessary, Sister.++
  130.         Cadmus  "Worry not, we will guard you as you work."
  131.         Bellerophon     ++Time is short. Go quickly.++
  132.         antoine The techpriestess has here hastily converted servitors follow her as she moves to leave the room. The two mindless workers trundling along on tracks where there legs would have been.
  133.         antoine her*
  134.         Bellerophon     covers the techpriestess and the killteam as they move further into the engineerium
  135.         Cadmus  forms up to cover her as well
  136.         Omniel  falls in behind the others, readying his bolter in anticipation of close-quarters fighting.
  137.         Anselm  contents himself with a position behind the servitors.
  138.         Balmung takes position where he's needed
  139.         Anselm  "What is the status on the drives? Are they stable?"
  140.         antoine The group continues on, the techpriest showing the quickest way through unmarked passage ways to get to the engineerium. You enter it on the bottom floor. The cavernous room takes up 3 decks worth of space with criss-crossing gangways overhead and various equipment strewn across the floor. You see the plasma reactor in front of you, the shields retracted and the bright light being emitted is...
  141.         antoine ...barely made tolerable by your helms. Three of the floating warp creatures surround it a bubble of invisible warp energy containing the reactor from certain and immediate overload. Around them a swarm of the tiny creatures run around and over the beasts.
  142.         Anselm  "What... am I seeing?"
  143.         antoine The energy is slowly being funneled down into a breach in the hull, like a timepiece the trickle of vast power slowly being allowed to escape.
  144.         Omniel  ++Blasphemy.++
  145.         Bellerophon     ++Danger.++
  146.         Bellerophon     ++How do we repair it?++
  147.         Cadmus  ++IF we destroy those xenos, how long would you have to stabilize the drive before it goes critical, Omniel?++
  148.         antoine The techpriest lets out a gurgle of her language
  149.         Balmung ++Are they syphoning the power?++
  150.         Omniel  ++She says the servitors will be able to reconnect the power leads, but they require time.++
  151.         Bellerophon     ++How much time?++
  152.         Cadmus  ++Should we destroy them before she connects the leads?++
  153.         Anselm  ++I suspect that would cause critical failure. Death.++
  154.         antoine ++Achieved.... time required for ritual is unknown, the spirit has been under xenos influence for a long time++
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  157.         Cadmus  ++Understood, we'll protect you while you work and then kill them.++
  158.         Bellerophon     ++They seem....occupied. It will allow us to work unharassed until the time comes to end them.++
  159.         antoine In the center of the room is a large control area, with several series of cogitators and large cables leading from it to the plasma drive itself.
  160.         Cadmus  ++All of their focus must be dedicated to containing the drive.++
  161.         Bellerophon     +Verily.++
  162.         Bellerophon     ++Begin the ritual, Brother, Techpriestess. We will stand vigilant.++
  163.         antoine The Techpriest moves to the control center, sending a buzz of her language.
  164.         Cadmus  moves to guard the approaches to the control area.
  165.         Omniel  ++She is requesting that you protect the Servitors, Brothers.++
  166.         Balmung ++roger++
  167.         Omniel  ++Brother-Leader, might I assist her? I can operate the shielding.++
  168.         Anselm  snorts. ++Of course.++
  169.         Cadmus  nods in understanding.
  170.         Bellerophon     ++Verily, Brother-Techmarine. We will protect you and her. And them.++
  171.         Omniel  moves to render assistance, working at the control center to oversee the shielding.
  172.         antoine Two servitors trundle off in different directions, heading 50m either side of the plasma drives, headless to the danger they are putting themselves into.
  173.         Cadmus  ++Looks like we have to split up, Brother Leader.++ Cadmus says as he moves to guard one.
  174.         antoine The techpriestess look continues her work as Omniel begins lowering the inner shielding of the plasma drive.
  175.         Bellerophon     ++Indeed. Take Anselm. I will take Balmung and cover the other servitor.++
  176.         Bellerophon     ++Sinbad will protect Omniel and the techpriestess.++
  177.         Cadmus  ++Understood.++
  178.         Balmung ++Lets make this quick I would hate to be here if it overloads++
  179.         Anselm  ++I shall carry out my duties, then.++\
  180.         antoine As the servitors trundle along a two groups of rippers peal off and go after them.
  181.         Cadmus  ++Come, your death awaits, you disgusting xenos.++
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  184.         Cadmus  takes aim as the mass of rippers and lets fly.
  185.         antoine Balmund manages to cleave several of the small beasts chasing his designated servitor.
  186.         Omniel  snaps off a quick shot towards the rippers, focusing mostly on the console.
  187.         Bellerophon     flips his fire selector from "Annihilate," to "Genocide," and starts sweeping his heavy bolter over the incoming ripper horde
  188.         antoine The group is strewn across the floor, bloody parts lying where there had once been a veritable carpet of tiny creatures
  189.         Bellerophon     blows the smoke off his heavy bolter
  190.         Cadmus  ++Yoy've turned that into an artform, Bell.++
  191.         Bellerophon     ++Deathwatch expects nothing less.++
  192.         Bellerophon     ++I would hate to disappoint.++
  193.         Anselm  lightly guns his jump pack to support a forward charge, and hurls himself onto the surviving rippers.
  194.         antoine Anslem manages to kill a few but they surge on towards the servitor
  195.         antoine The rippers start tearing at the servitor before it turns and tries to gun them down with it's shotgun, unfortunately it misses and more chucks of its frame are pulls off.
  196.         antoine The other servitor trundles along to a large cable and starts inscribing symbols on it with a stylus type object
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  203.         Cadmus  shoulders his heavy weapon, pull out his bolter, and fires a single shot, carefully aimed at the rippers.
  204.         antoine Cadmus' shot plucks several of the rippers from the air.
  205.         antoine Bellerophons heavy bolter eviscerates the rippers but also tears the servitor into bloody chunks, only his tracks remain, chard and bloody.
  206.         Bellerophon     shoots across the chasm into the horde
  207.         Cadmus  ++...Brother Leader, we needed that servitor.++
  208.         antoine A buzz comes from the techpriestess
  209.         Omniel  ++A friendly fire incident... how critical was that servitor?++
  210.         antoine Another buzz comes
  211.         Bellerophon     ++It was the rippers and servitor, or you.++
  212.         Anselm  ++That servitor was vital, though.++
  213.         Cadmus  ++You could have shot the xenos with something more precise.++
  214.         Bellerophon     ++I am precise.++
  215.         Omniel  ++Understood. Brothers, if I may suggest concentrating efforts on the remaining Servitor.++
  216.         Anselm  ++Indeed, Brother Omniel is right. Enough, what's done is done.++
  217.         Cadmus  sighs and moves to guard the other servitor, knowing there's no getting past Bell's 'big gun' obsession.
  218.         antoine The blast shield continues to lower, beginning to prevent the zanthropes from funneling the energy. The plasma drive presses against their warp container bulging against the tyranids efforts to hold it in check.
  219.         Anselm  ++What's the status on the surviving servitor?++
  220.         antoine A screech can be heard from the zanthropes and you hear the scrape of metal from either side of the engineerium. Suddenly a group of hormagaunts and a small group of bio-cannon wielding warriors appear from either side.
  221.         antoine The servitor completes its work and turns on the spot, intending to head back to the control centre and then over to the other side where the dead servitor was heading.
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