orbis durango update

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  1. there are too many false prophets.  i've posted before, but this time i should update u all on what the story is today
  3. consensus runs that durango will be better media machine and family device.  ms banking on casual focus with hardcore hardware.  consumers should rent movies, watch sports games, and download music all using Windows 8.  os on Durango is supposedly going to be something else. all content bought on xbox will synch with pc's windows 8 store.
  5. consensus runs that Orbis will be the better gaming machine. cross game chat is being thrown in, but memory is trying to be reserved for items like cross game videochat. egineers in Japan are slow on OS work and currently there is no clear vision of OS.  raw specs on the machine are something else.  might be 2X orbis
  7. Durango
  9. AMD jaguar
  10. 6 GB unified RAM.  don't ask me which.  approximately 2 and a half gb will be allocated to the OS and Kinnect, 64 mb esram
  11. GPU AMD 7850 performance in a 8750 body (underclocked slightly) but performance should equal
  12. 2.1 teraflops
  13. Bluray drive, nothing out of the ordinary 50 GB from what I've heard
  14. Fall 2013 early 2014
  15. $499 with kinnect and free 30 day xbox live (yes they are renaming it for next-gen, expect price increase)
  16. Will have bc
  18. durango will differentiate itself w/ media capabilities.  talk of wireless streaming to other devices, asynchronous game play w/ windows phone 8, and ways 2 manipulate + interact with content.  Kinnect is the other wildcard. MS wants kinnect to replace remote control for tv.
  22. Orbis- original Orbis had 2 GB of GDDR5, plans have changed, launch of the system has delayed till Fall 2014.  sony's version of next-gen requires them to wait till parts get cheaper.
  24. AMD cpu
  25. 6 GB Unified RAM. being told technology for RAM is currently n/a.  new tech might not be available in 2014, if so plans to downgrade to 4 GB.  1gb / 512mb  will go to the OS.  
  26. AMD 8870 performance in a 9770 form. 9000 series card since it will be cooler and smaller. 4.2 teraflops
  27. Bluray drive, nothing out of the ordinary.  same 50gb disc.  
  28. Strong focus on 3D and 4k content.
  29. $449 base with $499 Premium
  30. no bc
  32. interesting tidbit, developer's asked to make all games with 3d modes. sony is aiming for pure gaming machine. OS very disappointing.  feels weak compared to durango.  no news on third Playstation Eye. controller is still the old Playstation controller.  Japan doesn't think it needs changing.
  34. specs look fantastic.  sony first parties are asking for better communication between players in os.  cross game invites/chat/etc.
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