DF Game Club: Broken Age, Act 1 (part 2 plus devchat)

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  1. (07:00:53) Syd: Hello everyone that just joined! We're still getting things set up, so hold tight!
  2. (07:00:53) liorean: Seems to be
  3. (07:00:53) thesirre [] entered the room.
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  6. (07:00:57) frogg: Back
  7. (07:00:58) Taekon: Hello people, session should start any minute now!
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  10. (07:01:28) hasanbacker: time gentleman everything Hugh bliss says in sam and max was great
  11. (07:01:35) Mimness: Wow, getting busy in here. Hopefully things will be starting soon. I can see Cheese getting some Skype stuff happening. Exciting stuff, folks.
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  13. (07:01:55) kisak_laptop: Skype ...
  14. (07:01:56) TimeGentleman: hasanbacker I was referring to something very specific but I won't get into it!
  15. (07:01:59) frogg: Taekon: that's neat
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  17. (07:02:20) Taekon: frogg: Thanks, never gonna finish it though
  18. (07:02:25) Cheeseness: Bare with us for a couple of minutes people
  19. (07:02:29) hasanbacker: oh hhaha okay then
  20. (07:02:35) TimeGentleman: *bear
  21. (07:02:50) liorean: Bare? No problem, let's just get out of these clothes
  22. (07:02:51) Taekon: Well...
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  24. (07:02:57) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Spoil sport
  25. (07:02:58) iirelu: dont forget about twitch's delay
  26. (07:02:59) Mimness: Taekon: WHAT?! Finish iiiiiiit!
  27. (07:03:02) hasanbacker: there is a bear wit us?
  28. (07:03:03) TimeGentleman: :D
  29. (07:03:08) Taekon: Weather's still hot over here so I"m ready for both
  30. (07:03:13) BadAsp: SAM: Bear?!
  31. (07:03:17) hasanbacker: should we be worried
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  33. (07:03:42) flesk: @TimeGentleman: I don't remember any specific lines but Sam was so adorable when he said "Omnomnom" in the first episode (I think) of season 3.
  34. (07:03:55) hasanbacker: hahaha
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  36. (07:04:14) Taekon: Mimness: I've been looking at it for a really long time but still have no idea what to do with the garbled stuff at the bottom :P
  37. (07:04:25) Sughly [] entered the room.
  38. (07:04:49) TimeGentleman: OH GOD I was doing a joke about someone here that I thought at least cheeseness and syd would get but it seems it was too obscure
  39. (07:04:52) Taekon: Maybe someday I will... *looks blankly into open space*
  40. (07:05:26) Mimness: Ha
  41. (07:05:27) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: I got it!
  42. (07:05:27) Syd: If it's something about Telltale's choice of VA's for Sam & Max... then I got it. :)
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  44. (07:05:54) TimeGentleman: Hooray! Did you also see the amazing timing after thet fact?
  45. (07:06:02) Syd: Yep!
  46. (07:06:05) thesirren: Hi, everyone!
  47. (07:06:15) Taekon: Hey thesirren o/
  48. (07:06:17) TimeGentleman: We're being so subtle right now
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  51. (07:06:34) Taekon: Man I've gotta catch up on some of these stuff, I feel like I'm missing out on so many jokes right now
  52. (07:06:35) Cheeseness: We're having a little trouble getting ahold of Tim. He's not answering Skype at the moment. We'll probably move ahead with the game stream and discussion as normal and come back to the interview part once we've got his attention
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  54. (07:06:37) flesk: Aha. I didn't get the joke TimeGentlemen, but I remember us having discussed what Syd mentioned during a previous stream.
  55. (07:06:41) Peabop: Hey :)
  56. (07:06:52) Taekon: Hey Peabop o/
  57. (07:06:59) TimeGentleman: flesk PM me if you like :)
  58. (07:07:10) TimeGentleman: has someone tweeted Tim?
  59. (07:07:11) yama: w00t! This time I'm consciously wearing my Adventure Backer T-shirt. :D
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  62. (07:07:36) asz: umm
  63. (07:07:38) Taekon: yama: it was way cooler when you unconsciously wore it
  64. (07:07:38) TimeGentleman: He's been mentioned in about a million tweets about it in the past half hour anyway, so it probably wouldn't make a difference
  65. (07:07:45) asz: do we need skype to see the interview?
  66. (07:07:57) Taekon: asz: Nope, just the stream on the website
  67. (07:07:58) Syd: No, the interview will be streamed over Twitch when it happens.
  68. (07:08:00) TimeGentleman: asz it's audio only
  69. (07:08:02) Maldoror_: thx Cheeseness
  70. (07:08:03) asz: ok
  71. (07:08:05) asz: :)
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  73. (07:08:33) asz: is the interview going to remain in your website after?
  74. (07:08:42) asz: a friend couldn't come today
  75. (07:08:45) Syd: It'll be archived
  76. (07:09:00) TimeGentleman: So, did you guys know it's Hellboy Day today? (Which is relevant because Full Throttle's art was influenced by Mignola)
  77. (07:09:08) Taekon: The chatlog will be archived too if you want to catch up on that as well ;)
  78. (07:09:31) TimeGentleman: (kiiiind of relevant)
  79. (07:09:41) yama: If it's like previous times, Cheeseness will probably make a transcript of the interview as well.
  80. (07:09:46) Cheeseness: Yup
  81. (07:10:09) TimeGentleman: COME ON, TIM!
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  84. (07:10:31) TimeGentleman: I need to ask Tim what the secret of Monkey Island is, do you think he'll mind?
  85. (07:10:31) briac [] entered the room.
  86. (07:10:34) Taekon: *does the thing with the pompoms*
  87. (07:10:46) Peabop: Hahaha
  88. (07:10:49) Mimness: Nah TimeGentleman, I'm sure no one's ever asked him before.
  89. (07:11:29) Syd: Tweet that question at Ron as well, I'm sure he'll answer it.
  90. (07:11:30) lietu: TimeGentleman: duh, it's a secret
  91. (07:11:30) Mimness: He'll probably really appreciate that someone picked up on the subtlety and thought to ask! :D
  92. (07:11:31) asz: yes, i'll certainly do, thanks
  93. (07:11:33) asz: :)
  94. (07:12:00) gregtherobot: Is everything okay?? Is Tim safe???
  95. (07:12:00) TimeGentleman: "Tim what is the Secret Of Full Throttle please?"
  96. (07:12:30) Mimness: Looks like things will be moving in a moment ^_^
  97. (07:12:35) TimeGentleman: (Answer: the secret is that Ben's surname is Throttle)
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  101. (07:13:25) yama: Maybe we can ask "What is NOT the secret of Monkey Island?" enough times to exhaust all answers?
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  104. (07:13:49) Cheeseness: Sorry for the wait, people!
  105. (07:13:52) Mimness: Ahh, a process of elimination. Good thinking yama
  106. (07:13:54) afg1 [] entered the room.
  107. (07:14:03) TimeGentleman: WHAT DID MANNY DO IN HIS LIFE THAT HE HAD TO WORK OFF?
  108. (07:14:08) Cheeseness: Let us know when you can see the stream people
  109. (07:14:16) gregtherobot: Is Tim in trouble? :(
  110. (07:14:17) TimeGentleman: Nothing yet Cheeseness
  111. (07:14:21) Salvius23: I suspect the secret of Monkey Island is just "there are monkeys on it".
  112. (07:14:26) TimeGentleman: Loading video!
  113. (07:14:27) BadAsp: Yay, it's up
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  115. (07:14:30) liorean: Live!
  116. (07:14:32) lietu: dunno if there are mobile users but it usually takes a minute or so for mobile streams to get up ..
  117. (07:14:33) Peabop: Yay!!!!
  118. (07:14:34) gregtherobot: YOU HAD ME SCARED.
  119. (07:14:37) Taekon: It's loading :D
  120. (07:14:38) frogg: I can see
  121. (07:14:38) Sughly: woo woo!
  122. (07:14:45) afg1 [] entered the room.
  123. (07:14:54) TimeGentleman: Yayyyyy adverts!
  124. (07:15:05) Taekon: Secret: It's a typo and was meant to be Money Island
  125. (07:15:05) GameClubFan_300642 [] entered the room.
  126. (07:15:09) hasanbacker: is tim here or is it just the game stream
  127. (07:15:10) Cheeseness: Yay, whoops :D
  128. (07:15:18) Sven_Q45: I´m going to Mele Isand on apri 26th. :D
  129. (07:15:18) TimeGentleman: Tim what do you think of the new Mazda car?
  130. (07:15:23) Cheeseness: Tim will hopefully be joining us for a voice interview a bit later
  131. (07:15:35) Sven_Q45: What Mazda?
  132. (07:15:36) frogg: And offline
  133. (07:15:40) hasanbacker: :(
  134. (07:15:43) Sven_Q45: D+oes Tim has one?
  135. (07:15:44) Taekon: Whoops stream's offline again
  136. (07:15:49) Mimness: OH OH! A wild Tim appears!!!
  137. (07:15:54) TimeGentleman: The ALL NEW CX5 (tm)
  138. (07:16:00) Taekon: *collective gasp*
  139. (07:16:05) Mimness: Looks like the interview will be happening first. Hang in there just a little longer everyone.
  140. (07:16:13) TimeGentleman: That was just the advert that showed up for me, guys!
  141. (07:16:16) Sven_Q45: Does Tim have a Mazda CX5?
  142. (07:16:30) frogg: online
  143. (07:16:33) GameClubFan_416168 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  144. (07:16:39) TimeGentleman: My jokes are fallnig flat today. I'll stick to Monkey Island refernces
  145. (07:16:41) TimeGentleman: :(
  146. (07:16:42) Taekon: I see them fanarts!
  147. (07:16:45) frogg: Ohoh, the fan art
  148. (07:16:45) REmanZ: Tim has a Barracuda
  149. (07:16:51) frogg: Can you say who did what?
  150. (07:16:54) GameClubFan_647043 [] entered the room.
  151. (07:17:09) Taekon: They're all from Double Fine's Tumblr Fan-art Friday
  152. (07:17:09) chrisis123 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  153. (07:17:16) TimeGentleman: fan art = awesome!
  154. (07:17:22) frogg: ahhh, I didm't know that was a thing
  155. (07:17:24) BadAsp: Nice
  156. (07:17:28) Taekon: And they have proper credits there :D
  157. (07:17:36) Permafry_42: Tim had great timing; he joined just as we restarted XD
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  159. (07:17:47) Mimness: YAY LILLY!
  160. (07:17:50) Taekon: Just checking, there's no audio yet right?
  161. (07:17:51) afg1 [] entered the room.
  162. (07:17:58) Taekon: Or have I suddenly gone deaf
  163. (07:17:59) GameClubFan_300642: no audio here
  164. (07:18:03) liorean: Do we have sound? I haven't heard anything from the stream if so?
  165. (07:18:04) TimeGentleman: no audio for me taekon
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  168. (07:18:13) Taekon: Sweet, thanks guys o/
  169. (07:18:18) liorean: Or is there simply no sound at this time?
  170. (07:18:19) lietu: Mazda .. bah, Tim drives a Maybach .. actually he doesn't drive it, his driver does, and he has a line of 3 maybachs going both in front and behind him, to secure his trip everywhere
  171. (07:18:37) Permafry_42: can you hear the audio?
  172. (07:18:37) TrueStoryGuy [] entered the room.
  173. (07:18:39) TimeGentleman: ha, that jumping one is ace, if completely different mood to the game!
  174. (07:18:47) Fhqwhgod: This fanart is really awesome
  175. (07:19:01) TimeGentleman: Still no audio
  176. (07:19:03) Cheeseness: Are we having audio problems, people?
  177. (07:19:04) liorean: I have heard no sound from the stream so far
  178. (07:19:05) Sven_Q45: ietu no german car for me.
  179. (07:19:06) Taekon: Permafry_42: not yet, might be the delay on my end though
  180. (07:19:10) iirelu: completely silent
  181. (07:19:15) lietu: depends, is there supposed to be audio?
  182. (07:19:23) Cheeseness: I'm chatting with Tim :D
  183. (07:19:25) frogg: no sounds here (twitch chat)
  184. (07:19:29) GameClubFan_647043: sound of silence
  185. (07:19:36) hasanbacker: No sound
  186. (07:19:37) TimeGentleman: lietu good question - I assume not!
  187. (07:19:49) Syd: No audio
  188. (07:19:50) Marykate: I was worried.
  189. (07:19:52) kickedit [] entered the room.
  190. (07:19:55) hasanbacker: sad silence
  191. (07:19:57) hasanbacker: im so alone
  192. (07:19:58) BadAsp: ...
  193. (07:19:59) TimeGentleman: cheeseness aaaagh exciting!
  194. (07:20:02) Mimness: Ok, don't worry. Things are getting fixed
  195. (07:20:02) hasanbacker: help
  196. (07:20:13) TimeGentleman: cheeseness ask him what Manny did please
  197. (07:20:22) kickedit: not alone anymore :)
  198. (07:20:30) TimeGentleman: SOUND!
  199. (07:20:33) Syd: There's some audio, but it's quiet
  200. (07:20:33) frogg: audio!
  201. (07:20:36) Mimness: Yay!
  202. (07:20:36) ***Marykate gets scared sometimes when it's too quiet.
  203. (07:20:37) yama: Sound, indeed! :D
  204. (07:20:39) iirelu: oh hey, i hear the quietest audio ever
  205. (07:20:41) frogg: Very quiet
  206. (07:20:42) liorean: Sound. But very quiet
  207. (07:20:42) TrueStoryGuy: Ermagerd Costume Quest 2!
  208. (07:20:44) lietu: there's sound, but it is very low volume
  209. (07:20:49) KeithSwanger [] entered the room.
  210. (07:20:50) hasanbacker: can't really hear antything
  211. (07:20:50) TimeGentleman: Hello Tim!
  212. (07:20:51) GameClubFan_647043: really quiet
  213. (07:20:53) hasanbacker: very low
  214. (07:20:55) Taekon: Hey Keith :D
  215. (07:20:55) iirelu: that isnt even a volume
  216. (07:20:57) BadAsp: Hi!
  217. (07:20:58) hasanbacker: low volume
  218. (07:20:59) thesirren: very quiet
  219. (07:20:59) iirelu: thats barely not silent
  220. (07:21:01) hasanbacker: hahahhaa
  221. (07:21:01) KeithSwanger: hey!
  222. (07:21:03) TrueStoryGuy: Very quiet indeed.
  223. (07:21:06) iirelu: like make it 10 times louder
  224. (07:21:07) TimOfLegend [] entered the room.
  225. (07:21:09) Sven_Q45: Sound. What´s sound? Can you it that?
  226. (07:21:09) hasanbacker: blast it
  227. (07:21:10) Marykate: Costume Quest 2 is going to be so flipping superawesome
  228. (07:21:10) Sven_Q45: :D
  229. (07:21:11) Syd: TimOfLegend!
  230. (07:21:14) TimeGentleman: Guys make sure the voulme is turned up in the player, it defaults low
  231. (07:21:16) Taekon: Hey TimOfLegend o/
  232. (07:21:23) TimeGentleman: *volume
  233. (07:21:24) BadAsp: *applause*
  234. (07:21:26) lietu: TimeGentleman: no, it doesn't .. and my volume is on max
  235. (07:21:27) frogg: Cheeseness: Audio too low
  236. (07:21:28) ***Marykate bows
  237. (07:21:29) Mimness: If you have a question for Tim, ask it here and I'll do my best to relay it to Cheese
  238. (07:21:30) iirelu: every single volume slider i have is at max and i cant hear anything
  239. (07:21:31) TimeGentleman: Hi Cheese!
  240. (07:21:32) iirelu: aha, here we go
  241. (07:21:35) frogg: better, ty
  242. (07:21:36) GameClubFan_647043: Better
  243. (07:21:39) Permafry_42: k that better?
  244. (07:21:42) hasanbacker: raise it up a bit
  245. (07:21:43) yama: Cheesevoice. :D
  246. (07:21:44) Syd: It's very low for me as well. Permafry_42, have you checked your audio levels?
  247. (07:21:53) lietu: TimeGentleman: it defaults to your previous volume the last time you were watching a stream on twitch
  248. (07:21:53) afg1 [] entered the room.
  249. (07:21:55) Marykate: Hello, Tim!
  250. (07:21:58) hasanbacker: much better
  251. (07:22:01) Sven_Q45: My audio is fu
  252. (07:22:02) hasanbacker: tim!!!!!
  253. (07:22:03) Cheeseness: Thanks guys <3
  254. (07:22:07) hasanbacker: whooooo
  255. (07:22:09) Sven_Q45: But sil
  256. (07:22:09) TimeGentleman: Perfect level there cheeseness but keeps cutting out
  257. (07:22:10) Sven_Q45: ent
  258. (07:22:20) hasanbacker: TIIIIIMMMMM
  259. (07:22:22) hasanbacker: WHOOOO
  260. (07:22:31) Marykate: (The audio is still kinda quiet.)
  261. (07:22:35) Taekon: Everybody do the wave!
  262. (07:22:41) Cheeseness: We'd already gone through these first two questions whilst nobody could hear. It was very intimate
  263. (07:22:43) map: Question: Tim, was it a conscious decision to open up Double Fine so much? Would you agree that "perfomative development" has given new life to the studio?
  264. (07:22:46) andyh [] entered the room.
  265. (07:22:50) Mimness: Hahahahahaha Cheeseness
  266. (07:22:53) TrueStoryGuy: When is Act 2 planned to release? :)
  267. (07:22:56) liorean: Day of the tentacle full throittle and day of the tentacle?
  268. (07:23:01) Marykate: <3 DOTT and Full Throttle :D
  269. (07:23:06) Taekon: Cheeseness: stop teasing us you jerk :P
  270. (07:23:09) TimeGentleman: AND GRIM FANDANGO!
  271. (07:23:09) andyh: Hello, question for Tim: Who was your favorite character to write for?
  272. (07:23:10) Cheeseness: heh
  273. (07:23:12) lietu: TrueStoryGuy: I think it was a month or two
  274. (07:23:16) Cheeseness: I got to say hi to Lilly as well
  275. (07:23:39) Marykate: Lilly rocks
  276. (07:24:03) afg1 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  277. (07:24:49) iirelu: i never got to watch the documentary :c
  278. (07:25:09) Marykate: <3 Psychonauts
  279. (07:25:20) Sven_Q45: I watch them when they come out on my broken age DVD.
  280. (07:25:27) Permafry_42: Sorry again for the audio issues guys. the way skype outputs audio can be pretty complicated unfortunately
  281. (07:25:52) afg1 [] entered the room.
  282. (07:25:53) TimeGentleman: permafry_42 worling well for me now
  283. (07:25:53) iirelu: question: what was the decision making behind picking an open-source engine?
  284. (07:25:54) lietu: iirelu: I think you can still slacker-back to get that
  285. (07:25:56) hasanbacker: Question for Tim : Did you have the end of Broken Age in mind before you started writing the game? Whether or not you did, do you ever think of an ending you are really into and develop the game from that as a starting point?
  286. (07:26:05) Taekon: TimOfLegend: did you get stuck while writing for the story at any time? Also how long did it take you to get pass that stage?
  287. (07:26:20) afg1 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  288. (07:26:21) liorean: Question: What kind of writing do you prefer to do - character based, setting based, puzzle based etc?
  289. (07:26:36) afg1 [] entered the room.
  290. (07:26:46) andyh: TimOfLegend: Was there a break halfway in the story before you decided to split the game into two parts
  291. (07:27:12) Permafry_42: Also cheese my question is "What do you think today's developers could learn from older developers that they usually don't learn?"
  292. (07:27:51) hasanbacker: @timoflegend: Did you have the end of Broken Age in mind before you started writing the game? Whether or not you did, do you ever think of an ending you are really into and develop the game from that as a starting point?
  293. (07:28:13) KeithSwanger left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  294. (07:28:27) lietu: Question: Since Broken Age was released, have you been able to tell if you will be making more adventure games after finishing Act 2? .. with the engine work behind you, it should be easier to do new games, right?
  295. (07:28:27) wiplash2000 [] entered the room.
  296. (07:28:31) KeithSwanger [] entered the room.
  297. (07:28:39) BadAsp: TimOfLegend: Thank you for bringing back graphic adventures!  My question is, have you thought about including cameos by other game characters in Broken Age?  (Include Sam and Max, please!)
  298. (07:28:41) Sughly: Do you find with writing something with branching sections like an adventure game, it's sometimes hard to lose focus on character development and such throughout all the dialogue and interactions?
  299. (07:29:10) Taekon: TimOfLegend: do you see yourself making more adventure games after the success of Broken Age?
  300. (07:29:22) yama: I think you can throw your questions to Mimness and Cheeseness rather than to TimOfLegend if you want them asked in the interview.
  301. (07:29:33) frogg: SPOOOON!
  302. (07:29:38) liorean: Spoon is best char
  303. (07:29:41) Babar: Cheese: WHERE IS MY LOOK INTERACTION?!
  304. (07:29:45) TimOfLegend left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  305. (07:29:46) liorean: Second is tree
  306. (07:29:48) Babar: aww
  307. (07:29:49) Babar: hahah
  308. (07:29:59) flesk: BadAsp: There would probably be legal issues with including Sam and Max.
  309. (07:30:04) andyh: The spoon was a bit Douglas Adams-esque
  310. (07:30:06) yama: Oh no, you did it again, Babar.
  311. (07:30:10) Babar: :D
  312. (07:30:13) TimOfLegend [] entered the room.
  313. (07:30:14) Taekon: Spoon for best inanimate character 2014
  314. (07:30:29) BadAsp: flesk: That doesn't mean they can't try it anyway!
  315. (07:30:32) Permafry_42: i loved using spoon with everything when i first played through the game
  316. (07:31:02) Taekon: Cheeseness gets so stoked over everything Linux :P
  317. (07:31:15) GameClubFan_251974 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  318. (07:31:15) BadAsp: Must be because of that cute penguin
  319. (07:31:32) flesk: Tux is the cutest animal ever.
  320. (07:31:34) BadAsp: I've played it!
  321. (07:31:44) Mimness: I'm doing my best to just scoop up all the questions
  322. (07:31:50) BadAsp: Wiki is so cute <3
  323. (07:32:06) GameClubFan_966340 [] entered the room.
  324. (07:32:17) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: what has the Double Age project taught you (so far) that you will take forward to future projects?
  325. (07:32:35) wiplash2000: Linux compatibility was fantastic for BA.
  326. (07:32:51) kisak: we have the technology
  327. (07:33:00) wiplash2000: worked flawlessly for me...
  328. (07:33:34) lietu: *shrug* .. I tried it on linux, just to see how the support is, it was a bit buggy for me, issues with it cursor synchronization etc.
  329. (07:33:40) Marykate: QUESTION: TimofLegend Is Double Fine participating in ID@Xbox or Project Spark and do you have any thoughts about creating games for the new generation of consoles (Xbox One/PS4)?
  330. (07:34:35) wiplash2000 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  331. (07:34:42) flesk: I had no notable issues with the Linux version except the game not launching at all for a period during the beta.
  332. (07:35:05) Taekon: Cheeseness, TimOfLegend: Not Broken Age related, but after this year's Amnesia Fortnight, do you see any other guest pitchers in the future :D?
  333. (07:35:22) TimeGentleman: TIM STOP GETTING DISTRACTED BY US!
  334. (07:35:22) iirelu: question: are you planning to give back to the opensource community and put some of your code back into moai itself?
  335. (07:35:47) liorean: iirelu: Already happening
  336. (07:36:11) Cheeseness: Yeah, there've been upstream commits already
  337. (07:36:11) hasanbacker: yayyy he answered my question haha
  338. (07:36:21) flesk: Would love to see ports of previous games (like Psychonauts) to new consoles as well. 3DS, Wii U, Vita, PS4...
  339. (07:36:38) iirelu: meeeeer! :o
  340. (07:36:39) BadAsp: Psychonauts on 3DS would be nice
  341. (07:36:41) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: has this made you feel like doing another adventure straight away or not doing another one for at least another few years?
  342. (07:36:42) afg1 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  343. (07:36:47) BadAsp: Hipsterjack!
  344. (07:36:55) TimeGentleman: congrats hasanbacker!
  345. (07:36:55) yama: Haha. :D
  346. (07:36:59) frogg: Cold water mermaid should be riding an apocalypse uniform
  347. (07:37:04) Taekon: Aw cold water mermaid
  348. (07:37:05) flesk: BadAsp: Yeah, that's what I'm most interested in too.
  349. (07:37:29) Taekon: No Curtis ate my fruit I had to walk back to Meriloft :(
  350. (07:37:30) hasanbacker: :D !
  351. (07:37:33) liorean: I love Wil Wheaton, I like the Lumberjack, good combo
  352. (07:37:56) Peabop: You could make a game about all of the characters/scenes that never were!
  353. (07:37:58) iirelu: there needs to be mer in act 2
  354. (07:38:00) TimeGentleman: Lumberjack and Dialogue Tree also work as a way to make backers feel double-special
  355. (07:38:31) Tinche [] entered the room.
  356. (07:38:59) yama: It made me sad when they totally axed them both but so happy when they came back into the game. :D
  357. (07:39:08) frogg: OMG
  358. (07:39:20) frogg: How can you put a price on imaginary people's lives!?!?!?
  359. (07:39:33) frogg: YES
  360. (07:40:02) Permafry_42: To Tim: What do you think today's developers could/should learn from older developers and older games that they usually don't learn?
  361. (07:40:06) iirelu: question: did you have the speedrunning community in the back of your mind when you let people skip walking and cutscenes? and did you know act 1 can be completed in under 15 minutes?
  362. (07:40:20) Taekon: This is awesome, the Broken Age story that never were :D
  363. (07:40:23) Marykate: If she really were Vella's grandma, she'd basically be the worst grandma ever.
  364. (07:40:29) TimeGentleman: Wait, that's not her grandma?!
  365. (07:40:43) Tinche: I'm surprised too :p
  366. (07:40:43) Marykate: I'm glad she's not.
  367. (07:41:08) TimeGentleman: EXCLUSIVE
  368. (07:41:12) Marykate: Her face is really different than the rest of the family, too.
  369. (07:41:18) Taekon: We're so exclusive right now
  370. (07:41:31) ***frogg coughs 8 hours, cough
  371. (07:41:32) Marykate: I would totally drop a house on her and take her shoes.
  372. (07:41:42) TimeGentleman: Damn, I asked a v similar question later!
  373. (07:41:44) ***Marykate doesn't like that lady.
  374. (07:41:52) frogg: TimOfLegend: What about a Zoombinies kinda puzzle, where the puzzle solutions change each time.
  375. (07:42:16) afg1 [] entered the room.
  376. (07:42:21) frogg: Maybe DF should invest in cloning all thier workers >_>
  377. (07:42:29) TimeGentleman: FYI TIM, I have played DOTT, FT and GF about ten times each!
  378. (07:42:29) liorean: In Autonomous - is he in the prototype or just in the Leap Motion version?
  379. (07:42:30) Salvius23: "Only be experienced once..." Well, I've played Grim Fandango through to completion at least 4 times, and each of the Monkey Island games at least twice.
  380. (07:42:31) norbert_: QUESTION: has Tim played the Gemini Rue adventure game; did he like it?
  381. (07:42:33) Tinche: I dunno, I replay old adventure games all the time, and love it
  382. (07:42:37) Marykate: I was hoping, as ALWAYS, for more Easter eggs... References to other DF games, especially.
  383. (07:43:19) TimeGentleman: YAAAAY my question!
  384. (07:43:22) Taekon: ^
  385. (07:43:23) BadAsp: Maybe other graphic adventure games too
  386. (07:43:26) Marykate: There's still part 2 ... might be Easter eggs all over the place.  
  387. (07:43:27) Sven_Q45: I think I payed DOTT and GF over 100 times. :D
  388. (07:43:35) frogg: Mmm, easter egg season soon.
  389. (07:43:55) andyh: QUESTION: In what way do you think modern adventure games, such as Broken Age, differ from the old Lucasarts adventures?
  390. (07:44:02) Marykate: Kickstarter took down the wall that held back our love.  
  391. (07:44:08) Marykate: :D
  392. (07:44:20) Permafry_42: There's already a lot of easter eggs hidden that you can find by using items in incorrect places
  393. (07:44:21) flesk: I thought there was a good amount of easter eggs in act 1 given the length of the act.
  394. (07:44:28) Permafry_42: like using the spoon on yourself
  395. (07:44:47) BadAsp: Because the spoon is up for anything!
  396. (07:44:52) kisak: it takes two to spoon
  397. (07:45:04) Marykate: Permafry_42 ...I must do more things wrong?  I will try that! ...Damn, my big brain.
  398. (07:45:13) Marykate: :)
  399. (07:45:20) Fhqwhgod: Bad Golf!
  400. (07:45:44) flesk: Will there be a bad golf mini game in act 2 of Broken Age?
  401. (07:45:53) frogg: What's the seaside town called?
  402. (07:45:55) Tinche: Speaking of easter eggs, this one takes the cake for me: (Grim Fandango)
  403. (07:45:59) Permafry_42: In adventure games, nothing is wrong; just different
  404. (07:46:04) Taekon: frogg: Shellmount
  405. (07:46:05) briac left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  406. (07:46:09) frogg: TimOfLegend:  ty
  407. (07:46:17) Marykate: mmm.... cake.
  408. (07:46:18) Taekon: That was me frogg :P
  409. (07:46:18) liorean: Question: Tim: Are you prepared to release the vote numbers for the different pitches now that AF2014 is some time past?
  410. (07:46:36) kisak: Every Thursday, after tea
  411. (07:46:39) frogg: TimOfLegend: eh?
  412. (07:46:44) frogg: oops, Taekon eh?
  413. (07:46:56) Marykate: Awesome, Tinche :)
  414. (07:47:07) Taekon: Oh I answered the seaside town name question @frogg, but nvm!
  415. (07:47:16) frogg: ;)
  416. (07:47:30) Tinche: it's poetic, kinda touching and totally in spirit of the game
  417. (07:47:32) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: (not BA related!) If Disney decided to put unlimited funds into DOTT/FT/GF special editions, is ther anything you'd be intereseted to see done with those?
  418. (07:47:45) Tinche: and non-obvious to trigger
  419. (07:48:15) Peabop: Is your printer ok?
  420. (07:48:31) TrueStoryGuy: Water helps the toner last longer, Tim :)
  421. (07:48:38) Syd: Printers need a drink every once in a while
  422. (07:49:29) Permafry_42: Oh yeah on a non-broken age comment, thanks so much Tim for Costume Quest 2! You've made at least 1 fan extremely happy =D
  423. (07:49:59) Taekon: Costume Quest 2 \o/ so far away though
  424. (07:49:59) frogg: QUESTION: Was it an active decision to have a non white protagonist?
  425. (07:50:11) TimeGentleman: good question frogg
  426. (07:50:21) Marykate: Costume Quest 2 :D
  427. (07:50:47) frogg: I'm looking forward to CQ2 XD
  428. (07:50:50) invaderkire [] entered the room.
  429. (07:50:55) Peabop: When you finish an adventure game do you miss writing and interacting with that game's particular characters?
  430. (07:50:57) invaderkire left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  431. (07:51:05) Peabop: I love Kiki's Delivery Service!
  432. (07:51:11) invadererik [] entered the room.
  433. (07:51:25) Taekon: Hey invadererik o/
  434. (07:51:32) map left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  435. (07:51:50) hasanbacker: timoflegend: Ive been dying to know what tim's opinion on monkey island 3 is!
  436. (07:51:54) BidiotBales [] entered the room.
  437. (07:52:02) Marykate: Tasha says she did some stuff for it before she left DF. I'm glad she could contribute to the work on it, apart from her work on the first Costume Quest.
  438. (07:52:05) invadererik: hey guys
  439. (07:52:06) Durk [] entered the room.
  440. (07:52:27) Durk left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  441. (07:52:56) Durk1138 [] entered the room.
  442. (07:53:46) Tinche left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  443. (07:53:56) Taekon: Broken Age 2: The Wave At Last
  444. (07:54:00) Tinche [] entered the room.
  445. (07:54:32) Sughly: Mmm, not so much different outcomes, more or less having so much sprawling writing potentially losing focus on character development ^^
  446. (07:54:41) Sughly: but interesting reply nonetheless :)
  447. (07:54:49) BidiotBales: hey guys
  448. (07:55:00) Taekon: Hey o/
  449. (07:55:01) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: how is the diet going post-juice, and how is that car holding up post-Romero?
  450. (07:55:03) Marykate: LEGENDS
  451. (07:55:15) Cheeseness: Sorry Sughly
  452. (07:55:24) BidiotBales left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  453. (07:55:51) kisak: Tim: Have you considered making an adventure game where there is little safety margin, (for the main character) like the older Journeyman Project series?
  454. (07:55:52) Sughly: no thats ok! I worded it badly
  455. (07:55:54) BidiotBales [] entered the room.
  456. (07:55:58) BidiotBales: Hey Tim, how are you responding in regards to puzzle design after all the criticism in act 1 of it being 'too easy'?
  457. (07:56:52) TimeGentleman: Sughly it's an interesting topic - I noticed in GF that you have the option to act like many different versions of the the character, often one after the other (ie angry choice, curious choice, apologetic choice)
  458. (07:56:54) BidiotBales left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  459. (07:57:05) Marykate: I'm the OPPOSITE of a Speed-Runner... I like to turn over every stone... find every line of dialogue... see everything.
  460. (07:57:06) TimeGentleman: (dialgoue-wise, that is)
  461. (07:57:24) BidiotBales [] entered the room.
  462. (07:57:27) Mimness: Me too Marykate ^_^
  463. (07:57:29) iirelu: except for the spacey bit, damn the spacey bit i ALWAYS forget to open the present before getting to it
  464. (07:57:50) Marykate: Nice one Mimness  ^_^
  465. (07:58:02) andyh: QUESTION: How do approach the writing, do you come up with the story and write in the puzzles, or vice versa? And on that note, how difficult do you think it would be for a non-game designer to turn a pre-existing story into an adventure game with puzzles to push forward the story.
  466. (07:58:09) TimeGentleman: I'm with Ron on ATM interfaces
  467. (07:58:16) frogg: YEah, I wouldn't want to speed run it, I want to take everything in, and explore
  468. (07:58:20) ***Marykate likes consuming art ...nom nom nom...
  469. (07:58:33) iirelu: frogg: i did that three times before starting to speedrun it
  470. (07:58:38) Taekon: My first playthrough went on for like 6 or 8 hours :P
  471. (07:58:49) BidiotBales: Hey Tim, how are you responding in regards to puzzle design after all the criticism in act 1 of it being 'too easy'?
  472. (07:58:53) frogg: Taekon: mine was about 8
  473. (07:58:55) Marykate: What is the Sundance Film Festival of gaming?
  474. (07:58:55) Taekon: Who knows how long I just sat there looking at Vella's opening scene
  475. (07:58:59) norbert_: QUESTION: how does Tim feel about allowing the adventure game protagonist to grab and carry around objects that turn out to be useless; could this force players to think more about what to use where and what to do, making the game more difficult without developer much effort?
  476. (07:59:07) frogg: Adio cut out for a second
  477. (07:59:10) frogg: *Audio
  478. (07:59:13) afg1 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  479. (07:59:17) iirelu: also hey tim please stop saving save-games in the home directory!! that ~/BrokenAge is incredibly annoying
  480. (08:00:10) frogg: YES!  Deep niche!
  481. (08:00:11) norbert_: if Act 1 had 3x more objects that were useless but that the protagonists could still carry around, it would be more challenging without much extra work for DF
  482. (08:00:46) Marykate: QUESTION: Does being independent conflict with making CONSOLE games?
  483. (08:00:55) Taekon: norbert_: that would also make the whole thing seems clumsy imo, and meaningless
  484. (08:01:01) iirelu: save it in ~/.config/BrokenAge or ~/.BrokenAge
  485. (08:01:07) BidiotBales: ahaha :)
  486. (08:01:19) Tinche: I'm thinking Tim is the wrong person to nag for that, iirelu :p
  487. (08:01:26) Taekon: Eyecepick
  488. (08:01:28) ***Marykate wouldn't want an icepick in her eye...
  489. (08:01:31) TimeGentleman: iirelu the only way to avoid savegame location problems is to let the player choose the location!
  490. (08:01:31) Sven_Q45: Yes the puzzles are too easy.
  491. (08:01:53) iirelu: TimeGentleman: yes but it should still have a sensible default
  492. (08:01:54) LeroyOctopus [] entered the room.
  493. (08:02:03) Tinche: go tweet at p1xelcoder for stuff like that :p
  494. (08:02:07) andyh left the room (quit: Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…).
  495. (08:02:09) andyh [] entered the room.
  496. (08:02:11) afg1 [] entered the room.
  497. (08:02:23) TimeGentleman: true but whatever you come up with there are people who will have a reason why that is not sensible!
  498. (08:02:32) norbert_: Taekon: I would personally like it
  499. (08:02:36) Cheeseness: Examples!
  500. (08:02:48) TimeGentleman: cheeseness ?
  501. (08:02:57) afg1 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  502. (08:03:03) Permafry_42: k cheese we should start to consider ending the interview since we still need time to do the game stream
  503. (08:03:09) norbert_: QUESTION: has Tim played the Gemini Rue adventure game; did he like it?
  504. (08:03:09) Taekon: norbert_: hey I would too, more dialogues!
  505. (08:03:16) norbert_: :P
  506. (08:03:22) TimeGentleman: permafry are you CRAZY?!
  507. (08:03:42) GameClubFan_720449 [] entered the room.
  508. (08:04:12) Tinche: I love being stuck in adventure games, personally
  509. (08:04:17) andyh: Make it harder by introducing insta-death
  510. (08:04:18) Mimness: I've got a big list of questions that I'm showing Cheese - apologies if we don't get through them all T_T
  511. (08:04:23) Peabop: I like using my brain :)
  512. (08:04:37) TimeGentleman: Mimness you're doing a great job!
  513. (08:04:48) TimeGentleman: MONKEY WRENCH
  514. (08:05:06) Marykate: I was stuck on the part where Vella needs a knife... somebody had to tell me about sharing a cupcake.. Never thought of it.
  515. (08:05:09) BidiotBales: thanks for the answer, tim :)
  516. (08:05:15) Marykate: THAT'S ME
  517. (08:05:18) Marykate: :D
  518. (08:05:24) TimeGentleman: Marykate lol noob
  519. (08:05:35) Sven_Q45: i stucked on the knife too.
  520. (08:05:39) BidiotBales:
  521. (08:05:57) Mimness: ^_^
  522. (08:06:09) Marykate: Awesome
  523. (08:06:17) Taekon: I got the knife bit rather quickly, but got stuck on Shay's routine-breakout :(
  524. (08:06:20) TimeGentleman: good question marykate :)
  525. (08:06:31) Marykate: .... ID@Xbox will hopefully help...
  526. (08:06:38) frogg: Mimness: Please can you ask about, was it an active choice to have a non white protagnoist?
  527. (08:06:39) Marykate: Project Spark too
  528. (08:06:44) BidiotBales: I got stuck at the end of Vella's/
  529. (08:07:04) TimeGentleman: yeah mimness, frogg's question is a good one
  530. (08:07:05) Marykate: Sony has been great for indies on PS4 from what I hear
  531. (08:07:12) BadAsp: Hey
  532. (08:07:15) TrueStoryGuy: Hey Tim!
  533. (08:07:21) Mimness: Yeah I keep pointing at it, haha
  534. (08:07:23) Marykate: We're BFFs!!  :D
  535. (08:07:33) BadAsp: I don't see a "Meeps" here yet
  536. (08:07:36) thesirren: :)
  537. (08:07:40) Nubbles [] entered the room.
  538. (08:07:46) frogg: Mimness: ty
  539. (08:07:55) Taekon: Aw I shouldn't have chosen different names for things :(
  540. (08:07:58) Syd: Tim is looking at us, I hope everyone is looking their best.
  541. (08:08:14) TimeGentleman: *ahem* slicks back hair
  542. (08:08:15) Tinche: crap, I'm in my pajams
  543. (08:08:15) Mimness: Oh yeah, I've been grooming for this all week.
  544. (08:08:20) Sughly: Haha, same Taekon - normal twitter vs ridiculous nonsense chat names
  545. (08:08:48) TimeGentleman: TIM, I've played Dawn Of The Tentacle, can I have a job?
  546. (08:08:49) Sven_Q45: I don´t have twitter nor facebook.
  547. (08:08:53) BidiotBales: he recognised me! *faints*
  548. (08:08:59) LeroyOctopus: Do you see more sequels in DF's future besides Costume Quest 2? *coughpsychonauts2cough*
  549. (08:09:00) Taekon: Sughly: I only ever use 2 names, but they're in no way relevant to each other :\
  550. (08:09:01) kickedit: Kind of off topic, but... Will there be a Day of the Devs this year?
  551. (08:09:13) Greenius [] entered the room.
  552. (08:09:15) Nubbles left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  553. (08:09:17) Tinche: Dawn of the Tentacle?
  554. (08:09:20) invadererik: totally true, I totally made a photocopy of the monkey island wheel thingy... and I've now bought lots of doublefine stuff + kickstarter
  555. (08:09:22) Tinche: was there a sequel?
  556. (08:09:26) Taekon: Uh... sorry Tim it's rather hot over here *sneakily wears shirt*
  557. (08:10:01) TimeGentleman: Tinche that was a joke re the anecdote about Tim giving the wrong game name when onterviewing for Lucasarts
  558. (08:10:04) iirelu: 1984, how fitting
  559. (08:10:08) Sven_Q45: I use two names. But ony on two other forums. On the rest my name is Sven_Q45.
  560. (08:10:09) BidiotBales: Tinche: It was a sequel
  561. (08:10:12) Marykate: I get better at Adventure Games, the more I play them. ...Back in the day, I played adventure games, FMV games and stuff like Myst all the time. But going from Borderlands 2 and Skyrim to Broken Age, my adventure gaming skills were atrophied.
  562. (08:10:14) Greenius: Hello everyone!
  563. (08:10:21) frogg: \o/
  564. (08:10:21) Tinche: ah, I see
  565. (08:10:24) Sughly: Greenius! :D
  566. (08:10:27) Tinche: now I feel out of touch
  567. (08:10:33) Marykate: My brain has to get in the right gear....
  568. (08:10:41) Taekon: Hey Greenius o/
  569. (08:10:45) BidiotBales: Played maniac mansion?
  570. (08:10:46) TimeGentleman: YAYYY frogg!
  571. (08:10:53) Greenius: Did the sound drop out or is it just me?
  572. (08:11:05) BidiotBales: just you, but it happens
  573. (08:11:07) frogg: The sound has dropped out few times
  574. (08:11:15) Tinche: you can play maniac mansion in dott, right. If so, then yes.
  575. (08:11:18) Greenius left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  576. (08:11:30) TimeGentleman: cheeseness follow up does TIm feel there's an obligation to have diverse characters?
  577. (08:11:31) frogg: I hear you, TimOfLegend
  578. (08:11:33) TrueStoryGuy: Hey Tim, since Act II will be harder, what do you think the playtime will be?
  579. (08:11:34) BidiotBales: Tinche yep that's the one :)
  580. (08:11:34) Greenius [] entered the room.
  581. (08:11:54) Tinche: Didn't get very far though ;)
  582. (08:11:58) Taekon: I thought that was a good answer :D
  583. (08:12:05) BidiotBales: I doubt he'll know the playtime yet
  584. (08:12:06) Marykate: LeroyOctopus Psychonauts 2 comes up again and again... It was discussed again in an interview just this week. (Polygon I think)
  585. (08:12:07) frogg: Like, I think that's thw attitude that's supposed ot be it wasn't a deal of it. But I am still glad that there's a non white female protagonist ^_^
  586. (08:12:30) Greenius left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  587. (08:12:30) ***Marykate also dreams of Psychonauts 2 constantly.
  588. (08:12:44) LeroyOctopus: Marykate I know, but I'm gonna keep bugginh him until I get more Ford Cruller, damn it!
  589. (08:12:50) Tinche: *squirming sounds from Tim*
  590. (08:12:52) Marykate: :D
  591. (08:12:54) Greenius [] entered the room.
  592. (08:13:13) Mimness: Celebrity egooooooos
  593. (08:13:22) Marykate: I have a similar strategy with BioWare ... I bug them for Jade Empire 2
  594. (08:13:24) Permafry_42: To Tim I was interested in knowing if Double Fine has any plans for a physical copy of Broken Age for non-backers?
  595. (08:13:28) kisak: money under the table -> order of credits
  596. (08:13:34) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: does Tim ever do scratch dialogue and is he ever tempted to keep himself in as a small character in the way Pixar people do?
  597. (08:13:38) BidiotBales: This sounds shady! o.O
  598. (08:13:39) LeroyOctopus: Marykate As you should.
  599. (08:13:40) BidiotBales: jks
  600. (08:13:45) Cheeseness: Plug time!
  601. (08:13:47) Marykate: LeroyOctopus ...Try waving some bacon  ;)
  602. (08:14:00) andyh left the room (Textual IRC Client:
  603. (08:14:01) frogg: MAKE TIM SWEAT!
  604. (08:14:23) TrueStoryGuy: TimOfLegend: Have you played Book Of Unwritten Tales?
  605. (08:14:31) Marykate: Been There Dan That  and Time Gentlemen were my FIRST ever games on Steam  :)
  606. (08:14:38) TimeGentleman: YES! Thanks TIm!
  607. (08:14:43) TimeGentleman: :)
  608. (08:14:45) Cheeseness: heh
  609. (08:14:59) TimeGentleman: (and thanks cheeseness!)
  610. (08:15:01) Greenius left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  611. (08:15:09) iirelu: ..oculus rift point and click?
  612. (08:15:11) Marykate: ...(Polygon interview... yep.)  
  613. (08:15:13) GameClubFan_720449 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  614. (08:15:19) Tinche: GF has tank controls because they are awesome
  615. (08:15:23) Permafry_42: I love Katamari =D
  616. (08:15:23) BidiotBales: If anyone hasn't played them go buy them
  617. (08:15:23) Taekon: iirelu: so... Mnemonic :D?
  618. (08:15:27) GameClubFan_636158 [] entered the room.
  619. (08:15:42) TimeGentleman: The tank controls in GF are fine if you can resist the urge to run!
  620. (08:15:53) Taekon: Btw Polygon interview:
  621. (08:15:55) Greenius [] entered the room.
  622. (08:15:56) BidiotBales: Has ne played A Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship?
  623. (08:16:02) iirelu: woo machinarium
  624. (08:16:04) Syd: TimeGentleman: Have you tried that mouse controls hack for Grim that came out recently?
  625. (08:16:05) Taekon: *
  626. (08:16:07) GameClubFan_636158 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  627. (08:16:17) Tinche: BidiotBales: Larry 8? :p
  628. (08:16:27) TimeGentleman: Syd no, I think it's impressiv but goes against what Tim was trying to do with that game
  629. (08:16:27) Marykate: We are 1 YEAR from the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of PSYCHONAUTS .... And that blows my mind.
  630. (08:16:36) iirelu: i love amanita design
  631. (08:16:38) TimeGentleman: ie invisible interface
  632. (08:16:39) Marykate: Mechanarium rocks
  633. (08:16:48) Greenius: My sound keeps dropping out, forcing me to refresh. I missed the answer to the physical Broken Age question can someone please copy/paste what the answer was? :) thanks!
  634. (08:16:53) invadererik: where is psychonauts 2 ? hehe
  635. (08:16:54) Taekon: Machinarium hurts me :(
  636. (08:17:09) Marykate: You love LIMBO, too... TimOfLegend  (I'm a helper.)
  637. (08:17:09) BidiotBales: Blackwell series? The final entry in the series comes out soon
  638. (08:17:22) iirelu: strangely my favourite point and click games are the submachine series
  639. (08:17:29) BidiotBales: LIMBO isn't really and adventure game
  640. (08:17:33) Taekon: Greenius: it's probably your twitch stream buffering, I haven't had any drop outs
  641. (08:17:39) TimeGentleman: cheeseness and mimness the time has come: what is the secret of Grim fandango (ie what did Manny do in the land of the living that needed working off?)
  642. (08:17:40) Marykate: Good point.
  643. (08:17:55) KeithSwanger: dear leader is kind of an adapted text adventure game
  644. (08:17:56) Marykate: Okay... I'm hiding now.
  645. (08:17:57) Tinche: yes yes give us the scoop on GF
  646. (08:18:01) frogg: BTW, I really like the fan art slideshowing during the interview
  647. (08:18:02) Taekon: Greenius: Also I haven't heard any questions about physical Broken Age questions yet!
  648. (08:18:02) liorean: Adventure includes some platformers
  649. (08:18:04) flesk: LIMBO is the archetype of a puzzle platformer.
  650. (08:18:15) TimeGentleman: (and if he doesn't want to say, does he know specifically?)
  651. (08:18:32) BidiotBales: I bought it on ebay for like, $50.
  652. (08:18:35) Greenius: I swear someone just asked one a couple of minutes ago :O (wasn't sure if they got an answer or not though)
  653. (08:18:36) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: is TIm aware of Twine and tempted by that?
  654. (08:18:38) frogg: MY PRECIOUS
  655. (08:18:43) TimeGentleman: Ooooooh, another of my questions!
  656. (08:18:43) Marykate: ...I forgot we were talking about Adventure Games.  I heard "past 10 years" ..."games" .... "Mechanarium" ....and I saw something shiny.
  657. (08:18:50) Tinche: Twine? Is Tim a cat?
  658. (08:18:50) Mimness: The physical broken age question hasn't been asked yet - it's still on the list :)
  659. (08:18:58) Marykate: Oliver rocks
  660. (08:19:08) frogg: Hahahaha
  661. (08:19:12) BadAsp: My question hasn't been asked yet :(
  662. (08:19:22) Tinche: answer it!!
  663. (08:19:23) TimeGentleman: Cheeseness please let Tim know I just paid around $15 for GF in a charity shop
  664. (08:19:34) Tinche: :(
  665. (08:20:07) flesk: Speaking of LIMBO, Monochroma's launch is right around the corner (different developer, but heavily inspired by LIMBO).
  666. (08:20:08) LeroyOctopus: during the documentary you wrote down a lot of concepts for what became broken age, can you share any ideas you had that you thought just wouldn't work or wouldn't be feasible?
  667. (08:20:17) TimeGentleman: cheeseness but he knows specifically?
  668. (08:20:22) Marykate: I can't watch the chat and retain the audio feed at the same time with much skill.
  669. (08:20:29) TimeGentleman: I agree he shouldn't tell us!
  670. (08:20:53) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: is Manny gay?
  671. (08:21:00) Marykate: I plan to listen to the audio files later to really get the whole thing.
  672. (08:21:04) Tinche: Don't they kiss at the end
  673. (08:21:18) Tinche: I ruin jokes
  674. (08:21:19) BidiotBales: DVD or jewel case?
  675. (08:21:22) Taekon: *distracts Tim with shiny asterisks*
  676. (08:21:29) TimeGentleman: Tinche yes you do ;)
  677. (08:21:32) Sughly: Yayyyy big box! Looking forward to that one
  678. (08:21:52) Greenius: QUESTION: Will the 2PP documentary also be available to buy for non-backers? (asking for a friend)
  679. (08:21:56) Marykate: What kind of sex life could Manny really have?
  680. (08:21:58) TimeGentleman: Should be two different boxes that interlock
  681. (08:21:59) BidiotBales: can skeletons even be gay? or even straight?
  682. (08:22:07) invadererik: what not like George Lucas and Star Wars ?
  683. (08:22:13) Taekon: I don't know, they're just so boned all the time
  684. (08:22:24) Tinche: yes let's make Tim talk about skeleton sex life
  685. (08:22:24) TimeGentleman: Marykate in the design doc it says don't askdon't tell
  686. (08:22:25) Marykate: SKELETON SEX ... um .... :/
  687. (08:22:25) Taekon: They're... boners... I'm sorry
  688. (08:22:35) TimeGentleman: (about skeleton sex)
  689. (08:22:37) BidiotBales: I hope broken age is sold on floppys
  690. (08:22:38) Marykate: hhahahaha...
  691. (08:22:38) Mimness: Duuuuuudes.
  692. (08:22:48) Tinche: I feel there's a boner joke in there somewhere
  693. (08:22:57) Marykate: TimeGentleman too funny :)
  694. (08:23:08) TimeGentleman: Was his name Bobby Ripburger?
  695. (08:23:14) invadererik: What like Jonathan Blow ?
  696. (08:23:16) Tinche: I guess I should actually read before pressing enter
  697. (08:23:21) thesirren: for everyone asking about the writing aspects, there are designer diaries for Grim Fandango, which I believe you guys will find a very interesting read:
  698. (08:23:29) invadererik: = ]
  699. (08:23:33) Taekon: Tim I agree with that answer a whole lot man o/!
  700. (08:23:38) Marykate: So Taekon ...You're saying ALL skeletons are gay ...Because boners.  ;)
  701. (08:24:07) BidiotBales: Will the snake in act one become relevant? ;)
  702. (08:24:10) Taekon: Marykate: well you can get boners for lady skeletons and dude skeletons so really it's a flexible thing
  703. (08:24:11) TrueStoryGuy: TimOfLegend Can we expect Broken Age references in future DF games?
  704. (08:24:24) Greenius: Glottis <3
  705. (08:24:24) Taekon: you know, like sexuality in general
  706. (08:24:28) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: did having a kid/being a parent affect your writing of two young characters?
  707. (08:24:42) Marykate: Taekon But even lady skeletons would have boners ... sort of.
  708. (08:25:24) Taekon: Marykate: it'd be rude to think that doesn't exist ;)
  709. (08:25:25) Marykate: TimOfLegend Mr. Pokeylope cameo please.  :)
  710. (08:25:35) TimeGentleman: I think Tim is totally right about sequels
  711. (08:25:50) LeroyOctopus: Will the yarn pals get their own spin off?
  712. (08:25:58) frogg: fresh blood, this is key
  713. (08:26:11) yama: Will we see Hexapals in the DF Store?
  714. (08:26:22) Sughly: Tim - you said usualy you have ideas floating around for years before you start them, so are there some ideas youve had going you'd like to get made as an adventure game still?
  715. (08:26:33) Taekon: Oh right! More merchs plzkthx!!11
  716. (08:26:43) Tinche: hehehe
  717. (08:27:06) GameClubFan_284411 [] entered the room.
  718. (08:27:13) LeroyOctopus: grabbin gary in DF store
  719. (08:27:40) Taekon: Lies! I shall not check the DF store again. *checks the DF store again*
  720. (08:27:42) kisak: so, step 1, make things that will be wildly popular, step 2, go crazy, step 3, make more eccentric art, step 4, die, step 5, become immortalized for your art
  721. (08:27:44) Marykate: So true... even the best bands stop making awesome music later... Paul McCartney used to write amazing songs. Not so much anymore. Robert Plant got all mellow... Painters keep painting though. And lots of writers do their best work later.  Hmmm...
  722. (08:28:13) Tinche: rock bands also do a lot of drugs and groupies, which probably takes a toll after a while
  723. (08:28:41) Wildax [] entered the room.
  724. (08:28:41) Permafry_42: What is tims thoughts on the modern broken age object-based interface versus the traditional action-based interface of games like monkey island?
  725. (08:28:55) Marykate: touring ...probably drains some life away.
  726. (08:29:24) frogg: OMGOMGOMG: QUESTION: Would you/ have you considered doing a game (puzzle or no) based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld?
  727. (08:29:25) invadererik:
  728. (08:29:34) Wildax left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  729. (08:29:53) Tinche: now I'm imagining Tim as an adventure game "rock star", with groupies and drugs and crazy parties
  730. (08:29:54) frogg: Hint: I would love for this to happen
  731. (08:30:20) Marykate: Artists don't often go on bus tours... roadies carrying their paints, etc.  But I think many still do the drugs and groupies thing.
  732. (08:30:42) LeroyOctopus left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  733. (08:30:48) Greenius left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  734. (08:30:54) registradus [] entered the room.
  735. (08:31:08) Marykate: (totally a rock star... a legend.)
  736. (08:31:12) kisak: now all we have to do is ask if adventure game rock stars have drug crazed groupies
  737. (08:31:13) BidiotBales left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  738. (08:31:13) registradus left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  739. (08:31:22) Plumbernaut left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  740. (08:31:31) Marykate: nine's good
  741. (08:31:38) registradus [] entered the room.
  742. (08:31:48) Tinche: Marykate: Agreed
  743. (08:32:03) Marykate: USE ...
  744. (08:32:07) Tinche: if I saw Tim somwhere I'd probably want to bug for an autograph
  745. (08:32:12) yama: Open your eyes and then open them again! :O
  746. (08:32:16) Marykate: HA!!  Totally USE
  747. (08:32:26) Scarf left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  748. (08:32:26) Marykate: I remember USE
  749. (08:32:46) registradus left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  750. (08:33:00) GameClubFan_623460 [] entered the room.
  751. (08:33:23) Marykate: Then you can go into inventory and put items TOGETHER  ...always enjoyed that stuff.
  752. (08:33:25) Sughly: I understand the reasons behind streamlining the interaction, but did you personally miss the verb coin for Broken Age?
  753. (08:33:26) GameClubFan_275317 [] entered the room.
  754. (08:33:31) Taekon: Interview's been going for a while, kudos to Tim and Cheeseness for still talking :D
  755. (08:33:34) Greenius [] entered the room.
  756. (08:33:50) Tinche: GF basically had a one action interface
  757. (08:33:54) Tinche: well, and look
  758. (08:34:00) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: do you agree with Ron's puzzle design theory that you should not find the key before you see the lock?
  759. (08:34:08) Taekon: Marykate: the combining is SO COOL, love the extra dialogues too :D
  760. (08:34:16) Mimness: TimOfLegend and Cheeseness are full of awesome.
  761. (08:34:26) Marykate: CRAZY VERB DLC
  762. (08:34:29) Marykate: :D
  763. (08:34:30) Sughly: Tinche I miss the verb coin T_T
  764. (08:34:31) yama: TimeGentleman, it bugs me when I  find the solution before the puzzle.
  765. (08:34:59) Marykate: VERB RANDOMIZER  :)
  766. (08:35:04) TimeGentleman: yama it just seems to enforce linearity...
  767. (08:35:26) Taekon: Well Tim play some Dungeons and Dragons
  768. (08:35:36) Marykate: Extra dialogues are the best.
  769. (08:35:41) Tinche: Sughly: what exactly is a verb coin? Like the FT skull that pops up?
  770. (08:35:44) yama: TimeGentleman, but then it makes little sense to me to go through a game and pick up all these objects for no reason other than them being there.
  771. (08:35:53) TimeGentleman: "foreshadow" in Labyrinth
  772. (08:36:00) Sughly: Tinche yep! just like Full Throttles
  773. (08:36:18) Marykate: I found new stuff in Psychonauts EVERY time I played for more than 5 years... without fail.
  774. (08:36:19) Tinche: that was fun, better than a 3x3 grid of verbs in the UI
  775. (08:36:26) kisak: there's a droid for that!
  776. (08:36:27) TimeGentleman: Sorry, it was "adumbrate" in Labyrinth
  777. (08:36:32) Sughly: yeah exactly
  778. (08:36:46) Marykate: Like ... I bet I could find something I've NEVER seen/heard if I played it today.
  779. (08:36:53) Taekon: Marykate: dude I've only recently found out about some of the cutscenes! Like the whole reverse bullying!
  780. (08:36:54) Tinche: also it was fun when "mouth" meant several things, like "talk" and "suck"
  781. (08:37:15) Durk1138: Tim, you should cast Nathan Fillion for a DF game. You are the two coolest guys in the world.
  782. (08:37:26) Sughly: yep yep! I think the coin was the best balance of too much interaction, and too little.
  783. (08:37:43) frogg: OMG, Adventure time game!
  784. (08:37:46) Marykate: Taekon the Mr.Pokeylope and Linda scene took me forever to find.
  785. (08:37:46) Greenius: Ooo is pretty whacky though
  786. (08:37:57) norbert_: QUESTION: The Wikipedia article about Tim says "Timothy Schafer (born July 26, 1967)"; is his birth name really Timothy?
  787. (08:38:18) Marykate: ...PSYCHONAUTS 2  :D
  788. (08:38:19) norbert_: and if so, are there any sources for that online
  789. (08:38:20) Greenius: Bad Golf 4!
  790. (08:38:29) kisak: BAD Golf 6!
  791. (08:38:30) Tinche: Broken Age 2!
  792. (08:38:30) norbert_: or anywhere for that matter
  793. (08:38:32) Tinche: (too soon?)
  794. (08:38:33) BadAsp: SAM AND MAX 2!
  795. (08:38:36) Marykate: PSYCHONAUTS 3  :D
  796. (08:38:53) Marykate: <3
  797. (08:38:54) kisak: Star Wars Episode 10!
  798. (08:39:08) Marykate: You remind me of the babe
  799. (08:39:08) Sughly: ah yes! Labyrinth is the bestest
  800. (08:39:14) TrueStoryGuy: TimOfLegend Star Citizen has passed 40Million in crowdfunding ... Will it be possible to see Brutal Legend 2 crowdfunded sometime in the future?
  801. (08:39:18) Marykate: The babe with the power of Voodoo
  802. (08:39:35) Sughly: yayyyy Australia, come come
  803. (08:39:36) Greenius: I may have to buy PAX tickets...
  804. (08:39:37) eriktorbjorn [] entered the room.
  805. (08:39:40) norbert_: (and if it's not Timothy, Wikipedia has got it wrong since October 2009)
  806. (08:39:48) Peabop: Can we fundraise for it?
  807. (08:39:48) Peder left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 183 seconds).
  808. (08:39:51) Sughly: oh wait I cant make PAX this year, come next year :3
  809. (08:40:09) TimeGentleman: cheeseness that's ow I steall all Tim's ideas!
  810. (08:40:11) Taekon: No Tim don't come to PAX Aus because I can't this year :P
  811. (08:40:11) Marykate: DAVID BOWIE voice acting contribution CONFIRMED ...
  812. (08:40:18) TimeGentleman: *how I steal
  813. (08:41:02) TimeGentleman: Wooooo me again!
  814. (08:41:08) kisak: that's assuming we're stalking Tim enough to identify real-life specific trends
  815. (08:41:11) Sughly: yeah good question
  816. (08:41:19) Marykate: Once upon a time (AMA Reddit) I asked if fatherhood changed TimOfLegend 's perspective on games and development.
  817. (08:41:20) norbert_: *bing bong*
  818. (08:41:27) thesirren: :D
  819. (08:41:27) Sughly: hahaha
  820. (08:41:38) Marykate: :)
  821. (08:41:40) Greenius: Haha I thought my doorbell rang
  822. (08:41:45) TimeGentleman: "TimeGentleman asks if Ben There Dan That is definitely Tim's favourite adventure game ever"
  823. (08:42:10) TimeGentleman: Oh god it's like Maniac Mansion
  824. (08:42:17) Marykate: awww  TimeGentleman
  825. (08:42:17) norbert_: Cheeseness: the Wikipedia article about Tim says, since October 2009, that Tim's first name is Timothy but it doesn't have a source; can you ask him about it, then we have a source on record :)
  826. (08:42:25) Sughly: hahaha! I love those name origin stories, thats so great
  827. (08:42:31) Cheeseness: Ha ha, OK norbert_
  828. (08:42:33) TimeGentleman: I'm 10 secs behind you guys so can't improv with you!
  829. (08:42:40) Marykate: Lilly CAMEO  :)
  830. (08:42:50) Marykate: BAD SCHOOL
  831. (08:42:54) Marykate: CHANGE SCHOOLS
  832. (08:43:19) Marykate: My little girl LOVES games, too.
  833. (08:43:25) Tinche: "daddy daddy let's play the part where I poison my parents"
  834. (08:43:25) TimeGentleman: cheeseness I was thinking maybe it helped him write the child-angst
  835. (08:43:30) liorean: He spoilered the Cave!
  836. (08:43:34) Marykate: oops
  837. (08:43:46) Marykate: The Cave is awesome... play it today.
  838. (08:44:01) norbert_: cool :)
  839. (08:44:08) Marykate: Timothy John Schafer, Legend.
  840. (08:44:10) GameClubFan_925212 [] entered the room.
  841. (08:44:19) liorean: I own it but didn't play it through, I got annoyed by the backtracking
  842. (08:44:21) flesk: That's an awesome name.
  843. (08:44:23) Cheeseness: Game Club: Looking after Wikipedia since 2014
  844. (08:44:59) yama: Is the split even? Will the two acts be about the same length?
  845. (08:44:59) TimeGentleman: Dammit ten seconds behind
  846. (08:45:15) TrueStoryGuy: Act One ending was great, Tim, and I too hated the ending to Empire Strikes Back!
  847. (08:45:15) Marykate: Play as: Twins, Time Traveler, and Monk ... (definitely the Twins)
  848. (08:45:17) kisak: as long as there's never an ending like the tv show Lost, I'm fine
  849. (08:45:26) Taekon: TimeGentleman: I'm 20 seconds behind :(
  850. (08:45:31) Sughly: thanks Tim!
  851. (08:45:33) frogg: QUESTION
  852. (08:45:35) thesirren: Cave, Lili and the twins:
  853. (08:45:43) Greenius: Thanks Tim, thanks DF game club!
  854. (08:45:45) TrueStoryGuy: TimOfLegend When do you expect Act Two to be done?
  855. (08:45:49) yama: One of the best GCs so far! :D
  856. (08:45:54) liorean: Question: Will The Double Fine Action Cast come back?
  857. (08:45:55) Marykate: Not too late!!
  858. (08:45:55) frogg: QUESTION: Where did the fluffy bunny slipper come from?
  859. (08:45:57) Taekon: Thanks TimOfLegends!
  860. (08:45:58) TimeGentleman: QUESTION: do you think many other studios would be able to open up to the public in the way DF did? It's amazing the way we get to know every employee of the studio
  861. (08:46:12) Marykate: LABYRINTH ROCKS
  862. (08:46:13) Taekon: Question: how many bunny job applications have you gotten so far?
  863. (08:46:17) Marykate: ... it had MUPPETS
  864. (08:46:18) Tinche: thanks you guys, this was great
  865. (08:46:30) TimeGentleman: Tell Tim I like the t-shirt he's wearing right now
  866. (08:46:36) TimeGentleman: *spooky music
  867. (08:46:52) Taekon: Thanks TimOfLegend and Cheeseness for the interview, thanks for the peeps doing stuff behind the scenes too (hint: Mimness and Permafry_42 this week)
  868. (08:47:01) Marykate: TimOfLegend Will there be Broken Age DLC??  :D
  869. (08:47:09) Tinche: timegentleman says your cologne is too strong, Tim
  870. (08:47:12) GameClubFan_275317 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  871. (08:47:13) Permafry_42: Don't worry we still have the game stream today too =D
  872. (08:47:22) Marykate: ...but he doesn't really want to go
  873. (08:47:23) Sughly: we love you Tiiiiiiiim
  874. (08:47:28) Peabop: Thanks Tim :)
  875. (08:47:29) TimeGentleman: Did Tim play the Babyrimph Lucasfilm game?
  876. (08:47:33) frogg: Thanks!
  877. (08:47:34) yama: Thanks for joining us today, TimOfLegend! :D
  878. (08:47:34) Marykate: THANK YOU, TIM  :D
  879. (08:47:34) invadererik: Thank you !
  880. (08:47:36) Mimness: Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!
  881. (08:47:40) TimOfLegend left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  882. (08:47:45) Taekon: \o/ all the love
  883. (08:47:45) Permafry_42: Thanks a bunch tim!
  884. (08:47:52) liorean: Thank you for the games and the interview
  885. (08:47:54) BadAsp: Thanks, TimOfLegend!
  886. (08:47:55) TimeGentleman: Thanks TIm!
  887. (08:47:56) Marykate: GDC must have been awesome
  888. (08:48:01) TimeGentleman: DAMN
  889. (08:48:09) Cheeseness: Man I need to wee
  890. (08:48:10) hasanbacker left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  891. (08:48:16) Marykate: *Exit Legend*
  892. (08:48:16) liorean: Bye Tim!
  893. (08:48:20) nulian left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  894. (08:48:21) Mimness: Thanks for that Cheeseness
  895. (08:48:25) KeithSwanger left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  896. (08:48:25) GameClubFan_284411 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  897. (08:48:30) Tinche: yeah, thanks Cheeseness
  898. (08:48:31) TrueStoryGuy left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  899. (08:48:31) yama: Whoo! That was an awesome interview. :D
  900. (08:48:36) yama: Good job, Cheeseness. ^_^
  901. (08:48:38) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  902. (08:48:38) GameClubFan_647043 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  903. (08:48:39) Taekon: That was super sweet, and like 2-hour long
  904. (08:48:41) Taekon: :D
  905. (08:48:44) thesirren: I think this is the longest interview Tim ever given :D
  906. (08:48:46) TimeGentleman: Cheers Tim!
  907. (08:48:47) BadAsp: I can't wait to go back to PAX East and see the Broken Age crew again
  908. (08:48:48) Greenius: Wooo! :D
  909. (08:48:48) iirelu left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  910. (08:48:50) Sughly left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  911. (08:48:56) TimeGentleman: holy shit that was AMAZING
  912. (08:48:56) Marykate: It flew by... even as long as it was.
  913. (08:49:10) Taekon: We were SO EXCLUSIVE you guys
  914. (08:49:11) Mimness: So Permafry_42, you're going to stream now?
  915. (08:49:14) GameClubFan_370183 [] entered the room.
  916. (08:49:22) Sven_Q45: wow.
  917. (08:49:23) ***Marykate feels totally EXCLUSIVE
  918. (08:49:29) GameClubFan_925212 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  919. (08:49:30) TimeGentleman: thanks everyone involved in that, it was brilliant, I'm buzzing!
  920. (08:49:30) Tinche: no one's updated the wikipedia page yet? :p
  921. (08:49:42) Permafry_42: yup we will be doing the stream now!
  922. (08:49:46) Marykate: So much EXCLUSIVE.
  923. (08:49:53) Marykate: Many INTERVIEW
  924. (08:49:56) Marykate: WOW
  925. (08:49:58) liorean: Whoo! I've played BA through during the interview. Not quite down to quarter of an hour, but half an hour. did forget to get the stuff from Marek so when I was at the reactor had to go back to Marek to get them etc...
  926. (08:50:00) GameClubFan_370183 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  927. (08:50:02) BadAsp: We back
  928. (08:50:32) Marykate: Big Bird cameo!
  929. (08:50:37) Taekon: Oh brb gotta wee too
  930. (08:50:47) yama: Vella's voice! <3
  931. (08:50:55) BadAsp: This place reminds me of Skyloft from Skyward Sword... it's so pretty
  932. (08:50:56) GameClubFan_966340 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  933. (08:51:00) TimOfLegend [] entered the room.
  934. (08:51:06) Marykate: WOOHOOO
  935. (08:51:11) Marykate: :D
  936. (08:51:15) Syd: TimOfLegend!
  937. TimeGentleman TimOfLegend
  938. (08:51:26) Tinche: or is it...?!
  939. (08:51:32) Syd: Could be an imposter
  940. (08:51:42) TimOfLegend: Hi guys! I'm not really here.
  941. (08:51:45) Permafry_42: really love the art in this part
  942. (08:51:46) Marykate: ...and a conspiracy.
  943. (08:51:52) Syd: We'll have to ask him something only Tim would know.
  944. (08:51:54) Tinche: nice try Tim
  945. (08:51:56) ***yama throws Babar at TimOfLegend. ;)
  946. (08:51:57) Tinche: now tell us about Manny
  947. (08:52:03) norbert_ left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  948. (08:52:16) TimeGentleman: Hi Tim! Just to be clear, agree that you shouldn't have explained about Manny but wanted to know if you have it in your head
  949. (08:52:32) TimOfLegend: Even that is too much!
  950. (08:52:34) Tinche: suckup
  951. (08:52:34) BadAsp: These people are really putting Mog Chothra on a pedestal despite the fact that he's a fearsome beast
  952. (08:52:37) Cheeseness: Alrighty, I'm back
  953. (08:52:44) Taekon: Oh hey TimOfLegend, wb!
  954. (08:52:45) Mimness: I freaking love this game.
  955. (08:52:53) BadAsp: Or is it because he's a fearsome beast that people are putting Mog Chothra on a pedestal? XD
  956. (08:53:11) Cheeseness: We have lots of people throughout Vella's story encouraging her to sacrifice herself
  957. (08:53:22) Taekon: Suuuper creepy
  958. (08:53:23) lietu: TimOfLegend: great to know you're not really here, otherwise we could be really stressed about having you here
  959. (08:53:29) TimeGentleman: You're totally right, I'm just being a super-nerd:)
  960. (08:53:33) Tinche: has everyone here played though the game?
  961. (08:53:41) BadAsp: Me
  962. (08:53:42) frogg: Awwww
  963. (08:53:44) Taekon: I think that's 99% of us Tinche
  964. (08:53:44) GameClubFan_332783 [] entered the room.
  965. (08:53:46) Tinche: I mean, are spoilers ok
  966. (08:53:47) thesirren: Cheeseness, should we do the giveaway at the end, like last time?
  967. (08:53:52) frogg: I love the dialouge in this level thingy
  968. (08:53:54) Durk1138 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  969. (08:53:57) Cheeseness: thesirren: Sure if you want
  970. (08:54:05) Permafry_42: i like the outfits
  971. (08:54:12) Taekon: Love the whole "lightness of the name" thing :D
  972. (08:54:21) frogg: Yeah, that's  neat
  973. (08:54:26) Marykate: The unbearable lightness of naming
  974. (08:54:33) TimOfLegend: Random fun fact: The name for Shellmound comes from a sign on I80 near Berkeley.
  975. (08:54:41) Taekon: I admit I frequently commit the crime of retracting stuff too, idk, I just like 'em a lot :(
  976. (08:54:47) Marykate: I love random fun facts.
  977. TimeGentleman TimOfLegend
  978. (08:54:57) Greenius: That was random AND fun!
  979. (08:54:59) TimeGentleman: Also, Tim, as I tweeted, I know you were bluffing about the t-shirt. You're totally wearing a Ben There Dan That tee (but you're ripped the sleeves off)
  980. (08:55:02) BadAsp: Lots of apostrophes... just as Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, or B'loody Mary XD
  981. (08:55:03) Cheeseness: TimOfLegend: What is it with you guys and signs?
  982. (08:55:05) Marykate: And a fact.
  983. (08:55:10) TimOfLegend: I know that looks photoshopped, but it's not. That's another exclusive for the game club. :)
  984. (08:55:11) Cheeseness: Also, why isn't that money monster in the game?
  985. (08:55:30) GameClubFan_332783 is now known as _Chuck
  986. (08:55:33) Permafry_42: the voice acting is still perfect
  987. (08:55:49) Taekon: So exclusive right now
  988. (08:55:55) Sven_Q45: Hi, Tim.
  989. (08:55:55) Cheeseness: Oh, I still think it's a plot hole that the cloudshoes are pink and not green to match the other maiden's costume
  990. (08:55:56) asz left the room (Saliendo).
  991. (08:56:00) TimeGentleman: I like how these signs make sense AFTER you've followed them.
  992. (08:56:07) _Chuck: that was raz right?
  993. (08:56:13) GameClubFan_364523 [] entered the room.
  994. (08:56:14) Marykate: In Merriloft I would be Mrkt :)
  995. (08:56:19) frogg: Cheeseness: They're purple
  996. (08:56:25) BadAsp: My name would be D'vid
  997. (08:56:26) Taekon: I would be uh... T'kon
  998. (08:56:38) TimOfLegend: Green shoes with a green dress? That's a little matchy-matchy. :)
  999. (08:56:43) TimeGentleman: Helps the feeling of learning about the place
  1000. (08:56:47) Taekon: If we're using real names, that'd just be H'n, which is just a grunt
  1001. (08:56:50) Cheeseness: frogg: They're bright pink! :D
  1002. (08:56:53) Greenius: Green \o/
  1003. (08:56:58) Cheeseness: (and match Vella's outfit)
  1004. (08:57:01) gregtherobot left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1005. (08:57:03) Cheeseness: Greenius: \o/
  1006. (08:57:22) TimeGentleman: Coming up to the line about having an affair!
  1007. (08:57:23) frogg: Cheeseness: No wait, lilacy-purple in my memory >..<
  1008. (08:57:35) TimeGentleman: Where Tim goes DARK
  1009. (08:57:53) Tinche: I wonder if there will be a twist in act 2
  1010. (08:57:57) jfrisby [] entered the room.
  1011. (08:58:08) Tinche: like it turns out it was a good thing the Mogs were taking the girls
  1012. (08:58:09) BadAsp: Tinche how can there not be a twist?
  1013. (08:58:10) TimOfLegend: RE: the creepiness of Vella's family and people encouraging her to kill herself: A lot of that was inspired by "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson.
  1014. (08:58:14) Tinche: well, yeah
  1015. (08:58:18) Taekon: Car'l is super chill
  1016. (08:58:22) TimOfLegend: Which is really short and you can read RIGHT HERE:
  1017. (08:58:23) Cheeseness: I'm really interested to see how Meriloft is presented in Act 2 presuming that the protagonist will have different perspectives when visiting this location
  1018. (08:58:29) yama: Tinche, I for one hope all questions left hanging at the end of Act 1 will be answered in the second act. :)
  1019. (08:58:38) Permafry_42: yeah i love that short story
  1020. (08:58:47) Marykate: Moar Easter Eggs  <3 .... that's my only request.  (Mr. Pokeylope cameo if possible)
  1021. (08:58:52) Taekon: Ooh never heard of it, shall be on the reading list
  1022. (08:59:04) Sven_Q45: I love the music of Broken Age!
  1023. (08:59:06) Snorkel [] entered the room.
  1024. (08:59:08) TimeGentleman: YEAH affair line!
  1025. (08:59:20) Taekon: I never figured out why Harm'ny started a cult in the first place
  1026. (08:59:34) TimOfLegend: Why does anybody start a cult?
  1027. (08:59:36) Snorkel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1028. (08:59:41) frogg: Ego
  1029. (08:59:46) Taekon: ... *googles*
  1030. (08:59:46) lietu: for the ladies?
  1031. (08:59:46) Mimness: A quest for love
  1032. (08:59:50) Mimness: And POWER
  1033. (08:59:51) Tinche: free booze?
  1034. (08:59:52) TimOfLegend: all true.
  1035. (08:59:55) _Chuck: boredom
  1036. (09:00:00) jfrisby: Same reasons they start companies?
  1037. (09:00:03) Sven_Q45: ets start a adventure Cul
  1038. (09:00:04) Sven_Q45: t.
  1039. (09:00:06) Sven_Q45: :D
  1040. (09:00:14) Permafry_42: to steal golden eggs
  1041. (09:00:17) TimOfLegend: No, that's for IP control.
  1042. (09:00:18) Marykate: The music is beautiful.. but the depth of the bird sounds/ambient sounds is very impressive, too.
  1043. (09:00:25) jfrisby: :D
  1044. (09:00:26) Marykate: layers of sound
  1045. (09:00:33) Tinche: so, Mog Chotra basically skipped the last Meriloft girl because.. Marek urged Shay to hurry up?
  1046. (09:00:38) TimOfLegend: Yes! the Peter + Camden combo is powerful!
  1047. (09:00:49) TimOfLegend: Yes, poor Twyla.
  1048. (09:01:03) Tinche: so why was Marek faking a hurry
  1049. (09:01:18) TimOfLegend: Act 2!
  1050. (09:01:31) TimOfLegend: Okay, I actually have to go now. Great talking to y'all!
  1051. (09:01:35) Cheeseness: TimOfLegend: How long had CQ2 been in the works? Did enthusiasm during the Game Club playthrough help make it seem more attractive?
  1052. (09:01:35) frogg: o/
  1053. (09:01:38) TimeGentleman: Thanks Tim!
  1054. (09:01:38) Tinche: cheers!
  1055. (09:01:39) TimOfLegend: Thanks for playing!
  1056. (09:01:43) Taekon: Have fun Tim o/! Thanks for joining us again
  1057. (09:01:43) Cheeseness: Thanks again for coming! :D
  1058. (09:01:46) Syd: Bye Tim!
  1059. (09:01:48) TimeGentleman: Thanks for making!
  1060. (09:01:48) Marykate: It suits the enviroment so well... visual elements in layers and layers of sound.
  1061. (09:01:49) lietu: .. also, it's not sure that everyone has finished the game .. so keeping the spoilers to a minimum would probably be appreciated
  1062. (09:01:50) jfrisby: Thanks Tim, and sorry for giving you a hard time about puzzles.   Much love.
  1063. (09:01:51) Marykate: :)
  1064. (09:01:52) Sven_Q45: :( Bye Tim.
  1065. (09:02:15) invadererik: yeah poor vella shes going to face an army of upset women
  1066. (09:02:16) TimOfLegend: Cheese: yes, the gameclub session has been mentioned a lot. I won't say it was the only reason, but it contributed.
  1067. (09:02:21) Cheeseness: Yay! :D
  1068. (09:02:25) GameClubFan_300642 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1069. (09:02:25) frogg: BAHAHAHA
  1070. (09:02:26) Permafry_42: bye tim!
  1071. (09:02:30) frogg: I missed that!
  1072. (09:02:40) Marykate: THANK YOU, TIM :)
  1073. (09:02:41) TimeGentleman: Keep asking questions so Tim can't leave!
  1074. (09:02:45) jfrisby: Is Cheese finally going to get a listing in the credits for exceptional fan support?
  1075. (09:02:46) jfrisby: :D
  1076. (09:02:48) Greenius: hehe
  1077. (09:02:50) Cheeseness: Hah
  1078. (09:02:52) TimeGentleman: TIM what is game?
  1079. (09:02:55) Tinche: does anyone who's not Tim have an opinion on why Marek is doing the stuff he's doing
  1080. (09:03:07) Tinche: just theorycrafting about the plot
  1081. (09:03:08) Cheeseness: HOW IS GAME FORMED? HOW DESIGNER GET INSPIRED?
  1082. (09:03:09) Greenius: Has the project lead for CQ2 been announced yet (now that Tasha is gone)?
  1083. (09:03:19) TimOfLegend: Cheeseness' loyalty will be remembered after the revolution.
  1084. (09:03:19) TimeGentleman: Tinche - my opinion is also "act 2"!
  1085. (09:03:20) BadAsp: Translation: You don't find out until Act 2, sweetie!
  1086. (09:03:22) Taekon: Well Game is something you lose
  1087. (09:03:26) jfrisby: wooooo
  1088. (09:03:32) Taekon: As in, you've lost the game, I'm sorry for bringing this back again
  1089. (09:03:37) Tinche: so what, I can think about stuff till act 2? :p
  1090. (09:03:39) TimeGentleman: Love the hexpals and giggly doors
  1091. (09:03:42) Tinche: can't*
  1092. TimeGentleman TimOfLegend
  1093. (09:03:50) TimOfLegend: k bye!
  1094. (09:03:53) TimOfLegend left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1095. (09:03:53) thesirren: Thank you for hanging out with us!
  1096. (09:04:00) Marykate: Cheeseness Perhaps you will not be destroyed when the Day of Smiting arrives!!  :D
  1097. (09:04:04) Sughly [] entered the room.
  1098. (09:04:05) TimeGentleman: Dammit you guys, you stopped asking questions!
  1099. (09:04:08) Cheeseness: What TimeGentleman doesn't know is that I'm his assassin (Dear Leader reference) :(
  1100. (09:04:13) kisak_laptop: The consoles that a designed to have a happy personality reminds me of the doors in the heart of Gold (HHGTTG)
  1101. (09:04:15) jfrisby: hmm.. well, I made it for 4 minutes..  aw well :/
  1102. (09:04:20) Tinche: it's ok to try and figure stuff out, you know
  1103. (09:04:32) BadAsp: That knife sounds familiar...
  1104. (09:04:33) Taekon: Can I just say that the Transporter voice is totally condescending
  1105. (09:04:33) Greenius: Haha Sughly you JUST missed Tim!
  1106. (09:04:37) Sughly: T_T
  1107. (09:04:51) Sughly left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1108. (09:04:51) Cheeseness: BadAsp: I know, right
  1109. (09:04:54) thesirren: Hi, kisak!
  1110. (09:05:03) BadAsp: Maybe it's on purpose?
  1111. (09:05:04) TimeGentleman: what cheeseness doesn't know is I've danced with his little pink bud
  1112. (09:05:04) mode (+o jfrisby) by ChanServ
  1113. (09:05:05) Tinche: he quit out of disappointment
  1114. (09:05:06) frogg: Im tired!  Going to zzzz, nn all.
  1115. (09:05:07) Cheeseness: I wonder if Act 2 will have a fork
  1116. (09:05:14) liorean: Now that I think of it, that knife is hilarious too, not sure whether I prefer the Dialogue Tree or the Knife though
  1117. (09:05:16) Taekon: Night frogg o/
  1118. (09:05:16) BadAsp: IKR
  1119. (09:05:20) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: ERROR ERROR MY BRAIN IS EMPTY
  1120. (09:05:24) lietu: Cheeseness: and maybe the fork and the spoon will marry and have a spork
  1121. (09:05:25) Mimness: So, when I played BA for the first time I played through all of one story, then all of the second. Did anyone else do that, or did you swap back and forth like Permafry's doing?
  1122. (09:05:28) BadAsp: We've had a talking spoon, and a talking knife... but not a talking fork?
  1123. (09:05:35) Cheeseness: lietu: We can only hope
  1124. (09:05:36) frogg: Enjoy the rest of the play through!
  1125. (09:05:38) Tinche: I played Vella until I got stuck
  1126. (09:05:40) mode (-o jfrisby) by ChanServ
  1127. (09:05:41) kisak_laptop: howdy thesirren
  1128. (09:05:45) Tinche: which was almost to the end
  1129. (09:05:46) Mimness: Cheeseness: Omg! A fork! I'd love a fork!
  1130. (09:05:47) Taekon: Mimness: I did that! Finished Vella's first before went onto Shay's
  1131. (09:05:56) liorean: Fork in the road coming up in Act 2!
  1132. (09:05:59) RetroVortex [] entered the room.
  1133. (09:06:00) TimeGentleman: cheeseness that's what your little pink bud said
  1134. (09:06:06) yama: Mimness, I started with Vella and forgot I could switch to Shay.
  1135. (09:06:11) thesirren: I feel like fork could be the naughty one
  1136. (09:06:12) ***Marykate will try to stand very close to Cheeseness on the Day of Smiting
  1137. (09:06:22) flesk: So is the color of the cloud shoes randomized every time you start a new game?
  1138. (09:06:22) Cheeseness: I had planned to switch back and forth, but I played Vella a little when the game was accidentally released, and started with Shay's story. Before I knew it, I'd finished his section of the game and had forgotten to switch
  1139. (09:06:24) liorean: We'll probably have the fork in Vellas part in Act 2
  1140. Maldoror_ Marykate
  1141. (09:06:36) Cheeseness: Marykate: <3
  1142. (09:06:37) Taekon: flesk: maybe it's a polish thing after the beta?
  1143. (09:06:45) TimeGentleman: I feel like I missed a load of spoon/knife dialogue cos I barely rea;ised they were charcters
  1144. (09:06:47) GameClubFan_515104 [] entered the room.
  1145. (09:06:52) Mimness: Tinche: Did you get unstuck when you go back to it?
  1146. (09:06:53) Marykate: ^_^
  1147. (09:07:01) Greenius: Thanks for everything everyone, it's been fun! :D
  1148. (09:07:03) TimeGentleman: Think I need to replay and use everything on everything
  1149. (09:07:03) Greenius left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1150. (09:07:19) Tinche: yeah, just by virtue of having my brain focused on something different for a while
  1151. (09:07:22) Mimness: flesk: I've only ever seen pink shoes?
  1152. (09:07:23) lietu: oh yeah, now I remember, I really hated the space suit scene where you had to fly around, it was really not easy for me to figure out where you were supposed to go
  1153. (09:07:26) Taekon: TimeGentleman: proper adventure time fan mannerism, I approve
  1154. (09:07:29) Cheeseness: flesk: I don't think so - it's always matched Vella's outfit for me
  1155. (09:07:34) Taekon: (just kidding, elitism is stupid)
  1156. (09:07:40) Marykate: I must take my cub to the store ... for cub food and stuff. But I don't want to miss anything.
  1157. (09:07:44) BadAsp: Or is he a sheep in wolf's clothing? *rimshot*
  1158. (09:07:44) RetroVortex: Who would win in a fight against a Bear that has the right to Man Arms, or Alucard backwards twice?
  1159. (09:07:50) thesirren: guys, is there anyone here, that does not own the game still?
  1160. (09:07:51) Cheeseness: lietu: It did feel like the interface for the zero G sequence wasn't quite as polished up as the rest of the game
  1161. (09:08:08) BadAsp: Looks like a pair of comfy headphones to me
  1162. (09:08:10) liorean: Confusion Bomb
  1163. (09:08:11) Cheeseness: Does anybody not own the game? thesirren has a copy to give away! Yay!
  1164. (09:08:22) GameClubFan_515104 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1165. (09:08:36) Tinche: so basically everything Shay experiences is fake, including Marek
  1166. (09:08:36) BadAsp: FORESHADOWING!
  1167. (09:08:45) Taekon: Dudes I've been wearing my Psychonauts badges every time I go to uni, and none has asked me about it! It's a sad life out here
  1168. (09:08:55) Mimness: I have a friend that's just discovering the majesty of Double Fine and I don't think she has a copy
  1169. (09:08:56) TimeGentleman: i think the space section is one of those GF type deals where it's a balance between clarity of UI and immesrion
  1170. (09:09:11) TimeGentleman: ie not having too many flashing arrows all over the place
  1171. (09:09:13) Marykate: Mr. Pokeylope cameos in everything ...forever. Is that so much to ask?
  1172. (09:09:16) Cheeseness: Tinche: It does feel very much that Marek is a part of Shay's engineered world
  1173. (09:09:29) Tinche: and he's about close to the age where he'd want a girlfriend... so the mog is programmed to find him a mate?
  1174. (09:09:32) BadAsp: Hello again, space weaver
  1175. (09:09:37) thesirren: Cheeseness, I made parallels with Norse mythology
  1176. (09:09:54) RetroVortex: Taekon I walk around in tons of videogame and comic T-shirts and only once has someone called me out on it haha
  1177. (09:09:56) Marykate: Taekon I have a bracelet with all the Psychonauts badges. I would hang with you.
  1178. (09:09:56) thesirren: Cheeseness, where Fenrir, the wolf, is supposed to eat the "Sun" and the "Moon", Mom and Dad
  1179. (09:10:03) BadAsp: Hence the name "Prima DOOM"
  1180. (09:10:14) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: I can't help but wonder whether it'd feel better with more points of interest to make exploring feel meaningful
  1181. (09:10:16) lietu: TimeGentleman: well to me it seemed like one of those scenes where you're just supposed to go off the edge of the screen, I tried that and the character refused to move or something, thought I didn't have the things needed to continue and ended up trying to figure out what else I had to do for quite a while until some frustrated random clicking around the screen got me to move
  1182. (09:10:19) Tinche: Cheeseness: it really feels that way since there's no actual danger when they're doing space missions
  1183. (09:10:26) Taekon: Imo this whole thing seems like they're trying to teach Shay about "being a grown up" and picking a wife for him
  1184. (09:10:29) Cheeseness: thesirren: For sure
  1185. (09:10:39) BadAsp: "Cozy Cluster"?  "Smile System"?  Those sound like levels in a "Super Yoshi Island Galaxy" game!
  1186. (09:10:48) Tinche: and Marek is like "danger, danger flee!"
  1187. (09:10:49) Mimness: So when am I going to be able to buy the cereals featured in BA?
  1188. (09:10:49) BadAsp: (Nintendo, make one, plz)
  1189. (09:10:57) GameClubFan_455021 [] entered the room.
  1190. (09:11:09) Tinche: so I'm thinking the ship is programmed to get Shay a girlfriend
  1191. (09:11:19) jfrisby left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1192. (09:11:22) Tinche: and allow him to think he's more independent/adult
  1193. (09:11:23) GameClubFan_455021 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1194. (09:11:28) Cheeseness: Also, apologies to people whose questions I missed out on. There's a lot of stuff to balance attention between and I tried to focus on the most interesting stuff
  1195. (09:11:36) Marykate: Whimseyshire would fit right in :)
  1196. (09:11:39) Tinche: by introducing the rogue Marek
  1197. (09:11:40) invadererik: soylent green is people ?
  1198. (09:11:44) RetroVortex: Spaceships are fun
  1199. (09:11:45) jfrisby [] entered the room.
  1200. (09:11:49) TimeGentleman: lietu for me I just take that as a sign that I don't *need* to go off the side of the screen. But I'm not saying it's perfect, just saying I understand why they chose to do it the way they did...
  1201. (09:11:50) Tinche: you did great Cheeseness ;)
  1202. (09:11:52) Marykate: ...the unicorns ... the magic ....
  1203. (09:11:54) Taekon: "Warp and woof drive" is that actual technical spacey terms?
  1204. (09:11:56) invadererik: err cereal
  1205. (09:12:01) RetroVortex: Weeeeeee
  1206. (09:12:33) Marykate: dried soylent green makes awesome fish food
  1207. (09:12:36) Taekon: invadererik: People are so cereal
  1208. (09:12:36) TimeGentleman: and that it's a hard balance to pull off (same with undersea in GF)
  1209. (09:12:37) mode (+o jfrisby) by ChanServ
  1210. (09:12:47) RetroVortex: Suuuper cereal
  1211. (09:12:47) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: I think there could have been more obvious "boundaries" though. It felt like background stuff was limiting your movement in some directions and foreground in others - it didn't feel predictable
  1212. (09:12:54) flesk: Did you manage to give away a game after the last stream or did that one person who didn't own it leave for good?
  1213. (09:12:57) Marykate: I could kill some cereal about now...
  1214. (09:12:58) BadAsp: Such cute
  1215. (09:13:00) Cheeseness: Thanks, Tinche
  1216. kisak kisak_laptop
  1217. (09:13:11) yama: Taekon, "warp" is actually related to weaving. :)
  1218. (09:13:13) Cheeseness: flesk: We managed to get kisak a copy of the game :)
  1219. (09:13:21) TimeGentleman: i played it ages ago so will submit to your arguments guys!
  1220. (09:13:28) Cheeseness: Worf and Whoop drive
  1221. (09:13:29) Marykate: yama yes indeed :)
  1222. (09:13:36) Sven_Q45: Warp and woof are textie related words.
  1223. (09:13:39) Cheeseness: Ages ago? It's new! :D
  1224. (09:13:43) TimeGentleman: you should have bullied Tim about it while he was here!
  1225. (09:13:51) BadAsp: Ah, cozy.
  1226. (09:13:54) Cheeseness: (referring to Broken Age rather than GF)
  1227. (09:13:59) jfrisby: Did anyone grill Tim on puzzles?
  1228. (09:14:00) TimeGentleman: cheese - how long since it released?
  1229. (09:14:04) Cheeseness: We didn't bully Tim enough
  1230. (09:14:06) RetroVortex: grill...
  1231. (09:14:09) Marykate: isn't weft also?
  1232. (09:14:09) RetroVortex: cheese...
  1233. (09:14:09) Taekon: I had no idea! Wool makes my skin all itchy so I don't know much about these things
  1234. (09:14:11) RetroVortex: mmmmmmmm
  1235. (09:14:12) jfrisby: awww...  
  1236. (09:14:12) TimeGentleman: jfrisby yeah
  1237. (09:14:22) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: A couple of months?
  1238. (09:14:27) Cheeseness: Hey RetroVortex
  1239. (09:14:28) TimeGentleman: I stalked him, so I think that did the job
  1240. (09:14:32) Cheeseness: lol
  1241. (09:14:35) jfrisby: :D
  1242. (09:14:37) Marykate: What's with the W words???  Weave, warp, woof, weft ... wool
  1243. (09:14:40) BadAsp: TimeGentleman I need to work on that
  1244. (09:14:45) TimeGentleman: cheeseness is that ALL? Feels like aaaages
  1245. (09:14:48) RetroVortex: food is good
  1246. (09:14:59) TimeGentleman: BadAsp what?
  1247. (09:15:08) Taekon: Well, we were watching the warping wscreen on the wstream
  1248. (09:15:09) Marykate: Alphabet bias of WEAVERS ....
  1249. (09:15:24) Sven_Q45: Taekon I didn´t know that. I just googed what "warp and woof" is. ;)
  1250. (09:15:31) BadAsp: Vella missed so much
  1251. (09:15:36) RetroVortex: Feasts...
  1252. (09:15:50) Cheeseness: Vella's in a mad rush to confront Mog Chothra. It makes sense that she'd skip past lots of stuff
  1253. (09:15:57) Taekon: Sven_Q45 I just assumed it was a foreshadow for Marek's relationship with the whole scheme :D
  1254. (09:15:58) RetroVortex: I never got picked to be eaten by a monster....
  1255. (09:16:00) RetroVortex: :'(
  1256. (09:16:04) Marykate: Vella missed the internal workings of Mog Chathra's digestive system.  
  1257. (09:16:09) Mimness: I know why she didn't get picked - her freaking shoes didn't match her dress.
  1258. (09:16:13) Taekon: Cheesness: now that I see the Maiden again, I don't think you can even see the shoes in that outfit
  1259. (09:16:15) RetroVortex: I'll never be the bestest maiden
  1260. (09:16:16) Mimness: Rookie mistake.
  1261. (09:16:20) Taekon: Cheeseness*
  1262. (09:16:22) RetroVortex: :(
  1263. (09:16:29) Tinche: I seriously doubt the girls are actually killed by mog chotra
  1264. (09:16:38) Cheeseness: Taekon: Right
  1265. (09:16:42) RetroVortex: He just diddles e,
  1266. (09:16:44) RetroVortex: *em
  1267. (09:16:50) ***Marykate consoles RetroVortex
  1268. (09:16:56) jfrisby: Getting these shoes is too easy, though..  I hadn't even fallen through
  1269. (09:17:09) RetroVortex: and then they go have brunch
  1270. (09:17:09) Cheeseness: It'd be amusing if the creatures that Shay rescued became the ingredients for his cereals
  1271. (09:17:10) Marykate: I think you're very pretty, RetroVortex.
  1272. (09:17:17) Taekon: Ooh I never notiched the echos!!!
  1273. (09:17:21) Taekon: noticed*
  1274. (09:17:22) RetroVortex: D'aww thanks my dear
  1275. (09:17:22) RetroVortex: haha
  1276. (09:17:25) BadAsp: Cheeseness!
  1277. (09:17:29) invadererik: hehe yeah I dont think its that dark, but hypothetically this has been going on for years
  1278. (09:17:48) Marykate: The audio is so beautiful.... the colors give me feels.  ^_^
  1279. (09:17:50) invadererik: so either there are many mog chotras or cereal
  1280. (09:17:52) Permafry_42: i love maggie's character
  1281. (09:18:09) yama: The yarn pals are really abducted girls who have passed through the Weaver!
  1282. (09:18:17) RetroVortex: yeah... my dads crazy... ;/
  1283. (09:18:21) Marykate: *rimshot*\
  1284. (09:18:23) Taekon: "That's the way to Harm'ny and his beard" makes me think F'ther is his beard, which is an actual term for some relationship thing
  1285. (09:18:32) Tinche: the mom AI says she was once a sacrifice girl, right?
  1286. (09:18:56) Cheeseness: Tinche: Maybe. Whether that's specifically referring to Vella or not is unclear
  1287. (09:18:56) TimeGentleman: What I loved about this game is switching between the two settings. Syfd should do that often!
  1288. (09:18:59) Marykate:'s all fun and games til somebody loses an i
  1289. (09:19:01) TimeGentleman: *Syd
  1290. (09:19:09) invadererik: thats true, that confused me in the story I thought shay was in the future and vella in the past
  1291. (09:19:14) Syd: I'm not streaming this time. :P
  1292. (09:19:14) Mimness: Maggie's my favourite <3
  1293. (09:19:16) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Permafry_42 is streaming this one
  1294. (09:19:19) RetroVortex: I have no I's
  1295. (09:19:23) RetroVortex: only E's O's
  1296. (09:19:27) TimeGentleman: oops.
  1297. (09:19:28) invadererik: like vella was shays mother in the past
  1298. (09:19:28) Cheeseness: invadererik: I think that's intentional :D
  1299. (09:19:29) RetroVortex: and Q's for some reason
  1300. (09:19:34) BadAsp: I have just A's
  1301. (09:19:38) RetroVortex: I blame scrabble for that
  1302. (09:19:40) Tinche: invadererik: I thought so too for a while
  1303. (09:19:42) Marykate: I have no i's either.... omg
  1304. (09:19:45) TimeGentleman: Permafry_42 should swap regularly, then!
  1305. (09:19:47) Taekon: Personally I try not to speculate too much. I like the surprises :D
  1306. (09:19:49) RetroVortex: could never get rid of those damn Qs
  1307. (09:19:50) RetroVortex: ....
  1308. (09:19:56) Tinche: but the girl abductions have been going on for a while
  1309. (09:19:59) invadererik: so the girls get turned into robots ?
  1310. (09:20:00) BadAsp: Want my Z?
  1311. (09:20:05) Syd: Running into that game-breaking bug in TGP is still one of my highlights as a streamer for the game club. :D
  1312. (09:20:07) invadererik: thats sorta evil still
  1313. (09:20:09) TimeGentleman: SHORT THINGS CAN SURPRISE YOU
  1314. (09:20:09) Marykate: ...(in the land of the blind ... I would never be king... or queen)
  1315. (09:20:20) Cheeseness: Let's save the ending related spoilery things for our last session :)
  1316. (09:20:26) TimeGentleman: Syd shhh! That was so embarassing :(
  1317. (09:20:28) Mimness: The girls get turned into cereal - Soylent Green is maidens.
  1318. (09:20:36) TimeGentleman: We blame it on AGS
  1319. (09:20:36) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: No way. It was amazing. We should have streamed that for hours
  1320. (09:20:40) yama: Tinche, only ever 14th year.
  1321. (09:20:50) Tinche: hm
  1322. (09:20:52) Tinche: is Shay 14?
  1323. (09:20:57) Cheeseness: Maybe
  1324. (09:20:59) Tinche: or... 13 and 3 months
  1325. (09:21:04) Syd: I had ran into that bug the first time I played through TGP, but I didn't expect to see it again.
  1326. (09:21:15) RetroVortex: I love this game
  1327. (09:21:16) TimeGentleman: Syd then it's YOUR fault!
  1328. (09:21:22) RetroVortex: I might be drunk
  1329. (09:21:23) Cheeseness: lol
  1330. (09:21:23) Taekon: Maggie sounds a lot like Princess Bubblegum... am I missing something from the credits
  1331. (09:21:23) Syd: And that's how I learned to save more often when I stream, heh.
  1332. (09:21:27) invadererik: every year a girl turns 14 ... or every 14th year
  1333. (09:21:38) RetroVortex: those two aren't entirely related
  1334. (09:21:42) TimeGentleman: Hopefully Tim won't run into that bug when he retires and gets round to playing TGP
  1335. (09:22:00) RetroVortex: That was a good game too
  1336. (09:22:05) Cheeseness: lol
  1337. (09:22:06) TimeGentleman: Syd we put that in there to teach you a lesson in the future
  1338. (09:22:12) flesk: I think I missed the TGP stream. Which bug was that?
  1339. (09:22:19) Taekon: Have we shown the knife to Sacrifice Maiden yet?
  1340. (09:22:24) TimeGentleman: flesk was a Dan pathfinding bug
  1341. (09:22:24) RetroVortex: I broke that game
  1342. (09:22:32) RetroVortex: well until
  1343. (09:22:38) yama: Taekon, you have good ears. :)
  1344. (09:22:38) Cheeseness: flesk: Dan ended up dancing on the spot for ages
  1345. (09:22:39) RetroVortex: I figured out the solution to the puzzle
  1346. (09:22:45) RetroVortex: DANCE DAN DANCE!
  1347. (09:22:46) Marykate: Poor Mom
  1348. (09:22:47) flesk: Ah, ok. Thanks.
  1349. (09:22:48) TimeGentleman: flesk also you should read the log (and for BTDT), I did mondo dev commentary
  1350. (09:22:51) flesk: In which area?
  1351. (09:22:55) RetroVortex: Also I will buy that fine leather jacket
  1352. (09:22:57) RetroVortex: cos damn
  1353. (09:23:01) Syd: The pathing broke in TGP, Dan just danced in one spot.
  1354. (09:23:03) yama: "2014        Broken Age      M'ggie, Ch't, Rose Maiden"
  1355. (09:23:05) Taekon: yama: was that sarcastic :P
  1356. (09:23:05) RetroVortex: I could do with a jacket
  1357. (09:23:18) TimeGentleman: I'm hoping that thing where you can replay the chat and playthrough is going to be made super-easy at some point
  1358. (09:23:19) BadAsp: That won't be the only Adventure Time voice we'll hear here
  1359. (09:23:26) _Chuck left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1360. (09:23:28) flesk: Thanks. I'll have a look at the logs for both games then.
  1361. (09:23:32) Tinche: what's TGP?
  1362. (09:23:40) Cheeseness: Time Gentlemen, Please
  1363. (09:23:42) Syd: I was somewhat tempted to make a gif of Dan dancing around and edit in some glow sticks.
  1364. (09:23:45) liorean: Grow into a pair of shoes when you're already that age? Unlikely
  1365. (09:23:49) TimeGentleman: Tinche ¬¬
  1366. (09:23:50) Tinche: ah, thanks
  1367. (09:23:54) Taekon: yama: oh! Thanks :D I had no idea what you were referring to
  1368. (09:23:57) RetroVortex: Dan's goin to a raaaaveeee
  1369. (09:24:08) Mimness: Oh man, I fell through the wrong hole at the tree and totally missed all the dialogue with the Adventure Time underpants guy >_<
  1370. (09:24:13) flesk: So you're sure you didn't put that "bug" in on purpose while Dan wasn't looking?
  1371. (09:24:22) Cheeseness: The temptation to tweet at Dan saying he missed all the awful stuff Tim said about him is high
  1372. (09:24:27) TimeGentleman: ha ha, Dan didn't let me *near* the code
  1373. (09:24:29) Marykate: TGP? Yeah, I've Ben There... Danned That.
  1374. (09:24:30) BadAsp: I think she was talking about Vella when I first heard it
  1375. (09:24:34) RetroVortex: I reckon this story is cyclical
  1376. (09:24:37) TimeGentleman: cheeseness do it!
  1377. (09:24:53) BadAsp: Probably because I played Vella's story before Shay's
  1378. (09:25:17) Taekon: Gosh the VO is so good
  1379. (09:25:55) TimeGentleman: taekon yeah, plus the music is so sad even though you don't fully undestand why
  1380. (09:26:04) Tinche: hm this TGP seems to have good reviews (checking it out on wikipedia)
  1381. (09:26:06) Marykate: TimeGentleman Me and Cheeseness could totally back you up.
  1382. (09:26:07) Tinche: I shall play this!
  1383. (09:26:17) TimeGentleman: marykate good plan!
  1384. (09:26:47) TimeGentleman: let's do it 12 hours from now so he's up and online!
  1385. (09:26:55) Marykate: ... Oh man, I can't believe how Tim dissed @danthat .... Ouch.
  1386. (09:27:05) Marykate: teehee
  1387. (09:27:06) Taekon: TimeGentleman: really? It reminded me of exciting and suspicious spy movies. But after you get the context it sounded almost melancholy
  1388. (09:27:09) Cheeseness: lol
  1389. (09:27:13) flesk: I also played through all of Vella's story before switching, Mimness. I ended up going with that first because I'd seen most of that from following the doc and wanted to save the stuff I knew less about for last.
  1390. (09:27:24) Taekon: And dang I keep noticing the echos, they're so subtle but sooo good
  1391. (09:27:36) Cheeseness: The sound design in this game is amazing
  1392. (09:27:36) Marykate: *conspiracy*
  1393. (09:27:46) RetroVortex: I'm still not ruling out time travel
  1394. (09:27:58) Mimness: flesk: I think I played Shae's first because I was most excited about Vella - haha!
  1395. (09:28:03) thesirren: I felt so bad for the audio team
  1396. (09:28:07) Cheeseness: I really do hope that the characters get fleshed out a bit more in Act 2. It feels like we haven't really given them the attention they deserve
  1397. (09:28:07) flesk: Tinche: You really should play both of those games. They're very good classic style adventure games.
  1398. (09:28:09) Taekon: TimeGentleman: scrap that first "really?" :P
  1399. (09:28:16) TimeGentleman: taekon i felt it was at once tantalising but also melancholy because you can tell she's trying to open up to him and he's not getting it. Universal mum-son stuff
  1400. (09:28:25) flesk: And they're quite often on sale for 90% off too.
  1401. (09:28:42) TimeGentleman: taekon TOO LATE
  1402. (09:28:51) Taekon: TimeGentleman: yeah, definitely teenage angst
  1403. (09:28:55) Taekon: NOOOoooo
  1404. (09:28:56) thesirren: when I was watching the documentary, it looked like they were under most pressure in the weeks before release
  1405. (09:28:59) RetroVortex: Also why is there no adventure game with
  1406. (09:29:06) RetroVortex: blackjack and hookers?
  1407. (09:29:08) Peabop left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1408. (09:29:09) Marykate: bad bird... no seed for you
  1409. (09:29:10) Sven_Q45: I started with Vela then switched to Shay and payed with him and then ended with her.
  1410. (09:29:13) RetroVortex: and casinos
  1411. (09:29:15) TimeGentleman: for a similar feeling, watch A Goofy Movie (really)
  1412. (09:29:21) Marykate: birds don't wear pants
  1413. (09:29:22) BadAsp: Aren't most birds naked to begin with?
  1414. (09:29:28) Taekon: Hey! I grew up watching that!
  1415. (09:29:29) invadererik: eh those couple of lines could have had more force
  1416. (09:29:31) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: WHY IS THERE NO ADVENTURE GAME ABOUT MAGNUM PI?
  1417. (09:29:41) Tinche: added to Steam wishlist
  1418. (09:29:43) TimeGentleman: cheeseness GOOD QUESTION
  1419. (09:29:51) thesirren: I wonder if we will be able to explore that Zeppelin
  1420. (09:29:52) BadAsp: I have Stacking on my wishlist
  1421. (09:29:53) Tinche: will have to run in Wine, but should be ok...
  1422. (09:29:54) Cheeseness: WE SHOULD TOTALLY CROWDFUND THAT
  1423. (09:29:57) Marykate: THAT MOUSTACHE :)
  1424. (09:30:03) TimeGentleman: I actually started one when I was learning AGS but gave up after one screen
  1425. (09:30:16) Cheeseness: Aww
  1426. (09:30:20) Marykate: LOGO  SORTED!
  1428. (09:30:31) Marykate: *moustache*
  1429. (09:30:38) Tinche: super fake!
  1430. (09:30:57) Marykate: Does that ship have GPP?
  1431. (09:30:59) Taekon: Haha, same dialogues as the ones in the spy mission room
  1432. (09:31:11) invadererik left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1433. (09:31:17) BadAsp: I like her voice too
  1434. (09:31:18) Taekon: Boooo teleporter so condescending
  1435. (09:31:23) ***Marykate made a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference.
  1436. (09:31:31) Cheeseness: I love the teleporters
  1437. (09:31:45) Tinche: me too
  1438. (09:31:51) Marykate: because Quantum Physics!
  1439. (09:31:52) liorean: Quantum PHysics, Duh!
  1440. (09:31:53) thesirren: BadAsp, add me on steam:
  1441. (09:31:56) RetroVortex: I lijked this puzzle
  1442. (09:31:57) thesirren: BadAsp, I've got Stacking for you
  1443. (09:32:01) RetroVortex: it was MY kind of puzzle
  1444. (09:32:03) RetroVortex: ;D
  1445. (09:32:09) Sven_Q45: This week I bought Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. :)
  1446. (09:32:26) yama: Ooh, they spell is "Hexipal". *corrects spelling in memory*
  1447. (09:32:28) TimeGentleman: ah HA cheeseness here it is:
  1448. (09:32:30) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Dan never came through on this one
  1449. (09:32:34) liorean: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy was a frustrating game
  1450. (09:32:36) Marykate: Awesome Sven_Q45
  1451. (09:32:37) Cheeseness: Ha ha ha ha ha
  1452. (09:32:39) Cheeseness: That's gold
  1453. (09:32:53) RetroVortex: I'm glad that game got restored
  1454. (09:33:00) Marykate: I want that little yellow pal ...
  1455. (09:33:03) Marykate: so cute
  1456. (09:33:04) RetroVortex: I should play it sometime...
  1457. (09:33:16) Sven_Q45: Marykate Yes and it has so much good thinks in the box. :)
  1458. (09:33:24) Taekon: Oh I love this track
  1459. (09:33:27) silverspork [] entered the room.
  1460. (09:33:29) Taekon: The strings are so good!
  1461. (09:33:29) thesirren: BadAsp, is it you trying to add me on steam?
  1462. (09:33:33) Mimness: Cheeseness: Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
  1463. (09:33:40) BadAsp: thesirren, ah level 53, nice!
  1464. (09:34:02) RetroVortex: Goddamn tree
  1465. (09:34:03) kisak_laptop: the audio books really are the definative way to experience the novels, since the audiobook is read by the author with all the inflections as he intended them to be read
  1466. (09:34:09) thesirren: BadAsp, waitohooru is your steam id?
  1467. (09:34:10) BadAsp: What a big tree
  1468. (09:34:14) BadAsp: thesirren yes
  1469. (09:34:16) Taekon: Also, someone mentioned they thought the ship made the Hexipals based on Shay's paper ones, I thought that would have been so cute
  1470. (09:34:22) silverspork: yo
  1471. (09:34:30) ***Marykate thinks this might be the best DFGC session ever.
  1472. (09:34:38) BadAsp: Here's the other Adventure Time voice!
  1473. (09:34:40) liorean: Hitchhikers Guide game had so many did you not do this/get this way back? Then sorry, but you cannot win! YOu didn't know? Well Ignorance is no excuse! things in it
  1474. (09:34:41) Tinche: get some apples
  1475. (09:34:43) Cheeseness: The opportunities to skip puzzles in this section feel like they detract from the game
  1476. (09:34:49) RetroVortex: Murder this man in cold blood.
  1477. (09:34:54) RetroVortex: I mean
  1478. (09:34:59) RetroVortex: "help" him
  1479. (09:34:59) Cheeseness: Tinche: They're peaches aren't they?
  1480. (09:35:00) RetroVortex: yes.....
  1481. (09:35:05) RetroVortex: >_>
  1482. (09:35:07) RetroVortex: <_<
  1483. (09:35:11) Mimness: Well, I'm afraid I have to toddle along and get some work done today. Crying face. Thanks everyone ^w^
  1484. (09:35:11) Tinche: maybe.
  1485. (09:35:13) Marykate: RetroVortex But the shoe/cake knife is gone
  1486. (09:35:14) Taekon: I didn't skip the puzzle, but yeah wish there wasn't a way to
  1487. (09:35:14) TimeGentleman: It's serendipitous that Magnum pi also had a rubber chicken running joke
  1488. (09:35:25) Taekon: Ah have fun Mimness :D
  1489. (09:35:26) Tinche: I actually got stuck here for a while
  1490. (09:35:26) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Get closer
  1491. (09:35:28) Cheeseness: It's a bit quiet
  1492. (09:35:29) Tinche: with Gus
  1493. (09:35:36) RetroVortex: But did it have a pully in it?
  1494. (09:35:38) invadererik_2 [] entered the room.
  1495. (09:35:40) RetroVortex: the people must know!
  1496. (09:35:50) Sven_Q45: And I bought the 256k version of KQ4!
  1497. (09:35:50) BadAsp: Oh my glob!  It's LSP!
  1498. (09:35:52) Permafry_42: it kills the dialogue if you get too close
  1499. (09:36:07) Marykate: ...We solved this puzzle last week.  (just sayin)
  1500. (09:36:16) RetroVortex: YOURE WORST NIGHTMARE!! >:D
  1501. (09:36:19) liorean: Hitchhiker's guide should be experienced in the BBC radio show, the books, the BCC TV show, the movie and the audio books. None of them are quite the same
  1502. (09:36:21) Mimness: Byeeeeee
  1503. (09:36:24) Mimness left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1504. (09:36:30) Marykate: We're kinda repeating...
  1505. (09:36:31) RetroVortex: lol wedgie
  1506. (09:36:43) yama: BadAsp, Pendleton Ward is awesome. ^^
  1507. (09:37:02) Taekon: Man I wanna listen to all of the scrapped improv
  1508. (09:37:10) Permafry_42: we didn't do this last week; we were still doing shay's opening and cake town\
  1509. (09:37:15) RetroVortex: I bet the underwear lost him those hygiene merits...
  1510. (09:37:35) RetroVortex: Challenge accepted
  1511. (09:37:39) RetroVortex: *loses teeth*
  1512. (09:37:45) Syd: Marykate: You watched some of Perma's test stream, didn't you? You might be thinking of that.
  1513. (09:37:50) kisak_laptop: liorean: the movie made me angry
  1514. (09:37:53) Marykate: Permafry_42 ...Hang on..last night wasn't it?
  1515. (09:38:01) BadAsp: I tried eating a golden egg once... I thought there was chocolate inside, okay?
  1516. (09:38:03) yama: I totally missed this whole part of the game because I fell through the wrong hole. :\
  1517. (09:38:09) Permafry_42: nope last week was the stream
  1518. (09:38:10) ***Marykate had a sudden revelation...
  1519. (09:38:21) Permafry_42: my channel's stream was a test stream
  1520. (09:38:31) Cheeseness: Oh yeah, Marykate was watching the test stream. I forgot that
  1521. (09:38:35) RetroVortex: Chocolate...
  1522. (09:38:39) RetroVortex: Chocolate...?
  1523. (09:38:40) Marykate: Syd Yes. You're right. That was it.
  1524. (09:38:45) RetroVortex: CHOCOOLLAAAAATTTEEE!!!
  1525. (09:38:50) Tinche: so I dare make a "wrong hole" joke
  1526. (09:38:51) Tinche: do*
  1527. (09:38:52) liorean: The movie was made per his wishes though - he deliberately introduced the things that fans raged against
  1528. (09:38:56) RetroVortex: CHOOOOCOLLAAAATTEE!!!
  1529. (09:38:58) RetroVortex: haha
  1530. (09:39:00) Marykate: I'M EVERYWHERE ... ALWAYS WATCHING.  ;)
  1531. (09:39:07) Cheeseness: "This day could not get any wor-oof"
  1532. (09:39:11) TimeGentleman: I love how that hanging guy gets more and more privileged. Like "oh, you're back to help?" or whatever
  1533. (09:39:24) Cheeseness: So many people misheard "Vera" as "Vella"
  1534. (09:39:26) thesirren: I wonder what is arcade like in Meriloft
  1535. (09:39:29) gsm [~gsm@17E9D679.880DA142.31E9A5DD.IP] entered the room.
  1536. (09:39:41) kisak_laptop: liorean: the movie was made after douglas adams died
  1537. (09:39:52) Taekon: Isn't Vera the name of the bird?!
  1538. (09:39:53) Marykate: I want chocolate.
  1539. (09:39:57) Cheeseness: Taekon: Right
  1540. kisak kisak_laptop
  1541. (09:40:03) RetroVortex: I want a chocolate arcade machine
  1542. (09:40:04) TimeGentleman: kisak he worked on the screenplay
  1543. (09:40:10) Cheeseness: kisak_laptop: IIRC, Douglas worked on the screenplay a bit and approved of the direction of the film
  1544. (09:40:11) Marykate: But Adams worked on it.
  1545. (09:40:20) RetroVortex: somehow I need to turn wood to chocolate...
  1546. (09:40:25) Marykate: What TimeGentleman said.
  1547. (09:40:25) Taekon: Oh I thought /I/ misheard the thing
  1548. (09:40:27) thesirren: Vera translates as Hope from some of the Slavic languages, including Russian
  1549. (09:40:28) liorean: Most of the movie was made per his direction, even if it was finished after his death. And considerable parts of it was made after his death based on copious notes
  1550. (09:40:33) RetroVortex: *eyes arcade machine*
  1551. (09:40:35) RetroVortex: >_>
  1552. (09:40:37) RetroVortex: Hmmmmmmm....
  1553. (09:40:42) Tinche: Vera is faith
  1554. (09:40:51) Cheeseness: Although I feel like the ending really undermined Arthur's character's motivations. He's driven by just wanting to be back at home. Arthur who's at peace with not being on Earth isn't Arthur IMO
  1555. (09:40:51) RetroVortex: Aloe Vera
  1556. (09:40:53) thesirren: yeah, faith is probably more accurate
  1557. (09:40:55) Tinche: in Croatian, "Vjera"
  1558. (09:40:55) RetroVortex: is a herb
  1559. (09:40:56) RetroVortex: I think
  1560. (09:40:57) RetroVortex: ...
  1561. (09:40:59) Taekon: Btw, which audiobook version of Hitchhiker's guide would you guys recommend?
  1562. (09:41:13) Cheeseness: Taekon: Go with the radio plays
  1563. (09:41:19) TimeGentleman: a lot of people got pissed off by the peach puzzle, I thought it was incredibly simple!
  1564. (09:41:25) kisak_laptop: Taekon: the one read by the auther
  1565. (09:41:27) Cheeseness: And if you can get ahold of it, the LP release of the first phase
  1566. (09:41:27) Tinche: so cuuuute *cooing*
  1567. (09:41:27) kisak_laptop: *author
  1568. (09:41:34) Marykate: feather hugs must be the softest hugs
  1569. (09:41:46) RetroVortex: I want a feather hug now...
  1570. (09:41:58) Marykate: :D
  1571. (09:42:01) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: I liked that the peach had multiple uses, though I wished that the dead ends had some hint that you could get more
  1572. (09:42:06) liorean: The Peach thing I didn't even realise was a puzzle when playing it, it just came in the natural cause of the play
  1573. (09:42:23) Taekon: TimeGentleman: I figured it out through trials and errors, and was mad at Curtis for eating it :P
  1574. (09:42:30) TimeGentleman: I didn't find any of the multiple uses! Didn't even think to do that stuff, just held onto it
  1575. (09:42:32) Cheeseness: Taekon: If you didn't know, the radio play came before the book
  1576. (09:42:39) Cheeseness: (for the primary phase at least)
  1577. (09:42:39) Taekon: Cheeseness kisak_laptop: I'll check both of those out, thanks!
  1578. (09:42:44) TimeGentleman: I think I'm too adventure game hardened
  1579. (09:42:54) Taekon: And no I have no idea (I haven't read the book yet shhh)
  1580. (09:43:00) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Curtis will take one and says something about his ex-girlfriend
  1581. (09:43:02) yama: TimeGentleman, I didn't think to use the peach with anything until I found the real use for it. :\
  1582. (09:43:19) Sven_Q45: I ony play adventure games.
  1583. (09:43:23) RetroVortex: I had to go back for that goddamn peach...
  1584. (09:43:26) RetroVortex: >@(
  1585. (09:43:30) RetroVortex: >:(
  1586. (09:43:30) Tinche: usually things you can get more of can be "wasted"
  1587. (09:43:31) liorean: The Radio show was the basis for the books, though things were considerably reordered and retconned in the books. And then yet again retconned in the TV show, and again in the movie
  1588. (09:43:48) TimeGentleman: Whiever was asking about where the captured maidens go...
  1589. (09:44:01) RetroVortex: I'm terrible at adventure games
  1590. (09:44:04) RetroVortex: -__-
  1591. (09:44:05) liorean: He once in an interview stated that no edition of it by his hand would ever be quite the same
  1592. (09:44:06) Cheeseness: I went back to try to spray everybody with fish juice, but Vella's "When won't this come in handy?" really put my expectations in the wrong place
  1593. (09:44:09) Taekon: RetroVortex: I feel that pain
  1594. (09:44:18) RetroVortex: I love them
  1595. (09:44:21) RetroVortex: but they don't love me
  1596. (09:44:25) Marykate: RetroVortex Practice totally helps.
  1597. (09:44:32) RetroVortex: most likely
  1598. (09:44:49) RetroVortex: Still, I can barely beat a Sam and Max episode
  1599. (09:44:53) RetroVortex: without a guide
  1600. (09:44:55) RetroVortex: haha
  1601. (09:45:06) Cheeseness: Is "beat" really the right term?
  1602. (09:45:16) RetroVortex: I need to go to a adventure gaming bootcamp
  1603. (09:45:18) Cheeseness: I much prefer "experienced"
  1604. (09:45:21) Taekon: I wonder if you can go through more than 3 teleporters, does the shrinking happen if you go through the same teleporter twice?
  1605. (09:45:42) TimeGentleman: Did that teleporter dialogue get patched in? I don't remember it getting signposted so heavily...
  1606. (09:45:44) liorean: Didn't the telltale guys say that most adventure games were made to be played with a walkthrough at hand if you needed help?
  1607. (09:45:47) Taekon: Haha, Ticket To Ride dude!
  1608. (09:45:49) RetroVortex: force myself to play Zork 100 times
  1609. (09:45:50) Cheeseness: At first I thought one teleporter would grow your head and another would shrink it, so I went through the same one multiple times. It doesn't really work that way
  1610. (09:46:01) Marykate: I'm repeating myself... but my brain has to get in gear for them... Can't go from Gears of War to Day of the Tentacle...
  1611. (09:46:10) TimeGentleman: liorean if they did that's very telling!
  1612. (09:46:11) Taekon: TimeGentleman: Nah it was in the beta when I played
  1613. (09:46:13) RetroVortex: (it would probably take 1000 tries for me to beat that.... -__-)
  1614. (09:46:14) BadAsp: "BANNED. FOR. LIFE."  Such a memorable line!
  1615. (09:46:28) TimeGentleman: taekon, ah, ok
  1616. (09:46:50) Marykate: I need to play for 20-30 minutes to warm up... then it all starts to click.  
  1617. (09:46:50) RetroVortex: I have like 400+ gogs
  1618. (09:46:52) TimeGentleman: Ha ha, love that line-reading. BANNED. FOR. LIFE.
  1619. (09:46:53) RetroVortex: and
  1620. (09:47:03) Taekon: Cheeseness: ah that's too bad then :P, I was hoping his head would go sooo much smaller
  1621. (09:47:04) RetroVortex: I can't play most PC games...
  1622. (09:47:04) Tinche: man the art is really gorgeous
  1623. (09:47:06) Cheeseness: liorean: Given that walkthroughs weren't exactly prevalent during the "golden age", I find that hard to believe
  1624. (09:47:06) RetroVortex: Xp
  1625. (09:47:16) TimeGentleman: Looking forward to Vella and Shay swapping locations and unlocking new stuff
  1626. (09:47:26) RetroVortex: Yes
  1627. (09:47:31) Permafry_42: Shay is mean
  1628. (09:47:38) RetroVortex: I just love to see you suffer! HAHA!
  1629. (09:47:52) RetroVortex: Peeerrrfeeeecctt
  1630. (09:47:59) Taekon: I totally missed these dialogues options somehow!
  1631. (09:48:03) Cheeseness: I dont' think Shay is mean. I think he just doesn't care about anything that goes on. He's desensitised to all of this fake stuff
  1632. (09:48:10) Cheeseness: (or at least, the stuff he sees as fake)
  1633. (09:48:19) RetroVortex: I can't blame him
  1634. (09:48:21) Marykate: The Sam-N-Max/FullThrottle/KingsQuest/ReturnToZork/DOTT section of brain holds all my adventure gaming logic.
  1635. (09:48:24) TimeGentleman: who DID stab that friend? Is this a plot clue to be tied up?
  1636. (09:48:25) RetroVortex: must be so boring
  1637. (09:48:28) RetroVortex: haha
  1638. (09:48:34) TimeGentleman: or did I miss something?
  1639. (09:48:47) Tinche: did the player just try stabbing the thing? :p
  1640. (09:48:47) RetroVortex: STAB IT!
  1641. (09:48:53) Cheeseness: RetroVortex: Right, and Tim talked in the documentary about wanting Shay's stuff to feel boring and repetitive
  1642. (09:48:53) liorean: Yes, Shay is just so blase about the yarnpals
  1643. (09:48:56) Cheeseness: for the player as well
  1644. (09:49:04) Taekon: On that topic: I think Shay's probably been a close friend with these dudes for a long time anyway, so that would make him be less conscious of his tone I think
  1645. (09:49:10) RetroVortex: I MUST BREAK ZE CYCLE!!
  1646. (09:49:11) Marykate: They look SO HUGGABLE
  1647. (09:49:17) RetroVortex: MURDER TRAIN
  1648. (09:49:18) Cheeseness: ^_^
  1649. (09:49:20) RetroVortex: CHOOO CHOOOOO!!!
  1650. (09:49:37) RetroVortex: I'm Taking you all out with me! AAAAHAHAHAHAAAA
  1651. (09:50:04) gsm left the room.
  1652. (09:50:23) TimeGentleman: Yeah, Shay knows none of this is real and has heard them pretend to be in peril a thousand times
  1653. (09:50:29) liorean: The dilemma: Making it feel like Shay's life is set in a exciting and curious setting but his living in that setting totally drab, tedious  and boring, while at the same time making the player not feel tedium or boredness from it.
  1654. (09:50:49) Marykate: Shoe Mom Rampage ....The shoe thing was all she had. All work and no play.... then one day, she got a knife... and chipped a tooth on some fruit.... and something *snapped*
  1655. (09:50:51) TimeGentleman: love going from sparse spaceship to multi-layered cloud city
  1656. (09:51:05) ***ion tunes in
  1657. (09:51:16) Taekon: Tim wanted the player to feel a bit tedious  being stuck in that loop I think, certainly how I felt :P
  1658. (09:51:18) TimeGentleman: how long you guys streaming for? Might have to give up soon :(
  1659. (09:51:24) Cheeseness: So something I didn't get to ask about during the interview was Tim's opinion of providing possibility space for players to explore. This is something that the context driven interface reduces (I also wanted to ask whether he felt that NLP could have a place in modern adventure games since they'd "apparently" had some of that in LPBB)
  1660. (09:51:25) TimeGentleman: Is midnight!
  1661. (09:51:35) thesirren: TimeGentleman, 6 AM here
  1662. (09:51:36) Tinche: TimeGentleman: me too
  1663. (09:51:40) Tinche: 1 am here
  1664. (09:51:46) Marykate: Wow, it's almost 8PM here.
  1665. (09:51:49) RetroVortex: VIVA LA REVOLUTIOOONN!!!
  1666. (09:51:49) Taekon: 7:51 AM, but I've been up since 4!
  1667. (09:51:59) Taekon: Time flies man
  1668. (09:52:01) Syd: I imagine we'll be wrapping up pretty soon.
  1669. (09:52:03) BadAsp: Whoa, that's a very LOOOOONG ladder
  1670. (09:52:05) Marykate: FOR FREEDOM!
  1671. (09:52:09) Marykate: :D
  1672. (09:52:11) RetroVortex: Time does not fly
  1673. (09:52:14) RetroVortex: but it does drift
  1674. (09:52:18) RetroVortex: strategically
  1675. (09:52:26) Sven_Q45: 12:52 am here. :D
  1676. (09:52:27) ion: Fruit flies like a banana
  1677. (09:52:28) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Let me double check - we migth have shifted our plans a little with the late start and long interview
  1678. (09:52:29) Taekon: Well that gives a whole new meaning to being "enlightened"
  1679. (09:52:32) RetroVortex: Its all wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff
  1680. (09:52:37) liorean: They didn't reallyu have any NLP in it though, just a chatbot. If you want real NLP you need to go the neural networks route, and even then it's an unsolved and probably not quite solvable problem
  1681. (09:52:38) kisak_laptop: HIGH POWER INTENSE SNORING
  1682. (09:52:42) RetroVortex: JACK BLACK!
  1683. (09:52:45) Tinche: ion: dammit, you were faster :p
  1684. (09:52:46) BadAsp: It's him!
  1685. (09:52:46) RetroVortex: I love that guy
  1686. (09:52:52) RetroVortex: Like
  1687. (09:52:53) Cheeseness: liorean: It was barely even that :)
  1688. (09:52:57) RetroVortex: everything
  1689. (09:52:57) BadAsp: It's Eddie!
  1690. (09:53:05) TimeGentleman: cheeseness I think if you look at most of Tim's adventures, there are very few actions you need to take that wouldn't be the default (ie talk to character, pick up/use object)
  1691. (09:53:17) Taekon: Haha I love the floating cloud particle effects! Didn't see that in the beta :d
  1692. (09:53:34) Marykate: Jack Black plays Blackjack.... Jack Black plays Blackjack.... Ja-
  1693. (09:53:43) Taekon: Haha that line gets me every time
  1694. (09:53:53) Taekon: "You're quite mentally ill aren't you"
  1695. (09:53:56) TimeGentleman: so you'd lose very few puzzles by making any of them one-clicks. However, I think losing 'look at' is a big loss
  1696. (09:54:07) RetroVortex: Jack Black plays Blackjack with Black Jack
  1697. (09:54:09) jfrisby left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1698. (09:54:17) thesirren: poor F'ther
  1699. (09:54:18) Marykate: WOAH
  1700. (09:54:41) Taekon: F'ther sounded like he enjoyed it :P
  1701. (09:54:50) TimeGentleman: Bet Tim did the scratch for Jack's characters
  1702. (09:54:51) RetroVortex: F'ther is a total sub
  1703. (09:54:52) RetroVortex: haha
  1704. (09:54:58) Babar left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds).
  1705. (09:55:01) liorean: The real problem with NLP though is that it's incredibly processing heavy - in a way that makes real physics and 3D programming in games seem light weight
  1706. (09:55:17) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: I think it was Ron that talked about text parsing in adventure games helped give a sense of "anything is possible" even if it wasn't (LPBB feels like it leans heavily on this illusion)
  1707. (09:55:27) TimeGentleman: Tim and Jack should play brothers in the next one. Damn, that should have been a question
  1708. (09:55:46) Tinche: err
  1709. (09:55:46) Cheeseness: lol
  1710. (09:55:47) RetroVortex: EAT IT!
  1711. (09:55:49) Tinche: its their poop?
  1712. (09:55:57) RetroVortex: Yarn never hurt anyone...
  1713. (09:55:58) TimeGentleman: cheeseness true but once you move from text parser you've given that up really
  1714. (09:55:59) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Just poke your head out of your hiding spot in Tim's closet and ask
  1715. (09:56:06) Taekon: omg speculation: Vella walks on the whipped cream with her cloud shoes
  1716. (09:56:06) thesirren: that didn't bother them before
  1717. (09:56:08) Bronsky [Bronsky@4889F629.B5966C75.AF9C5A2E.IP] entered the room.
  1718. (09:56:09) thesirren: when he was digging them out
  1719. (09:56:16) Bronsky: hey!
  1720. (09:56:23) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: I still prefer the original QFG over the reduced verb interface remake
  1721. (09:56:37) TimeGentleman: ha ha love this sarcastic on-break yarnpal
  1722. (09:56:38) Marykate: Taekon just gave the whole thing away...
  1723. (09:56:42) liorean: QFG?
  1724. (09:56:43) Cheeseness: IIRC Telltale said they'd been investing time and effort in researching/prototyping NLP stuff
  1725. (09:56:47) Cheeseness: Quest For Glory
  1726. (09:56:52) Cheeseness: Hey Bronsky
  1727. (09:56:52) liorean: Ah
  1728. (09:57:03) Taekon: Never noticed the whipped cream beard!
  1729. (09:57:13) RetroVortex: Chillin like a villin
  1730. (09:57:16) Cheeseness: "I do."
  1731. (09:57:18) TimeGentleman: cheeseness I tried sticking my head there but I just came out of a tree stump
  1732. (09:57:25) Cheeseness: \/o
  1733. (09:57:26) BadAsp: Ice cream break!
  1734. (09:57:27) Cheeseness: \o/
  1735. (09:57:28) Bronsky: lol
  1736. (09:57:30) RetroVortex: these yarn guys are so gangster yo
  1737. (09:57:36) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Well played
  1738. (09:57:54) RetroVortex: Now you unravel them
  1739. (09:57:56) RetroVortex: mwaahahahaha
  1740. (09:58:00) TimeGentleman: only problem with yarnpals is their dialogue can be hard to understand
  1741. (09:58:00) RetroVortex: walk off
  1742. (09:58:12) RetroVortex: YES
  1743. (09:58:14) BadAsp: TimeGentleman they are cute though
  1744. (09:58:15) Tinche: yes, murder them
  1745. (09:58:20) Taekon: Wouldn't their yarn be soaked with the melted ice cream?!
  1746. (09:58:22) Taekon: Plot hole!
  1747. (09:58:23) Tinche: do it, do it now
  1748. (09:58:24) RetroVortex: DIE ABOMBINATIONS
  1749. (09:58:54) Marykate: oh man....  yarn pals have a lot of hazards to avoid
  1750. (09:59:00) RetroVortex: Such inventory
  1751. (09:59:02) RetroVortex: Many items
  1752. (09:59:03) RetroVortex: WOW
  1753. (09:59:06) Marykate: Many item
  1754. (09:59:08) Marykate: damn
  1755. (09:59:09) Cheeseness: Looks like we've only got a little bit of Shay's stuff left, and we'll do some more Vella then finish up for the day
  1756. (09:59:11) liorean: Must be really diet icecream with Shay's waist not being as wide as he is tall
  1757. (09:59:27) Marykate: So unexpect
  1758. (09:59:40) RetroVortex: Its not icecream..
  1759. (09:59:40) TimeGentleman: Im going to hit the hay
  1760. (09:59:45) RetroVortex: its frozen yogurt
  1761. (09:59:50) Taekon: Night TimeGentleman o/
  1762. (09:59:55) Syd: Bye TimeGentleman
  1763. (09:59:56) RetroVortex: but shay wouldnt know the difference
  1764. (09:59:57) Taekon: Go punch that cow food
  1765. (09:59:58) Tinche: cheers TG
  1766. (10:00:10) Cheeseness: Have fun, TimeGentleman. Nice to chat with you again :)
  1767. (10:00:13) Marykate: Goodbye TimeGentleman :)
  1768. (10:00:15) TimeGentleman: had a great time, thanks everyone for top conversation and organising an amazing event :)
  1769. (10:00:18) RetroVortex: Hahaha
  1770. (10:00:21) liorean: Even Yoghurt has enough calories that if he had that much of it, he'd get fat
  1771. (10:00:31) RetroVortex: Its low fat yogurt
  1772. (10:00:32) RetroVortex: haha
  1773. (10:00:37) Tinche: it's magical yarn people poop
  1774. (10:00:39) BadAsp: Poor Space Weaver :(
  1775. (10:00:41) Cheeseness: Synthgurt
  1776. (10:00:41) Marykate: Too much of anything can kill you.
  1777. (10:00:47) Taekon: Aw Shay hug him
  1778. (10:00:52) TimeGentleman: Byeee!
  1779. (10:00:53) Taekon: Hug him back to life
  1780. (10:00:55) TimeGentleman left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1781. (10:01:08) flesk left the room (quit: Quit: leaving).
  1782. (10:01:14) Marykate: she's totally moving
  1783. (10:01:17) RetroVortex: shake that bouncy bootie
  1784. (10:01:29) RetroVortex: YESH
  1785. (10:01:40) Marykate: LUMBERJACK
  1786. (10:01:41) Tinche: wil wheaton ahoy
  1787. (10:01:44) BadAsp: Yay, it's Hipsterjack!
  1788. (10:01:48) RetroVortex: Whil wheaton
  1789. (10:01:49) Cheeseness: Woo, Curtis!
  1790. (10:01:50) liorean: I love Wil Wheaton
  1791. (10:01:57) Syd: I lost it when he turned out to actually be a hipster.
  1792. (10:02:08) Marykate: Lumberjack plays Blackjack with Jack Black and Black Jack
  1793. (10:02:09) RetroVortex: Wil wa
  1794. (10:02:09) RetroVortex: e
  1795. (10:02:13) silverspork: klepto much?
  1796. (10:02:16) RetroVortex: ston isn't
  1797. (10:02:28) Marykate: Lumberjack plays Bl-
  1798. (10:02:39) Cheeseness: I forgot there was some slide guitar in this bit
  1799. (10:02:48) Permafry_42: we're going to end it after talking to curits
  1800. (10:03:08) RetroVortex: Lumberjack plays jacks and blackjack with the two jacks, jack black and black jack
  1801. (10:03:09) Marykate: I get that all the time
  1802. (10:03:15) Taekon: Wil Wheaton? I love that guy!
  1803. (10:03:32) Marykate: ....*Sorry, thought you were a tree.*  ... :/
  1804. (10:03:43) RetroVortex: I was a tree once
  1805. (10:03:46) Cheeseness: To be honest, I preferred Greg's dialogue tree
  1806. (10:03:47) RetroVortex: but I got chopped down
  1807. (10:03:55) Marykate: I speak for the trees.
  1808. (10:04:00) Taekon: So many wood jokes...
  1809. (10:04:06) RetroVortex: I got wood
  1810. (10:04:06) liorean: Talking about Wil Wheaton, International TableTop Day coming up 5th of April
  1811. (10:04:08) RetroVortex: jokes...
  1812. (10:04:08) Cheeseness: So many poo jokes
  1813. (10:04:17) Taekon: Yeah! International TableTop Day!
  1814. (10:04:20) Cheeseness: Actually, not so many. MOAR
  1815. (10:04:22) Tinche: hehe
  1816. (10:04:26) Tinche: love the eye animation here
  1817. (10:04:35) RetroVortex: Trees contain bees
  1818. (10:04:38) Taekon: Hoping to get my buddies to go to some places with me
  1819. (10:04:39) RetroVortex: sometimes
  1820. (10:04:45) Marykate: trees never poo
  1821. (10:04:53) RetroVortex: but they do leak goo
  1822. (10:05:04) Marykate: bees never sneeze
  1823. (10:05:12) RetroVortex: but they do say please
  1824. (10:05:22) liorean: I've got about three games to play with my friends that I will have to try to get time to play.
  1825. (10:05:23) BadAsp: Some bees carry disease
  1826. (10:05:33) Taekon: Nooo Permafry's done it... Curtis gets the fruit again!
  1827. (10:05:41) RetroVortex: they have something in common with fleas...
  1828. (10:06:05) Marykate: fleas carry disease ....sometimes so do trees
  1829. (10:06:25) RetroVortex: To quite an alarming degree
  1830. (10:06:29) Taekon: Sweet, thanks for the stream Permafry_42!
  1831. (10:06:34) BadAsp: Thanks again, man!
  1832. (10:06:36) RetroVortex: Permafry
  1833. (10:06:37) liorean: Thanks for the stream
  1834. (10:06:39) RetroVortex: is a good guy
  1835. (10:06:42) Marykate: I must make like a tree now... and leaf
  1836. (10:06:46) yama: Thanks for streaming, Permafry_42.
  1837. (10:06:47) RetroVortex: but he has to say bye
  1838. (10:06:49) GameClubFan_364523 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1839. (10:06:50) silverspork: fun stream guys
  1840. (10:06:56) RetroVortex: and thats no lie
  1841. (10:06:57) Permafry_42: np it was awesome getting to listen to tim talk about stuff =D
  1842. (10:06:57) Cheeseness: Yay, thanks for streaming!
  1843. (10:06:58) Tinche: thanks you goise!
  1844. (10:07:03) Cheeseness: Did we cut the ending off there a bit?
  1845. (10:07:05) Syd: I gotta head out and get something to eat. I'll see you all around. :D
  1846. (10:07:10) yama: Good job on the interview, Cheeseness. :D
  1847. (10:07:11) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1848. (10:07:12) Cheeseness: Or did my machine just skip
  1849. (10:07:14) Marykate: *grouphug*
  1850. (10:07:15) Taekon: Interview with Tim was awesome, thanks for organizing stuff everybody!
  1851. (10:07:16) silverspork: you came up with that and you didn't have to try?
  1852. (10:07:16) Cheeseness: Cheers, yama!
  1853. (10:07:21) RetroVortex: I think its time to go
  1854. (10:07:21) thesirren: thanks everyone!
  1855. (10:07:28) RetroVortex: so I'll leave the show
  1856. (10:07:35) RetroVortex: and go eat some cookie dough
  1857. (10:07:37) RetroVortex: yo!
  1858. (10:07:42) Permafry_42: i purposely left the stream running an extra 10 seconds long, so it shouldn't have cut it off
  1859. (10:07:43) liorean: Now to go back to the interview and relisten to it
  1860. (10:07:43) Cheeseness: Don't forget to post some opinions in the forum thread!
  1861. (10:07:43) RetroVortex left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1862. (10:07:49) Marykate: This was awesome!
  1863. (10:07:54) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Nah, it was just lagging at my end. It's all good :)
  1864. (10:07:58) ***Marykate had an awesome time!
  1865. (10:08:03) Marykate: I had an awesome time!
  1866. (10:08:12) thesirren left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1867. (10:08:17) ***yama had an awesomer time.
  1868. (10:08:18) ***Marykate has to go...
  1869. (10:08:18) Permafry_42: thanks for everyone that could join us!
  1870. (10:08:21) Marykate: I have to go.
  1871. (10:08:29) Sven_Q45: It´s hard not to fal aseep.
  1872. (10:08:30) Sven_Q45: l
  1873. (10:08:33) Marykate: :)
  1874. (10:08:34) Cheeseness: For anybody who's interested in Bad Golf stuff, we're about to have an IRC meeting thingy over in #badgolf2
  1875. (10:08:39) Permafry_42: I have to get going to actually; getting close to dinner time for me
  1876. (10:08:46) Taekon: Oh right I almost forgot about the meeting!!!!
  1877. (10:08:59) liorean: IS there any plans for anyone to make a transcript of the interview?
  1878. (10:09:03) Tinche: cheers folks, I'm off!
  1879. (10:09:06) Cheeseness: Chat for that is here:
  1880. (10:09:08) Tinche left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1881. (10:09:11) Marykate: <3  ...adieu
  1882. (10:09:14) Cheeseness: liorean: I'll do a transcript like I did with the previous ones
  1883. (10:09:17) Taekon: liorean: Cheeseness is on that I think
  1884. (10:09:19) Marykate: Thanks Cheeseness
  1885. (10:09:20) GameClubFan_623460 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1886. (10:09:28) Marykate left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1887. (10:09:32) Cheeseness: liorean:
  1888. (10:09:37) liorean: Thanks dCheese!
  1889. (10:09:49) Permafry_42: alright cya guys!
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