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  1. 6/20 19:16:18.840  Maesa smiles at the other Druid, nodding from time to time as he speaks, feeling much better with the food and drink inside her and the naga nowhere within her sight, comforted by the Tauren's chatter as he clearly tries to make her feel better in the face of >
  2. 6/20 19:16:24.465  A buyer has been found for your auction of Eternal Shadow.
  3. 6/20 19:18:09.870  Maesa what had just happend. "You're a good bull to stick your nose in at the sound of my cries. And while I haven't spent much time around... them before, I have to assume that they're all either very sexual or very perverse," she says with a faint grin, >
  4. 6/20 19:19:15.280  Maesa trying to make light of the situation to get her mind into a better place. She inhales deeply, filling her lungs with the scents in the cave - the damp stone, the warm biting odor of the fire, and even the other Tauren's faint musk filling the small >
  5. 6/20 19:19:56.475  Maesa area. "I can't imagine what would make a naga resort to trying to... mate with a Tauren."
  6. 6/20 19:21:11.170  |Hchannel:Party|h[Party]|h Maesa: ((Erk, I need to run out to pick up dinner, didn't realize how late it was getting. I'll go as fast as I can, should be 20-25 minutes tops. Is that okay with you?))
  7. 6/20 19:21:28.435  |Hchannel:party|h[Party Leader]|h Mïmo: Yeah that's fine, go for it. ))
  8. 6/20 19:22:18.048  |Hchannel:Party|h[Party]|h Maesa: ((okay, just didn't want you to think I'm bailing or anything. This is actually the most interesting RP I've had in months.))
  9. 6/20 19:22:41.495  |Hchannel:Party|h[Party]|h Maesa: ((I'll fly like the wind. No touching me while I'm gone. :O ))
  10. 6/20 19:23:39.055  |Hchannel:party|h[Party Leader]|h Mïmo: xD Kay. ))
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  29. 6/20 19:59:41.613  |Hchannel:Party|h[Party]|h Maesa: Mmkay! :D ))
  30. 6/20 19:59:57.395  Mïmo smiles faintly at the compliment that was obviously slewn at himself, then his deep voice sounding out. "Well, I don't mean to brag but I had a hand in the destruction of Algalon as well as the downfall of Arthas.. As well as this attire not being just --
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  32. 6/20 20:01:12.325  Mïmo ll for show, dear. I am a formidable opponent. " His voice then switches tones to a more sympathetic one. "Well. I don't mean to sound crude, but perhaps his mate was taken off somewhere or was killed and you were the only option available at the time?" -
  33. 6/20 20:01:45.955  Mïmo ll His brows raised as he shrugged his shoulders, only attempting to give speculation as to why the Naga had acted in such a manner. Not like the male really knew his intentions.
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  37. 6/20 20:08:56.854  Maesa nods emphatically at the male, his intimidating armor clearly indicative of a seasoned warrior. She lets her eyes take in her savior's shape, hearing his commentary and feeling more at ease by the minute. "You did seem more than capable of handing that >
  38. 6/20 20:10:27.329  Maesa creature. I hadn't even noticed until I turned and saw the results!" she muses, pursing her lips slightly at the thought of that moment. "Maybe. Or maybe he just had exotic tastes, and took his enjoyment from plucking different women off the beach and >
  39. 6/20 20:10:59.392  Maesa having his way. I might have just been the unfortunate one today. I guess we'll never know now. Dead things don't talk much."
  40. 6/20 20:11:07.457  |Hchannel:Party|h[Party]|h Maesa: Thanks. XD ))
  41. 6/20 20:13:47.933  Mïmo shrugs his shoulders passively at the suggestion to why the Naga had acted that way. His gaze travels from the Druidess to over outside the cove to eye the Naga's corpse. Oddly enough, he watched it twitch, his eyes opening wider to watch cautiously--
  42. 6/20 20:14:54.996  Mïmo ll before suddenly it was dragged off the beach and into the water by another animal for it to devour the corpse. As morbid as it seems, the male let out a soft mused chuckle and returned his gaze to the Druidess. "No, can't say we'll ever find out now.--
  43. 6/20 20:15:20.678  Mïmo ll His body was just pulled off the beach by a shark, or something of large proprortions to eat it. "
  44. 6/20 20:17:29.378  Maesa smiles smugly at the revelation. "Good, he deserved it. Foul creature. I mean, not that, um... I dunno, not that the sorts of things that he did and was about to do are bad in general! They just shouldn't be forced on someone like that. Now if he'd >
  45. 6/20 20:18:53.407  Maesa asked nicely or something, well, I would've politely told him no. But... as shameful as it is to admit... when I was coming to, and didn't know what was going on... I felt his tongue, down there. And it felt... nice. Until I realized what was going on, >
  46. 6/20 20:19:28.942  Maesa of course," she finishes astily, flushing beneath her fur and rubbing weakly at her neck. "I mean, I don't know what I'm saying. I guess I'm still pretty out of it."
  47. 6/20 20:22:17.951  Mïmo 's eyes travel over the Druidess's form, actually examining the woman's body now before settling back onto her eyes. "Well, not trying to call you crazy or anything. But the body itself doesn't have eyes, dear. It can't tell what's doing to it until your-
  48. 6/20 20:23:17.369  Mïmo ll brain associates the object to the action. Your sensory nerves just responded to the stimulation. It was your brain that realized that he was trying to erm.. Have his way with you. That aside, you said something about owing me?" One of his eyebrows --
  49. 6/20 20:23:32.395  Mïmo ll arched slightly in inquisition, looking down at the Druidess.
  50. 6/20 20:26:18.035  Maesa listens to the other, nodding along with his description, her hands no longer fidgeting with her legs, resting on her lap now that she's calmed down some. "That's true... it's just weird to think about, you know? I mean... it felt _good_, I dunno quite >
  51. 6/20 20:27:38.321  Maesa what was happening down there, but if it had been a different situation..." she sighs as she thinks about what she's saying. "I'm sorry, that probably sounds really disgusting." She lifts a hand, rubbing over her throat gently. "Oh, believe me. You could>
  52. 6/20 20:28:03.886  Maesa ask me to march into Icecrown Citadel with you, and I would, just as thanks from stopping... what was happening."
  53. 6/20 20:30:02.633  Mïmo stares down at the Druidess slightly mortified at what she had just suggested in return for stopping the Naga from his actions then shaking his head. "No. I wouldn't allow you to venture into the Citadel against your will, dear. There are some things in--
  54. 6/20 20:31:03.167  Mïmo ll there that just aren't right at all. The abominations and constructs of evil in that place are nothing comparably to that Naga. Being violated by that Naga would be a joyful dream in comparison what can happen to you in the Citadel. I'm sorry to say --
  55. 6/20 20:31:31.487  Mïmo ll it so bluntly but it's the truth. I'm sure there's some sort of other way you could figure out of repaying me." He smiles reassuringly now down at the woman.
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  58. 6/20 20:34:28.947  Maesa tries not to think about the things that he is describing, how the creature that was about to violate her so completely would be normal in comparison to the horrors within that lair. Sighing again, she shakes her head slowly, murmuring out softly, "Well >
  59. 6/20 20:36:17.407  Maesa thank you for sparing me that. The next time I get kidnapped and molested by a Naga, I'll think of how lucky I am..." Her dry sense of humor returns to her, though she realizes that this could be taken as a barb at the druid's previous statement. "Er, I >
  60. 6/20 20:37:22.567  Maesa don't mean to say I don't appreciate your help, or that I don't agree that... I don't want to see what's in that citadel." She rolls her eyes at herself. "But of course, you just have to ask. I'd be happy to help you in any way."
  61. 6/20 20:39:27.189  Mïmo blinks at the Druidess as she seems to have made a subtle insult at his words, but then is reassured by what she says afterwards; letting out a soft sigh moreso to himself that she wasn't being bitter towards him. "Well. I guess the first thing you could-
  62. 6/20 20:40:19.105  Mïmo ll do is tell me your name? I'm still ignorant of that detail since I've arrived here. Despite I think I've been here for quite some now." He lets out a soft laugh, the penetrating gaze of his eyes seemed to soften with the light humor.
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  64. 6/20 20:44:25.499  Maesa slides her large hand up from her neck, resting her muzzle against her palm. "I just go by Maesa. I'm a bit of a traveler and merchant, so I don't find family names to be of much use," she answers, tilting her head to face the male Druid beside her. "I >
  65. 6/20 20:45:19.269  Maesa think it's only fair that I should get to ask my savior's name, as well? Or is that not in the rules?" she asks, her wit and sense returning to her in her banter with her fellow Tauren.
  66. 6/20 20:47:09.500  Mïmo laughs softly at the question and then nods. His large and bulky frame slides off of the rock he had been sitting on, brushing his robe off briefly and then bowing over politely for the second time to the Druidess. "My name is Mimo Stoneshatter, miss--
  67. 6/20 20:48:02.217  Mïmo ll Maesa. It's a pleasure to meet you and I'm rather glad to have made your acquaintance and saved you from the clutches of that now dismembered Naga." A wry smirk stretches over the male's lips at the last quip of speech, then resuming his seat upon --
  68. 6/20 20:48:12.786  Mïmo ll the rock fairly close to the woman.
  69. 6/20 20:50:22.090  Maesa bows her head in response to Mimo's introduction, her lips turning up into a slight smile. "I agree absolutely that it has been a pleasure to meet you. A fortuitous pleasure," she rumbles out, reaching out once he seats himself once more and patting his >
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  71. 6/20 20:51:57.005  Maesa leg. "At least the poor creature's last memory will be one of the most wonderful sights in all the lands," she croons in mock pretention, flipping her mane playfully, the fire's crackling warmth making the cave far less intimidating now.
  72. 6/20 20:54:29.733  Mïmo idly spectates as Maesa reached over and patted his leg, making no reaction to the gesture and then laughing at the remark she made about the Naga. "If that was some sort of joke about the stare of your body, miss Maesa, I assure you it was false.--
  73. 6/20 20:56:03.497  Mïmo ll I don't mean anything of the pretentious sort, but you've a wonderful figure and unless you're some sort of common Silvermoon whore, I wouldn't expect any specific part of your body to be in less than good condition and look rather well." He then--
  74. 6/20 20:56:58.053  Mïmo ll looks to the fire, noticing it begin to reduce to embers. His hand then softly glows with a luminescent mixture of blue and purple and then a small beam of astral energy shooting down from above the fire to reignite it.
  75. 6/20 21:00:28.712  Maesa laughs gently at the male's comments, her body shaking slightly in her amusement. She leaves her hand against the other Druid's leg, meaning to only leave it for a moment but enjoying the solid, real feel of him next to her. "Well, thank you for >
  76. 6/20 21:01:43.187  Maesa noticing, though I hope I don't end up kidnapped like last time something thought I looked fetching," she chuckles out. "And last I checked, the Silvermoon whores were all Blood Elven women. Or have they started to cater to other tastes there as well? >
  77. 6/20 21:02:40.880  Maesa It's so hard to keep up with them, sometimes..." she trails off, watching the other reignite the fire and swallowing.
  78. 6/20 21:04:57.078  Mïmo didn't seem to mind that Maesa's hand remained on his leg, merely letting it lay there as he eyed the Druidess. "Well, I think the smart thing to do would be to not go alone on trips like these, hm? I mean, sure it would be nice to have a day to --
  79. 6/20 21:05:41.596  Mïmo ll yourself but I'm assuming you're fully aware how dangerous it is. I would suggest that if you want one of those days, bring a close friend or go to a secure location you know things like that won't happen. Like Moon Glade, or the outskirts of a--
  80. 6/20 21:06:41.763  Mïmo ll city." He smiles reassuringly down at Maesa again and then laughs softly at her words of the Elven women. "I don't know, some time ago I was propositions by one to um.. Well. Mate with them in my feline form. I politely refused but the thought was --
  81. 6/20 21:07:06.877  Mïmo ll rather mortifying really. These forms are a gift from the Earthmother and Elune. Not some sort of toy to use when you want to engage in mating."
  82. 6/20 21:12:06.206  Maesa smiles as the Druid begins, listening to his warnings and advice. "Oh, asking me not to travel is a bit extreme. I guess I enjoy some of the thrill of the exploration - I've even snuck into human and dwarven cities to see what was going on there. Which >
  83. 6/20 21:13:10.498  Maesa almost scarred me for life. But I agree, I'll have to be more careful in the future. Maybe travel with a buddy, or stay in safer places when I'm alone. I'm sure I could pay a goblin to follow me around, at the very least," she muses, trying to imagine >
  84. 6/20 21:14:47.335  Maesa how much use a goblin would be in a fight. As he continues on with his tale on one aprticular whore's request, she can feel a dull heat rising to her checks, and she averts hehr eyes from the Druid. "Ah, yes... they are gifts, and should not be abused..."
  85. 6/20 21:16:49.173  Mïmo shakes his head in response to Maesa's original words, clearly gesturing she didn't understand his meaning at first. "I didn't mean that you should stop travelling. You may do what you want to do but I'm just suggesting that when you take trips like --
  86. 6/20 21:17:44.126  Mïmo ll these, hire a body guard or something of the sort. To you know, protect you from things like this happening? And, on the topic of Alliance cities. I've been there many times just to spy on what the typical person is up to. Quite interesting really. --
  87. 6/20 21:18:36.897  Mïmo ll I'm assuming that you were scarred from what you witnessed in Goldshire? Not exactly the best place to go when snoooping around to be quite honest. As well as the fact Goblins are quite the formidable opponents. Though, as I've heard around the city,--
  88. 6/20 21:19:15.686  Mïmo ll there's a rumor that the Goblins will be joining forces with the Horde. Who's to know though, it's just a rumor, right?" He then takes note of the change in expression and her gaze being moved from his own. "Is there.. Something wrong?"
  89. 6/20 21:20:16.507  [1. General] Khetros: The Dread Dragonflight> Is recruiting active, social, friendly players who like to raid, roleplay, quest and work your trade. All are welcome here, roleplay is accepted but not required. Remember. Casual. Whisper Khetros for info. ))
  90. 6/20 21:21:59.954  Maesa murmurs to herself, covering her face slightly with her hand, hiding from the Druid's gaze. "Nothing... I just feel like you're getting to see some of the worst parts of me... first finding me with that creature... and me admitting to you that I almost >
  91. 6/20 21:23:34.871  Maesa enjoyed it in some way." She swallows heavily. "And then you mention Silvermoon whores and feral forms... and I'm ashamed to admit that I have engaged in that, willingly, with other Druids. Maybe I'm no different from one of those tarts that I look down >
  92. 6/20 21:24:46.041  Maesa on in the city. Maybe that Naga could tell just from looking at me that I was just some kind of whore, and that's why he chose to take me..." she shakes her head, pulling her hand away from the male, rubbing at her eyes tiredly.
  93. 6/20 21:26:48.504  Mïmo stares down at Maesa with a surprised look, seeming a bit caught off-guard by her confessions to him and then finally responding. "Well, my view on that is when you see the worst parts of people, that you get a feel for how they can really be and then --
  94. 6/20 21:27:55.307  Mïmo ll you'll know how they'll be in their better times. And on the topic of whores, miss Maesa. If you truly were a whore and all of that, I'm sure by now you would've tried to make a sexual advance to me shortly after meeting me. I know I'm not sort of --
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  96. 6/20 21:28:57.060  Mïmo ll amazing Tauren, but that's what I would expect from a common street whore. From the short time I've known you, you seem a well enough person. More adventurous if anything. My opinion that our forms shouldn't be abused is my own. The fact that you used-
  97. 6/20 21:29:27.733  Mïmo ll them for something more recreational is well.. Um. Thoughtful? Every tool has multiple uses I suppose." He laughs softly, nodding his head to what he said.
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  99. 6/20 21:32:49.323  Maesa uncovers her eyes, darting them towards Mimo as he goes on, feeling embarassed now about having been embarassed before. She gives him a playful shove, forcing herself to smile in spite of herself. "Oh now you're just humoring me. But I'll take it all >
  100. 6/20 21:34:32.993  Maesa the same, so thank you for that. I guess adventurous is probably a good word for me. I like that, let's go with that over whore," she nods wisely to herself, laughing softly. "I guess... I just spent so much time in my feral forms, it seemed natural to >
  101. 6/20 21:35:37.264  Maesa experiment in other ways with them." Coughing, she waves a hand before her. "But I don't think anyone really needs to know that, maybe we should move on to something else."
  102. 6/20 21:40:07.988  Mïmo didn't seem bothered by the shove, his body just shifting some and then readjusting himself back to a regular position. "Well, I was humoring you. But I was just trying to get you in a better mood. I'm not calling you a whore, but I can't blame you for --
  103. 6/20 21:41:10.125  Mïmo ll experimenting with your gifts, be them your own or given to you. And on the topic of no one needing to know? It doesn't really matter to me. We're alone here, yes? Not like anyone else will know. But, if you insist miss Maesa. What would you like to--
  104. 6/20 21:41:12.411  Mïmo ll talk bout?"
  105. 6/20 21:41:14.349  Mïmo about*)
  106. 6/20 21:45:06.066  Maesa shrugs to herself, relaxing gradually as Mimo reassures her that he's not here to judge her. "Yes yes, I know! You've been much nicer than I could've expected. You could be shaming me and calling me a whore just like those elves, and I'd still have to >
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  108. 6/20 21:46:52.121  Maesa thank you for saving me from that creature. But you've treated me very well," she thinks out loud, nodding to herself after. "My mind must just be stuck in the gutter. It's tough to go from such a degrading, sexual situation like that and adjust to a >
  109. 6/20 21:46:57.477  Maesa normal conversation, maybe."
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  111. 6/20 21:48:38.791  Mïmo seems a bit awkward as he replies to the Druid, making a small confession of his own. "Well.. If it's any consolation to your situation, I haven't been in any sort of sexual situation in a while. And I'm used to being called a cow and all that while in --
  112. 6/20 21:49:22.827  Mïmo ll Silvermoon. Though, I stay because my Elven friends are there and treat me as one of their own. It's pleasant, most of the time anyway." He chuckles, his mind now running over his line of fellow guildmates and friends he's acquired over his time.
  113. 6/20 21:53:12.688  Maesa blinks with surprise at the Druid, surprised by the fact that the powerful, pretty much studly Tauren was not constantly getting dragged off to a bed somewhere. Playfully, she purses her lips and moos at the other Tauren. "That can't be right, you big >
  114. 6/20 21:55:11.934  Maesa ol' cow. Forgive me for saying, but you are far too attractive to not be mobbed by women, elves or Naga, or otherwise," she says with a broad smile on her muzzle. "Friends in Silvermoon are generally very accomodating though. Not nearly as much racism >
  115. 6/20 21:55:19.801  Maesa as I used to worry about."
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  117. 6/20 21:59:15.540  Mïmo laughs softly at her playful and meaningless insults towards him and then seems slightly sheepish when she compliments him. Out of subconsciousness he looks down at himself, bulking with muscle and a towering frame. "Well. Erm. Thank you, I guess. But in-
  118. 6/20 22:00:08.763  Mïmo ll response to being mobbed. I'm not, I'm usually ignored really. It's the Blood Elves that I venture into the Citadel with that get mobbed with attention. Truth be told I haven't mated in.. Quite some time." He laughs softly in a nervous tone, rubbing --
  119. 6/20 22:00:29.499  Mïmo ll the back of his neck as an extended gesture of his awkwardness.
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  121. 6/20 22:03:29.144  Maesa rubs at the other Tauren's arm encouragingly, smiling at him as he seems a bit embarassed now instead of her. "I can't imagine how amazing your elf friends must look then if you are overlooked for them," she murmurs out, scooting a bit closer to him as >
  122. 6/20 22:04:50.037  Maesa he already sits beside her. "And I just don't believe that for a minute. Not mating in a long period? Now you're just making things up."
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  125. 6/20 22:06:14.998  Mïmo 's gaze diverts from Maesa's eyes to the hand that was on his arm now, then shortly after back to watch her scoot closer to him. He didn't seem to mind the gesture, and then shaking his head. "No. It's the truth. It's probably been.. Months since I've --
  126. 6/20 22:06:52.770  Mïmo ll mated. I'm not lying. It's just that I suppose I'm not considered attractive. But I guess I am to you?" He laughs softly, trying to lighten his own embarassed and awkward mood.
  127. 6/20 22:09:07.250  Maesa squeezes a bit tighter at Mimo's strong arm, darting her eyes to the side before returning them back to look at him. "I think you're very attractive. I think you might be the most attractive Tauren I've met before, though maybe my view is a bit skewed >
  128. 6/20 22:11:07.446  Maesa by you saving me and all." She sticks her tongue out to the side slightly as she says this. "But, er... I do owe you, you know..." she almost whiseprs to the powerful male, hinting to him.
  129. 6/20 22:13:34.918  Mïmo didn't seem bothered by the squeeze to his arm, figuring she just wanted to get a tighter grip or something along those lines. Then smiling sheepishly at her unrelenting assault of compliments, his voice that was usually a loud and booming one more soft -
  130. 6/20 22:13:46.055  Okhu has come online.
  131. 6/20 22:15:12.658  Mïmo ll borderline timid. "Erm.. Well. Thank you. I've never really thought of myself as that. But, thank you. " And then he seems to slightly stiffen at the statement of the favor and the obvious gesture. "Well, I guess you do. Since I saved you and all from-
  132. 6/20 22:15:32.586  Mïmo ll the Naga.. What did you have in mind? And, the Citadel is not an option miss Maesa."
  133. 6/20 22:18:21.204  Maesa gives a soft chuckle at his comment on the Citadel. "How will I ever get to see the wonderful architecture there, then!" she teases back, leaning in closer to the other Druid as her voice drops back down to a soft, mild tone rather than her more playful >
  134. 6/20 22:19:27.648  Maesa boisterous one. "I was thinking... maybe you could help replace the memory of that creture with a more pleasant one that involves just you..."
  135. 6/20 22:21:43.427  Mïmo didn't bother responding to her humoring him about the Citadel. He immediately understood what she had meant by replacing the memory and then thought it over for a moment before slowly nodding his head. "Yes.. We can do that if it'll help you get rid of--
  136. 6/20 22:22:23.504  Mïmo ll the memory of that Naga trying to violate you. " He then swallows hard, clearly still a bit nervous and at an awkward state from the situation.
  137. 6/20 22:25:55.965  Maesa nudges her muzzle up against the other Druid's shoulder playfully, smiling at him a bit sheepishly as he agrees to her proposal. "I guess that's more like another favor for me then, isn't it? I'll end up owing you twice, it sounds like..." she replies, >
  138. 6/20 22:26:35.456  Maesa nodding to him. "I know you'llbe a much better memory than what that Naga was trying to do..."
  139. 6/20 22:27:01.692  Aralas has gone offline.
  140. 6/20 22:29:55.142  A buyer has been found for your auction of Eternal Earth.
  141. 6/20 22:29:56.430  Mïmo 's gaze follows Maesa as she nuzzles her muzzle up against him and then smirks faintly, nodding. "Well, I'd hope I am since I'm so attractive. " He muses softly and then reaches down, removing the rather large belt from his midsection and then removing --
  142. 6/20 22:29:59.149  A buyer has been found for your auction of Eternal Earth.
  143. 6/20 22:30:02.255  A buyer has been found for your auction of Eternal Earth.
  144. 6/20 22:30:40.780  Mïmo ll the mantle sitting on his shoulders. "Perhaps it'll be a good memory for us both?" A brow arches playfully as he looks to her.
  145. 6/20 22:32:37.307  Maesa laughs and lifts her head from Mimo's shoulder, watching as he takes off some of his more frivolous armor. "If it isn't a good memory for us both, I think we'll have done something wrong. We'd probably have to try again to see if we could rectify >
  146. 6/20 22:33:14.927  Maesa whatever the problem was," she finishes with a wise nod before breaking out in another laugh.
  147. 6/20 22:35:05.677  Mïmo rolls his eyes at the humor she made and lets out a soft laugh of his own. "Well I'm sure there's one way to make it unenjoyable for one another, but I'd prefer if it be mutual if we can." He seems more relaxed now, noticably his gaze drops from her --
  148. 6/20 22:35:51.298  Mïmo ll eyes to look over her form again before he takes off his gloves and then spreading the two parts of his robes, leaving only the thin cloth of the underwear covering what she presumably wanted.
  149. 6/20 22:39:10.249  Maesa follows in his example, her eyes taking in the exposed fur of the Druid's body and the powerful muscles beneath, Mimo looking just as intimidating without his armor on as he had with it on. She tenderly slips her robes off her shoulders, letting them >
  150. 6/20 22:40:13.529  Maesa pool around her waist before lifting her hips and nudging them the rest of the way off with her hooves, exposing the cream and black pattern of her fur again. She apparently does not believe in underwear, as there is nothing remaining to cover her once >
  151. 6/20 22:42:01.446  Maesa her robes are off. "We can only hope it's mutual, though since I owe you, I guess it's really up to you," she teases back, her eyes trained temporarily on his underwear and what's beneath.
  152. 6/20 22:44:41.071  Mïmo seemed to be awestruck by the beauty of Maesa as she stripped naked before him, his gaze then traveling up her body to her eyes again and then smirking. "I'd prefer it'd be mutual, miss Maesa. Wouldn't want you having a bad memory about this evening. I --
  153. 6/20 22:44:43.897  Runok has gone offline.
  154. 6/20 22:45:39.353  Mïmo ll can assure you that I'm not a mean spirited person." He then stands finally removing the last piece of cloth that hit the part of his body that he took note of her staring at. At this moment his member was flacid due to not being stimulated yet.
  155. 6/20 22:47:01.748  You are now AFK: Away from Keyboard
  156. 6/20 22:49:45.563  You are no longer AFK.
  157. 6/20 22:50:16.819  Junaga has gone offline.
  158. 6/20 22:51:40.749  Maesa gives a soft gasp at th sight of his length slipping into view, reaching out tentatively with a large and to trail a finger along the soft length. "Mutual is... quite fine with me, I can assure you of that. I can already feel those memories beginning to >
  159. 6/20 22:51:42.301  Caristinn has gone offline.
  160. 6/20 22:52:33.015  Maesa fade," she murmurs to Mimo, scooting fully up next to him so that their furred shoulders touch, leaning herself against the warmth of his body.
  161. 6/20 22:54:34.030  Okhu has gone offline.
  162. 6/20 22:54:58.795  Mïmo quietly watches as her finger trails along the length of his member, and it wasn't long after that blood began flowing to it, causing it stand straight up from his body. He then looks to her and acknowledges her closeness finally. "Well I'm glad I could -
  163. 6/20 22:56:33.794  Mïmo ll help you replace your memory, Maesa." He laughs soflty and reaches down, stroking his own member softly until it stood fully erect. Even by Tauren standards it would be considered large in length and width.
  164. 6/20 22:57:44.530  You are now AFK: Away from Keyboard
  165. 6/20 22:58:38.986  You are no longer AFK.
  166. 6/20 23:00:24.507  Maesa stares nabashedly at Mimo's length as it grows and hardens to its erect state, quietly marveling at its impressive size. Watching him stroke for a few moments, she circles her hand around instead, ruubbing it up and down that large erection. "You're... >
  167. 6/20 23:01:22.118  Maesa large," is all she can come up with, smiling at how stupid that probably sounds. "Now the question is what to do with it though..." she wonders aloud, squeezing that member encouragingly, feeling it pulsing with life in her grip.
  168. 6/20 23:03:55.816  Mïmo laughs softly at her blank remark at the size of his member. "Well. Since you owe me.. I'll let you do whatever you want to it." He eyes her playfully, and then watches as her hand surrounds his member and then stroking him. The squeezing and stimulation-
  169. 6/20 23:04:42.705  Mïmo ll caused even more than expected. His member now being rock hard in her grip. He murmurs softly under his breath. "It's been a long time.." And sighing afterwards.
  170. 6/20 23:07:56.647  Maesa shifts her position in response to his comment, finally leaning herself forward from the cave wall, crawling over in front of Mimo and pushing his legs apart slightly, smiling at him with her fuzzy hand still rubbing over his largeness. "You shouldn't >
  171. 6/20 23:09:02.844  Maesa ever have to wait a long time for anything..." she murmurs encouragingly, leaning herself forward, pressing her muzzle to the tip of his length, kissing it lightly before extending her broad tongue, lapping over the head slowly as she strokes.
  172. 6/20 23:10:09.769  You kneel down.
  173. 6/20 23:12:03.041  Mïmo stares down at Maesa as she moves infront of him, and then allowing his legs to be parted and her occupying the space now. Her hand rubbing over his member was somehow different from his own, aside from size difference. He then widened his eyes as her --
  174. 6/20 23:13:02.242  Mïmo ll tongue grazed over the head of his length, letting out a soft sigh. "Seems to me you're about to spoil me. Guess I'm overdue." He muses softly and lets out a lightening chuckle.
  175. 6/20 23:16:04.839  Maesa smiles up at him from her position between his legs, flitting her tongue lightly over just his crown, using her one hand to continue ubbing at him while she slips her other between his legs at once, feeling his hanging sac and just how heavy and full it >
  176. 6/20 23:17:29.642  Maesa is. "You should be spoiled all the time, I'd say..." she whispers before parting her lips, sliding her muzzle down over the head of your thick shaft, encompassing it in the warm wetness of her mouth, the musky taste filling her senses and making her >
  177. 6/20 23:17:42.745  Maesa moan softly around the flesh, sending a small vibration through it.
  178. 6/20 23:20:29.387  Mïmo smiles from her remark and shakes his head, waving a hand dismissively. "I'm not that special, miss Maes--" His voice trails off as her mouth slides over his member, leaning back on one hand to support himself from unconscious leaning back. In-turn the --
  179. 6/20 23:20:56.011  Mïmo ll moan did him no justice. Just causing more pleasure to surge through his body as he closed his eyes. Simply allowing the Druidess to pleasure him.
  180. 6/20 23:25:47.399  Maesa lowers her head further, letting a few more inches of the Tauren's girth to slip into her muzzle. She presses her flat tongue against the underside of his length, teasing his sensitive flesh, happy to be giving her savior any amount of pleasure she can. >
  181. 6/20 23:27:33.420  Goretail has come online.
  182. 6/20 23:28:37.995  Maesa She runs her hand up and down his enormous length, at the same time toying with his hanging orbs, feeling how needy he must be and beginning to suck a bit more firmly on his length. She basks quietly in the warmth filling her mouth and its raw taste.
  183. 6/20 23:28:51.654  Caristinn has come online.
  184. 6/20 23:31:38.291  Mïmo lets out a soft soft and then a grunt as she teases him more. He seems to get a little impatient before she actually begins to suck on him. His eyes then open and look down at her with the deep red and penetrating gaze he has. "I want more.. Get up and --
  185. 6/20 23:32:11.457  Mïmo ll bend over gainst that rock. " His hand raises and gesturing towards the one to his right that she was previously sitting against.
  186. 6/20 23:33:38.421  Aeroesh performs Mining on Mithril Deposit.
  187. 6/20 23:34:46.172  Maesa pulls her lips off his shaft, worrying she's upset him at first until she hears his request and nods, releasing her grip on his member and his balls. Arching her back up, she rises to her feet, her arched back pushing her breasts out toward the Druid >
  188. 6/20 23:35:46.673  Maesa teasingly before she walks over to the rock, pressing both her hands against the surface of the rock where the Naga had pinned them earlier, glancing over at Mimo with a flush beneath her fur. "Take me just like he was going to?"
  189. 6/20 23:39:11.505  Mïmo idly watches as Maesa rose up off of his member and then teased him with her breasts, causing his lust to increase even more. He then stands up off of the rock and moving behind the Druidess, his enormous member pressing against her womanhood. --
  190. 6/20 23:41:05.005  Aheon has gone offline.
  191. 6/20 23:41:11.169  Mïmo ll "I guess that depends, I'll give you the choice of where you want it before I begin." A soft laugh is emitted, a hint of mischeviousness is veiled behind the laughter. He then grabs his member by the shaft and teases the lips of her pussy with the tip-
  192. 6/20 23:41:19.165  Mïmo ll and along the upper shaft of his member.
  193. 6/20 23:41:38.438  Meiser has come online.
  194. 6/20 23:44:48.067  [1. General] Grimdall: Looking for a Group for Zul'Furrak
  195. 6/20 23:45:06.255  Maesa groans softly once she feels that enormous cock pressing against her folds, her sex flecked with moisture that is evidence of her arousal at the situation. She nudges her rump back against the Tauren's length, helping him to grind against her slit. >
  196. 6/20 23:45:13.769  [1. General] Shilandria: We could use a Mimo for Hyjal.. hm. Oh well.
  197. 6/20 23:45:47.182  Doned has come online.
  198. 6/20 23:46:25.274  Maesa "Ah... and what if I want a bit of my savior in every spot I can...?" she asks with a breathy moan, her tail flicking as she turns her head to look back at him, her hands squeezing tight at the ungiving rock as she takes in the sight of Mimo behind her, >
  199. 6/20 23:46:33.474  Doned has gone offline.
  200. 6/20 23:47:03.212  Maesa his huge endowment teasing at her cuntlips. "Or is that just sounding greedy now?"
  201. 6/20 23:47:59.490  Azrol has come online.
  202. 6/20 23:49:52.675  Mïmo equally grinds back against Maesa as she pushes her ass out at him and then shortly after responding. "I would if I had the capability of doing that dear. Pick one of the other. And yes, that is a bit greedy." He chuckles softly, and then proceeds to --
  203. 6/20 23:50:16.268  Mïmo ll tease the lips of her cunt with the enormity of cock, coating it in the juices caused from her arousal.
  204. 6/20 23:52:35.070  Azrol has gone offline.
  205. 6/20 23:52:41.185  Maesa moans loudly, the sound trailing off into a needy whimper as his tip teases open the folds of her pussy, stretching her entrance wide open to accomodate the length probing at it. "Mmmph... in that case, my pussy... fuck my pussy... pound me hard and >
  206. 6/20 23:54:07.516  Maesa deep and empty those overfuull balls right into me..." she whimpers out, flushing deeper at what she's saying but meaning every word of it, her sex quivering against your tip, her juices dribbling steadily out and coating him quickly in a sheen of her >
  207. 6/20 23:54:29.089  Maesa grassy, thistle-scented juices.
  208. 6/20 23:56:34.065  Aheon has come online.
  209. 6/20 23:57:11.254  Mïmo didn't seem to be bothered by the crude wording of what she wanted and then gladly giving her what she desired as his hands moved to her hips, grabbing them tightly and forcefully holding her rear out for him more before he slides the tip of his member --
  210. 6/20 23:57:40.543  Mïmo ll into her folds, then shortly after thrusting powerfuly into her as far as he could at the moment.
  211. 6/20 23:57:54.822  Aheon has gone offline.
  212. 6/20 23:59:54.604  Maesa cries out sharply at the sudden and forceful entry of his thickness right into the silken depths of her sex. Her rippling inner walls tease around that large cock inside her, his size keeping her stretched wide open and making each twitch of her sex >
  213. 6/21 00:01:18.768  Meiser has gone offline.
  214. 6/21 00:01:48.706  Azrol has come online.
  215. 6/21 00:02:12.403  Maesa palpable against that meat filling her so fully. Moaning loudly, she tries to hump herself back against his thrusting hips, her body shaking slightly with each of his motions into her, causing her heavy chest to sway slightly beneath her. "Ahhhhnn! By >
  216. 6/21 00:02:56.890  Maesa the Earthmother... you're big... don't s-stop," she manages to get out before moaning yet again, a small gush of her juices splattering out against his fuzzy groin.
  217. 6/21 00:05:47.651  Mïmo sighs softly as he feels her walls clench around him after he enters, briefly enjoying the feeling before he spread her legs further apart and then slamming his cock into her with equal measure as the first thrust, each time his cock driving farther into-
  218. 6/21 00:06:25.175  Mïmo ll her sex. Her cries of pleasure only fueling his lust to fuck her. One of his hands moved from her hips and travelled up her back as he slammed into her.
  219. 6/21 00:09:17.910  Maesa shivers slightly, her fingers trying to dig into the cold rock as she claws at it, hanging her head between her arms as she moans out her rescuer's name, feeling how well his huge member fills her, how smoothly his strong hips pound up against the plush >
  220. 6/21 00:10:32.702  Goretail has gone offline.
  221. 6/21 00:10:50.320  Maesa cheeks of her rump, and loving every second of it. The memory of the naga fades quickly as she's overwhelmed with throbbing spears of pleasure, radiating out through her body each time Mimo drives himself into her, pleasured moans dripping from her lips >
  222. 6/21 00:12:08.020  Maesa just as abundantly as the fluids of her sex soak between both Druids, giving their fur a sheen of dampness. "Oh yes... oh yes..." is all she can get out, her pussy practically milking that huge cock inside her.
  223. 6/21 00:15:13.710  Mïmo seemed amused by the Druidess trying to claw her way into the rock to try and get a firm grasp on something as well as hearing her moan his name was a factor in it. He progressively slammed his cock into her harder and harder, thoroughly enjoying how --
  224. 6/21 00:16:30.794  Mïmo ll fluid and accomodating her sex was to his enormous cock slamming into her mercilessly. Slowly he felt the pressure build up from his body wanting to release but he kept fucking her none-the-less. He let out a soft grunt as continued with his--
  225. 6/21 00:17:17.377  Mïmo ll movements, the soft sound of their bodies colliding each time he thrusted as well as his full ball sac swinging in rhymth to his thrusts. This definitely was a memorable evening for him.
  226. 6/21 00:20:26.601  Maesa grits her teeth tight as the pleasure only builds within her flower, that enormous bullcock filling her juicy cunt so perfectly. His full sack swinging up and smacking wetly against her folds with each fuull burying inside her depths only makes her moan >
  227. 6/21 00:22:23.842  Maesa more through her teeth, her inner walls rippling tight around the Druid's member, almost trying to hold it within her as she comes to a peak in her pleasure. Her whole body quivers, still rocking from the rough fcking as she climaxes hard, whimpering >
  228. 6/21 00:24:10.615  Maesa through her tensed mouth, basking in the glow of the incredible fucking she's receving from her savior. "Mmmf... cumming... I'm cumming, Mimo..." she pants out, if it wasn't already obvious from her shuddering form and leaking sex.
  229. 6/21 00:26:03.850  Mïmo wasn't really bothered by the fact that both of the coats of their fur were drenched by their juices, he just proceeded to dominantly ram his enormous cock into her quickly and powerfully, each time filling the depths of her cunt perfectly when he came --
  230. 6/21 00:27:04.384  Mïmo ll crashing into her. The moans weren't exactly helps him deal with the massive pressure building up in his body, only encouraging him more to release the fluids pent up in his sac. Though after he felt her pussy clench tight around him, as well as her --
  231. 6/21 00:28:15.838  Mïmo ll body shaking and quivering beneath him, it signaled to him quite clearly what she was about to do before she even said it. This caused the Druid to relentlessly slam his cock into her harder than he had before, the muscles in his body rippling and --
  232. 6/21 00:28:28.429  Mïmo ll teasing as he delivered each blow to her and bringing him ever closer to his own climax.
  233. 6/21 00:28:33.020  [6. druid] Kadaashi left channel.
  234. 6/21 00:30:44.992  Mïmo tensing*)
  235. 6/21 00:31:25.741  Auriok has come online.
  236. 6/21 00:32:47.913  Auriok has gone offline.
  237. 6/21 00:34:19.290  Maesa bounces her hips as best she can back against the Druid's strong thrusts, feeling her cunt stretched to the limits by that perfect cock spearing into her, bottoming out inside her body. "Nnnn, wow... cum in me... fill me with your seed, breed my >
  238. 6/21 00:36:08.635  Maesa pussy..." she moans out weakly, her body trembling from her ongoing climax. Mimo's intense fucking only heightens or orgasm, drawing it out longer and longer as she whimpers from the intense sensations rippling through her, making her back arch >
  239. 6/21 00:36:24.246  [3. LocalDefense] :
  240. 6/21 00:37:47.859  Maesa reflexively. Her body is held up almost entirely by the huge cock buried inside her and the other Tauren's strong grip on her hips and shoulder, her head hanging and giving her a perfect view of that thickness sliding into her over and over, his balls >
  241. 6/21 00:38:49.979  Maesa slapping against her used folds, her tummy bulging slightly each time his cock is buried inside fully.
  242. 6/21 00:40:50.278  Mïmo kept up his incredibly rough thrusts into Maesa before he couldn't take the pressure anymore and gladly abiding by her requests as he thrusts a few more times, his cock pulsating within her as his cock shoots out copious amounts of cum into her, filling--
  243. 6/21 00:41:10.167  Azrol has gone offline.
  244. 6/21 00:42:28.752  Mïmo ll her cunt up with his seed. The pleasure produced by his orgasm causing him to emit a soft moan and then grunt. Afterwards he released her hips and shoulder and now just standing behind her, with his pulsing cock still deep inside of the Druidess.--
  245. 6/21 00:42:56.238  Mïmo ll He was softly panting, slowly regaining his breath.
  246. 6/21 00:46:14.021  Maesa moans out loud at the sensation of his shaft pulsing deep inside her, flooding her depths witha  torrent of his fresh cream, so long unspent and finally being sprayed inside her. She tries to maintain her grip on the rock before her, moaning at the >
  247. 6/21 00:47:57.305  Maesa feeing of being so full of both cock and cum. "Ahh... ha... wow, that was... amazing..." she coos, trying to regain her breath as her pussy squeezes gently at that enormous length, holding it inside her.
  248. 6/21 00:48:01.211  [6. druid] Seviilia left channel.
  249. 6/21 00:48:11.596  [6. druid] Seviilia joined channel.
  250. 6/21 00:49:48.018  Mïmo smirks wickedly as the Druidess he had just mercilessly fucked moaned with pleasure after being filled with his seed. He then finally pulled the enormous member from her, it dripping with a mixture of his and her juices. His voice then comes out softly.--
  251. 6/21 00:50:48.686  Mïmo ll "My second favor since you said you owe me twice.. Turn around and lick me clean. Maybe some more." He reaches over, and runs a hand up and down her back, playfully sneaking a squeeze at her ass and then back up the silk fur that her body was encased i
  252. 6/21 00:50:52.207  Mïmo in.*)
  253. 6/21 00:52:23.935  Maesa only moans in response, feeling so empty now without that huge dick inside her, standing shakily and turning around to face Mimo. Dropping back down to her knees, she stuffs one hand between her thighs, trying to plug up her stretched sex, not wanting >
  254. 6/21 00:53:38.014  Maesa to lose his cream that's already inside her. At the same time, she grabs the base of his cock with her other hand and nuzzles her face up against that still-hard length, smearing the mixture of juices over the fur of her face. Extending her tongue, she >
  255. 6/21 00:54:43.371  Maesa starts to lap over the throbbing shaft, licking rows of cleanliness along that fat cock, then sucking the tip clean as well, whining at the mingled flavor of his cum with hers filling her mouth.
  256. 6/21 00:56:49.248  Mïmo idly watches in mild amusement as she obeys to his whims. Overlooking while she cleans off his cock of their juices and then pulling her back up after it's been clean, then muttering softly to her face. "Hmm.. Feels like I've still got some left. Want me-
  257. 6/21 00:57:45.140  Mïmo ll to take you in the ass now?" A brow arches inquisitively, despite it was more of a challenge to see if she was willing to take it. Now that they were standing against eachother again he teasingly tubs the shaft of his bullcock over her gaping sex, --
  258. 6/21 00:57:52.921  Mïmo ll toying with the fact he isn't inside her anymore.
  259. 6/21 01:01:59.379  |Hchannel:party|h[Party Leader]|h Mïmo: If you've got work in the morning or something, we can stop. I know it's probably late over there. ))
  260. 6/21 01:02:29.841  Maesa gasps loudly at both the sensation of that thick length grinding over her stretched slit as well as his suggestion, her eyes widening slightly at the thought of taking that monster of a cock in her ass. The thought alone sends a brief shiver up her >
  261. 6/21 01:03:54.237  Maesa spine, and her folds seem to tremble wecomingly against that familiar length. "Mmf... I think we should try that... but maybe, give me a chance... to recover a bit?" she pants out, her free hand rubbing at that sizable length.
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