Coc: Katherine (Suckle)

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  1. Feeling your breasts and the milky goodness within, you ask Katherine if she likes milk the way her fellows do. When the cat-morph gives you a puzzled look, you remove the upper part of your red, high-society bodysuit and, fondling your tits with a smirk, tell her that you could use a little relief.
  3. Katherine’s eyes widen with shock, and she smiles in disbelieving delight, quickly striding over and waiting, impatiently, as you find a comfortable position and sit down. Once you have, she wastes no time in plopping down in front of you. She nuzzles her cheek against your breast but then, to your amazement, shyly backs away.
  5. “I... um... is this really okay?” she asks, her voice barely above a whisper. With a hint of exasperation you roll your eyes and gently take her by the cheeks, insistently bringing her head close so that her lips are bumping right against your cherry-like nubs. She takes the obvious hint and eagerly swallows it, eyes closing as she leans in and starts to suckle. Purring with contentment, she sends the most delicious vibrations into your breasts, her rough, bristly tongue stroking and caressing to help coax your body into giving up its sweet, rich milk.
  7. You’re not sure how long you sit there with her in your arms, just listening to her purr as she quietly sucks and slurps, drinking everything you have to give. She empties your first breast, and then moves to the next one. Finally, she’s drunk you dry, and she lets your nipple go with a loud pop. She is sporting an unmistakable milk-belly from all she’s drunk. With a smirk, you ask if she feels good from having helped you with your little milk problem.
  9. The cat herm stirs herself from your grip and cuddles up to you, nuzzling against your neck and tucking her chin into your shoulder. Then she lets out a burp that echoes off the alley walls. “I feel great,” Katherine tells you, totally unabashed. “I must say, I’ve drunk from people before... but nobody makes milk as wonderful as yours!”
  11. Smiling at the flattery, you help the very well-fed cat out of your lap, then quietly put your top back on and head out into the streets.
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