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Lunar Reckoning 69 Murakumo Log (Very Early System Used)

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  1. [21:46] <FM> The machine was a heavyset but slimmed-down with mobility in its arms, and what appeared to be enhanced artificial muscle. Painted a dark indigo, the red sensor of its unmodified APU-03 model head looked forward as he pointed toward his opponent. "They call me...Ama-no-Murakumo! The Gathering Clouds of Heaven! I am glad to see that I will be fighting with a fellow ally of justice!" He gesticulates(c)
  2. [21:46] <FM> like a superhero, a...katana, of all things? On his hip. His machine's got an electrolaser, micromissiles, and what looks to be an arc rifle. It's obviously intended for anti-APU combat.
  3. [21:47] <FM> Opponent: Neucom Close Combat Anti-APU Test Model Ama-no-Murakumo
  4. [21:48] <FM> NOW PLAYING: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0FSMyFs6-U (kind of crappy quality)
  5. [21:48] <Tobias> Even Toby raised a 'what the heck' brow over this fellow's introduction.
  6. [21:48] * Vinzu is clearly excited as even his APU is clearly jittery. "Another close-combat type eh? It's been a long time since I fought another like me. This is gonna be fun."
  7. [21:49] <Tobias> (That track brings me back!)
  8. [21:49] <FM> "Uhm...wow." Himeko, of all people. It doesn't seem anyone's gonna take this guy seriously, except Alistair (don't these people have jobs to do instead of chattering over the radio?) "Oh, hey, it's Murakumo~! Big fan, big fan! He's the best at what he does, and what he does isn't ver-wait. Wrong hero, sorry~"
  9. [21:50] <FM> Round 2: Murakumo VS Hermes
  10. [21:50] <FM> Roll initiative!
  11. [21:51] <Vinzu> 1d12+15
  12. [21:51] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, 1d12+15: 17 [1d12=2]
  13. [21:51] <FM> 1d12+14
  14. [21:51] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+14: 25 [1d12=11]
  16. [21:53] <FM> Murakumo takes the first move, the electrolaser on its back unfolding to aim right at Vinzu. He begins to boost. "From the clouds, I bring you my first move...THUNDERING LASER SHOOOOOOT!" Indeed, he's able to keep track of the lightweight machine and the laser clings to the machine...only a few seconds before the electric arc runs through Vinzu's frame!
  17. [21:53] <FM> 1d12+9
  18. [21:53] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+9: 21 [1d12=12]
  19. [21:53] <FM> Critical chance! Gotta avoid this one quick!
  20. [21:53] <Vinzu> 1d12+15
  21. [21:53] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, 1d12+15: 24 [1d12=9]
  22. [21:54] <FM> Nicely done!
  23. [21:55] * Vinzu just barely dodged the super awesome attack in the nick of time. "Oooh careful careful. Well then I guess it's my turn right?!" He says as he charges towards the prototype.
  24. [21:55] <Vinzu> And I'm going to use Opening attack
  25. [21:56] <FM> You can't melee.
  26. [21:56] <FM> His Initiative is higher than yours.
  27. [21:56] <Vinzu> I CAN'T?!
  28. [21:56] <Vinzu> Damn
  29. [21:56] <Vinzu> Then I'll just use my range then
  30. [21:57] <Vinzu> 2d12+8
  31. [21:57] <Vinzu> Damn
  32. [21:57] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, 2d12+8: 21 [2d12=11,2]
  33. [21:57] <FM> 1d12+2
  34. [21:57] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+2: 11 [1d12=9]
  35. [21:57] <Vinzu> 2#1d12+8
  36. [21:57] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, 2#1d12+8: 14 [1d12=6], 14 [1d12=6]
  37. [21:57] <FM> Yes, Murakumo is, in fact, that slow.
  38. [21:57] <Vinzu> ...I got 6 twice...
  39. [21:57] * FM will let you use that roll!
  40. [21:57] <Vinzu> Does that count for some...super lucky shot or something?
  41. [21:58] <FM> No, unfortunately.
  42. [21:58] <FM> Two hits! Roll damage.
  43. [21:58] <Vinzu> Damn
  44. [21:58] <Vinzu> 3#1d12+3 Hit numba 1!
  45. [21:58] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Hit numba 1!: 14 [1d12=11], 15 [1d12=12], 7 [1d12=4]
  46. [21:58] <Vinzu> 3#1d12+3 Hit numba 2!
  47. [21:58] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Hit numba 2!: 4 [1d12=1], 13 [1d12=10], 15 [1d12=12]
  48. [21:58] <FM> Uhm...
  49. [21:58] <FM> For damage, you don't do the 3#1 thing.
  50. [21:59] <Vinzu> Ah sorry, since I have a 3d12 for system damage
  51. [21:59] <FM> Just do 3d12+3 straight for each hit
  52. [21:59] <Vinzu> Will do
  53. [21:59] <Vinzu> 3d12+3 Hit number one again!
  54. [21:59] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Hit number one again!: 20 [3d12=3,9,5]
  55. [22:00] <Vinzu> 3d12+3 Hit number two again!
  56. [22:00] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Hit number two again!: 27 [3d12=12,9,3]
  57. [22:02] <Vinzu> So thats 47 system and Laminate damage
  58. [22:03] <FM> Murakumo is...still moving! But it's visibly slowed - you quite nearly stunned it there. But the Murakumo isn't done yet, as the next round begins - Murakumo jumps to 39, Hermes to 32.
  59. [22:05] <FM> And Murakumo...raises its blade, a sudden burst of energy in its apogee motors! "Ama-no-Murakumo...no-Tsurugi nai!" It rushes forward fast, forward fast enough that it doesn't lose its speed or advantage!
  60. [22:05] <FM> Murakumo spends one use of Strike And Fade.
  61. [22:06] <Vinzu> Can I spend a use of Split Second Dodge?
  62. [22:06] <FM> Sure can!
  63. [22:06] <Vinzu> Awesome!
  64. [22:06] <Vinzu> Then I will!
  65. [22:07] <FM> The attack is avoided completely, as Murakumo wonders how Hermes moved so fast. "Impossible! No one can evade my strike!"
  66. [22:07] <Vinzu> I can still counter right? Or because his init is so high I can't?
  67. [22:07] <FM> For future reference, though, you can use it AFTER you try to defend or evade, even after damage is taken.
  68. [22:07] <Vinzu> Oooh awesome.
  69. [22:08] <FM> Also, uh...hm. Good question. I'm gonna say trying to counterattack means you can't use Split-Second Dodge to avoid the damage (but, if you Defend and fail, you can).
  70. [22:09] <FM> As for a retaliatory strike, his Initiative hasn't dropped any, so you can't.
  71. [22:10] <FM> But you can, of course, shoot him!
  72. [22:10] <Vinzu> No I mean, since his attack was melee shouldn't I be able to do a Counterstrike?
  73. [22:11] <Vinzu> Oh wait
  74. [22:11] <Vinzu> NEver mind sorry
  75. [22:11] <Vinzu> Didn't read the uppert part
  76. [22:11] <Vinzu> But yus! Range attack is a go!
  77. [22:11] <Vinzu> 2#1d12+8
  78. [22:11] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, 2#1d12+8: 16 [1d12=8], 11 [1d12=3]
  79. [22:12] <Vinzu> Gaaah, that's horrible
  80. [22:12] <FM> Yeah, but remember, Murakumo's slow as hell.
  81. [22:12] <FM> 1d12+2
  82. [22:12] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+2: 3 [1d12=1]
  83. [22:12] <FM> See?
  84. [22:12] <FM> Roll damage.
  85. [22:13] * Vinzu cackles as takes aim after his amazing and complete dodge of Murakumo's strike. "Hmph, I rather attack ya head-on, but I still gonna break in this new toy of mine." he says as the rifle hums and shoots.
  86. [22:14] <Vinzu> 3d12+3 Shot numero uno!
  87. [22:14] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Shot numero uno!: 18 [3d12=4,10,1]
  88. [22:14] <Vinzu> 3d12+3 And two!
  89. [22:14] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, And two!: 29 [3d12=5,12,9]
  90. [22:14] <Vinzu> So that's another 48 system and laminate damage.
  91. [22:14] <FM> Not bad, not bad...but a use of Invincible reduces the damage to 12!
  92. [22:15] <Vinzu> I GASP!
  93. [22:15] <Vinzu> By the by FM
  94. [22:15] <Vinzu> Quick question, if I use invincible, could I counter-attack?
  95. [22:15] <FM> I'm ruling...yes!
  96. [22:15] <Vinzu> Ah good, I was thinking that maybe not going fully on split-second dodge was a waste.
  97. [22:17] <FM> Murakumo takes the shots head-on...but keeps moving. "Hah! You cannot defeat a super robot with such a weapon! It's time for the clouds to gather and take you down completely!" By the by, Initiative increase: Murakumo 53, Hermes 47. You'll surpass him next round!
  98. [22:18] <FM> Murakumo makes his own move - missiles! "Gathering Cloud Missiles! Take down my opponent!" Three of them are released at once, right toward Hermes' craft!
  99. [22:18] <FM> Because of the high Initiative, Murakumo gets a huge bonus!
  100. [22:18] <FM> 3#1d12+23
  101. [22:18] <[JULIA]> FM, 3#1d12+23: 32 [1d12=9], 28 [1d12=5], 29 [1d12=6]
  102. [22:19] <Vinzu> Can I shoot them down?
  103. [22:19] <FM> Evade first.
  104. [22:19] <Vinzu> 1d12+15 There is no way....
  105. [22:19] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, There is no way....: 25 [1d12=10]
  106. [22:19] <Vinzu> Knew it.
  107. [22:19] <FM> Then try shooting them down, and if that doesn't work, find out how much damage you'll take and then you can decide whether to use your abilities.
  108. [22:19] <Vinzu> Right right
  109. [22:20] <Vinzu> 2#1d12+8 Let's see if this works...doubt it though.
  110. [22:20] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Let's see if this works...doubt it though.: 10 [1d12=2], 14 [1d12=6]
  111. [22:20] <FM> Maybe I should reduce their effectiveness...make Split-Second Dodge double evasion and Invincible halve damage and null part damage or something.
  112. [22:20] <FM> Nope.
  113. [22:20] <FM> And now...
  114. [22:20] <Vinzu> ...Yeeeah I think I'm going to do another split-second dodge.
  115. [22:21] <Henry> "Are you done fooling around yet? Kick his ass already!"
  116. [22:21] <FM> All right, you manage to avoid the missiles, having them fly into the wall and explode, taking out a rack of sensors! You can hear someone muttering on Neucom's line.
  117. [22:21] <Vinzu> "All in good time kid, I gotta enjoy when I can. It's not everyday I get to fight against another close-combat type!"
  118. [22:23] <Vinzu> "But first, I have ta see if this is as good as my old one ya know?" He says as he takes aim again with his new Ion Rifle and shoots at Murakumo's general direction
  119. [22:23] <Vinzu> 2#1d12+8 Juliaaaaa
  120. [22:23] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Juliaaaaa: 9 [1d12=1], 20 [1d12=12]
  121. [22:23] <Vinzu> ...1 and 12....1 and fucking 12...wonderful Julia, just wonderful.
  122. [22:24] <FM> Anyone wanna shop for a new dicebot?
  123. [22:24] <FM> 1d12+2
  124. [22:24] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+2: 3 [1d12=1]
  125. [22:24] <FM> Of course, sometimes it works out. Murakumo takes both rounds, and...critical! Roll 1d12, win a prize!
  126. [22:25] <Vinzu> 3d12 First shot!
  127. [22:25] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, First shot!: 21 [3d12=5,6,10]
  128. [22:25] <Vinzu> 3d12+3 Second shot and I forgot the +3 BUT I DUN CARE!
  129. [22:25] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Second shot and I forgot the +3 BUT I DUN CARE!: 19 [3d12=5,1,10]
  130. [22:25] <Vinzu> 1d10 Critical!
  131. [22:26] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Critical!: 5 [1d10=5]
  132. [22:27] <Vinzu> Oh wait, it's 12
  133. [22:27] <Vinzu> 1d12 Real critical because I r a moron
  134. [22:27] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Real critical because I r a moron: 9 [1d12=9]
  135. [22:27] <FM> You get another hit to the Torso, doubling damage...of course this is all moot because he uses Invincible again, taking only 18 damage...but he's out of chances.
  136. [22:29] <Vinzu> So new turn?
  137. [22:30] <FM> "My machine...you are stronger than I thought. It's time to take this seriously! Gods in Heaven, guide my strike!" Initiative update: Hermes 62, Murakumo 67...but not for too long. He uses No Opening with his next strike, one of two uses, and attempts his next slash! You can't counterattack, only defend...but his Initiative drops to 61!
  138. [22:30] <FM> 1d12+7
  139. [22:30] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+7: 17 [1d12=10]
  140. [22:30] <Vinzu> 1d12+15 Just 2 or more Julia...
  141. [22:30] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Just 2 or more Julia...: 21 [1d12=6]
  142. [22:31] <FM> Your projector deflects the heated blade, and Murakumo steps back, going into a defensive stance, as he knows what's coming!
  143. [22:31] <Vinzu> Can I attack him with melee now?
  144. [22:31] <Vinzu> Oh wait, I have a higher init, SO YUS I CAN
  145. [22:32] <FM> And your Initiative doesn't drop because it's a retaliatory strike! Take him down!
  146. [22:32] <Tobias> "Wow, what a fight!'"
  147. [22:34] * Vinzu res up his engine as he sees the other mech finally slowing down. "Hey, before asking the gods from heaven maybe you should remember that you're fighting the god of speed!" Hermes charges at him with full force..and No Opening!
  148. [22:34] <Vinzu> 1d12+9
  149. [22:34] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, 1d12+9: 17 [1d12=8]
  150. [22:35] <FM> 1d12+7
  151. [22:35] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+7: 17 [1d12=10]
  152. [22:35] <Vinzu> ..Tie?
  153. [22:35] <Vinzu> Or did I lose?
  154. [22:37] <FM> That's a defense roll...tie goes to the defender, Murakumo holding his blade firmly and keeping the high output blade at bay with quick blocks and feints! "You are strong...I will have to reconsider my capabilities! But this will not stop me...for I have more attacks up my sleeve!" He finally draws that rifle, taking the shot as soon as he can get it!
  155. [22:38] <FM> 2d12+8 arc rifle
  156. [22:38] <[JULIA]> FM, arc rifle: 19 [2d12=9,2]
  157. [22:38] <FM> Er
  158. [22:38] <FM> Wait.
  159. [22:38] <Vinzu> ...
  160. [22:38] <FM> That'd be...9+8 = 17, 9+2 = 11
  161. [22:38] <FM> ^^;
  162. [22:38] <FM> We've been running a while, so after this match, I think we'll call it a night.
  163. [22:38] <Vinzu> 1d12+15 2 or above!
  164. [22:38] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, 2 or above!: 26 [1d12=11]
  165. [22:39] <FM> I've got a bit of rebalancing to do. I'm really liking these manouvers, but goddamn do those damage-avoiding ones cause a bit of a stalemate.
  166. [22:41] * Vinzu completely dodges both attacks with the roar of his boosters blasting as he moves. "You got to do better than that!"
  167. [22:42] <Tobias> (Okay! I'll be ready for the next night.)
  168. [22:43] <FM> Initiative: Murakumo 75, Hermes 77.
  169. [22:44] * Vinzu charges at Murakumo again. "Let's see if you can block it this time!" And this time, I'll do Opening Attack.
  170. [22:44] <Vinzu> er Opening Move rather
  171. [22:45] <Vinzu> 2#1d12+8 Range attack to open!
  172. [22:45] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Range attack to open!: 19 [1d12=11], 13 [1d12=5]
  173. [22:46] <Vinzu> 1d12+9 Then melee attack to kill!
  174. [22:46] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Then melee attack to kill!: 17 [1d12=8]
  175. [22:46] <Vinzu> (...17 again? Really Julia? Really. No, fuck you.)
  176. [22:47] <FM> Evade:
  177. [22:47] <FM> 1d12+2
  178. [22:47] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+2: 6 [1d12=4]
  179. [22:47] <FM> Do your ranged damage, first.
  180. [22:47] <Vinzu> 3d12 Range shoot #1 go!
  181. [22:47] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, Range shoot #1 go!: 20 [3d12=6,2,12]
  182. [22:47] <Vinzu> 3d12+3 and again I forgot the +3 BUT I DON'T CARE!
  183. [22:47] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, and again I forgot the +3 BUT I DON'T CARE!: 17 [3d12=4,6,4]
  184. [22:48] <FM> 40 system and laminate damage!
  185. [22:48] <FM> But he can still block!
  186. [22:48] <FM> 1d12+7
  187. [22:48] <[JULIA]> FM, 1d12+7: 10 [1d12=3]
  188. [22:48] <FM> ...and fails!
  189. [22:49] <FM> Roll damage!
  190. [22:49] <Vinzu> 24d12+48 FFFFFFFFF-
  191. [22:49] <[JULIA]> Vinzu, FFFFFFFFF-: 207 [24d12=3,7,11,2,3,9,9,4,4,6,2,8,8,4,7,1,11,10,7,7,12,8,12,4]
  192. [22:50] <Vinzu> And that's 207 damage of EVERYTHING.
  193. [22:51] <Tobias> "Vinzu!" Tobias beamed a grin- and he felt pretty confident himself!
  194. [22:54] <`FM> So too, does the sensor on Murakumo go completely dark and it is completely stuck as the projection blade makes its laminate boil (literally - steam coming off the machine's entire surface!), huge gashes in the armor from the brutality of Vinzu's strike! And when he can move again...he sheathes his sword, knowing he has lost. "You have bested me, Hermes. It was a good duel, and even the Murakumo(c)
  195. [22:54] <Vinzu> I'm surprised the thing can even move with 308 armor damage.
  196. [22:55] <`FM> It's just that tough.
  197. [22:55] <`FM> He actually has 131 left.
  198. [22:55] * FM (fortemaste@1725cc93.dsl.cc8fe126.com.hmsk) Quit (Killed (NickServ (Ghosted. By: `FM (fortemaste@7ddcf648.dsl.cc8fe126.com.hmsk))))
  199. [22:55] * `FM is now known as FM
  200. [22:55] <FM> I told you he was a Super Robot.
  201. [22:55] <Vinzu> Close enough!
  202. [22:55] <FM> And since he never hit with his blade, I couldn't do a 'There is nothing my blade cannot cut!' joke.
  203. [22:56] <FM> cannot compete with the God of Speed! And I am, of course, glad that this isn't a true battle, for I would hate to see justice go so astray." From behind, Vulcan Venture, still watching the whole thing, claps (in his mech, no less), and says, "Heh, first time you've lost in years, Murakumo. That's to be expected from the former pride and joy of New Berlin...I wonder how Deep Striker will do?" And(c)
  204. [22:56] <FM> on the other end of the screen, Alastair is estatic! "So cooool...you beat Murakumo! So awesome! Can I have your autograph when we get back, Vinzu? And get Murakumo's too!"
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