Space Punkins

Oct 4th, 2012
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  1. [14:17:36] <&Aori_Radidjiu> So after the trials of yesterday and some serious paperwork, you're all (presumably, I'm not sure if Leen said she was going ot be one or not) Seekers! There's still some downtime for the bureaucrats managing everything to get your group assigned, though, and jobs are a little scarce at the moment, so you all presumably pretty much have nothing to do today. Thanks to some helpful touring
  2. [14:17:37] <&Aori_Radidjiu> you all at least know the basics of how to get around, so maybe if you look around long enough you'll find something? Who knows. It is the DAWN of the FIRST DAY. What do? (I'm starting a little open-ended here, before narrowing things, if that's all right~)
  3. [14:19:15] <Cael> Cael has an -agenda- today. He wants to go check out that garden that was mentioned to him, and see if he can't barter a few of his rare sylvari seeds for some potting soil and the pots it goes in. Though the rate at which he's getting there is a bit... he can read maps perfectly fine but it doesn't stop this place from seeming like a maze!
  4. [14:20:07] * Jazz intends to find out if he can get a room to call his own, now that he's signed up to become a Seeker. It's been a while since he's had a his own space.
  5. [14:20:44] <Cael> Cael was already shown his own room, fairly lucky. He's probably coming from the direction of the quarters right now.
  6. [14:22:19] <Leen> She was totally for the idea. With the name 'Seeker', not to mention being on the same side of !JUSTICE!, she's bound to find what she seeks, if you will. ...Of course, there isn't any work, which actually kind of bothered her. After a moment's deciding, her own agenda for the day is to FOLLOW PEOPLE and get to know them a little better. Know thine allies. She knows Jazz well enough, so
  7. [14:22:20] <Leen> today, she's stalking a salad with the purest of intentions.
  8. [14:22:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Jazz was given some kind of voucher...device...thing that allows him access into unused rooms! It also lets him designate a room as his once he decides on which one he wants. Pretty handy.
  9. [14:22:55] <Cael> 2d6 what am awareness
  10. [14:22:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, what am awareness: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  11. [14:23:14] <&Aori_Radidjiu> ...and I was about to suggest opposed Stealth/Awareness, so yeah!
  12. [14:23:41] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Roll Stealth, Leen~
  13. [14:23:43] <Leen> 2d6+3 She can be sneaky!
  14. [14:23:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, She can be sneaky!: 13 [2d6=5,5]
  15. [14:23:45] <Cael> (Place your keyboard flat on the ground)
  16. [14:23:50] <Cael> (As flat as can be)
  17. [14:23:57] <Cael> (And watch as I move it with the power of my mind!
  18. [14:24:37] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Cael isn't seeing any Robutts here.
  19. [14:24:40] * Cael is unusually perceptive today but not enough to catch wind of any loli stalkers! The plantman tries to navigate the ship the best he can, blissfully unaware.
  20. [14:25:02] * Jazz walks the opposite way down the same hallway, not intending to be sneaky!
  21. [14:25:40] <Leen> The loli continues to be a spy. Hey, she can improve her stealth methods this way, too! Multitasking!
  22. [14:26:09] <Cael> Though I doubt anyone's forgotten, just to recap, Cael looks MOSTLY human, though with green skin, and his red hair pulled back into a ponytail is actually made of leaves! Looking closer, most of his facial features are similarly plantlike.
  23. [14:26:25] <Cael> "...oh! There's someone. Excuse me a moment..."
  24. [14:26:39] * Cael stops, trying to get Jazz's attention.
  25. [14:26:54] * Jazz stops. "Huh? What's up?"
  26. [14:27:22] <Cael> "I'm afraid I'm rather new around here... could you direct me to the garden, please? Even with a map, I seem to have gotten myself a bit lost..."
  27. [14:27:29] <Jazz> "
  28. [14:27:31] <Cael> He waves around the holomap he was given.
  29. [14:28:09] <Jazz> "E-Er...I just got here too, so i've never really been to the garden..." Jazz says, fidgiting a bit..."But...I do like helping people out, so I can try to lead you, if you'd like."
  30. [14:28:43] <Cael> "Oh, well, I wouldn't want to impose, but company is always nice. Very spiffy armor, by the way. Some sort of warrior, are you?"
  31. [14:29:03] * Cael is wearing antiquated looking leather armor, himself.
  32. [14:29:40] * Jazz nods. "Yeah, I...mostly protect innocents from Pirates. At least, so far. I'm thinking about branching out, if only a bit..."
  33. [14:30:06] <Cael> "Pirates, eh? I guess some things just don't change... Nasty sorts."
  34. [14:30:41] * Jazz frowns, his face getting slightly more serious than before. "Yeah...I've had some experience with pirates, and i've made it my life goal to help deal with them."
  35. [14:30:58] <Cael> An equally primitive looking flintlock pistol is in a holster at his side, though it looks nearly brand new in craftsmanship.
  36. [14:32:15] <Cael> "Very noble! I can appreciate that in a man." his expression brightens in contrast. "To devote your life to what you believe in is the charge of dedicated and monumental heroes."
  37. [14:32:57] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (We should just call this game HEROES IN SPACE or something silly like that)
  38. [14:33:09] <Jazz> "Heh, thanks. I don't really think i'm anything THAT special, though..." Jazz says, his voice obviously a bit embarassed. "A-Anyway, That's a...pretty old gun, huh?"
  39. [14:33:36] <~Giantree> (Well it does have 'Heroes' and 'Space' somewhere in its title...)
  40. [14:33:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (True that...)
  41. [14:34:01] <Cael> "Oh? Not really, I fashioned it myself a few weeks ago." he takes the pistol out of the holster, turning it over in his hands. "A little copper, tin, bit of green wood and drake's blood."
  42. [14:34:19] <Cael> "I'm not very good at crafting just yet, though."
  43. [14:34:31] <Jazz> "W-Well, I mean, it's an...old DESIGN, then."
  44. [14:34:32] <Cael> "I don't think weaponsmithing is my calling."
  45. [14:34:45] <Leen> (And 'everything else in the title' is a deal lot sillier!) Like a ninja. COMPLETELY STILL. Nin nin.
  46. [14:34:47] <Cael> "Oh! Yes, perhaps. I do come from... what was the term again? An undeveloped world?"
  47. [14:35:01] <Jazz> "Oh! That makes sense, then, I guess"
  48. [14:35:28] <Jazz> (Can I roll to notice Leen?)
  49. [14:35:53] <Cael> "But due to special circumstances I've decided to join the Seekers for now. This new frontier is sure to be an exciting and fruitful one! I myself can't wait to begin helping those in need."
  50. [14:36:07] <~Giantree> (Don't see why not!)
  51. [14:36:13] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Go for it!)
  52. [14:36:51] <Leen> 2d6+3 TARGET NUMBER, ROLL!
  53. [14:36:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, TARGET NUMBER, ROLL!: 11 [2d6=5,3]
  54. [14:36:53] <Cael> "I'm not exactly the rough and tumble sort of chap, but I have quick hands and agile legs, and more charm than a mesmer, if I do say so myself."
  55. [14:37:13] <Jazz> 2d6+4
  56. [14:37:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=6,2]
  57. [14:38:07] <Cael> He flips the pistol into the air and it lands back in its holster.
  58. [14:39:14] <~Giantree> Jazz may be able to notice that despite Leen being the color of many different kinds of metal, the Excel's halls are kind of a dulled blue... what's that called, cyan? It actually doesn't blend that well when you look really close.
  59. [14:40:02] <Leen> Nin nin. ...She could have done better, but oops, not today! Still, she's only caught when she's caught. Nin nin.
  60. [14:40:12] <Jazz> "Well, that's a lot better than me. I'm just lucky and have fancy futuristic weapons and armor..." Jazz says, before spotting something out of the corner of his eye. He takes a closer look...
  61. [14:40:43] * Cael looks over his shoulder to follow Jazz's gaze. "Hm?"
  62. [14:42:03] <Jazz> ...Oh! "...Oh! Is that you, Leen?"
  63. [14:42:41] <Cael> "Is there someone there? I don't quite see anyone..."
  64. [14:43:21] <Leen> Rats! Not even thinking 'nin nin' helped! "Aw, you found me. Guess I can't escape from the eyes of justice, even if I'm not a crook! Hi~" She STEPS OUT INTO THE OPEN! "Even when there's nothing to do, we must remain vigilant~"
  65. [14:44:10] <Leen> Since the image isn't on the pastebin for some reason, in case you haven't seen it!
  66. [14:44:28] <Cael> "Oh!" He turns, taking a step back. "Hello there, little girl! What a skill.. might make a wonderful mesmer or thief someday. *ahem* Did you get lost from your parents?"
  67. [14:44:37] <Cael> He stoops down a little to get on her level.
  68. [14:45:16] <~Giantree> (k-kyaaa you're embarrassing me)
  69. [14:45:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  70. [14:47:16] <Leen> She thinks about it for a minute. "Yes, only my parents aren't really my parents, they're my best friend's parents, which are kinda my parents I guess. My best friend isn't on this ship, so I'm making it my mission to find her! It's why I'm a Seeker~"
  71. [14:48:04] <Cael> "Oh, I see. Poor thing..."
  72. [14:48:25] * Cael shakes his head in pity.
  73. [14:48:43] <Cael> "Then as fellow Seekers, I hope we can find your foster family with utmost haste."
  74. [14:49:29] <Cael> He stands back up, then looks back at Jazz.
  75. [14:49:47] <Cael> "Oh! I keep forgetting to introduce myself! Sorry, the shock must be getting to me."
  76. [14:49:53] <Leen> "...Not even sure if she's still around though. I only remember getting picked up by her, and then next thing I know I'm here, sent by a pod that's really, really old!" Nod nod. "It's confusing, but it should be OK!"
  77. [14:49:58] <Cael> "My name is Cael, and I am Sylvari."
  78. [14:51:22] <Jazz> "I'm Jazz. I'm a robot. Wright Robotics Prototype. One of a kind, you know?"
  79. [14:52:13] <Cael> "Robot... Is that like 'android'?"
  80. [14:52:34] <Leen> "I'm Leen, I'm also a robot or android or machine or whatever you wanna call me! I'd be a bodyguard for my friend, but I can't find her!" This upsets her, but does not discourage her!
  81. [14:53:26] <Cael> "Oh! ...I'm just embarassing myself today, aren't I? I didn't realize androids were so common! The people of space truly are more advanced than the Asura. I never would have believed it..."
  82. [14:54:30] <Jazz> "Oh, yeah. I guess you can call me an Android, too. I just like the sound of 'robot' more."
  83. [14:54:50] <Leen> "This whole thing is new to me, too! I haven't been here that long at all. Or there, either. A few moments where I came from, and a few more in space!"
  84. [14:54:54] <Cael> "Very well then! I'm glad to have met you both. Let us unite in comradarie together in service of the Seekers."
  85. [14:55:53] <Cael> "Be it fighting pirates or finding lost families, we shall do everything in our power to help, yes?"
  86. [14:55:55] * Jazz nods.
  87. [14:56:11] <Jazz> "Sounds good! You seem like a good guy. It's nice to meet you, Cael."
  88. [14:56:23] <Cael> "The same with you, Jazz, Leen."
  89. [14:56:53] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Continue trying to find the Gardens? Y/N
  90. [14:57:20] <Cael> Y in Cael's case, unless the others want to do something else~
  91. [14:57:34] <Cael> He's more than willing to put off his own interests for now.
  92. [14:57:47] <Leen> Nod nod! She's still gonna follow the salad, though!
  93. [14:58:24] <Cael> Cael offers to give the little android a piggy-back ride on the way. ...Probably a terrible idea!
  94. [15:00:47] <Leen> She goes with it regardless! For being a robot, she could be heavier, but she isn't! "Weee~"
  95. [15:01:01] <&Aori_Radidjiu> After a few hallways you find...what looks like a statue of a girl holding a pumpkin? She's hugging it like a teddy bear, and sporting wings, although they look a bit different from a Featherfolk's wings...
  96. [15:01:32] * Cael stops to admire the statue for a moment.
  97. [15:02:01] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Cael, roll me Nature! Or Awareness, whichever is higher.
  98. [15:02:12] <Cael> "Curious, they have pumpkins too... I suppose as far as edible plants go, space isn't too different..."
  99. [15:02:24] <Cael> 2d6+6 Nature is his highest skill
  100. [15:02:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Cael, Nature is his highest skill: 11 [2d6=3,2]
  101. [15:02:57] <Leen> Leen admires the statue from a higher vantage point!
  102. [15:03:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Huh. Something seems off about this statue. There's no real trace of tools, it's almost a bit too realistic...did it just move a bit? Maybe your eyes are playing tricks on you.
  103. [15:04:47] <Leen> 2d6+3 I'll roll awareness, then!
  104. [15:04:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, I'll roll awareness, then!: 9 [2d6=1,5]
  105. [15:05:01] <Cael_> "Hmm..."
  106. [15:05:06] <Leen> Apparently, she doesn't do as good of a job. Oh well!
  107. [15:05:15] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Leen doesn't notice anything off about it.
  108. [15:05:18] <Jazz> 2d6+4
  109. [15:05:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+4: 7 [2d6=1,2]
  110. [15:05:46] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Sure is a statue.
  111. [15:05:51] <Cael_> With a hint of suspicion, he brushes his hand against the pumpkin, using the intuitive magic that comes with his racial ability to try and make the fake? pumpkin sprout a leaf from its stem.
  112. [15:06:27] <~Giantree> (I'LL STRANGLE YOU)
  113. [15:06:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> A bit of stone crumbles off of it, allowing the leaf to sprout! It's a very, very thin layer of rock, almost like how you'd get covered in sand at the beach. Hm.
  114. [15:07:05] <Cael_> "Aha!"
  115. [15:07:10] <Cael_> "You're -real-!"
  116. [15:07:58] <&Aori_Radidjiu> The statue jumps up, all the rock coming off of it, the little girl letting out a little yelp and trying to make a run for it! ...she trips after a few steps, though.
  117. [15:08:11] <Cael_> "...oh dear."
  118. [15:08:34] <Cael_> He lets Leen down and hurries over, bending down and offering the girl a hand. "Sorry, are you alright?"
  119. [15:08:54] <Leen> "W-whoa! A living statue!" SURPRISES!
  120. [15:10:20] <Jazz> "W-Whoa."
  121. [15:11:00] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She whimpers a bit, getting up, still clutching the pumpkin tightly, only taking one hand off of it to brush her violet hair out of her face. Now that they're not stone, it's easily apparent that her wings are draconic wings rather than normal bird wings ala Featherfolk. "Maramara thought she wouldn't get caught! A-are you going to turn her in, Mister?" She looks up at you with slightly
  122. [15:11:00] <&Aori_Radidjiu> teary red eyes.
  123. [15:11:51] <Cael_> "Very interesting disguise, but you couldn't hide life's pulse rushing through your - or the pumpkin's - being. Hm, turn you in? For what, I wonder? Did you steal that pumpkin?" He thinks about that for a moment.
  124. [15:12:16] <Jazz> "Turn you in? What for?"
  125. [15:13:17] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Kind of like the Captain before, her clothes seem a bit out of place, a rather simplistic dress that would be quite normal back in Tyria, but here it stands out sorely. Upon hearing the word 'steal' her entire body tenses up and she tries to run off again!
  126. [15:13:56] <Cael_> "Now, now, hold for a moment - I'm not going to turn you in, but I want you to listen to me a moment."
  127. [15:14:08] <Cael_> How old does she look?
  128. [15:14:13] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 12
  129. [15:15:01] <Cael_> "It's wrong to steal from those showing hospitality to you, you know. I understand just as anyone that pumpkins are quite delicious, so I'll tell you what I'm going to do."
  130. [15:15:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She stops, but looks ready to take off again at the slightest provocation.
  131. [15:16:28] <Cael_> "I won't turn you in, because I plan on trying to barter with the gardeners anyway. I'll throw in a little extra to make up for the lost pumpkin. I was planning on growing things in my own room, so I'll try and acquire some pumpkin seeds, then you can come to me when you'd like a pumpkin. How does that sound?"
  132. [15:17:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She blinks a few times, before they grow reeeally wide! "Really!? Reallyreally!?"
  133. [15:17:16] * Cael_ smiles cheerfully. "Of course."
  134. [15:18:01] <Cael_> "That way, everyone will be happy, right?"
  135. [15:19:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She smiles vibrantly! "Okay!"
  136. [15:19:49] <Cael_> "In return, I want you to stop stealing from the garden, okay?"
  137. [15:20:12] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "...okay."
  138. [15:20:37] * Cael_ reaches over to pat the girl on the head, smiling. "There's a good girl. Now go on, go enjoy your pumpkin."
  139. [15:20:46] <Jazz> "Heh. You are a good guy."
  140. [15:22:09] <Leen> "...That ended up working out for the best, huh~?" She's OK with this outcome. LEEN APPROVES!
  141. [15:23:19] <Cael_> "Thank you, Jazz. I'm a bit of a thief myself, in terms of skillset, so I can understand. Though I don't ever steal from those I don't feel deserve it. When the younger generation starts to pick up those same skills, it's the responsibility of those like myself to guide them onto a better path."
  142. [15:23:36] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "I...I guess I'll have to apologize to them..."
  143. [15:24:05] <Cael_> "I'll go with you, if you like. What was your name? Maramara? That's a cute name."
  144. [15:24:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "It's just Marah..."
  145. [15:24:33] <Jazz> "Marah's a nice name. Very refined."
  146. [15:25:02] * Cael_ chuckles. "Still quite adorable. And please don't look so down. I'll make sure you won't get in trouble."
  147. [15:25:17] <Leen> "Maramara sounds cuter though, but sometimes refined and cute aren't the same thing! ...And sometimes they are." Nod nod.
  148. [15:25:48] <Jazz> "Yeah, you're lucky you found us, Marah. We'll make sure you won't get into any trouble, okay?"
  149. [15:25:53] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She looks down at her pumpkin and sort of swivels her (bare) foot a bit on the ground. "What're your names?"
  150. [15:26:25] <Jazz> "I'm Jazz, the Champion of Justice and fighter of Pirates!"
  151. [15:26:30] <Cael_> "My name is Cael, and I'm a Sylvari from the world of Tyria. This is actually my first day in space, but it's already been quite incredible."
  152. [15:26:38] <Leen> "I'm Leen, pleased to meet you~"
  153. [15:26:45] * Cael_ gives a bit of a bow.
  154. [15:27:21] * Leen sees Cael bowing, then bows herself!
  155. [15:27:32] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Wow, you're all so cool!" There's a few sparkles in her eyes as she starts gripping the pumpkin a liiiittle tighter.
  156. [15:27:53] <Cael_> "Haha, why thank you!"
  157. [15:30:13] <Leen> "I-I haven't done anything worth being cool yet! But soon! ...Maybe I should practice fighting. Haven't done it before, there's no help file on it, but I'm supposed to be a bodyguard, soooo..."
  158. [15:30:39] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Moving on?
  159. [15:30:52] <Cael> "There is plenty of time for all of us to prove ourselves, nonetheless! Now, shall we be off?"
  160. [15:32:50] <Cael> (Yep)
  161. [15:33:20] <Leen> "Yeah, we do have plenty of time, huh?" Mutter, mutter... "...Where to? I guess I could get training in the Arena, but that'll tire everyone out, I guess!"
  162. [15:34:14] <Cael> "I still have to see the gardener, for one."
  163. [15:34:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> After a few twists and turns, and a little guidance from Marah, who knows the place a bit better than you all do, you reach the garden! It's a terraformed environment, stretching on for a long while, with fields, cattle, and lots of lush grass visible! It's pretty impressive to see such a large synthetic area like this!
  164. [15:34:46] <Cael> "Oh my... How beautiful!"
  165. [15:35:20] <Leen> "...Oh right, we weren't there yet." WHOOPS. And then they arrive! "Oh, whoa~!" She's impressed!
  166. [15:35:22] <Cael> "It's like I never left the wildlands..."
  167. [15:36:38] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Marah's brow creases a bit. "Mmmmm...the Head Gardener's office should be over..." She points in a direction, in which a small building if visible a little while off. "There!"
  168. [15:36:54] <Jazz> "Anyway, Leen, if you wanted, I might be able to help you practice a bit of fighting, later..." Jazz offers, as he looks around at the garden's array of fancy plants.
  169. [15:39:22] <Leen> See Leen's head go looking around in every direction! "O-Oh! ...Hmmm....alright~" She accepts the offer!
  170. [15:40:14] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Eggplants! Watermelon! Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, everyberries! Apples and Oranges! Lettuce, Cabbage, Kale, Potatoes, and Corn! All sorts of plants are visible around here, being grown in evenly spaced plots!
  171. [15:41:16] * Cael is lost a moment in looking at all the goddamned crops, but he snaps back to reality when Marah speaks. "Oh, yes! Excellent, let's be on our way, then."
  172. [15:41:30] * Cael strides towards that building. :3
  173. [15:41:58] <&Aori_Radidjiu> After a bit of walking, you reach the building. There's an "Out For Lunch" note posted on the door. Huh.
  174. [15:43:55] <Leen> And thankfully, Leen finished recharging! She won't accidentally drain the life out of all surrounding plants! "...out for lunch, huh?" Huh. Is it even lunch hours?
  175. [15:43:57] <Cael> "It seems we arrived at the wrong time... or perhaps the right time given little Marah's opportunity, hm? I do thank you for accompanying me, Jazz, Leen, but I don't wish to take up more of your time waiting..."
  176. [15:44:42] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Marah walks up to the door, jumps up and flies to the "Out for Lunch" post, grabs it along with her pumpkin, and then opens the door right up~
  177. [15:44:55] <Cael> "Hmm?"
  178. [15:45:06] <Cael> He follows just to make sure the little girl isn't up to anything
  179. [15:45:46] <Leen> Leen follows because Cael is inside!
  180. [15:46:49] * Jazz shrugs and follows as well!
  181. [15:47:07] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She walks in to a desk, labeled "Agricultural Secretary: Marah" and sits down in a seat behind it. The chair behind it is put down really low, so she has to adjust it to pop up a bit to match the eye level of the people on the other side of the desk! "Hi!" She sets the pumpkin down on the desk.
  182. [15:47:55] <Cael> "..."
  183. [15:48:13] <Cael> "You... stole from your own garden?"
  184. [15:48:15] <Cael> He scratches his head.
  185. [15:48:57] * Cael is utterly confounded
  186. [15:49:07] <Leen> ...Huh.
  187. [15:49:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "The Captain told me you were coming soon so I thought I'd have a little bit of fun~!"
  188. [15:49:46] <Cael> "...ha. Fair enough."
  189. [15:50:15] <Leen> ......Huuuuuuh.
  190. [15:50:19] <Cael> He has a seat in front of the desk is there is one.
  191. [15:50:30] <Leen> "...Space is confusing!" Nod nod.
  192. [15:50:30] <&Aori_Radidjiu> There's a couple! Enough for you three.
  193. [15:50:41] <Leen> She takes a seat, then!
  194. [15:50:43] <~Giantree> YOU MEAN THERE'S A FEW
  195. [15:50:45] <~Giantree> 'COUPLE' MEANS TWO
  196. [15:51:04] <&Aori_Radidjiu> SEMANTICS, MAN
  197. [15:51:25] * Jazz takes a seat, obviously embarassed. "J-Jeez, I wasn't expecting this..."
  198. [15:51:28] <Leen> I-it's not like Leen wouldn't sit on someone's lap!
  199. [15:51:39] <Leen> ...but there's enough seats, so it's OK!
  200. [15:51:47] <Cael> "Down to business then, I suppose! As I said before, I was planning to grow things in my room. So I'll need potting soil, containers, fertilizer... The problem is that I don't actually have any of your currency at the moment. However!"
  201. [15:53:10] <Cael> He reaches into his pockets and pulls out quite a few small satchels of seeds. "I do have seeds and seedlings from my home world, plants developed by my mother, the Pale Tree, for use by my race for various things, and the captain told me they might catch your attention."
  202. [15:53:58] <Cael> "We Sylvari grow nearly everything we need, from hammocks, to reading lamps, to weapon forges and mechanical looms - it's all organic."
  203. [15:54:07] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She grabs the offered seeds and pulls out a little magnifying glass to scrutinize them. "Hmmmmm...hmmmmmm..."
  204. [15:54:33] <Cael> "A number of our kind even grow their own clothes."
  205. [15:55:24] <Cael> "I'd like to barter a few of the seeds I've carried in return for the supplies I need. Are you interested?"
  206. [15:55:44] <Leen> Learning is magic! She watches with interest!
  207. [15:56:38] <Cael> "I think I brought a few buildings too."
  208. [15:56:48] <Cael> "Probably don't need those here."
  209. [15:58:29] <Cael> "And I still do think I'd like to take you up on the pumpkin seeds as well. Learning to cook might be fun..."
  210. [15:59:42] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "That's really neat! Some of these are quite different from anything I've seen before, so I think they're quite valuable." She nods, before jumping off her chair and rummaging through one of her desk cabinets a bit. "They should be...hmmmm..." After a bit of rummaging, she has a couple of little paper packs full of seeds of a couple different types, from practical food like Tomatoes,
  211. [15:59:42] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Pumpkins, and Strawberries to pretty roses and petunias~. "These look good? I'll set you up with some containers, soil, and fertilizers outside!"
  212. [16:00:06] <Cael> "Excellent! I appreciate it, Marah."
  213. [16:00:11] <Leen> ...hold on wait did she hear that right. "...You...plant buildings? That's pretty cool!"
  214. [16:01:43] <Cael> "Not anything as grand as you might be thinking, grown Sylvari homes are around fifteen feet tall, typically one room. Mostly for use in making villages far from the Grove. The mother tree has grown far more wonderous buildings there than we can take with us."
  215. [16:01:57] <Jazz> "A-Anyway, I have a question, too, when you're done with Cael's question..."
  216. [16:02:33] <Leen> "Ah, so it's not like you plant skyscrapers, huh...well, it's still really cool!"
  217. [16:02:33] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Well, since all the other stuff's outside, go ahead and ask it, Jazzy~!"
  218. [16:03:02] <Cael> "What is a... sky scraper?"
  219. [16:04:15] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "A sky scraper is a" She makes a motion upward with her hands, as high as she can go "reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally tall building! A tower would be comparable."
  220. [16:04:21] <Cael> "Oh! I see."
  221. [16:04:53] <Leen> "Only it's a LOT taller than just any old tower. HUGE! Like it scrapes the sky, even though you can't really touch it!"
  222. [16:05:04] <Cael> "We do have tower plants, but the tower is usually a simple stalk with a staircase of leaves leading up to a platform on top. And I didn't bring any of those with me..."
  223. [16:06:54] <Cael> "But that does sound impressive..."
  224. [16:07:09] <Cael> "I shall have to see one of these sky scrapers one day!"
  225. [16:07:23] <Cael> "Anyway I apologize Jazz, please go on."
  226. [16:07:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Maramara has only seen them in pictures..."
  227. [16:08:46] <Leen> "I haven't seen one either, but my dictionary file gives me a rough idea, even if there's no pictures. It'd be cool to see!" Nod nod.
  228. [16:12:40] <Jazz> "A-Anyway uh....U-Uh...Well..." Jazz sighs, his face slightly red. "...Before I ask, promise not to tell anyone, alright?"
  229. [16:12:54] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Maramara promises!"
  230. [16:13:00] * Cael raises his brow. "Of course."
  231. [16:13:15] <Leen> "OK~" Promise made!
  232. [16:15:16] <Jazz> "...Well, this would kind of damage my 'Hero' reputation, but...I-I kind like cooking a lot...S-So If I could get some berries and frutis from time to time, that would be nice..."
  233. [16:15:44] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Maramara thinks Heroes can cook!"
  234. [16:16:47] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "She'd be delighted to give you all the ingredients you need! Just be sure to help out and work hard as a Seeker, okay?"
  235. [16:17:46] * Jazz sighs in relief. "T-Thanks, I'll do my best..."
  236. [16:17:57] <Cael> "Jazz, my friend, that is preposterous! Nothing says manly like the fires of justice searing feasts for the bellies of your comrades! And perhaps you could teach me a little yourself?"
  237. [16:18:20] <Leen> "Hero...cooook..." She ponders on this. "...A hero fighting on an empty stomach or not fully charged isn't a hero at their best! A good hero knows how to play support and be on the front lines! It's OK if you cook~"
  238. [16:19:19] * Jazz is getting embarassed again. "I-I d-dunno, I mean...H-Heroes should be fighting bad guys, not cooking Hotcakes..."
  239. [16:19:51] <Cael> "You can't always be on the frontlines. Heroes need rest, relaxation, and good food as well."
  240. [16:20:05] <Cael> "Well... I say that but I'm not sure about androids, really..."
  241. [16:20:17] <Cael> "But that's how it's been on my world!"
  242. [16:20:25] <Jazz> "Well, I don't really need food, It just...tastes nice."
  243. [16:20:50] <Leen> "A real hero should do both! If it's really good, it's proof you can do some good on and off the field of battle!" Nod nod. "And since we have no work at the moment, we're kinda stuck off it!"
  244. [16:21:10] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "There'll be work soon! Maramara is sure of it!"
  245. [16:22:07] <Leen> "I don't need food, but if I don't get it I have to make due with drawing in other energy, which is good but kinda troublesome for other stuff. If you make really really good food, you might even be able to fight better with it in your belly! I think!"
  246. [16:22:12] * Cael gathers up the new seed packets. "And speaking of downtime, I think perhaps it's time I started filling out my room! A bit drab, but I'll spruce it up in no time."
  247. [16:22:46] <Cael> "Sylvari don't have stomachs, persay, but we still need food and drink like other living creatures. Unlike most plants, we can't get by just photosynthesizing!"
  248. [16:22:57] <Cael> "It's somewhat like... fly traps, if you're familiar."
  249. [16:23:06] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Is it because you're not rooted?"
  250. [16:23:10] <Cael> "Except perhaps without the horrible, gluttonous maw."
  251. [16:23:22] <Cael> "I never really thought about it, honestly."
  252. [16:24:12] <Cael> "Our mother, the Pale Tree is certainly rooted, but we, her children, do lack physical roots."
  253. [16:24:26] <Leen> "That does make sense..." Hmmmm. "Though flytraps are rooted too, they still need food..." Thinking!
  254. [16:24:32] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Plants get a lot of their nutrition from the dirt they're rooted in!"
  255. [16:24:41] * Giantree is now known as Asspulverizingly_Huge_Nip_Slic
  256. [16:24:47] * Cael laughs
  257. [16:24:59] <Cael> "Well, I assure you I certainly don't find the thought of eating dirt appetizing!"
  258. [16:25:05] * Asspulverizingly_Huge_Nip_Slic is now known as AsspulverizinglyHugeNipSlicer
  259. [16:25:28] <Cael> "A good rosemary chicken or a caeser salad is more my taste at the moment."
  260. [16:26:08] <Leen> "Eh-heh, that's good! Even though plants just eat parts of the dirt, it's still good! You have taste, so you can enjoy Jazz's cooking!"
  261. [16:26:16] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Mmmhmmm, well, if we're done with questions, Maramara can show you to where we keep the fertilizer packets and soil and pots and everything!"
  262. [16:26:25] <Cael> "Certainly. Thank you, Marah."
  263. [16:26:57] <Jazz> "Y-Yeah, thanks."
  264. [16:29:17] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Marah heads out and shows you around, showing you their great selection of fertilizers and pots and other gardening things! She gives you a cart to put everything on, since it'd be kind of hard to carry all that with your hands, and eventually sees you off. And then immediately starts taking a nap in the grass, basking in the artificial sunlight~
  265. [16:29:53] * Cael bids her farewell and starts pushing all this shit back to the residential quarters.
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