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Aug 24th, 2016
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  1. #The new config for Multiprefix, please follow the instructions exactly
  2. #The first indented part after the "groups:" section is the name of teh group, it must match the EXACT name of the group in the permissions plugin
  3. #The next one is the prefix of the group, color codes are supported, just make sure you put '' surrounding it.
  4. #The suffix is optional and only one suffix would be supported unless there are more requests to add multisuffix support, Color codes supported
  5. #The chat-format section is required and the following is the variables that you can use
  6. # %displayname% - The prefix(es), main username, and suffix set by this plugin alone. If requested, I can add more support for other specific plugins
  7. # %message% - The chat message
  8. # Color codes supported for chat formatting
  9. #The priority is what determins what chat formatting is used (The lowest one) and the order of the prefixes from lowest to highest
  10. # NOTE about PRIORITY: Due to how java handles numbers, please have unique priority numbers per group, so no duplicates, otherwise the prefix might not display
  12. #If you would like the chat format to be optional, submit a ticket on the BukkitDev page and I will add an option to disable it.
  13. #Anything else, bug, suggestion or comment, please submit a ticket on the repository (Found on the BukkitDev page)
  15. groups:
  16. default:
  17. prefix: '&8[&fMember&8] &f'
  18. chat-format: '&8[[FACTION]&8] %displayname% %suffix% &7&l> &f%message%'
  19. priority: 3
  20. helper:
  21. prefix: '&8[&bHelper&8] '
  22. suffix: ''
  23. chat-format: '&8[[FACTION]&8] %displayname% %suffix% &7&l> &c%message%'
  24. priority: 2
  25. moderator:
  26. prefix: '&8[&dModerator&8] '
  27. suffix: ''
  28. chat-format: '&8[[FACTION]&8] %displayname% %suffix% &7&l> &c%message%'
  29. priority: 1
  30. owner:
  31. prefix: '&8[&4Owner&8] '
  32. suffix: ''
  33. chat-format: '&8[[FACTION]&8] %displayname% %suffix% &7&l> &c%message%'
  34. priority: 0
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