FBI Watchlist

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  1. USERNAME                REASON
  3. rjalh394                possible rubber band head explosions
  4. kazneus                 knows first hand you aren't supposed to shoot the President
  5. UselessSummer           Wants 8 year olds
  6. AdrianisAwesome         Has 8 year olds
  7. W0MB0C0MB0              Might be an 8 year old
  8. A_Sheep_From_NZ         Steals 8 year olds to "candy island"
  9. MegaDom                 Either stole 8 year old or proud parent. Probably the former. Don't waste time investigating
  10. wildeep_MacSound        "Sharing" Candy with 8 year olds
  11. Get_in_my_van           What do you think?
  12. The_Relyk               Wants to eat the 8 year olds' candy
  13. wordconjurer            "Strangers have the best candy"
  14. Code_Rinzler            Selling 8 year olds
  15. fickenscer              Selling Hot 8 year olds
  16. Code_Rinzler            Selling cold 8 year olds for half price to compete with fickenscer
  17. all_my_rage             Wants only 1/2 an 8 year old
  18. 7Aero7                  Selling still-warm dead 8 year olds
  19. Et.Al( Various Child Harming Discussion. Yes, EVERYONE.
  20. ricecows                Familiar with low tech strike plan procedures
  21. tujeleven               Intimately knows that pedophiles go for guys.
  22. DataWhale               Masturbates to microwavable babies. With his eyes closed. I wonder how he sees it then?
  23. GerkIIDX                Burnt down neighbors house and posted his deeds to /r/FirePorn for that flaming Karma
  24. Eli5723                 Turned on by mutilation to the throat, especially normal household objects
  25. Careless_Con            Attempts, poorly I might add, to disprove toast as conspiracy. Don't listen. Toast is real.
  26. TheSnarkyKiwi           For threatening bigbangbilly and generally making him feel uncomfortable.
  27. SConnelly53             Feels like he should be here after seeing maybe child porn. check it out
  28. GaySunshine             For eating, sleeping, masturbating, cocaineing, and hostage taking on flights, in that order
  29. ChildToucher            suggesting selling earwax as drugs. To kids. Probably to touch them.
  30. TwoLetters              Knew he should have dumped the dead body in ocean, not the swimming hole.
  31. Erockoct31              Accidentally sent anthrax to diaspora. I hope it wasn't for me
  32. randomtigerhawk         very good at torture planning (account deleted)
  33. The187Riddler           also good at torture stuff (probably randomtigerhawk)
  34. NuclearChickadee        A third(second) torture man. Why Rat torture?
  35. Morbs74                 Killed a "working girl." Accident? Maybe (account deleted)
  36. OnIinePreadator         Apparently good at "accidental" killings
  37. NotMathMan821           Knows Rule #2 of assassin-ing.
  38. A858DE45F56D9BC9        For posting too many encoded transmissions to his self titled. Annoying as fuck username.
  39. gobzter                 Wants to cement yuruku's anus shut. What the actual fuck did I just type.
  40. SavoryTrouserTrout      Wants a snuff film to be made. Ewwww.
  41. The_Horse_Yeller        Robosexuality. It's not legal. Also a fucking Liar.
  42. Wafu                    Knows too much. We may have to deal with him.
  43. Muff1nmanNZ             Wants to force unwilling intercourse upon the members of the keepers of the peace (da po po)
  44. Hagel360                Called an American a Commie. What a dumb bitch.
  45. SUPEEPIKDUDE            Willing to make school shooting happen on short notice.
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