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  1. 19:05:13 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: Can someone tell me why we have a DNE with crows?
  2. 19:05:23 [Alysényae-WyrmrestAccord]: ...We don't?
  3. 19:05:25 [Whyatte-WyrmrestAccord]: Hey Aly
  4. 19:05:26 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: Oh
  5. 19:05:31 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: Someone told them we did
  6. 19:05:32 [Alysényae-WyrmrestAccord]: Ask them to message me.
  7. 19:05:37 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: I'm actually friends with Zeronex
  8. 19:05:37 [Whyatte-WyrmrestAccord]: Weird
  9. 19:05:56 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: Zeronex and Jayla/Penelope used to be pals.
  10. 19:06:20 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: But Penny recently started having Jack harass Zero OOCyly for not returning her feelings for him.
  11. 19:06:30 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: Thus her and Jack began dating, I believe.
  12. 19:06:39 [Alysényae-WyrmrestAccord]: Ok, have them message me, please.
  13. 19:06:44 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: I will.
  14. 19:06:51 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: Unsure if he is online at the moment.
  15. 19:06:57 [Dylàn-WyrmrestAccord]: But I will when I have the chance.
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