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  3. I  love my country first and foremost
  4. I will defend it for better or for worst
  5. Duterte happened to be our leader
  6. He leads our cause without any fear
  8. Our enemies are the greedy oligarchs
  9. The corrupt politicians with no hearts
  10. The bias media who played politics
  11. The haters of Digong with dirty tricks
  13. We hate foriegners who meddle our affairs
  14. The international organization who are not fair
  15. The rebels and communist who terrorize our nation
  16. We'll fight them all with zest and passion
  18. We also hate drugs and criminality
  19. The ISIS terrorist and the deceptive CIA
  20. The yellow cults who bleed dry this country
  21. Some hypocrite churches and the greedy
  23. Don't ever accuse me of siding with China
  24. Don't ever hate me for admiring Russia
  25. All I want is true peace and frienship
  26. Because the USA deprived us guns and warships
  28. To those who dismiss me as dumb or troll
  29. Arrogance will surely cause their fall
  30. Because I use reason and common sense
  31. No time for stupidity and pretense
  33. If you're not sure whose side are you
  34. Don't ever middle with what I do
  35. Because I'm fighting a modern war
  36. Against deceptive enemies both near and far
  38. One day you'll thank me for what I did
  39. I really don't care if I die or bleed
  40. I'm willing to go through all the pains
  41. Just to see a better Philppines!
  43. Bow!
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