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  1. Stackable storage solutions save space. The 9-in-1 Storage System with rich honey finish offers unlimited combinations of set-up for your home or office. Perfect for closet, kitchen or living room - ideal for dorm rooms, too. The Cube with Door is constructed of a solid wood frame overlaid with medium density fiberboard (MDF), sturdy enough to hold up to 200 lbs. The handsome wood grain veneer resists scratches and moisture with a durable finish for long-lasting good looks. This stacking storage unit can be used vertically or horizontally and is lightweight for quick, easy assembly and installation, with an innovative hollow-core construction that weighs 50% less than traditional particle board. The strong MDF back is recessed, fitting perfectly into the four sides of the unit. Also features holes and dowels for sturdy stacking. Includes matching plugs for finishing the dowel holes. Type: Cabinet and Pantry Organizers Color: Yellow
  3. Price: $43.12
  5. For Product Details and Price Comparison, visit goo.gl/3OD3a?item=15-inch-door-cube---honey---by-foremost
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