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  2. <mary-kate> mmmm baby fuck me i'm horney
  3. <mary-kate> screw me baby SCREW ME HARD
  4. <mary-kate> i like sex with my little brother
  5. <mary-kate> he's good in bed
  6. <mary-kate> he makes me cum
  7. <mary-kate> i also enjoy sex with my 2 year old sister
  8. <mary-kate> sex with my sister and brother is the best
  9. <mary-kate> ever had sex before baby?
  10. <mary-kate> i'll teach you how to have rough nasty sex
  11. <mary-kate> it involves a lot of screaming
  12. <mary-kate> mmm sex feels good in the pussy
  13. <mary-kate> fuck me
  14. <mary-kate> i'm naked
  15. <mary-kate> i'm ready for some action
  16. <mary-kate> you know you want it
  17. <mary-kate> sex with you baby would be fun, i could suck your cock making it hard then spread my legs and let you bang me
  18. <mary-kate> i'm going to go have sex with my 12 year old brother
  19. <mary-kate> he's excellent in bed
  20. <mary-kate> so is my 2 year old sister
  21. <mary-kate> niggers like you deserve to die
  22. <mary-kate> you're a rapist and pedophile
  23. <mary-kate> you should be killed
  24. <mary-kate> you're a jerk, i hate you i wish you dead
  25. <mary-kate> i wish death on you
  26. <mary-kate> i hope you get shot and killed
  27. <mary-kate> you loser
  28. <mary-kate> you thief and liar
  29. <mary-kate> you steal channels i create then lie about it
  30. <mary-kate> saying you had it first when YOU DID NOT
  31. <mary-kate> i have EVERY right to create channel at my own plesure, you have NO business taking them away
  32. <mary-kate> god damn loser
  33. <mary-kate> now i DEMAND you give me back MY channels or you WILL go to jail for being a PEDOPHILE
  34. <mary-kate> god damn faggot
  35. <mary-kate> why don't i just call the cops and have you tracked down and have your fat ugly nigger ass put in jail
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