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  3. Welcome to the current "Lunatic" world record for Touhou 12, Undefined Fantastic Object. Note that higher scores have been made on "Hard" mode.
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  7. Gameplay is basically dodge bullets and collect UFOs. UFOs are the colored tokens bouncing around the screen. Collect 3 of the same color (or all three colors) and a large UFO will spawn. A flashing UFO token cycles through all three colors and it's color change can be delayed by staying close to them.
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  11. Large UFOs scoop up point and power items and when they reach about 40 items ("filled," though they can collect more items), they'll drop certain power ups. Green UFOs drop bombs when filled and bomb fragments when destroyed (collect 3 for an additional bomb). Red UFOs drop life fragments when filled and killed (collect 4 for an extend).
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  15. Blue UFOs do not drop any power ups, but instead multiply the point items (not power items) it scooped up by x8 when filled (and x2 or x4 when not filled). Spawning a blue UFO when there are large amounts of point items on the screen is the most important aspect of scoring.
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  18. 00:00:40,000-->00:00:49,500
  19. Rainbow UFOs drop flashing UFO tokens when filled and killed. Additionally, they change all point items they scoop up into power items and vice versa. They multiply their power items (collected as point items then converted to power) value by x4 when filled.
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  23. HECATE will not be spawning any large green or red UFOs, as he does not need the resources. His gameplay is completely geared towards increasing his base point value (the ~24,400 number) and collecting blue and rainbow UFOs.
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  27. To increase base point value, you graze bullets. Every 10 bullets grazed is +10 base point value. Additionally, collecting UFO tokens while a large UFO is spawned will award +1000 to base point value. HECATE will often drag tokens around for as long as possible to collect them while he spawns a large UFO.
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  30. 00:01:10,000-->00:01:19,500
  31. The graze to increase base point value mechanic means he will be timing out many boss attacks to graze as many bullets as possible, as well as using graze maximizing safespots in bullet patterns, the most important of which is on the stage 3 boss.
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  34. 00:01:20,000-->00:01:29,500
  35. That's about it for the scoring system. There are other really small things like cancelling bullets and collecting point items above the bottom of the screen, but they make up an extremely small percentage of score and/or aren't very manipulatable.
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  39. There's a few counter-intuitive tricks here and there that I'll explain when they happen. Enjoy the replay.
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  43. This UFO is dragged along to be used in spawning a larger one later, so that he may collect many UFO tokens at once for a nice BPV increase.
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  46. 00:05:08,000-->00:05:15,000
  47. He bombs to kill an off screen enemy that is carrying a UFO token that cannot be hit by regular shots.
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  50. 00:06:37,000-->00:06:54,000
  51. He bombs to kill all the enemies at once so that he may fill a large UFO without wasting any point or power items.
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  54. 00:10:25,000-->00:10:35,000
  55. He suicides and bombs once it becomes difficult to maintain his safespot due to the boss' movements. He uses the invincibility from the death and bomb to freely graze her lasers.
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  58. 00:12:06,500-->00:12:50,000
  59. Shitty safespots. Watch absurd amount of point value he gets from doing this.
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  62. 00:13:09,500-->00:13:15,000
  63. This attack has a really profitable safespot on hard mode. It's one of the primary reasons higher scores have been achieved on that difficulty.
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  66. 00:14:38,000-->00:14:58,000
  67. This isn't really a safespot as much as it is a spot to sit in and piss away your resources for graze. He actually could've milked this for longer but uses his remaining bomb on a less profitable point on stage 4 for whatever reason.
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  70. 00:20:18,000-->00:20:25,000
  71. This miss is a mistake. Although he does need to suicide before the stage 5 midboss to get two bombs, ideally he would do it on something that he wouldn't lose points on (spell card bonus of ~9-10 million points lost).
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  75. This midboss is bombed through to allow enemies she blocks to spawn. The enemies she blocks carry UFO tokens so killing her quickly is very important.
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