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  1. command /team <text> <number> <number>:
  2.     permission:admin
  3.     trigger:
  4.         if arg-1 is "set":
  5.             add arg-3 to {pvpb}
  6.             add arg-2 to {pvpr}
  7.             loop arg-3 times:
  8.                 add all players to {all.players::*}
  9.                 set {red::*} to random player out of {all.players::*}
  10.             remove {red::*} from {all.players::*}
  11.             send "あなたは赤チームです" to {red::*}
  12.             loop arg-2 times:
  13.                 set {blue::*} to random player out of {all.players::*}
  14.             remove {blue::*} from {all.players::*}
  15.             send "あなたは青チームです" to {blue::*}
  16.         loop all players:
  17.             add 1 to {player.count}
  18.         add {player.count}/2 to {player/2}
  19.         if arg-1 is "remove":
  20.             loop all players:
  21.                 delete {red::*}
  22.                 delete {blue::*}
  23.                 set {player.count} to 0
  24.                 set {player/2} to 0
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