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Dec 23rd, 2019
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  3. 3GO APLAY 4 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  4. A95X A1 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  5. A95X-B7N 2G/8G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  6. A95X-R2 1G/8G S905W gxl_p281_1g_a95xr2
  7. A95X-R2 2G/16G S905W gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2
  8. Abox A1 Max 1G/8G S905W gxl_p281_1g_a95xr2
  9. Abox A1 Max 2G/16G S905W gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2
  10. Akaso HM8 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  11. Beelink GT1 Ult. 3G/32G S912 gxm_q200_3g
  12. Beelink GT1 Ult. 3G/32G(fake RAM) S912 gxm_q200_2g
  13. Beelink Mini MX 2G/16G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  14. Beelink Mini MXIII 2G/16G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi / gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  15. Beelink Mini MXIII II 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  16. Bqeel M9C Max 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  17. Bqeel M9C Pro 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  18. Docooler M9S Pro 2G/16G(fake RAM) S905X gxl_p212_1g_slowemmc
  19. Edal T95Z Plus 2G/16G S912 gxm_q200_2g
  20. H96 Pro 2G/16G S912 gxm_q200_2g
  21. H96 Pro 3G/16G S912 gxm_q200_3g
  22. H96 Pro+ 2G/16G S912 gxm_q201_2g_1gbit
  23. H96 Pro+ 3G/16G S912 gxm_q201_3g_1gbit
  24. KIII 2G/16G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  25. Magicsee N4 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  26. Magicsee N5 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  27. Mecool BB2 Pro 3G/16G S912 gxm_q201_3g_1Gbit
  28. Mecool HM8 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  29. Mecool KI Pro 2G/16G S905D gxl_p230_k1_pro
  30. Mecool KII Pro 2G/16G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  31. Mecool KIII Pro 3G/16G S912 gxm_q200_k3_pro
  32. Mecool KM8 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  33. Mecool KM8 P 1G/8G S912 gxm_q201_1g
  34. Mecool KM8 Pro 2G/16G S912 gxm_q201_2g_1Gbit
  35. Mecool M8S Plus 2G/8G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  36. Mecool M8S Pro+ 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  37. Mecool M8S Pro L 3G/32G S912 gxm_q201_3g
  38. Mini M8S 1Gbit 2G/16G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  39. Mini M8S 2G/16G S905 gxbb_p200_2G
  40. Mini M8S II 1G/16G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  41. Mini M8S II 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  42. Minix NEO U1 2G/16G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_minix_neo_u1
  43. Minix NEO U9-H 2G/16G S912 gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9
  44. MXQ Pro 4K (old) 2G/8G S905 gxbb_p201_2G
  45. MXQ Pro 4K (new) 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  46. Nexbox A1 2G/16G S912 gxm_q200_2g
  47. SAMMIX R95 2G/16G(fake RAM) S905X gxl_p212_1g_slowemmc
  48. Sunvell T95M 2G/8G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  49. Sunvell T95N 2G/8G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  50. Sunvell T95X 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  51. Sunvell T95Z Max 2G/16G S912 gxm_q201_2g_1Gbit
  52. Tanix TX3 Mini 1G/8G S905W gxl_p281_1g
  53. Tanix TX3 Mini 2G/16G S905W gxl_p281_2g
  54. Tanix TX3 Pro 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  55. Tanix TX3 Pro 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  56. Tanix TX92 3G/32G S912 gxm_q200_3g
  57. THL Box 1 Pro 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  58. Tronsmart Vega S95 2G/8G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  59. Vontar TX92 3G/32G S912 gxm_q200_3g
  60. Vorke Z1 3G/32G S912 gxm_q200_3g
  61. Vorke Z6 3G/32G S912 gxm_q200_3g
  62. Vorke Z6 Plus 3G/32G S912 gxm_q201_3g_1gbit
  63. WeTek Play 2 2G/8G S905 gxbb_p200_2G_wetek_play_2
  64. X92 3G/32G S912 gxm_q200_3g / gxm_q201_3g_1gbit
  65. X96 1G/8G S905X gxl_p212_1g
  66. X96 2G/16G S905X gxl_p212_2g
  67. X96 2G/16G S905W gxl_p281_2g
  68. X96 Mini 2G/16G S905W gxl_p281_2g
  69. Xtreamer Whizz 2G/16G S905H gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit
  70. Z69 3G/32G S905X gxl_p212_3g
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