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  1. <color=#FFFF7CFF><i>Welcome to, <b>Special Containment Procedure: Peanut</b>.</i></color>
  3. <color=#f00>RULES:
  5. > No team killing at all, Team killing is enabled so that SCPs aren’t overrun in a fight
  6. > No teaming with anyone you can't win with
  7. > Class-D Personnel are an exception to the no team killing rule, they can shoot who they want other than Chaos
  8. > Music that is loud enough to cause complaints will cause you to be kicked for the round, If you are going to play music try use a modified sound board or other device
  9. > No camping in any room for too long, you hold up the game and annoy people
  10. > Revenge team killing is not accepted, if someone team kills you take it to an admin.
  11. > Understanding English is a requirement
  12. > Speak English to people if you are going to speak.</color>
  14. <color=#00ff00ff>You can add me personally on Discord for any questions: Lorem#6185
  15. Join the Discord server by clicking: <link="https://discord.gg/Yb7KRVQ">HERE</link></color>
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