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  1. Text Adventure Quest*
  2. Class Selection
  4. >Aeromancer
  5. >Barbarian
  6. >Swordsage
  7. >Warlock
  9. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  11. ---
  13. >Swordsage
  14. You sit on the carriage alongside your brother, leading the modest caravan representing your family. "I can't wait to meet my bride," your brother says, positively beaming. "I'm sure that she's beautiful and clever and ladylike and charming and her hair is silken and-" he just goes on and on. He hasn't even seen the girl since she was six, and yet somehow he's dead certain that she'll be the most rapturous woman in the world.
  16. You grit your teeth and bear it somehow. As a coping mechanism, you mentally go over the lineages of both your family and the Lestranges, in the dim hope that you can discover consanguinity of the fourth degree or something and be able to crush your brother's dreams by informing him that, technically, it would be incest. That wouldn't stop you, sure, but for a more prissy personality such as your brother's, it would suffice. Couldn't dare let the stain of such terrible impropriety hang over him, after all.
  18. You're interrupted from the task of attempting to prevent an arranged marriage by the sound of rushing wind from your brother's direction, a sudden, blissful end to his rambling, and a gurgling. You look over at him, noticing a rather large piece of wood sticking out of his throat. An arrow, presumably, though you can't see the tip, as it seems to be buried well within his neck. Your hands instinctively reach for the hilt of your sword, and your eyes scan the horizon, locating the section of thicket where the arrow probably came from.
  20. Well. At least you won't have to listen to his incessant prattling any longer. On the downside, you may be next. Also, your brother is dead, which you guess is a bad thing, even if he was a prig.
  22. >What do you do?
  24. ---
  26. You shout a warning, then bravely dive within the carriage, eager to avoid your brother's fate. Once there, you courageously lie flat on your belly so as to best assure that no wayward arrows happen to open up any new holes in your body.
  28. The other members the caravan don't seem to share your keen tactical insight, and instead start randomly yelling and moving about. After a while, the sounds of "battle" disappate into nothingness, and one of your family's retainers opens the back of the carriage.
  30. "Ahem," he coughs, when he spots you lying there, "my lord, they seem to have run off."
  32. >What do you do?
  34. ---
  36. "Good," you say, standing up and brushing off the front of your clothes. "My might probably scared them off." The man nods, more out of obedience than genuine belief, you suspect. "How are our people?"
  38. "Everyone's fine, my lord," the man explains. "Well, your brother excepted," he corrects. "Whoever shot him just left, apparently, and they seemed to know the forest well enough to be gone before we could catch them."
  40. "Yes, it's truly a tragedy," you say, shaking your head in a poor impression of sadness. "I suppose we should deliver the news to the Lestranges." You think, but do not say, that this may offer an opportunity to 'console' his former fiance. Only if she's hot, naturally. You haven't seen her since she was six, so who knows?
  42. Actually, if your brother is dead, would that mean that you have to marry her? Now there's a sobering thought.
  44. You get out of the carriage to look around a bit. Your brother's corpse has awkwardly fallen off, and is currently still resting about where it fell. The family doctor is squatting next to him, and just shrugs sheepishly when he sees you.
  46. >What do you do?
  48. ---
  50. Your brother's body presents a quite a conundrum. You're a few days from both your family's estates, and the Lestrange estates. Nothing for it, you suppose. You don't want to have to smell your brother's rotting corpse.
  52. "Right, then," you say, your voice full of authority. "Let us bury my dearly departed brother, before he starts to stink too much." There are solemn nods and murmurs of agreement, and soon enough you - well, your retainers, you mostly supervised while eating your brother's rations - have dug a shallow grave and stuffed your brother's body in it. "Um, bye, I guess," you say in eulogy, giving him a small wave. You were never much of one for speeches. They cover him up with a few shovels of dirt. All his valuables and personal effects have been gathered for 'safekeeping' in your carriage.
  54. The remainder of the trip is rather less eventful, fortunately, and you make your way to the Lestrange estates.
  56. Your brother's former fiance's father (now there's a mouthful), the Lord Kelaine Lestrange, is a bit disbelieving of your story, but it's true, so all you can do is shrug when he picks at the finer details. Eventually, he seems to accept it, if only begrudgingly.
  58. "Then I assume that, given your brother's lamentable death, you will be marrying Adelle?" He asks, eying you with a good deal of suspicion. Adelle! That was her name. God, it was really starting to bother you.
  60. You know enough of the politics regarding the marriage between your two families to know that your parents will probably want one of their sons to marry Adelle, but you could shirk those duties yourself... then again, she could be hot, for all you know, and you'll get married off sooner or later. That's important data which you aren't yet privy to.
  62. You haven't seen Adelle yet, but that could be because Kelaine wants to make you ask in order to see what kind of man you are, or it could be because she's an uggo. A difficult quandary.
  64. >What do you do?
  66. ---
  68. Eh... on the one hand, there's always whores and mistresses, if it turns out Adelle added a few hundred pounds in the past decade and change. On the other, it is better to know in advance what sort of shit one is jumping into, so you try to probe for the information you seek as delicately and diplomatically as possible.
  70. "It has been a very long time since I last saw her," you say, and he nods as if he knows what comes next. "I would prefer to meet her before agreeing to a marriage. I would not want for a lady of the most Genteel and Venerable House of Lestrange to have to marry a man she didn't like."
  72. "Plus, you want to make sure she's pretty, right?" Kelaine says with a grin. You start to feign offense, but he cuts you off. "Adelle!" He cries.
  74. A young woman, her skin a lovely pale shade and her hair a fine, raven black, emerges from one of the doors. "Yes, father?" She's quite striking, a svelte, hourglass figure which is accentuated by the carefully-tailored dress she wears.
  76. He gestures at you. "This is the younger brother of your former fiance."
  78. "Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I, of the Nells," you say, standing politely and bowing to her before returning to your seat. She sits down at her father's side, watching you carefully. "But it's just Baron, among pleasant company."
  80. She nods politely. "I am Adelle Seline, of the Lestranges," she replies.
  82. Great. Now you should probably pretend to have a real conversation with her. Or you could just drop the pretense.
  84. >What do you do?
  86. ---
  88. "Unfortunately," you begin, "my elder brother, your betrothed, was killed on our journey here. If it would please you, I would like to get to know you better."
  90. She tilts her head ever so slightly, a sweet smile remaining on her lips. "Why is that?"
  92. "You know," you say, suddenly a bit awkward, "to be certain that our marriage will be a happy one."
  94. "How very considerate," she says, nodding. "So, what would you like to talk about?"
  96. Small talk. Never a skill you honed, what with 'incidentally, have I mentioned I'm filthy stinking rich?' sufficing as a conversation starter with most of the (peasant) women you've seduced. "What are your hobbies?" You ask, politely.
  98. "I am, like many Lestranges, a Geomancer, and I occupy much of my free time with its study and practice. We tend towards the large, rather than the small, which means the focus is more on subtle or slow effects - predicting army movements, irrigating farmlands, that sort of thing. Oh, but if you get me started, I'll simply ramble on," she says, surprising you with how quickly she changes tack, "you're a Sage of the Sublime Way, is that correct?"
  100. "Yes," you say. You don't really think of it that way - mostly you just think of it as being really good at killing things - but it is the technical term.
  102. "Tell me about it. I'm sure it's simply a fascinating art."
  104. Well, truthfully, you mostly use it for dealing out death and have never paid much attention to the more erudite tenets. She hardly seems to notice, and you explain and expound all the different ways in which one manipulates a sword in order to kill other people - of which, you know well, there are quite a few. Each explanation is met with small, relevant questions, and she seems positively enraptured with the discussion, placing her chin in one hand as she listens to you.
  106. After only a little while, one of your furtive glances at her ample bosom seems to be caught, and she adjusts in her chair. You're pleasantly surprised, however, when her new position seems to grant you an even better perspective on her breasts, and she gives you a sultry smile when she catches your next glance.
  108. All in all, the conversation goes incredibly well - though, it must be admitted, more due to her influence than yours. Each time you flag or falter, she keeps up the flow of conversation, asking new questions, changing the subject ever so subtly to something else. Eventually, however, her father clears his throat.
  110. "Sir Baron, I believe you have had quite enough time to get to know my daughter. And, I believe she finds you to be a quite satisfactory groom?" He says, glancing at Adelle, who nods. "There hardly seems much left to do, then, but have the wedding. Unless," he pauses, "you do not find her satisfactory?"
  112. >What do you do?
  114. ---
  116. There's some small part of you that thinks this is a trap of some sort, that Adelle's charm and interest are affectations to lure you into something you'll later regret. There's another part of you - which shall remain unmentioned - that doesn't care, and it seems to be rather larger, and only becoming moreso at the thought of sharing a marital bed with her.
  118. "She is most lovely," you say, in response to Lord Kelaine's question, "I would be a very fortunate man indeed to have her as my wife."
  120. "Then," he says, proudly, as he stands, "there's nothing left but the wedding."
  122. The wedding is a fairly large gathering, a mixture of both the Nell and Lestrange's retainers - as well as much of the Lestrange family, a half dozen younger sisters and older brothers in attendance altogether - and there's plenty of wine. You avoid drinking overmuch, worried about its influence on your ability to perform, and Adelle remains pleasantly close to you during the ceremony proper, her body rubbing gently against yours.
  124. Once all the appropriate words are said, she leads you by the hand to her room. You close the door behind you as she spins around to face you.
  126. "My lord husband," she says, smiling as she sits on her bed, leaning back on her hands, "what would you have of your lady wife?"
  128. "I think you know," you say, staring down at her as you step towards her.
  130. "I think I can guess the generalities," she says, looking up at you, "but I'd like to know the specifics."
  132. >What do you do?
  134. ---
  136. "Right," you say. "First, take off that dress. We can't do any of the other things I want with it on." Her hands move up to her shoulders, and she shrugs off the straps, slowly slinking out of her dress, revealing her lithe, nude form bit by bit. She stares at you lustily as she moves, never taking her eyes from yours. Her nipples are visibly hard when they reveal themselves, and her breasts hardly sag at all when the dress falls away from them. With a gentle undulation, she shrugs it away from her groin. Her panties cling tightly to her lower lips, and she has a bit of difficulty pulling them off as a consequence. They fall, moist in exactly the right way, to the ground.
  138. "And now?" She asks, smiling up at you.
  140. In silent response, you lean over her, your mouth meeting hers before you start to slowly push her onto her back with your weight. One hand helps to balance your weight, while the other slowly traces her outline, eventually making its way all the way down to her pussy. Two fingers slip inside her easily, her inner walls almost sucking them in in a desperate attempt to coax them further. Soon enough, you start to move them back and forth inside her, prompting slight jerks.
  142. Your remove your mouth from hers, to her visible disappointment, instead moving to her breasts, suckling one nipple, then the other. Then you make slow, gentle kisses down her taut belly towards her sex.
  144. "W-wait," she says as you kiss her belly button. "P-please don't." You're practically kneeling at this point, and look up at her, surprised. "I'm- it's-" she stumbles, trying to put together her thoughts, suddenly at a loss for words. "I don't really like the - you know, the thought of teeth, down there. It's not that I don't trust you, but, it just, I can't think of anything else and-"
  146. You nod, and she falls silent, sighing in relief as you raise yourself back up to stand over her. You grab her legs, moving her fully onto the bed. With a quick motion, your pants are off and you follow her onto the bed, balancing your weight on both hands as you loom over her. You tease your cock at her entrance, and she smiles nervously up at you, almost apologetic.
  148. "I know it's silly," she starts, "I'm sor-" she says, but she's interrupted by you pressing your mouth to hers, silencing her with your tongue. Her hands reach around your back, and you grip your cock by the base with one hand as you gently enter her. Her whole body tenses slightly when your head makes its way in, her tongue freezing inside her mouth, but she quickly returns to normal afterwards, and you continue to move deeper and deeper into her, slowly and gently to ensure that she's not made uncomfortable. When at last your entire length rests within her, she breaks off from your kiss. Her teeth bite on her lower lip as she hesitates ever so slightly before saying, "Fuck me."
  150. You've never been one to ignore such a request from a beautiful woman, and you pull out before thrusting back into her, nestling your mouth in the crook of her neck, tenderly kissing it. Your thrusts are gentle at first, but her ardent requests - demands, almost - for you to go harder and faster are more than enough to motivate you to do so. As you approach your maximum speed, she starts to squeak when you bottom out, a swallowed shriek of delight each time your groins merge completely. One of her hands moves from your back to her mouth, and she bites down on her index finger, eyes rolling up in what is either pleasure or an attempt at regaining composure - or, more likely still, both.
  152. You want to see her lose control, to collapse completely into ecstasy, so you press the attack, one hand reaching down to rub against her lower mound and tease at her. She gasps as you thumb her clitoris, as if suddenly out of breath, and swallows audibly. You can tell she's close, and she seems to be holding off, intentionally, even. "Come for me," you whisper in her ear, and almost immediately she does. Her hand falls out of her mouth, landing on the bed beside her, and her whole body tenses as she breathes out in staggered pants, eyes wide. Her insides squeeze and clutch at your manhood, and it's enough to send you over the edge, biting down on your tongue as you jerk inside her, your seed filling her insides.
  154. You fall onto her, and she gently runs her fingers through your hair for a moment as the two of you recover, breathing hard. You roll over, flopping onto your back. She seems to recover before you, sitting up on one arm and looking at you. "Do you mind it?"
  156. "Mind - what?"
  158. She opens her mouth, briefly placing a fingertip on her tongue before using it to point to your groin.
  160. You nod in comprehension. "N-no," you say, still catching your breath, "but everyone's different," you say, trying to reassure her. Her question seems to have had a different intent from your first guess, however: she's already crawling over to sit between your legs.
  162. She looks up at you, licking her lips, and then leans down towards your girth, one hand sweeping around her forehead to gather her hair, ensuring you can see every bit of the show that's about to come. Her tongue laps at your cock, making tantalizing and gentle motions in places which are still quite sensitive. It's a spirited effort, but not quite enough to rally the little guy for a round two. She doesn't seem to mind, apparently using your mixed juices as a way to gauge her progress, ensuring that she gets every inch of your surface even as your cock flags further under her ministrations. When she feels she's done enough, she gives a single, tiny kiss to the head, staring up at you as she does, smiling with her eyes.
  164. She crawls back to your side, resting her head on your chest before sighing. You wrap one arm around her, and she clings closer to you in response, her hair falling in pools across your shirt. Absently, with your free hand, you pull the blankets over the two of you before sleep finally claims you.
  168. You wake up, seeing Adelle still resting her head on top of you, snoring softly. You run your fingers through her hair for a moment, trying to collect your thoughts.
  170. Right. Marriage consummated, that's good, that's what you're here for. Nell-Lestrange marriage alliance status: forged. Thoroughly. Your reverie is interrupted by the distant sounds of yelling from elsewhere in the keep. By the tone and what few words you can catch, it sounds like somebody's quite irate with their underling(s), a good distance away from you. Adelle shifts slightly in her sleep, mumbling softly. The hand on your abdomen rubs slightly at you.
  172. >What do you do?
  174. ---
  176. You glance out the window again, guessing the time. It's a while after dawn, by the looks of the shadows. You're a bit late to rise, it seems. You glance down at Adelle again, shaking her softly. She looks up at you, eyes still lidded with sleep.
  178. "Mmm?" she murmurs.
  180. "It's morning, Adelle," you say. "We should probably head to breakfast - if it hasn't started already."
  182. She nods, stretching and yawning as she gets off you. The movements show off her body wonderfully, and while you'd love to delve into all the promises her curves make, you know you have all the time in the world for that - later.
  184. She starts to dress, and you just watch her from your position on the bed. She smiles at you when she notices your stare, but doesn't make much of a show. "Ah, your clothes," she says in realization when she finishes and you remain in bed.
  186. "One of my family's retainers has probably placed them at your door," you say, and she nods, quickly moving to the door, opening it slightly and peeking around. She comes back in with a large chest, which you recognize. "That'll be it, thanks," you say, rising up. Your cock waggles lewdly back and forth as you make your way to the chest. You notice her staring at your groin, and smile at her. She blushes slightly, bowing her head but continuing to give occasional glances at your groin until you dress yourself.
  188. Somehow, the two of you make it to breakfast without breaking down and fucking, but it's a near thing. The rest of her family is already eating when you arrive, and you get knowing looks and the occasional shit-eating grin and 'thumbs up' from Adelle's brothers; Adelle gets her own set from her mother and some of her sisters.
  190. The two of you sit down next to one another, and start to eat what's put in front of you by the servants. You start to dig in, table manners never your talent even at the best of times. Adelle eats rather more daintily, occasionally giving you worried, sidelong glances. You feel a little guilty, and try to rein yourself in a bit.
  192. The Lord Kelaine Lestrange, however, eyes you warily. After what seems a very long while, he speaks.
  194. "Did you know that the most Genteel and Venerable House of Lestrange has, in its possession, the Blade of Celestial Fire, a sword hand-forged by the Sun Maiden herself?"
  196. "...Yes?" You venture. You're pretty sure that they're the family with that sword. Swords are kind of your hobby.
  198. "That is unfortunate, since we do not."
  200. Then that question doesn't make much sense, you think, but he continues.
  202. "Because it was stolen last night. The only unusual people in the keep were my family," he says, with a sweeping gesture, "and your retainers. And you, of course, but I imagine you were quite pre-occupied."
  204. Adelle places a hand on your thigh beneath the table, comforting you, but offers no advice.
  206. >What do you do?
  208. ---
  210. >Play dumb.
  212. "That's very unfortunate, my lord," you say, "if I knew anything of the theft, I would certainly tell you. Do you have any leads?"
  214. Kelaine's gaze shifts slightly to your side, to Adelle, who just shrugs as if to say either 'I dunno' or 'don't look at me.'
  216. "I strongly suspect," he begins, looking back to you, "that one of your servants might have stolen it in the night."
  218. You puff up your chest, imitating your recently deceased elder brother for a moment. "I would readily search all of my servants and their belongings to assure you, sir."
  220. "That's just it," Kelaine says evenly. "One of your retainers was seen scaling the castle walls in the night, with a sheathed sword - almost certainly the Blade of Celestial Fire - in his possession."
  222. That takes the wind out of your sails a bit. "What?"
  224. "Yes. It would appear he believed he could simply leave without being seen. Nobody saw him slip back in, so perhaps he had a good guess, but he was here this morning, blustering his innocence." The Lord Kelaine suddenly begins to wave his arms erratically, his voice a ridiculous falsetto. "Oh, I didn't do anything," he says, "please don't hurt me, blah de blah." He resumes his previous stance. "He is already in custody, naturally, though the sword is not with him."
  226. "Oh."
  228. "I hope you understand, the, ah, diplomatic damage this could deal to relations between our families." Kelaine gives you an appraising look. "Or, if not, Adelle could explain to you."
  230. "I think I can guess," you say, shifting awkwardly in your seat.
  232. "Yes, well, it would certainly go a long way towards fixing things if you saw to the recovery of the blade." He narrows his eyes. "Personally."
  236. ---
  238. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  239. Chapter 2
  241. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­ I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  243. On your way to his wedding, your older brother - who has a similarly overly long name that will not be repeated here - got shot in the throat by some sort of assassin. Although you were briefly frightened for your own life, it turned out to be an auspicious day for you, since with him out of the way, you got to marry his fiance, Adelle (incidentally - total looker).
  245. After your wedding, you had sexual intercourse with your new wife in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation. It was pretty good.
  247. The next day at breakfast, your new father-in-law, the Lord Kelaine Lestrange, informed you that one of your retainers stole a family heirloom of the Lestranges: the Blade of Celestial Fire. It seems as if he expects you to do something about it.
  249. >What do you do?
  250. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  252. ---
  254. "Ah, er, yeah," you say, fumbling for words, "obviously." You shake your head, trying to remember what sort of things your brother would say in this situation. "I should probably go interrogate the retainer in question, so as to help verify things. Adelle?" You ask, as you stand up. She nods, leading you to the dungeons where the man in question is being kept.
  256. "Oh, thank goodness, my lord," he begins, blubbering like a gigantic blubbering baby. "I knew you'd come to help me."
  258. You crack your knuckles and rotate your neck in response, eying him, a predatory glint in your eye.
  260. " lord?" He mumbles, eyes wide.
  262. "My lord husband is quite irritable at the moment," Adelle begins, "he feels hurt. Betrayed by those he trusted." She places one hand on your shoulder as if to try to hold you back. "It would be best if you told him what he wants to know quickly. Emotions can run so high, in times like these, and who would blame him if they manifested themselves physically?"
  264. "I don't know anything! I didn't do anything!" He whines, shrinking back against the wall.
  266. "You were seen running off with the Blade of Celestial Fire by the guards," Adelle supplies, while you remain silent and stalk towards him threateningly. He swallows, eyes flicking back and forth between you and Adelle.
  268. "It must be a mistake," he says. There's the sound of trickling water, and you look down to see he's wet himself.
  270. "Oh, that's just disgusting," you say, rolling your eyes. "This a trick? Pee yourself so I won't want to touch you? Because it's working." You draw your sword from its sheath and shake it threateningly in the air, making the man shrink back even further up against the wall, trying to crawl away like a spider. "But I can still whap you with the flat of my sword!"
  272. "My lord husband," Adelle says, hands on your shoulder again, "perhaps a bit of lenience is in order? He may be telling the truth, for all either of us know, after all..."
  274. >What do you do?
  276. ---
  278. You pull back a little. "If it was a mistake, where were you yesterday, and what were you doing?"
  280. "I-I was in bed! Sleeping!"
  282. "A likely story," you say, sarcasm dripping from your voice. You start hitting him with the flat of your blade.
  284. "Ow!"
  286. "What were you doing?!"
  288. "Sleeping! Ow! Ow! That really hurts, you know!"
  290. "Yes, I know, that's why I'm doing it!"
  292. "But I really don't know anything!" He curls up into the fetal position as you rain down blows on him.
  294. Adelle clears her throat. "My lord husband, perhaps some further questions asked elsewhere would help?"
  296. Great, you think, not married a whole day and I'm already being nagged by the wife to stop hitting people. You pull away from the man, doing that thing where you look like you're going to attack him one last time to get a nice cringe out of him, and leave.
  298. Inquiries to the guards suggest that one of them spotted the man leaving with a sword. When you ask why he didn't do anything, he responds with a simple "I'm supposed to keep people from coming in, not from going out."
  300. "Even if they're stealing an ancestral sword?"
  302. He shrugs. "Coulda been any sword."
  304. "But he did get in," you say, almost scowling at him.
  306. "Not during my watch he didn't," the guard says, crossing his arms and puffing out his chest in pride. You don't really get any more information out of him, despite spirited attempts, possibly because he isn't very bright. His description of the retainer is pretty spot-on, however.
  308. >What do you do?
  310. ---
  312. >[null vote]
  314. Annoyed at your lack of progress, you grumble and kick at the dirt. Adelle moves to your side, gently touching your arm and back. "My lord," she says, her voice gentle, compassionate. "If I may make a recommendation?"
  316. You shrug and look to her, expectantly. After a moment of silence, you realize she's waiting for your command. "You may," you say, suddenly awkward.
  318. "The sword itself is what's truly important, and we know one place it is not - here, in the Lestrange estates. Our families' retainers know little and less. And there may be other... unfortunate elements, among your family's retainers, or mine's. We could set out together, to find it."
  320. >What do you do?
  322. ---
  324. "Well, I guess, if you want to," you say. "We don't really have any idea where to go, though, do we?"
  326. Adelle blinks rapidly a few times, then lowers her head, avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry, my lord, I've been a fool. I'm very sorry, but I have been quite reclusive my whole life, spending my time among family and the female staff, in order to help ensure my chastity, so I didn't realize that you wouldn't know. My family's geomancy is quite useful for tracking. I could tell you the most likely general direction of the thief, if given a few minutes for meditation."
  328. "Oh. Then do that."
  330. She nods, sitting down on the ground in the lotus position, eyes closed. For the next few minutes you study every line of her body as she meditates, just enjoying the slight heaving of her chest. When she finishes, she shakes her head for a moment before looking at you. "They almost certainly went north, following the road that heads towards the port of Arcine. We could gather some supplies and start riding now, unless you have another plan."
  332. >What do you do?
  334. ---
  336. "No, that's a good plan," you say, and Adelle smiles, apparently relieved. "Go tell your father of our plans, and get yourself ready."
  338. She nods and heads off. You gather up coin, food, bandages, healing potions and other such useful supplies, and take your best horse. When next you see Adelle, she's wearing a functional tunic combined with leggings and a long undershirt - nicely emphasizing her feminine features even as they both protect her modesty and allow her to ride a horse astride. Her hair's been done back into a low ponytail, and she's guiding her own horse, already loaded up with her baggage. The two of you ride off, horses side by side, and make light conversation, occasionally digging into the rations you've gathered.
  340. Eventually, night nears, but as luck would have it, there's a small tavern/inn, apparently meant for travellers like yourself and Adelle.
  342. "We could stay here, my lord," she says. "It would provide an opportunity for better food these rations, and it would mean our second night together would be indoors, at least. Who knows? They might even know something useful."
  344. >What do you do?
  346. ---
  348. "Yeah, sounds like a plan," you say, beginning to get the feeling that you're going to be getting lead around a lot by Adelle. Oh well, at least the view's nice, you think, watching her backside as she enters the building before you. Questions to the bar owner get you a description of a young woman with a sword, most likely an affiliate or mastermind of the whole thieving operation, who apparently didn't even bother to pay up when she left. You pay in advance.
  350. You sit down with Adelle, admittedly tired and a bit sore from riding for all that time, but she picks you up, telling an absolutely hilarious story about how one of her brothers learned about sex that won't be repeated here for the sake of time.
  352. The bartender apparently has a daughter named Trissa who delivers your food and eyes you hungrily, licking her lips. She's young but busty, and her clothing choice is clearly selected to emphasize and exaggerate her breasts' size, just as her blonde pigtails seem designed to do with her youth. She leans over as she makes certain that you're satisfied, giving you a direct view down her cleavage that you can't help but take advantage of.
  354. You feel Adelle's foot touch your shin, and for the briefest moment, you worry she's kicking you. Almost immediately, however, you realize that the tap is gentle, probing. Her toes crawl up your leg, inching upward until they reach your knee, whereupon they move to the inside of your legs. You feel what you can only assume is her big toe, pressing against the crotch of your pants, and she stares at you, smiling nonchalantly as it traces small circles around your groin. When she feels she's gotten your attention well enough, the foot falls away, occasionally brushing at your ankles as you eat.
  356. When Trissa comes up to the two of you again, Adelle gives her a winning smile and strikes up a bit of conversation. "Dear," she says sweetly, "do you have a husband? Or a paramour?"
  358. "Er, no husband ma'am," Trissa says, brow furrowed, "and I don't know what a paramour is."
  360. "A man to whom you are not wed but with whom you regularly make love," Adelle supplies.
  362. "Oh, then no."
  364. Adelle nods to herself, closing her eyes for a brief moment. "It is quite difficult for a woman to keep certain desires in check without a regular release from her lover, isn't it?" Her toes brush against your ankle again and she passes you a brief glance. "My husband," she continues, her fingers running along the back of your hand, lingering on your wedding ring as she looks back Trissa, "seems to be quite expert at handling a woman's more carnal urges. I wonder if he would help you in suppressing yours?" Her calm demeanor cracks for a moment as she looks back at you, suddenly worried. "Of course, it would be completely up to him..."
  366. Trissa, for her part, is confused by Adelle's reaction, but still seems up for it.
  368. >What do you do?
  370. ---
  372. You look at Adelle, a mixture of awe and trepidation overpowering your ability to speak for the moment. "A-are you serious?" You ask, almost certain this is a trap. Adelle just nods nervously, chewing on her lower lip. "Absolutely, darling," you say, before reaching across the table for Adelle, pulling her in to a sloppy, awkward, but passionate kiss. She positively melts in your grasp, breathing heavily when you let her go. You stand quickly, grabbing Trissa and pulling her towards your room. Adelle sits watching dreamily, chin balanced on her hands, until you gesture for her to follow you. At that, she quickly scrambles to catch up.
  374. When the three of you are finally in the room, you stand in front of Trissa, while Adelle stands off to the side, watching the two of you as she leans against the door. Wanting to encourage your wife's involvement, you look to her. "Help little Trissa get out of her clothing, would you, dear?" Trissa starts to undress, but Adelle is there in moments, hands controlling as she gradually removes layers from Trissa's clothing, turning the awkward fumblings of the girl into a positive strip tease. At last, Trissa is nude, and Adelle eyes you hungrily from behind Trissa, her hands still on the girl's shoulders.
  376. Trissa seems for quite proud of her assets, and doesn't shy away from your lusty looks, instead puffing out her chest in an attempt to attract your attention. Your eyes flick over Trissa's shoulders, to your wife's steady gaze. "What do you think I should do with her?"
  378. Adelle smiles cruelly, but her voice is level when she speaks, and Trissa can't see her face. "Whatever you think is best, my lord husband."
  380. You nod, turning back to Trissa, who beams happily in response. "Lean over the bed," you command, and she does so, smiling as she looks over her shoulders back at you, her ass waving in the air, her pussy visibly moist. You disrobe quickly, not interested in making a show of it, and when you're nude, you lean over her, your cock teasingly placed between her thighs. "You insulted my wife with your behavior," you whisper in her ear.
  382. "S-sorry?" She tries, uncertain what you want from her.
  384. You just smile and shake your head, gripping your cock around the base and thrusting inside her as you lean back up. Adelle is slightly off to the side, and you motion to her. She seems a bit confused about what she could possibly do to participate in what's going on. "Adelle, darling," you say, even as you continue to thrust inside of Trissa, "play with her a little bit. You'd know a woman's body better than me."
  386. Adelle moves around, standing by your side and leaning over Trissa. One hand snakes its way around her stomach, and you feel the slight motions as she plays with the girl's clit. The other reaches for one of Trissa's big breasts, toying with it in a way you can't quite see, but which seems to be quite stimulating for her.
  388. "Do you get off on hitting on other women's husbands?" You ask, a tremor of anger in your voice as you thrust inside her. Adelle looks up at you, her expression a mixture of surprise and... what is that, joy? Trissa just moans and nods frantically, unable to speak through all the stimulation you and Adelle are putting her through. "Little slut," you almost spit, and Trissa loses her balance, one arm sliding away. It makes her flop forward, and Adelle instinctively tries to lift her by tightening her grip on her tit. The sudden stimulation to her breast, combined with everything else going on, is apparently enough to send her over the edge, and you feel her vagina squeeze and spasm around you, enjoying the sensation but too far from your own orgasm for it to push you there.
  390. Neither you or Adelle let her orgasm stop you for a moment, and you just keep pounding over and over again, watching as she shudders on the bed in a haze of pleasure, her mouth falling open, drool pooling on the sheets. She tries to collect herself after a bit, but that just makes you work harder and faster. "Fucking slut," you hiss, "you're so lucky that I even deign to fuck you, you know that?" She nods as best she can, and Adelle moves her hands away from their positions on Trissa's body, instead moving to stand behind you. Her breasts press against your back through her tunic, and her hands run across your chest, her thumbs gently teasing at your nipples for a moment, before they reach down for your groin, rubbing through your pubic hair.
  392. "I think the little harlot isn't capable of saying anything of much import at the moment, if she ever was," Adelle whispers in your ear. "You should try seeing if her mouth is any good for other things."
  394. You nod, only too glad to listen to your wife's suggestions at the moment. You pull out suddenly, a loud, wet noise filling the room, and watch Trissa pant on the bed for a moment, wiggling her ass in the air to try to get you to fuck her some more. You just slap it, loudly, and reach down for one of her pigtails. With gentle but insistent tugs, you pull her around, forcing her onto her knees in front of you, and she stares up at you, still a little hazy from the thorough fucking you and Adelle gave her. You slap your cock against the side of her cheek. "Open up," and she does. Her mouth hangs open, her tongue lewdly lying out, and you grip your cock by the base as you guide it in. Adelle repositions herself again, this time squatting at your side. She looks up at you, her tongue gently licking at the lowermost part of your cock.
  396. Once your cock is located firmly in Trissa's mouth, your hands wrap around her pigtails, using them to maneuver her back and forth on your manhood. Adelle draws away slightly, giving you plenty of space to use Trissa's mouth how you want. Her throat resists each time you reach it, but that doesn't stop you from trying very hard to push past it. In short order, her eyes start to roll up a little as tears streak down her cheeks, but she doesn't stop sucking hungrily. In fact, you notice that Adelle has at some point quietly returned her hands to Trissa's crotch, and they rapidly work to stimulate her, earning the occasional gurgle of delight around your cock.
  398. Adelle looks away from Trissa's activities, shifting her attention up to you. "My lord," she says, voice hesitant, "may I be the one to ensure that Trissa here does her job properly?" You nod, and Adelle moves around behind her, her body pressing up tight to Trissa's, one hand placed on the back of the girl's head, the other lying between her legs, moving with great intensity. You release your grip on Trissa's pigtails.
  400. "How does it feel?" Adelle asks, whispering in Trissa's ear, her hand pressing Trissa into your groin, hard. "To be used by a man? Even though you know that no matter what you do, you'll never be as good as his wife? That you'll never properly be his?"
  402. Trissa just gurgles ineffectually around your cock, stimulating it with her tongue and lips as she tries to respond. Adelle's face twitches, a mixture of anger and contempt radiating from her expression as she looks down at the girl.
  404. "You can't even properly pleasure him with your mouth," she continues, pulling Trissa back briefly, earning a half-panicked gasp, before she presses her forward again, and again you meet Trissa's throat, which wraps around your tip before completely stopping you. "If you could take his entire length, you might have some tiny chance, but you can't even do that, can you?" As she speaks, she pistons Trissa's head back and forth again and again, faster and faster. "You're worthless, a pathetic little slattern with aspirations far above her station."
  406. Adelle's rough handling of Trissa, combined with her words, are incredibly stimulating. Adelle leans back when your hand grip Trissa's pigtails again, watching your face as you pull the girl down hard on your cock and explode in the back of her mouth. Adelle smiles up at you, and you're looking at nothing but her eyes as you jerk back and forth with your cock half-buried into Trissa's mouth. When at last you finish, you pull out, some of your seed following your cock and some having preceded it and dripping onto the floor. Trissa seems quite embarrassed at that, trying to stop herself from losing any more as she cranes her neck upwards and swallows, hands wiping at her chin.
  408. Adelle's breathing heavily, still wearing that tunic, and giving you the most "fuck me" look you've ever seen on a woman.
  410. >What do you do?
  412. ---
  414. "Gods," you breathe, looking down at Adelle, "I couldn't have hoped for a better wife." She blushes, and you reach down for her, taking her in both hands and lifting her whole body onto the bed in one easy motion. You practically leap on after her, placing your body above hers. She's clothed, you're nude, but a quick hand under her tunic and a yank to the waist of her leggings begins to fix that little problem. You slip her panties down, and they cling tightly to her as you struggle. The moment you manage though, the smell of her arousal is overwhelming. You lean forward above her, your mouth kissing at her neck lovingly, longingly, passionately, and you're inside her in a moment.
  416. She's positively dripping wet, far more than she ever was during your first time together, and you start to work inside of her as fast and hard as possible, pulling her clothes off to the best of your limited ability. Adelle works alongside you, helping you and doing it herself where you aren't positioned properly for it.
  418. Trissa, meanwhile, seems to have recovered, and is sort of awkwardly standing nearby, arms crossed. Adelle turns her head to look at her, even as you continue to fuck her, even as you bite down teasingly on one exposed nipple. "Girl," Adelle says, voice insistent, commanding. "Are you going to just stand there?"
  420. "Uh, um," Trissa says, clearly wanting to be someplace else.
  422. "Get over here," Adelle orders, gesturing to her with one free hand, the other firmly placed on your butt cheek, pulling you into her insistently with each thrust. Trissa quickly obeys, standing by the bedside, hands pressed together. "How do you want her, my lord?"
  424. You're busy thrusting inside of Adelle, and are quite surprised at her degree of composure at the moment. You slow down, looking at Trissa, who gives you a nervous smile. There's still a few streaks of tears near her eyes and the glint of smeared cum on her chin. "Get behind me," you say, and you hear her more than see her as she shuffles, kneeling behind you. "Move to let my wife get a good grip on those pigtails."
  426. "Um, okay," Trissa says, still uncertain, and leans down, placing her face near your butt in order to let Adelle reach her pigtails. "But I don't see what-"
  428. "Now lick my asshole," you order.
  430. "Wh-what? C-come on," she says, but Adelle is apparently stronger than her, yanking her head forward, her nose pressing in between your buttcheeks.
  432. "You heard my husband," Adelle hisses, as she tries to get a good sightline on Trissa, "lick his anus."
  434. There's a few more hard yanks on Trissa's hair, each of which wind up pushing you further inside of Adelle, causing brief, flares of pleasure across an otherwise angry expression, before she gives a muffled "okay!" A moment later, a tongue tentatively reaches out, licking you, and you can hear the sound of a barely-contained retch a moment later.
  436. You turn around, worried that perhaps you and/or Adelle have gone a bit far, but you notice that Trissa is currently balancing on her legs and one hand - the other being pre-occupied with keeping her stimulated. You snort and shake your head, turning your attention back to Adelle. Your work inside of her is still vigorous, if made a bit more difficult by the presence of Trissa's face pressed against your ass.
  438. Adelle is breathing hard, her eyes seeming to bore holes into yours, and you reach one hand to cup her face, holding her there while you kiss her. The other slips down to her groin again, fingers loosely tracing her lips even as you pound your cock in and out of her. Your mouth moves down, kissing and suckling at her breasts, and she starts to gasp and pant. Your fingers gently make their way further down, until one finally circles around her anus. She gasps, looking at you in surprise before giving a small nod, biting her lower lip sweetly.
  440. One finger gently makes its way inside, and she throws her head back, rolling it back and forth. By the way she's tugging on Trissa's hair, you can only assume she wants you to keep going. So you do, fucking her hard as you push your finger slowly further inside. When you're up past the second joint, her eyes roll up in her head, a groan escaping her lips as she comes. You can feel her anus try to strangle your finger as her vagina tries to do the same to your cock, and you stop moving, holding yourself deep inside of her and just riding the wave of her orgasm. Her arms tense and yank Trissa towards you, prompting a pained, muffled yelp as the girl's hair is pulled, hard, her tongue being pulled exceptionally into your anus in the motion.
  442. When Adelle comes down from her ecstatic high, her arms visibly relax, releasing Trissa's hair. But now, Trissa seems quite dedicated to the task before her, and continues to lap lovingly at your anus. Adelle just pants, hard, below you, and you press your finger further up into her, making her blink and roll her eyes up in dulled pleasure, her breath staggering with the motion.
  444. You fuck her hard, now, wanting to fill her with your seed, and you're not as gentle as you might have been. She's more than accepting of you, nodding and giving contented mumbles as she tries to recover. You press your finger up again, finally burying it completely inside of her up to the knuckle, and she rolls her head around, as if to try to reassure herself that she did feel it right.
  446. "It's all the way in," you confirm, and she blinks rapidly and smiles.
  448. "Mmm, you're filling me up, my lord," she manages, her voice soft and sleepy. In silent response, you twist your wrist slightly, your finger rotating inside of her. She gasps, biting her tongue.
  450. Fucking Trissa first may have improved your endurance for Adelle, but you're only human. "I'm going to come," you murmur.
  452. Adelle nods, smiling. "Fill me up even more, my lord," she whispers back to you. "My body is for you." With your free hand, you grab her by the small of her neck, pulling her upwards, into you, for a passionate kiss, and come inside of her, shuddering in satisfaction as you do. You gently pull your finger out of Adelle, feeling her vagina and anus constrict in reaction, feeding the incredible pleasure you were already enjoying.
  454. Sensing your completion, Trissa withdraws from her task, awkwardly and quietly gathering her things as you hold yourself above Adelle, looking down at her again. She just smiles up at you, pulling a hand up to your face, her fingers slowly tracing your features. Her mouth opens, as if to say something, but then closes, and she shakes her head. She kisses you, softly, on the lips, just a brief little peck.
  456. You manage, somehow, to fall onto your back without ever collapsing on Adelle, a titanic effort if ever there was one. Adelle rises, still nude, and pulls the blanket over the two of you before cuddling at your side again, just like last night.
  460. You awaken after Adelle this time, and she's already clothed, another tunic and fresh underclothes on. She's reading through a book you don't recognize, sitting on a chair by your bedside. Occasionally, she looks away from the book and upward, making small motions with one hand and mouthing something.
  462. >What do you do?
  464. ---
  466. "Morning," you say, stifling a yawn as you shift in bed, sitting up against the wall. She snaps her book shut, turning to you. Her eyes wander down to look at your chest for a moment before she catches herself and focuses her attention on your face. "What's that you're reading, then?"
  468. "Ah," she says, a bit embarrassed, "just brushing up on my Geomancy. I've always spent a great deal of time studying it. I suppose some might call it a passion of mine."
  470. "Anything interesting?"
  472. Adelle winces, offering one of those pained smiles. "It's a bit theoretical," she says at last. "I don't think I could explain it without explaining a lot of underlying principles, which we hardly have time for."
  474. >What do you do?
  476. ---
  478. You rise from bed, stretching and yawning as you do. From what glances you catch as you adjust every muscle in your body, Adelle seems to practically ogle you, though she quickly looks elsewhere every time you catch her. Eventually, you start to get dressed, and Adelle focuses in on her book very intently, nose all but touching the page.
  480. "Come on then," you say, once you finish dressing. "Let's go get breakfast."
  482. Adelle nods, hopping daintily off her seat and following you downstairs. Trissa seems to largely avoid the two of you, and Adelle gives her the occasional cruel leer, accompanying each one by resting one of her hands on one of yours.
  484. After a delightful breakfast, you and Adelle leave the tavern. At your suggestion, she meditates briefly, confirming that your sword thief is still headed north. You take an extra moment to ensure that nothing is missing before you leave, and the two of you mount your horses and head off.
  486. >Roll 1d20 for Spot.
  488. ---
  490. >2
  491. >Yeah, no.
  493. You and Adelle are just peacefully making your way through the forest, minding your own business, occasionally talking a bit about one of your families, when you hear a voice come from the somewhere ahead and above you.
  495. "Which is more important to you, stranger - your wealth or your health? That's not a philosophical question or anything. I mean that I'm going to shoot you if you don't give me your money."
  497. You turn to look at where the voice is coming from. There's a Satyr girl... a female Satyr. A Satyress? You can't remember. Anyway, it's a woman looking for all the world to be in the flower of youth, short, reddish-brown hair fluffing wildly about her head. A pair of horns about as long from base to tip as your hand curl out of her forehead, and below the waist, her body becomes that of a goat, furred in the same color as her hair, with hooves instead of feet. Her breasts are bare, small things, still growing by the looks of them.
  499. She's standing in a very good position, distant enough to be out of easy sword reach, but close enough to hit you. She's got a bow, and three arrows in her hand, each one pressed between a different pair of fingers. And she's pointing all of them at you.
  501. >What do you do?
  503. ---
  505. "Let me ask you something." The Satyress raises her eyebrows, suggesting for you to continue. "You could steal my money," she nods at that, very enthusiastically, "spend it all, and get yourself enough food for, say, a month," she narrows her eyes at that, as if you just suggested she use it to buy a golden tiara. "Then you're going to go out alone, hope you find-"
  507. You're interrupted by the quite painful sensation of an arrow piercing your upper thigh.
  509. "Argh! Fuck!" You yell, the pain in your leg flashing through your entire body. "You fucking shot me! I was talking to you!"
  511. "I know! That's what made it so easy to shoot you!" She's grinning like a maniac as she says that, still holding two arrows in her hand and holding her bow at the ready. "You're right, though," she says, suddenly solemn. "We should have a proper discussion. Like civilized people." She lets fly another arrow, this one hitting your shoulder.
  513. "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" You yell, enraged. That really fucking hurts.
  515. "Whoopsie!" She says, a giddy smile on her face. She teases the bowstring for a moment, and you cringe involuntarily.
  517. "Chara," says another, taller female Satyr... Satyress... whatever, who appears from the foliage behind her. This one looks at least a decade older, dirty blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, breasts firm and adult. "If you keep shooting him, he'll die eventually."
  519. "So? If he dies, we can take his stuff without having to worry about him fighting back!"
  521. "Chara..." the other Satyress warns.
  523. "Fine," Chara huffs, lowering the bow slightly, but still keeping her arrows at the ready. "You're no fun, Despina."
  525. "Ah, good," you say, "now, as I was saying-"
  527. "We're still robbing you," Despina says, dismissively. "I'm just saying there's no real reason to kill you, right now. So hand over your money, and we can all go our separate ways."
  529. >What do you do?
  531. ---
  533. "Fine, fine," you say, through gritted teeth. Your ruffle through your saddlebags until you pull out a coin pouch. It's not the only one you have, but it's of an appropriate size for a man and his wife, and you toss it underhandedly at the two of them.
  535. Despina catches it, and sets to counting it as she does. When that's done, she ties it onto her belt, and looks back at you. "Now that our transaction is concluded, I hope there are no hard feelings."
  537. "Of course there are hard feelings!" You shout. "You shot me! Twice!"
  539. "Ah, yes, well," Despina says, looking suitably chastised, running her hoof through the dirt, "that was Chara, not me."
  541. "It was funny!" Chara says, voice petulant. In lieu of response, Despina pats Chara's head, making her scowl and fume. "Don't treat me like a little girl!"
  543. "Don't act like one," Despina replies. "Well then." She straightens up a bit, giving you a small nod. "I suppose our business is concluded."
  545. "I hope you choke on it," you mutter, and start your horse going. Adelle follows your lead.
  547. "Choke on it? Wh-why would I choke on it?"
  549. "Humans eat gold, Despina," Chara says, proudly puffing out her chest at her knowledge of your species.
  551. "No, you're thinking of dragons, dear."
  553. "Nuh-uh! Dragons just sleep on gold!"
  555. "Then what eats gold?"
  557. "Like I said! Humans!"
  559. "I really don't think humans eat gold... I mean, wouldn't you occasionally get one of these gold pieces with a bite in it if they did?"
  561. The conversation continues in that vein, inane arguing filling your ears until the two Satyresses are well and truly distant. When they slip out of your hearing range, they're strongly considering trolls to be the thing that eats gold.
  565. ---
  567. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  568. Chapter 3
  570. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  572. On your way to his wedding, your older brother - who has a similarly overly long name that will not be repeated here for the purposes of time - got shot in the throat by some sort of assassin. Although you were briefly frightened for your own life, it turned out to be an auspicious day for you, since with him out of the way, you got to marry his fiance, Adelle (incidentally - total looker).
  574. After your wedding, you had sexual intercourse with your new wife in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation. It was pretty good.
  576. Your new in-laws had a family sword stolen, apparently by one of your family's retainers, and you set out with your wife to recover it. When you stopped to rest at a tavern/inn, the owner's daughter flirted rather flagrantly with you in front of your wife. Much to your (pleasant) surprise, your wife suggested (though not in so many words) that you take advantage of the girl's offer, and the three of you had rough, sweaty sex.
  578. Then you got ambushed by a couple of Satyressesses... Satyr girl... whatever, bandits, one of whom looked and acted like a particularly petulant teenage girl, and gave them some of your gold after getting shot, twice, by aforementioned petulant child.
  580. You made your way a bit up the road before stopping at the side and tending to your wounds. Adelle's gentle, feminine touch helped you remove the arrows, and her hands would probably have been more tempting if they hadn't been accompanied by intense pain. You unwrapped a healing scroll from one of the bags, reading it aloud and feeling its magic course through your body. Annoying you had to use one of them already, but hey. That Sat- that monstergirl was very opposed to having an adult conversation with you. You could hardly be blamed.
  582. "My lord," Adelle says, sitting behind you as you finish healing, her fingers pressing into your back in a gentle massage, "as you are no doubt aware, we'll most likely come back this way, and those Satyresses" Satyresses! That is what they're called! "will most likely still be here. My family's heirloom blade will be of limited benefit over your present one, and the two have separated now. I felt as much while treating you. I imagine the big one - Despina, I believe - has headed off to store her ill-gotten gains." There's a moment's hesitation. "Ah, but of course you wouldn't simply allow them wound you and steal from you as they did without planning any sort of response, my lord. Forgive any impropriety on my part."
  584. >What do you do?
  585. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  587. ---
  589. Right. You definitely weren't planning on just pussing out and running off. You were just... making a tactical retreat, earlier. So that you would have the element of surprise. You adjust your posture to give off a kind of manly swagger before responding to Adelle. "I was planning on getting them on the way back, so we wouldn't be caught unprepared. But if they're split up, there's no time like the present. So the little one, Chara, she's still where she was before?"
  591. "More or less, my lord," Adelle responds, smiling sweetly.
  593. "Right, then," you say, standing up. "I'll start with her."
  595. Adelle nods, and you stalk off towards where that little bitch shot you - twice - and leave Adelle with the horses. You pull up close, your hand wrapping around the hilt of your sword, but remaining disguised within the foliage and distance. Chara will still be far enough away that you couldn't expect her to possibly detect you here, but this is about the edge of that distance, and moving closer opens you up for the possibility of her noticing you.
  597. >What do you do?
  599. ---
  601. >1, 15
  602. >Not Stealthy Tonight
  604. You sneak, slowly, through the dense foliage of the forest, making your way slowly forward with all the stealth of a crouching tiger. Then you step on a wild cat, causing a shrill, piercing shriek to meet your ears. And Chara's, who wheels around, bow at the ready, and spots you easily. You give her a sheepish grin in the moment before she starts firing frantically.
  606. Her aim is hardly a match for you, and you weave and tumble towards her even as she shoots a half-dozen arrows in your direction. You actually catch one of them in midair with the flat of your sword, and it makes a wonderful "tink" noise as it clatters, uselessly, to the ground.
  608. When you close to melee, you make a quick, sharp strike through her bow with your sword. It falls apart, and she watches it with a pout. "I really liked that bow..." she mumbles, absently, before her attention turns back to you. "H-hi," she stammers, doing an impression of a puppy dog that's pooped inside the house and has just been caught. "I'm really sorry about shooting you earlier," she lies, "I was just scared, because you had a sword, so I didn't want you to kill me or anything," she continues. "You know." She adjusts her posture, pressing her upper arms against her chest to try to press her very limited bust towards you. "Please don't kill me."
  610. >What do you do?
  612. ---
  614. You draw your sword and thwap her on the side of the head with the flat of the blade, and she goes down like a sack of potatos. A quick hand with some rope you've brought, and you've got her properly gagged and bound, hands tied behind her back by the time she wakes up. When she does, she tries to move, then speak around her gag. She says something which is very muffled, but somehow, by the combination of the way she moves her body and her eyebrows, you guess she's trying to say, in the most seductive manner possible while gagged and bound, "So this is what you like?"
  616. You just roll your eyes, lifting her up by the scruff of her neck and dragging her to unsteady feet. You motion along the road, and she goes, only occasionally requiring you to poke her in the back as you push her towards your "camp" with Adelle.
  618. Adelle seems pleasantly surprised when you bring Chara back to her and shove her facefirst on the ground. Chara fumbles for a bit before managing to sit up, arms still held behind her back. She glances back and forth between you and Adelle, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.
  620. >What do you do?
  622. ---
  624. You reach down to Chara's mouth, carefully removing the rope from her mouth. "Where is the camp Despina took my stuff to?"
  626. Chara hesitates, and Adelle takes advantage by slapping her face. "My husband asked you a question. Answer it."
  628. "I was gonna!" Chara whines, and gets another slap for her trouble.
  630. "You were going to lie."
  632. "You don't know that," Chara says petulantly. "It's, uh, thataway," she says, jerking her head towards the forest. "But I gotta warn you, I've got like a dozen other big sisters, all super mean. There's Pelagia and Melina and Thekla and Tatiana and Marika and..."
  634. Adelle cuts her off. "What was the first one's name again?"
  636. "Uh..." Chara hesitates, trying to think. "Philiana?"
  638. She gets another slap for her trouble, and Adelle grips her by the chin, staring into her eyes. "Stop lying. I know it's just you and Despina."
  640. "I-I was just messing with you," she tries, offering a sheepish smile. Adelle grips one of her horns and jerks her around by it for a bit before pulling her down, facefirst, into the ground.
  642. "The camp is that direction, my lord," Adelle says, pointing. "Five minute's walk or so. I assume you want me to keep an eye on this hellion?"
  644. You nod before heading off, hearing Chara whine a little as you leave, her voice occasionally stopping to spit out dirt. "Come on! Let me up! I'm not screaming or anything!"
  646. Soon enough you arrive at the outskirts of a small camp with a couple bearskin sleeping bags, a bunch of cheap jewelry and low-value coins scattered around, as if it was made by a particularly dim bird without any sense of decor. Despine is sitting there, a handaxe at her side, counting gold coins with her back to you. "Twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine..."
  648. >What do you do?
  650. ---
  652. >10
  653. >barely made it!
  655. You gently sneak up behind Despina, who continues to diligently count coins until you're almost directly behind her. She turns to look at you and has only just long enough for her eyes to widen and her hand to go for her axe before you slap her in the side of the head with the blunt of your sword.
  657. You diligently tie up her arms (there's no need to bother with her mouth since you've already captured the only person she could call for help) - taking a moment to feel up her ample bosom once she's properly secured, earning you a small, pleased moan from the unconscious Satyress - and glance around the camp. There's so much nearly valueless garbage you'd think you were looking at the home of a compulsive hoarder or miser rather than that of a pair of Satyress bandits.
  659. You take what looks the most valuable and/or the most likely to be magical before Despina wakes up. She glances around, sighs and rolls her eyes. "I'm very sorry about Chara shooting you. She's just hard to deal with."
  661. "Uh-huh," you respond, noncommittally.
  663. "So, what's your plan, then? I notice you're not here with your wife. Is it that you prefer to do this sort of thing alone? Or do you prefer to do this" she says, shaking her tits towards you, "sort of thing alone?"
  665. >What do you do?
  667. ---
  669. "Mmm," you say, standing up. You walk over to Despina, grabbing her by one of her horns and pulling her to her feet. "Let's go, then."
  671. "Ah, damn," Despina mutters as you guide her off. "Was hoping this was just a sex thing, you know? Guess you're gonna turn me in? Look, I really am sorry about Chara. She's just, you know, that way." When you don't respond, she keeps talking. "Well, you seem fine now, so I guess it's no harm done? I mean, I could've let Chara kill you, you know? I mean, I wouldn't have, of course. But, you know, maybe keep in mind my previous mercy? A little bit? You've already stolen - sorry, taken rightfully - my most valuable possessions. Can't we call that even? I mean, I'll give you a blowjob, or whatever, if you want. You could fuck me, or, or whatever you want."
  673. Despina keeps up her attempts to placate you until you arrive at camp. Adelle is currently sitting on Chara's back, the girl's face still pressed into the dirt as she kicks with her legs in irritation. "Lemme go!" She yells into the dirt, her voice muffled.
  675. Despina sighs, looking at Chara. "Ah, I see that you've already gotten Chara." Despina sighs, loudly.
  677. "Despina?" Chara asks.
  679. "This is all your fault you idiot." Despina says, voice dripping with irritation. "You just had to start shooting him. Why? Because he was talking at you?"
  681. "It was funny," Chara whines. You shove Despina down onto the ground, and she struggles to kneel for a moment before you grip her around the legs, tying them together tightly at the ankles. "Plus," Chara continues, oblivious to your treatment of her older sister, "if I'd killed them like I wanted to, this wouldn't have happened."
  683. Despina rolls onto her side, looking over at Chara. "I don't know how many times I have to explain this to you, Chara. If you'd killed them, you would probably have incited blood vengeance, or local patrols to step up to root us out, or something to that effect."
  685. You move over to Chara and Adelle, slipping out of your pants as you do. Adelle moves around a bit, still holding Chara's face into the dirt, but allowing you access to the rest of Chara's body. Your wife looks up at you, expectantly.
  687. ---
  689. You grab both of Chara's legs, wrapping your hands around the reddish-brown fur and adjusting her so her ass is raised in the air. "Ah, I see how it is," Chara says, attempting to sound wise. She wiggles her ass invitingly, trying to entice you. "You like an audience, right? W-well, I know you probably won't be gentle with me," she pauses, and you wrap your hand around the base of your cock, the other gently probing her pussy to keep her from realizing which of her holes you're actually going to use. Your fingers come away wet, with a distinctive and odd smell to them. Like... goats, you guess, which is kind of appropriate. "But it'll be my first time..." You can almost envision her crocodile tears in your head, even if her face is in the ground.
  691. You wrap a hand around her little waist, teasing your cock at her slit for a few seconds. She tries to hump backwards into you, but Adelle's tight grip on the girl's horn keeps her from going anywhere much. Then you pull back, aiming as carefully as you can at her ass, placing yourself just a hair's breadth from her tight little anus, before Despina interrupts. "W-wait!" She yells from her position on the ground. "It'll probably hurt if you don't lube up first, s-sir," she all-but-begs. "Hurt you, I mean." You cock your head, considering her argument, then nod.
  693. You stand up, walking over to Despina, and grip her by the ponytail, using it as leverage to drag her over towards Chara. "You care so much," you say, "you lube it up for me." Despina nods, and her tongue reaches out, licking her little sister's bottom to help prepare it for you. She shudders in disgust as best she can, almost losing balance, but she manages to steady herself somehow, keeping her face pressed between her little sister's buttcheeks. Adelle glances up at you with a smile.
  695. "Wait, Despina," Chara says, "I think that's the wrong hole."
  697. You smirk from your position above Chara. "No, that's the right hole."
  699. "Wh-what?" Chara asks.
  701. "I'm going to fuck your ass long and hard," you explain, and Chara freezes up in response. "If you want some lube, you're going to have to provide it with your mouth."
  703. You see and hear Chara swallow, and Adelle pulls her up to be at eye level with your girth. She winces a little in pain at Adelle's manhandling, and then twitches, eyes rolling up as she shudders. You're confused for a moment before realizing that it's almost certainly a consequence of Despina's loving attentions. "O-okay," Chara says at last, "I'll suck it." Adelle guides Chara's face up towards your cock, and she wraps her lips around the side as Adelle forces her up and down. Chara's eyes stare up at you, half-desperate, half-pleading, as she licks and lathers your cock with her spit all over. Adelle's deft hand eventually maneuvers her so that your cock's head is placed at her lips, which suddenly close, denying you entrance.
  705. You stare down at her meaningfully, and slap your cock against her pursed little lips. She swallows and opens up wide, tongue lying out in preparation, and Adelle thrusts her down, hard, on your cock. Her throat stops you halfway in, but it does so so pleasantly as she gags and coughs around your length, choking on you. Adelle starts to pump her up and down, watching the little Satyress as she tries and fails to get her throat to cooperate. Eventually, however, some mental or physical block is overcome - given the way her whole body twitched at the same moment, it may have been due to Despina's work lubing her up for you - and you make your way all the way inside her mouth, her lips taut around your base as her nose presses into your pubes. Her eyes stare up at you, reddish and watering.
  707. You take over for Adelle, grabbing both of the little bitch's horns, holding her down around your cock as Adelle obediently sits off to the side, just watching with a gentle, pleased smile on her face as you hold Chara's face in your groin. Eventually, her coughing and sputtering starts to worry you slightly, so you pull her off, getting to hear her gasp and pant due to her sudden ability to breathe.
  709. Your cock is practically glistening with her saliva, and you don't want to inadvertantly shoot off before you've gotten to use her ass, so you let her heave and pant there while walking around to her backside. With one leg, you kick Despina off of Chara, sending her rolling onto her side and giving you full access to Chara's back door, which you slam into without warning or further foreplay. It's unbelievably, almost painfully, tight around your cock, and you hear Chara shriek in pain and surprise as you bury yourself completely into her.
  711. There's no real ability to fuck her at the moment, her ass squeezing you too hard to move at all, so you just sit there, your cock completely buried inside of her, looking down at her. Her eyes water and she stares up at you, almost begging for mercy, the side of her face being pressed into the dirt by Adelle's renewed use of her horn to maneuver her. A glance to the side shows Despina's horror at the events unfolding in front of her, but there's nothing either of them can really do but watch and suffer.
  713. Eventually, Chara's ass seems to loosen up around your cock, no longer trying to strangle it, and you slowly start to pull your way out. It's difficult work, as each time you move, her ass tries to stop you again, but when you're about halfway out, she manages to get control over her body and it stops trying to prevent you from retreating.
  715. You, of course, take advantage of the opportunity to slam yourself deep inside her again, earning a breathless shriek as she squirms around, trying to escape you. But you and Adelle have her pinned, and there's nothing she can do. You just sit there, groins completely merged, waiting for her to calm down again.
  717. It goes on like that for a while, but after a little bit, she - and her body - finally give up the ghost of trying to resist, and she becomes soft and pliant in your grip, her cute little eyes squeezed shut as you pound in and out of her ass. After a bit of enjoying her tight hole, you hear her swallow a noise in her throat that sounds almost like a moan, and you lean down towards her. "Don't tell me you're actually enjoying this?"
  719. She opens her eyes, staring at you out of the corner of her eye. "N-no, of course not," she manages, but you can see she's lying in some misguided attempt at defiance.
  721. "Then you'd like me to stop, wouldn't you?"
  723. Her lips quiver awkwardly, as she tries to come to a decision, then at last she breathes out. "Yes. Please."
  725. You pull out of her, and she stares up at you in surprise and disappointment, then looks down to your cock. You walk over to her face, reaching down and taking her horn from Adelle, using it to pull her up to cock level.
  727. "N-no," she says, trying to squirm away, but of course you're stronger than her and she's got virtually no leverage. "It- it was just in my ass."
  729. "I thought you wanted it out of your ass," you say, before pressing it up against her face, the smell of her insides wafting into her nose and making her eyes water.
  731. "P-please," she manages before you muffle her by shoving your cock into her mouth. She gags long before your cock reaches her throat, and you just sit there, enjoying watching her as she starts to cry from the smell and taste of her own shit, just the head of your cock pressed up against her little cheek, making it bulge lewdly.
  733. You're soft and slow with her mouth, now, gently scrubbing your cock off with her lips and tongue. She's gone almost completely limp and pliant, letting you do whatever you want with her while she tries to think of anything else. Her lips and tongue are passive but pleasant to run your length across, and you maneuver her around your cock in every direction and with an unmatched diligence and thoroughness.
  735. You start to press her face into your crotch again, pulling her down with every intent of filling her throat with your cock, before you feel yourself twitch inside her mouth. Not wanting to give her anything she doesn't deserve, you start to pull her off, but she fights you, her brow pressed down in concentration as she struggles to keep your cock inside her mouth, cheeks sucking hungrily.
  737. You start to cum inside her mouth, but a breath later you're out of it, firing your seed onto the earth, holding Chara away from your cock so she has to watch as you "waste" the cum she so desperately wanted. She struggles against you, but it's in vain, and eventually you stop cumming, and with that, she stops fighting against you, shoulders slumping.
  739. "You can still have it," you say, and Chara looks up at you, resignation giving way to confusion. "You just have to lick it up."
  741. "B-but it's been on the ground," Chara says, lamely.
  743. "And my cock's been in your ass. Didn't stop your from sucking that."
  745. Chara looks down, defeated, at the pools of your cum, and she starts to lean down towards them, awkwardly trying to scrabble around to lick them up.
  747. "Adelle, help Chara out, would you?"
  749. "Of course, my lord," Adelle says, grabbing one of Chara's horns again and forcing her body around so that she can reach every bit of your cum that's been spilled on the ground. The motions earned pained little complaints from Chara, but that just pushes Adelle to move harder and faster around the pools, and Chara scrambles to keep up.
  751. You turn to Despina, who's been silent this whole time. She swallows, staring up at you. "Chara needed to be taught a lesson, okay, sure, but I would never have just shot you for talking." She seems desperate to avoid getting what Chara got. "I'm very sorry for her behavior, but you know how they are at that age."
  753. >What do you do?
  755. ---
  757. You move towards Despina, her big doe eyes as she stares at you serving to revive your flagging length. You grab her by the back of her neck, painfully pulling her up to face you. "Whose little sister is she? Whose responsibility?" Despina swallows, her eyes drifting away from yours, and you shake her. "Whose?"
  759. "M-mine," she mumbles, eyes downcast.
  761. "That's right," you say, letting her fall. "But I'll be nice to you, Despina. You did stop Chara from shooting me, after all." She looks up, hope filling her eyes, and you maneuver her around so her ass hangs in the air, her chest pressed against the ground since her arms are still tied behind her back. "I'll fuck you in your sweet little pussy," she closes her eyes, sighing in relief at that, "and if I cum first, it'll be in your mouth, no visits to your ass in between. But," you say, pausing meaningfully, watching as Despina tenses, "if you pass the point of no return before I do, I'm taking that ass of yours, just like I took Chara's."
  763. "O... okay, yes, sir," she says, closing her eyes and trying to prepare herself.
  765. "Adelle!" You say, turning your attention to your wife, who is now sitting on Chara's back again, apparently relishing the way the little Satyress squirms underneath her, trying to escape. "Bring Chara over here." Promptly, Adelle stands, dragging Chara by her horn over to you, and the little Satyress grumbles a little even as she complies. "Put her so she can lick her big sister."
  767. It's a little bit of work, but soon enough, Chara's face is lying right between her older sister's knees, which have been forced outwards awkwardly, compensating for the way her ankles are still tied together. It's an odd little 69, with Despina's upper body resting on top of Chara's belly, her arms still tied behind her back. Everything being set up properly, you sidle up to Despina, wrapping one hand around her body and lifting her up by her tit, earning you a delicious little gasp.
  769. You wrap your fingers around your cock, now painfully erect once more, and gently work yourself into Despina's pussy, earning you another little intake of breath. She bites her tongue and closes her eyes, and you can see her try to imagine that she's somewhere else.
  771. "Chara, be sure to lick Despina, unless you want to be punished extra," you say, evilly, and you see Chara crane her head upwards, trying to reach her big sister's clit. You feel, more than see, the younger Satyress's tongue reaching out, as Despina quivers in your grip, trying desperately to rein in her body's physical reactions. You guess that she's pretty sensitive, by the way she reacts to every touch, and you place your free hand on her ass, palm upward, and trace the outline of her asshole with your middle finger.
  773. "Y-you said," Despina begins before you interrupt her.
  775. "I said I wouldn't fuck your ass if you came first. This is just a little anal fingering. I've done it with my wife, she didn't complain." You shrug. "And if it's so bad, isn't that better? Means you'll be less likely to come first, less likely to have me fuck your ass."
  777. Despina nods in submission, and you start to work your middle finger into her asshole, gradually moving your manhood forward and backward inside her as you do. She twitches, awkwardly and irregularly, in time to some unexpected motion of your manhood inside her, or your hand on her tit, or your finger in her ass, or Chara's tongue on her clit. You're slow, teasing, trying to draw things out and take advantage of all the points of stimulation by pushing her to come before you.
  779. The speed of your fucking is almost agonizingly slow, and you want nothing more than to fuck her till you can fill her with your seed, but Despina is trying admirably to remain composed and you really don't want her to win. Taking her ass sounds oh so much better than cumming in her mouth, which is saying something. As you push into her once more, your middle finger gingerly exploring her insides with small, circular motions, you feel her come, her breath staggering as she shivers in your grasp for a long moment, her inner walls trying and failing to milk your cock.
  781. "Did you just lose?" You ask, smiling.
  783. "N-no," Despina says, desperately. "I didn't come. Did you hear me scream? O-obviously I didn't come."
  785. "Mmm," you reply, "maybe not. Well, then I'll just have to make sure you do the next time."
  787. Despina just swallows, and the patience of a god suddenly becomes yours as you push inside of her, merging your groins completely and holding yourself there, toying with her nipple with your thumb and forefinger as you wiggle another finger inside her ass. There's no motion in her pussy, and only gentle, tentative ones in her ass, and she tries to squirm around for a moment, wanting to convince you to fuck her. She closes her eyes, and her inner walls wrap around you again, this time by conscious action, but it's not enough to motivate you to do anything but play with her some more. You just hold her there, gently working her over, as she squirms ineffectually in your grasp.
  789. "Okay, okay," Despina whimpers after a long while, "you win. Just fuck me. Pussy, mouth, or ass, just fuck me. Please, I can't take this teasing."
  791. "Did I win?" You ask. "I didn't feel anything."
  793. "I came earlier!"
  795. "But you said it wasn't an orgasm, Despina."
  797. "Gods, fine, yes, I came before," she says, her ass wriggling forward and back on your cock desperately and largely ineffectually, "you made me come already, now please, fuck me, fuck my ass, whatever, just fucking do it."
  799. You pull out with a wet schlick, your cock landing on Chara's forehead, Despina's juices smearing across her face and forcing her to close her eyes. You remove your finger from Despina's asshole, which constricts in response in ways that promise such a wonderful time when your cock gets into it. You pull her up by her tit, hearing her gasp as you do, and wrap your now-free hand around the base of your cock before thrusting inside of her. She mumbles incoherently as you push yourself inside of her ass, eyes rolling up in her head as her ass wraps around your cock. Her arms, still tied behind her back, press into your stomach in her new position as your cock slowly slides up her ass.
  801. At last, you're entirely inside her, her ass looser than Chara's was on first penetration - but that's to be expected, given the way you loosened her up. You hold her there for a moment, enjoying the expression of insensate pleasure on her face before pulling her down by her tit and pressing her face back into her little sister's belly.
  803. Her position on the pecking order firmly established, you start to furiously fuck her, watching as she gasps and pants while you rail her ass, trying and failing to form complete sentences so that she can beg you to keep going, or to go faster, or to go harder - you couldn't guess which. You play with her tits some more, taking a second to wipe off your shit-covered middle finger on the ground so you can use both hands on her breasts.
  805. You feel more than see Despina's second orgasm, a shaking shuddering in your arms as she cries out, moaning, something like "so fucking good" or "oh fucking gods" - it's difficult to tell exactly what with her volume and lack of fine language control at the moment. The feeling of her tight ass coiling around you in her second orgasm of the day is enough to make you come, and you do, ejaculating inside her long and hard, groaning yourself as you move one hand, wrapping around the back of her head and pressing her down to properly establish dominance, pushing the breath out of Chara, who seems to have been doing her work diligently and without complaint this entire time.
  807. You pull out, some of your semen dripping out of Despina's ass, and enjoy watching as Chara desperately tries to maneuver to catch it, having difficulty with her arms still caught behind her back, mouth open wide to catch what she can. Bits splatter onto different parts of her face, and she's forced to close one eye, a thick glob landing on it.
  809. >What do you do?
  811. ---
  813. Moving away from the two freshly fucked Satyresses, you turn to your wife. "Adelle," you say, and it takes her just a moment to flick her eyes away from your crotch and towards your face. She blushes slightly, but tries not to let it show. "What do you think I should do with them?" You jerk a thumb at the Satyresses.
  815. She ponders for a moment, strumming her fingers along her leg. "To my understanding, monstergirls are generally subservient after..." she pauses, searching for words, and glances back at the awkward pile Despina and Chara have made, "being properly dominated. But I imagine it would be quite a hassle to get them into Arcine, if indeed that is where our thief has taken the Blade of Celestial Fire. Regulations and all that. We could turn them in, though it does seem rather wasteful. At least there might be a reward; we are unlikely to be the first people they've robbed, of course. We could make them promise to stop their bandit ways. The forest is full of animals, after all, and they're almost certainly capable of hunting if they live here; most likely, robbery was just a way of getting some spending money. You could kill them, which would be rather distasteful to do so soon after fucking them. You could maim them, which has similarly unpleasant overtones. Or, I suppose, you could do one thing with one but not another. Say, take the little one as a pet and leave the big one here. They do have different degrees of guilt, after all, even if the elder should've ensured that the younger wasn't able to shoot people by simply not giving her a bow."
  817. >What do you do?
  819. ---
  821. "Right then," you say, reaching for your pants and pulling them on as you continue speaking, "Chara, Despina." The two girls pivot their heads to look at you, unable to properly extricate themselves from their incestuous 69 with the way they're tied up. "I'll let you go. But," you start, "you have to promise to give up banditry. And I'll be back this way, and pick you up then." You attempt to sweeten the pot a bit. "I happen to be a member of the nobility, and I can offer you rather lucrative positions in my service."
  823. "If you're nobility, then why'd you have so little money?" Chara asks before Despina knees her in the side of the head. "Ow!"
  825. "Yes, my lord," Despina says, subserviently, trying to move from her position to kneel, then she bows her head. "As you wish, my lord. Chara and I would be proud to serve, and would gladly give up banditry to do so."
  827. "Oh, barf," Chara says, earning her another knee to the side of the head. "What? You're laying it on thick." Another thwack from her elder sister.
  829. "I am sorry for my sister, my lord. She is, you may have already guessed, a bit... dim, in that particular way that thinks it is rather clever when it really isn't."
  831. You cut Despina's bindings, but hesitate before letting Chara free. "Are you going to promise not to steal from travelers anymore?" You ask the obnoxious little Satyress.
  833. She puffs out her lower lip defiantly a moment before deflating. "Fine... I promise not to anymore. Despina probably won't even make me another bow anyways, she was pissed about me shooting you even before you came back."
  835. "It was a stupid thing to do," Despina says, looking down at Chara. "Look what happened."
  837. "Yeah, yeah," Chara says, before flipping onto her belly and wiggling her arms behind her back. "Cut me free. No more banditry, I get it, I get it, I ruined the whole thing forever." A quick cut, and the girl stands up, arms free, wandering over to her sister like a sulking child.
  839. Despina guides Chara off into the local wilderness, towards their little camp, chastising her as she goes. You have no idea if  they'll even be here when you come back... but if they are, it's a pretty good sign for you being able to use them. In all the senses of the word.
  841. You groan, rolling your neck around, and set off with Adelle, both of you back on your horses. You're a bit tuckered out from all that vigorous physical activity, and barely stifle a yawn as you head down the road.
  843. The day passes blandly, and you're pretty ragged so you aren't terribly good conversation. Eventually, day turns to night, and you and Adelle have to stop and make camp. There's no roadside stop, this time, so you just pull off to the side of the road and pull out the necessary materials from your horse's baggage. Adelle smiles at you sweetly as you set up the little "bed" the two of you will be sleeping on.
  845. >What do you do?
  847. ---
  849. You lie down once the bed is properly made, patting the area next to you in the bed. Adelle sits down next to you on the bed, and starts to cuddle up next to you, apparently perfectly prepared to go to bed without any proper loving. She must be dreaming already if she thinks you're going to just let her sleep without any attention, particularly given how helpful she was with the Satyresses. You pull her around on top of you, earning a delighted little giggle as her groin is placed on top of yours, your bulge pressing into her through your clothes.
  851. She leans down, and your mouths meet in a kiss, which is loving and thorough as you continue to vaguely grind into her butt. Your hands snake their way around her backside, exploring it in detail before gripping her firm buttocks through her clothes. She pulls back from your kiss, her hair falling around her face as she stares down at you, smiling.
  853. "I thought you would be tired, my lord," Adelle says, her soft, affectionate smile never leaving her face. "After Chara, and then Despina too..."
  855. "I am, a bit," you reply. "But you deserve my attention regardless."
  859. ---
  861. Text Adventure Quest*: Swordsage
  862. Chapter 4
  864. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  866. On your way to his wedding, your older brother - who has a similarly overly long name that will not be repeated here for the purposes of time - got shot in the throat by some sort of assassin. Although you were briefly frightened for your own life, it turned out to be an auspicious day for you, since with him out of the way, you got to marry his fiance, Adelle (incidentally - total looker).
  868. After your wedding, you had sexual intercourse with your new wife in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation. It was pretty good.
  870. Your new in-laws had a family sword stolen, apparently by one of your family's retainers, and you set out with your wife to recover it, tracking down the thief. When you stopped to rest at a tavern/inn, the owner's daughter flirted rather flagrantly with you in front of your wife. Much to your (pleasant) surprise, your wife suggested (though not in so many words) that you take advantage of the girl's offer, and the three of you had rough, sweaty sex.
  872. On the road, you got ambushed by a couple Satyresses, shot twice, then regrouped before going back, capturing, and fucking them both. You're reasonably certain that you took the one that shot you's anal virginity. You went back on the road again, but not before making them both promise to give up banditry and offering to give them positions under you when you came back this way (hopefully with Adelle's family's sword).
  874. When the day's riding was done, you pulled Adelle onto you, kissing her deeply before informing her of your firm intentions to make love to her.
  876. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  878. ---
  880. "Mmm," she hums in acceptance, her face inches from yours, still leaning over you. "How do you want me, my lord?"
  882. "Like this, more or less," you reply. You reach up under her tunic with your hand, your palm pressed against her ass as your fingers grip her leggings and start to pull them down. She tries to help you for a moment before you both realize the physical difficulties of removing them when she's got one knee firmly planted on either side of you. She stands up quickly, planting her feet between your legs, and pulls her leggings down and off, tossing them and her panties aside before resuming her previous position.
  884. The only difference - besides her partial loss of clothes - is that now she's sitting straight up on top of you, your bodies merging into an inverted "T". Her sex presses against your bulge, and she smiles, delighted, at the way this seems to prompt you to grind into her, rolling your hips upwards. You can feel her wetness gradually bleed through the cloth that separates you, and you wiggle around to pull your pants down, your cock springing free and facing straight up, lying right between her pale white thighs. She stares down at you, licking her lips seductively as her eyes flick back and forth between your cock and your face.
  886. You wrap your hands around her butt again, earning a smile from your wife as you lift her up easily and position her right above your manhood, your head teasing at her entrance. She reaches down, wrapping a few dainty fingers around it and moving it, and when you pull her down onto you, you enter her completely, burying yourself to the hilt inside of her.
  888. Her smile widens as she takes advantage of her new position, rolling her ass in a gentle circle around your cock, making its direction shift in order to remain inside her. Your hands pull away from her ass, instead reaching up for her breasts, toying with them through the tunic. You push them together and up, gently thumbing her nipples through the cloth, and she bites her lower lip and tenses, head raising slightly upward even as she keeps her gaze on you.
  890. "Mmm," she hums, "my lord. You can start whenever you please." Her inner walls squeeze around you in conscious effort, and she continues to roll around, her fingers reaching down to run across your chest enticingly.
  892. "What am I doing right now?"
  894. Adelle bites her lower lip again, hesitating. "Please, my lord. Don't make me say it."
  896. "You want me to fuck you?" You ask, and she nods, the motion small but eager. Your hands make their way down from her breasts, sliding across her taut stomach before they reach her waist and wrap around her, gripping her firmly. She stops rolling around, instead placing herself firmly on top of you, and her posture adjusts in some indefinable way. Her expression is still warm and affectionate, but she seems more... compliant, somehow, even though you haven't started yet.
  898. Using your firm grip on her, you raise her up slowly, then pull her down, the action taking long seconds. The motion makes her tense in pleasure. "Please, my lord," she says, "not so slow." You raise her up and down again, faster this time, and watch as she bounces, her breasts jiggling wonderfully within their confinement in her tunic. "Nnnn," she whines softly, "harder, please." At her request, you start to furiously pump her up and down, and you can feel her moving alongside your hands, easing and exaggerating each motion you make.
  900. Taking advantage of the way she moves on her own, you firmly grip her stomach with your left hand, and with your right, you reach under her tunic, wrapping your fingers around her slit, watching as she jerks in surprise and pure, carnal pleasure at the unexpected touch. You press your palm upwards, into her mound, and she shudders on top of you as she orgasms with a long sigh. You don't stop, moving your right hand back up to wrap around her, and keep fucking her diligently even as her eyes roll up and her head lolls around in pleasure, her body limp in your grasp. Her hands firmly grip your shirt, wrapping around the fabric tightly as you keep her moving. Your motions are even more vigorous now, in fact, and each time you pull her down, you thrust upward, meeting her in midair before falling away again. She just wiggles uselessly on top of you, breathing heavily as she tries to recover.
  902. When she does, she looks down at you, expression full of naked lust, and starts to work with you again, making the vigor of your motions even more extreme. Your right hand reaches down again, but this time you pull her tunic and undershirt up in a single, slow movement, revealing her beautiful, pert breasts, nipples hard as they bounce up and down with each thrust. You pull her down towards you and lean up, before taking her right nipple into your mouth, suckling on it. "Yes," she says, "thank you." Her hands reach up to grip your shoulders, and there's a brief pause, your tongue circling around her nipple, before she says anything more. "Gods, bite it, if it pleases you, my lord."
  904. Your teeth dutifully clench around her nipple, and you start to move your head in slow, gentle motions, rotating her breast around using just your mouth. She gasps, then shudders as a second orgasm ripples through her, her inner walls milking you desperately as she stretches out the fabric around your shoulders. As you ride the wave, you tense your teeth intermittently around her nipple, enjoying the way her whole body bounces each time you thrust up into her, her tit the only thing held in place.
  906. When she comes down, panting, she pulls away from you slightly, and you release her nipple from your mouth. She stares down at you, chewing her lip, before speaking. "Please, come, my lord. I'm yours - take your pleasure from me." You pull her down onto you, grinding up into her once her groin meets yours. She whines a little in response, her hands running across your chest. Her breasts hang out in the open air, and bounce each time you grind against her teasingly.
  908. "I'll get around to that eventually," you say, purposefully composed, "but right now, I care more about your pleasure than mine." Tightening your grip on her with your left hand to hold her down, you gently move your right around, your finger tracing her belly button and making her squirm. Then you reach up, pawing her right breast, still sensitive from your previous attention. "Just stay like that," you command as you release your grip on her waist and reach down, your fingers dancing around her clit and making her quiver in reaction. Obediently, she stays there, only occasionally bucking her hips in time with your own grinding away.
  910. The two of you stay like that, Adelle's eyes closed as her face contorts with barely contained pleasure, her hands pressing down against your chest. "Please, my lord," she whispers, voice pleading, "please, fill me with your seed and let me carry your heirs." You don't oblige her, your focus remaining on her body, watching and feeling as the waves of pleasure pulse through her with your attentions. You watch her expression shift and squirm as you slowly draw her towards her third orgasm of the night, then take her past it. She shudders on top of you, silently coming, her pussy wrapping tight around your cock again, and at last she sags forward, using her hands to keep balanced.
  912. You move your hands, wrapping them around her dainty wrists, and she opens her eyes, staring down at you, eyes begging. "Please," she whispers, more a mantra than a statement, "please, plea-" You buck upwards, interrupting her begging, and she squeaks in delight as her head flips backwards, hair flying. No matter how much you may want to, you can't tease her any longer, and you wrap your hands around her waist again, furiously pulling her up and down as you fuck her long and hard, watching as her breasts and head bounce beautifully with each sudden start and stop. Her eyes are no longer on yours, instead rolling up and staring at the night sky.
  914. Her face is the picture of ecstasy as she bounces on your cock, and her hands move to her own body, one wrapping around her right breast and the other toying with her clit as you fuck her, hard. The way she plays with her breast is rough and thorough: she kneads the flesh like dough, squeezing it tightly and shoving it around in every direction, fingers pinching her nipple tight. "Come inside me," she murmurs, "make me the mother of your children," her voice heightens in pitch, her breath quickening as all the stimulation pulls her inexorably towards her fourth orgasm. "Please, my lord," she whispers, voice soft and caressing even as she begs, just before coming again. This time, you don't hold back, taking advantage of the increased stimulation her orgasm provides to push yourself towards your third orgasm of the day, slamming up inside her with a groan as the two of you come together. Adelle collapses forward onto you, her forehead pressing against your chest as you each ride out your orgasms.
  916. When you both finally finish, she looks up at you, her chin perching on your shirt. "Thank you, my lord," she says, smiling softly. In silent response, you wrap your arms around her, pulling her up to give her a quick, doting peck on the forehead, before you move her back down. She hums in pleasure and rests her head on your chest, languidly rubbing her face against your shirt, hands wrapping around you as best she can. Her breasts press against you, still exposed, as the two of you slowly drift off to sleep like that, unwilling to bother getting dressed, just enjoying the feel of one another's bodies, your manhood still buried in her sex.
  920. Adelle has apparently awoken first, and sits next to you, fully clothed, reading through a book again. When she notices you've woken up, she closes it and glances down at you, giving a wan smile. "My lord, I would like you to know that I greatly appreciate what you did for me last night. I had planned to show my gratitude with some tender attentions of my own, but I was regretfully reminded that you haven't bathed or otherwise cleaned yourself since Despina, and demurred."
  922. You take a moment to try to figure out what she's referring to, your eyes rolling up in your head.
  924. "The scent, and most likely the taste as well, was not very pleasant," she clarifies.
  926. "Oh." She means your cock still smells (and probably tastes) like shit, since you fucked a Satyress in the ass.
  928. >What do you do?
  930. ---
  932. You roll your tongue against your lower lip for a moment, and Adelle perks up a bit in response, sensing your barely-disguised lust. "I suppose I should take a bath, then," you say, and Adelle smiles broadly. "Any idea where there's a river or waterfall or whatever?"
  934. Adelle pauses, closing her eyes and crossing her legs. It takes a long while, but eventually she stops, opening her eyes. "There's a decently sized pond a ways up the road, my lord. Large enough to bathe in." She pauses, her eyes twinkling. "With a bit of assistance, at least."
  936. You can't get back on your horse fast enough, and follow her lead down the road for what feels like hours before she finally pulls her horse to a stop. "It should be about..." she pauses as her boots finally leave their stirrups and hit the ground, her eyes closing for a second or three, "that way." She gestures, and the two of you tie up your horses with all the diligence that you can muster before scampering off to the pond like a pair of newlyweds. Which, actually, you are.
  938. You're the first to disrobe, Adelle taking a while longer and starting only once you're finished, and she leans up close to you, her breasts pressing against your back. "My lord," she says, voice husky, "please, sit." You let her direct you, your butt planting itself firmly within the shallow end of the pond, just before it gets suddenly deep enough to wade through, your legs bending downward. Your cock is rock hard, pointing straight up, and her fingers wrap around it from behind you, making their way slowly up and down, gripping and rubbing you tightly. She nibbles on your neck from behind you, and you just sit there, enjoying her attentions, swallowing a groan.
  940. Just when you worry that you're going to shoot off early, Adelle removes her hand from your cock, and instead reaches around with both hands, cupping water and pouring it over your back. It's almost electrifyingly cold, your body shivering as previously dry parts are suddenly made wet and cold. After what must be at least a dozen such cups of water - two of which were dumped on your head, making you cough and close your eyes and earning nervous giggles from Adelle - her hands run along your back, pressing against it, rubbing hard. You hear her swallow from behind you, her breath quickening, and then she rolls around in front of you, taking up a position between your legs, kneeling in front of you. The water comes up just past your knees, now, the head of your cock sticking out, and she's covered up to halfway along her breasts.
  942. She bites her lip as she stares up with you, eyes hungry and lustful. "My lord, if you would move a bit to the side, I could ensure a more thorough cleaning of your manhood." You glance to the side and do as she suggests, wriggling around so that your legs are still in the water, but now your knees are outside of it. Your entire cock is wet and, given Adelle's earlier and thorough attentions with her hand, almost certainly clean, but it's completely out of the water, now. She waddles towards it, eying it as she does, and you spread your legs wide to give her space.
  944. She leans up towards it, taking one brief, tentative sniff, which makes her close her eyes and sag with relief. When she opens them, she's staring up at you, her hands on your thighs, and she leans forward, mouth wide open, tongue lapping forward as it stretches towards your cock. She envelops the head between her lips, suckling on it and licking at the ridges, her eyes and attention turning completely towards the task before her. She bobs her head up and down a bit, before removing herself from your cock with a wet "pop," and then grips the base in one hand, trailing kisses down the side, staring up at you lovingly as she does. She changes the angle even further, running her tongue along the base, your cock lewdly obscuring one eye as she does, the other staring at you without blinking even once as she makes the long journey up your length. You swallow and close your eyes for a long second before raising one hand tentatively toward her. She catches the motion, and leans towards your hand, smiling eagerly as you wrap your fingers around her head.
  946. "I'm yours, my lord," she says, staring up at you. Her mouth opens, tongue lying as far out as she can manage - which is quite far, it seems - and she awaits your own, physical orders. You pull her down, and her lips wrap tight around your cock even as her tongue continues to eagerly press itself further down your length than the rest of her mouth.
  948. "Use your hand," you manage, and she does, the hand wrapped around your base now becoming active, slowly and gently making its way up and down the lower half of your cock. You start to pull her down further, and she complies without any resistance, the sensations of her mouth and hand gradually engulfing your cock in a tight embrace of devoted affection. Your attempts to fill her mouth with your entire cock are thwarted when you reach her throat, which closes tightly and denies you entrance, earning you a gag from Adelle. You start to pull her up at that, but she just shakes her head, eyes insistent as she pushes herself down again.
  950. Her throat plays havok with your head, letting it in just the slightest bit before closing tight again, prompting loud gagging noises. Again and again, never coming up for air, Adelle seems unbelievably focused on getting your cock into her throat. Her eyes redden, tears start to gather, and she doesn't give up, her brow just furrowing in resolution with each failure. Eventually, she comes up again, coughing and spitting to try to clear her mouth out, and rubs against her eyes with the back of her hand and her thumb, still absent-mindedly stroking your length with one hand.
  952. She looks up at you. There's a slight reddish tint to the whites of her eyes, and wet smears run across her face from where she's wiped away tears, tiny pools of water that have yet to be converted to tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. Her expression seems to silently implore you to reassure her that she's doing a good job, and you can hardly stop yourself. You reach out, gently patting her head even as you smile down at her. She almost shudders in relief, closing her eyes as tension rolls out of her posture.
  954. "I'm sorry, my lord," she says, voice genuinely apologetic. "This is my first time doing this sort of thing." She bites her lip, looking down at your cock. "I saw that... Chara do it, and I saw how much you liked it." Her eyes flick back up to you.
  956. "It's fine," you reassure her, "you've got all the time in the world to learn."
  958. She nods and goes back to work on your cock, this time avoiding trying to press it into your throat, apparently feeling that that particular means of attack doesn't need any further attempts for the moment. Instead, her head bobs around the top half rapidly, her hand working quickly in tandem with it, and her eyes insistently stare up at you, almost begging for your cum. Her labors make her body jiggle beneath the water in tantalizing ways, and she pulls her mouth away from your cock for a moment, sucking one of your balls into her mouth and toying with it with her tongue. Her eyes stare up at you, full of lust and need, desperate for you to orgasm. You lean back, feeling it approach, and she quickly moves her head back to your head, her eyes insistent as she wraps her lip around it. You groan as you come, your fingers tensing against the earth, and Adelle hums, delighted, as your semen fills her mouth.
  960. When you finish, you hear Adelle swallow once, then twice, her hand and mouth finally loosing their firm grip on your cock as you gradually begin to deflate. A quick lick to the head is all you get before she lets it out completely. "Was that good for you, my lord?"
  962. You breathe out, a heavy sigh mixed with a laugh, and nod fervently. She smiles, pulling away from you and starting to rub her body beneath the water, sensuously and slowly but with clear intentions to clean, not to pleasure. You watch her, just trying to pull all your senses together, before you shakily wade in with her, earning a delighted little squeak from your wife as you join her in cleaning her. Your hands run across every part of her body - her stomach, her breasts, her back, her arms, her legs, her firm, wonderful buttocks, her neck, her hair, her feet. Every part. You just enjoy the process, but somehow your other head remains calm, so that's all you do. The occasional teases to her clit or lips earn you blushes and nervous glances, and she actually doesn't seem to want you to be too attentive to those areas, so you let her off.
  964. Adelle, at some point, turns herself around, her hands running across your body even as yours run across hers, and they mirror your own motions, even down to only grazing your manhood. Eventually, somehow, you both decide that the other is quite clean enough, and leave the pond, dripping wet and reaching for towels with which to clean yourselves.
  966. A tiny spark flickers through the forest trees, as though it was a voyeur suddenly caught.
  968. >What do you do?
  970. ---
  972. >17
  973. >Success
  975. "Voyeur, going," you cry as you take off after the spark, your body still nude and wet as you rush through the trees. The thing is fast, but you're faster, and as you get closer, you can see it more distinctively. An odd, curious little shape, like a ball of green light. You leap for it, tackling it down with your weight and pinning it beneath your chest as you hit the ground.
  977. The small thing struggles against you for a moment, squirming underneath you, but it gives up eventually, huffing. "Lemme up!" it whines in a voice like a little girl's.
  979. >What do you do?
  981. ---
  983. You adjust your body slightly, keeping it pinned but letting you look down, getting a better perspective on the thing. It's... yeah, it's a green orb of light, about as big as a chicken, maybe, and pinned underneath you. It squirms against you, making its shape contort weirdly as bits stretch this way and that, but it can't get loose. "Come on! What the heck! You're really heavy, you big jerk!" You feel something - several somethings, actually - hit your chest, and you might compare it to the tiny fists of an itty bitty baby, if you were feeling particularly mean.
  985. "Why were you spying on me and my wife?" You ask, voice even, not even dignifying the thing's pathetic little slaps with a response.
  987. "Why were you..." the thing pauses, "doing whatever gross adult things you were doing in my pond! You... you gross adult! Gross!"
  989. >What do you do?
  991. ---
  993. "Some kind of... what, pond spirit, not taking kindly to a couple of bathers?"
  995. You can almost visualize the thing puffing up angrily. "I'm not a pond spirit! I'm a faerie! Specifically, a-"
  997. You try to keep control of the conversation. "Fine, whatever, don't care. How was I supposed to know that it was your pond?"
  999. "-a Will o' the Wisp!" It continues, undaunted by your interruption. "It was my pond!" She yells, ignoring your question. "You got your gross adult cooties all over the place!"
  1001. The thing flickers, body congealing into solidity, losing its glow and growing outward in several directions.
  1003. It's... yeah, it's a little girl. She comes up past your knee but below your groin, her eyes and hair the same brilliant green that the ball was a second ago. She's wearing a vivid green little dress with floral prints in yellow that reaches past her knees, and a pair of dainty little shoes on her tiny feet. "Get off me!" She complains again. "You're really big and heavy and fat! Jerk!"
  1005. >What do you do?
  1007. ---
  1009. You get a firm grip on the little thing by her arm as you rise up, holding her firmly. She tries to transform back into her glowing green form, but you tighten your grip and she fails. She whines, loudly. "Lemme go! You're hurting me! Ow! Ow! Help! There's a naked guy dragging around a little girl! Somebody!"
  1011. You reach Adelle, who's gotten clothed and is now holding your sword nervously. She hands the sword back to you, still sheathed, and you hold it in your free hand. "What's your name, little girl?" Adelle asks sweetly when she sees her.
  1013. "Juniper," she says, sulkily. "Aren't you going to do anything about this guy?" She tries to cross her arms, but it's difficult with the firm grip you've got, so she settles for doing it one handed, pouting absurdly.
  1015. "Were you watching me and my husband?"
  1017. "I don't know..." Juniper says, averting her gaze from Adelle. "Maybe," she hedges.
  1019. "Why would you do that?"
  1021. Juniper prevaricates. "You were in my pond."
  1023. "But you didn't need to watch us to know that," Adelle replies. "You could just have come up and stopped us, or left us alone."
  1025. "W-well," Juniper says, "I just didn't think of that!"
  1027. Adelle turns from Juniper, and gives you a quick eye roll, saying-without-saying something to the effect of Children. Or perhaps Monstergirls.
  1029. >What do you do?
  1031. ---
  1033. "Have you seen someone with a sword come through here?"
  1035. "Yeah!" She says, pointing at you. "He was naked and he did gross adult things in my pond!"
  1037. "Other than me," you growl.
  1039. She ponders this for a moment, her expression exaggerated as she does. "There was this one person, and I tried to get her to play with me, but she just tricked me and ran off! She had a sword!"
  1041. "Which way did she go?" Adelle asks.
  1043. "That way!" Juniper says, pointing the direction you were already headed. "But on the thing with all the little stones."
  1045. "The road?" Juniper nods. "What do you think we should do with her?" You ask Adelle, shaking Juniper wildly. She huffs loudly as you do. "Says she's a will o' the wisp, whatever that is."
  1047. Adelle cocks her head, staring at Juniper. "They aren't really dangerous if you know their tricks. They mostly just lure people into traps."
  1049. "Mmm." You glance down at Juniper, who smiles up at you with every single one of her teeth.
  1051. "Just fun traps! Like getting them to fall the pond when it's dark out!"
  1053. You were considering dragging her with you, but she seems obstinant, stupid, and apparently lacks useful skills, so you're not so certain it's a worthwhile way to spend your time.
  1055. >What do you do?
  1057. ---
  1059. You cannot express how little you want to spend any longer around this thing. Children. You're not willing to tolerate ones that aren't yours. Not that you have any, or that you'd tolerate ones that were yours. Just, definitely not ones that are not yours. You toss the thing roughly aside, and it almost immediately reverts to being that green glowing thing, gliding off from the inertia.
  1061. "Hey!" It yells as it slows itself back down. "That was mean!" You're already half-dressed and pretending not to hear it. "You're mean! Hey lady, your husband is mean!"
  1063. You and Adelle head back to your horses, and fortunately Juniper hasn't scared them off or anything while you were pre-occupied. You spot her glowing form spark faintly through the trees. Oh, of course, she's following you. Whatever. You studiously ignore her, and Adelle seems to do the same.
  1065. The journey ahead is slow, plodding, and Juniper follows you the whole way. Ugh. You left her behind for a reason. After the sun begins to set, you come across a bridge which runs along what might loosely be called a "river," in the same sense that a Chihuahua puppy might loosely be called a "wolf." It's more like a thin, paper-deep line of water that runs along. Perhaps in some other season or in some past life it was a proper river, but now it's more of a puddle.
  1067. Underneath the bridge - well, actually, it quickly clambers on top of the bridge - is a... what, a trollgirl? She's big, muscular, and green, with tiny yellow eyes that inspect you.
  1069. "You've got to pay the toll," it complains, offering its hand out.
  1071. You glance at the "river." You don't really need to use the bridge, for rather obvious reasons.
  1073. >What do you do?
  1075. ---
  1077. Your hand reaches to your side for your sword, which you waggle at her threateningly. "What was that again?"
  1079. "I said, you have to pay the toll," she repeats, apparently oblivious to your sword.
  1081. "I'll hit you with my sword if you don't step aside." The look she gives you is... bored, really. "I mean it!"
  1083. "My lord husband means that you have no authority under which to extract tolls from us," Adelle supplies helpfully.
  1085. "It's my bridge, isn't it? I live here. You gotta pay if you wanna go over it."
  1087. >What do you do?
  1089. ---
  1091. "Is there any reason we couldn't just go around the bridge?"
  1093. "You mean other than having to ford the mighty river Sescan?" She sees that you're not buying it. "No, I suppose you could just go around." She gives the river a firm glare. "Stupid river. In other seasons it's pretty big."
  1095. "I'd be willing to pay in currencies other than gold and silver..." you say, coming off more hammy than seductive.
  1097. The trollgirl squints at you and glances at Adelle. "Your wife doesn't mind?"
  1099. "No, no," Adelle says quickly. "Ah, my husband is free to do whatever - I'm sorry, whoever, he wishes."
  1101. The trollgirl considers you for a moment, then sighs and sags a bit. "Fine, if you want. Better than nothing I guess."
  1103. >What do you do?
  1105. ---
  1107. NAH. Fuck it. Not even worth the time it takes to stick your dick in it. You take your horse and go around the bridge, "fording" the river, and she just slouches pathetically as you pass. Adelle follows you diligently. Whatever. Stupid trollgirl.
  1109. You make your way through the remainder of the forest before you were planning to go to sleep, arriving at the city of Arcine. Adelle takes a moment and confirms that your thief made her way into the city, but couldn't tell you where she went once she was inside.
  1111. You check in easily, being part of the warrior aristocracy nobility and all, and you lose sight of Juniper as you pass through the city gates. She can't easily follow you into the city, and you've probably lost her. Hopefully. Maybe. Probably not, actually. Whatever. Doesn't matter. She's just annoying, not dangerous.
  1113. Now you're in a city and you need to find one person in particular... it's a port city, so the docks are a possibility. The local city watch. Adelle might have contacts or ideas. Lots of options.
  1115. >What do you do?
  1117. ---
  1119. "Adelle," you start, "any thoughts?"
  1121. Adelle rolls her head to the side, thinking diligently hard, before speaking. "Mm. I think I remember father mentioning something being wrong with Arcine's port lately. It's possible that our thief lives here, or that she expected this to be an easy place to take a boat away from. In either case, she'd probably still be here, assuming the port isn't in good shape. It could be that it's just a trick, of course - come here, then leave. But if it is..." Adelle trails off. "There's not much we could do. I couldn't track someone through the teeming mass of the city. Perhaps if I had something to go on..."
  1123. You decide to check with the watch, seeing if they've gotten any women with swords coming in. The guard runs through a list of everybody who's come in the past couple days, trying to help you find your thief - at least once you inform him who you are. There was a woman with a sword. Her name is apparently "Deline Severin" and she's - supposedly - a travelling swordswoman, come to make her fortune. Or so the official forms say. Nothing more than that, though.
  1125. That information in hand, you rush to the docks, hopeful to catch the thief before she leaves the city.
  1127. "Has a woman named Deline Severin taken a boat out of here lately?" You ask, out of breath, to a local guardsman when you arrive. Guardswoman, on closer inspection. She's got short blonde hair that just sort of... spikes around her head. She's as tall as you, and from what you can tell through her chainmail armor, about as muscular and athletic. Her form's disguised by the chainmail, but the way it hangs forward over her belly informs you she's got a small-but-real pair of breasts on her.
  1129. "Nah," she says, vaguely disdainful.
  1131. "How can you know that?" You ask. "Don't you have to," you wave your hand vaguely, "check?"
  1133. "Nobody's taken a boat out of here. There's a Scylla that's gotten real big in the local sea. Made going out of port too risky for anybody to do it of late. Means a lot of work for us, since all the ships are stuck here, and we keep getting more from upriver. A thief's wet dream, y'see. All these goods just sitting there. Can't really afford to spend much resources on anything else, recently."
  1135. >What do you do?
  1137. ---
  1139. "Can you at least, I don't know, prevent her from leaving? At least not before I can question her, make sure she isn't the thief I'm looking for."
  1141. The guardswoman shrugs. You get the vague impression that she'd take this moment to light a cigarette right now if she could. "Sure, whatever."
  1143. You go and tell another guard your request, just to make sure. He seems more likely to actually do something about it. (Then you go and tell another guard, this one higher ranking, and you're reasonably certain it's actually been done.)
  1145. You check as many inns as you reasonably can, but it's a big city and there are quite a few, and quite full, especially with the port backed. Nobody's taken in any woman fitting Deline's description ("woman with sword"), apparently, nor do they recognize the name.
  1147. It's getting very late, and Adelle seems quite anxious to turn in for the night.
  1149. >What do you do?
  1151. ---
  1153. You head to one of the dwindling number of inns you haven't checked, and are happy to find that it's got a spare room - though unfortunately still no sign of Deline. She might have put herself up some other place. Family? Contacts? You have gone through a lot of inns, after all. You have a quick midnight snack with Adelle, who is visibly tired but happy to take the time to talk to you as you eat.
  1155. When you finish up, the two of you retire to a room, and the moment you lie down, she follows you, lying down and cuddling you in such a way as to put half her weight on top of you before almost instantly falling asleep. You take a bit longer, just admiring her soft, happy expression as she lies on top of you, clutching you as though you're a giant stuffed animal. Something to hold onto not just for physical comfort, but mental comfort as well. You gently wrap your own arms around her and let yourself drift off to sleep.
  1159. You wake up with the feeling of a soft, warm hand on your crotch, rubbing along your cock's length loosely and tantalizingly. It more brushes than presses, but the feeling of thin, feminine fingers is wonderful. You glance down at Adelle, who looks up at you adoringly, expectantly. "My lord," she whispers, huskily. "It's good to see you awake again. What would you have of me?"
  1163. ---
  1165. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1166. Chapter 5
  1168. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1170. You and your wife, Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange, are hunting down her family's ancestral sword, the Blade of Celestial Fire, which was stolen from their keep on your wedding night, apparently by one of your retainers.
  1172. You've followed the thief all the way to Arcine, and have found evidence of a woman fitting her rough description ("woman with sword") coming into the city on the right timetable. She claimed to the local guards that she is one "Deline Severin" and is a hero seeking her fortune. You checked most of the local inns before being forced to turn in for the night due to physical exhaustion.
  1174. In the morning, your wife woke you up with gentle, teasing touches to your most intimate areas and asked you how you wanted her.
  1176. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1178. ---
  1180. "Let me see your breasts," you command, and Adelle dutifully pulls up her tunic and shirt, releasing her firm bosom to the air, nipples visibly hard with arousal. You reach out for her wonderful tits, playing with them gently, and she looks at you, smiling, as you work them over.
  1182. "Do they please you, my lord?"
  1184. You nod hungrily, and start to be a bit rougher, remembering how hard she was on them earlier. She closes her eyes and gives a pleased little hum as you wrap your hands tightly around her breasts, squeezing them as hard as you can. She all but pushes them further into you, changing her posture to put them fully on display, back arching greedily. You stare at her face, watching as she bites her tongue, leaning her head back, eyes closed. A soft moan escapes her lips as you twist on one breast with your hand. She leans forward, then, eyes opening to stare at you.
  1186. "I want to please you, my lord. Just tell me how." Her hands run along your body, searching.
  1188. You grip her by her shoulders, and slowly push her down until she's at eye level with your belly button; she offers no resistance. Once there, she looks up at you, her firm bust pressing into your thighs, nipples scraping against you through the fabric. "Use your breasts," you command, and her expression switches to one of confusion. You pull down your pants, your cock springing out, and pull her up a bit, sandwiching your manhood within her bosom.
  1190. She nods in comprehension and wraps her hands around her breasts, pressing them together tightly, your cockhead popping lewdly out from her cleavage, your rigid length caught inside. She smiles now, leaning her head down, tongue reaching out to lick the tip, each little lap making it bounce slightly within the prison of flesh that now holds it. She starts to move her upper body up and down, giving your cock a long and gentle massage as she does, the warmth of her breasts enveloping your manhood in its entirety.
  1192. The rough, tight feeling of flesh against flesh is pleasant but not quite right. "Wait," you say, and she freezes instantly, tongue still lying out of her mouth. She stares up at you, worry creasing around her eyes. "There should be lubricant." She nods, releasing her firm grip around your breasts. Without even being told, she spits heavily on one hand, then strokes your cock with it, spitting hard on the other and rubbing the valley of her breasts. Her eyes stare at you in sweet dedication as she does her work, hands on automatic as they rub her spit around, making your cock and her tits glisten with saliva. "A bit more," you say, still mildly concerned.
  1194. She does as you command, drooling on her hands again before rubbing down the length of your pole and her own breasts again, adjusting her positioning slightly to try to give you the best show she can. When the job is thoroughly done, she places your cock back between her breasts and returns to the same pleasant bobbing motion of before. She leans forward, and her tongue reaches down again to lick and lap at your cockhead whenever it comes within reach.
  1196. You continue like that for a while, enjoying the feeling of her breasts wrapped around your cock, the sensation like a pair of affectionate pillows that want to cuddle with your dick. Slight wet noises come in time to her motions; water, air and flesh cooperate to create a sensuous and undeniably sexual sound. Her insistent bobbing and steady gaze are an intoxicating mixture, and she looks up at you, her tongue still stretched to prod your cock when it emerges from her bust. She pauses for a moment, craning her head up to look at you but continuing with her steady motions up and down. "My lord, am I doing well?" Her voice is hesitant, worried.
  1198. "Yes, of course," you reply. She smiles broadly and returns to her previous attentions, eyes staying on you as her tongue gently licks at your cock, dancing and teasing. Her bust bounces up and down as she becomes more energetic, and she has to knit her fingers together around her breasts to keep your cock from springing out. Her breath becomes heavier, huskier, and you can tell she's enjoying this in a way distinct from pure physical pleasure.
  1200. You reach down for her head, gathering her hair into an improvised ponytail with both hands, then pull her downward. She understands your silent command, opening her mouth wide, tongue stretching out, breasts pressing downward. She manages to catch the ridge of your cock inside her mouth, her tongue dancing around it within. Her breasts still wrap around the rest of your length, and she gently presses them back and forth, up and down, together and apart to stimulate you. Her tongue alternates between gentle laps at your head and the occasional swirl around the edge; she mixes it up once or twice by just sucking hard, her cheeks pressing inwards as the pressure around your head shifts.
  1202. You start to approach your own orgasm, and pull her off suddenly. She looks up at you, almost... wounded, by the way you've stopped. "That was good," you say, and her expression returns to normal, "do you want to try to get me in your throat again?"
  1204. Her eyes twinkle and her smile becomes almost giddy as she bobs her head in an exaggerated nod. She bites her lip after a moment though. "It was - I wasn't having any success, my lord."
  1206. "There's a position that makes it easier." Her eyes get big and happy, as if you'd just given her a particularly considerate gift. "Lie down on your back so your head leans off the bed." You stand up and move around to the side of the bed as she follows your commands, going cross-eyed when she stares at your cock, just inches from her upside-down face. "You open your mouth wide, and I push in." She nods, ever so slightly, still seemingly mesmerized by your cock, and lets her mouth fall open. "It's a bit rough," you warn, "I've heard humming helps if you have trouble."
  1208. You wrap one hand around your base, slowly guiding your cock past her wide-open lips, watching as her chin bulges lewdly as you press in further and further. You reach her throat, and she starts to gag and squirm. Her fingers wrap tightly around the blankets, bracing her in place as you slowly press your entire length into her. Her legs pinwheel meaninglessly in the air, but her upper body remains almost totally still, only slowly being pushed forward along the bed by your weight. Her throat bulges as you gradually press deeper and deeper inside her.
  1210. Eventually, you feel her nostrils against your balls, and you run your fingers along her neck, tracing the bulge from your cock through it. You feel a gentle hum emanate from her throat, making your cock vibrate as you remain buried inside her. Her throat coils and gags around your cock, as if trying to force it out, but you just hold yourself in place. You're only inches from orgasm already.
  1212. You reach down for her breasts, wrapping one hand around each as you push back and forth, fucking her throat for just a few strokes. You watch the bulge in her throat grow and shrink as your cock moves within it before the stimulation pushes you past the point of no return. You bury yourself deep inside of her mouth, coming with a long moan inside her throat. Her legs stop kicking, becoming tense against the bed as she feels your orgasm. When you're spent, you pull out quickly, knees already wobbling.
  1214. The moment you're free, Adelle twists to one side, coughing and gagging as she covers her mouth, her face streaming with tears. She takes longer to recover than you do, and you sit down next to her, leaning over to help, rubbing her naked back gently as she sputters and coughs, trying to catch her breath, not vomit, and clear her throat, all at the same time. She glances up at you out of the corner of one bloodshot eye.
  1216. "D-did you come, my lord?" Her question is tiny, broken up by a multipude of intermittent coughs and hacks, but you can tell that she's desperately hoping the answer is yes.
  1218. You nod and hold her for a long while as she begins to finally pull herself together.
  1220. "Was," she starts when she's at last able to breathe semiregularly again, "was I good, my lord?" Her voice is small and soft, lacking the airy quality of a whisper but also failing to approach her normal volume.
  1222. "Fantastic," you reassure her.
  1224. "Better than Chara?"
  1226. "You're the best I've ever had," you lie, with the practiced ease of a man who has told the same lie many, many times to many, many women.
  1228. "G-good," she says. "Good." She rests her head on your thigh, looking up with eyes that are still red and wet, her face covered in spit and tears. "I'm happy to-" she coughs again "-please you," she finishes.
  1230. >What do you do?
  1232. ---
  1234. You head out of the room, asking one of the inn's employees for a washcloth and a glass of water. Returning with them in hand, you get a part of the former wet with the latter, and start to clean up Adelle's face. She closes her eyes and lets you gently rub her clean; you notice the faintest hint of a smile on her lips as you do. When you've gotten rid of the spit and tears, you switch to a drier part of the washcloth and wipe her face dry.
  1236. "We should probably get back to searching," you say when you've finished.
  1238. Adelle sits up, reaching over for the water and drinking it. She winces a little with each swallow, but eventually seems to satisfy her throat and speaks up. "Yes, my lord."
  1240. "I was thinking," you start, and Adelle turns to you, still-reddish eyes attentive, "we could have some people actively keeping an eye out. Pay some, I don't know, street urchins or something."
  1242. Adelle tilts her head and nods. "That might work."
  1244. "The guard, too."
  1246. "We already spoke to them, didn't we?"
  1248. "Yeah, but," you wave your hand airily, "just about somebody leaving the city. Not about somebody inside it."
  1250. "They're apparently pre-occupied," Adelle says, "but I suppose it's worth an attempt. The Lestranges and Arcine are not on the best terms, with Arcine maintaining its independence and my father having worsened relations recently. It would probably be best if we had something to offer them."
  1252. You nod and head out into the town with Adelle, paying a motley assortment of street urchins - every one you see, really. If they see any woman with a sword, they're told to follow them and tell you what they've seen. If you can confirm... well, you show them a rather large amount of money, enough to make them no longer street urchins if they use it wisely, and they seem quite eager to take you up on your offer.
  1254. The next movement you make is to find the headquarters of the city guard. They seem to have a rather skeletal shift there, due to the problem with the Scylla, but the barracks is likely full of sleeping employees who could be roused to deal with anyone who tries to start trouble there.
  1256. >What do you do?
  1258. ---
  1260. You decide to go speak to whoever's in charge. You have Adelle help you out in finding them, and manage to get a sit down with the guard captain... who seems to be the same disaffected, blonde-haired woman from earlier. She chews absently on the apple she's eating while you explain the situation to her.
  1262. "So," you say, feeling awkward, "my point is, there's a thief in town."
  1264. She snorts and rolls her eyes. "What else is new?"
  1266. "I might be willing to offer a monetary rew-"
  1268. "If you're trying to bribe the city guard," she interrupts testily, "you've got another thing coming."
  1270. You ball up your fists beneath the table in irritation, where she can't see them, and continue. "Do you have any idea where she might have hidden the sword?"
  1272. A shrug. "Depends. What's she going to do with it? Sell it? Use it? Keep it as something to show off? Motivation changes a lot of things."
  1274. You strum your fingers for a moment, trying to remain calm and collected. You decide to change the subject. "The Scylla." That catches her attention, revealing that you barely had it to begin with. "Is anyone doing anything about it?"
  1276. "City council's considering "appeasement." In the form of young, virile men." A pause full of meaning. "Such as yourself."
  1278. "Ah." You do not cross your legs, but that takes a conscious act of effort
  1280. "They shouldn't, I've said as much. Appeasement teaches the wrong lesson. A sharp edge teaches the right one."
  1282. >What do you do?
  1284. ---
  1286. You're horny and/or angry. In any case, you're about to make a very risky decision for no adequately explained reasons. "If I got rid of the Scylla, would you be more willing to provide actually help?"
  1288. She looks at you, her head lowered while her eyes meet yours, her expression something like disbelief and pity. "Fuck, I'd be willing to suck your dick if you got rid of the damn thing."
  1290. You give her a snide grin. "Might take you up on that. Tell you what, I get rid of your Scylla problem, you have to do anything I ask of you."
  1292. She snorts a little. "Fine, sure, within reason. I mean, I'm not gonna murder somebody, but other than something like that, whatever you want."
  1294. "On your honor."
  1296. "Yessir," she says, giving you an exaggerated salute. "Now unless you have something else worth saying, get out of here and go get yourself wrecked by a giant monstergirl."
  1298. You and Adelle leave without further ado. You know when you're not wanted. At least when people make it very clear, you know that.
  1300. >What do you do?
  1302. ---
  1304. "This will get the city guard with us to help catch our thief," you say to Adelle as the two of you head towards the docks.
  1306. Adelle nods. "I myself also thought that dealing with the Scylla was one avenue worth pursuing, my lord."
  1308. You breathe out in a heavy sigh. "Any advice?"
  1310. Adelle remains silent in thought for a few seconds. ""
  1312. You give her a grin and she smiles back. "I'll try."
  1314. She bites her lip. "If you don't win..." she shakes her head. "Do whatever you feel is necessary, my lord. Don't do anything foolish on my account."
  1316. The docks themselves are relatively full of cargo and relatively empty of life, but there's still plenty of people here. You start asking questions, and find one sailor whose boat went out despite warnings, and, well, didn't come back.
  1318. "She's big," he says. "Got eight tentacles. They're about this big around," he holds his hands about as far apart as his chest. "And real long."
  1320. "How long?"
  1322. "Long enough. Grabbed a half-dozen of us, smashed up the ship, stole some of our cargo."
  1324. "The captives - what happened to them?"
  1326. He shrugs. "They won't say much. Too humiliating, I reckon. They came back one by one over the next few days, washed up on shore and complaining of back, neck, and groin pains. You can take your own guess as to what happened."
  1328. >What do you do?
  1330. ---
  1332. >16
  1334. You send Adelle off to pick up the strongest spices she can, and move up and down the dock, looking for a crew willing to take you out to deal with the Scylla. It's difficult - she's big, threatening, and has made a mess of them before. By some divine stroke of luck, however, one ship's captain is willing to take you out, and his crew will come with him. If you had to guess, he was wagering that you'd either succeed - in which case the port is freed up - or fail and have to pay out the cost of his destroyed ship, plus he'd get a tumble with a giant monstergirl.
  1336. Somehow - perhaps you're channeling Adelle - you manage to convince him that you'll pay if his ship gets wrecked, without actually saying as much.
  1338. The ship's been unloaded of most everything except the people, and you're carrying several pounds worth of powerful spices in a collection of different bags and your sword. Adelle kisses you on the cheek before hugging you hard, pressing her face into your chest.
  1340. "Make sure to come back, my lord," she says.
  1342. >What do you do?
  1344. ---
  1346. >12
  1348. "Okay," you reply, hugging her back and patting her head gently before extricating yourself from her grasp. "I will," you promise emptily.
  1350. You board the ship, taking the occasional sniff of the spices Adelle brought to ensure the scent isn't going to overpower you suddenly. The smells are sharp and powerful, but not really disorienting to you, especially after giving yourself the opportunity to get used to them. You stand on the deck of the ship, a little anxious and trying to avoid becoming seasick, and wait, patiently, for the Scylla to arrive.
  1352. It couldn't have taken longer than a half hour for one massive, coral pink tentacle vaguely reminiscent of an octopus's to land in the middle of the ship, grabbing an unlucky sailor, who gives off a valiant scream and struggle. You watch as more arrive, biding your time and dodging any that seem liable to come close. When the fifth sailor gets snatched up by another tentacle, you take your chances, rushing for one long tentacle that's probing blindly and grabbing onto it. It squirms underneath you as you climb along its length, trying to catch you, but you have your sword in one hand and nick it every time it comes near.
  1354. The main body of the Scylla comes up, apparently wishing to actually see what pitiful human man dares to attack her. That plays right into your hand, however, and you scramble frantically up the length of the tentacle. When she finally gets a proper bead on you - long, wet, coral pink hair brushed aside with a slightly plump hand - her tentacles start to strain towards you.
  1356. You stab your sword well into the tentacle beneath you, and with one deft movement with your free hand, there's spice in the air, sending the next tentacle that attempts to attack you into a frantic spasm. The Scylla hisses, rage visible on her matronly face.
  1358. >What do you do?
  1360. ---
  1362. >7
  1364. You remove your sword from the tentacle and try to make your way further up, but the way she wriggles it back and forth leaves you mostly just hanging on for dear life as she swings you around. Another tentacles comes up, battering at you, and you just barely manage to bring your sword up in time to cut into it. She lets out a growl of pain, and this time smashes at you with two tentacles.
  1366. It drives the breath out of you, and you feel like you're about to be crushed, but the indomitable will of a Sage of the Sublime Way is with you, and your fingers quickly fiddle with your belt again, releasing a collection of spice into the air. It affects the tentacle you're on too, however, and you go flying around again, only barely managing to hold on by wrapping your legs around the tentacle.
  1368. When she finally recovers from the spice, she's sneering, dropping sailors into the water, and bringing around all her tentacles towards you. You've barely made any additional progress upwards, either.
  1370. >What do you do?
  1372. ---
  1374. >17
  1375. >Thank God, I was worried I was going to have to write a Bad End.
  1377. With the unmatched alacrity of desperation and adrenaline, you toss another bag of spices, this one directly into her face. A plume of orange dust surrounds her, and her entire body seems to go into violent conniptions, tentacles thrashing wildly. You watch and time it just right, letting go of the tentacle you're on in such a way that your momentum carries you towards her.
  1379. You latch onto her with one arm as you pass, twirling gracefully around, sword in hand, and hold it up to her throat. The frantic movements of her tentacles continue, though they're not quite as intense - you guess it's not exactly voluntary - but her upper body freezes completely when the cold steel of your blade presses up against her neck. Save the occasional cough, of course - the spice still hasn't quite cleared the air.
  1381. >What do you do?
  1383. ---
  1385. >8
  1386. >Not enough of a success to convince her, just barely not enough of a failure to completely screw yourself over.
  1388. "Swear yourself over to me and I'll see to it you're well fed," you say, running your free hand along her stomach. "Attacking ships like this doesn't win you any friends."
  1390. The Scylla looks at you, her large, somewhat plump body nude and glistening. There's an expression in her gaze, a recognition. Her shoulders slump in defeat, and she nods. "I surrender," she says. "I swear myself to your service."
  1392. "Good, good," you say, removing your sword from her throat. "Now, there's-" You're interrupted by her whole body twisting around you, her torso seeming to jerk away. With an incredible degree of reactivity, you grab her again, tight, and press your sword up to her throat again. She dutifully freezes once more. You have no doubts about what she was just trying to do.
  1394. She licks her lips and glances up at you again. "You can't blame me for trying, can you?"
  1396. As a matter of fact, you can. As long as she has all of these stupid giant tentacles, she's a threat you can't take your eyes off. She's made that much clear.
  1398. >What do you do?
  1400. ---
  1402. You rub at your face with your free hand. She's really forcing your hand, here. I have to be clever, you think to yourself. "Tie yourself up into knots," you order. She sighs, audibly, and her tentacles begin to curl in on themselves, wrapping up together and around, pulling tight. It takes her a minute, given the large length and number of limbs. "Tighter," you order when she's done. She "pulls" at the ends, the bits wrapping tightly around themselves. You see how different parts squeeze around the bits they constrict, changing their circumference.
  1404. Your height above the water has fallen to almost nothing. Earlier, it almost seemed as though she was standing on the water, long tentacles like legs. Now, the messy knots of her tentacles stretch around you like a massive buoy, holding you and her just above the surface.
  1406. With the way her torso just emerges from the mass of tentacles, and with you standing on top of them... well, her head's already at groin level. Massive, motherly breasts move up and down with each motion of the sea, and she looks up at you awkwardly, your sword still pressed meaningfully up to her throat. You reach down with your free hand, wrapping it around her wet, pink hair and yanking her head roughly to make her look up at you. "Undo my pants. No funny business this time."
  1408. She nods, reaching with her plump little hands towards your pants and undoing them gracefully, pulling them free. Your rock hard cock bounces out, slapping against her face, her pale, freckled skin contrasting lewdly with your own. You pull her towards your manhood with the hand that's wrapped around her head, carefully guiding her. She understands your unspoken command, and her lips open wide, tongue hanging out, as your cock presses in towards her.
  1410. Your head enters her mouth, and her lips immediately wrap around your cock. You're in control, and she knows it. There's no move to resist, no foolhardy attempts to spite you, as your cock slowly makes its way into her mouth. Her throat is open to you - there's no gag reflex, just the easy motion of an experienced woman's mouth. You slide her down the entire length and hold her there, fingers wrapped around and through her hair, enjoying the feeling of domination as you keep her down.
  1412. After just enjoying the tight feeling of her throat wrapped around your cock for what has to have been at least a half minute, the Scylla - hell, you don't even know her name, do you? - starts to actively pleasure you, her tongue sliding up and down the underside of your cock. Her mouth becomes a vacuum, sucking on your cock, her cheeks hollowing as she works in inside her mouth. Her lips smack around the base, and after a bit, her tongue begins to make tentative stretches outside of her mouth, looking for your balls.
  1414. You enjoy the sensations and are very glad that Adelle gave you a proper working over this morning or you'd never have been able to last this long. Her plump, cocksucking lips are positively massaging your manhood, and you realize with a start that she's been down there for at least a minute and hasn't given the slightest complaint. You yank her off, enjoying the sight of her wincing in pain. "You don't need to breathe?" You ask, curious.
  1416. "Gills on my lower side, sir," she explains.
  1418. You grunt your comprehension and pull her back onto your cock, gentle and slow as you wrap her lips around it again. Once you're firmly inside, though, you go to town, pulling her up and down as you fuck her face with reckless abandon, enjoying watching as she finally loses composure, eyes rolling up in the sleepy submission of a well-fucked woman. You growl, speeding up your thrusts and humping back and forth in time with your rabid pulling on her hair. Her eyes occasionally twitch or wince in the pain of one of your sudden movements, and you just take it in, enjoying the feeling of her mouth and throat surrendering to you completely.
  1420. Eventually, however, you begin to feel your orgasm boil over - even fucking Adelle's throat this morning couldn't allow you to resist this forever - and you hold her down on your groin, feeling the way her throat bulges around your cock as you bury yourself completely inside her, your body leaning over hers. You hold her head in your crotch as you hump wildly back and forth, her nose still pressed into your pubes even as you thrust, and manage by some titanic effort to keep doing so for almost a minute before you finally ejaculate straight down her throat. When you start, you just hold yourself inside of her, growling out your orgasm.
  1422. You pull out, and you're sure one or two drops of cum dribble out onto her tongue as you do. She stares up at you dreamily, licking her lips in enjoyment. You glance around before doing anything else, and sure enough, her tentacles are still wrapped tight. Hell, if you're looking at them right, they're wrapped tighter than they were before. You guess she must've enjoyed that too. "Toe curling" is the phrase that comes to mind. You drop your sword away from her throat, your strength starting to sag, but you keep it at the ready in case she tries anything. She doesn't, but that's no guarantee of anything.
  1424. >What do you do?
  1426. ---
  1428. You run your fingers through her hair, ruffling it. She just enjoys it for a moment before embarrassment runs across her face and she pretends to be annoyed. "I feel a bit awkward asking this now, but what's your name?"
  1430. "Sephalie," she replies.
  1432. "Okay, Sephalie. Are you willing to be a good girl now? If you're willing to work with the town, you could protect their ships from pirates, save sailors, and they'd probably be willing to give you food and even men to fuck. Doesn't that sound better than getting hurt by someone like me?"
  1434. Sephalie seems to consider this, her eyes rolling up in thought. "...wouldn't the pirates try to hurt me, too?"
  1436. You shrug. "Pirates are criminals, criminals are opportunists," you say, repeating something Adelle talked about earlier. "Most would just go away after getting harassed by you, and those that didn't would probably try to avoid you."
  1438. Sephalie seems to deeply consider this, weighing it from all the angles, one of which is the angle of your blade. "Okay," she agrees at last. She raises one finger up, though, before continuing. "But! I'll only protect the city if they agree to give me men. Otherwise..." she glances at your sword. "I guess I'll just... I don't know, go somewhere else?" She offers.
  1440. >What do you do?
  1442. ---
  1444. "Take me to shore. I'll see about getting you a supply of men in exchange for protecting the town."
  1446. Sephalie nods obediently, and her tentacles squirm for a moment. She glances around awkwardly. "I think I must have made them too tight..." she complains. "I should be able to undo them eventually, but it'll take a while..."
  1448. Well, whatever. That's good for you. Means you're pretty sure she's safe to lower your guard around. "Just do what you can."
  1450. It's fortunate that you're not that far out, because although Sephalie can swim quite a bit faster than you, she's moving at what's a doggie paddle compared to her usual pace. She moves like a living raft, the mess of knots and intertwined tentacles pushing against the water to slowly but surely move the two of you forward. You sit down next to her on one of her tentacles, still keeping a hand on your sword, just in case this is a trick.
  1452. You wisely come into shore away from the city. After all, if the people there saw her coming into port, they'd probably shoot her or something. And they'd be entirely justified, too. When you're off, you make arrangements for her to meet up with... whoever rules this stupid city... by nightfall. She starts to wriggle off, still trying slowly to extricate her tentacles from one another.
  1454. >What do you do?
  1456. ---
  1458. You make your way back into the city, silently patting yourself on the back, and head back into the city. It's a long walk, but eventually you find your way to the port, and see Adelle there, nervously chewing on the knuckle of her right thumb while she stares out at the ocean, sitting on a box.
  1460. You come up behind her, wrapping your arms around her. She gives a sudden gasp, spinning around, and the brief expression of anger melts into tenderness the moment she sees your face. She all but jumps into your arms, hugging you tightly, and you hug her back, enjoying the feel and press of her body into yours.
  1462. When she finally reassures herself that you are, in fact, comprised of corporeal matter - a process which takes around a minute - you tell her what happened since you last saw her. She seems to relish hearing about how you facefucked Sephalie, especially the bit where you only thought to ask her name afterwards.
  1464. You and Adelle manage to finangle a meeting with the city council, and they come out to the docks in time to see Sephalie emerge from the water in all her glory. She apparently managed to untangle herself in time, which is lucky, otherwise you'd probably be waiting here for an hour for her to show up. They sit down to negotiate terms with her. Hopefully they'll reach a good agreement.
  1466. You don't really care that much about boring bureaucracy, though, so you fuck off to the city guard's headquarters, locating the Captain once more. When she sees you, she shrugs in defeat, palms splaying outward.
  1468. "Alright," she says. "You did it. Took care of the Scylla. Heard about it already. Let's get this over with." She blows out a long puff of air. "You're the boss. Already told the men to get on the job of finding that sword. What do I have do?"
  1470. >What do you do?
  1472. ---
  1474. "What's your name, anyway?"
  1476. "Cecilia. No family name on account of being lowborn. I was thinking maybe adding on Lancer or something like that, but it doesn't really matter. Won't pass it on to the kids anyway. 'less they're bastards, I guess."
  1478. You nod. "This is my wife, Adelle." You gesture to Adelle, and she gives a tiny little wave to Cecilia.
  1480. Cecilia looks at Adelle with a furrowed brow. "You're his wife?" Adelle nods, smiling slightly. "Huh. And you're okay with him -" she looks back at you, "doing whatever he plans to do?"
  1482. "Yes," Adelle says, leaving it at that.
  1484. Cecilia seems to consider this, then shrugs. "Well, guess everybody's got something."
  1486. You interrupt her train of thought before she can continue. "How do you feel about your job? You seem fairly bored with it."
  1488. Cecilia treats this question with a sort of bored disinterest that rarely leaves her face. "It's a bit dull sometimes, but the pay's good, and it's the best for the skillset that isn't too exciting for my tastes. Why?"
  1490. "Mmm, just considering hiring you off."
  1492. Cecilia cocks her head at you and rattles off a number. "That's my current wage." It's... high, but it almost certainly won't be outside your budget. You could probably argue her a bit lower than that... "Look," she says, anxiously rubbing her upper arm with one hand. "Can we get to it, first? I don't... I'm uneasy. I don't want to say anything rude, but it's really distracting to sit here talking about wages and hiring policies while I'm worried you're gonna make me do something I'm not going to like. So could we go up to my quarters and do... well, whatever it is you want to do?"
  1494. >What do you do?
  1496. ---
  1498. "Why would we want to go somewhere more private?"
  1500. Cecilia positively withers at your question. "Just- just lock the door, please," she says, as if choking back tears. Adelle moves so quickly to lock the door that you don't have time to say that it's not going to happen, and looking at Adelle's expression... you don't think it's a good idea, so you stay quiet.
  1502. "Where do you keep the manacles?" You ask, trying to keep up the pace.
  1504. "There's a pair on the wall. Key's in the desk." Cecilia seems resigned to what's about to happen to her.
  1506. "No second thoughts?"
  1508. "Lots of second thoughts," she replies, bitterly. "But an oath's an oath."
  1510. Adelle hands you the manacles, and you gingerly pull Cecilia's arms around behind her back, locking them into the manacles. "They good and tight?" You ask, and Cecilia wriggles around to demonstrate for you that they are, in fact, good and tight.
  1512. You bend her over the desk, admiring her ass as it hangs in the air. You pull down her pants and start playing with her pussy, fingers reaching in and teasing her, clutching at her insides and dancing around her lips. You watch as she takes it, her face a mask of boredom, the occasional wince of pleasure the only thing that gives away the game. You bring Adelle over, advising her to play with the guard captain's breasts, and she pulls up Cecilia's shirt, exposing her small, pert breasts to the air. Her fingers wrap around both of Cecilia's breasts, and start to play with her nipples. Adelle's expression, looking down at Cecilia, seems positively sympathetic, even as she participates in the teasing with you.
  1514. Eventually, you feel the desire to fuck Cecilia overpower the desire to tease her, and you pull down your pants, your rock hard cock springing into the air. You press yourself up against her slit, self control winning over animal lust for a moment so that you can tell her the rules of the game. "If you want to come, you'll have to beg me to fuck your ass."
  1516. She snorts derisively. "I'm no virginal maiden, I've had sex without orgasm before."
  1518. "There's a difference between sex without orgasm," you say, still teasing her slit, one hand diddling her clit while Adelle remains leaning over her and playing with her breasts. "And orgasm denial." You thrust inside of her in a single stroke, burying yourself to the hilt, and enjoying the view as she's pushed forward on the desk with the force of your work. You watch the carnal pleasure run across her face at your action, and the way she quickly covers it back up, stony expression taking over.
  1520. Adelle, for her part, moves away from her position on top of Cecilia, and instead leans down next to her, pulling down her pants and her panties, her expression towards Cecilia compassionate even as she speaks. "My lord, if you feel yourself drawing too close - you haven't spilled your seed inside me for two days, and we don't yet know if you've succeeded."
  1522. You nod, smiling down at Cecilia as you thrust in and out of her. "That means I can go twice as long, you know," you explain.
  1524. Cecilia blows a puff of air up out of her mouth, as if to push hair from her eyes. "Whatever. Just do whatever." You do, in fact, "do whatever," starting to slowly fuck her, one hand wrapping around one of her breasts and teasing the nipple, the other working her clit. You watch her face, which varies between stony boredom and brief flashes of ecstasy, taking special care to repeat whatever actions seem to get a particularly strong reaction out of her.
  1526. Before long, Cecilia's working with you, her butt pressing back into each thrust and retreating from each withdrawal, speeding up your movements. You let her get away with it for a while, enjoying watching as she tries to pull herself towards orgasm without you noticing. You have noticed, of course, and when you see her expression start to approach the point of no return, you pull out with a wet "schlick." She tries, briefly to fuck back into you, but you place one hand on her back and pin her in place on the table.
  1528. "Nnng," she whines. "Not gonna beg."
  1530. "Then you aren't going to come," you reply simply.
  1532. "Why are you-" Cecilia stops herself halfway through the sentence. "No, whatever, doesn't matter."
  1534. When you feel that Cecilia's had enough time to cool down, you start to fuck into her again, this time using your arm to keep her pinned. She's strong, but without her arms to maneuver, she's not strong enough to do much of anything. She can't do anything but remain still while you play with her and fuck her in long, gentle, teasing strokes. You feel her inner walls start to try to squeeze around you, as if desperate to force you to come inside her, and you take in the sensations of watching this powerful guard captain try and fail to force you to ejaculate. "I can keep this up all night long," you note, as dispassionately as possible, but a bit of sadistic glee may have inadvertently slipped into your tone.
  1536. "So. Can. I." Cecilia manages through gritted teeth. She glares daggers at you, clearly not happy about the way you're treating her. Adelle winces sympathetically - and by the way she glances up at you imploringly, you know she's not wincing in sympathy for you dealing with Cecilia's insubordination.
  1538. The distraction of deciphering all these complex social cues is enough to make you start genuinely fucking into Cecilia, and you just barely manage to stop yourself when you notice how eagerly she's working alongside you, her bottom lifting and rotating around your cock even as she pushes back and forth with you. You pull out just in time to stop yourself from coming, but it positively hurts to stop, so you quickly and without much foreplay push yourself into Adelle. She's wet and pliant, biting her tongue in pleasure as you make the quick few strokes it takes for you to come inside.
  1540. As you lean over Adelle and come within her willing body, you notice Cecilia is furiously humping the table, rubbing her mound frantically against the edge. She stares at you, a kind of vicious, petty victory in her eyes as she comes from the stimulation. She jerks, sporadically, and her eyes roll up as she bounces herself up and down on the table, making a rather severe clattering.
  1542. When your orgasm stops and you can actually do something other than shoot semen inside Adelle, you're positively angry and pull up and out of Adelle. Adelle senses your rage, notices the genuine fear in Cecilia's eyes, and frantically pulls herself up, wrapping her arms around you from behind.
  1544. "P-please, my lord," she whispers into your back. "She- you're being cruel to her." You can almost hear the tears in Adelle's voice.
  1546. You stop in place, turning around to look at Adelle, whose eyes are slightly moist. She bites her lip, nervous, and smiles even as her teeth still close around it. "I was cruel to Chara and Despina too, you know," you say. "You didn't seem to mind that."
  1548. "That's different. They were monstergirls and- I don't understand why you're being like this with her. Chara shot you. She just..." Adelle trails off, her lack of ability to say what Cecilia "just" did more meaningful than anything she could list. "Please, my lord," she half-begs, "i-if you're doing this because you think I'll like it..."
  1550. >What do you do?
  1552. ---
  1554. "She was - you know, she wasn't very helpful in finding the thief. Who stole your family sword. I mean, if you want to let her off easy..."
  1556. Adelle stares at you, blinking, brow furrowed. "She wasn't helpful because-" her lips become a fine line and she closes her eyes in the way that you do when you realize you've made a serious error of judgement. There's a moment of silence that seems to stretch into eternity. Adelle fiddles with her hands awkwardly. "She specifically - she, specifically, as in, Cecilia herself - said that the Scylla was tying up all their resources. I was there. You were there. She was there. Everyone in this room was there when this happened."
  1558. You grin sheepishly. "Did - did that happen?"
  1560. Cecilia pipes in from her position, still leaning over the desk. "Yes. Last night."
  1562. "Well, I don't remember it," you complain.
  1564. "Well, I do," Cecilia replies. "Gods, is that really why you were being such a cock about this?" She mutters something under her breath that you don't catch.
  1566. "Fine," you say, attention turning back to Adelle. "What do you want her to do?"
  1568. "I don't know, my lord. I mean, whatever you want to do- just, there's, there's no reason to be cruel."
  1570. "Technically, by coming even though I told her she had to beg for it-"
  1572. "You can't be serious," Cecilia interrupts, disbelief dripping from her voice.
  1574. "-she broke her oath," you continue, unabated.
  1576. "Holy fuck," Cecilia says after you finish. "You're joking. You have to be joking. Seriously? Seriously seriously? You're really going with that?" She mutters something else under her breath, which you guess is some sort of stronger version of the thing she muttered under her breath earlier.
  1578. >What do you do?
  1580. ---
  1582. "Fine, fine, consider the matter dropped." You rummage through the desk drawer until you find the keys to her manacles, and undo them.
  1584. She stands up, rubbing her forearms where the manacles had rubbed against the skin. After a moment, she clears her throat, stands up straight, and lifts her chin up. "Right, then. We're done, I take it?" She glances from you to Adelle.
  1586. "Just- have your men find the sword."
  1588. "I already put them on it," she says, testily. "Or did you-"
  1590. "No, no, I remember," you say hastily. "Just making sure that it's happening."
  1592. "Consider it sure."
  1594. You leave, awkwardly, with Adelle, heading back to the inn where the two of you are staying and go back to your room. The two of you lie down in a format that's a bit different from normal - you lying on your side, pressing into Adelle; she wraps your arms around her, and the two of you drift off to sleep together.
  1598. ---
  1600. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1601. Chapter 6
  1603. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1605. You and your wife, Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange, are hunting down her family's ancestral sword, the Blade of Celestial Fire, which was stolen from their keep on your wedding night, apparently by one of your retainers.
  1607. You've followed the thief all the way to Arcine, and have found evidence of a woman fitting her rough description ("woman with sword") coming into the city on the right timetable. She claimed to the local guards that she is one "Deline Severin" and is a hero seeking her fortune.
  1609. You fought a giant monstergirl - the Scylla - that was preventing the port from working properly, and then sexually humiliated the guard captain before getting her confirmation that she was going to work towards finding your family sword. Then you went to the inn you're staying at and fell asleep.
  1611. You've just woken up, your arms still draped around your wife, who is snuggled up into you, her back pressing against your chest.
  1613. >What do you do?
  1615. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1617. ---
  1619. Your hands wander along Adelle's body, gently tracing out her stomach and hips with your fingers. She hums happily, still in contented slumber.
  1621. "Adelle," you whisper in her ear, your head moving to her neck, which you kiss gingerly. She just mumbles a bit, absently rubbing herself against you. "Adelle."
  1623. She opens her eyes, turning over to you, her expression sleepy. "Yes, my lord?"
  1625. "I want to make love to you," you whisper, and she smiles, rubbing her butt against your crotch.
  1627. "Mmmhmmm," she murmurs happily. "Yes, my lord."
  1629. Your mouth explores her contours with your lips as you gently kiss at her neck, shoulder and ear. She smiles at your attentions, content to just enjoy them, still held in your arms and softly rubbing against you.
  1631. Your right hand pulls at her tunic and undershirt to provide you access to just a little more skin, which you soon mark out with your mouth, taking long moments to explore it with your tongue. Your left reaches for her breasts, playing with one; at first, you're gentle and teasing, making her squirm in your grasp, eager for you to do more, then you start to become rougher and more thorough, earning you little pants of pleasure.
  1633. You move your right hand downward, raising her tunic up and then slipping your hand under her panties and into her sex. The wet feeling that your fingers encounter inside of her reassures you that she is very ready and very eager. But you take the opportunity to play with her, running your fingers along her lips and then pushing one inside of her, moving it up and down in a very loose simulation of penetration.
  1635. "Gods, you're wonderful," you whisper, and Adelle just hums contentedly in reply. You take your left hand and use it to pull down her pants and panties a ways, her legs moving to make it easier; you get them down to her knees before you stop, leaving them tangled there. In response, she starts to move, as if to get out of your grasp, but you grip her tit tight, keeping her close. "Don't run away, now." She stops there, letting you hold her tightly to your body, and you pull down your own pants, your cock springing out. Without even using your hands, you manage to sandwich your length in between her thighs, rubbing gently back and forth as you continue to tease her sex with your fingers.
  1637. She seems to have caught the gist of your plan, and tightens her thighs around your cock, putting it in a wonderfully pleasant grip. You continue your steady work with your fingers inside of her, and your kisses along her neck and shoulders now become gentle nibbles and bites. She starts to squirm in pleasure in your grip, rubbing her thighs along your length. You work over her entire body, the hand at her breasts switching back and forth between one and the other, possessively grabbing them and using them to draw her closer into you. Your teeth all but gnaw at her neck and earlobe, which earns you happy little noises, her hand reaching over her shoulders to caress the back of your head.
  1639. You trace her lower lips with your fingers even as you thumb her clit, and receive a happy little gasp in reply. You can feel her approaching her own orgasm in the way that her pelvis thrusts into your hand sporadically, like she's trying to fuck your palm, the way she rubs her shoulders against your chest, the way her head cranes back to provide you access to even more of her neck as she enjoys your attentions. Her breath hitches as she becomes caught in pleasure and ecstacy, her motions in your arms becoming excited and erratic.
  1641. With the hand you've been using to stimulate her, you reach down and guide the tip of your manhood inside of her, then thrust up inside of her in a single, long thrust, pushing her along the bed and earning a particularly ecstatic gasp. You whisper in her ear as you start to play with her clit again. "Come for me." She orgasms, your cock buried deep inside of her, and her inner walls try to milk your cock as she does. Of course, the minimal stimulation you've received keeps you well and away from orgasm, but it's certainly pleasant to let her ride out her orgasm in your arms, her mouth opening wide in a long exhalation of breath that's half a sigh, half a barely-contained shriek.
  1643. When she comes down, she immediately starts to move up and down as best she can to stimulate you, though it's somewhat limited by her position and the way you have your arms wrapped around her. You wait a moment, enjoying watching as she tries to fuck you, awkwardly, then join her in the action, mimicking her pace. That makes her start to go faster, humping up and down as best she can in your arms. Besides the slight awkwardness of your positions, your hand on her tit is the only thing really slowing her down, and it doesn't seem to be doing much of a job of that - she doesn't mind in the least the way that her motions yank her breast against you.
  1645. She practically whimpers and whine in your grip, all-but-begging you to come. "My lord," she asks, "please, don't hold back." You take her request at face value, moving your hands away from their previous tasks of stimulating her and get a firm grasp on her torso, before you start to push and pull her up and down, letting her go lax in your arms and just let you fuck her to your heart's content. Her hands reach up behind her, grasping at your head as she pants in excitement, caressing your hair and face as best she can, her head swiveled awkwardly to look over her shoulder back at you, her eyes intense as they meet yours.
  1647. You enjoy the position for a while more, watching as her hair flows this way and that with each thrust, eying her breasts as they bounce, listening to her as she audibly gives all the signs of the pleasure her face confirms she's feeling. You feel her approach a second orgasm even as your own nears, and - not wishing to leave her on the edge when you come - you quickly reach down and start rubbing your fingers along her clit and mound as rapidly as possible. "Again," you order, and she comes in your arms. This time, her inner walls milk you to completion inside of her, and you come only a few moments after, pressing yourself as deeply into her as you can.
  1649. The two of you sag when you've finished riding out your orgasms, breathing heavily from exertion. Adelle's hands wrap tightly around yours, her dainty fingers contrasting sharply with your own, rough-hewn ones. She looks over her shoulder back at you, a loving smile on her face.
  1651. >What do you do?
  1653. ---
  1655. You gently extricate yourself from Adelle, and give her a quick peck on the cheek before rising. "I'll go get us some food," you say, running the back of your hand across her cheek, and she nods in agreement, rolling over onto her back once you get out of bed. You head downstairs, buying some food to bring up to your wife. While you're down there, however, you're approached by a young-ish man, wearing servant's garb.
  1657. "Ah, are you Mist - Sir, sorry, Sir Baron..." he looks at an envelope, squinting at the name written on it, "Baron Richard Estle - este -"
  1659. "Yes, I'm him," you interrupt.
  1661. "Then I'm supposed to give you this, sir." He hands you the envelope. "An invitation. The city council is holding a gathering of some of the upper crust of society in celebration of the recent good fortune with the Scylla. You've been cordially invited."
  1663. You take the envelope, which bears the city seal, open it, and read through the letter as you take the food up to Adelle. The party's this evening, it's oddly clear that you don't have to come, but says they'd be honored to have you. Sounds like standard talking-out-of-both-sides-of-your-mouth bullshit.
  1665. You bring Adelle food, and she graciously takes her part of it. "Thank you, my lord," she says as she starts to eat, sitting with you as the two of you eat. You slide her the note, and she looks it over quizzically after cleaning her hands. "It reads almost as if they don't actually want you there."
  1667. "Yeah?" You ask, in between tearing at your bread.
  1669. "Yes, my lord. Perhaps they feel that it would look bad for the city, to have required an outsider and noble to solve their problem?"
  1671. You grunt in agreement, not really knowing enough about city politics to have any firm opinions.
  1673. "Rather short-sighted, in my opinion. The Nells could make a powerful ally to Arcine, and our marriage, combined with good relations with the Nells, could help to repair relations with..." she trails off and gives you a weak smile. "I'm babbling. Sorry, my lord."
  1675. >What do you do?
  1677. ---
  1679. "We can go to the celebration if you want," you say, trying to be diplomatic.
  1681. She considers the notion for a little bit. "It's... difficult to say whether the long-term consequences would be good for us. For Arcine? Certainly. For the Nells? Perhaps, perhaps not."
  1683. "Right. In any case, remember, I'm not exactly talented with words," you say.
  1685. "Yes, I'm-" she stops mid-sentence, eyes closing. "We all have our talents, my lord. Yours lie in places different from my own, which means that we complement one another. A beneficial arrangement for us both."­ She looks at the letter again. "I'd have to think on it."
  1687. "Well, then, do," you reply, and the two of you finish up your meal without discussing the invitation any further. When you finish, you head off to the guard headquarters, almost immediately getting a meeting with Cecilia. From the movement around the headquarters, you get the impression that it's been a busy night.
  1689. "My lord husband and I," Adelle begins, "were curious as to the progress of the investigation into the sword."
  1691. "Right," she begins as you and Adelle sit down, blinking rapidly, "okay. So, we went through a lot of the local fences and got a load of nothing. No sword, no intelligence. Means your thief is probably not somebody who's in it for the moment - money. Not in it for the money. Probable motives, then, are to use it, revenge against the Lestranges, or just... wanting something peculiar and expensive simply to have it, not to use it. Last one range - rang, sorry, no sleep - some bells, so I went through and cross-referenced, checked something out. This," she places a piece of paper down, then squints at it. "This isn't the right paper."
  1693. "If you would prefer, we could return after you've gotten a chance to rest fully," Adelle says, softly, as Cecilia starts to rummage through the pile of pages.
  1695. "No, it's fine, I'm fine, sleep is for the weak anyways." She pulls one out, squints at it, and slaps it on the table. "This is a list of stuff that's been stolen. Unique items, peculiar jewelry, magical bullshit, family heirlooms. Stuff which your... ah... Blade of Cherubic Flame?"
  1697. "Celestial Fire," Adelle corrects, without malice.
  1699. "Right, that. Your family sword is a big... exemplar, of the stuff these cases all revolve around. I put together a list a while back, had a stroke of brilliance when we were pulling in the fences and what they were carrying. Started asking about the stuff on it. Twenty-six things written down here, only two of which ever passed through their hands." Cecilia yawns, loudly. "I'd guess that your thief is the same as the one for the other twenty four. Which means we could put together an MO. Modus operandi. How the thief works."
  1701. You nod along, not really understanding.
  1703. "Anyway, uh, point is..." Cecilia closes her eyes as she tries to recall. "Right, the point is that she, she probably wants to take this junk and stick it on her mantelpiece as an icebreaker. She does this to high society sorts with all the things they have that she thinks are pretty or interesting or whatever. So," she says before thrusting a finger out at you, "so you're high society. You - you got anything that looks like it could be a family heirloom? Or magical? Preferably both? Doesn't need to actually be..."
  1705. "You took some jewelry from the Satyresses, didn't you, my lord?" Adelle asks, and you nod.
  1707. "Good. Take that crap, go to some high society function - they're supposed to be having one in your honor today, I think, did you hear? - show it off, tell some retarded story about how your great-great-great-grandfather used it to stick his dick in a monstergirl or whatever the fuck, and wait for the thief to come along and try to take it. That's - that's my best plan," she says, deflating suddenly. "Fuckin' bitch has been running circles around me for a year," she mumbles, staring forlornly at the paper with the list of stolen items on it. "Since you're new in town, she probably won't realize you're full of shit, and since you're planning on leaving soon, she'll feel pressured for," she yawns, "time."
  1709. >What do you do?
  1711. "Right," she begins as you and Adelle sit down, blinking rapidly, "okay. So, we went through a lot of the local fences and got a load of nothing. No sword, no intelligence. Means your thief is probably not somebody who's in it for the moment - money. Not in it for the money. Probable motives, then, are to use it, revenge against the Lestranges, or just... wanting something peculiar and expensive simply to have it, not to use it. Last one range - rang, sorry, no sleep - some bells, so I went through and cross-referenced, checked something out. This," she places a piece of paper down, then squints at it. "This isn't the right paper."
  1713. "If you would prefer, we could return after you've gotten a chance to rest fully," Adelle says, softly, as Cecilia starts to rummage through the pile of pages.
  1715. "No, it's fine, I'm fine, sleep is for the weak anyways." She pulls one out, squints at it, and slaps it on the table. "This is a list of stuff that's been stolen. Unique items, peculiar jewelry, magical bullshit, family heirlooms. Stuff which your... ah... Blade of Cherubic Flame?"
  1717. "Celestial Fire," Adelle corrects, without malice.
  1719. "Right, that. Your family sword is a big... exemplar, of the stuff these cases all revolve around. I put together a list a while back, had a stroke of brilliance when we were pulling in the fences and what they were carrying. Started asking about the stuff on it. Twenty-six things written down here, only two of which ever passed through their hands." Cecilia yawns, loudly. "I'd guess that your thief is the same as the one for the other twenty four. Which means we could put together an MO. Modus operandi. How the thief works."
  1721. You nod along, not really understanding.
  1723. "Anyway, uh, point is..." Cecilia closes her eyes as she tries to recall. "Right, the point is that she, she probably wants to take this junk and stick it on her mantelpiece as an icebreaker. She does this to high society sorts with all the things they have that she thinks are pretty or interesting or whatever. So," she says before thrusting a finger out at you, "so you're high society. You - you got anything that looks like it could be a family heirloom? Or magical? Preferably both? Doesn't need to actually be..."
  1725. "You took some jewelry from the Satyresses, didn't you, my lord?" Adelle asks, and you nod.
  1727. "Good. Take that crap, go to some high society function - they're supposed to be having one in your honor today, I think, did you hear? - show it off, tell some retarded story about how your great-great-great-grandfather used it to stick his dick in a monstergirl or whatever the fuck, and wait for the thief to come along and try to take it. That's - that's my best plan," she says, deflating suddenly. "Fuckin' bitch has been running circles around me for a year," she mumbles, staring forlornly at the paper with the list of stolen items on it. "Since you're new in town, she probably won't realize you're full of shit, and since you're planning on leaving soon, she'll feel pressured for," she yawns, "time."
  1729. >What do you do?
  1731. ---
  1733. "I suppose I don't have a better plan," you reply.
  1735. Cecilia gives you withering look before yawning loudly. "That makes two of us."
  1737. You and Adelle leave, heading back to the inn and going through the various jewelry that you stole liberated from Despina. One particular necklace makes Adelle look at you askance when you put it on. "Did you-" she whispers before taking the necklace off of you, staring at your face all the while. She puts it back on. "Hmm."
  1739. "What? Is it magic?" You ask.
  1741. "It... well, I suppose it would be easier just to show you." She takes the necklace off you again, and stands up straight, across from you. She places it on herself.
  1743. If you weren't watching her do it, you would've sworn that something about her posture or expression had changed, giving her an air of authority. Like she was raising her chin ever so slightly, that her expression was just that inch more self-assured and confident in her own significance in the grand scheme of anything. Not in a haughty way or anything, just... in a vague, indefinable way, it makes her look important and powerful.
  1745. She takes it off, handing it back to you. "I think I like it better on you, my lord." The necklace itself is simple, utilitarian, a long thin length of black string with a simple design on a pendant, inset with a series of small, variously colored semitransparent pebbles in a symmetrical pattern.
  1747. With something like this, you could even say that it helped you force the Scylla into submission. It's a fairly trivial effect to demonstrate, and hard to resist even once you see the trick.
  1749. >What do you do?
  1751. ---
  1753. "If it was stolen, could you track it?"
  1755. Adelle touches the pendant, cradling it in her hand. She closes her eyes, brow furrowing in concentration. "I'm very uncertain, my lord. Perhaps, if it was touching the ground, I could find it again... but a city is very noisy, for lack of a better word, and people rarely leave such things just lying on the ground."
  1757. You nod, taking note of that. You'll have to keep it safe around your neck, you suppose, though at least there's some possible backup plan.
  1759. You and Adelle spend the rest of the day together, her offering you bits of advice on how to behave and occasionally just giving you long, admiring looks. Lunch is simple but pleasant, if only due to the company you keep.
  1761. Soon enough, it's evening, and you set off to the address listed, a story about how you used it to manipulate the Scylla, how it was taken from an old tomb of a necromancer, already prepared in your head, worked on a bit with Adelle.
  1763. The first bit of the celebration is simple, boring even. You shake hands with a great many people, none of whom you find particularly interesting, and tend to give noncommittal, short answers to all their questions. In spite of Adelle's coaching, this isn't your element. Adelle takes over many conversations for you, playing the part of the vivacious, doting wife, filling in your silences and pauses with little jokes and small additions, explanations for your reticence - all of which revolve around the fact that you're newlyweds - and dozens of other things as she talks circles around you.
  1765. A couple of the folks who talk with you actually seem like they might, vaguely, be worth following up on.
  1767. One of them was a rather nervous high society girl - "Arenne Bayamard" - a bit younger than you, her hair in long, flowing blonde locks and wearing a particularly extravagant dress. She pressed a piece of paper into your hand when you shook it, and written on it was a request for aid - apparently her brother may die if you don't talk to her.
  1769. The other was a more aged merchant woman, with sharp features, black hair cut short, and a domineering attitude, who seemed to all but drool on you, especially once you told her the story about how the necklace you wear is an artifact stolen from a tomb by one of your ancestors, etc, etc. "Liadra," she introduced herself as. Adelle was gentle in shooing her off, but she made it clear that it was only because you had to be introduced to everyone and she was welcome to speak to you again.
  1771. When you're almost finished with the handshaking - almost free to take up your rightful position as sitting in a corner, drinking awkwardly and alone in a room full of people - another woman comes in, this one causing a stir. Her ruby-red eyes match her ruby-red hair, and she looks to be particularly young - perhaps sixteen or seventeen years old - with an unusually full bust for a girl her age. The various attendees of the party seem to part like waves around her, avoiding getting too close. Some drama of which you are not aware - even you can figure out that much. "I am Iona, last scion of the house Lis," she introduces herself, giving you a small curtsy. You think you catch the glimmer of a fang when she smiles. "It is so wonderful to meet a particularly virile young man as yourself," she says, getting a bit hands-on with you, her smile widening. "The people of this city are so dull, you understand?"
  1773. >What do you do?
  1775. ---
  1777. "I can imagine," you say, awkwardly. You glance aside to your wife, who gives you a smile and shrug.
  1779. Iona runs her fingers along your neck, running her tongue across her lips as she does. "I find it's always difficult to have a proper party with people you know. Strangers are so much more fun, don't you think?"
  1781. You nod, smiling, trying to give off the impression of someone who's interested. "In a lot of ways," you reply, giving a noncommittal, short answer. But at least it's in agreement with her!
  1783. "You get to learn things about them, about yourself," Iona looks at your throat with a stare that is either hungry, lustful, or both. Her eyes flick back to yours. "It's quite pleasant, I find." Her gaze flicks to your wife, staring at her for a long moment, face analytical, before turning back to you. "Hmmm," she says, running a finger down into your collarbone, then running it further down your chest. "Well, few things that are fun or important are ever done with a large audience. I came here to meet an interesting outsider."
  1785. "I suppose you've done that," you say, then realize that probably came off poorly. "Not that I mind. It's just that I haven't been here long and don't intend to stay long, either."
  1787. "A pity. Well, if you're interested in a pleasant time... I know one or two more ways to have fun than most girls. And they add to the other ways, not subtract, like you might expect." She winks at you, then departs, heading off to brood alone in some corner or hallway. You're somehow sure that you could find her if you wanted to.
  1789. You check your neck to ensure that you've still got on that necklace - yep. You turn to Adelle. "Just checking a suspicion," you say. Adelle smiles knowingly.
  1791. "Of course, my lord."
  1793. Right then. That's checked. Nobody's stolen your necklace, yet, though presumably the story will percolate until it reaches the thief's ears. Assuming, of course, that Cecilia's hunch was right. And then that it will matter, which assumes the thief believes it. And then - well, whatever.
  1795. You head over to Arenne, who seems to positively shine when she sees you.
  1797. "Oh, thank the gods," Arenne says, shaking your hand firmly with both of hers. Her expression looks pleading.
  1799. "You gave me a paper stating that your brother was in danger?"
  1801. "Yes, yes, he's going to get in this idiot duel. Our older brother, Biscan, dueled this man, Wesser - some nonsense about honor and the chastity of the girl he was courting - and it was to first blood. They both cut simultaneously, or near enough, so it was ruled a draw and the matter was likely to be let rest. Except that then Biscan died, either of sudden illness - if you can believe the coincidence - or of a poisoned blade. So, of course, my brother Lacher challenges him to a duel over the claim that Wesser poisoned Biscan. I've tried to convince him not to, but-" she just sighs. "If you offered to be his champion, then there's no way that he could refuse, not after the way that you single-handedly defeated the Scylla." She gives you the most puppy-dog look she can muster, which is very good. "Please, I'll do anything I can for you, if you just do this for me."
  1803. >What do you do?
  1805. ---
  1807. "Anything? Such as?"
  1809. "Um," she says, smiling nervously. "Um, w-well, there's the one thing," she says, hanging her head as she plays with the side of her dress.
  1811. "Other than that?"
  1813. She draws her head up. "What do you need? My family is important, I could probably pull strings, uh-" she rolls her eyes up in thought. "I could give you money? Or - or goods, if you need them? Silver, ceramics," the way you react sends her to another tack, "swords, mercenaries, some sort of magical item, probably? An alliance?"
  1815. You nod. "When is this duel?"
  1817. "Tonight," she replies.
  1819. "I'd have to discuss it with my wife. If you'll excuse me?"
  1821. She nods, rapidly. "Just - be quick about it, please?"
  1823. Excuses made, you talk to Adelle. "So, that Iona girl." Adelle smiles at that. "Do you know anything about her house? Lis, was it? Or vampires, for that matter?"
  1825. "It's a bit of a point of shame for Arcine, so you'll have to forgive any vagueness on my part, my lord. The long story made short is that Iona was born about two centuries hence, became a vampiress at the age of seventeen - I don't know how they're made - and eventually the rest of the house died off. Inbreeding or disease or something like that. It was a long time ago. People sometimes say she killed them, but they don't really think that."
  1827. "And vampires?"
  1829. "If Iona was killing people, or even turning them into creatures like her, they probably would've used it as an excuse to kill her a long time ago. She's not in favor with the locals. I don't know any more than that, my lord."
  1831. You nod, taking in the information. "The girl over there - Arenne?" Adelle nods. "Her older brother's apparently about to get himself killed in a duel. She says she'll do anything if I help."
  1833. "The debt of a family member's life is a powerful obligation, my lord. It wouldn't be imprudent, assuming you can win."
  1835. >What do you do?
  1837. ---
  1839. You head over to Arenne, who nervously smiles at you. "I'll champion your brother. Is there anything I need to do first?"
  1841. "I can handle the arrangements," Arenne says, wringing her hands. "You just need to show up at the dueling grounds by ten o'clock. Preferably a while before then, though, so I don't have to spend the entire time nervous."
  1843. "Right," you say, with a quick nod. "Then I'll be off to make some preparations of my own." She looks at you, a bit confused. "For the possibility of poison," you add. She gives an expression something to the effect of "oh, yes, of course, duh."
  1845. You and Adelle leave the celebration, and you ask for her advice on how best to pick up antidotes to common poisons that are applied to blades without making it look like you're planning to use one. She concocts a rather clever story of a poisoned retainer to hide your plans, and you manage to collect a half-dozen antidotes, though you've no idea whether any of them will apply. Or, indeed, if all of them are antidotes, rather than snake oil being sold to what looks to be a desperate man.
  1847. You arrive early for the duel, Lacher being somewhat irritated at your arrival, but apparently having expected it. He magnanimously steps aside for you to take your place as his champion.
  1849. Your sword at your side, you eye Wesser. A sneering, vaguely unkempt man who seems to have been dipped in a very fine layer of grease all over. The very picture of scum. So stereotypical it almost seems comical, or makes you question it. "Wesser," you say. "It is my understanding that this duel is an affair of honor, for the accusation of poisoning your blade."
  1851. Wesser nods, eying you closely.
  1853. "Surely a honorable man such as yourself would not want such claims to linger over him in case of victory." You glance around at the small crowd that has gathered. "After all, if you were favored by the gods and came out victorious, doubtless people would tell false tales that you had poisoned your blade and that was how you won. So let's ensure that nothing of the sort can be said - let us trade blades just before the moment of battle. Until then, your blade shall be in your custody, to be kept as you like, and my blade shall be in my custody, to be kept as I like."
  1855. You get the feeling that Wesser isn't pleased at that, but he shrugs. "Fine. Not like it matters. Don't need poison to kill you."
  1857. "That confident?" You ask.
  1859. He gives you a broad, vicious smile. "Yes."
  1861. The two of you wait for the appointed time, enter the arena, and trade swords, both still sheathed. You back away from one another, just a few paces.
  1863. "To the death," he reminds you, smirking, his blade on his own sword.
  1865. "To the death," you agree.
  1867. >What do you do?
  1869. ---
  1871. >12
  1872. >A good strike.
  1874. You draw your blade slowly as Wesser does the same, staring him down. You watch him, waiting for an opening. You attack, just to test his defenses, and he responds with his own blade, twisting his body and wrist to push your sword aside. He's skilled, then, not just a trickster. You maneuver around him, keeping your posture primed for an attack, and he notices, assuming a defensive position, trying to prepare himself for you.
  1876. There's a clatter somewhere, and his eyes flick to the side, in reaction to some motion you can't pay attention to right now. You take advantage of the opportunity, pushing past his defense and cutting a large gash in his arm before he manages to dodge. The blade sunk deep - the arm is bleeding, doubtlessly painful, and little good for fighting. He doesn't look nearly so smug now.
  1878. From there, it's trivial to press the attack. You favor his bad side, and he doesn't. He winces with every defense, and soon enough his hands weaken enough to drop the blade altogether.
  1880. There's no surrender in a duel to the death, which is unfortunate for him. Your sword slices open his throat, causing him to topple over, his hand desperately clawing at his own through to try to close it up.
  1882. He dies a few seconds later.
  1884. You look at the crowd, who are solemn about the whole thing. Adelle is happy - proud, you guess - and Arenne has a mixture of nervousness and relief about her. Nervous, because she now has debts outstanding. Relieved, because her brother isn't going to die. Lacher looks to be begrudgingly grateful. You reclaim your sword from Wesser, dumping his at the side of his corpse, and walk off towards the three.
  1886. >What do you do?
  1888. ---
  1890. You check yourself for the necklace again, and find it's still there. Not much of a surprise, but no sense in not making sure. "What was that clatter?" You ask Adelle.
  1892. "I believe someone was betting on the fight, my lord. They dropped some coins. They were in one of those things," she waves her hand, airily. "Bank rolls, I think they are called? They keep a certain number of coins in place, making them easier to count."
  1894. "Right, then," you turn to Arenne.
  1896. She speaks before you. "I owe you. My family owes you. Greatly. It will not be forgotten easily, and it will not be repaid easily."
  1898. "Good to hear," you reply. "It's getting late, though, and I have some business to attend to at the moment." That discussion over with, you take Adelle by the arm and head down a rather nice restaurant, eating happily with her.
  1900. "That Arenne girl seemed rather sweet, my lord," Adelle says, nonchalantly. "I think we could have an enjoyable time with her, don't you?"
  1902. "I suppose," you reply.
  1904. "Mmm," she says, her fingers slinking across the table to yours. "You know, it's a powerful debt. It's arguable exactly how large - you didn't just save her brother's life, you killed her brother's killer. I heard as much from her, while you were dealing with Wesser. Debatable exactly how much each is worth, but still. The Bayamards owe the Nells, at least one life now, arguably two. That debt could be extracted either piecemeal - in favors, money, goods - or in one great taking. A family member's life for a family member's life, so to speak."
  1906. You chew through your food, eying Adelle cautiously as she continues to speak.
  1908. "Marriage alliances are only as strong as the marriages that make them up, of course, so you'd be taking on rather large responsibility, especially given as you, technically, have no lands at the moment. I'd imagine that your family wouldn't be displeased, but an alliance is bilateral, where a debt is unilateral. It's a major decision. Important, even. Yours to make, of course, my lord. I couldn't dream of making it for you."
  1910. >What do you do?
  1912. ---
  1914. "You're right," you say. "That is a major decision. What do you know about her family's position?"
  1916. Adelle shrugs. "It's a merchant family. Powerful, in Arcine, with some substantial trade posts elsewhere. Fairly rich. They don't run the city but they're important to it. I'd guess around... the fifth or sixth most powerful in the city? No particular enemies or debts, any more than is usual. Nothing the Nells would be expected to deal with."
  1918. "And if we were to ally? What would be expected?"
  1920. "As I said, a debt is unilateral; the creditor only helps the debtor insofar as they think it will help them regain their investment. An alliance is bilateral. Assuming that the underlying relationships were healthy - between fathers and children, between husband and wife, between fathers-in-law and children-in-law, and so forth - then the two families would help one another out when it was reasonable and could probably be relied upon in exceptional circumstances.
  1922. "A debt can be called in for anything, and to renege on such a major debt would basically destroy all credibility the Bayamards have - and for merchants, credibility is something they literally can't afford to lose. An alliance is more vague, weaker, easier to fall through. If the underlying relationships become weak, then the entire thing collapses. The debt is stronger, but has a definite end - at some point, it will be considered repaid. An alliance is weaker and bilateral, but could continue theoretically forever, and hopefully at least for the rest of Arenne's natural life."
  1924. "Do you think an alliance would be beneficial to the Nells?"
  1926. "If - and only if - the relationships which underlie it were healthy. Otherwise, it will be unpleasantness, unhappiness, and a point of contention."
  1928. >What do you do?
  1930. ---
  1932. "I don't know how well I would get on with her, or her with me. In retrospect, I got fantastically lucky with you," you say, and Adelle positively beams in response. "To leave it hanging is probably inadvisable... do you think that Arenne would be available at this hour?"
  1934. "Probably. It hasn't been long since the duel, my lord, and getting the debt out of the way would be something the Bayamards want. You wish to find out how good a fit she is?"
  1936. "That would be a polite way of putting it, yes."
  1938. Adelle smiles knowingly. "Sexual topics are more difficult to broach between men and women than they are between two women, in my experience. Even we have hardly spoken about them at all. I could speak to her more in-depth, after you have a decent conversation with her, my lord, if that would help you."
  1940. You and Adelle head over to the Bayamard's estates. After a bit of confirmation, you're let in, and Arenne seems to be so nervous she's almost terrified. Adelle is soothing, sweet, gentle, placing her hand on the girl's shoulder to calm her. "Arenne, I assure you, my lord husband wants to do nothing more than speak to you. He has no desire whatsoever to make you do anything you don't want to do." Adelle and Arenne both turn to you for confirmation, and you nod.
  1942. Arenne stops shaking, taking in deep breaths. "How do you do, sir?"
  1944. "Baron, among polite company," you correct. "I'm very well. How are you?"
  1946. "Nervous," she says, giving a humorless smile. "Baron."
  1948. "Have you thought about marriage before?"
  1950. Arenne nods. "I'd-" she cuts herself off. "Well. You're handsome. My father says it could be a good thing. I just hadn't expected to be put in this position so soon."
  1952. "You're young," you agree, and she nods. "But this isn't about your father. I want to know about you. What do you want?"
  1954. "I want what's best for my family," she replies, dutifully.
  1956. "What's best for your family is a happy marriage. What would you want in a husband?"
  1958. Arenne fiddles with her hands, awkwardly. "Someone who's kind to me. Someone who's patient - I know I'm not perfect. Someone who's willing to tolerate my faults, I guess."
  1960. "And what are your faults?"
  1962. "I get nervous. A lot. As you can probably tell. I wear my emotions on my face, in my body language, so I'm no good at lying."
  1964. "And your good points? I don't want to make this just a negative thing."
  1966. "I'm good with numbers. 63 times 3 is 189. 10% annual interest compounded annually is 21% in two years, 33.1% in three years, 46.4% in four years, and it's hard to go past that in my head but I can do it with something to keep notes on. I try to always be patient with other people. Um," she pauses, "I guess I must be modest because I can't think of anything else I'm willing to note."
  1968. You nod. "Well, Adelle can speak on my behalf, so I don't have that problem." Arenne nods, looking over at Adelle. "Your interests?"
  1970. "It'll probably sound dumb, but I really enjoy accounting. All the trade stuff my family does? I love it. I also like, you know, fashion and that stuff."
  1972. You nod. "I'll let you and Adelle get better acquainted. It would probably be very bad if the two of you didn't get on." You leave Adelle and Arenne, waiting outside the room awkwardly.
  1974. After what feels like forever, Adelle comes out.
  1976. "So?" You ask. "How is she?"
  1978. Adelle cocks her head, trying to decide. "She seems to model herself quite closely after her parents. Her father partakes of prostitutes and such from time to time, but he doesn't do it in front of her mother. An out of sight, out of mind, sort of arrangement. I'd guess that would be about what you could expect from her. She would probably be willing to participate in something with both of us at the same time, with some coaxing, but we'd have to be quite gentle with her. Otherwise... you'd have to tiptoe around her, I suppose. If you were to, say, repeat what you did with the Scylla, she wouldn't want to hear about it. Doing it would be fine, so long as you didn't rub her nose in it."
  1980. >What do you do?
  1982. ---
  1984. "You're alright with this?" You ask.
  1986. "My lord, I suggested it," Adelle says, with an indulgent smile. She runs her hands along your chest, staring at it longingly. "I like the idea. That you're a great enough man to have two wives? It's very pleasant."
  1988. "Then I'd just like to run over one last thing with Arenne before I make a commitment," you say, moving past Adelle to return to the room where Arenne has been waiting awkwardly, just as you were a minute ago. "Arenne," you say, and she straightens up, as if standing at attention. "When my business here is concluded, I should be given holdings in my father's lands. Would you be willing to help manage them?"
  1990. Arenne's eyes go wide, and a smile comes across her face. "Really? You'd trust me with that, having just met me?"
  1992. "Well... at that point, we'd be married. Our interests would, hopefully, be aligned."
  1994. "Thank you!" She rushes up to you, hugging you tightly, then thinks better of it and backs away. "I would be honored to be your wife," she rephrases.
  1996. The wedding is short but sweet. The Bayamards apparently have a family history of not going in for extravagant weddings, so there's not much to it beyond a quiet gathering of their family and yours, a quick few words, and a token exchange of gifts - you hand over one of the nicer pieces of jewelry you stole liberated from Despina, she gives you some old family bauble, a weird little cup with designs on it (nonmagical).
  1998. The two of you retire to Arenne's bedroom - Adelle is put in the guest room, for the moment.
  2000. You take a long look at Arenne. She's still in that overly complicated dress, a collection of white and pink parts, laces and toggles working together to keep it on her. It accentuates her body and expands her waist in an exaggerated fashion. She's thin, shorter than you or Adelle, her blonde hair let to flow where it may - it chooses to curl slightly on a long, meandering path down to her waist. Her face is youthful, covered in make-up that she hasn't taken the time to remove.
  2002. And now, she's yours to do what you please with.
  2004. Within reason, of course.
  2008. ---
  2010. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2011. Chapter 7
  2013. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  2015. You and your wife, Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange, are hunting down her family's ancestral sword, the Blade of Celestial Fire, which was stolen from their keep on your wedding night, apparently by one of your retainers.
  2017. You've followed the thief all the way to Arcine, and have found evidence of a woman fitting her rough description ("woman with sword") coming into the city on the right timetable. She claimed to the local guards that she is one "Deline Severin" and is a hero seeking her fortune.
  2019. You fought a giant monstergirl - the Scylla - that was preventing the port from working properly, and then sexually humiliated the guard captain before getting her confirmation that she was going to work towards finding Adelle's family sword. She did some legwork and suggested that you attend a fancy gathering of high society folk.
  2021. You did, and there you met Arenne Bayamard, fought a duel on her brother's behalf, and married her. Now you're about to fuck her.
  2023. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  2025. ---
  2027. You walk over to Arenne, gently caressing her face before cupping her chin and pulling her to look at you. She's still nervous, and she has to look up quite a bit to get a good look at your face because of the difference in your heights. Her hands reach up, not for you, but for her chest, and start fiddling with her dress, undoing and unwrapping laces and toggles, pulling it apart enough that she can shrug herself out of it. It takes only a moment for the dress to fall around her, and she steps out of it, almost nude, before gently pushing it to the side with her feet. Her breasts are small little teacups on her body, and while her hips don't live up to the absurd exaggerations of her dress, they're certainly quite substantial.
  2029. You run the hand on her chin back and around, placing it where her neck meets her shoulders; with your other hand, you reach down, wrapping around her thighs and using your strength to lift her up. She squeaks in surprise for a moment, but doesn't struggle and seems happy, if nervous, about your treatment. You lay her down on the bed, her only clothing a tiny pair of lacy pink panties that leave little to the imagination, her golden locks pooling around and beneath her, and move to strip yourself off.
  2031. Her eyes watch you, and when you pull off your shirt, they widen, staring at your bared chest, not leaving it even as you remove your pants, even when your cock springs to attention and you move towards her on the bed. You take her right hand - the one nearest to you - and start to kiss up it, sweet little pecks covering its length. Her eyes finally revert to yours, and her expression has a nervous eagerness to it as you give her a hungry stare, kissing up her neck before finally meeting her lips, your body having slowly moved up to the point that you now loom over her.
  2033. Her tongue is hesitant, but you're allowed to push yours past her lips without complaint, and you take the opportunity to explore every inch of ­her mouth. You move one hand from where it balances you on top of her, gently running it down her neck, making her squirm at the sensation she can feel but can't see, and start playing with her breast. You're soft and gentle, thumbing her nipple as you cup and palm her pert little tit in one hand. You feel her moan into your mouth, and her arms tentatively come up, wrapping around you.
  2035. Your hand slips down further, pulling her panties down past her thighs before you run your fingers along her lips and place your palm on her mound, catching her clit between your middle and ring fingers. She twitches, biting down on your tongue inadvertantly for a moment, and you pull away. "Sorry," she starts, but you shush her quickly, your mouth slowly making its way downward, kissing at her neck, then her collar bone, then her breast, then her stomach, quietly pulling her panties the rest of the way off as you go. Arenne seems anxious, but when you start to kiss teasingly around her sex, she almost immediately reacts, her breath catching in her throat. You wrap one hand around each of her thighs, pulling them up so they rest on your shoulders, and she crosses her legs, catching your head in a cage of thigh and calf that you could easily escape, but feel no need to.
  2037. After a few doting little pecks on her mound and lips, you start to lick and lap at her insides, enjoying both her taste and the way she squirms. She reaches down, tentatively, running her fingers through your hair and staring at you sweetly, happily, encouragingly. You lash out with your tongue at her insides, pressing deeply into her, and she writhes under your attention, her fingers grabbing clumps of your hair tightly, her head craning backwards. After licking and sucking at her pussy for a time, you move up slightly, kissing at her clit. You feel her hands tighten further around you, trying to clamp down, and you can hear her really start to moan. You gently wrap your lips around her clit before gently running your tongue over it, causing her to shiver in pleasure.
  2039. It doesn't take much more of that to make her to come, and after a few more laps at her clit, she screams in delight as her back arches and her hands press your face as deeply into her crotch as she can manage. Her whole body seems to coordinate in a desperate attempt to force your face as far up her sweet little sex as she can, but with your relative sizes and strengths all she really accomplishes is letting you know that she's enjoying herself.
  2041. As she winds down from her orgasm, her hands and legs fall away from their positions wrapped around you, and she lies there, panting. You crawl up back on top of her, and she gives you a wan, contrite little smile. You place the back of your hand on her cheek, smiling down at her. "Is this your first time?" You ask, and she gives a tiny, slight nod. "I'll be gentle. If I do something you don't like, I want you to tell me." She nods again, some of the insecurity leaving her face. "I want you to enjoy this too."
  2043. You run your hand down her length, lingering on her breast for a moment, before continuing downward. You place your hand at her entrance, and work a finger inside of her, gently exploring her depths. It's followed by another, and then another, whereupon you slowly simulate penetration and watch her face as she nervously stares up at you. You lean into her, kissing her again, enjoying the way she nervously wriggles in pleasure at your fingering and the way her tongue tentatively explores your mouth. After a long period of finger-fucking, you pull your hand out, your fingers wet with her fluids, and she gives a slight sigh of irritation at your sudden absence.
  2045. You pull up from your kiss and wrap your hand around the base of your length and place your manhood at her entrance, teasing at her slit for a moment before gently pressing yourself in. She closes her eyes, anxiety creasing her face as you slowly fill her up. When you're completely inside her, she opens one eye, looking up at you. "I-it didn't hurt...?" Her question is anxious; worried that there's some trick and it's about to start hurting.
  2047. "It only hurts if the man isn't careful," you reassure her, and she sighs in relief, both eyes opening to look up at you happily. She reaches up with her hands, wrapping around your back, as you start to gently work yourself in and out of her, slowly loosening her up. It doesn't take long for you to reach full speed, pressing into her over and over again, fast and hard. She pulls herself up, lifting her weight up to press into you. Her breasts rub against your chest as you thrust back and forth and her neck cranes up to let her meet your lips. The motion of your tongues against one another is awkward at this speed, in this position, but you try your best to maintain a long, loving kiss with her, providing her with all the physical affection you can bring to bear.
  2049. With one hand, you reach down to her mound, gently rubbing it and teasing at her clit, making her hiss and moan into your mouth in pleasure and surprise. Her desperate scrabbling at your back for purchase becomes frantic, and she breaks off the kiss to curl up into you, the side of her face pressing into your chest as she orgasms beneath and around you, her inner walls eagerly grabbing at your cock to try to earn your orgasm. Her sexual shivers and general loss of strength force you to hold her backside to keep her from falling away from you.
  2051. When her orgasm finally ends, you gently lower her back onto the bed. She stares up at you, a nervous smile on her face, and worriedly glances down at where your groins meet. "It's fine," you say, gently touching her cheek. "You're wonderful." You lean back down toward her, this time kissing at her collarbone and running your mouth down to her breast, which you suckle at as you start to speed back up, slamming into her again and again. You take one hand and gently run a finger along her body, teasing her with the sensation by avoiding her sex and instead running along her thigh before doubling back and toying with her clit again.
  2053. Her fingers claw and rake at your back as you passionately fuck her, and she starts to scream your name, as well as those of several different gods. You go on, teasing and rubbing at her clit while you fuck her hard. You experiment with your teeth and tongue on her breast, softly biting and licking her nipple, never letting your lips leave their tight suction for a moment. Her shrieks become more ecstatic, more emotive, if such a thing was even possible. It's not long before she comes for the third time this night, her fingers digging sharply into your backside as she does, giving a particularly loud rendition of your name. Your stamina has never been infinite, and the fury of your fucking, combined with the way her inner walls tug at you... well, no one will consider you guilty for coming shortly after her, biting down on her nipple as you do.
  2055. When the two of you have finally ridden out your orgasms, you lean back up to look at Arenne, her features creased with sweetness and concern. You give her a firm kiss, your tongue pressing into her mouth, and she responds in kind. After a few, long, breathless moments, you pull away, and roll off her onto the bed, breathing heavily.
  2057. After what feels like an eternity of the two of you breathing heavily, Arenne leans up, gathering her hair as she does in one hand, and rolls onto her side, facing you. She gently guides your arm so that it hooks around her waist, and snuggles up into your chest, curling in on your body and letting her hair pool behind her, gently tickling your arm with it. You wrap your arm around her just that little bit tighter, earning a happy little squeak of surprise, and pull the covers over both of you before setting off for sleep.
  2063. When you wake up the next morning, and Arenne is snoring softly at your side. During the night, she apparently flipped over, facing away from you, and her hair is now scattered all around and beneath her, some of it tickling your chest. You check, and the necklace is still there. Maybe the thief got confused because you slept somewhere else?
  2065. >What do you do?
  2067. ---
  2069. "Arenne?" Your words are accompanied by wrapping your hand around one of her pert little breasts, gently fondling it and moving it.
  2071. "Mmmhmmm," she murmurs, still mostly asleep. She moves as though to press her breast further into your hand, and you oblige her, wrapping your hand around it more tightly.
  2073. "Arenne," you repeat, this time a little louder, and giving her breast a squeeze.
  2075. She opens her eyes, turning over to look at you, making you lose your grip on her breast. Her eyes are wide for a moment, and she stops breathing, then she shakes her head in realization. "Yes..." She hesitates for a moment. "Baron?"
  2077. "I want you again," you say, voice full of lust. She nods, ever so slightly, and you remove your arm from its position wrapped around her, adjusting yourself to hang over her again. Your cock begins to harden in this new position, as she stares up at you, a scared little smile on her lips. "I want you," you whisper, leaning down over her, kissing at her neck. "I want every part of you," you say, your hand reaching down for her ass, and cupping one cheek firmly. She starts to lift up her legs, parting them to provide you with easy access.
  2079. You pull your hand away from her ass and run your fingers along her lower lips, gently teasing her. She starts to moan softly, her mouth just inches from your ear as you prepare her. Your fingers go lower, this time teasing at her anus, rolling around it gently. Her breath catches in her throat, and her voice comes out shaky. "B-Baron?" she asks, hesitant. "W-what are you doing?"
  2081. You pull away from her neck to answer. "Like I said, I want you. I want every part of you. And that includes this part." You see her swallow as she gives you a tiny, scared nod, and you slowly insert your finger into her, making her hold her breath for several long moments. Your mouth resumes its attentions at her upper body, kissing her neck, shoulders, and breasts as you slowly work your finger into her, and she starts to relax, letting you slowly work your entire finger inside of her. Once it's there, you start to gradually work it in and out. "Relax, Arenne," you whisper in between kisses, "just relax." She tries to follow your advice, her breath steadying slightly, but her body is still tense.
  2083. You keep playing with her ass as you kiss her, waiting for her body to finally stop fighting you. You whisper in her ear sweet, gentle compliments. "You're beautiful," "I want you," "you're wonderful," "you get me so excited," each one separated by loving kisses and suckles at her upper body. Eventually, her ass does relax, letting your finger do its work for a time more before you pull it out, then add a second. On and on you go, getting her ready for you. One of her dainty little hands comes up, gently stroking your cock, running up and down your length, soft and sweet.
  2085. You pull your fingers out of her asshole, quickly testing her sex and finding it quite wet, and wrap your hand around the base of your cock before guiding it into her. She removes her hand from your length, instead running it across your chest, trying to entice you. You bury yourself to the hilt inside of her in one long, slow motion, getting your cock properly wet and lubricated with her juices, before pulling out. "I'm going to put it in now," you say, "tell me if it hurts too much."
  2087. Arenne nods, and you guide your cock towards her asshole. It's tight, and she closes her eyes as you enter her, slowly filling her up with your cock. At several points you have to stop because she tenses up again, making progress impossible, and you offer her compliments and kindness at each such turn, playing with her sex and kissing her as you urge her on. Each time, she eventually relaxes, letting you press your length just that little bit further up inside of her, and eventually you're all the way in, your cock wrapped up tightly inside of her wonderful ass. You take a long moment to enjoy the sensation, and eventually Arenne opens her eyes, staring down at you nervously. When you pull up for a moment, she glances down at where your groins meet, and her ass tenses again, like a firm hand wrapping around your entire cock in a single moment.
  2089. Eventually, though, she relaxes, and you start to work your way in and out of her, fucking her slowly, careful to keep playing with her sex to keep her enjoying it too. Your motions are slow and haphazard for a time, since she occasionally tenses around your cock, but eventually she seems to figure out how to calm herself, and you can start to genuinely move without stopping, fucking in and out of her ass.
  2091. Your mouth eventually leaves her upper body, staring down at her from just above her face as she stares up at you nervously, and you lean in to kiss her. Her tongue meets yours more eagerly than it did the first time, running along and around the inside of your mouth, and you start to speed up your pace, moving gradually up from incredibly slow to a decent - if still far less than maximum - clip. Her ass is tight, even when it doesn't tense, and the way you work your way in and out of her causes you to start to groan into her mouth. Her hands come up for you, gently running across your shoulders and upper body, trying to comfort and entice you, and it works. In time, your motion inside of her ass makes you start to feel your orgasm coming, and you pull away from your kiss, breathless.
  2093. "Can you tense again? It feels incredible when you do that," you say, and Arenne nods slightly, and you feel her ass coil around your cock again, making your breath stop for a moment. You stop your gradual in and out motion, instead just burying yourself inside of her, and let her tense and untense her asshole around your cock, making you swallow and sigh in pleasure as she gives your cock a thorough working over. Eventually, inevitably, it pulls you over the edge, and you breathe out in one long sigh as you come inside of her ass, filling another one of her holes up with your seed. When you finally stop jerking, you slowly pull yourself out of her, a drop or two of semen dribbling out onto the sheets as you do.
  2095. She gives you a nervous little smile, and you peck on her on the lips. "Thank you, Arenne. That was fantastic." You move off of her, sitting over on the side of the bed, still breathing somewhat heavily, and she eventually follows you up, leaning on your side, gently reaching for your hand with hers and holding it tightly. You respond in kind, turning to give her a smile.
  2097. >What do you do?
  2099. ---
  2101. You give Arenne a quick peck on the forehead. "I've got some business that needs wrapping up in town," you say, and she gives you a shy little smile. "I hope you're not angry."
  2103. "No," she says, giving a little shake of her head.
  2105. "I'm going to go get bathed, first, though," you say, smiling at her. "Do you want to join me?"
  2107. She brightens a little, and nods, and the two of you get dressed to go bathe. You pick up Adelle on the way, and Arenne gets a bit nervous, but not so much as to dissuade you, so the three of you go into the Bayamard family baths and start undressing.
  2109. When the you all get into the bath, Adelle places herself to be just a bit behind you, looking at your back, gently running her fingers across it. "What's this, my lord?" She asks, a gentle smile on her lips. "Scratches across your back... are these battle scars from the fight with the Scylla?" Arenne squeaks and blushes, hiding the lower half of her face underneath the water, just enough staying above it to let her breath through her nose.
  2111. "You know what they are, Adelle," you admonish.
  2113. "Do I?" She asks, teasingly, moving to kiss at your back. "If they aren't from the Scylla, then where could you have gotten them?"
  2115. "Adelle..."
  2117. "Very well, my lord," she says, pulling away, moving over to where Arenne is hiding, leaning down to get at eye level with her. "There's no reason to be so nervous, Arenne. It's perfectly natural that you might leave a mark on my lord husband."
  2119. Arenne rises out of the water just enough to speak. "R-really? Y-you're not mad?"
  2121. Adelle smiles and shakes her head. "No, it's perfectly fine. I was only teasing you. I'm sorry if it bothered you."
  2123. "N-no, it's okay," Arenne says quickly.
  2125. The rest of the time in the bath is still a bit awkward, but there's a sort of casualness to Adelle's interactions with Arenne that seem to help assuage the latter's nervousness somewhat. You avoid the topic of the sword thief for the moment, letting Adelle and Arenne chat, the latter speaking far less than the former, despite Adelle's attempts to coax her.
  2127. Eventually, you decide you've bathed enough, and you take Adelle with you as you set out on the town, informing her of the outline of your plan - to train with your sword and leave the pendant on the ground, making it so she can sense it if it's taken. Adelle says that she could definitely sense the pendant in such a case, so you decide to commit to that plan.
  2129. You head to the guards, checking and discovering that - shocker of shockers - they still haven't found the sword thief. Once that's done, you find a particularly public place to train, and head there, dumping the pendant in a relatively obvious location. The fact that Adelle's Geomancy senses are magical work in her favor, since she can just watch you admiringly as you train. You occasionally have to stop to take a breather - the thief is apparently not so quick as you might have liked - and even eat lunch there with Adelle, enjoying her company as the two of you sit, waiting for your would-be thief.
  2131. Finally, after a large chunk of the day has been spent training, Adelle senses someone picking up the pendant.
  2133. >What do you do?
  2135. ---
  2137. >12
  2138. >Shadowing successful.
  2140. You take a brisk pace with Adelle, letting her guide your direction somewhat as the thief starts to walk off with your necklace. You'd guess they plan on just walking off with it, hoping nobody notices what they've done until after they're gone, and you follow after them. As you follow Adelle's instructions, you eventually catch sight of the thief, a small bag at their side.
  2142. The thief looks to be a young-ish woman, having the walk and appearance of a servant, avoiding making eye contact as she shuffles off towards the merchant quarter of the city. When you get to the merchant quarter, though, you run into a problem - the crowds have started to fade into just a few people walking here and there, not nearly enough to blend into and keep yourself out of sight.
  2144. >What do you do?
  2146. ---
  2148. >4
  2149. >Shadowing failed.
  2151. "Follow her," you say to Adelle, falling behind her and letting Adelle take up the lead. The two of you trail in a line behind the thief, you far out of sight and Adelle closer, but still distant. For a time, the two of you make pace like this, but after a while, Adelle makes a hand signal indicating that she's spooked your thief. You take off, running as fast as you can after the thief and...
  2153. >7
  2154. >Chase failed.
  2156. as she manages to outpace you by a fair margin, her legs seeming almost to lengthen in order to enhance her stride. The way you partially exhausted yourself with your training earlier has made you slower, but you just barely manage to keep an eye on her. She makes it to what looks to be a sewer opening and slips inside without qualm, and you lose sight of her completely, eventually arriving at the opening, breathing heavily, but having no idea which way she went - there's a fork in several different directions. Adelle catches up with you as you stand there, panting.
  2158. >What do you do?
  2160. ---
  2162. "Can you keep track of her through the sewers?"
  2164. Adelle pauses, eyes closing, and nods. "I believe so, my lord."
  2166. "Do it, then."
  2168. You let Adelle guide you, the two of you mirroring your thief's motions through the sewer system from above. The trip is long and circuitous, and a couple time Adelle almost loses the trail, but eventually you find yourself at some high society type's estates - you're not sure whose - with the thief staying inside for a long period of time. Well, "at" is a loose term, you're well across the street at a good distance, trying to look inconspicuous.
  2170. "You're sure that the thief is in there?"
  2172. "I'm not certain, my lord, but I last felt her on the ground floor of the building before she vanished from my senses. Theoretically, someone else could've been in the sewers and I might've picked up their trail instead at some point, but it seems very unlikely."
  2174. >What do you do?
  2176. ---
  2178. "Any escape tunnels in the house, Adelle?"
  2180. "There's sewer access on the property, but nothing in the building itself, my lord."
  2182. You take up a position in front of the house, and tell Adelle to go find the captain of the guards and tell her you have a major lead. Adelle nods at heads off, and you watch the building from your position a ways down the road, keeping an eye out for anyone entering or leaving - fortunately, no one does.
  2184. When Cecilia arrives with a dozen of her men, she glances at the building. "This the place?"
  2186. "Yes. You know who lives here?"
  2188. "Some high society tit. Liana. Liada. Something like that. Nobody too important to bother. Better not be about to make me look like an asshole."
  2190. The guards surround the building, and in a practice motion move inside the property, surrounding the building from all directions. "This is the city guard," Cecilia yells, "you are to submit yourself to search, on suspicion of no less than twenty-five counts of theft!"
  2192. Nobody replies, and they move inside. You hear a woman yelling, presumably as she's being captured, and they pull her out. Cecilia stands there, arms crossed, as the woman - who you recognize as Liadra, the domineering woman with the short black hair you met at that celebration - is dragged out and held by two guards. She constantly complains, giving such wonderful cliches as "this is an outrage" and "you'll pay for this."
  2194. Eventually, one of the guards comes out, carrying your necklace, as well as several other items which you don't recognize, but Cecilia seems to recognize them. She turns to Liadra, a manic grin on her face. "Looks like we've finally found our damn thief. There a sword in there?"
  2196. "I've never seen anything like those before in my life. This is a frame-up!"
  2198. "Uh-huh," Cecilia says, idling cleaning her fingernails with her thumb. "I'll bet."
  2200. One of the guards eventually comes out carrying a very ornate sword in an equally ornate sheathe.
  2202. "That's the Blade of Celestial Fire, my lord," Adelle tells you.
  2204. >What do you do?
  2206. ---
  2208. "Yeah, I think that's my sword," you say, pointing. "Or, her family's, anyway. Can I see it? And have my necklace back?"
  2210. The guard captain shrugs. "Yeah, sure, whatever."
  2212. You take the two from one of her underlings, getting to hear Liadra's incessant protestations as to her innocence. You put the necklace on your neck, and Adelle smiles as she looks at you. "I was beginning to miss that, my lord," she all-but-purrs.
  2214. The sword is even easier to check - just pulling it a few inches from its sheathe makes everyone take a step back.
  2216. "Please put it back in the sheathe, my lord," Adelle says, and you do so quickly. "It's extremely hot to all but the wielder."
  2218. "You want this bitch?" Cecilia asks, pointing her thumb at Liadra. "I mean, I'd prefer to keep her, but whatever. I'll just be glad to have this bullshit sorted out."
  2220. "Could it be a frame-up?" You ask.
  2222. Cecilia rolls her eyes. "Everyone says that. Look, you said she stole this sword from the Lestrange's... keep, or whatever it is, right?" You nod. "Where were you three days ago, Liadra?"
  2224. Liadra hesitates, her eyes rolling up in thought. "At - home?" she tries.
  2226. "Day before? Day before that?"
  2228. "Also at home," Liadra replies, this time quicker, but clearly recognizing how she sounds.
  2230. "So, the whole time this thieving was going on, you were hiding in your house?"
  2232. Liadra hangs her head in defeat.
  2234. >What do you do?
  2236. ---
  2238. "Do you have a servant who looks like..." you give a description of the woman you saw take your pendant.
  2240. "No, Liadra doesn't have servants," Cecilia replies. "Not rich enough. Look, what do you think happened? A thief came in and stuffed her house with all their stolen goods while she was out? During the past hour or whatever, since you tracked her down to her house? The boys have found pretty much everything, and these thefts have been going on for a year or so."
  2242. "Can I, uh, interview her first? Make sure?"
  2244. "Sure," Cecilia says with a shrug, and you head to the guard headquarters, Liadra now having her hands manacled behind her back. They toss her into a "private" cell and leave Adelle, you and Liadra alone.
  2246. "Please," Liadra begs, "I'm innocent, I swear."
  2248. "It doesn't look very good for you," you say, sucking in air through your teeth.
  2250. "I don't know how any of this happened," Liadra says, sobbing. "Gods, what did I do to deserve this?"
  2252. "Do you have any alibis? Anyone who could vouch for where you were?"
  2254. "No, no, it's like Cecilia said... I don't have any servants."
  2256. "Why would you spend so much time at home alone, then?" Adelle asks, adding to your questions.
  2258. "I - I just like to be alone," Liadra says.
  2260. "Are you experienced sexually?" You ask.
  2262. "Wh-what?" Liadra asks, turning her attention back to you.
  2264. "My lord husband asked if you're sexually experienced," Adelle repeats.
  2266. "I- I've had some sex, yes," she says.
  2268. "What are you willing to let me do to you in order to get released?" You ask.
  2270. She bows her head, as though cowed. "A-anything."
  2272. "Please, my lord," Adelle says, looking at you. "Tell me you don't believe her lies. She obviously did it. A frame-up would require too many pieces to all fall together at the same time. Did she let a thief hide all those stolen items in her house while she was inside? Did the thief know we were following them while they went through the sewers, and prepare all the stolen goods for precisely this purpose? Abandon all their bounty just to frame up... her?" She says her with a degree of acid to her voice. "She's not even particularly important. Just take your liberties with her, like you clearly want to. We can give her to my father or keep her, if it pleases you. Or leave her here, I suppose," Adelle says, eying the bars to the prison.
  2274. >What do you do?
  2276. ---
  2278. "Adelle, would you give me some space?"
  2280. Adelle slumps her shoulders. "I would like to watch, my lord."
  2282. "I don't want an audience this time."
  2284. Adelle seems a bit surprised at that, but nods. "As you wish, my lord," she says, before departing.
  2286. You walk into the cell with Liadra, closing the door behind you. You grab her by the side and push, throwing her to the floor. She catches herself on her hands, and you get behind and above her before bending down over her, holding her down by the neck. You pull up her dress, roughly, exposing her ass to easy access, the plump little thing a beautiful sight to behold in the open air. You pull her panties down, and they tear in the process, ripping apart and falling off, limply, onto one of her legs.
  2288. Her slit is exposed, available, and you pull down your pants before slamming your diamond hard cock inside of her waiting pussy, which is moist and welcoming when you enter her. She screams, and you move your hand up to her head, pressing it into the ground, and fuck her, pounding into her ass over and over again. "Fucking bitch," you hiss, maneuvering your other hand to roughly toy with her tit, "you made me go through all sorts of fucking trouble, you know that?"
  2290. "It wasn't me!" She protests, but you ignore her, moving your hand off her tit to spank her ass, earning the delicious sound of her flesh rippling in response to your force and dominance. She's all yours to do whatever you please with, and you do, relentless using her fuckhole without any foreplay or build-up, just fucking her as hard and fast as you can without any hesitation or reluctance. She gives little shrieks, occasionally, but you ignore them, and enjoy listening as they gradually turn into throaty moans as she starts to enjoy the way you're using her like so much meat.
  2292. You grip her head firmly, lifting her up slightly and slamming the side of her face into the ground several times as you fuck her, making the strength go out of her arms as she slides onto the ground, limp and pliant. Her hole is wonderfully tight and wet, the moist contours of it hugging your cock as you continue to press into her over and over again. Her little mumbled protests have lost all apparent vigor, and she just slips into a dreamy, submissive state as you continue to use her.
  2294. "Have you ever had your ass fucked?" You ask, still fucking her hard. She mumbles incoherently in response. "I said," you ask, pulling her up roughly by the hair, making her wince in pain, and move her so her ear is just inches from your mouth, "have you ever had your ass fucked?"
  2296. "N-no," she says, her voice shaky from your unceasing use of her pussy. You throw her back onto the ground, sending her sprawling out as she tries and fails to stop herself, her upper body slamming roughly into the ground. You pull out of her pussy and slam, hard, into her asshole, making her shriek as she moves several inches forward on the ground, your use of her ass making her eyes start to water in pain. Even though it grips your cock unbelievably tightly as she tenses in shock and horror, you don't stop fucking her, though your pace has to slow for a time as the hole adjusts to your sudden presence. She starts to try to gather her strength, lifting herself up slightly off the ground, and her wails become louder, almost pathetic, as she cries out desperately in pain for some mercy.
  2298. You don't give her any, instead wrapping your hand around the back of her head again, pressing her face into the ground, giving a guttural, animalistic groan as you continue to fuck her despite the way she tries to fight you, her hands scrabbling at the ground and trying to press against you, her legs awkwardly moving to try to lift her up. She's nowhere near as strong as you, though, so all her struggles really do is make her ass wriggle around your cock like a velvet hand, clenching and unclenching, pulling it this way and that. Eventually, she stops struggling, just lying there, dead to the world as you fuck her, her ass now yielding completely to you. Her eyes are almost empty as she stares off into space, drool pooling around her mouth as she gives up any hope of fighting against you, recognizing now that resistance will only make it worse.
  2300. Satisfied that she's recognized her new position in the world, you withdraw your hand from the side of her face, instead grabbing one of her firm, round little breasts through her dress, roughly toying with it, feeling its curves and enjoying them. "You're just my little fuck toy," you whisper in her ear as you continue to use her, and she nods ever so slightly in complete submission to your whims. The feeling of sheer power you have, having broken this woman so completely, combined with the way her ass's tightness rubs your cock, brings you so close to orgasm that you can barely stop yourself. You pull out, and she continues to wiggle back and forth slightly for a moment, as though she's unaware of your absence and unable to stop reacting to your thrusts.
  2302. You use your grip on her face to pull her up and around, bringing her face to face with your cock, and you jerk off wildly. Her eyes stare up at you, a look of complete resignation on her face as you prepare to blow your load, and she opens her mouth in anticipation. You come, hard, all over her face, long, sticky streams of cum getting in one of her eyes, on her nostrils, in her mouth, everywhere, leaving it a disgusting mess of ejaculate, tears, and spit. Your mess. She swallows the cum in your mouth, not making a show of it, just doing it quickly after you finish coming.
  2304. You press your cock up to her now-closed lips, making her open up automatically. She gags when your head reaches her tongue, as she's suddenly reminded that your cock was just in her ass, but she's about to get an even bigger surprise. You start to piss in her mouth, filling it up, making her open the one eye that hasn't been coated with semen wide as she desperately tries to swallow it so it doesn't spill out, all but gurgling in surprise. You let the full load fill her mouth, some of it escaping and falling onto her dress and legs, covering her chin, and she coughs and chokes on what's left in her mouth when you discard her, throwing her to one side and watching her closely as she tries to recover from the way you've used her. She breathes in long, hacking breaths, coughing hard.
  2306. She coughs so hard, in fact, that her form shifts, suddenly sprouting little animal ears on top, a raccoon tail, and losing about a foot of height as she flops around on the ground, her entire shape contorting into a new one, her hair changing from black to brown.
  2308. >What do you do?
  2310. ---
  2312. You grab her by one of her ears, yanking her painfully up to you as she continuous to cough and hack. Her face is still covered in spit, cum, tears, and piss, and she gives you a vague, weak look, as though she's only halfway aware of your presence. "Admit who you are and what you did," you hiss in her ear, and she vaguely flops around slightly, hanging by her ear.
  2314. "I-I'm Kini," she says, voice faint, "and I-I stole that sword. And a bunch of other stuff."
  2316. "What's your place now?" She looks at you, confused and dazed, and you shake her roughly back and forth, making her eyes roll up in delirium and pain. "What's your place now?" You repeat, your voice harsher.
  2318. "I-I don't know what you want me to say..." she murmurs, pitifully, her eyes pleading with you.
  2320. "I already told you what you are," you say, voice firm, commanding.
  2322. Her eyes roll up, trying to think of what you're referring to. "I'm..." she mumbles, "I'm..." she pauses, trying to think, and you shake her, sending her whole body flopping slightly from side to side as she tries to follow your grip on her ear. "I'm your fuck toy?"
  2324. "That's right," you say, letting her fall, and she sags onto her knees, partly balancing herself on her hands. You wrap your hand around the base of your cock, which has rallied for a second go - possibly due to the fact that she now looks almost completely different, ten years younger and a foot shorter, with a nearly flat chest and a very thin form. You press your cock up into her face, placing her so her nose right in the crook between your cock and balls, and her eyes start to roll up from your scent. You pull away, grabbing her by the back of the head again and rubbing your cock at her lips.
  2326. She understands your silent command, and you shove your cock into her mouth, letting her get a proper taste as you wiggle it around from side to side, making each of her cheeks bulge with your dick. She gags, softly, at the taste of your shit still on your cock, but eventually her mouth scrubs that away, and the top half of your dick is clean. She starts to lap at it affectionately, then, her tongue swirling around inside of her mouth in an attempt to please you. You enjoy her attentions, and let her just sit there for a while, staring up at you with a look of desperate hope on her face as she tries to stimulate you to orgasm with her tongue inside of her mouth.
  2328. Eventually, though, you force your way into her throat, making it wrap around your cock tightly as you slowly push her down, enjoying the feeling of it thoroughly caressing your cock. She starts to gag a little ways in, not from your cock in her throat, but from the taste of your still-shit-covered base, making her eyes stare up to silently beg for mercy. You enjoy the way it feels as her throat coils and gags around your cock, and hold her down in your crotch as you reach further forward, over her body, for her freshly-arrived raccoon tail, pulling at it, hard. The motion makes her jump around your length, tantalizing you with her sudden vibration, and you keep toying with her tail, making her move from side to side and awkwardly try to reposition herself. She's firmly on her hands and knees now, her ass having been pulled up into the air, and her torso and throat are roughly horizontal with your cock, with you having bent down somewhat to allow it.
  2330. You start to slowly ease yourself out of her throat, enjoying the warm feeling of her breath on your cock when you exit it, your head resting on her tongue for a little while before you push back into her. It takes some time, but eventually you start to work yourself into a rhythm, fucking in and out of her throat, making her glug faintly with each thrust. After a few minutes of enjoying the way her throat coils tightly around your cock as you fuck her mouth, you hold her down in your crotch and lean over her, playing with her tail some more, pulling it this way and that, making her squirm around your cock. Her tongue reaches out, toying with your balls, in either an attempt to get you to stop, or an attempt to get you to continue.
  2332. You don't really care which, and slowly turn her tail around so that it teases at her entrance. You feel her try to pull in her breath, but she can't really, not in her current position, and you slowly dip it into her wet pussy that you just got finished fucking, hard. The bit that enters it becomes slick and slippery, the fur wrapping around the underlying skin tightly, and you move to tease it at her asshole. The feathery sensation of her hairs tickling her anus makes her squirm around your cock again, and you continue teasing her for a while, making her move around slightly, awkwardly, trying to escape the sensation without being able to move her head or throat much at all. Then you start to push it in, making her lips open wide around your cock as she vaguely squeals in response, unable to really make much noise but the effect sending vibrations into your cock.
  2334. You pull out of her throat, then, and let her breath in deep, heaving sighs that tickle your cock where it remains, half inside her mouth, while you slowly shove her tail deeper and deeper into her ass. Eventually, her breath evens out, and you start to fuck in and out of her throat while you pull and push the tail in and out somewhat, spitroasting her on your cock and her own tail. It's a fucking fantastic feeling of power and domination, and you enjoy it for as long as you can, but eventually, you start to near the point of no return. She feels your impending orgasm almost as soon as you do, and starts to try to coax it out, her tongue going wild on the underside of your cock. You pull out of her mouth, however, leaving her tail half-buried in her ass, and pull her up to eye level with your groin, standing up straight again.
  2336. "Beg me for my cum, fuck toy."
  2338. "Please, give me your cum," she says, airily, staring up at you.
  2340. "Please give me your come, what?"
  2342. "Please, give me your come, master," she repeats, voice hollow and defeated, empty of emotion.
  2344. "That didn't sound like you meant it, fuck toy," you say, voice hard.
  2346. Her eyes plead with you silently for a moment, but she closes them and opens them again, a desperation filling them. "Please," she says, voice now full of emotion, "please, gods, please give me your come, master. Please, gods, please," she begs.
  2348. You ignore her begging, slapping your cock on her face, rubbing it across her forehead and cheeks, listening as she repeats her desperate request like a mantra, battering her face with humiliating little blows as your cock hits it from this direction and that. Eventually, you decide you feel like she's really sincere (and that you really want to come), so you shove your cock into her throat without further ado, fucking it for a few quick thrusts before holding her down and coming directly into her stomach with a long, low growl.
  2350. When you finish, you toss her down, making her land awkwardly in a little heap, and she vaguely scrabbles around on the floor, with no real direction except, perhaps, the far corner of the cell. Her tail is still stuck halfway up her ass, and her eyes have a sort of dead look that you normally only see on captured soldiers and prisoners on death row. Eventually, she flops on the ground, curling up into a little ball and staring up at you, dejection clear on her features.
  2352. >What do you do?
  2354. ---
  2356. You grab the nearby blanket that's pretty much all the provided sleeping arrangements for prisoners, and walk over to Kini, kneeling down. You gently stroke her hair and ears, and she looks up at you, suddenly confused, but slightly pleased - if anxious - at your treatment. You scratch behind her ears and move the blanket towards her face, gently rubbing all the muck off it.
  2358. As you do so, you tell her sweet little tales, about how if she's good you'll never punish her like that again, if she works for you, you'll give her a chance to hone her skills, and you'll protect her from all kinds of harshness. That this was just a one-time deal, and it will - mostly - clean the slate of the debt she owes you. That you'll reward her when she's good. All kinds of saccharine words to get some degree of trust out of her.
  2360. Eventually - after you inform her of her other options - she agrees to come with you as your servant, head still hung low, though now slightly hopeful.
  2362. >What do you do?
  2364. ---
  2366. You continue to gently stroke her hair, and she occasionally gives this weird, almost purring, sound. "You should hide the fact that you're a shapeshifter, for now," you say, and she nods, slightly, closing her eyes and transforming back into Liadra after a moment, all the various accoutrements of her true form disappearing rapidly. The dress, which once hung loosely on her suddenly-too-small body, now hugs her form more normally again. Her panties are ruined, though.
  2368. You pocket them, having nowhere else to really keep them, and head out with Kini - now Liadra - in tow. Adelle gives you a gentle smile when you come out, and gives Liadra an almost predatory one as she follows you, head held low and cowed as she shuffles behind you. You give Adelle an admonishing look - Liadra has fortunately not looked up to see the way Adelle is looking at her - and she pouts slightly before giving both of you a happy smile.
  2370. You tell Cecilia that you plan to take Liadra with you, believing she can be rehabilitated. Cecilia just rolls her eyes and says that you can do whatever dumb shit you want, as long as Liadra doesn't come back to her city again. You gather Arenne and head out of the city. You, Arenne, and Adelle are on horseback, while Liadra walks alongside them.
  2372. You don't trust her quite enough to give her a horse.
  2376. ---
  2378. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2379. Chapter 8
  2381. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  2383. You and your first wife, Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange, hunted down her family's ancestral sword, the Blade of Celestial Fire, which was stolen from their keep on your wedding night, apparently by one of your retainers.
  2385. You followed the thief all the way to Arcine, and, after many trials and tribulations, have finally retrieved her and the sword. As it turns out, the thief is a shapeshifting master thief monstergirl, who was living in the city under the assumed identity of Liadra. You took her as your captive after roughly using all three of her holes for your pleasure; supposedly, her real name is Kini, or so she said.
  2387. Now, with Kini, Adelle, and your second (newly acquired) wife Arenne Nell née Bayamard, you are headed back to the Lestrange estates, lost family sword in tow.
  2389. Arenne weaves closer to you on her horse, her voice nervous. She's riding sidesaddle, her long, blond hair done in a tightly interwoven braid. "Baron?" she asks, giving you a nervous smile. "I understand that, uh, Liadra, was in the prison for a bit... but, she smells bad. Really bad. Like urine? I don't know if you noticed, so..."
  2391. >What do you do?
  2393. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  2395. ---
  2397. "Right, yeah," you say. "I guess we should get her cleaned up. Adelle," you say, turning to your first wife. "Any nearby bodies of water?"
  2399. Adelle hops off her horse for a moment, holding its reins and closing her eyes. "That way, my lord," she replies, pointing slightly off the path, and the four of you make your way there. It's a pond, with a larger area than Juniper's but more shallow, and you direct Kini into it, who is still in her disguise as Liadra. She sullenly disrobes, bathing herself as best she can in the knee-deep water, and eventually emerges with a somewhat fresher scent. Adelle offers her some spare clothing, apparently having intuited that her previous dress was soiled. Kini takes it dutifully, not looking Adelle in the eyes, and puts on the new clothing.
  2401. That done, the four of you head off back on the trail, Kini now smelling fresher. You pass the bridge, expecting - hoping - to see the trollgirl, but apparently she isn't there at the moment. Adelle searches for her for a moment at your direction, and informs you that she's run off, and is almost certainly a long distance out of your way. She may even be intentionally avoiding you.
  2403. >What do you do?
  2405. ---
  2407. Whatever. You don't care enough to bother with whatever that mopey trollgirl decided to do. The four of you head off together, talking and exchanging stories. Arenne is constantly worried, looking at Adelle from time to time as though she was a predator or threat, but Adelle is coaxing and gentle with her, and Arenne starts to become a bit more comfortable as a consequence. Adelle basically controls the conversation, with Arenne and you following her down whatever particular turn she wants it to go - it's not unpleasant, though, and you get to know Arenne better this way than you would otherwise.
  2409. She's very anxious, if hopeful, about your relationship, and is hopeful that you'll have meaningful estates for her to manage. She tells a few stories about sales and such that mostly go over your head, but Adelle manages to break them down a bit for you, asking relevant questions that help you understand what Arenne's talking about. You're still not 100% on any of it, but you get the gist; this product went up in price because of such and such a political event, but a Bayamard predicted that so they made a bunch of money, things like that.
  2411. Eventually, the sunlight dims to nothing and everybody - especially Kini - is tired and want to make camp. You do so, and shortly thereafter you explain to Adelle and Arenne about Kini's true nature as a shapeshifting monstergirl. Arenne is a bit curious and confused, while Adelle wears a cheshire cat grin every time she leers at Kini.
  2413. >What do you do?
  2415. ---
  2417. "Adelle," you say, and she immediately perks up, looking at you with a gentle smile on her face. "Why don't you keep an eye on Kini and ask her about what happened when you weren't around? I think you'd like to hear the story, and I'd like to get to know Arenne a bit better. We only just got married last night, after all."
  2419. Adelle nods. "As you wish, my lord." She takes Kini by the shoulder, intent on heading off with her.
  2421. "And be nice!" You call after her. "Try to get along with her!"
  2423. "As you wish, my lord," she repeats, turning around to give you another deferent nod.
  2425. The two of them head off... someplace else, out of earshot. Adelle can guess at parts of the story, and is smart enough to not want to let Arenne hear them.
  2427. You sit with Arenne, wrapping your arms around her and staring up at the stars. She's nervous, at first, anxious and expectant, and you gently nuzzle her, kissing at her neck and shoulder. "It's alright," you whisper, "I understand if you're nervous." That makes Arenne swallow, turning to look at you and give you a wan smile. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to do."
  2429. Arenne's posture shifts a little, losing some tension. "I-is it really okay?"
  2431. "Yes, it's really okay," you say. "I want to be a good husband for you. That means respecting you and your desires. We've already made love twice, I can take a break if you want to."
  2433. "My, um, my, well, you know..." Arenne says, "it hurts a bit. Not a lot or anything!" She says, defensively, as though trying to preempt some comment from you. "But... um, I'd like to give it a bit longer to recover. I-if that's okay with you."
  2435. "If that's what you want, that's what we'll do," you say, and you lie down with her still on top of you, the two of you now staring up at the stars from a supine position, your arms wrapped around her. She reaches up with her hands, wrapping them around your arms, and tries to look back at you, giving you a sweet little smile. You smile back, and snuggle in for the night, pulling a blanket over the two of you. Arenne rests her whole weight on you and the two of you trade some idle, small bits of conversation, but without Adelle there to help spur it on and find common ground for the two of you, you eventually fall silent, and then asleep.
  2439. In the morning, you find that Arenne has turned around in her sleep, now resting the side of her face on your chest as her breasts press into you. Her hair falls around you like a second blanket beneath the first. She's snoring, softly, on top of you. Adelle, at some point, came back nearby, and you can see her with an arm hooked around Kini's neck; Kini also seems to have one foot caught under the ground, as though the earth had just swallowed it up. Both of them are asleep, too.
  2441. >What do you do?
  2443. ---
  2445. You gently move Arenne from her position on top of you, careful to avoid waking her. She mumbles softly in irritation in her sleep, and rolls around slightly when you put her on the ground before settling in.
  2447. You start doing some exercise, trying out the Blade of Celestial Fire. You probably won't get to keep it, but, hell, it's not every day you get to handle a magical sword that's a family heirloom. It feels pretty much like a normal sword, though you can see the way the heat radiates off it, blurring the air around it slightly when you hold it still.
  2449. After a while of practice, Adelle wakes up, groggily, and leans up, dumping Kini awkwardly as she removes her arm from the tanukigirl's neck. Adelle catches sight of you and flashes you a winning smile. When she notices that you've got her family's heirloom sword in hand, her brow furrows a bit, but she offers no complaint and keeps a smile on her face.
  2451. She stands up, leaving Kini there, and the latter mumbles in displeasure as she tries to revert to her previous position, still half-asleep. You sheathe the Blade of Celestial Fire, and Adelle comes closer, wrapping her arms around you, pressing her head into your chest for a moment as she snuggles against you. She withdraws after a moment, and looks up at you. "I heard about what you did to Kini, my lord."
  2453. "Yes?"
  2455. "Yes, my lord." She swallows, her eyes staring up at you lustfully. She gets on her toes, briefly, to peck you on the lips, and her arms gently run across your body. "Did you have a nice time with Arenne last night?"
  2457. "Yes."
  2459. "I'm sorry, but you didn't have conjugal relations with her, did you, my lord? You seemed to both be the same state of dress you were before I went of with Kini."
  2461. "No, she was sore," you reply. "We just cuddled."
  2463. "How did she get sore?" Adelle asks, looking up at you, gently smiling.
  2465. "I, uh, may have fucked her ass."
  2467. "Mmmm..." Her hum is one of carnal pleasure, as though the mere statement was as good as you rubbing her clit. She changes the subject, however. "I talked to Kini." Her mouth reaches out for your neck, kissing at it, her voice soft but lustful. "I only wish I'd been there to see what you did to her personally, my lord," she whispers, her voice breathy in your ear. "But perhaps imagination is better than sight." Her hands wrap around you, feeling your back out, as she continues to run her lips across your neck and shoulders, tiny little pecks. "I didn't do anything to her. You said to be nice, so I was nice."
  2469. >What do you do?
  2471. ---
  2473. "It occurs to me that I've had Arenne's ass, but not yours," you say.
  2475. Adelle all-but-purrs. "Is that so?"
  2477. "Would you like to remedy that?"
  2479. "Yes, my lord," she say, voice hungry, lustful. She descends to her knees, pulling down your pants to expose your cock. It bounces up, hard, and almost catches her in the face. She smiles when she sees it, and runs her tongue across her lips. Then she goes to work, placing her tongue at the lower half of your cock and gradually running it up your length, swishing her tonngue from side to side as she goes, staring up at you, expression intense, lustful.
  2481. When she arrives at the top, she places her lips around one side and gradually makes her way back down, her tongue going wild inside her mouth, running across your cock this way and that, swirling in little circles at random intervals, and generally trying to cover every inch of your cock with her tongue. She repeats that motion in reverse on the opposite side, moving up from the base with her tongue diligently working on your cock's opposite side, and she stares up at you, happy, pleased, as though this is as good for her as it is for you, even though that's surely impossible.
  2483. Eventually, after what feels like an eternity of her tongue running across every inch of your cock, slathering it in a thin layer of saliva, she turns around, her ass raised high into the air, and pulls down her trousers and panties, flipping up her tunic to reveal her pale, firm ass. You reach for it with both hands, gripping one of her cheeks with one hand while you gently tease at her asshole with the other, running your fingers around it and pressing one in. She's turned so that she can watch you, and you see her bite her lower lip as you slowly work your finger in and out, while she swallows a moan in response.
  2485. "God, this is such a fantastic ass," you say, and she smiles in response, "I'm going to enjoy making it mine."
  2487. "It's already yours, my lord," Adelle says, voice lustful. "All of my body belongs to you."
  2489. "Is that so?" You ask, working a second finger in and leaning over her, your mouth inches from her ear. She nods, readily, her eyes fixed on yours. "So if I wanted to, say, not fuck this wonderful, tight hole inside this beautiful, round buttocks, that would be fine with you?" Her eyes swell up to puppy dog proportions in response to that suggestion, as she silently begs you to not to do that. A third finger teases at her anus, running along the rim, and your voice becomes a whisper. "Beg for it and I'll give it to you."
  2491. "Please, my lord," Adelle says, voice breathless, eager, "please."
  2493. "Please what?"
  2495. "Please, use my last hole," she says, voice almost desperate, "you've had my throat and my sex, please, my lord, use it, claim it, take it."
  2497. You push the third finger in, making her press forward on the ground for a moment, suddenly breathless. Your mouth moves to her neck, which you lovingly kiss at. "That's what I wanted to hear," you say. "That's a good wife," you add, reaching up with your free hand to gently caress her face. Adelle smiles up at you, and her breath hitches as you manage to squeeze a fourth finger in her ass. You finger fuck her for a few more moments, enjoying the way her expression shifts and morphs, her eyes closing, her breath stopping and going, the way she rolls her tongue out then clamps her teeth around it. With your free hand, you bring her face up to yours, mashing the two together is a sloppy kiss, and she moans into your mouth while your tongue explores hers.
  2499. At last, you pull your fingers out of her ass, shaking them for a couple seconds, though it's pretty pointless. You wrap your hand around the base of your cock and gently thrust in, watching as she's pushed along the ground, pain and pleasure blurring together on her face as she closes her eyes. You're slow, careful, leaning over her and whispering in her ear. "Gods, this is as good as I'd imagined," you say, your voice hoarse, and she gives a happy little moan in reply. "Is it good for you?" She nods, eagerly, as you press yourself the rest of the way into her, going until your cock is completely inside of her ass, which wraps around you tightly. Your balls rub against her, now, with your entire cock inside of her.
  2501. You sit there, on top of her, fully inside of her, and reach for one of her ass cheeks, wrapping your fingers tightly around it. She gives you a wan little smile of pleasure, and you pull your hand off before bringing it down again, hard, the sound of flesh hitting flesh loud and pleasant. You grip her ass again, and slowly pull out, before all but slamming into her, making her head roll around in pleasure. There's no real gentleness to your motions, and you can tell she likes it that way, as she presses herself back into you, working together with you, moaning and yelping and whimpering with each thrust. Your hands grip her ass cheeks, kneading them like so much fat, wonderful dough, as you fuck her, hard.
  2503. "You're so fucking tight," you whisper in her ear as you keep using her ass. You take one hand, gently running it across her waist until it takes up a position near her clit, fingers gently rubbing at and around it, making her shiver beneath you, the vibrations carrying through to your cock as she shakes in pleasure. "Your ass is so unbelievable, and I can have it any time I want, isn't that right?" Adelle nods, rapidly, enthusiastically, in response, caught up in the pleasure of your ass fuck. You can see by her expression that she's getting close, and you pull your hand away from her clit, moving it back up to one of her ass cheeks, and start to go completely to town, fucking her wildly and hard. You watch her eyes roll up, and her mouth hangs open, tongue lolling out, each thrust making her whole body sway back and forth, her breasts most of all, those wonderful, hemispherical breasts bouncing back and forth with each thrust.
  2505. Somehow, you keep yourself from grabbing them, and you feel as much as see Adelle's orgasm coming up. You want it to be purely, completely, from the way you use her ass, and you lean down towards her. Her eyes stare up at you, a kind of readiness to them, obedient, loyal. "Come," you order, your voice firm, commanding. She does, immediately, her mouth flying open in pleasure, a long, loud sigh of ecstasy coming out as you bury yourself inside of her to the hilt. Her entire body shakes, and her ass coils tightly around your cock, wrapping around it again and again in pleasure. She loses her balance, going down to her elbows, resting her head on one of her upper arms as you watch her run through her orgasm. Her eyes stare at you, boring into you, making it clear that you are the one who brought her to this point, who made her come, and that she's appreciative.
  2507. After an exceptionally long time, her orgasm ends, and she breathes heavily. You start to work yourself in and out of her again, having not quite reached your own climax, and thrust back and forth rabidly, animalistically. She smiles up at you, giving you slight nods, and you can see the way she's trying to regain the strength to work with you, to help you keep fucking her ass. Your mouth comes down to her neck again, kissing it, lovingly, dotingly marking it. Your hands leave her ass, the clean one playing roughly with one of her tits through her tunic, the other running itself along her sex, her clit. "You're mine," you say, your tone of voice making it clear you'll brook no argument on the matter, and she nods fervently in response, clearly having no desire whatsoever to offer any. "All mine," you clarify, as you continue to fuck her ass and play with her body. She doesn't resist at all, and indeed tries to help you in whatever ways she can, letting you establish your dominance over her completely.
  2509. You feel your own orgasm coming, and pull out suddenly, making Adelle twist around to look at you again, eyes fixed on yours, full of desire. Without warning, you slam into her pussy, which you find to be as wet as it's ever been, practically flooding with her juices as you fuck it, and she squeals in her second orgasm at your unexpected presence, her whole body shivering again, her vagina wrapping around your cock, its contours hugging and releasing you over and over again. After at most a dozen strokes inside her sex, you orgasm, a long, low growl emanating from your throat as you reach completion, your cock buried to the base inside of her, and you come inside her warm, willing pussy, filling her up with your seed yet again. You sag over her, and she collapses to the ground herself, the two of you breathing heavily from your mutual exertions.
  2511. When you finally recover enough to do anything but barely keep your weight from crashing on top of Adelle, you pull out, a wet schlick following the motion, and sit down, head hanging up as you balance partly on your hands. After a while, you look around, and see both Kini and Arenne staring at you. You give them a weary smile, your breath still heavy, as you recover. Arenne blushes and averts her gaze, pulling the blanket up over the lower half of her face, while Kini just stares at Adelle, expression unreadable.
  2513. >What do you do?
  2515. ---
  2517. You're still breathing heavily as you speak. "Did you, enjoy, the show?" You do your best to make it clear that it's just a joke, but Arenne still hides her face completely under the blanket. Kini, for her part, turns to look at you, expression vague; she is, perhaps, sizing you up - for what, you couldn't say.
  2519. "Well," you say when your strength finally returns to you. "Let's get going."
  2521. Adelle moves over to Kini, pressing her hands at the earth near Kini's "missing" foot, which quickly gets up and out of the ground as though it was water. The four of you gather your things and head off; the journey ahead is long, but after some time you arrive at Juniper's pond, and get directions from Adelle as to its exact location.
  2523. You take everybody with you to find Juniper, who finds you first, flitting over in front of you, still in that weird green ball form. "Hi, Mr. Naked Sword Guy and Mrs. Naked Sword Guy's Wife," Juniper says, cheerily. "And hi, people I don't know!"
  2525. "Hi," you say, with little commitment, and the rest of your group follows it with similar enthusiasm, except Adelle, who smiles sweetly as she bends down slightly so that she's at eye level with the orb.
  2527. "Hello, Juniper," she says. "How are you doing?"
  2529. "I'm bored!" Juniper replies, enthusiasm audible. "Wanna play?"
  2531. "Mmm, maybe later," Adelle says, sweetly. "You know, if you came to live with us, you could play with us every day."
  2533. "Really?" The orb literally brightens at that. "Wait a minute..." You can easily imagine the little girl Juniper narrowing her eyes as she says that. "This isn't a trick, is it?"
  2535. "No, no, no trick," Adelle reassures her. "Unless you don't want to play with us?"
  2537. "I didn't say that!" Juniper cries. You can feel her attention turn to you. "Tell your wife I didn't say that! Because I didn't!"
  2539. >What do you do?
  2541. ---
  2543. "Yeah, Adelle, she didn't say that," you agree.
  2545. "So there!" Juniper adds, unhelpfully.
  2547. "She didn't?" Adelle says, turning to you, her voice sounding vaguely surprised. "It sounded like that was what she was saying..."
  2549. "Well it wasn't!" Juniper huffs.
  2551. "I'm sorry, then, Juniper," Adelle replies as she turns back to Juniper, a soft smile on her face. "Then you do want to come along with us?"
  2553. "Yeah!" Juniper says, moving towards you, then catches herself. "Wait a second... how do I know this isn't a trick?"
  2555. You roll your eyes, but Adelle apparently has the patience of a saint. "I promise it isn't a trick. We really just want you to come with us. We'll all be living together, and there will be other people too, and you can play with them and us and even play tricks on people, if you want to. Doesn't that sound like fun?"
  2557. Juniper shifts awkwardly from side to side. "I guess..." She doesn't sound very convinced.
  2559. "Here, why don't you try playing a trick on me now?" Adelle asks.
  2561. "It doesn't work if you're expecting it!" Juniper whines, loudly. You can almost imagine her rolling her eyes.
  2563. "Well, if we were living in the same place, I couldn't be expecting it all the time, could I?"
  2565. Juniper considers this, thoughtful. "Nnnnnooooo," she says, slowly as though certain there's some kind of trick here.
  2567. "There! Then you should come with us!"
  2569. Juniper pauses, considering the offer. "Okay! But, if it turns out this is a trick... ooooh boy, you better believe you'll be falling into lots of ponds, Mrs. Naked Sword Guy's Wife!"
  2571. "Adelle will do," Adelle says. "And I fully accept any consequences of my actions, no matter how sudden and wet they may be."
  2573. "Good!" Juniper turns into her little girl form, dainty green shoes hitting the ground with a very soft noise. "Now, one of you has to carry me, or let me ride on their horsie! I don't want to have to walk the whole way there."
  2575. >What do you do?
  2577. ---
  2579. "You can ride with Adelle," you say to Juniper.
  2581. "As you wish, my lord," Adelle says, picking up Juniper and putting her on her shoulders. Juniper clings to Adelle's head tightly, and everybody heads off back to the horses. Adelle mounts her horse, sending Juniper swaying to one side, almost falling off, but she manages to remain on Adelle's head somehow. Given the way that Adelle winces, you suspect it has to do with a very firm grip on Adelle's hair.
  2583. Once Adelle is on her horse, however, she removes Juniper from her shoulders, placing her in front of her on the horse. She switches to a soft, gentle voice as she tells Juniper the name of the horse, some stories about it, asking little questions here and there of Juniper, trying to get a sense of the girl. You kind of tune her out - you don't really care too much, and you can ask Adelle any important details later.
  2585. When you arrive near where you and Adelle were originally attacked by Chara and Despina, it's just after nightfall. You stop your little party, smiling evilly as you contemplate your next move. "Kini, what's the scariest thing you can transform into?"
  2587. Kini rolls her head to the side in thought, staring at the ground for a moment, before her whole body shifts. Well, not quite her whole body - she seems to have been concerned about Adelle's clothes, and her form remains much the same in the torso area. But elsewhere, it's a horrible mix of wolf, porcupine, and beetle, chitinous plates, barbs and fur, animalistic eyes, large limbs, claws, the whole shebang.
  2589. "That's- very threatening," you say, after a moment.
  2591. "It only looks scary, master," Kini says, voice weak, demure. "It's all just as weak as me, really. Weaker, even." Her form transforms back, and she stares at the ground. "Should I disrobe so that I can properly transform without harming your wife's clothing, master?"
  2593. "Yes, yes," you say, a hint of irritation in your voice.
  2595. "Sorry, master," Kini says, flinching slightly before disrobing completely. She transforms back into the previous shape; this time, it's without the awkward feminine midsection, and is pure monstrosity. "What do you want me to do now, master?"
  2597. You inform Juniper and Kini of your plan - Juniper seems giddy about it, Kini seems obedient and resigned - and enlist Adelle's aid. As it turns out, Chara and Despina are currently separated; Adelle's best guess is that Chara is staying at their camp while Despina is out hunting.
  2599. You set your plan into motion: Chara follows Juniper out into the forest, curious about the green light, while you, Adelle, and Arenne, are tactically placed to observe the events about to unfold. Eventually, Chara weaves her way around to the bush that Kini, in her monstrous form, is hiding behind. Kini leaps out, arms raised, making Chara yelp and start running like her life depended on it - which, as far as she knows, it does. Kini doesn't follow her, instead sitting back down in the bush and transforming into her tanukigirl form, nude as the day she was born, and curling up into a ball, her tail swishing from side to side.
  2601. Well. You successfully scared the piss out of Chara, though as far as you can tell, not literally.
  2603. >What do you do?
  2605. ---
  2607. You walk over to Kini, and she shrinks in on herself, frightened. You gently pat her head, and some of the tension leaves her shoulders as she looks up at you. "Good girl," you whisper, moving around behind her so you can pet her more thoroughly, scratching her behind the ears and making her lean back automatically. "Obeying orders makes you a good girl, and when you're a good girl, nobody has to punish you, and you get affection." She stares up at you, big eyes waiting for the hammer to drop. "Now, do you want to get dressed?"
  2609. "Yes, master," she says, nodding slightly, "if that's okay with you, master," she adds, hurriedly.
  2611. "It is," you say, and she picks up the clothes Adelle gave her, putting them back on, still shivering slightly from the cold.
  2613. You head to where Chara and Despina's camp is - Chara's headed off in Despina's general direction, according to Adelle, and the two are now coming back to camp. You hear them before you see them.
  2615. "I'm telling you, Despina, there was a monster!"
  2617. "Yes, yes, Chara."
  2619. "Come on, give me a weapon!"
  2621. "So you can, what, murder that noble when he comes back? You've always been an awful liar, Chara, but this takes the cake."
  2623. "It really happened!" Chara whines. "You're going to feel really guilty when I get killed by a monster!"
  2625. "I'm sure I will," Despina says, and the two enter line of sight of the camp, catching the five of you sitting there, waiting for them. "Ah, uh," Despina pauses, gives a vague approximation of a curtsey, "my lord. And - his wife and retainers."
  2627. "Wives," Adelle corrects, without malice.
  2629. "Wives," Despina repeats. "Terribly sorry, my lady," she says, turning to Arenne and bowing her head.
  2631. Chara wiggles out from where she was hiding behind Despina. "Ahem," she coughs before raising her head in faux nobility. "My lord and master, I am but your humble and gracious servant, who wishes only to serve you in whatever way you wish," she lies before bowing "elegantly," one arm flailing out and hitting Despina in the face.
  2633. "Stop that, Chara," Despina says, clocking her little sister on the top of the head.
  2635. "Ow!" Chara says, coming out of the bow, rubbing her head. "You're such a jerk, Despina! First you won't believe me about the monster, and now you're ruining my ability to," she coughs again, preparing for some suitably flowery speech, before Despina clocks her again. "Ow!"
  2637. "Really, enough of that, Chara," Despina says. "So," she says, her eyes turning back to you. "How can I be of service, my lord?"
  2639. >What do you do?
  2641. ---
  2643. "I'll be taking you and your sister in the morning, so be sure to pack up your things," you say. Despina nods quickly, placing a hand on Chara's shoulder before the latter can speak. "Anyway, you're in charge of organizing... this lot," you say, waving your hand at the various monstergirls, "for tonight."
  2645. You set up a tent, an eager lust for both your wives filling your greedy, lecherous heart like a flood filling a sewer system.
  2647. "Adelle," you say, turning to your first wife and ushering her over. She comes immediately, leaning in close to you, conspiratorially.
  2649. "Yes, my lord?"
  2651. "The threesome. What are your thoughts?"
  2653. "I- I have to admit, I haven't had much opportunity to discuss it with Arenne. Our passionate lovemaking this morning may have made Arenne more inclined to that sort of thing, since she was an inadvertant voyeur. Let me speak to her first, my lord."
  2655. You nod, and Adelle gathers Arenne up, pulling her aside and speaking to her quietly, their voices indistinct. You do your level best not to listen, and succeed. Instead, you sit down, facing away from them, and watch Despina try to wrangle Chara, Juniper, and Kini into some kind of effective watch group. She's less than effective, at one point having to physically lift both Chara and Juniper up off the ground in order to prevent them from running off to do their own thing. Eventually, she sits down, Chara and Juniper both in headlocks, and says, "If you won't cooperate, we'll just take turns sleeping like this."
  2657. That does the trick, and the two become relatively docile, useful for some limited period of time.
  2659. Eventually, Adelle walks over to you, squatting next to where you're sitting. She gives you an apologetic smile, and after a few awkward seconds, the answer you were suspecting leaves her lips. "I'm sorry, my lord. I tried to convince her. She said she'll think about it, but... tonight is not the night. You can have sex with her or me, as you like." She hangs her head, looking up at you. "I'm very sorry, my lord. Perhaps tomorrow night?" She gives you a hopeful, contrite look. "She isn't sore any more, if it's any consolation."
  2661. >What do you do?
  2663. ---
  2665. "It's not your fault," you say, moving in to kiss her on the lips, a brief meeting of your mouths purely for reassurance. "You did your best. Thank you. If you can't do it, then it couldn't be done," you say, and Adelle gives you a fairly bright smile in response, though there's still a bit of guilt on her features. "I already fucked you once today, so I'm going to take Arenne for the night. It'll help reassure her that I'm not angry, too." Adelle nods, understandingly. "Ah, first, though, I ought to reward Despina real quick. Nothing big, just a little teasing. Can you occupy Arenne's attention?"
  2667. "Whatever you desire, my lord," Adelle says, nodding deferentially and heading off, pulling Arenne conspiratorially into the tent.
  2669. You move over to Despina, wrapping your body around hers from behind. She takes a quick, sharp breath, and the fingers on one hand reach down for her sex, plowing through the fur that covers her lower side. Your mouth meets her neck, kissing it tenderly a few times. "Thank you for getting control of these kids." Your other hand reaches up, playing with one of her big, beautiful tits, lifting its weight and toying with the nipple. It takes a while for you to find her clitoris with all the hair, but you do, and you feel that cute little tail on her ass start to wag excitedly, rubbing at your crotch.
  2671. "A-ah, it was- nothing my- lord," she says, her breath catching in her throat. "It, Chara's a bit difficult, if you were nicer to her in the future than you were during - you know - I could probably rein her in more easily."
  2673. "Mmm," you say, running your fingers into her pussy, making her shiver in delight, trying to hump your hand slightly. "I'll think about it."
  2675. "O-of course, my lord," she says, her voice shaky. "Yo-you don't have to do anything you don't want to."
  2677. "You're right, I don't," you say, and you stop talking, then, your mouth running along her shoulders, neck, and back, as your hands continue to stimulate her. As you feel her gradually approach her orgasm, you quicken your pace in her crotch and move your other hand up to cover her mouth. Soon enough she shivers in your hands in sexual ecstasy, her tail going wild as it rubs against you and her whole body shakes in your grasp. Her moans are muffled quite successfully, barely loud enough for even you to hear, and you release her when she finishes her orgasm. She slumps back against you, supporting her weight against yours. "If you keep the girls disciplined, there'll be more rewards like that. You understand?"
  2679. She nods, her eyes a little dazed, and is otherwise silent, and you support her for a little longer before she pulls herself back together, standing up properly. You rub your juice-covered hand off on her leg, and she pouts awkwardly for a moment. "Sorry. Wife number two doesn't like to see me fucking other women."
  2681. "I heard that humans were like that," Despina says, "thought it was bull, and when you and your - first wife?" You nod in confirmation. "Came through, I figured it was really bull."
  2683. "Yeah, well, I've got things to do other than explain human sexuality. You understand." Despina nods, and you leave her at that, heading over to the tent, where Adelle and Arenne are talking quietly about various details of the latters' home life. "Adelle," you say, as both women's attention turns to you. "I'd like to spend the night with Arenne. You understand, right?"
  2685. "As you wish, my lord," Adelle says, and Arenne looks vaguely guilty at that, anxiety clean in her body language as Adelle leaves the tent.
  2687. You move in closer to her, pressing your mouth into hers quickly, rapidly, giving her no chance to talk. She lets you, meeting your tongue with hers in short order, the two of you soon exploring one another's mouths.
  2691. ---
  2693. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2694. Chapter 9
  2696. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  2698. You and your first wife, Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange, hunted down her family's ancestral sword, the Blade of Celestial Fire, which was stolen from their keep on your wedding night, apparently by one of your retainers.
  2700. You followed the thief all the way to Arcine, and, after many trials and tribulations, finally retrieved her and the sword. As it turns out, the thief is a shapeshifting master thief monstergirl, who was living in the city under the assumed identity of Liadra. You took her as your captive after roughly using all three of her holes for your pleasure; her real name is Kini, or so she claims.
  2702. Your journey back to the Lestrange estates has been long, and over its course you have gathered a small band of followers. In addition to your first wife, Adelle, your second wife, Arenne, and the thief in question, you've picked up two Satyresses - the older, blonde Despina and the younger, redheaded Chara - and a fairy named Juniper who can turn into a ball of light and likes tricking people.
  2704. Arenne has, unfortunately, not yet expressed her willingness to join you and Adelle in the same bed, so you're here with her, alone, in the tent, kissing her tenderly, your tongues rubbing against each other in the space where your mouths meet.
  2706. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  2708. ---
  2710. Eventually, of course, you have to withdraw from your kiss, and she gives a very tiny whine of unhappiness in response. You sit down on the rock next to hers, placing your hand in hers and gripping it tightly as you stare into her eyes for a long moment. You reach up with one hand, brushing at the side of her face, and she gives you that same weak, nervous smile, the sides of her mouth nervously twitching up and down.
  2712. "Come here," you say, patting your thigh, and she gets up, grabbing her dress and pulling it up past her knees before daintily walking over to you. Before she can sit down, though, you instruct her to pull up her dress past her waist. She swallows, all nerves, and pulls it up before sitting down; once she's in your lap, she looks over her shoulder, up at you. With your height difference, you could easily perch your chin on top of her head, so you have to bend down to place your face at her neck, which you nuzzle sweetly, just rubbing the bridge of your nose against her.
  2714. She turns her head back to face forward, and you can feel her gradually start to calm herself down, her nervous shaking stopping. You start to kiss at her neck, making her freeze and tense for a moment before calming back down again. "Um, sorry for being so nervous," Arenne says, her apology as uncertain as everything else about her.
  2716. "It's okay," you reassure, one of your hands gliding down into her panties, gently teasing at her lips while you keep kissing at her neck. "Would you feel more confident if you had something to do?" She nods, fervently, and you remove your hand from her panties to wrap your arm around her waist, lifting her up with a squeak. You quickly pull your pants down to your knees with your free hand, your cock springing out and taking up a position in between her thighs as the two of you sit back down. "Wrap your hands around it and move them up and down. Be gentle."
  2718. She reaches down, her two small hands wrapping around your cock as her fingers find their way around your girth. You return your mouth's attentions to her neck, and start to play with her clit again, gently rubbing at the skin around it, occasionally pressing two fingers around it on opposite sides. She shivers from pleasure rather than nervousness, and you keep playing with her as she slowly works your cock over with her hands.
  2720. At first, she's too tentative, and when you correct her, she tightens a bit too much, but after a few gentle, whispered directions, her hands are working your cock wonderfully, running up and down its length with gentle rotations. Keeping you nice and hard while your lips reach up for her ear, which you start to nibble on as a second hand joins the first down her panties, one finger simulating penetration, then two, and so on, while you keep playing with her clit and mound with your other hand. She starts to squeak in response to your attentions, the noises music to your ears as you keep toying with her. "I-I," she says, unable to really finish her thought thoroughly, "p-please," she adds, uselessly.
  2722. "Please what?" You keep toying with her, your hands becoming more vigorous even as her own motions become more awkward, her voice shaking as she tries to speak; the only things that come out are jittery shrieks. She starts bouncing slightly in your lap, trying to work together with your long finger fucking. Her hands fall loosely around your cock, only absently moving up and down it, but you don't mind terribly, enjoying the way she struggles to find some way to express what she's feeling other than with loud noises. "Please make you come?" That makes her hesitate, then nod, her head bouncing up and down.
  2724. "Yes," she says, loudly, managing that clearly before her voice collapses back into squeals. "Please, pleeeeease," she adds, her voice a slightly erratic whine. You redouble your efforts, and she leans back into you, the back of her head resting on your shoulder as you frantically finger fuck her, the fingers on your free hand swirling around her clit as your palm presses into her mound. Her hands move to your thighs the moment before she climaxes in your lap, and she lets out a high pitched wail as she squeezes them tightly in each hand.
  2726. After her orgasm passes, she sits in your lap, huffing and puffing loudly, trying to catch her breath. Your mouth presses into the crook of her neck, giving sweet little kisses there, and earning you a very weak mumble of appreciation. You pull her panties all the way down, getting some cooperative wriggles on her part which suffice to allow you to accomplish the task. Then you wrap your arms around her belly, earning a surprised little yelp as you pull her into you, hugging her tightly. There's a long period of nothing as she recovers from her orgasm, but eventually, she wets her lips, swallows, and starts to sit back up. You stop hugging her, instead wrapping your hands around her sides, though, and she tenses for a moment when you lift her up and turn her around so that she faces you, your faces now inches from one another, your cock pressing slightly against her stomach.
  2728. She reaches down for it, automatically, her hands nervously running up and down it as she looks to you for approval. You gingerly grab one of her wrists, making her freeze in place. You move your mouth to rest an inch from her ear, and speak. "I want you to put it inside of you." You hear her swallow, feel her grab your shoulders and start to lift herself up. For a long moment, your cock teases at her slit as she tries to position herself just right, your manhood bouncing forward and backwards. She gives an embarassed little whine as she tries to adjust, and you reach down to your base, holding your cock still and letting her slowly fall down on it, her eyes closing as she goes.
  2730. When she's finally properly sitting down again, she looks up at you, looking for approval, reassurance. You lean down and forward, kissing her on the forehead. "That's very good, Arenne," you say, your voice silky smooth, "but I don't think you're quite done." Her eyes widen, looking up at you. "I want you to set the pace this time."
  2732. She's confused for a second, then nods in understanding, and starts to rise up and down, the majority of your cock remaining inside her as she gradually builds up a rhythm, her little breasts bouncing slightly in her dress, her eyes staring at yours, searching worriedly for any sign of displeasure. You lean down again, pressing your mouth into her neck and kissing it tenderly, making her squeak in pleasant surprise when you run your fingers over her groin again. She starts to get the idea after a bit, moving up and down faster and faster, little squeals coming out of her mouth as she bounces on your cock.
  2734. You remove your mouth from her neck, instead resting your forehead against hers and looking into her eyes with as kind and loving an expression as you can muster, and she starts to gradually slow down, caught up in your stare. You let her, though your hand in her groin keeps its work up, causing her to shake and shiver slightly, though she tries not to show it, just giving you a nervous smile as she moves up and down in languid, small motions. It's almost agonizing how slow she is, how slight the motions are, but you don't let her see your growing frustration; you don't want her to get any more nervous about this than she already is. It feels more like teasing than real sex, to be honest, but the way her lips twitch and curl slightly make it clear she's trying to do a good job, she's just... not that good at it.
  2736. You come up with a solution, so you start to rub harder and harder against her clit, making her motions slow down even more as she becomes more distracted, her arms reaching up to your shoulders and clutching you tightly. She presses her body up against you, her breasts rubbing against your chest, and you slowly pull her towards her second orgasm of the night, careful to keep up a furious pace in her groin. By this point, she's just shaking in your lap, not really trying to fuck you in earnest, distracted by her own pleasure. She gives these little whimpers, and her fingers tense against your shoulders, like she realizes that she should be bouncing up and down but can't seem to summon the strength.
  2738. "Shh," you shush her, "it's okay. Just let it come." The tension in her fingers lets out, and she stares up at you from her position in your chest. You run the fingers on your free hand through her hair, reassuring her as you continue to vigorously stimulate her with your fingers. She wraps her arms around your neck, pressing her head back into your chest as you keep on toying with her clit, and she starts to give little squeals of pleasure as she approaches her orgasm. She gets louder and louder as your activity becomes faster and faster, and you wrap your free arm around her tightly as she starts to orgasm. She lets out a shriek and tightens her grip around your neck, her body pressing as tightly as possible into yours. Her pussy coils around your cock over and over as she orgasms, shivering, in your lap.
  2740. After a long while, she finishes coming, and she almost immediately starts to bounce up and down on your cock. "Sorry," she starts, her focus completely on fucking you, real guilt in her voice. You shush her, quickly, and let her take charge, removing your hand from her groin, instead wrapping your arms around her, gently feeling out her back. She keeps going, moving up and down as quickly as she can, but your relative sizes mean that she doesn't have much space to maneuver - even standing up in your lap, almost half your cock remains buried inside of her.
  2742. You let her go for a little while, watching as her little breasts jiggle in her dress while she tries to fuck you as hard as you can, but the position's awkward and it's not really that good for you. The way she makes her lip a tight line, the way she clenches her eyes shut, the way she pumps as furiously as possible up and down, it combines to make you stop her, your voice gentle, reassuring. "Arenne." She stops, immediately. "I think I may have picked a bad position." Her lower lip quivers slightly, tantalizingly, and you lean down to kiss her, earning you a muffled squeak as you mash your lips against hers. You pull away and speak again. "You want to try something new?"
  2744. Arenne nods, rapidly, somewhat relieved, and you lift her off your cock, placing her on the ground. She looks at you, confused, when you don't move. Your hand reaches up for her face, gently caressing it for a moment before running over to her shoulder and guiding her downward. You pull your pants the rest of the way down, so they pool around your ankles, and she just stares up at you, confused but willing. "Use your mouth on it," you say. She glances at it, swallowing, her hands coming up towards it nervously.
  2746. "It was just in..." she stumbles, "my, you know."
  2748. "That's okay, there's nothing down there that tastes so bad. I was licking it earlier, wasn't I?"
  2750. She still seems uncertain, but she can't argue with that, and leans forward, her little tongue coming out and lapping at it, tiny little licks at the head as she stares up at you, eyes full of genuine care as she gets started on your cock. Her hands move back and forth across your main length as she continues to lap at the head, automatic motions without much thought behind them. You reach down for her head, gently directing her to start moving around, and she understands your command, running her head along one side of your cock and lapping at it before switching sides and repeating the process there. Her work with her tongue is nervous and slight, but the ways her eyes flick back and forth between you and your cock adds that intangible something of a girl who's trying her hardest.
  2752. "Use your lips, too," you advise, and she immediately starts to kiss your cock, sweet little pecks that run up and down your length, coordinating with her hand to ensure that no part of your cock goes unattended for long. Her eyes are staring up at you unceasingly as she begins to get a feel for the task before her. Eventually, you guide her to wrap her lips around the head of your cock, then have her bob her head up and down slightly, which she does readily, if anxiously. You lean back, letting her take control, and she tries her very hardest to please you, her eyes filled with a tension born of that particular mix of inexperience and earnestness. You reassure her, petting her head softly as you urge her on, telling her how wonderful her mouth, tongue, and lips feel.
  2754. After a while, she starts to really get into a proper rhythm, her head bouncing up and down the top half of your cock while her little hands massage the lower half. Her tongue snakes side to side inside her mouth, adding that little extra stimulation. You enjoy her work for a while, and her eyes lose some of their anxiety as she watches the pleasure wash across your face. But eventually, you approach your own orgasm, and you warn her as much.
  2756. She pulls off with a soft pop, a kind of panic on her face. "Wh-what do I do?" Her hands continue to stroke your lower half as she stares up at you, eyes wide, and you reach down for your cock, making her drop her hands away from it, and place your other hand on her forehead, pulling her hair back.
  2758. "Just," you grunt, "just stay there. Close your eyes." Arenne swallows, and does as you command, her head pulled back as a ready canvas for your seed, and you jerk off wildly. It doesn't take long for you to erupt, your semen splattering her face, making her flinch each time it hits her, coating her with your cum. Eventually, you stop, taking a long moment to admire your work. She opens one eye - the other one is covered with a couple of white, sticky strings of ejaculate - and looks up at you, slightly worried. "That's fantastic. Gods, you're beautiful. Fuck." She smiles, then reaches for a napkin to dab at her face with. "I'd- I'd like you to wear that, for tonight," you say, and she looks at you, confused.
  2760. "U-um," she says, clearly not pleased with this particular turn of events, but not wanting to irritate you.
  2762. "No, it's fine," you say, recognizing her reluctance for what it is. "If you don't want to, you don't have to." She pauses, smiling nervously, and tries to gently display her head for you, turning it this way and that to let you get a nice, long look at all the cum that's covered it. You've got good aim, so none of it's gotten anywhere but her face. Eventually, though, she starts to clean off her face, somewhat guiltily, glancing up at you surreptitiously to try to confirm that you're not angry.
  2764. She does roll around a lot in her sleep, doesn't she? She'd probably smear your cum all over you anyway.
  2766. Or maybe that's just sour grapes.
  2768. >What do you do?
  2770. ---
  2772. You stand up, pull up your pants, and draw Arenne into a hug, which she returns, tentatively. You enjoy the feeling of her small body against yours for a short while before carrying her into bed with you, wrapping your arms around her beneath the blanket, enjoying the feeling of her warmth against you as the two of you gently drift off to sleep.
  2774. In the morning, you grab all Chara and Despina's crap - most of it cheap, tawdry garbage, though Despina insists on its value - and head to the Lestrange estates with your party, intent on returning their sword and being done with this nonsense.
  2776. About halfway through the remainder of your journey, you stop for a brief break - there's no real urgency, after all - and Adelle takes the opportunity to stretch her legs. When she does, though, she pauses, a quizzical look on her face, and sits down in the lotus position, closing her eyes in meditation. When she gets up a few minutes later, she pulls you aside for a private conversation.
  2778. "My lord," she begins, her voice a conspiratorial whisper, "I believe that my family's keep is under siege."
  2780. >What do you do?
  2782. ---
  2784. "I'd like to say I'm surprised..." you say, muttering irritatedly at the impersonal (or personal) cosmic forces responsible for your plight. "Do you have any idea who?"
  2786. Adelle bites her lip before shaking her head. "No, my lord. I'm not aware of any of my family's enemies who would do such a thing, in such a way, with no forewarning."
  2788. "What can you tell about them? Numbers, composition?"
  2790. Adelle pauses, clenching her eyes shut for a moment before opening them again. "I'd guess...  a few hundred?" She seems uncertain of that. "Just footsoldiers and no siege equipment, as far as I can determine, my lord. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say they are attempting to starve my family out, rather than to actually assault the keep."
  2792. "Can you do that thing where you make someone's foot sink into the ground?"
  2794. "Hmm?" Adelle asks, blinking. "Oh, what I did with Kini? Not against an entire army, my lord, and not from any appreciable distance, either."
  2796. You nod, going over the problem in your head, running through possible solutions. "How useful is the Blade of Celestial Fire? And would I get in trouble for using it?"
  2798. "In the defense of the Lestrange family? Most certainly not, my lord. My father isn't so petty. The blade is more important as a point of honor and legitimacy than anything else. As to its use; it was hand forged by a goddess, so it should be in fine condition, still. If it was the sort of thing to break so trivially, I do not think it would have been in my family's hands for centuries."
  2800. With that, you give Adelle a quick thanks before heading over to Kini, who's curled up under a tree, staring idly at the back of her own hand. She looks up at you when you near, no emotion on her face. "Oy. There's a problem," you say, and she nods in recognition. "The Lestrange keep is under siege. Can you... I don't know, shapeshift into a mouse and get an eye on it?"
  2802. Kini shakes her head. "No, master, I'm sorry, master. I can't get much smaller than..." she glances around before pointing to Juniper, who is busily trying to crawl up Chara's back while the latter complains, "her, master. Please don't be angry."
  2804. >What do you do?
  2806. ---
  2808. >18
  2809. >Smashing success.
  2811. You reach down and gently pat Kini on the head, trying to be as gentle as possible. "I'm not angry. Thank you for telling me." She looks up at you from her position curled up and gives you a tiny nod in reply.
  2813. "Could you scout out ahead? Turn into something small, get a look, then impersonate one of their soldiers?"
  2815. "Yes master," she admits, and you reach down to scratch her behind the ears, making her close her eyes and give that weird pseudo-purr. After a while, you stop, making her give a tiny whine of irritation, and head off on horseback towards the Lestrange estates, putting Kini in the vanguard. As you near the edge of the forest, you send her off ahead, and she strips off her clothes before transforming into a wild dog and making her way to the forest's edge, out of your sight.
  2817. You wait a while, impatiently, worriedly. Did she run off? Did she get caught? But then a wild dog appears before transforming back into her, and she gets dressed again before walking up to you, not meeting your eyes.
  2819. "Well?" You ask.
  2821. "They're undead, master. They have a leader who talks a lot, I think she's a necromancer. I couldn't get too close. They're all on foot, they don't have very good equipment, but there are a lot of them. Sorry if I wasn't good enough, master," she adds, head bowed.
  2823. >What do you do?
  2825. ---
  2827. "There's a good girl," you say and reach behind her ears, scratching them as you ask her questions. "What kind of organization did they have? What kind of undead? Any banners?"
  2829. "U-ummmhmm," she says, trying to speak through her enjoyment, "they were just s-sort of s-standing there, and they were z-zombies and s-skeletons. N-no banners that I could s-see, master. B-but, I think the leader was called Erosette? Sh-she was talking about herself a lot."
  2831. "That was very good work you did," you say, just sitting there scratching her behind the ears for a long while, watching as she starts to lose some of her fear and just close her eyes and enjoy it, leaning into your hand. "Good girl."
  2833. Of course, you do have other things to do, so eventually you leave Kini to speak with Adelle, relaying Kini's discoveries. "Sound like anyone you know?"
  2835. Adelle takes a long moment to think before shaking her head. "No, my lord. I suppose this Erosette believed my family would be an easy first target."
  2837. You nod, looking at the Blade of Celestial Fire. "I don't suppose this thing is particularly good against the undead?"
  2839. Adelle smiles softly and shakes her head. "No better against the undead than anything else, my lord."
  2841. >What do you do?
  2843. ---
  2845. >6
  2846. >Not very stealthy!
  2848. You decide to wait for nightfall before attacking, having Despina with her bow as back-up. You catch the necromancer - apparently bored with attending to her undead hordes in person - head into a simple tent, presumably to sleep, and take advantage of the opportunity, moving forward, trying to keep a low profile even as you smash zombies and skeletons that get too close.
  2850. Unfortunately, you fail, making an awful racket when you knock several skeletons over on top of each other, their rattling bones making a noise that spreads through the whole area like a horrible xylophone. There is no way that the necromancer didn't hear that, and, in fact, she emerges from her tent, her eyes almost immediately resting on you. You can't get to her through the throngs of undead which have formed in your path, at least not easily.
  2852. "You fool! You dare to try to fight against the great and mighty Necromantress Erosette?! If you surrender now, I shall be merciful and kind, as any good Empress ought to be, but if you refuse to bow, I shall have no choice but to bend you to my will! You are but a mere mortal, while I hold power over life and death itself! Do not be a fool as these -" she gestures to the Lestrange keep "- ones are, struggling in vain against my power!"
  2854. She keeps going on and on and on.
  2856. >What do you do?
  2858. ---
  2860. You raise your hands in mock defeat, getting a nice, long look at the "Necromantress" "Erosette." She's tall - almost as tall as you - and lithe with massive tits but barely any hips, and her skin is an almost-porcelain pale white. Her short brown hair is done up in a bob cut, and her choice of dress is designed to both accentuate her feminine assets and project an image of royalty. She's even wearing a crown, though it's clearly seen better days. "Why would someone as grand and powerful as you waste your time on such petty enemies as these?"
  2862. Erosette smiles at that, raising her chin haughtily in response. "Every great monarch has humble beginnings," she starts, and you give the signal with one of your raised hands. In the space of only a couple seconds, two arrows appear in Erosette - one in her eye, the other in her throat - and a third flits past her to slam into a zombie meaninglessly.
  2864. Erosette responds to this with remarkable calm, given the circumstances. "Who did that?" She asks, turning away from you, glancing out across the fields towards the forest. "Who dares to shoot the glorious and-" there's another few arrows, but by this time Erosette has reformed part of her undead army in front of her, and they plink uselessly into skeletons and zombies "-majestic Erosette? Show yourself, and I shall show mercy. Fail to reveal yourself, and I shall send my hordes after you. They do not tire, hunger, or thirst! They will follow you to the ends of creation!"
  2866. "Um," you say, interrupting her train of thought, "how are you not dead?"
  2868. "Fool!" Erosette replies, though her tone makes it clear that she's glad you asked. "What sort of necromantress would I be if I did not apply my mastery of the undead to become one? Mortal frailties are something one cannot tolerate, when one is the rightful ruler of all she surveys!"
  2870. She seems kind of dumb, given that she apparently hasn't figured out that Despina is working with you.
  2872. >What do you do?
  2874. ---
  2876. >19
  2877. >Stunning success.
  2879. "Of course, m'lady," you say, doing your best impression of a deferential peon. "Would you - no, I couldn't possibly..." You cut yourself off, as though you thought better of what you said.
  2881. "I am a wise and gracious sovereign. Ask, and you may receive." By this point, Despina has apparently realized that the "shoot her" plan isn't working, as no more arrows are forthcoming.
  2883. "Ah, well... it's just that you're so beautiful," you say, feigning bashfulness. She responds well to that, so you continue. "I've never seen such a beautiful woman in my life," you add, sycophantically. "Is it - is it alright if I could come closer?" You stare at your feet. "Just to look upon you, your grace."
  2885. Erosette takes a moment, considering. "Very well, mortal. Your propriety and deference are to be commended, so I shall grant you the gift of beholding my visage up close."
  2887. "Thank you," you say, swimming through the throngs of undead to get close to her. At last, you're only a few paces away, and she looks at you, imperiously, expectantly. "You are even more beautiful up close, my Empress."
  2889. Now that you're up close, she seems slightly flustered, and her eyes inspect you in detail. "Y-yes," she says, regaining some of her earlier imperiousness "I am." She doesn't add anything to that, though.
  2891. >What do you do?
  2893. ---
  2895. >7
  2896. >"Oh all right."
  2898. You bow before her, getting on bended knee. "My lady," you say, deferentially, "I am but your humble servant. But your beauty has been so marred by these wretched arrows... it is a cruelty against all sense of aesthetics, for them to so awkwardly-"
  2900. "Yes, yes, I get it," Erosette says, rolling her eyes. Then she catches herself, and starts again. "I mean, you needn't preface all requests with such obsequiousness. An Empress does not need peons to remind her of her own greatness."
  2902. "Of course, of course, m'lady," you say, nodding along. "I'm sorry. I wish only to help you to restore your full beauty, so that all may look upon it and be awed."
  2904. There's a very, very long pause. "Your humble request will be granted, oh subject of mine." You stand up, closing in to her, your breath hitting her face from the close distance. Hers doesn't hit you; she doesn't have any. Feeling her throat before pulling the arrow there out, it's cold to the touch; and the same is true of her face. The eye, sadly, pops out with the arrow, but she doesn't seem to mind.
  2906. "Please, oh Empress, tell me that this injury is not permanent?"
  2908. "Do not worry, my subject. My body will restore itself to fullness, given time..." she pauses, now, staring at you with her one good eye, her lips pursed. "There are certain ways to speed the process along," she adds, looking you up and down. "Hmm... come with me." She motions towards you, and you follow her, quickly, into her tent, though her undead take your weapons from you before you're allowed to enter.
  2910. Of course, even unarmed, you're still quite dangerous.
  2912. "Now," she begins, turning imperiously towards you, placing one finger on your sternum, "how would you like to lie with your new Empress?"
  2914. >What do you do?
  2916. ---
  2918. "I would be honored," you reply, and she nods, looking at you, considering exactly what to do with you.
  2920. "On your knees," she commands, and you drop to bended knee, deferentially. "Avert your gaze." You look at the ground. You watch her dress fall away from her shoulders, pooling around her ankles, and then her panties join it, an unremarkable white pair. "You may look upon me, again, my subject."
  2922. You do, staring up at her from your position, your face just a foot or so from her crotch. You can barely see her face peaking out over her massive tits. She reaches down, running her fingers through your hair and then reaching down to cup your chin. "What would you have of me?" You ask, still feigning deference.
  2924. "There are some other needs of mine you shall attend to, but first..." she steps forward, grabbing the back of your head and mushing your face awkwardly into her groin with a lack of skill that suggests near complete inexperience, "you must s-" but you don't even let her finish, your arms reaching up to wrap around her thighs, your tongue licking out to play with her clit, making her shiver above you. She's cold to the touch, to the taste, but her sex is still just as sweet as any living girl's. Her fingers wrap tightly around the back of your head as you lap, lovingly, at her slit, the taste of her juices starting to run down to your chin.
  2926. You keep going, pressing your lips together to kiss her where you can reach them, moving your head to just the right position to let the bridge of your nose tease at her clit while your tongue can make its occasional journeys into her slit. Your hands start to reach up, grabbing her almost-absent ass cheeks, your fingers massaging them with a half-desperate pretense, gripping at them like they're the only thing floating in an empty sea.
  2928. "A-ah," she says, trying to control herself, "th-that's very-" She stops as you wrap your lips around her clit, suckling on it incredibly gently, making her whole body tense, her arms trying to pull you up further into her groin. Your tongue slowly, teasingly, reaches out, just a tiny sliver touching her clit at any one moment, and she squirms, tightening her grip on the back of your head as she tries to pull you further in. After a while, she realizes that's not going to work, and she starts to furiously thrust her groin forward and back, holding your face up to her groin while she pretends she's giving you a vigorous facefucking. "Yes, that's it," she hisses, her voice commanding, dominant, "take it. Serve your empress," she demands, "that's a good boy. Oh, gods, that's fantastic," she adds.
  2930. She's leaning forward over you, still pressing you deeply into her groin, when you feel her thighs clench around the sides of your face, and the spasms of her orgasm roll around her, making her arms press you forward again and again while she rides out her own orgasm. "Your obedience, will not, go unrewarded," she says during the orgasm, suddenly breathless. At last, she lets out the last little squirt of lubricant onto your chin, and releases your head, panting, her legs slightly wobbly.
  2932. "Y-you, have done well, my servant," she says, voice still laden with exertion. "N-now, for your-" she pauses, licking her dry lips, "reward." She slowly, less-than-graciously, kneels down on the ground before lying down on her back. "First, you must give my breasts the same loving attention which you have given my royal love cavern." Love cavern? Really? "Then, you shall be allowed to aid me in returning to my full glory."
  2934. You quickly waddle over her, reaching down for her breasts, gently playing with them, occasionally thumbing her nipples. You lean forward without being told, taking one nipple into your mouth while your hand starts to gradually increase the intensity of its attentions on her other. You pay attention to her responses, to her verbal and nonverbal urgings, and she runs one hand through your hair as you start to gently suckle at her teat, giving a long, throaty moan. You tease at her nipple with your teeth, but find quickly she doesn't like that, and stop in a moment, instead running your tongue along her areola in your mouth.
  2936. After what feels like an eternity, she finally speaks again. "That was very good, my faithful servant. As your reward..." she pauses, attempting to consider how to word it, "you will be allowed to place your manhood betwixt my breasts, and to finally use your seed to aid me in healing from these despicable wounds that mar my beauty." You nod, excitedly, then stop yourself and become more somber, moving to remove your pants, your cock popping before you straddle her and place your cock in the valley of her breasts.
  2938. "Thank you so much, my lady," you dissemble, wrapping your hands around her breasts and beginning to slowly fuck them. She's cold around your cock, at first, but that provides a unique kind of sensation, the firm, porcelain flesh being delightfully stimulating to the touch. After a while, the heat of your cock fills her tits and chest, making her warm and pleasant to feel, the flesh wrapping around your cock almost indistinguishable from a living girl's. You gently thrust back and forth, watching as stares up at you, trying to appear imperious even as you fuck her tits and despite the fact that she's clearly planning on swallowing as much of your cum as she can.
  2940. You gradually ramp up your attentions on her upper body, thrusting slowly harder and harder, your hands wrapping tighter and tighter around her breasts as you go. Before long, however, she starts to squirm awkwardly, the degree of force you're applying to her breasts with your hands too much for her to bear with silently. "A-ahem," she starts, and you take that as your cue to turn the tables, grabbing the back of her head and suddenly thrusting your cock into her mouth. Her eyes go wide.
  2942. "Oh, gods," you say, as you keep the tip of your cock in her mouth, one hand still brutally toying with her breasts, working to keep them both wrapped around your cock by your thumb and fingers. "I'm sorry," you add, thrusting back and forth slightly, "you're just so beautiful, I can't stop myself." You make sure never to let your cock out of her mouth, and instead just keep your position on top of her, making rapid little thrusts in the space that her tit flesh provides, pulling her head as far down as it can go, almost smothering her in her own breasts. Eventually, you get tired of that position, instead maneuvering slightly forward so that you can shove your whole cock into her mouth, rolling it around inside her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. The way her tongue gradually begins to tantalize your cock, running over its underside, informs you that your strategy is working, and you wrap another hand around her breast, squeezing it tightly and pulling her up by it and the back of her head, your cock never leaving her mouth as you force her to kneel in front of you.
  2944. You continue to hold her face in your groin, your free hand playing wildly, cruelly, with her breast, pinching and pulling at it. You feel her moan slightly around your cock, making you twitch in her mouth, and you finally start to press into her throat, finding that it offers no resistance whatsoever, though it's initially cold and tight around your cock. Her tongue begins to become ever more active inside her mouth, and you feel one of her hands come up to toy with your balls, gently rolling them around in between her fingers as you bury yourself to the hilt inside your throat.
  2946. A sudden realization strikes you: she doesn't need to breath. You hold her down around your cock, instead of fucking her face like you'd initially planned, and keep playing with her tit, kneading the flesh like dough in between pinching and yanking on the nipple. You see her other hand reach up for her other breast, mirroring your motions, and you eventually start to fuck in and out of her mouth, just an inch or so, making your balls slap against her chin as you roughly dominate her.
  2948. "You need my cum to heal quickly, right?" You ask, all pretense of deference long gone, and she nods around your cock, making it wiggle wonderfully inside her throat and mouth. "Then you better be really good to my cock." She immediately responds, her tongue going wild inside her mouth as it slides around every inch it can reach, her lips even giving their own tiny massage, a long hum emanating from her throat that carries into your cock and makes it vibrate. You wrap both hands around the back of her head, now, and start to furiously fuck her face, nice, long strokes pushing in and out, reaching all the way into her throat and then resting so that her lips and your ridge fit together precisely, over and over again with no hesitation or remorse.
  2950. She stares up at you, a silent begging in her eyes as she tries to coax the cum out of your cock. She tries to mumble around your cock, your constant thrusts cutting her off again and again, and eventually - with some degree of annoyance - you jam yourself all the way down her throat. "Don't talk with your mouth full, it's unbefitting one of your stature." She stops trying to babble about whatever it was, and you start to fuck her face again, starting to build your way up towards orgasm, her tits occasionally bouncing into your thighs as she reaches up for you, her arms wrapping tightly around your ass. You can actually feel her aid you in the rough face fucking you're giving her, pushing and pulling along with you, using your body as leverage to make her slide on and off your cock just that much faster.
  2952. "Yes, that's it," you say, holding her face down in your crotch, watching her stare up at you, patiently, obediently, even. "Take it. Serve me." You see her eyes go wide as she realizes your reference, and keep her face deep in your crotch as you furiously thrust back and forth, your cock never retreating even an inch in her throat. "That's a good girl. Oh, gods, that's fantastic." You hold back on the final bit, furiously pushing forward and backward, only slightly wiggling inside her throat but making her bob back and forth as you piston your hips wildly. You feel your orgasm approaching, and thrust forward, your hips as far ahead as they can go as you gradually press towards the point of no return. "Your obedience," you say, timing it just right, "will not go unrewarded," you finish, and ejaculate, immediately, down her throat, jittering ever so slightly forward and back in her mouth, your balls slapping her chin several times as you orgasm.
  2954. After you finish riding out your orgasm, you remove your cock from her throat, and keep an eye on her, curious as to what, exactly, her response will be. She seems to be lost in thought for a long while, but then raises her head up to look at you, somehow putting on an air of authority even though she's kneeling at groin height, your cock only just having filled her throat. "That was very good..."
  2956. "Baron," you offer.
  2958. "Yes, that was very good, Baron. I believe we both benefited from that." She nods, mostly to herself. "It was a, shall we say, learning opportunity? Yes. Well, naturally, an Empress would tend towards more Epicurean tastes, and who is to tell her which ones are appropriate?" The question is clearly rhetorical, and also mostly to herself. "No one, of course." She pauses, as though trying to put some final point on her argument, then stands. "Thank you for your service," she says, politely. "I will offer you a single boon for this. Any favor you ask, I shall grant, so long as it is within my power."
  2960. >What do you do?
  2962. ---
  2964. "I'd like for you to not attack the lands of me and my family members, thanks."
  2966. "Ah. You do not wish for me to attack the Lestranges. Very well, then, I will not go back on my word. I suppose that the Nells would be my next target, though I'll need to grow my army..."
  2968. "Actually, uh, I'm a Nell. My wife is a Lestrange."
  2970. "Admiral loyalty to your spouse, then," Erosette says, and you can't tell if she honestly means that or not. "Very well. Arcine, though I'll have to gather quite the force to lay siege to them... at least they have that Scylla bottling them up, otherwise it would be impossible."
  2972. "Er..."
  2974. "What?" Erosette says, turning to you.
  2976. "Well, I defeated the Scylla."
  2978. "Hrng." She says, awkwardly. Her voice grows quieter, and she pulls her lips to one side, contemplating the problem. "Perhaps some kind of aquatic undead? It would be difficult, but it could work..."
  2980. "Also, my second wife is a Bayamard."
  2982. Erosette stares up at you, brow furrowed. "Oh, and I suppose you've got a third and fourth wife among the Tetrines and the Liselles, too?"
  2984. "No, no, that's it. Just the two wives."
  2986. "Good. I would be quite irate if you were to say something like that. Taking advantage of an Empress's generosity is a very improper thing to do."
  2988. "Well, if your, uh, Empire is ever in danger, you can feel free to take sanctuary in my lands."
  2990. "Thank you," Erosette says, standing and nodding. "Truly, you are a valuable and loyal servant." She gets dressed quickly before leaving the tent, gathering her undead horde, and heading off into the night, to go bother someone else.
  2992. >What do you do?
  2994. ---
  2996. Your sword and the Blade of Celestial Fire in hand, you go to collect your wives and the various monstergirls who make up your party now, before heading towards the Lestrange keep, intent on returning in glory.
  2998. The doors open, letting your small party in, and there's a brief outcry of celebration from among the gathered defenders. You hand over the sword to the Lord Kelaine Lestrange, receiving some dutiful adulations. He seems rather irate, however, to learn that you've picked up a second wife. Adelle quickly steps in, telling him that it was her idea, and that it should enhance the strength of both the Lestranges and the Nells, and yadda yadda political bullshit, you don't really care.
  3000. Eventually, he seems mostly mollified, and given your explanation of the sword thief being a shapeshifter, he releases your family's retainers back to your custody.
  3002. You'll probably be spending the night here in this keep, though, since it's so late.
  3004. >What do you do?
  3006. ---
  3008. >4
  3009. >Again
  3010. >No 3some 2night
  3012. You get things set up with your monstergirls, having Despina and Chara put on shirts, to the latter's grumblings. Discretely informing Kini - now in her disguise as Liadra - that she's a good girl and that you're very appreciative of her work today (she just nods quietly and says "You're welcome, master"). Juniper is something for Despina to deal with, because holy fuck you can't deal with that kid. You make it clear to all these monstergirls that they better not pull any nonsense or you'll be coming down on them, hard.
  3014. Also, you apologize to that retainer you scared the piss out of.
  3016. Then you find Adelle, pull her in to a long, loving kiss and hug, sure to show plenty of affection to anybody watching. She wraps her arms around you, and you whisper gently in her ear. "Do you think Arenne is ready?"
  3018. "Mmmm," Adelle responds, uncertainly. "I don't think so, my lord. I could ask, but she'd probably feel pressured more than anything else. She will be ready in time; pressing the issue will only make her more nervous. Give her time."
  3020. "If that's what you think is best," you say. "Although," you add, your lips trailing down to kiss at her neck, your hands wrapping around her buttocks, "one might suspect that you're looking out for your own interests, here."
  3022. "I assure you, my lord, my interests are aligned with yours in this matter."
  3024. "Is that so?"
  3026. >What do you do?
  3028. ---
  3030. "Kini's been very well-behaved and obedient, you know," you say to Adelle, who moves away from you slightly to look at you. "I think she deserves to be rewarded."
  3032. "If that's what you think, my lord..." Adelle says, trailing off.
  3034. "No, I'd like you to be there," you clarify, and Adelle smiles. "But you'd have to be nice."
  3036. That makes Adelle frown. "She did steal my family's ancestral sword, my lord."
  3038. "And we got it back and she got brutally raped for her trouble," you reply, and Adelle smirks. "Just... how do you feel about it?"
  3040. "Your wish is my command, my lord," Adelle says, chin raised in pride.
  3042. You reach up, cupping her chin and making her look at you. "I didn't ask if you would. I asked how you felt."
  3044. "I'd feel a lot better if I'd gotten to see you break her in first, my lord," Adelle says, looking down at your chest.
  3046. "But you didn't. So?"
  3048. "I'm not displeased, my lord. But neither am I enthused," Adelle says.
  3050. "She did help break the siege."
  3052. "As long as you're there," she says, wrapping her arms around you tightly and pulling herself in close, clinging to you closely. After a long while, you finally break off the hug, and fetch Kini, who obsequiously follows you to Adelle's bedroom with her.
  3056. ---
  3058. Text Quest:* Swordsage
  3059. Chapter 10
  3061. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  3063. You and your first wife, Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange, hunted down her family's ancestral sword, the Blade of Celestial Fire, which was stolen from their keep on your wedding night, apparently by one of your retainers.
  3065. You followed the thief all the way to Arcine, and, after many trials and tribulations, finally retrieved her and the sword. As it turns out, the thief is a shapeshifting master thief monstergirl, who was living in the city under the assumed identity of Liadra. You took her as your captive after roughly using all three of her holes for your pleasure; her real name is Kini, or so she claims.
  3067. Your journey back to the Lestrange estates has been long, and over its course you have gathered a small band of followers. In addition to your first wife, Adelle, your second wife, Arenne, and the thief in question, you've picked up two Satyresses - the older, blonde Despina and the younger, redheaded Chara - and a fairy named Juniper who can turn into a ball of light and likes tricking people.
  3069. Finally having made it back to the Lestrange estates - and having to deal with a "Necromantress"/"Empress" by the name of Erosette - you decided to reward Kini for her loyal service so far. You now have Kini in Adelle's bedroom, and have just locked the door behind you. Kini stares at her feet, still in her disguise as Liadra. Adelle stands by your side.
  3071. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  3073. ---
  3075. "Assume your natural form," you command, and Kini does, losing a foot of height, much of any bust, and gaining a pair of dog ears and a raccoon tail.
  3077. You walk up to Kini, making her glance up at you, head still cowed. Adelle follows your lead, wrapping one arm possessively around you as the two of you stare down at Kini. You scratch Kini behind the ears, making her close her eyes and shake slightly in pleasure. You adjust your hand's position slowly, and she follows it until her head's craned back, her eyes lidded in sleepy pleasure, her tail happily wagging back and forth under her dress.
  3079. "Take off your clothes," you order as you remove your hand, and you don't even watch as she does it, instead turning your attention to Adelle. You pull her into a kiss, then reach down to grope her ass, earning a muffled moan of delight into your mouth. One of her hands reaches to your crotch and gently brushes your cock through your pants, and the other comes up to run along your back. You glance out of the corner of your eye at Kini, who has diligently disrobed and is now nude, head bowed and staring at your feet. You pull away from your kiss with Adelle for a moment. "Kneel and get my cock in your mouth," you say, before quickly returning your mouth to Adelle's.
  3081. Kini slinks to her knees, then shuffles up in front of you, and Adelle's hand leaves your crotch to run along your chest as the two of you use your tongues to explore one another's mouths. Kini obediently pulls down your pants, your cock popping out, and wraps her lips around the head, her tongue lapping at it thoroughly. You reach down, absently, with your free hand, finding a place behind her ears and start scratching away, encouraging her to continue downward. She follows your silent command­, bobbing up and down the top half of your cock, and making you scratch harder, earning a soft little hum of pleasure from the tanukigirl.
  3083. Adelle pulls away from your lips to glance down at Kini, and gives a particularly sharp smile. You follow her gaze, and she reaches down to pat Kini on the head. "She's such a cute little thing, isn't she?" You give a grunt of agreement; Kini just keeps bobbing mindlessly, her focus completely on your cock. "Mmmm," Adelle hums, "just think of all the fun you can have with her, my lord."
  3085. "Oh, I'm more than aware," you reply, and Kini starts to move faster in response, as if trying to block out your voice by the sound and feel of your cock slipping into her throat over and over again as she frantically facefucks you. "Don't worry," you say to Kini, "as long as you're a good girl, nothing like that will ever happen again," you tell her, petting her head as best you can through her frantic motions, and Adelle maneuvers slightly, perching her chin on your shoulder and running her hands along your body.
  3087. "If she isn't..." Adelle whispers, meaningfully. Possibly in response, Kini brings up her hands, wrapping them around your ass cheeks and pushing herself up and down with an unbridled intensity, spittle flying back and forth, the glug-glug noise of your cock being forced down her throat again and again music to your ears. You turn to Adelle, mashing her face into yours, greedily kissing her, your hand desperately grasping at her dress, trying to pull it up, and she quickly cooperates to assist you; in a few delirious seconds, her panties around her ankles, and your fingers are in her crotch, finger fucking her with the same frantic energy that Kini's applying to your cock, making Adelle moan and hiss in your mouth, one hand running through your hair, the other running along your back.
  3089. With your free hand, you reach down to Kini, placing your palm firmly on her head and scratching behind her ears with your forefinger, diligent, tiny little motions to reward her for her vigorous attention to your cock. She starts to give a slight, pleased, hum, sending vibrations through your cock as she keeps bouncing up and down on it. It pushes you to be even more vigorous with Adelle, and your wife is forced to break off her kiss, resting her forehead on your shoulder as she breathes heavily, your diligent finger-fucking pushing her towards the edge. Her arms come up to hold onto your shoulders as you keep pressing on, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Little squeaks represent her swallowed screams, and you feel her press at the edge of her own orgasm. "Come for me," you order, and Adelle does, a long, powerful sigh the only noise she makes, her whole body shaking as she leans on you for support.
  3091. Kini, for her part, hasn't stopped at all. Her eyes are squeezed shut as she furiously tries to please you, her tongue going wild inside her mouth, flicking left and right as your cock runs by it at lightning pace. You can't help yourself, and on one downstroke, your hand grips her head tightly, holding her in your groin as you give yourself a well-deserved break from Kini's otherwise frantic pace. Kini's eyes go up, and she stares up at you, frightened. "You're doing a very good job, Kini," you reassure her, even as you keep your cock buried inside her mouth. Her tongue rubs up and down, left and right, stretching out to try to reach your balls, her eyes full of a desperation to please. You even feel her swallow around your cock a few times as she seeks out any possible stimulation sufficient to satisfy you.
  3093. Before long, Kini's dedicated attention to your cock starts to pull you too far, and you place your palm on her forehead and push her off. She falls backward, but steadies herself on her arms, and she looks up at you, eyes wide. She coughs once, her breath unsteady, but starts speaking immediately. "D-did I do something wrong, master? I'm sorry, please don't punish me, master. Please..." she lowers her head, staring at the ground, her shoulders coming up defensively, her tail curling between her legs.
  3095. "No, no," you coo, petting her and scratching her behind the ears, and Adelle uses the opportunity to nuzzle you and kiss your neck, "you're being a very good girl."
  3097. "Mmhmm, good girl," Adelle adds, softly, her face still buried in the crook of your neck, one hand reaching down to pet Kini as well, and Kini gradually starts to relax as the two of you keep petting her. Your attentions to Adelle have dwindled in intensity, but you keep diligently rubbing at her clit and making slow strokes into her wet, warm pussy with a couple of fingers. After about a minute, Kini's tail comes out from between her legs, slowly running back and forth on the ground behind her. She's wearing a vacuous smile as she closes her eyes and adjusts her head to one side to get you and Adelle to rub what's apparently her favorite spot.
  3099. Eventually, you pull your hand away, and Adelle's follows immediately. Kini opens her eyes and stares up at you, a mixture of hope and fear visible in her expression. You jerk your chin towards the bed behind her. "Get on the bed and show me your ass." She does as you say, nervously crawling over to the bed, clambering up and sitting doggy style on the edge, her ass hanging out. She nervously peaks over her shoulder at you. "That's a good girl," you reassure her. You turn to Adelle, who removes her face from your neck, looking up at you from your shoulder. "Get undressed and do the same," you say, and Adelle smiles, pulling up her dress, "and get on top of her. I don't want to have to go far to switch between the two of you." When the dress finally stops hiding her face, she's positively beaming, her eyes clearly twinkling with all kinds of rapacious thoughts.
  3101. She moves over to Kini, who instinctivly curls her tail between her legs as Adelle approaches. When Adelle crawls up on top of Kini, she reaches up for the tanukigirl's ears, scratching behind them and cooing softly. "Don't be afraid, nobody is going to hurt you. Shh. Shh." Kini's tail slowly comes up, briefly - and inadvertently - brushing Adelle's pussy, and Adelle reaches back to bat it aside; Kini responds by wrapping it around one of her own legs. You walk over to Adelle, your cock winding up somewhere between Kini's thighs, and kiss at Adelle's back, one of your hands coming up, running along the side of her body, trying to reach her breast. Adelle adjusts her position, providing you just enough space to squeeze your hand in between her tit and Kini's back, and you do so, eagerly, gripping and groping her breast. She turns her head over her shoulder and gives you a wonderful grin. "Who's first, my lord?"
  3103. "Well," you say, in between kisses, your fingers on your free hand running up and down between Adelle and Kini's waiting pussies, teasing them both. "Kini has been a good girl. She deserves a bit of a reward, at least."
  3105. "Haven't I been a good girl too, my lord?" Adelle gives you puppy dog eyes and a pout. You smile in response, tightening your grip on her breast, making her eyes briefly roll up in pleasure.
  3107. "You've been a very good girl, Adelle," you reply, your lips kissing at her neck now, "and I promise to give you a big reward." Adelle smiles at that, and you reach up with your free hand to pull her into a very awkwardly-positioned kiss before breaking away. "But Kini gets hers first. Help make sure she enjoys it, okay?" Adelle nods, one of her hands running down to Kini's groin and teasingly rubbing at the area.
  3109. With one hand still on Adelle's tit, you reach for your cock and slowly work it into Kini's slit, giving her time to get reacquainted to your girth under more pleasant circumstances than last time. Adelle's fingers begin to become quicker in her attentions to Kini, teasing at her clit, the little vibrations coming ever so slightly through to your cock as you begin to pump back and forth. You reach for Adelle's sex with one hand, the other still firmly kneading her tit, and begin to simulate penetration. She's already very wet from your earlier finger-fucking, so you don't give her much foreplay, instead just frantically fingering her as you work up your speed inside Kini.
  3111. It doesn't take long for you to get to full speed inside Kini, and you can see the tanukigirl's enjoying it quite a bit more than she did during the two of you's last experience, though there's still that slight nervousness to her expression. Adelle's fingers are rapid in the tanukigirl's crotch, rubbing like greased lightning and making Kini squeak slightly as you fuck her. When you've gotten her firmly focused on how good her situation feels, all nervousness gone, the pleasure consuming all her other thoughts, you decide to take advantage of her new state of mind.
  3113. "Does this feel good?" You ask, slowing down your thrusts, and you can feel and see as Adelle's own attentions slow down as well. Kini's tail reaches up and brushes back and forth along your chest, brushing you, trying to entice you. You remove your fingers from Adelle's sex to toss it to the side. "Answer my question, Kini."
  3115. "Y-yes," she says, at last. "M-master," she adds, and Adelle starts to ramp back up again, though you keep up a languid pace.
  3117. "Do you know why you're getting this?" She moans and shakes her head, Adelle's work apparently doing a particularly good job. "It's because you were good. When you're good, you get rewarded. Do you understand?"
  3119. "Yes master, please, master, fuck me harder master," Kini says, trying to hump you but having difficulty with the way she's pinned beneath Adelle.
  3121. "I want to hear you say it," you reply, actually slowing to a stop. Adelle turns her head to give you a lascivious smile, and her own attentions gradually dwindle, making Kini squirm in desperation, giving a throaty whine before she speaks again.
  3123. "It's because I was good."
  3125. "That's right," you say, and ramp up your speed again. "Repeat that. It's because you were good. It's because you were loyal and obedient." Adelle's fingers start to go wild in Kini's crotch again, and you can feel their strummings slightly through Kini.
  3127. "It's because I was -hnh!" she pauses, enjoying one particularly hard thrust, "it's because I was good. It's because I was loyal and, oh, oh, ohhhh," you can see her squinch up her eyes in pleasure, "obedient."
  3129. "What happens when you're loyal and obedient, Kini?" You ask.
  3131. "I get treated well," Kini replies, her arms beginning to shake in weakness, a consequence of the combined assault you and Adelle are giving her.
  3133. "That's right. Good girls get rewarded. So you're going to be a good girl from now on, right?"
  3135. Kini just nods, frantically, the closest thing to speech coming out of her mouth being squeaks and squeals as she collapses onto the bed, her arms failing her as you keep fucking her passionately. Your attention to Adelle's breast becomes more vigorous, now, and you keep playing with your wife as you pound Kini relentlessly, enjoying the view as both of them enjoy themselves. While Kini goes completely limp on the bed, her eyes clenched shut as she squeals in pleasure, Adelle just takes in a sharp breath whenever you're particularly hard with her, closing her eyes and biting her tongue for just a moment.
  3137. You can feel Kini finally start to participate alongside you, pushing back to meet your thrusts, pulling away to add to your retreats. It might even be subconscious, unintentional, but she's clearly enjoying herself and drawing close. You stop, your cock buried in her, and reach down to grab Adelle's wrist; instantly, Adelle freezes as well, leaving Kini to open her eyes, full of fear.
  3139. "D-did I do something wrong, master?"
  3141. "No," you reassure her, though there's still that tenor of dominance in your voice. "But I want to make sure you understand your position. Who do you belong to?"
  3143. "Y-you, master," she says, averting her gaze.
  3145. "That's right. And what will you do for your master?"
  3147. "A-anything h-he asks, master," she whispers.
  3149. "And what happens when you're a good girl for your master?"
  3151. "I get rewarded."
  3153. "So what are you going to do in the future?"
  3155. "I'll..." Kini swallows, looking back at you, "I'll be a good fuck toy for you, master. I'll be loyal and obedient. I'll do whatever you say, master."
  3157. "That's right," you say, reaching down to brush the side of her face and pet her briefly, "that's a good girl. I'll be kind as long as you stay obedient and loyal." Kini nods ever so slightly at that. "So you will be a good girl, won't you?" Kini nods again. "You promise to be a good girl for me?"
  3159. ­There's a long hesitation, so long you worry that she's going to resist. But at last, Kini speaks. "I promise," she says, voice tiny. She doesn't look at you, the humiliation of completely, openly, unconditionally surrendering her will to you apparently enough to embarrass even a monstergirl.
  3161. "That's all I wanted to hear," you say, and begin to fuck her in earnest again, and Adelle joins you almost immediately, fingering the girl vigorously. It doesn't take long for that look of insensate pleasure to take over Kini again, little shrieks and squeals filling the air as the tanukigirl collapses into ecstasy under your combined attentions. You reach up for Adelle's face, pulling her into another awkward kiss as you frantically fuck Kini. You pull away, resting your forehead against Adelle's, when you feel Kini approaching orgasm. "She's about to come," you whisper to your wife. You can feel as Adelle's fingers speed up and catch the smirk on her face. You give a rough yank of her breast in response, and she hisses in pleasure.
  3163. Only a few scant seconds later, Kini erupts in orgasm beneath you, her walls squeezing around your cock again and again. You pull out, and immediately press into Adelle, who's still wet and willing when your cock slips into her. "Gods, you're so fucking wonderful," you hiss to Adelle as Kini continues to make irrelevant noises and motions underneath her, "I wish I could fuck you forever."
  3165. Adelle smiles wickedly, bringing up a hand - slightly moist, you note - to direct your mouth back to hers, kissing you firmly on the lips. "Would but that you could, my lord," she replies. Neither of you are paying attention to Kini, instead focusing on one another's bodies, as the two of you fuck like rabbits. Your hand around Adelle's breast becomes as rough as it's ever been, you frantically work your fingers around her clit, and you start to explore her mouth with your tongue as best you can in this position. You feel more than see Adelle shove Kini out from under her, her mouth still pressed against yours as the tanukigirl slinks off slightly, moving to elsewhere on the bed. Without Kini there, it seems, Adelle can participate more, pushing back into you easily and readily, helping exaggerate your motions as you fuck her, her inner walls intently squeezing around you. Adelle withdraws from your passionate kiss for a moment, her eyes flicking over to where Kini is nervously sitting. "Watch," she says, before returning her attention back to you, her mouth meeting yours once more.
  3167. Adelle's wonderfully tight, gloriously eager, and unbelievably pliant. You withdraw your mouth from hers, moving your lips over to her neck, biting down on it as you knead her tit, roughly squeezing and shoving it. Adelle turns to Kini again, giving the tanukigirl a look you don't catch from your position nibbling on her neck. You can almost feel the way her arousal redoubles, her juices starting to flow like water, and you feel her body start to shake under you. You withdraw your mouth from her neck for a moment to whisper in her ear. "Come for me." The ensuing orgasm is unusually violent for Adelle, with her frantically bucking underneath you, her inner walls squeezing you over and over as she spasms in ecstasy, a long breathless scream exiting her throat as she comes. The intensity of her reaction is enough to push you over the edge, and halfway through her orgasm, you have yours, making her lidded, pleasure-laden eyes stare at you while you ejaculate over and over inside of her.
  3169. When the two of you finally finish riding out your orgasms, you pull out. Adelle quickly crawls around, directing you to sit on the bed as she kneels before you, eyes affectionately looking up at you. She glances over at Kini, some tiny element of distaste on her face being quickly wiped out by a grin. "My lord," Adelle says, turning back to you, "may I please be allowed to service you with my mouth?"
  3171. You snort at her overwrought display of subservience before nodding. Adelle moves her head towards your rapidly inflating cock, fitting the ridge between her lips and running her tongue along your head. You reach down, running your fingers through her hair, and she smiles with her eyes. Once your cock becomes properly hard again, she removes her lips from it and starts to lick and lap across your entire length, eagerly smiling up at you. "Mmm," she hums, smiling, "I can still taste your seed." That makes Kini's eyes open wide, her hands reaching up anxiously from the bed, but she's still sitting off to the side. "It's so delicious..." Adelle murmurs, continuing to run her tongue along your length. "Right now, I want it all to myself..."
  3173. The oblique references don't seem to be lost on Kini, who looks at you, eyes big. "Don't look at me," you say, gesturing to Adelle, who is busily cleaning your cock, "she's the one who wants it all to herself."
  3175. Kini's eyes turn to your wife's, and Adelle gives her a tiny smirk, your cock resting just in front of her lips. Kini bows her head, looking at the ground as she speaks. "M-may I p-please suck m-master's cock?" Adelle responds by just wrapping her lips around your head and starting to bob up and down the top half of your cock, her tongue gently caressing the underside as she moves.
  3177. "I think she's unconvinced," you say, your fingers tightening around Adelle's hair when she presses down on your cock, your head pushing against and then into her throat, even as she gags wildly around it, the effect a soft, tight massage. "Maybe if you were more enthusiastic?" Adelle pulls away slightly, your head leaving her throat, and her breath is heavy as her eyes turn back to Kini.
  3179. "Please," Kini says, her voice both desperate and defeated, "please, I want to suck my master's cock and drink up his delicious sperm when he comes in my mouth. I've been a good girl. I... I'll do anything. Just... just let me suck his cock. Please."
  3181. Adelle pauses, as if to consider, her tongue running in gentle circles around your head inside her mouth. After a near-eternity of teasing both you and Kini like that, she finally removes her mouth from your cock with a pop. "Very well," she says. "I'll allow you to pleasure him alongside me."
  3183. Kini scampers off the bed to take up position next to Adelle. You have to widen your legs to make room for both girls, and Adelle moves her head down to your base, drawing your balls into her mouth and gently sucking on them while Kini nervously flicks her eyes back and forth between your cock and your face. You reach down to Kini's head, scratching behind her ears for a moment - making her close her eyes and give a shy smile - before pulling her down towards your head. She obediently opens her mouth and wraps her lips around your cock, and starts to gently bob up and down the top half. Adelle removes her mouth from your balls and starts to lick and lap at your exposed base, cleaning off the last bits of your combined juices as she stares up at you, adoringly.
  3185. After a while of this, Adelle gently directs Kini off your cock, allowing your wife to wrap her lips around your head and start to bob over your upper half. Kini, at Adelle's direction, goes down to your base, licking at the space between your cock and your balls, obediently tonguing every last inch of your base, and so forth. And again there's a switch off, this time with Adelle just suckling on your balls, and Kini bobbing up and down your cock. This time, however Adelle wraps one hand around the back of Kini's head and guides her up and down your cock in ever faster bounds, working her up into a frenzy and making the tanukigirl eyes lid in submission barring the occasional wince of pain as Adelle's just a bit too rough with her.
  3187. You surprise both girls by standing up and wrapping your hands around the back of Kini's head, holding her in place as you furiously fuck her face. She goes cross-eyed from your musk and dominance, and Adelle moves away from the action to get a better view. You just keep pounding away, animalistically using the tanukigirl's mouth for your own pleasure, your cock slipping down her throat again and again, your balls slapping at her chin. You glance over at Adelle, finding her completely entranced by your use of Kini's mouth and throat like this, only noticing your gaze after several long seconds and flashing you a quick smile when she does. When you return to looking at Kini, the tanukigirl looks up at you, eyes hopeful, eager to please, and her tongue runs in slow waves back and forth along the underside of your cock, stretching out past her lips so that it can lap at your balls when you've completely inside of her mouth. Once or twice you just hold yourself down for a second or two, as if considering coming, your pubes filling Kini's nose with your scent, before continuing to pound away.
  3189. It takes a surprisingly long time for you to reach orgasm like this, but you do eventually feel it coming, and collapse back onto the bed, holding Kini so that your cock is right past her lips as you jerk off wildly. "Be a good girl and drink it all, okay, Kini?" You ask, and Kini nods, enthusiastically, her tongue starting to go wild inside her mouth. Adelle crawls over and up onto the bed, taking up a position kneeling behind you, kissing at your neck as she stares down at Kini, her arms running over your chest, her breasts pressing into your backside. "Here it comes," you warn, and Kini stops her tongue's ministrations, her lips wrapping tightly around your cock as you start to shoot off inside her mouth. The little monstergirl's lips curl up in pleasure, and her eyelids begin to droop, as if your cum was making her drift off to a pleasant dream.
  3191. When you finally finish filling her mouth with the last few drops of your cum, you let your cock fall out of her mouth, and Kini happily swishes it from cheek to cheek, her tail wagging like a dog's. Adelle removes her lips from your skin for a moment to speak. "What do you say when somebody gives you a present, Kini?"
  3193. Kini's eyes widen slightly, and she swallows quickly. "Thank you, master," she says, now outright bowing in her position. "I really appreciate your present." You reach down and scratch her behind the ears. When you withdraw your hand, she begins to stand up to leave. Adelle reaches out, grabbing the tanukigirl's shoulder before she can get far.
  3195. "Where do you think you're going?" Adelle asks. Kini turns to look at her, confused and a little afraid. "Pets sleep at their master's feet, don't they?" Adelle turns to you, smiling softly, waiting for your input.
  3197. >What do you do?
  3199. ---
  3201. You nod in agreement with Adelle's suggestion, and Kini crawls up on the bed before curling into a ball near the base of the bed, one eye open to look at you. You give her a smile, being sure to give her a quick scratch behind the ears, and lie down on the top half. Adelle joins you, snuggling up to your side and resting her head on your chest, one arm draped over you. You wrap one arm possessively around her as you pull the blanket over all three of you. Then you settle in for sleep.
  3205. When you wake up, Adelle's missing, apparently having woken up before you and quietly left the room. Kini is still curled up at your feet, though, as a quick check under the covers confirms. Her tail is wagging - she's asleep - and her feet and hands occasionally kick at something.
  3207. >What do you do?
  3209. ---
  3211. You reach down for Kini, who's still curled up under the blankets, asleep, and start petting her. She hums happily in her sleep, kicking a couple times absently. Eventually, she starts to wake up, her eyes opening big, and stares up at you, a little afraid. You guide her to sit up, in her lap, and gently scratch behind her ears. She's a bit scared, still, but is clearly enjoying your attentions, and you start to gently kiss at her backside and neck, trying to be nice. She slowly calms down and starts to enjoy it without any reservations, doing that weird pseudo-purr thing until you stop. She looks up at you, and it's not with fear, but with disappointment at your stopping. You kiss her forehead.
  3213. "I have to get dressed," you say to Kini, and you pull away, getting dressed. Kini sits there, watching you, still naked. "You should get dressed too, and change your shape to something human."
  3215. Kini nods, shifting back into her shape as Liadra and beginning to get dressed, while you do the same.
  3217. You decide to go have a bit of a look around the keep, but you find it's pretty much like every other keep, barring the library full of books on geomancy - which is where you find Adelle, busily going through the collection, several books on a small cart in front of her as she continues to add to them. She hasn't noticed you yet.
  3219. >What do you do?
  3221. ---
  3223. You walk up behind Adelle and throw your arms around her, which briefly surprises her, but she quickly wraps one hand gently around your wrist and smiles over her shoulder back at you. You kiss at her neck once or twice before speaking. "Sorry to interrupt," you say as you withdraw your lips from her neck, "so what do we do now?"
  3225. "Well," Adelle says, a seductive tenor to her voice, "I can think of a few things, my lord..."
  3227. You give her a smirk. "I meant in general."
  3229. "Now? Well..." Adelle rubs softly at her belly, "first, you should get my pregnant..."
  3231. "Mmm, a bit pre-occupied with that line of thinking, aren't you? Besides, I might've already."
  3233. "That's true," Adelle says, "I'm coming close to my safe days, and then we can do whatever you please without any worries about where you come, my lord."
  3235. "That sounds very nice," you say, kissing at her neck again.
  3237. "I hope it does, my lord," Adelle replies, gently, running her fingers across the side of your face. "As to other things, well. There's your lands you should be inheriting when you come home, yes?"
  3239. "Yes."
  3241. "So, there'll be settling in there, getting used to the position, taking charge." The way she says those words is laced with all kinds of hidden meaning. "And then there's the other concern," Adelle adds.
  3243. "Mmm?"
  3245. "The person who shot your brother."
  3247. "Ah, right."
  3249. "They might still be after you, my lord. From what you've said about it, it sounds like a targeted assassination. I hate to cast suspicion on family, but... do you have any surviving brothers?"
  3251. "Just the one. Levy. And then some other crap nobody cares about."
  3253. "Well, then," Adelle replies, "I suppose he might be responsible?"
  3255. "He really doesn't seem the type," you say. "Just a dumb little prick. Doesn't have the balls to try something like that."
  3257. "Then an enemy of your house, perhaps? Something to be concerned about. I've been running it over in my head, and it's hard to say why they've delayed in trying to kill you, my lord, but it certainly seems likely that whoever it is will try." She tightens her grip on your wrist. "I'm glad they haven't, of course," she adds, with a little smile.
  3259. >What do you do?
  3261. ---
  3263. You kiss Adelle's neck, then withdraw your arms from around her. "Well, I should probably leave you to..."
  3265. "Collecting books. It will be my last opportunity for a while, so..."
  3267. You nod, give her a quick peck on the lips, and head off to find Arenne.
  3269. Arenne's over in the dining hall, where a few of the Lestranges are eating. She's clearly nervous and very quiet; you notice her wringing her hands underneath the table, and sit down next to her, reaching for her thigh to calm her down. She smiles at you, wraps a hand around your wrist as though to steady herself.
  3271. "Doing alright?"
  3273. She just nods. "I'm... I don't know any of these people, and I'm, you know..." she looks at the ground for a moment, then turns back to you. "Adelle is okay with me, right? She doesn't hate me?"
  3275. "Adelle's the one who suggested that I marry you in the first place. I'm sure she's fine with it."
  3277. "Okay," Arenne says, nodding to herself. "Good. Okay. Thanks." She pauses, looking at you. "What did you want to talk about? Or did you not want to talk about something?"
  3279. "This is sort of the first opportunity you have to look into business opportunities with the Lestranges. Any ideas?"
  3281. Arenne pauses, thinking, staring at the ground. "They make some ceramics for export, sell off some of their surplus crops, and I think that's about it. No mines or fisheries. They could sell off some livestock, but they don't have it in a large amount anyway... I'm not really sure where an opportunity for somebody else to insert themselves into the process would be."
  3283. You run your fingers through her hair, trying to soothe her nerves. "That's alright. Think about it, though?" She nods. "We'll be heading back to my holdings, soon, so be prepared, alright?" She nods again.
  3285. You start getting everything ready to head back to the Nell estates with your servants and party, collecting people and ensuring everything's in good order.
  3287. >Is there anything in particular you'd like to do on the trip?
  3289. ---
  3291. >Politeness
  3293. When everything's more or less ready, you go over to Adelle, sure to play the part of the very doting husband for everyone to see. "Would you mind, terribly, teaching the monstergirls some degree of propriety? They're liable to meet my family, and I'd rather not be too embarrassed."
  3295. Adelle smiles softly. "In only a week? Don't expect a miracle, my lord, but I'll do my best. I can probably at least teach them to remain silent when in the presence of their social betters, which is a fair approximation."
  3297. "Do your best."
  3299. "Always for you, my lord," Adelle replies.
  3301. The trip to your new estates is not particularly eventful. You have sex with Adelle every day, sometimes twice a day, and while Arenne isn't quite as libidinous, you do manage to give her a nice, sweet fucking about once every other day, though she puts off any notion of a threesome. Near the end of the trip, Adelle reaches her "safe days," which means she's completely up for anything, an opportunity you take advantage of by enjoying her mouth a couple more times. Her gag reflex isn't quite gone, but she's certainly getting there.
  3303. Adelle spends the trip talking - to you, to the monstergirls, to Arenne - and you spend most of it sleeping, grunting, being bored, or having information drawn out of you by Adelle. Arenne's a bundle of nerves at first, but eventually she gets comfortable, with you and with the party at large. Chara and Juniper are annoying. Despina's exhausted. Kini's obedient and quiet.
  3305. Eventually, you finally arrive at your family's estates, retainers and monstergirls in tow. None of it's been parceled out for you yet - you'll have to talk to your parents for that - but it is a pretty safe bet that you'll get some. No certainty on how they'll react to you bringing home a second wife, but...
  3307. >What do you do?
  3309. ---
  3311. You send one of your retainers ahead of you to inform your parents of your arrival, collecting Arenne and Adelle. Best to get this bit out of the way first.
  3313. You meet your parents in the entrance hall - Lord Printsly Swingturtle Quantsingle Ramsey Von Neander I of the Nells, and Lady Lian Tess Nell (formerly of the Chessers). Mom has gotten, well, fatter, over the years, and so has dad. You remember back when you were little, she was a lithe goddess (well, probably, you don't remember that well) and he was a fit, grizzled man. Now, they're getting on in years and they aren't looking too hot in more ways than one.
  3315. Your father speaks first. "So, you got two wives already? Most men at least wait until the first is getting on in years." He glances at Arenne, looking her up and down. Then he looks back at Adelle. His expression is some mixture of annoyance - at you - and confusion.
  3317. Adelle speaks up before you can. "My lord husband and I discussed the matter beforehand. I was the one to propose it, in fact," she explains.
  3319. That's where your mother comes in. "Why would you do a thing like that?"
  3321. Adelle continues immediately into a long dialogue about the political and economic advantages that an alliance with the Bayamards provides the Nells. Access to a navy, as well as the substantial coffers, can provide the Nells with resources they would otherwise lack access to, et cetera. Your father looks back at you as Adelle and your mother speak, as if trying to coax you into defending yourself. You muster up all your exaggerated pride and speak. "I fought off my brother's assassins, secured the alliance in his place, defeated the Scylla threatening Arcine, retrieved the Lestrange's stolen heirloom sword from a shapeshifting thief, and secured a second alliance with the Bayamards," you say, placing a hand on Arenne's shoulder. "Arenne is, incidentally, very skilled at managing things, such as land."
  3323. Your father stares at you for a long while, then snorts and shakes his head, gesturing for you to come with him. You try to gesture to Adelle, but he quickly stops you, telling you to leave her with your mother.
  3325. You and your father sit down in a room, and he draws out a parcel of the family lands for you to take as your own. More than it would have been before, with your elder brother dead. You wish you could have Arenne or Adelle here to look over the lands you're getting, maybe cut some edges off or add some particularly valuable bits, but that's probably why your father prevented you from doing so.
  3327. The lands you'll be getting include a "palace" large enough to comfortably house perhaps ten people, with some gardens and whatnot for food. There's some assigned farmlands, a small (~100) settlement centered on the "palace," and even a small copper mine. Not a particularly wealthy chunk, but it's fairly large and you're first in line when dear old dad kicks the bucket, so you're not complaining.
  3329. You head back to Adelle and Arenne, wind up waiting impatiently for Adelle to stop talking to your mother, and then head off to your new estates with your new retainers and personal retinue lead by Despina.
  3331. When you arrive, you find the "palace" is as large as it says on the map, with plenty enough space for you, Adelle, Arenne, Chara, Despina, Juniper and Kini to all live under the same roof. The rest of the settlement appears to be vacant at the moment, with only one or two people on the streets. Then again, it's a settlement of a hundred people, so there's probably never that much hustle and bustle.
  3333. >What do you do?
  3335. ---
  3337. You decide to settle into the "palace" - fuck, there's gotta be a better name for it, mansion, maybe? - selecting out rooms and defining who will be sleeping where. It's pretty arbitrary, but it doesn't really matter at this point. You set Arenne and Despina on the task of going over what's in your... mansion, fuck it, it's a mansion.
  3339. Then you head out with Adelle and begin the process of making sure everybody understands who's in charge around here, now (it's you).
  3341. The town is mostly comprised of the territory's handful of skilled laborers - artisans of various stripes - who make various tools, googaws, and whatnots for the surrounding peasants and help supply equipment for the mine. At the moment, most of the town seems empty, and there's no central organ like a sheriff's office or anything that you can determine (it might just be unmarked, though, this seems like a pretty tight-knit community). Those people who you do find, you make sure to inform them in no uncertain terms that you're the boss now.
  3343. There's apparently some festival taking place which involves everybody going to some other site, but by the time you got there, it would already be over, so there's not much point going now.
  3345. >What do you do?
  3347. ---
  3349. >Festival?
  3351. Well, there's no sense just standing around! You ought to know something about this festival! This is your land, now, surely you should learn about the local customs!
  3353. You ask the people here about the festival, and the explanation is fairly simple. A hundred or so years ago, somebody fought a dragon and it's an excuse to have a nice time. Further inquiries suggest that the locals spend upwards of one-third of the year on days off, celebrating this thing or that thing so that they can get drunk, hang out, and generally be all decadent and whatnot. Which sounds like a pretty fun time to you, but sadly you weren't invited in time. Oh well. Next celebration's in four days' time.
  3355. >What do you do?
  3357. ---
  3359. >Go dig a pond.
  3361. You make a mental note to double check on this crap later.
  3363. Then you decide to do something nice for Juniper - dig her a pond. Then you start doing it, notice that it takes a lot of effort, and start to regret that decision. But you're committed, now, so you dig and you dig, using a shovel that Despina found, and eventually you've got a hole deep enough that if you filled it up with water, it'd be up to your waist. At this point you're feeling tired and/or lazy, so you toss the shovel aside and head back inside the house, where it's much cooler.
  3365. Checking in with Arenne tells you that there's some information stored here, but it's years out of date - apparently the mansion hasn't been used as a central repository for years. Given that there's no central state apparatus that you can see, you're left with the guess that there are no records for the past several years - at least, not in any centralized form.
  3367. >What do you do?
  3369. ---
  3371. You sit down with Arenne. "So, we'll be needing to do a census, then?"
  3373. Arenne nods. "I don't think the information is anywhere, so we'll have to collect it. It's a small town, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get the information and double check it. I - well, I haven't ever done anything like it, but it can't be too hard, right? Just ask people their names, their households, things like that, and write it all down."
  3375. "The locals are out for some celebration or other, so we'll do it tomorrow."
  3377. "I'll figure out how to do it, I guess..." Arenne says, turning back to the study. "There's probably a book or something here that talks about the previous ones..."
  3379. You give Arenne a quick hug - earning a surprised squeak - and then give her a quick peck on the forehead before heading back off into town. The town... actually lacks an armory? As far as you can tell? It's just a lot of little buildings, with a variety of simple symbols on their doors to differentiate them for the illiterate.
  3381. When you've give up hope of finding much without the locals here - or breaking down everybody's door, which would probably be just dickish, and not in a fun way - you go back to the mansion, where everyone has more-or-less settled in, and find Despina.
  3383. "Despina," you say, and she turns to you, bowing her head politely. "I want to talk to you about your service. It's been very good, of late, and I'd like to discuss possible bonuses for it."
  3385. "Yes, my lord," Despina says, deferentially, and she follows you into the bedroom you've established as yours. Once the two of you are inside, you close and lock the door.
  3387. >What do you do?
  3389. ---
  3391. You position yourself around and behind Despina, wrapping your arms around her chest in a tight hug. She freezes, for a moment, then sort of calms down, reaching up, with a slight look of confusion on her face, to place one hand on your arm. After a moment or two like that, you reach for the lower hem of the plain brown shirt she's wearing, quickly pulling it up and over her head. She smoothly responds, with little delay in pulling up her hands, but you stop removing the shirt when it's wrapped around her face, instead leaving it there and grabbing one of her massive tits in each hand, squeezing them gently.
  3393. She's blind and entangled, and she's not fighting back, so you take that as license to start going all-out, gradually ramping up your attentions, grabbing and groping her tits tightly from behind her. You pinch her nipples, hard, earning a soft gasp, and you keep your hold on them tight as you move her breasts this way and that. At last, you use the force of your grip on her - diamond hard - nipples to guide her downward, slowly pulling her to lean forward, her head and arms still wrapped up in her shirt.
  3395. "You can finish taking off your shirt, now," you tell Despina, and she wriggles out of it in a few seconds, then looks over her shoulder at you, smiling politely. You reach down with one hand for your pants, pulling them down past your cock, and quickly press yourself into her wet pussy. You wrap both hands around her breasts again, squeezing them tight, and start fucking her, earning quiet little gasps of pleasure. You maintain your position above her, furiously pumping into her over and over while you play with her breasts. She's clearly enjoying it, glancing back over her shoulder at you, offering you encouraging little smiles while you abuse her tits and pussy. You've already got experience with her body from earlier, so you try to recall what techniques were exactly the best, slowing your pace inside her as you start to change the way you're playing her massive breasts, making the motions circular and slow but powerful, unyielding. After a while, a question forms in your mind. "Would you rather have my finger in your clit or on your tits?"
  3397. "U-um," Despina says, her voice shaky, "the- um..." She's apparently having difficulty deciding, so you decide to tease her a bit by grabbing her nipples and yanking on them, causing her breasts to stretch out of proportion. Her eyes roll up at that, and you actually feel her walls clench around you in response, so you repeat the motion a few times. Her response is weirdly eager, her butt bouncing up and down around your cock, apparently trying to egg you on. You slow to a halt inside her pussy, and keep toying with her tits, moving them up and down in sequence, slowly pistoning them. "Th-that's real, really good," Despina manages, in between irregular breathing, so you speed up your pace, making her eyes roll up again as she starts to let out quiet little moans, trying to stop her voice in her throat. It doesn't take long for you to feel her orgasm, her inner walls clenching tight around your cock as she hisses out a half-contained shriek, orgasming from your use of her tits.
  3399. You take that as an excuse to start fucking her hard again, now pounding in and out of her slit, and she gropes for the side of her bed to try to balance as you amp up your pace and roughness while she orgasms. Her head is bouncing around, her eyes rolled up, her mouth stuck open as she pants desperately for air, and you just keep on roughly using her breasts and pussy, slamming in and out of her, leaning over her as you furiously fuck her and yank her breasts this way and that. When she finally comes down from her first orgasm, the gaze she gives you over her shoulder is intense, half-crazed, focused on you, and she reaches down for where your groins meet with one hand to frantically finger herself, running over her clit as you keep on fucking her. You feel the vibrations of her frantic rubbing through herself, and enjoy watching the way the strength slowly goes out of her legs and the arm she's using to balance herself, her eyes rolling up in insensate pleasure.
  3401. It's not long after her first orgasm when she has her second, and she shakes and bounces underneath you, her eyes rolled up, her mouth wide open, no thought on her mind but the way you're fucking and playing with her. The hand that was playing with her crotch goes limp, falling to the side, and you just keep on pounding her as she comes, only slowing down when she finally stops shaking, barely holding herself up by both arms. You pull out, leaving her huffing and puffing, furry little ass presented to the air. "That's part one done," you say, and she turns to you, eyes bleary, "now for part two. Lie down on the bed." It takes her several long seconds to start, but she eventually slowly climbs onto the bed, then flops down, prone. "On your back," you say, slightly annoyed. She quickly flops over, her breath still heavy, her eyes exhausted, and you climb up onto her, placing your cock between her tits.
  3403. Her own juices had thoroughly coated your cock, so you wind up splattering her chest with a light coat of lubricant, and her hands weakly come up to wrap her tits around your cock. You start to thrust back and forth, reaching down for her horn with one hand and guiding her head up, practically smothering her in her own chest so that on the downstroke your cock can make its way past those big, beautiful lips. She takes it, either from weakness, enjoyment, or just monstergirl submissiveness, you don't know and you don't care, you're too busy frantically fucking her tits. She looks up at you, her eyes observant, considering, and you reach down with your free hand to start playing with her nipple, pinching and toying with it, tweaking it this way and that. You see the flashes of pleasure that cross her face, and continue to furiously pound up and down the tight wrapping of titflesh she's creating you, your cock pressing past her lips again and again. When your cock passes her lips, she starts to lap at it, her tongue flashing forward to please.
  3405. Eventually, inevitably, your orgasm approaches, and when it does, you press past her tits, shoving your entire cock down her throat in a single quick thrust, causing her to open her eyes wide as your cock is forced to curve to meet the contours of her body, and you hold her mouth in your crotch for a few long seconds, expecting an orgasm. It doesn't come right away, though, so instead you thrust back and forth several times, your balls lewdly slapping her chin as you use her horns like handlebars to pull her on and off your cock. That's enough to quickly push you past the edge, and although your first spurt goes straight down her throat, you pull out, ensuring that your next few fill her mouth with your cum. When you finally finish coming, you let go of her horns, leaning back and sitting on her belly as her head falls backwards. Your breath is heavy, near exhausted, and you watch as she savors your cum, her eyes rolling up in pleasure when she finally swallows it.
  3407. There's nothing but heavy breath in the air for a long time as the two of you recover from the sex. Then Despina speaks. "Th, thank you," she says, "that was, very good." You reach down, absently, to pat her head, your whole body still weak from the strength of your orgasm.
  3409. >What do you do?
  3411. ----
  3413. You lick your dry lips, still recovering, and manage to talk. "You're welcome. Like I suggested earlier, it's a reward for your good service, and there'll be more like it if you keep it up." Despina smiles sleepily and nods. "So," you say, swallowing, "your duties are to, ah, keep the monstergirls in line," you say, drawing up your hands to start counting off, "as you've been doing," you add, "keep them fit and active, keep them on guard for attacks, get closer to them and find their skills and talents, help them improve."
  3415. Despina nods, slightly, staring up at you. "I can manage that."
  3417. "I'm also planning on training up Chara, you know, teach her discipline and archery and all that. I'll probably need your help." That's a bit of an understatement, since you don't really know much about bows. "I plan on getting the little hellion a new bow, if she's good and diligent."
  3419. Despina smiles at that. "That sounds perfect."
  3421. "Oh, right, also: it's your job to break the monstergirls in as my servants, and obedient ones at that."
  3423. "Um," Despina says, confused, "isn't that your job? I mean," she glances down at your deflated cock, "you don't exactly seem to be unequipped, in that department?"
  3425. >What do you do?
  3427. ---
  3429. "It's a two party effort. You teach them discipline and diligence, and I give them the rewards of obedience and the penalties of disobedience. You're in charge of actually physically making them get in line, like what you did earlier with Juniper and Chara."
  3431. "Oh, okay. I can do that, I guess," Despina says. "Do I get actual money for it? Not that I didn't enjoy this, but..."
  3433. "Yeah, yeah, I'll see about it," you reply, clambering off her. Despina gets dressed and heads out without any further discussion, leaving you lying on the bed, half-naked, breathing heavily.
  3435. >What do you do?
  3437. ---
  3439. You don't want to end up out of shape like your mom and dad, so you head out, jogging for an extended period, practicing your stamina as you make your way around the mansion. You keep an eye out for anything of interest on your laps, and spend the time getting acquainted with the grounds. There's the gardens, which apparently somebody attends to, since they're still growing. The new pond you're digging in the back. The second story has several locations for archers to shoot anybody who tries to attack, which you apparently missed on your internal investigation of the grounds.
  3441. After a while, you slow down, taking a look out at the landscape. The townspeople are starting to filter back in, but it's late and you can tell they're tired - and drunk - from their partying. The horizon is pretty clear, here - this settlement borders farmlands, so it's just fields of grain out in almost every direction. In one, there's what looks to be a small hill off in the distance, but you're pretty sure it's where the copper mine is, if you remember your map right.
  3443. You decide to go finish up digging the pond, making it nice and deep, with plenty of sudden stops and starts, so that it could be something to cool off in rather than solely being useful as a pit trap for a childish monstergirl.
  3445. By the time it's finished, it's getting late, so you head back inside. You find Arenne, kissing her head and startling her out of her studies. She turns to you, a nervous smile on her lips. You sit there, wrapping your arms around her, in silence, for a long time. After a while, she thinkso f something and swallows several times, before trying to speak. "I-I was talking to Adelle, earlier..." Arenne says.
  3447. "Yes?"
  3449. "She, you know, she talked about how, we're both your wives, and it's part of our job to please you," she swallows again, "and, and we should try to get along, rather than be at a standoff from the start just because first and second wives tend to have bad relationships." She swallows again, looking up at you, and you give her the gentlest expression you can, running your hands up to her shoulders and massaging them slightly, nonverbally urging her to continue. "So, I tried to talk to her, some, and she seems nice? You seem nice, too!" Arenne adds, quickly, then smiles slightly. "And you're more handsome."
  3451. "I'm not afraid you'll like Adelle more than me."
  3453. Arenne furrows her brow slightly, at that, but then shakes her head. "That's, that's not what I'm talking..." Arenne wrings her hands, then catches herself and stops, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. "Would you... you know... be interested..." she takes her index fingers and presses them together again and again, staring down at the point where they meet. "In Adelle and I, you know, um, making love to you at the same time? Adelle thought you'd like it, b-but I'm not so sure..."
  3455. >What do you do?
  3457. ---
  3459. "I would enjoy it very much," you say, giving Arenne a quick peck on the head. "Are you comfortable with it? You seem... nervous."
  3461. Arenne gives you a tiny smile and a pained laugh. "Um, well, you know, it's kind of weird..." she licks her lips. "But, uh, I mean, I'm the one who proposed it, right? And, and I should be a good wife, and you know, um, put your needs first, and in return you do the same, and it makes everything better, right? S-so," she swallows, "yeah, yeah, it'll be you, and Adelle, and it'll be fine. It'll - it'll be fun. I mean, I like, um, making love to you, and I like Adelle, so it'll be better, right? Like having someone you know at a party."
  3463. You lean forward, kissing Arenne on the forehead, and your eyes meet, with your head upside down. Then you pick up Arenne in both arms, carrying her bridal style off with you, occasionally giving her doting little pecks on the lips, or neck, or head, or wherever else you please. You find Adelle in her room, where she's reading one of the books from home, and when she sees you bringing Arenne in, she quickly perks up, only barely mustering the self control to carefully close the book and put it down before scampering out of bed, following you and Arenne and sort of... excitedly dancing around the two of you. Well, that's an exaggeration, but it feels like it, compared to Adelle's normal demeanor. Eventually, the three of you arrive in your room, and you lay Arenne on the bed. Adelle hugs you tightly from behind after you do, rubbing the side of her face against your back.
  3467. ---
  3469. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  3470. Chapter 11
  3472. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  3474. You and your first wife, Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange, hunted down her family's ancestral sword, the Blade of Celestial Fire, which was stolen from their keep on your wedding night, apparently by one of your retainers.
  3476. You followed the thief all the way to Arcine, and, after many trials and tribulations, finally retrieved her and the sword. As it turns out, the thief is a shapeshifting master thief monstergirl, who was living in the city under the assumed identity of Liadra. You took her as your captive after roughly using all three of her holes for your pleasure; her real name is Kini, or so she claims.
  3478. After returning the Blade of Celestial Fire to the Lestranges, you then headed back to your family estates, with a small entourage of your own, to inherit your lands.
  3480. Your second wife, Arenne Nell née Bayamard, nervously offered what you'd been hoping for for the past week: a threesome with you, her, and Adelle. You happily took her up on the offer and carried Arenne into your room and laid her out on the bed. Adelle happily hums as she hugs you from behind.
  3482. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  3484. ---
  3486. You unwrap Adelle's arms from around you and sit down on the bedside, directing Arenne to sit next to you, which she does, leaning her small frame against your side and looking up at you sweetly. You lean down towards her, meeting her mouth with yours. With one free hand, you reach out blindly for Adelle; after a grasping second or two, you feel her put her wrist in yours, and you pull her towards you and down, eventually placing her hand on your cock. She diligently rubs you through your pants, and you glance out the corner of your eye at her, meeting her gaze. You give a quick flick of your eyes towards the ground, and she takes your silent command for what it is, falling to her knees in front of you.
  3488. Your desires for Adelle made known to her, you pull your hand away from her wrist, instead wrapping it around one of Arenne's petite little breasts, running your thumb over the nipple through her dress. You run your other hand down her back, eventually gripping that firm, fine ass, earning small little moans into your mouth from your second wife, whose hands awkwardly try to explore your body. Adelle, for her part, kisses and strokes your cock through your pants, eventually choosing to just rub her cheek against your groin, humming softly and happily as she does. You pull your hand away from Arenne's breast, giving out an involuntary grunt of irritation at Adelle's teasing, and quickly reach for your pants, slipping them off in a single motion before returning your hand's attention to Arenne.
  3490. Adelle takes it in stride, and runs one hand up and down your length, her tongue reaching out to lap at your head, while her other hand fondles your balls. You start to move the hand on Arenne's ass around, pulling up her dress in slow motion until it's finally up by her hips, whereupon you reach inside to rub at her sex through her panties. Arenne yelps, slightly, into your mouth, and Adelle takes that as a signal to get properly started, wrapping her lips around your head and starting to bob up and down the top half of your length. You let her go to town and give just as much attention to Arenne, moving your mouth away from her lips to put them on her neck, kissing and suckling on it as Arenne wraps her arms around you and starts softly, sweetly, whispering and moaning your name, her voice a tickle in your ear.
  3492. Adelle then stops her bobbing, instead pressing down, hard, on your cock. Her throat lets in your head, and she starts to gag, soft sputters rising up from your groin, but she keeps going nonetheless, your entire length soon buried in her throat. "Fuck," you moan, having to pull away from Arenne, and look down at Adelle, her lips wrapped around your cock's base, your pubes filling her nose. She stares up at you, eyes full of pride and dedication, and you pull your hand away from Arenne's breast to gently wrap it around the back of Adelle's head, urging her on. "You're so fucking good. Gods." Adelle bobs up and down slightly, keeping your cock firmly within her throat, her occasional sputters the only noise she makes.
  3494. In response to your obvious enjoyment of Adelle's mouth, Arenne starts to become a little frantic, running her hands along your body, kissing greedily at your neck, a gentle whine of desire coming from her lips. Adelle withdraws from your cock, coughing once before speaking. "Arenne, it's not a competition," she says, her hand stroking your length up and down. Arenne pulls away from your neck, your fingers still gently playing with her crotch, and she's red with embarrassment. "Why don't you come down here?" Adelle asks.
  3496. "Okay," Arenne says, swallowing, and you have to remove your hand from her sex to let her slink down, slipping next to Adelle. "Um..." she says, and Adelle runs her hand along Arenne's back, comfortingly, and kisses her on the forehead, making the smaller girl flush. "What should I do?" She looks at Adelle, eyes wide.
  3498. "Hmm..." Adelle says, thoughtful, tapping a finger against her lips. "Well, let me get into position, and then you can attend to what's available, okay, dear?" Arenne nods, and Adelle wraps her lips around your head before pressing herself down in one slow stroke. When your cock presses into her throat, she starts to gag, softly, the effect like a wonderfully tight massage on your cock, until your whole cock is hidden inside her mouth again, her face pressed into your groin, her eyes closed in concentration.
  3500. Arenne pouts, slightly confused, and Adelle's hand comes up, vaguely, reaching for the girl behind her; she inadventantly gropes at one of Arenne's breasts before finding the girl's shoulder, then pulls her towards your balls. "Oh. Oh! Oh, okay," Arenne says, and she looks up at you, "you like that sort of thing?" You just give a nod, and Arenne dutifully licks down at one of your balls, staring up at you, somewhat worriedly. When you smile happily in reply, she starts to smile too, her little tongue dancing around your balls. Your two wives stare up at you, eyes full of affection, and it's a minor miracle that you don't come right then. Arenne spontaneously wraps her lips around one of your balls, suckling it sweetly, and Adelle takes the moment to pull away from your cock, breathing heavily and coughing once or twice when she does.
  3502. When Adelle recovers properly, she wraps her lips around the head of your cock once more, staring up at you with an unbridled dedication, and starts to slowly run her mouth up and down the length of your cock, making long, languid strokes as Arenne desperately tries to make similarly enticing motions with her mouth and lips on your balls, suckling and tonguing them as Adelle fucks your cock with her face. It doesn't take long, however, before you begin to feel your orgasm start to boil over, and you have to press against Adelle's forehead to get her to stop. You push Arenne away too, leaving the two girls staring up at you.
  3504. "Fuck," you breathe, "sorry, that was just, so good." Adelle starts to move forward, as if to start to suck you off some more, and you have to press against her forehead again. She moans, softly, in irritation. "Give me a moment, please." Adelle adjusts her posture, placing her hands in her lap, and obediently stares up at you. Arenne follows her behavior after a second or so, except one of her hands is wrapped tight around the other, nervously constricting on her wrist before releasing it, the motion repeated over and over again. Eventually, you sigh, pulling off your shirt and tossing it aside, then wiggling out of your pants. "Why don't you two get undressed, too?"
  3506. Adelle smiles seductively, and Arenne gives her own nervous little smile as well, and the two stand up. You watch, admiringly, as the two remove their clothes; Arenne takes off her dress in a single, quick motion, while Adelle does it more slowly, seductively, with an eye to please. Arenne's almost glowing red from embarrassment, her hands awkwardly considering whether to cover herself, and is obviously comparing herself to the taller, more full-figured Adelle. Adelle sweetly places her hands on Arenne's shoulders. "It's fine, dear," she says, kissing the top of the smaller woman's head. "It isn't a competition, remember? Everyone here wants to have a good time with one another, right?" Arenne nods, mutely. "So there's no reason to be comparing one another." Adelle's attention turns back to you. "My lord, how do you want us?"
  3508. You lick your lips, idly, then lie down on the bed. "Adelle," you say, pointing to your groin, "Arenne," you add, pointing to your face. Adelle smiles and jumps up on the bed, sitting in your lap, her wonderful, pale, full-figured body a sight to behold. You reach up for her, grabbing one of her full breasts and toying with it in the palm of your hand, earning a sly smile. Arenne stands off to the side, awkward. "Arenne," you repeat, offering out your free hand to her; she takes it, and you gradually pull her onto the bed. "You remember on our first night together, when I kissed your...?"
  3510. Arenne blinks for a moment, then goes red. "Oh. Oh! Sorry, I'm sorry," she says, as she quickly clambers over you, placing one leg on each side of your head, her sex hovering an inch or so above you. "Like this?"
  3512. You reach up with your hand to toy with her clit, earning a little whimper of delight. "Exactly like that," you say, your voice as sweet as you can manage. Your hand on Adelle moves away from her breast, to her waist, and you blindly start to raise her up. She understands the gist of your desire, and you feel her hand wrap gently around your cock as you guide her down onto it, her sex wrapping around your cock, wonderfully wet. You begin to slowly guide her up and down, and she follows your movements, emphasizing them, making it so you barely need to work at all to move her up and down. Your hand on Arenne's groin pulls her down, pressing her sex into your mouth, and you start to run your tongue along her lower lips, earning a weak squeak while you finger her clit.
  3514. Once you start to get Adelle's body going at a good clip, you move your hand along her body, exploring it, reaching up for her breast again. You can't see her - your view is obscured by Arenne's beautiful little ass - but Adelle helps you, wrapping her hands around your wrist and guiding you up, silently urging you to grope her roughly. Your fingers roll around Arenne's clit while your tongue and lips run along and into her slit, getting the taste of her juices on you as you stimulate your second wife. She starts to shake, slightly, each time you run your fingers over her clit.
  3516. "U-um," she moans, softly, and you feel her start to approach her orgasm. You respond by using your grip to pull her away from your mouth, making her squirm sightly and moan in irritation. With Arenne now hovering a good bit above you, you can actually see part of Adelle's body, even if you can't see her face; and Adelle is clearly trying to make certain she's enjoying herself, her fingers rubbing frantically at her groin as her other hand violently gropes her breast, almost mirroring your motion on her other. You watch, for a little while, as Adelle's own movements bring her closer and closer to orgasm, keeping your fingers gently running over Arenne's lips and mound so as to keep her somewhere near the edge. "Please," Arenne whines, softly, and you start to stroke her faster, while Adelle bounces up and down on your cock.
  3518. You keep careful track of Adelle's motions, sensing as the tension and speed change when she nears her own orgasm, and then your fingering of Arenne becomes vigorous, and you lean up to lick her a bit more. She shivers on top of you, and you pull away for a moment to speak. "Come for me." Adelle does, almost immediately, her body shaking in your lap. Arenne, on the other hand, takes a good while longer - so long that Adelle finishes out her orgasm first - and you have to lean up again to kiss at her sex before she finally orgasms on top of you with a shriek, her weight collapsing onto your face briefly before she falls forward onto Adelle. Adelle wraps the smaller girl in a loose hug, and stares down at you over Arenne's shoulder.
  3520. Adelle mouths something to you. "Can I..." You don't catch the rest but figure you can trust Adelle on this sort of thing, so you nod. Adelle smiles, and gently runs her fingers through Arenne's hair, kissing the top of her head before she guides her off of you, removing herself from your groin as well. You sit up and watch, and in a few seconds, Adelle is sitting at the head of the bed, back pressed against the wall, Arenne in her lap. Arenne shyly smiles at you, Adelle giving you a less shy smile.
  3522. Then Adelle reaches down to the smaller girl's thighs and spreads them wide apart.
  3524. Immediately, Arenne's face flushes a scarlet red, not from her recent orgasm, but from embarrassment. Her hands quickly slide down to her sex, covering it up, and she squeezes her eyes shut while wriggling slightly in Adelle's grip. Adelle leans forward, whispering gently in Arenne's ear. "Arenne," she says, voice soft, "there's nothing to be embarrassed about. The only people here are you, me, and our husband. Don't hide from him; I'm certain he thinks you're beautiful."
  3526. Arenne's hands gradually rise, as she opens her eyes, head bowed, to stare up at you. "Is it really okay?" Her hands are wrapped tight around one another, covering her navel. Adelle gives you an encouraging nod and smile.
  3528. You lean in close to Arenne, your eyes meeting hers, your faces just inches from one another. "You're beautiful," you say before pressing further forward, your lips outstretched. She responds, tentatively at first, then more thoroughly, her hands coming up and wrapping around your back. You reach down for your cock, and slowly guide it into her, Adelle still holding Arenne's legs open for you. With one hand, you grab one of Arenne's small, pert breasts, rubbing your thumb over her nipple as you slowly fuck her. With your other hand, you snake your way down to Adelle's pussy and finger her, your thumb gently rubbing at her mound as you slowly finger-fuck her.
  3530. It doesn't take long for you to work up a good clip, and Arenne breaks off from your kiss to rest her head on your shoulders, softly whimpering and moaning as she occasionally kisses at your neck and shoulders. You lean forward, over Arenne's shoulder, to kiss Adelle; it's a bit awkward, and Adelle has to lean forward quite a bit to get at you, but she seems perfectly happy to do so. You feel a vague vibration at Arenne's groin, and break off your kiss to glance down, finding that Adelle has brought one of her fingers down to toy with the girl's clit. From Arenne's mumbles in your neck, you're fairly certain she doesn't realize it's Adelle doing the work, and you don't bother to correct her. Instead, you start to pump into her harder and harder, pushing yourself towards orgasm, letting Adelle's fingers help Arenne along towards hers. Her little breasts bounce up and down, pressing against your chest as you furiously pound away, and she starts to just squeak and moan into your neck, her ability to participate melting away as she gets driven towards the point of no return.
  3532. It's with a long groan that you finally come inside of her, jerking slighly as you fill her up with your seed, and you all-but-pinch Arenne's breast in the throes of your orgasm. She lets out a little yelp, not too happy at the suddenly rough treatment of your breast, but it was mostly an accident, and your hand falls away. Adelle's action increases in intensity, vigorously running her fingers up and down Arenne's mound and slit, and eventually - just as your orgasm starts to die down - you feel Arenne orgasm, sandwiched between the two of you. Her inner walls squeeze at you again and again, while you pant and try to recover, slightly painful around your cock. When the two of you have finally finished coming, you and Arenne adjust positions a little; you can see Adelle's face just over Arenne's shoulder, and Arenne is giving you a shy little smile.
  3534. >What do you do?
  3536. ---
  3538. "That was wonderful," you say, your eyes flicking back and forth between Arenne and Adelle. "You're both wonderful." You kiss Arenne's forehead, then Adelle's, and slowly extricate yourself from Arenne, flopping down on the bed. Adelle delicately removes Arenne from her lap, then curls up at your side, resting her head on your chest; you wrap one arm around her, and she snuggles up closer, her hand gently running across your stomach. Arenne, seeing Adelle's position, mimics it on your other side.
  3542. When you wake up, you notice Adelle, arms crossed on your chest and resting her chin on them, staring at your half asleep face with a gentle smile. You turn to where Arenne should be, only to find her missing. "Did Arenne get up already?" You ask.
  3544. Adelle looks guilty at that question, and stares at your chest. "I'm very sorry, my lord. During the night... Arenne is not very still in her sleep, and her tumbling woke me up several times. The fourth time I awoke with her hair in my mouth, I was more irritable than I should have been in pleading with her to stop, and though I immediately apologized, she left. I assume she's in her own bed, now."
  3546. >What do you do?
  3548. ---
  3550. "You apologized, so it's fine," you say, giving Adelle a quick peck on the forehead. "I'll keep it in mind in the future."
  3552. "Thank you, my lord," Adelle says, smiling softly.
  3554. You run your fingers through her hair. "I'd like to go get us some food," you say, and she quickly withdraws from her position on top of you, lounging on the bed at your side. You give her a quick nibble on the neck before getting up and getting dressed.
  3556. As it turns out, the manor has no food or water, at present. Something to fix, but not right this moment. You pick up some food at one of the nearby shops - several loaves of bread, some fruit - as well as collecting a bucket of water, and head back home. You stick your head in Arenne's room, where she's snoring softly and rolling around in her sleep. "Arenne," you say, softly.
  3558. "Mmm?" Arenne mumbles, still half-asleep.
  3560. "Breakfast," you say, shaking the basket with the food in it. "Come on, get up." Arenne does, her nude form getting revealed to you as she rises from bed for a moment. Then she realizes her nakedness, pulls the covers up over her chest, and blushes red. "It's not like I haven't seen it before."
  3562. "It's different," Arenne says, her voice weak.
  3564. "Fine, fine. But come on, yeah?"
  3566. She nods, slightly, and you head for the manor's dining room. Adelle is sitting proudly at the seat next to the head of the table, where she no doubt expects you to sit. You don't disappoint her, and she immediately starts to run her hand along your thigh. Her choice of conversational topics is benign; curiosity over whether or not she's pregnant, and a giddiness about the prospect. Arenne comes in after a minute or so, and Adelle immediately apologizes again, which starts Arenne apologizing, which leads to Adelle saying that Arenne should just accept the apology cordially, which leads to Arenne doing so and sitting down.
  3568. When the three of you finish your meal, you give both of them quick kisses on the cheek, which makes Arenne go bright red again. "If you two want to do anything, feel free. Just stay safe, okay?"
  3570. "Yes, my lord," Adelle says. Arenne just nods, quietly.
  3572. >What do you do?
  3574. ---
  3576. You head off to Kini's room, finding her nude and curled up in a ball on top of a small pile of pillows. When you sit on the bed and it shifts under your weight, she opens one eye, then both, and swallows, nervous. "Come here, pet," you say, patting the side of the bed. Kini nervously crawls over to sit next to you. You reach for the back of her head, giving her reassuring little scratches, and pull her into your lap, reaching for and toying with her sex. "Is there something you want to tell me? About how you stole the Blade of Celestial Fire?"
  3578. That makes her swallow, and her eyes go wide. You keep up your action in her groin.
  3580. "If you tell me everything, pet, I promise not to be too angry. But," you say, pinching at her clit slightly, making her hiss in a mixture of pleasure and pain, "if you lie to me..."
  3582. "I, I don't know what you're talking about, master," she says, scared. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't punish me again. Please, I'll tell you whatever you want to know," she begs, eyes wide, "just tell me what you're talking about, master."
  3584. "Why did you do it?" You ask, running your fingers up and down the lips of her sex, occasionally slipping inside for a single stroke.
  3586. "For fun, master," she says, desperately, quickly. You respond by starting to gingerly finger-fuck her, your thumb running along her mound. Your scratching on the top of her head increases in intensity as well. "I'm sorry, master, please, master, I'll never do it again, master."
  3588. "That's a good girl," you say, increasing the intensity of your scratching away, now increasing the intensity of your finger-fucking to full throttle on her slit. "Just for fun, then?"
  3590. "I like - liked," she corrects, "stealing things, master. Sorry, master, sorry," she mumbles, her eyes rolling up in pleasure as you push her past the edge. She manages the good sense to bite her tongue as she comes, leaving only a swallowed squeal to go past her lips.
  3592. "Thank you for your answers, pet," you say, and you spend another minute or so just scratching her behind the ears, before removing her from your lap getting up. She pouts slightly, almost imperceptibly, when you withdraw your hand from the back of her head. "I have other things to do today, sorry," you say as you leave.
  3594. That done, you go after Chara and Despina, who are also still asleep in their bed. Is everyone except you lazy? "Despina," you say, voice firm. The satyress jumps in her sleep, sending Chara tumbling to the ground. "Start training Chara in archery. And some proper discipline. Then start cleaning up this place, it's dusty as fuck." You don't even wait for her to reply before heading off.
  3596. Last, but most certainly not least, you head out on the town, trying to get a better feel for it. There's about a hundred people living here, in about twenty or thirty households. Artisans, almost all of them. Several are blacksmiths, but their focus is on making equipment for the copper mine; the rest make various goods for peasants. Tawdry, cheap necklaces, nice quilts, dress clothes, lanterns, candles, that sort of thing. They get their raw materials either locally or from towns outside your territory.
  3598. Probably the most important locals are a husband/wife pair; Marc and Sera. Sera's the younger sister of the copper mine's foreman, while Marc is "the best blacksmith in town," and has his own armor and weapons in case of war. A look at the equipment tells you they're decent - good chainmail, a fine battle-axe, even a nice wooden shield, reinforced with iron. Nothing too fancy.
  3600. Most of the local men, in fact, have such equipment - they're freemen and are expected to contribute in times of war - but they're generally of inferior quality.
  3602. You make arrangements to receive a full accounting of all the people in town delivered to your manor tonight.
  3604. >What do you do?
  3606. ---
  3608. You head home, finding Adelle back in her room, busily reading one of her books. "Adelle," you say, and she instantly snaps to attention. "Can you... detect where would be best to dig a well?"
  3610. "Yes, my lord. Why?"
  3612. "I want a private one for the manor." You jerk your head behind you, and Adelle rises from the bed, heading out to the manor's yard with you. She takes a minute or so, walking this way and that, squatting and touching the ground occasionally, before she finds her spot.
  3614. Once she does, she marks out a position on the ground, kneeling and touching it for a minute or so and leaving a smooth, circular impression, about as deep as one's ankle. "It would take some time to dig deeply enough, but that would be the best place to dig for water, my lord."
  3616. "Thank you, Adelle," you say, reaching for her shoulders and gently rubbing at them. "You've been very helpful," you add, kissing at her neck.
  3618. "Thank you, my lord," she replies, smiling softly. "I'm glad to be of use."
  3620. You give her a firm smack on the ass, earning a happy, girlish giggle from her. "A thought I had - someone might've killed my older brother because they were after you."
  3622. Adelle gives a sly smile. "Wouldn't that make you the best suspect, my lord?"
  3624. You laugh. "Maybe," you reply, groping her ass, "but other than me, can you think of anyone else who would be interested enough?"
  3626. Adelle pauses, thoughtful, then shakes her head. "I'm afraid that I wasn't as popular as you seem to think I would be. I... hmm." She pauses, as if trying to consider how to phrase things. "My family has a surplus of children, and I believe most would consider me to be the... eccentric one?"
  3628. "Only in a good way, I'm sure," you say from behind her.
  3630. "I'm glad you think so, my lord," Adelle replies. "I do... did, try, to be a proper girl, but..."
  3632. "But...?"
  3634. "But part of the reason my father was marrying me off to your family was because he didn't expect to be able to find a better match."
  3636. >What do you do?
  3638. ---
  3640. "Well, I'm glad that he did," you say, wrapping your arms tightly around her from behind and kissing at her neck. "And, for what it's worth, I have a hard time imagining a better match than you."
  3642. Adelle smiles and snuggles back into you. "And you make a very fine husband, my lord."
  3644. The two of you stand there for a while before you finally unwrap your arms from Adelle. "I've got some quick business to take care of in town, then I'm going to be digging a well, then..."
  3646. "I can help with the well, my lord. Make it easier to dig."
  3648. "That would be lovely, Adelle," you say, kissing the top of her head.
  3650. You head into the town, speaking to a local artisan about the possibility of purchasing a shortbow for Chara, and eventually manage to make a deal, giving him half the payment in advance. It should be done in a day or so.
  3652. You come back home, get out a shovel, and start digging a well. Adelle sits nearby, watching as you do it, smiling whenever you look her way, and occasionally closing her eyes and doing... something, to the ground beneath you, when it gets too tough to easily dig through. It makes the going a lot easier, and you're sure to thank her for her help.
  3654. Sera arrives with the local "census," marked up in a prim, precise handwriting, and hands it over to you. Her littlest - two or three years old, you guess - is clinging to her leg when she comes by. You take the papers to Arenne, and after a few long minutes of her trying to explain some of it to you, you give up. It might be something you can grasp, but not in one night - and, if you understand her correctly, the census is in a "raw" form and needs to be "refined" into something useful (presumably by someone not you) - so you leave her to it.
  3656. With that done, you check in on Despina. "How is your little sister doing with her training?"
  3658. Despina offers you an apologetic smile. "She's, ah, still, you know, that way. You know."
  3660. "An idiot?"
  3662. Despina snorts, smiling. "Close enough. I think she might actually be trying. Or she might be trying to trick me into thinking she's trying, but she's an awful liar - which is strange because she does it all the time - and... well. She still doesn't like you."
  3664. >What do you do?
  3666. ---
  3668. "Then I'll see what I can do about changing that," you say, heading off to find the littler Satyress.
  3670. It's apparent when you do that it's the same place where she was practicing with the bow, because there are some arrows scattered around or embedded in some ratty old cloth that was apparently used for target practice. She doesn't notice your approach, and is instead hurling rocks at a wall.
  3672. "Bwahaha!" She cries, when one of them hits a particular point - at about your head's height, you note - on the wall. "Now you've gotten your brain splattered all over the grounds! That's what happens when you mess with me! Maybe if you beg, I'll spare you." She then reverts to some sort of strange falsetto. "Oh no, Chara, I am so sorry for being a big dumb asshole! Please forgive me!" She pauses, as if considering, then throws another rock at the wall and picking up another. "But Chara! You said-" "I said 'maybe'. And then I decided-"
  3674. You cough, and she wheels around. When she catches sight of you, she hides her newest rock behind her back. "Having fun?"
  3676. "Oh, uh, hi," she says. "How long have you been there? I was just... imagining... beating up this guy, uh... Guy, that was his name. He was a real jerk. You wouldn't know him."
  3678. >What do you do?
  3680. ---
  3682. "No, I imagine I wouldn't," you say, letting Chara's obvious lie pass unnoted. "But I wanted to speak with you about something. In private."
  3684. Chara responds with a predatory grin that's soon suppressed by feigned innocence. "Uh, yes, my lord and master! I'm a loyal and obedient servant, so I would not hesitate even for a moment to do whatever you wished." She quickly glances over her shoulder, as if worried her older sister was going to hit her, but then shakes her head and turns her attention back to you. "And privacy is, no doubt, exactly what the gods ordained today!"
  3686. "Also, drop the rock," you add, making Chara wilt for a moment in obvious disappointment as she lets it fall to the ground behind you and follows after you, mumbling in irritation as she does.
  3688. "You and Despina are the only two of my current, ah, retainers with any real combat talent," you begin as the two of you walk. "It seems like a shame, to me, that I'm unable to really trust you with a weapon."
  3690. "What?" Chara says, feigning shock (poorly). "I'm very trustworthy. Completely trustworthy. You can trust me with your life!"
  3692. "I'm afraid I just don't know if I can believe that," you say, shaking your head in an overwrought display of uncertainty, just before entering your bedroom and closing the door behind you, locking it shortly thereafter. "But perhaps... you could convince me, if you passed a few tests?"
  3694. "I can pass tests... Oh. You mean," she swallows, shying away from you slightly, eyes glancing around the room.
  3696. "You can leave, if you want to," you reassure her, which causes her posture to change again.
  3698. "I didn't say I wanted to leave," she says, petulant, contrarian.
  3700. "Good," you say, sitting down on the side of your bed and staring at her. "Then sit on my lap."
  3702. She swallows, and does as you command, nervously placing her butt on one of your legs and facing away from you. You run a hand through her reddish-brown hair, then place it in front of her mouth, one finger outstretched.
  3704. "Suck it," you order, while your other hand reaches for her ass cheeks, groping it through the thick, dark red fur. She opens her mouth, and you stick your finger in; a moment later, her lips wrap around your finger, her tongue gently lapping at it inside your mouth. You start to slowly thrust your finger in and out of her mouth, long, languid motions that feign certain other sexual acts. Your action at her ass becomes more thorough, more rough, and she lets out small, inadvertent little hums of pleasure, occasionally adjusting her position on your lap slightly, as if trying to urge you to grope her further. You notice her little doe tail start to wag back and forth, making faint beating noises as it flaps from side to side.
  3706. Chara starts to genuinely slurp on your finger, loud wet noises filling the air as she sucks away, and you work your middle finger in to join the one already in her mouth; she doesn't respond at all, except to get even more sloppy and desperate to coat them. You adjust the position of your hand around her ass, still groping it, but now occasionally teasing her asshole with your fingers, running your hand in just the right way that you touch her there for a fraction of a second or so.
  3708. Eventually, you pull your fingers out of her mouth, and stop groping her for a second. "Would you like to suck my dick instead of my fingers?"
  3710. "F-fine," she says, and gets off your lap, turning around and sitting on her knees on the floor in front of you, her little hooves clacking against the ground as she does. You lean over her as she undoes your pants, and press your wet, lubed up forefinger at her anus. She takes in a sharp breath.
  3712. "You know, your ass can feel good, too," you say, as you run your finger around her asshole in little circles.
  3714. "I know that," she says, petulantly, as your cock springs up in front of her. She doesn't even bother to carry on a conversation with you, instead just wrapping her lips around your cockhead and starting to bob up and down. You respond by pressing your finger into her asshole, making her squeak around your cock.
  3716. With your free hand, you grab one of her horns, using it to control her motions up and down your cock, sawing her slowly forward and back the top half while you press your finger deeper and deeper into her ass. Her eyes stare up at you, a kind of weird irritation in them - a sort of, "yeah, I'm sucking your dick, so what? It doesn't mean anything." You keep fucking her mouth in gentle strokes, her tongue lapping and slurping at your dick, her cheeks hollowing and unhollowing, as she tries to pull you to the edge. Her hands come up, wrapping around the base of your cock, swiveling about the portion of your length that she can't reach with her mouth. Your finger slowly pushes its way completely into her ass, making her squirm and moan on your cock.
  3718. You gradually start to finger-fuck her ass with your finger, making her adjust her position on her knees to give you a better angle, her face starting to flush with enjoyment. "You see? I can be nice, or I can be cruel. You earn one or the other by your behavior." Her hands swivel faster around your base as your pace of finger-fucking in her butt increases, her eyes staring up at you, a sort of competitive desire to make you orgasm before her, presumably just out of contrarianism. She doesn't really have the proper amount of control to force anything, though - you're directly controlling the pace of both the finger-fucking in her ass and her face-fucking. In fact, you pull her off your cock entirely, making her whine slightly, mouth open, tongue outstretched, as she struggles against you. At the same time, you make your middle finger join your index in her asshole, stretching her out and making her face squinch up in surprise.
  3720. "Come onnnnnnn," she whines, still struggling against your grip on her horn, and you just smirk down at her. "Please," she adds, and you pull her back down onto your cock, a flood of relief washing across her face as your cock presses back into her mouth, her tongue going wild inside her mouth as she desperately tries to bring you off, her cheeks getting sucked inward by the sheer power of her desperation for cum. The sound of her desperate slurping and sucking is music to your ears, and your pace in her ass speeds up, your fingers occasionally curling inside her ass, making her squeak and squeal as she shakes around your dick.
  3722. Soon enough, you feel her approach her own orgasm, her motions with her head trying to facefuck you even faster. You let her, pulling your hand away from her horn and just staring down at her as she desperately bobs up and down on the top half of your cock, your fingers still working away at her tight little asshole. She probably thinks she has a chance to make you come before she does, that that will somehow change things. She doesn't, and it won't; after half a minute at most, she starts to orgasm, her tongue just lolling out of her mouth as she comes from your fingers' vigorous assfucking. Her hands reach fall away from your cock to steady her on the ground, and you start to jerk off the part of your cock that remains outside her mouth, which lies lewdly open, her tongue hanging out. You manage to start shooting off into her mouth only a few seconds after her orgasm begins, filling her mouth with your seed and making her eyes roll up with pleasure as she desperately swallows it all.
  3724. When the two of you finish riding out your orgasms, you pull your fingers out of her ass and push her away from your cock, leaving her to look vaguely ashamed of what just happened.
  3726. >What do you do?
  3728. ---
  3730. When your breathing calms down, you grip one of her horns and yank on it, pulling her up onto the bed. "H-hey, what are you doing?"
  3732. "Fucking you," you reply as you angle her so she's on her back, pulling her legs apart.
  3734. She laughs, smiling. "Shows what you know! Humans can't fuck the same girl twice in a row. Even I know that!"
  3736. "Oh, really?" You ask, your cock already restoring to full hardness, as you wrap your hand around it. "I'm beginning to think that monstergirls don't understand human sexuality nearly so well as they think they do."
  3738. She stares down at your cock in shock, brow furrowed in confusion, as you press your tip into her ass. "No, come on," she whines, her little fists coming up and beating on your chest. "I sucked your dick and everything."
  3740. "Relax, relax," you say, "I'm going to be nice about it this time."
  3742. When she still doesn't cooperate, you grab her arms around the wrists and put them at the head of your bed before you continue to slowly press your length into her. You maneuver her just right so that you can wrap just one hand around both of her dainty little wrists, keeping her utterly at your mercy. You run your other hand along her body, teasing her with your slow, lingering touch. You cup and toy with her breasts before reaching down to her sex, fingering her as you slowly, gingerly work yourself into her ass to the hilt. You stare down at her, and her expression is petulant and challenging, childishly so. A sort of, "I dare you to fuck my ass," in the same sense one might say, "I dare you to hit me."
  3744. You choose not to take the bait, instead just continuing to press into her while you finger her wet little virginal pussy. She reacts about as expected, sneering up at you while occasionally hissing or biting her lip in pleasure. You keep up the work, and eventually press yourself all the way into her, your balls touching her fur.
  3746. "If I let go of your arms, are you going to try to hit me again?" You ask.
  3748. "No," she lies. You roll your eyes and start to finger her harder, keeping your cock buried inside her completely. She glares at you, obviously annoyed at the fact that you're not letting her up, and have also (fairly forcefully) shoved your cock into her ass. You run your thumb across her clit, then pull your hand out of her sex, putting it near her mouth.
  3750. "If you suck your juices off my fingers, I'll let go of your arms," you say, not really sure if you intend to. She hesitates for a moment, eyes flicking between your face and your fingers, then opens her mouth. You stuff your fingers into it immediately, all but fucking her face with your fingers as she desperately squirms around to keep them in her mouth, and to get them clean, her tongue licking and lolling out. You keep your pinky well curled into your hand and keep the other three fingers in her mouth, making it practically impossible for her to clean it off. At some point, she figures out what you're doing, and she scowls at you as she frantically tries to get your fingers out of her mouth so she can lick off the last of her juices.
  3752. You take advantage of the distraction to start fucking her ass in earnest, pulling almost all the way out before slamming into her in one long, slow stroke, making her entire little body bounce from the force. You keep at it, making slow, steady motions, as you gradually adjust the position of your groin next to hers, altering the angle of your thrusts so as to maximize her pleasure. It doesn't take long before you find just the right angle, and this time, when you slam into her ass, her eyes roll up in dizzy pleasure, her focus on cleaning off your hand forgotten. You withdraw your hand from her mouth, putting it back to work on fingering her.
  3754. "Come on! You're not even going to let me-" whatever nonsense she was going to blabber on about is cut off when you slam into her hard, again, and pinch her clit just as you do. Her eyes, roll up, and she skips a breath, her mouth hanging open. You repeat the action once more, feeling as her ass tightens around your cock when you slam into her once more. The third time, you're ready for her orgasm, and you shove your hand into her mouth again as you slam into her, her would-be screams coming out as moans around your hand, her eyes rolling up in orgasm, her ass coiling tight around your cock.
  3756. While you wait for her to come down, you talk. "Wasn't that good?" In her orgasmic high, she nods, automatically. "If you cooperate, it can be even better." You remove your hands from around her wrists, and her arms fall down, strength gone. You start to make slow, languid thrusts into her, making her head flop around limply. With the hand that was holding her arms up, you start to play with one of her small, pert breasts, toying with it as you fuck her ass. The other hand goes back to her sex, rubbing at her mound and around her clit, adding to the pleasure. When her brain eventually returns to its normal, (im)proper form, she looks at you, somewhat annoyed. "Hold your legs open and I can give you an even better fucking," you order.
  3758. She considers for a time, and you make gentle thrusts in and out of her ass as she does, but eventually she seems to decide that there's no way she can pretend that she didn't enjoy that, and her hands wrap around her thighs, pulling her legs high up in the air, her hooves pointing at the same wall that you just had her arms pinned against. You take advantage of that, leaning down to take one of her nipples into your mouth, playing with her other one with one hand as you start to finger her pussy again. Your velocity ramps up to maximum in short order, both in her ass and outside of it, your action with her breasts and sex becoming rough, hard, earning pleased panting from Chara, who diligently holds her legs open for you to fuck her.
  3760. Your action on her body begins to make its mark, and she starts to let out happy little moans of increasing volume. You can't have her being too loud when Arenne is in the house, so you move your hand from her breast to her mouth, trying to shut her up. She mumbles something incomprehensible into your hand, and you just keep fucking her as passionately as you can, biting down on her nipple and wiggling your mouth to force it this way and that. Soon enough, she orgasms again, her ass coiling tightly around your cock once more, and you just let the sensations take you where they want, and you fill her asshole up with your come.
  3762. Her legs flop back onto the bed, making the two of you bounce slightly, and you just let your whole weight topple on top of her, all but crushing her underneath you. The two of you breathe heavily.
  3764. >What do you do?
  3766. ---
  3768. When you finally recover, you ruffle Chara's hair and kiss her forehead, making her pout. "You have the rest of the day off, and if you're good, I can easily get you a new bow."
  3770. She visibly reacts to that, but you suspect somehow she's thinking something inane and stupid, which is almost certainly not, Gee, that sounds great! I should be good! It is instead probably more like, Gee, that sounds great! I should pretend to be good, then, when I get my new bow, I should shoot Baron in the face with it!
  3772. Well, whatever. Cross that bridge when you come to it.
  3774. You clamber off of her and get dressed again, making sure there's nothing too obvious that Arenne would notice... ah, right, your fingers were just in Chara's butt. You manage to find that water bucket from this morning and a towel, and clean your hands off.
  3778. ---
  3780. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  3781. Chapter 12
  3783. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  3785. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  3787. You've just moved into a manor in the town, along with your two wives: Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange and Arenne Nell née Bayamard. The former is a competent geomancer, with a focus on the subtle, while the latter is from a merchant family, with a head for numbers.
  3789. Along with the three of you are four monstergirl servants: the satyress sisters Despina and Chara, a small, green-haired fairy named Juniper, and a tanukigirl called Kini. Kini stole a precious family heirloom from Adelle's family, which you recovered before brutally raping her and taking her as your captive and fuck toy.
  3791. You've just gotten done teaching Chara that anal sex can be enjoyable too. This is important somehow, probably because her initial experience with anal sex was pretty unpleasant for her (you enjoyed it, though). Your current major concerns lie in the administration of your lands, and the assassination of your older brother. You still have little idea of who committed the latter, or why.
  3793. >What do you do?
  3795. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  3797. ---
  3799. >Stock up.
  3801. You go into the surrounding town to buy a variety of supplies; firewood, cooking utensils, cleaning equipment, and so forth. The sort of things that weren't left in the manor, for fear of theft. A general stocking up on everything you could reasonably need for day-to-day operations.
  3803. It would cost a pretty penny - possibly even more coins than you have on hand - but you're increasingly coming to realize the value of credit instruments in administration. Since you're the new landlord, you've got plenty of leeway to go into debt. And not the obnoxious "15% interest" kind of debt, but the "well, whatever" kind of debt, where part of the point is to ingratiate yourself with the new power player.
  3805. When that's done, you go and bother Arenne about the census. She's apparently tabulated the local population: 84 heads in 23 households; 11 are headed by parents of minors, 8 are headed by parents of adults, and the remainder are headed by adults without children. Local production is diverse, but only really competitive locally; anybody with a substantial amount of money would probably want to buy things produced elsewhere, such as in Arcine or one of the various cities further abroad that it trades with. The town, such as it is, barely exists economically, attending to a small market of (what Arenne guesses is) around a thousand farmers and another hundred-odd workers in the copper mine.
  3807. >What do you do?
  3809. ---
  3811. You give Arenne a quick peck on the forehead and thank her for her work. You give the various monstergirls a variety of tasks to do in the building, and set Despina to making sure that they do; Chara and Juniper seem to lack an appropriate amount of discipline to do work reliably.
  3813. Then you go grab Adelle and head back to the half-dug well. You make some light conversation with her for a little bit, you digging, her doing... whatever she does, talking about things like family, children, work. After a while, though, she changes the subject, biting her lip as she does.
  3815. "Ah, my lord," she says, suddenly awkward, "there's something that I should mention."
  3817. "Yeah?" You ask, your breath heavy from exertion. "What?"
  3819. "I'm... you know."
  3821. "Pregnant?" You ask.
  3823. She snorts. "No - I don't know. No, it's my... you know. My time of the month, soon."
  3825. "Not if you're pregnant, though, right?"
  3827. She smiles. "There shouldn't be bleeding, if I'm with child. But there's still the moods that come before it."
  3829. "Oh. Really? Even if you're pregnant?"
  3831. She nods. "Yes. I just want to... warn you, my lord. For me, when there's the moods, I'm weary all day, have long bouts of melancholy, and I'm unusually... insecure." Her voice quivers a little bit. "If you find it too inconvenient, of course, I'll do my best not to be a burden. I sleep much more than I ordinarily do on those days, regardless, so remaining in my room isn't much effort."
  3833. >What do you do?
  3835. ---
  3837. "I promise not to hold your moods against you, Adelle," you say, as you return to your work digging. "All women have them, so..."
  3839. "Well, not all women, my lord. A lucky few don't."
  3841. "Must be nice for them, then," you reply. Adelle smiles at that. "If you don't want to deal with people, that's fine. If you do, feel free to bother me."
  3843. Adelle nods. "Thank you, my lord. I will do my best not to be too trying to deal with."
  3845. With that done, conversation returns to lighter fare, with Adelle and you chatting about meaningless little nothings. Occasionally, your conversation drifts into the more lurid, and Adelle enjoys those turns. Eventually, a bit after nightfall, you emerge from the (now quite substantial) hole, sweaty and tired. "How close, d'you think, Adelle?" You ask.
  3847. "You're about... two thirds of the way there, my lord." She shuffles up behind you, running her hands along your back, giving you a gentle massage on your back and shoulders, to which you readily acquiesce. You think she takes a deep sniff of you, once or twice, though she's good enough at subterfuge that you can't quite be certain. "It will be very nice to get water without having to go to the town well, which is quite a bit out of the way."
  3849. You nod. "Yeah, that's what I was thinking."
  3851. >What do you do?
  3853. ---
  3855. "Kini!" You shout, turning your head to the side. Less than a minute later, Kini comes scurrying out of the house, her eyes the size of saucers. "Kini, I want you to draw up a bath for me and my wonderful wife. There's a well in the town..." you give her basic directions and shoo her off. You enjoy Adelle's gentle, long massage, and she seems to enjoy giving it to you. At some point, she places her head on your shoulder, and her emphasis turns from a massage to long, loving kisses and suckles at your neck, her hands just wrapping around you.
  3857. When Kini finally returns, informing you that she's drawn up a bath, you and Adelle head off, bringing Kini along as an attendant. There's a large tub, apparently used by the previous inhabitants of the manor as well (your father?), and it's filled with water by this point. It's been heated up already, so you and Adelle just disrobe and get in, you resting Adelle on your lap. While you run your hands across her body, she toys with what parts of you she can reach - mostly, your cock, which she diligently runs her hands up and down, occasionally just catching it between her thighs or teasingly running it along her slit.
  3859. You, on the other hand, get to run your hands across a much larger section of her body, going in long, slow motions, reaching for her full, ripe breasts, her firm, round ass, her lovely, welcoming sex, her wonderfully taut stomach, and her pale, smooth thighs. All the while, you take advantage of your position behind her to kiss her neck and back, returning the favor she gave you during your earlier massage. Eventually, Adelle releases your cock, turning her head over her shoulder to look at you.
  3861. "My lord, I think we're quite clean enough, don't you?"
  3863. >What do you do?
  3865. ---
  3867. "Mmm," you say, nuzzling Adelle's neck. "We are pretty clean," you say, running your hands along Adelle's stomach. "You know you're fantastic, right?"
  3869. "I'm glad you enjoy me, my lord," Adelle says.
  3871. "You remember earlier, when we double-teamed Kini? You enjoyed that, right?"
  3873. "I enjoyed the part where you took me the most."
  3875. "I was thinking of that. Making her watch again." Adelle hums happily at that, grinding into your groin. "Make her beg. Show her where she stands. Would you like that?"
  3877. Adelle nods rapidly. "Yes, my lord."
  3879. "Kini!" You shout, before running one hand down to Adelle's clit, catching it between two fingers and rubbing around it, gently pinching at the skin. Your other hand comes up to her breast, pawing and kneading it in your hand. Adelle responds almost instantly to your attentions, one hand reaching down for your cock, but you stop her. "No," you say, "this is all about you, right now." Kini comes into the room, then blushes and takes a step back before stopping. "Kini should see you enjoying yourself," you whisper in Adelle's ear, and Adelle's hands come up to your wrists, gently urging you onward.
  3881. "M-master?" Kini says, voice tiny.
  3883. "Pet," you say, your voice icy. "Adelle's been such a wonderful wife, and I wanted to make sure she knows just how wonderful." You reach down to stick a finger or two into Adelle's pussy; because it's submerged in the water, you can't tell quite how wet she would be, naturally, but you're pretty sure she's really enjoing herself, by the way she grinds against you, her ass pressing into your stomach in sweet little circles. "And I thought - you know what would make Adelle even happier? If she got to show off how much her husband cares for her. That's where you come in."
  3885. "O-oh, okay, master," Kini says, eyes transfixed on your hand in Adelle's pussy, where you're gradually working up the pace of your fingering, your thumb occasionally brushing her clit. Your other hand keeps up its work on her breast, roughly toying with it, squeezing and shaking it. It isn't long before Adelle start to shake slightly in your lap, her eyes rolling up.
  3887. "G-gods," Adelle manages, "you're p-positively s-sublime, m-my lord." Her voice is shaky with pleasure, as she practically bounces up and down on your fingers.
  3889. You tighten your grip on her breast, holding her in place. "Be a bit more composed, darling," you say, your voice loud enough for Kini to hear. "We do have an audience, you know." You speed up the pace of your fingers in her sex, almost furiously pumping them in and out.
  3891. "S-sorrry m-my lord," Adelle says, her breath hitching.
  3893. "It's alright," you say. You pull your fingers out of her, instead running them up and down her lips before tickling at the area around her clit, making her shake in your lap. "Come for me," you whisper, and Adelle immediately obeys, her body vibrating in every direction in your lap, her slit rubbing against your cock as she bounces up and down. Her eyes seem directed at Kini, who nervously holds her hands over her crotch, in a position of deference.
  3895. When Adelle comes down from her orgasmic high, she's panting in your lap, her eyes half lidded in pleasure. You kiss at the top of her head.
  3897. "I think it would be even better if we got Kini really going before making her watch the main event," you whisper in Adelle's ear, and Adelle nods sleepily, still recovering. You turn to Kini. "Pet. Your master's decided to be generous, today. If you beg really hard, he'll please you some, too."
  3899. There's a moment of hesitation before Kini starts speaking, staring at her feet as she does. "P-please, master."
  3901. "Please what, pet?"
  3903. "P-please, play with me, master. I know I haven't done anything to deserve it, a-and you have your wife to pleasure, master, but I would be very grateful if you made me feel good too, master."
  3905. "Well, Adelle? What do you think?"
  3907. "I'm not sure how sincere she is, my lord."
  3909. Your eyes flick to Kini expectantly, and the tanukigirl restarts her spiel. "I'm just your fuck toy, master," she starts, "your pet, at best. I know that I'm nothing compared to your wife, master. But, I, I will do whatever you want, if you, d-deign to please me, master."
  3911. "You'll do whatever I want no matter what, pet."
  3913. Kini nods, lost, eyes staring emptily at the ground.
  3915. "Beg my wife, too," you order, to break the silence. "I was planning on having the both of us toy with you again, so she should be consulted too." Adelle smiles at that, and turns to Kini again.
  3917. "M-mistress?" Kini tries. Adelle doesn't seem altogether satisfied by that title, but she lets it pass. "I'm just a stupid, dumb little thief, who stole from your family for fun, and I know you have every reason to hate me and never let me be happy. But, still, I would be very happy if you let my master play with me, just a little, even if he hu-humiliates me in the process."
  3919. Adelle glances over at you, for a long moment, and shrugs nonchalantly.
  3921. "Adelle thinks you've made a good enough case," you say, "now come over here and sit in her lap." Kini starts to disrobe as she walks towards the tub; in a few moments, her small monstergirl body stands in front of the tub, naked, and she awkwardly clambers in on top of Adelle, who immediately wraps her hands around Kini, fixing her in place. Your own hands quickly find their way to Kini's body, toying with her sex and one of her tiny little breasts. Adelle, at present, is just holding Kini in place, ensuring the little monstergirl can't move anywhere. "Keep begging, pet."
  3923. "Master," she says, as you continue to play with her body. "Please, don't stop, master, I'm good, aren't I, master? I'm loyal? And obedient? I haven't done anything, a-and not just because your wife can follow me if I try to run."
  3925. Adelle responds to that by starting to play with the tanukigirl's body too. It takes a moment, but soon enough you silently agree to divide responsibilities on Kini's groin; you fingerfuck her, while Adelle toys with her clit and mound.
  3927. "I, I do whatever you say, when you say it," Kini continues, "master. I know you haven't asked for much, and I'm very thankful, but i-if you do ask for more, master, I promise to do it. Just, please, master, don't stop playing with me, master." Your speed inside of her quickens at that, and Adelle is proportionately more active as well, following your lead. "I'm, I'm your fuck toy, I'm your fuck toy, I'm your fuck toy," she repeats it over and over, like a mantra, as if she's trying to convince not just you, but herself. You don't bother to correct her on the lack of "master" in those statements; her debasement of herself is quite satisfying enough without it. In fact, you start to amp up the pace of your fingers inside her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, as she continues to mindlessly repeat her status.
  3929. When you feel her on the edge, you stop, pulling your fingers out of her. Adelle immediately follows, making Kini squirm awkwardly for a moment before turning around, eyes wide, and looking at you. "Get out of the tub, pet," you say, voice clearly commanding. Kini scurries out, eyes wide. She gulps, audibly. "Do you want to get fucked, pet?" She nods, ever so slightly, her eyes still full of terror. "Too bad. Watch your master fuck his wife, who is loyal of her own accord, without being threatened or broken. And you're not allowed to touch yourself." Kini quickly places her hands on the ground as she stares at you and Adelle; the tanukigirl is dripping wet from the waist down, her small body firmly planted on the ground. Your attention turns back to Adelle. "How do you want it, Adelle?"
  3931. Adelle pauses for a moment, as if uncertain of how to parse the question. "However you want it, my lord."
  3933. "I want it a lot, and I want you to enjoy it," you say, your voice a low growl.
  3935. "Then take me," she says, voice soft, almost a whisper. "Use my body as though you were desperate for it, for me."
  3937. "I am," you growl out, before getting up, sending Adelle onto her hands and knees, her head just high enough to stay out of the water. You line up your cock with her sex, then plunge into her, not bothering with any foreplay as you start to frantically fuck her, your body leaning over her, your hands reaching for her hair, gripping her skull and turning her head to face yours, whereupon you meet her in a sloppy, awkward kiss, her tongue bouncing with each thrust. With your other hand, you reach down for her clit, toying with it, then running your finger over it directly, applying a gradually increasing pressure to the sensitive little organ, making her practically go limp in your grip.
  3939. You switch tactics, your thumb and forefinger gently wrapping around her clit as you frantically fuck her, then lightly pinching it. Your roughness with her, combined with your earlier foreplay, is apparently enough to send Adelle into another orgasm, coming underneath you, her tongue going limp in her mouth, only barely avoiding falling into the water, partly because of your firm grip on her head. You don't let up for even a moment, your breath heavy, your fingers almost violently active on her clit, your cock slamming into her over and over.
  3941. "Fuck, you're exactly what I need," you say, and Adelle just limply tries to move her head; you're not even sure what expression she was after, but it's fine. You can tell she's enjoying this. "Gods, fuck, you're a miracle, I'll never let you go, fucking hells," you say, barely coherent, your focus on expressing the overwhelming desire she wants to feel. You keep on pounding into her, and when she recovers enough to hold her own head above the water, you let go of it, instead reaching down to play with her tit some more, gripping and groping it with all due coarseness. "This body is so fucking perfect," you say as you pound her pussy, "never had one quite like it. And the mind," you add, your mouth reaching down for her neck, biting it, "even better," you say, between nibbles. "In every way."
  3943. Adelle just lets out a constant, steady stream of grunts and squeals. Maybe having an audience is encouraging her to be louder than normal; you take a glance to the side, noticing that Kini is still seated, watching you fuck like an animal in heat. A glance back at Adelle lets you see the stare she's giving Kini: proud and vindictive. She manages to calm herself down just enough to speak a few words. "I'm, better, than, you," she grunts out in between your thrusts; you feel her juices spill out, renewed by the words she's just spoken, and you reach down for her mouth for another greedy kiss, interrupting her train of thought. You pinch her clit, hard, and she screams into your mouth in insensate pleasure as she comes for the third time this session, and her vagina tightly wrapping around your cock and sending you over the edge, making you spurt inside her again and again.
  3945. Using your grip on her breast, you fall backwards, pulling her with you back into your lap, in a rough approximation of your previous position, the two of you breathing heavily. "Fuck," you breathe, and Adelle just nods limply at your side. She recovers before you, and she turns in your lap, her mouth meeting yours in a greedy kiss, then running down to your neck and shoulders, kissing away like her life depended on it.
  3947. "Thank you," she mumbles in between kisses, "thank you," she repeats, her arms greedily wrapping around you as she keeps on kissing you, lovingly, frantically, desperately.
  3949. >What do you do?
  3951. ---
  3953. You start to kiss the top of Adelle's head, wrapping your arms around her and picking her up, earning a happy yelp of delight that doesn't stop her from continuing to kiss at you, though her attentions move downward, slightly, towards your chest. You carry her, bridal style, towards the door. "You're allowed to finish now, Kini," you say, absently. The tanukigirl immediately scrambles around, her body splaying out as she frantically fingers herself.
  3955. You just turn your attention back to your wife, who you kiss back, doting little pecks in response to her frantic ones. Eventually, you lay her out on the bed, immediately curling up next to her, meeting her neck with your mouth as she mirrors the motion, your arms pulling her body tightly towards yours, your embrace frantic, emotional. After what feels like hours, the energy goes out of the motions, and instead you just languidly cuddle one another, finding an appropriate place to curl up against one another, Adelle's head pulled into your chest, which she happily rubs against.
  3959. In the morning, you find that you've defaulted to your position lying on your back, and Adelle is clinging to you like a belt, her arms wrapped tightly around you. You lean down, kissing her forehead, and try to extricate yourself from her. "Nnnn," she whines as you do, her grip tightening.
  3961. "Adelle, darling, I have things to do today."
  3963. "They're not that important, you can stay here with me."
  3965. "Some of them are pretty important, actually."
  3967. "Then you can bring me along," she mumbles, still half asleep.
  3969. "I can't really get up to bring you along if you're clinging to me like this."
  3971. She blows out air, puffing like a petulant child. Then she raises her head to look at you, her chin lying on your naked chest, her eyes bleary and half asleep. "You like me the most, right? You're not going to start paying more attention to one of the other girls, right?" She's pouting, slightly, and her voice is a bit desperate.
  3973. >What do you do?
  3975. ---
  3977. "I can only have one first wife, and that's you," you say, pulling her up slightly so you can kiss her forehead. She just pouts even more. "The other girls are here to serve our household, Adelle."
  3979. "You didn't answer my question," she says, glumly. It's not a petulant or angry reply; it's more... defeated. Rueful.
  3981. "You're the most important woman to me, Adelle. I care for you the most."
  3983. Her eyes light up a bit at that, and she cuddles into you more tightly, though there's still some lingering insecurity in her brow. "Really? You're not just saying that?"
  3985. "Really," you say. "I... I think I love you."
  3987. She gives you a weak little smile, tears starting to form in her eyes. "Oh, gods," she says rubbing at her eyes with one of her hands. "Sorry. Sorry. My, you know, my moods, oh gods, I'm sorry, you said that, and, I shouldn't be crying like this, gods." You rub at her back to reassure her, your gaze gentle, forgiving. She sniffles back some of the tears. "I think I love you too," she adds, as if she'd meant to say it earlier and forgotten. "I'm sorry, gods, I'm crying, and, and, I'm thinking, I'm sorry if I ever pressured you into doing something s-sexual that you didn't want to do. I know I'm a p-pervert, and, and," she's sobbing pretty hard at this point, snot starting to come out of her nose.
  3989. "Shh, shh," you say, wrapping your arms around her, sitting up, holding her tightly. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm here."
  3991. "I'm ruining this," she mumbles in your arms, rubbing at her nose with her hand. "Gods, sorry, sorry."
  3993. "There's nothing to apologize for, Adelle," you say, running your fingers through her hair, holding her in your lap.
  3995. Eventually, Adelle calms down, and you lay her down in the bed, her tears dried and wiped away. "You really meant it?"
  3997. "I really meant it," you say, leaning down and kissing her forehead. "I'm... I'm seeing why you warned me about this."
  3999. She laughs bitterly. "Gods, I know, I'm so sorry. Go, do... you were planning on going to the festival, right? You can't take me when I'm like this. Go, go. It'll pass eventually. I'm sorry I'm such a mess."
  4001. "It's okay, Adelle." You tuck her in, and she pulls the blanket up over herself, just her eyes peeking out; she curls into a ball on her side. You pull out some clothes and get dressed before heading out of your room, leaving Adelle alone.
  4003. >What do you do?
  4005. ---
  4007. You find Kini's room, where the tanukigirl is curled up in a ball on a pile of blankets again. "Pet," you say, and she immediately springs to attention, eyes opening and head swiveling to look at you. "Adelle is feeling under the weather today. It's your job to ensure that she's fed and tended to, you understand?" Kini nods, somewhat afraid, and you leave her without another word.
  4009. Then it's off to grab Chara and Despina to finish off the well. It's harder without Adelle there, and you definitely notice, even if Chara and Despina don't. You focus your attention on Despina, laughing and joking with her, pretty much ignoring Chara, who starts to quietly fume and put herself on display in response.
  4011. At one point, during a brief break, you sit down next to Despina and drape an arm around her while you tell her a somehow-more-ridiculous version of the story of how you beat the Scylla, which Despina listens to with rapt attention. At the same time, Chara awkwardly repositions her body repeatedly to try to get your attention, trying to figure out how to display her ass without it being too obvious. You studiously ignore her, instead focusing your attention on Despina, regaling her with tales of your might and power as if she was a peasant girl whose pants you were intent on getting in.
  4013. Eventually, of course, you finish digging down to the water table, and as the three of you finish up, you pull in close to Despina again, subtly playing grabass with her and whispering a quick joke in her ear, making her laugh delightfully. When you leave to go speak to Arenne, you hear Chara badgering Despina for information on what you said to her, what she was doing getting all "comfy" with you, and why you weren't paying any attention to her.
  4015. You find Arenne in the room with all the census papers, going through them again, as well as the old ones, diligently studying them. She doesn't notice you until you wrap your hands over her eyes. "Guess who?"
  4017. There's an interminably long pause. "...I really, really hope it's Baron?"
  4019. You peck the top of her head and pull your hands off her. "Yep. There's a festival today, I was planning on attending. Adelle's... it's that time of the month for her."
  4021. "So you want me to come?"
  4023. You nod, wrapping your arms around Arenne. "I think it would be a good opportunity for us. Get an idea of local custom, probably a lot of people from outside the town there, that sort of thing?"
  4025. "Okay," she says, "let me just put this stuff together, then we can go..."
  4029. ---
  4031. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  4032. Chapter 13
  4034. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells, and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  4036. After some adventures, you've received your inheritance: a chunk of Nell land, consisting of a copper mine, numerous farms, and a small town of artisans.
  4038. You've recently moved into a manor in the town, along with your two wives: Adelle Seline Nell née Lestrange and Arenne Nell née Bayamard. The former is a competent geomancer, with a focus on the subtle, while the latter is from a merchant family, with a head for numbers.
  4040. Along with the three of you are four monstergirl servants: the satyress sisters Despina and Chara, a small, green-haired fairy named Juniper, and a tanukigirl called Kini. Kini stole a precious family heirloom from Adelle's family, which you recovered before brutally raping her and taking her as your captive and fuck toy.
  4042. You've just gotten done telling your second wife, Arenne, that you're going to attend the local festival; Adelle is resting due to the extreme moods that come before her monthly bleeding, and so cannot attend. Arenne is wrapping up her work with the local census so she can go, which will probably take a few minutes.
  4044. >What do you do?
  4046. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  4048. ---
  4050. While Arenne gets finished with her work, you go check on Adelle again. She's curled up on the bed, the blankets pulled over her when you get there; Kini's nowhere to be seen. "You okay?"
  4052. She nods, mutely, though you notice she's pouting. Also hidden under the blankets is a pillow she's clutching tightly.
  4054. "Hey," you say, resting a hand on her shoulder. "Where's Kini?"
  4056. "I sent her to get me some water," Adelle says, sullen.
  4058. "You don't sound okay."
  4060. "It's just the moods. Nothing to do about them. I'm just stuck with them forever." There's a strong tone of whining in that last sentence.
  4062. "Alright. You'd know better than me. Don't... don't be too rough with Kini, okay? She hasn't done anything wrong lately, so just keep that in mind."
  4064. "I know that," Adelle says, sounding petulant. Then she curls up more tightly on herself, her gaze drifting back down towards the pillow she's hanging onto.
  4066. "Alright. I'll try to find something to bring back for you, okay?"
  4068. Adelle nods, and you leave. You find Kini sitting by the well with a bucket, trying to figure out how to get the water out easily. You give her a quick few tips - your presence makes her even more nervous than she already was - and then go check on the other monstergirls; Chara and Despina are practicing archery, and Despina quickly takes back her bow and arrow from her younger sister when she sees you. The two seem in admirable condition.
  4070. A quick glance around the property doesn't show you where Juniper is, and you should probably get going with Arenne. When you walk out the door, you discover where Juniper was; a bucket of water falls on your head, drenching you in the cold liquid. Arenne is fortunately spared.
  4072. Juniper is right outside, laughing. "I got you! I got you! Oh, man, you look so silly like that!" She falls over onto her back, hands clutching her stomach, her legs pinwheeling in the air while she continues to laugh uproariously. Arenne covers her mouth and looks away from you, as though trying not to laugh.
  4074. >What do you do?
  4076. ---
  4078. You roll your eyes and laugh a little at yourself; Arenne chuckles a bit too, seeing that you're okay with it.
  4080. "I'll get you back for this one somehow," you say, still smiling, and lean down to ruffle the little monstergirl's hair. She doesn't stop laughing hysterically even as you do that. "I'll have to go get changed, though," you say, before turning around and heading back inside.
  4082. Adelle's still in your room, puffed up in a little ball. Kini's taken the place of the pillow, with Adelle tightly curled around the tanukigirl, who's pretty much frozen in fear; either of you, Adelle, or both, you couldn't say. Adelle's gently running one hand through Kini's hair and occasionally giving her little scratches that produce involuntary hums or kicks of the leg. In spite of that, the little monstergirl doesn't calm down the whole time you're there.
  4084. You make some idle conversation with Adelle, ignoring Kini for the moment, as you change. You lean over her to quickly give her a peck on the forehead before heading back off to join Arenne again. In between hiccuping, Juniper is excitedly repeating the events of a couple minutes ago to Arenne. In spite of the fact that Arenne was there for them. You give Juniper a quick apology before grabbing Arenne and heading off with her.
  4086. You meet up with Marc and Sera, the closest thing to the local "village heads," on the journey to the site, and they tell you the basics of today's festival, Veler. There's some drinking, a general truce for any filial conflicts (not that there are any at the moment that Marc or Sera are aware of), and a big athletic competition. Arenne thinks it's a mangled form of an old civic holiday celebrating the army, based on the name and some other features. These lands don't have a professional army any more, though, so it doesn't really matter what the origins are.
  4088. "You planning on participating in the competition?" You ask.
  4090. "Oh would but that I could," Marc say with a smirk, earning a joking hit from his wife. "Ow, that hurts," he says, in mock pain, "no, no. Sadly. Don't hit me again, please, woman!" Marc raises his arms in a defensive posture. "It's really only for bachelors, you know?"
  4092. "Um, I don't see why it would be for bachelors only, though..." Arenne says, brows furrowed.
  4094. Marc just coughs awkwardly, and Sera pipes in. "It's a good way for a young man to... distinguish himself, for any local girls who are looking for a man. That's how I met Marc, in fact." Marc gives a shit eating grin at that, his eyes rolling up in recollection. "It's a bit discourteous to take any attention away from the unwed men, though, you understand? They have a hard enough time as is. Besides, some poor girl might not realize that a winner is actually married, and then do something very foolish and silly. So it's best for everyone if it's just bachelors."
  4096. "Oh," Arenne says, with a little nod. "Okay. That makse sense."
  4098. >What do you do?
  4100. ---
  4102. You get settled in with the more "mature" part of the festivities, and hunker down to... pretty much just watch what everyone else is doing and imitate it. You make some light conversation here and there. A young woman traveller - Lorie? Lorenne? You didn't catch her exact name - has apparently drifted into town in time for the festival, and has decided to participate in the athletic competitions. By applying the venerable tactic of calling those who would stop her "chickenshit," she managed to muscle her way into the traditionally all-male competition.
  4104. As the competition goes on, you try to get to know the locals, which includes Sera's older brother Jean, the mine's foreman. He's a man of local prominence, so you figure it's important to get on with him.
  4106. He tells you about the rather nasty fatality rates in the mines. "People get sick, too. A big cause is - sometimes you hit a gas leak. Yeah, you've got the canary, but over time, it adds up, you know? Ain't like it's good to choke down enough of that stuff to kill a bird; that's what killed my dad. Then there's cave-ins, too. People get crushed; even if they get away, they might be wounded, get an infection, you know. And then - ugh, recently, we had this real cunt of a thing. Fuckin'... I dunno, an earth elemental? Copper elemental? Anyway, bunch of the metal done pulled itself together into a seven foot tall, what do you call it? Monstergirl? Didn't kill anyone, fortunately, but she closed off access to a huge chunk of the mines. We're working overtime to try to compensate."
  4108. The conversation continues on in that vein, with Jean whining about this or that other thing that makes mining horrible. At some point, you ask him why he does it. He looks at you like you're an idiot (which, to be fair, you are).
  4110. "Money, of course. Copper's valuable."
  4112. The athletic competition ends at some point, and the strange woman (and winner of the competition) - Lorenne, you catch her name this time - comes sits down at the same table as the local movers and shakers. "Howdy, howdy," she says, nodding along to the locals congratulating her on her recent victory. She's tall, with a short mop of crimson hair and a tanned skin with a few old scars that you can see - you guess by the way they're laid out that she's got more you can't. She's got a firm, toned, athletic build, and a rather substantial bust.
  4114. Arenne responds to the way you're looking at Lorenne by nervously hooking her hand into yours and offering you a wan smile when you turn back to her. You offer her a reassuring squeeze.
  4116. >What do you do?
  4118. ---
  4120. "I'm Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells," you say, extending your hand to Lorenne. "And this is my wife, Arenne," you add.
  4122. Her eyes flicker in a sort of half-recognition before she speaks. "Sir... Baron... Richard..." Lorenne slowly says, eyes squinting as she shakes your hand.
  4124. "Just... Baron is fine," you clarify. "You seem, ah, quite competent. Congratulations on your victory, incidentally."
  4126. "Yeah, well, it's just a bunch of fuckin'... peasants and shit." Some of the people at the table give her a look, which she promptly ignores. "No biggie."
  4128. "Do you have... training? Experience?"
  4130. She smirks. "Yeah, you could say that. Lots of experience," she says, sticking her tongue out.
  4132. "Um," this woman may be even more socially inept than you. "What brings you here, out of curiosity?"
  4134. "Oh, heading up to see my beau."
  4136. "Oh. Is he... local to this area?"
  4138. "He lives nearby. It's kind of a quiet thing for now, though, so I won't name names." She shakes her head and fixes her attention on you. "So, this's your wifey? Arenne? Cute little thing," she adds, reaching out to ruffle Arenne's hair. Arenne draws back, annoyed and confused. "So, you're a local noble, then? What's that like?"
  4140. "Hard to explain?"
  4142. "Okay. Family? Mommy and daddy live with you? You like... a cadet branch of the Nells, or what?"
  4144. "I'm the son of Lord Printsly."
  4146. "Wait, wait, wait. I thought they had two kids, and neither of them was named Baron."
  4148. >What do you do?
  4150. ---
  4152. "No, three. Well, two now - my older brother recently died."
  4154. "Oh. Oh. Huh. So you're the middle child? Eldest now?"
  4156. "Yes...?"
  4158. "Hrm," she says, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "Okay. Duly noted, Baron. Wait, how's that work with inheritance? I can't remember what the local customs are."
  4160. "I inherit first." You cough, wrapping one arm possessively around Arenne, who leans into you. "Ah, if you'll excuse me, I think I'd like to speak with my wife in private, sorry." You get up, and Arenne quickly follows you.
  4162. "Sorry if I offended you, Mister Future Lord or whatever the title is!" She shouts, waving to your disappearing backside.
  4164. After a couple minutes of walking, you're well away from the festivities and certain festivity-related activities that other young couples have been engaging in. Arenne looks up at you, eyes kind. "Thanks."
  4166. "For?"
  4168. "For, you know, cutting off the conversation with her. She's a weirdo."
  4170. You snort. "Yeah, I guess. But that's not the only reason I wanted to speak to you alone."
  4172. "Oh?" Arenne asks, staring up at you, curious.
  4174. >What do you do?
  4176. ---
  4178. "I want you," you say, looming over her, reaching down to meet her lips with yours. She's surprised, but she doesn't resist, returning your kiss with her own. "Gods, you're beautiful," you say. "I want you so badly."
  4180. "O-okay, then, we can go home now," she offers.
  4182. "No," you say, "I want you here, now."
  4184. Arenne glances around, nervously, a blush appearing on her face.
  4186. "We're out of the way," you reassure her. "No one should come over here. And if they do... they'll turn right back around and leave. Besides, there's nothing shameful about a husband loving his wife, is there?" Your hands wander along her backside, reaching down and cupping her ass.
  4188. Arenne swallows, the noise loud in the air. "U-um, I g-guess not," she says, and you kiss her again, lifting her up by her ass; she squeaks into your mouth, and you hold her up with one hand while the other fumbles with your pants, quickly releasing your hard cock. That done, you reach up under her dress, both pulling it up and pulling down her panties; a quick check of her sex with your fingers find it only slightly moist, so rather than thrusting in suddenly, you just pull her close, so her slit rubs along your cock's lower side. Gentle motions with your hips keep your cock running back and forth along her slit as you continue to make out with her, your free hand playing with one of her small breasts through her clothes.
  4190. You pull away from your kiss, your breath heavy, your face held inches away from hers as you stare into her eyes. "Gods, you're wonderful," you murmur, and she blushes even brighter at that. "Are you ready, or do you need more time?"
  4192. Adelle's smile twitches awkwardly, uncertainly. "U-um, I'd, you know," she manages, and you just interrupt her with a kiss, guessing her meaning. With the hand that was toying with her breast, you reach down for her sex, slowly working a single finger in, then two, gingerly finger-fucking her as the two of you kiss. Her arms are thrown around your shoulders, a loose but affectionate embrace, and eventually you guess that she's as ready as she'll ever be, her fluids practically coating your hand, the contours of her inner walls hugging your fingers tightly. You pull your hand out, and wrap it around your base, gradually guiding yourself into her. She freezes up as you push into her completely, her tongue going still in her mouth.
  4194. You gradually pull out, holding her still and just moving your hips until only your tip is still inside her, before you slam in again. Over and over, each thrust making her cute little breasts bounce in her dress, and with the hand that was fingering her you now toy with her clit, running your fingers in the space around it, gently teasing her as you fuck her with long, hard strokes. She's hardly reacting at all, though, so you start to speed up your pace, pulling your mouth away from hers just enough so you can speak, your foreheads still pressed against one another. "You're beautiful," you say, "fantastic, sweet, wonderful, I can't get enough of you." You feel more than see the way she reacts to that, her body starting to squirm in a vain attempt to hump back into you as you fuck her, her juices pouring out anew on your cock.
  4196. You do your best to hold off on coming, wanting to make sure she comes at least once from this, but it's difficult; in this position, you've got limited ability to manipulate her, and you're guessing she likes the idea of semi-public sex less than she's said out loud. You grit your teeth as you keep fucking her, your fingers going wild in her crotch, a kind of desperation to make her come overtaking you.
  4198. "Come on, come on," you hiss through gritted teeth, "come on, baby, come for me, come on."
  4200. The frantic pace of your fucking and your fingers brings her along agonizingly slowly while you desperately try to keep from coming first, but somehow, through a titanic effort of will, you manage to hold off just long enough to send her into the throes of orgasm before you start shooting off inside her. You let yourself fall backwards, landing on your ass with a thump, Arenne following you with a yelp, your crotches still merged. The two of you pant on the ground for a long while, recovering from your twin orgasms, Arenne just sort of lying against your chest.
  4202. >What do you do?
  4204. ---
  4206. You wrap your arms around Arenne, cuddling with her for a little while, until you finally summon up the energy to pull out of her and pull up your pants. You find her panties and hand them back to her, and she puts them back on with a tight-lipped, awkward look. Then you sit back down, patting your lap for Arenne to hop up on. She does, leaning her back into your chest, her hair falling in waves around the space between the two of you, and you hug her tightly, giving her a couple doting little pecks on the top of the head. Her hands reach up to wrap around your arms, and you see her smile up at you once or twice.
  4208. Eventually, though, you have to go, so you tell Arenne to get up. As the two of you head back to the festival, you probe Arenne for her thoughts on the local businesses.
  4210. "I don't think there's really much here. There's the copper mine, but that's already selling out of the area, I'm sure. The local crops seem to be pretty standard fare, basic grains. You could possibly plant opium poppy here? I don't know where exactly it grows, but I know it comes down the river Arcine and sells for a lot to those who partake, so it might be possible to plant it here. Um, but I remember hearing there's sometimes problems with overfarming? Like, it's all farmers grow because it sells for so much, and then they don't have any food. That's all I can think of, off the top of my head."
  4212. You nod and attend what remains of the festival with Arenne. When you first arrive back, the commentary from the "local elite" - such as they are - consists primarily of smiles and congratulations. During the dwindling stages, you buy a bottle of wine for Adelle and munching down on a bit of finger food as the festivities finally die down. You try to track down something pretty - a necklace, a nice dress, something - but pretty much everything here fits into the category of "nice... for a peasant," so you decide not to buy anything.
  4214. You head home once the festival's pretty much over, you and Arenne arriving at home shortly before nightfall.
  4216. >What do you do?
  4218. ---
  4220. You enter your house, telling Arenne that you're going to go check on Adelle, planning on finding Kini and giving her some brushing. You're quiet as you open the door to the bedroom, wine in your off hand, and you're struck with a sudden sight: Adelle curled up, like normal, on top of... you, in the nude. The other you - Kini? - looks at you, swallowing, its eyes wide with fear, hands coming up, slowly, shakily, in a defensive pose. Adelle just murmurs softly in her sleep and curls in tighter.
  4222. >What do you do?
  4224. ---
  4226. You offer Kini a reassuring smile, put the wine down, and start undressing. You reach down for the Kini-you's head and scratch her where her ears would normally be, but she just kind of furrows her brow in irritation. "Good girl," you whisper, "now let me take your place."
  4228. Kini nods, swallowing, and gingerly tries to extricate herself from Adelle's grip, but Adelle clings more tightly in response. "Nnn, don't go," she mumbles, eyes still closed.
  4230. "Give me just a second, Adelle, I'll be right back," you whisper, and Adelle grumbles slightly but lets Kini go; Kini quickly scrambles off the bed, and you take up her earlier position, wrapping one arm possessively around Adelle as she starts to cling to you as tightly as ever before. You lean over towards her head, kissing her, gently stroking her, trying to wake her.
  4232. Eventually, she does, her face wearing a pout as her eyes open, still half-lidded. "Come on, I want to sleep, I'll do whatever you want in an hour, I promise," she murmurs, then kisses at your naked chest. A moment later, her eyes fly open and she practically jumps out of your grip, surprising you with her force. "That- that-" she says, frantically rubbing at her mouth with her hand, "you little-" Then her eyes settle on Kini, who's sitting on the floor nearby. "Oh," she says, deflating, then lets out a little sigh/laugh and coming back up close to you. "Please don't do that again, my lord. You... scared me."
  4234. >What do you do?
  4236. ---
  4238. "Aren't I allowed to be mischievious with my beloved wife?"
  4240. Adelle pouts. "You're allowed, but I'd prefer if you weren't. At least, not like that." She curls back into you, like before, her grip tight.
  4242. "I brought back a bottle of wine for you from the festival. I couldn't find anything that was beautiful enough to suit you," you flatter meaninglessly, "sorry."
  4244. "It's okay," she mumbles, "I'm just glad you're here."
  4246. "I hate to bother you," you say, and Adelle sighs and perches her chin on your chest, her eyes half-lidded and looking at you, "but there's apparently a copper elemental in the local mine, blocking off areas and making trouble. Do you know anything about that sort of thing?"
  4248. Adelle huffs again, rolling her eyes in thought. "Elementals are like monstergirls, in that they can draw on the life force in semen. But, they're different in a lot of ways. They're not really alive, so they can sleep for centuries only to be awakened by chance. They don't reproduce normally; they're more of a cosmic accident, magical power hitting things in just the right way..."
  4250. "Is there any way to make it work for us?"
  4252. Adelle lets out a long puff of air. "I don't know. Probably. I'm tired, my lord."
  4254. >What do you do?
  4256. ---
  4258. "Okay," you say, running your hand through her hair. "You can go back to sleep." Adelle pauses for a moment, watching you for movement, before giving a weak smile and curling back up onto you. You decide to let yourself drift off with her, falling asleep.
  4262. You're awoken by a pair of lips on your neck, your wife's nude body pressed up tightly against you, one hand gently stroking your chest. When you open your eyes - and you strain to see in the dark - Adelle's there, rubbing herself up against you.
  4264. "My lord," she says, voice having a slight tenor of insecurity mixed in with the obviously seductive overtones. She licks her lips as she stares up into your eyes. "I want to be the best wife I can be for you." She pauses, the hand that's not on your chest coming up to her throat and rubbing at it gently. "I know of at least one area I can improve... may I practice on you, my lord?"
  4266. >What do you do?
  4268. ---
  4270. "You may," you say, and Adelle slowly trails kisses down your chest as she makes her way to your groin. "There's some wine, if you need liquid courage." Adelle doesn't even speak, just shaking her head as she continues her passage down your stomach. "Though if I had to choose, I'd rather a happy wife than a skilled one."
  4272. Her mouth kisses once more at your groin before she pulls up, looking at you. "But my lord," she says, a light smile on her lips, "for me, they're the same thing." She gently wraps a hand around the base of your (now quite hard) cock and wraps her lips around the tip, staring up at you as she does. It's hard to see in the dark of the room and the night, but your vision has adjusted by this point to provide at least a modicum of awareness. Her expression is difficult to read in the dark, but you don't need eyes to feel the way her lips gradually press down your length until your cock is poking at the entrance to her throat.
  4274. There's a pause as Adelle takes in a single, deep breath, and starts to press slowly further down. It's not a smooth motion, and she stops and starts as she goes down, the soft sounds of gagging reaching your ears as her throat coils tightly around your cock again and again, trying to force it out even as Adelle keeps forcing more and more in. After a few long, intensely pleasurable moments, her lips are wrapped tight around your base, her eyes staring up at you. You reach down with one hand, gently patting her head. "That's," you say, your breath catching in your throat, "that's fantastic. Fuck, that's so good."
  4276. You run your fingers through her hair as she slowly pulls off, her heavy breath tingling your cock when you leave her throat. She starts to run her tongue along your base, keeping nearly half your cock inside her mouth as she gently massages it with her tongue, catching her breath.
  4278. Then she pushes herself back down, her tongue remaining active inside her mouth this time, gently running across your underside as she sputters and chokes softly on your cock. She keeps herself down for much longer this time, and she starts to cry a bit before coming up, her eyes faintly glistening with tears. She pulls off completely, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand as she catches her breath and coughs before returning to work without a word. Her pace this time is quicker, the stops and starts slightly less frequent, and her tongue keeps up its activity inside her mouth.
  4280. When she's got you completely inside of her again, she hums, sending a pulsing vibration through your cock as her gag reflex softens slightly in reaction to the change of stimulus. The feeling is so incredibly intense that your hand on her head tightens around her hair, and you make a brief, passionate thrust upward into her mouth. She stops humming, instead letting out a (very) muffled squeak. A few moments later, you regain enough control of yourself to pull her off, perhaps a bit more violently than you should've. She coughs a few times, and you speak up. "Sorry. Sorry. That was just so incredible."
  4282. She glances at you out of the corner of her eye, still letting out little, staggered coughs, and then tries to smile. "It's," a cough, "quite alright, my lord. It just means I'm doing a good job for you, doesn't it?" She wraps her lips around your cock again before you can answer, and starts to gently push herself up and down your length, enveloping your cock completely on each downward push, pulling up so that her lips wrap around the ridge of your head on each upward pull, never letting your cock completely out of her mouth as she moves up and down.
  4284. After keeping up a good rhythm for some time, Adelle pulls off, one hand wrapping around your base and slowly pumping your cock. She looks up at you. "Are you close, my lord?" She asks. "If you need to, you can... you know. Set the pace."
  4286. You move your hand down from her head, cupping her chin softly and running your thumb along her lower lip. She practically shivers in response, her eyes fixing on yours, seeming almost to drill into your soul. "I'm in charge here?" You ask, and Adelle nods, rapidly, eagerly, even if the distance covered is slight. "I set the pace?" Again, a vigorous nod. You reach down for your cock, and Adelle's hand leaves it to let yours wrap around it. You gently rub the tip of your cock against her lips in long, languid circles, teasing her gently with the sensation. You hear her groan, softly, but you also hear her breath quicken with excitement as you continue to "consider" what to do.
  4288. Eventually, you decide to let her off, and move your hand away from her chin to her head, grabbing up her hair in a clump. Her breath heightens even further, the excitement audible, and you consider teasing her some more, but you decide you want it too badly to do that. You press your cock into her mouth, a long, gradual push downward on your length, a constant, steady pace that brooks no resistance. Her throat tries admirably to stop you a couple times, but it's barely a speed bump against your strength, and after a long few incredibly pleasant gags, she's back around your base.
  4290. Only a moment later, she's humming softly, and your eyes roll up in pleasure as your hand tightens around her hair once more. That's all you can take, and you start to furiously pump up and down inside of her throat, your whole body tensing in a desperate bid for pleasure. "F-fuck, yes," you manage to say as you pull yourself inexorably towards orgasm with Adelle's mouth and throat. She takes it without the slightest complaint, that long hum helping to push you past the edge.
  4292. You orgasm with a long, guttural yell, your hips thrust upwards, Adelle held in your crotch by an iron tight grip on her hair as you jerk slightly back and forth, tapping her chin with your balls as you shoot your seed straight into her stomach.
  4294. At last, you finish coming, and flop back on the bed, releasing her hair. She removes herself from your cock the next moment, coughing a little, rubbing at her eyes with one hand as she covers her mouth with the other. It doesn't take her too long to calm down this time, though, and soon enough she's curling back up on top of you, kissing at your chest and neck. When you finally catch your breath, she speaks. "Am I getting better, my lord?"
  4296. >What do you do?
  4298. ---
  4300. "Very much so, darling," you say, wrapping your arm around her again as she curls up on top of you, her head resting on your chest. "You're incredible, and you only get moreso by the day."
  4302. Adelle hums happily, the noise carrying gently vibrations into your chest, as she snuggles her head on your chest. You gently rub her back and upper arm as she finds her spot and settles in.
  4306. When she finally falls asleep, you have to be incredibly ginger with her to avoid waking her, especially given the way she's got one arm wrapped around you. In the end, it takes several minutes, but you finally manage to do it, causing Adelle to grope around vaguely for a moment before you put a pillow in her reach. She quickly, almost consciously grabs it, curling in on it tightly and mumbling something in her sleep.
  4308. You grab your clothes and head out of the room, only dressing outside and searching out Kini. You find her in her room, sitting on the bed, her legs clutched tightly to her body as she stares at the wall. She rocks, ever so slightly, back and forth. You sit down next to her, and she flinches, but doesn't move away. You start to scratch her behind the ears, earning that weird little purr once more as she rubs her head back into your fingers, her arms still tightly wrapped around her legs.
  4310. "You've been a very good girl today. What would you like, pet?"
  4312. "I want to go home," she mumbles, her voice faint.
  4314. "Now, you know you can't go home. The guards kicked you out of the city, remember?"
  4316. "O-oh..." Kini says, voice draining of all hope, "r-right..."
  4318. "Something else, though?"
  4320. "I-I d-don't want to get p-punished ag-gain."
  4322. >What do you do?
  4324. ---
  4326. "You won't be, so long as you're a good girl. I promise."
  4328. "Y-y-y-" she's shaking like a leaf, her eyes wide in a mixture of terror and concentration. "you s-s-s-said that before. Master. Master. Master. Sorry master, sorry master, sorry master, I didn't mean to forget to call you by your title, please don't hurt me master, please, sorry, sorry." She curls in on herself even further, to the extent that such a thing is even possible, and rocks back and forth intensely, full of vigor.
  4330. "I know I said it before. I was reminding you."
  4332. "Y-y-y-" she swallows. "You, you, you said that, and then, you, you were going to, to, you were going to," she starts crying, "but I was good, I was a good girl, I was a good girl, but, you, you were going to, to anyway. And, and I was so scared, p-please, master," she mumbles.
  4334. >What do you do?
  4336. ---
  4338. "Shh, shh," you say, stroking Kini's hair gently. "I'm not going to hurt you. You've been a good girl. You don't have to be afraid."
  4340. "Y-you said that, before," she stammers.
  4342. "I did," you say, softly, still stroking her head, occasionally scratching her behind the ears. "Why are you afraid?"
  4344. "Y-you said that before, and then, you were going to punish me, but I was a good girl, but you were going to punish me. I-I don't, I just," she mumbles.
  4346. "When was I going to punish you?"
  4348. "Wh-" she swallows, "when, you were asking questions, about the sword. I- I hadn't done anything, and I'd been good, and, you, you were going to punish me, master, master sorry master, I forgot again, master, please forgive me master..."
  4350. "Shh, shh," you say, pulling Kini onto your lap and cuddling her as best you can while she remains in the fetal position, and you scratch her behind the ears. "I wasn't going to punish you."
  4352. "Yes, master, whatever you say, master," she says, eyes staring at the wall, though you can tell she doesn't believe it.
  4354. "I just had some questions I needed answered."
  4356. "Yes, master, of course, master."
  4358. You let out a grunt of irritation, which makes Kini flinch, and you sigh. "Pet. I'm not going to punish you now. I wasn't going to punish you then. Were you lying?"
  4360. "No, master, I wasn't lying, master, please, master, don't hurt me, master."
  4362. "Then I wouldn't punish you. I just needed to know the answers to those questions. I never planned on punishing you."
  4364. "I-it," she starts, then stops herself. "Yes, master, whatever you say, master."
  4366. You keep diligently scratching her head even as you close your eyes in irritation and take a long, deep breath. "What were you going to say first, pet?"
  4368. She swallows. "I-it didn't s-seem li-like that to me, master. I was afraid, master, and I hadn't done anything bad, master, I'm sorry, master," she breaks down crying again. "Please don't punish me, master."
  4370. "I'm not going to punish you. I wasn't going to punish you then. I'll - I'll try not to give you a false impression like that in the future, pet. Okay? That's what you want, right?"
  4372. She just nods, silent, but her sobs start to abate.
  4374. >What do you do?
  4376. ---
  4378. You keep scratching away, whispering soft nothings to her, trying to reassure the little tanukigirl that everything is okay, that she's safe here, that this place is her new home, that she can be happy here, that you're not going to punish her.
  4380. It's tiring - your wrist starts to hurt after a while and you switch out hands - but eventually her shivering slowly dwindles down to nothing, though it takes her a very long time to uncurl from the fetal position.
  4382. After a somehow even longer period of time, which surely shows a saintly act of patience on your part, her eyelids start to droop, and you let her off your lap; she curls up on her little pile of pillows and closes her eyes to go to sleep.
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