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  1. [01:20:32] <Joanna> DATE: Spring 48
  2. [01:20:53] <Joanna> Joanna is playing with a Squirtle while manning the counter.
  3. [01:24:32] <Clarity> GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWN.  Amazingly, it really DOES sound something like that.  The monstrosity releases its cries from far beyond, in a room at the back.  And while all the critters inside are likely deeply unsettled, it isn't until almost five years later it emerges from its natural habitat, wiping its eyes.  The beast shows up and regards Joanna with some sort of intent... the waking kind.
  4. [01:24:47] <Clarity> "Mmmm~  Goooooood mooooooorning.  What'd I miss?"
  5. [01:26:00] * Joanna pulls out three eggs from behind the counter and shows them to Raven, while Gusher dances around them.
  6. [01:29:04] <Raven> Raven Gaassssps
  7. [01:29:15] <Raven> "THREE eggs!?"
  8. [01:29:35] <Joanna> "Hm. It's less than average, but it's pretty good."
  9. [01:30:11] * Clarity has a similar reaction in her half-awake state upon leaving the room... okay, it's more like 'bowling Raven over' than 'gasping,' really. Or at least leaning on. "Ohhhhh... he really did all that?"
  10. [01:30:26] <Raven> "We...might need to find a home for one then. But either way, I'm here to pick up any other posters you had, if any - OOF"
  11. [01:30:29] <Clarity> A whistle.  "Skyyyyy must've been busy~"
  12. [01:30:33] <Joanna> "Now, I'm going to keep one and Raven gets one. What are you planning for the last one?"
  13. [01:30:56] <Clarity> "Whoops!"  At least some effort's expended to keep her from falling over... kind of.
  14. [01:31:11] <Raven> "Um...hm."
  15. [01:31:21] <Raven> "Maybe we can find someone else who'd like to adopt it?"
  16. [01:31:32] <Joanna> And look at that! Sky comes out from outside.
  17. [01:31:51] <Joanna> "There you are, Sky."
  18. [01:31:55] <Clarity> Her head shakes a bunch of times to get the sleep out.  "Good mornin', hot stuff!  How'd it go?"  Wink wink.
  19. [01:32:58] <Raven> "...I'm going to run some posters over to the library, curious if either of the siblings would want one."
  20. [01:33:03] <Clarity> ... Cough.  "Right.  I dunno if he'd want to keep his own kids around or not.... well, I mean, I dunno where they'd stay.  Then again, all he does is follow me around!"  Clarity starts scratching her head, in a goofy way.  Oh, and her hair's really messed up since she crashed with her ponytail still up.  Seriously, who DOES that?
  21. [01:34:02] <Joanna> "Maka or Submission? Yeah, that's a good idea!" Joanna hands Raven two posters.
  22. [01:34:34] <Raven> "I'll let you know how that goes shortly," she hurries on out!
  23. [01:34:39] <Clarity> Arms held out, the Shinx jumps into them.  He gets a good pat on the head with some more goofy grinning.  "Ohh, yeah, 'Ka and Missy?  I just gave those two some fish.  I'm sure they'd like some living presents too... something like that."
  24. [01:34:58] * Clarity gives a big wave, waking up a bit more. "Good luck! Don't forget to mention I said hi~!"
  25. [01:35:57] <Joanna> "...you're not coming with her?"
  26. [01:36:31] * Clarity heads off after a few sleepy mumbled words of apparent thanks to Joanna. She left her rod all the way back at who knows where, meaning there's yet another adventure to be had. And the whole time she talks to the animal. "Nah! I just realized I was gonna do something! Take care of his kids, 'kay?"
  27. [01:37:35] <Raven> Raven enters in quite a peppy mood!  "Oh, Maka! Good, was hoping you'd be here."
  28. [01:38:34] * @Maka barely noticed Raven come in, but when she hears her voice, she quickly shoves her writing into the desk drawer, slamming it shut. "D-don't sneak up on me like that."
  29. [01:39:29] * Terri just sleeps in the bed he rented.
  30. [01:39:34] <Raven> Raven...notices this, but has other things in mind. "I got two questions.  First, you mind if I hang one of these around here? It's for Mrs. Baker's breeding service," She shows her the poster
  31. [01:40:30] * Terri eventually gets hungry, wakes up, and wanders off.
  32. [01:41:15] <@Maka> "A poster...?" Maka gets up to inspect it and takes a careful look. "Um...I guess there's room here." She leads Raven to a blank space on the wall.
  33. [01:42:34] <@Maka> "I was hoping the other villagers would help make a map of the valley to hang up, but..." Maka trails off and shrugs.
  34. [01:43:14] <Raven> She nods.  "Okay," and hangs it with whatever Joanna supplied her with.  "Also...due to a little business transaction, she currently has a spare Shinx egg that someone needs to adopt!"
  35. [01:43:43] <@Maka> "A Shinx egg...?" Maka perks up a bit.
  36. [01:45:33] <Raven> "mhm!"
  37. [01:45:52] <Raven> "I...made a deal of sorts with that Clarity girl.  And now we have a litter of eggs down at the daycare"
  38. [01:48:28] <@Maka> "With...oh! So Sky had kids? Cute!" Maka stands back and looks at the poster before grabbing a pencil out of her pocket and sketching a small family of Shinx in the corner. Her hand moves blindingly fast as she draws. "Um...Could I have the spare egg then?"
  39. [01:48:58] <Raven> "I was hoping you'd say that! They should be hatching in a few days.  I'll go tell Joanna your answer!"
  40. [01:50:17] <@Maka> "Mmm...." Maka finishes the sketch. "Oh! Come back in a few days. I'm getting a new shipment of books!" she beams at Raven. "Isn't that great?"
  41. [01:52:00] <Raven> "Oh! That's good to hear!  Really happy that all the little businesses in town are starting to expand a little."
  42. [01:54:04] * @Maka waves to Raven as she leaves, then, after watching to make sure she's sufficiently far away, she returns to her desk and resumes writing...
  43. [01:54:10] <Raven> "I'll see you later!" she hurries on out, happy things went so smoothly!
  44. [01:54:36] <Clarity> Upon finishing her business, Raven would return home later that day to find Maki sitting next to - and possibly eating - a big bucket of fish, with a teenager snoring on her couch.  And that was just another regular day.
  45. [01:55:48] <Joanna> FIRST SHINX!
  46. [01:55:54] <Joanna> 6d12
  47. [01:55:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, 6d12: 25 [6d12=3,10,1,3,3,5]
  48. [01:56:00] <Joanna> 2d12
  49. [01:56:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, 2d12: 11 [2d12=9,2]
  50. [01:56:09] <Joanna> We have...
  51. [01:56:50] <Joanna> Helping Hand, Swift, Double Kick, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Signal Beam.
  52. [01:57:25] <Joanna> SECOND SHINX!
  53. [01:57:28] <Joanna> 6d12
  54. [01:57:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, 6d12: 39 [6d12=11,5,12,5,4,2]
  55. [01:57:37] <Joanna> 1d12
  56. [01:57:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, 1d12: 10 [1d12=10]
  57. [01:58:18] <Joanna> Take Down, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Howl, Fire Fang, Swift.
  60. [02:03:28] * Joanna watches the egg on the counter intensely, it being bundled up in a blanket.
  61. [02:04:01] <Raven> Raven watches closely, hugging Maki tight with anticipation
  62. [02:05:17] <Joanna> DATE: Spring 50
  63. [02:05:31] <Joanna> And the top starts to crack just a little.
  64. [02:05:37] * Clarity isn't there. Poor Raven discovered the hard way that Clarity wasn't kidding about her sleep habits... but at least Maki got some good dinner out of it. And who knew what was even happening right now?
  65. [02:06:07] <Raven> Raven gets all red in the face with anticipiation
  66. [02:07:02] <Joanna> Crack, crack! And a beam of light shoots out from the egg. "Raven, if I were you, I'd cover my eyes." Joanna said, covering her eyes.
  67. [02:07:15] <Raven> "Why would I do that?"
  68. [02:07:34] <Joanna> AND THEN A FLASH BANG HAPPENS.
  69. [02:08:24] <Raven> Raven "Waah!"
  70. [02:08:34] <Raven> "what was that?"
  71. [02:08:56] * Joanna then uncovered her eyes, seeing a new Shinx. "Egg physics."
  72. [02:10:09] <Raven> Raven looks at the Shinx, barely able to contain herself. "so...adorable!"
  73. [02:10:39] <Joanna> "So, what are you going to name..." PEEK.
  74. [02:10:43] <Joanna> "Him."
  75. [02:11:14] <Raven> Raven scoops him up with no hesitation.  "Hewwooo little one!  From now on, you shall be known as Hei!"
  76. [02:12:23] * Raven cuddles. "I can't thank you enough, Joanna!"
  77. [02:14:03] <Joanna> "No problem." Joanna sweeps up the remainer of the shell.
  79. [02:05:16] <Maka> 1d2;1d3;1d35
  80. [02:05:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d2: 2 [1d2=2]; 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]; 1d35: 20 [1d35=20]
  81. [02:05:34] <Maka> Female, Rivalry, Quiet
  83. [02:18:27] <Raven> 1d3 ability
  84. [02:18:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, ability: 3 [1d3=3]
  85. [02:18:34] <Raven> 1d35 nature
  86. [02:18:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, nature: 16 [1d35=16]
  88. [02:27:24] <@Maka> It is Spring 51 at the Oran Village library. Maka has just received a modest shipment of new books for the library and is busy tidying up the front desk to display the new acquisitions.
  89. [02:27:52] <Clarity> And outside... knock.  Seriously, who knocks on a LIBRARY?
  90. [02:27:55] <Clarity> Knocknock.
  91. [02:28:18] <@Maka> "You can come in, the library's open to everyone." Maka sounds more chipper than usual.
  92. [02:28:18] <Clarity> Knocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknocknock, the cacopohony continues.
  93. [02:28:42] * Jack approaches the library, oddly enough no Pokemon at his side. He quirks a brow at Clarity's knock, then proceeds to just open the door and enter.
  94. [02:28:50] <Clarity> .... And the doors BURST open.  "Oh right!  I forgot about that!"
  95. [02:28:58] <Clarity> ... Well, you know, one door burst open.  The other didn't.
  96. [02:29:10] <Jack> "Hello there."
  97. [02:29:17] <Clarity> In her arms is a tiny animal, with a much larger one on her shoulder.  "Look what IIIIIII brooooought~"
  98. [02:29:58] * @Maka hums happily as she sets down two books on stands at the front desk. The titles are A Tale of Two Skitties and Great Expectateons. "Hi, are you here to see the library's ne- oh, is that my Shinx?"
  99. [02:30:15] <Clarity> "Oh, and good morn- oh whoops, didn't mean to be standin' right there."  She steps out of Jack's way, walking AROUND toward the counter.
  100. [02:30:53] * Clarity lets the baby down on the counter, almost blushing at how adorable it is. "Yeah, this's the one! Sky's real proud of it, y'know?"
  101. [02:32:24] * @Maka pats it on the head. "Aw, it's cute." then she notices Jack "Oh um...sorry, I got caught up in that...Are you here to see the new books?" she beams.
  102. [02:33:35] * Jack smiles, then scratches the back of head, "Oh, don't worry about it. And not quite. I'm mostly wondering if you've got any books about do-it-yourself construction." He clearly has an idea for something.
  103. [02:36:06] <@Maka> "Oh..." Maka gives her Shinx one last affectionate rub before getting up. She looks slightly disappointed. "Welllll..." she scans the shelves. "those kind of books are okay. I've been trying to get more novels though.I might have something near the medical books there." She points towards a small shelf.
  104. [02:37:15] * Clarity lets Sky loose on the desk, leaning on it herself. Because the library is busy like this a lot more often than usual. Of course, all he does is sit next down next to his offspring affectionately.
  105. [02:38:44] <@Maka> Clarity probably notices one last book that hasn't been put on display yet sitting on the desk. Seems like Maka's been reading it. It's labeled Boldorano.
  106. [02:39:37] <Clarity> Good thing that fits perfectly with the kind of person Clarity is.  On Maka's way back she'd already grabbed and is flipping through it.  "Hey, what's this all about?"  For the record, she's also reading it left-to-right.
  107. [02:41:51] * @Maka yoinks a book off the shelf and hands it to Jack. Lots of bookmarks peek out between the pages and there are clearly notes scribbled in the margins. "Sub uses this one as a reference sometimes. So try to leave the bookmarks in place when you read it okay?"
  108. [02:42:12] <zzzBigTentacruel> (Lol but Sub can't read, Cast.)
  109. [02:42:20] <@Maka> (wait, are you fucking kidding me?)
  110. [02:42:33] <@Maka> (Maka would've tried to teach him, at least enough to use a reference book)
  111. [02:42:45] <zzzBigTentacruel> (Lol. He probably hides it from her.)
  112. [02:42:56] <Jack> ("Uh, yeah, I'm reading it.")
  113. [02:43:01] <@Maka> (so...he's PRETENDED to use this book as a reference then. gotcha. :P)
  114. [02:43:15] <Clarity> (Timid girls don't know the difference!)
  115. [02:43:17] <zzzBigTentacruel> (He uses the pictures. :P Anyway, sorry to disrupt. Carry on.)
  116. [02:43:56] * Jack takes it with a smile, "I see. I've met him, yes. I think this will be a great help. Thanks!'
  117. [02:44:56] <@Maka> "You're welcome. Um...are you sure you don't want a novel too? We have a few other than the new ones...The Old Man and the Seaking is really good."
  118. [02:45:17] <Clarity> Fliiiipflipflipflip, back at the desk.  "Huh.  This plot's really weird."
  119. [02:47:11] <Jack> "Old Man and the Seaking? Sounds like something that Iona girl would like," he ponders, "perhaps I'll give it a look. I'm Jack, by the way."
  120. [02:48:45] <@Maka> "I'm Maka, I'm the libr- oh...you probably already realized that. It's um, nice to meet you Jack." Maka ducks away to another shelf and returns with The Old Man and the Seaking.
  121. [02:48:50] <Clarity> "Almost like it's.. backwards or something."  Flipflip.
  122. [02:50:25] <Clarity> 1d20-3 it's a challenge
  123. [02:50:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, it's a challenge: 10 [1d20=13]
  124. [02:51:19] * Clarity is already leaning over the desk to the point of practically sitting on it. Sky walks over and tries to read the 'book' as well-- he looks just as confused. Flip flip.
  125. [02:54:10] <@Maka> Jack: The other book you were handed is titled Hurr Durr Gurdurrs: A Practical Guide to Construction
  126. [02:54:16] * Jack puts down the other book to take this one and scan through it briefly, "Interesting. I'll find time to read this, I'm sure."
  127. [02:57:09] <@Maka> "I hope so!" Maka walks back to the desk to pick up her record-keeping binder. "...Clarity, you're reading it backwards again. It's like Buneary Drop, remember?" She shakes her head and returns to Jack with the binder. "Um...just sign here and mark the books you've checked out. Bring them back in uh...20 days. And if you want to keep them longer, ask me and I'll make sure no one wants them."
  128. [02:58:32] <Clarity> "OHHH!  That's what that was all about!  I knew it started off like an ending."  Grinning goofily, she flips it around... as in, begins reading it upside-down.  It actually takes a few seconds of squinting and weird looks before flipping it around again and starting at the beginning with a "Huh."
  129. [03:00:14] <Jack> "Sounds resonable," Jack comments before signing, his attention then going to the derpy girl who tried to read a book upside down.
  130. [03:01:29] <Clarity> The 'derpy girl' spends all her time shifting positions on top of the desk, leaning and sometimes lying straight on it.  Obviously it's difficult to get a good position to read in... and both Shinx give her weird looks too.  Like father like etc.
  131. [03:04:54] * @Maka returns the binder to the desk, picking up her Shinx instead and sighing audibly at seeing Clarity's position. "Uh, so Jack, are you new to town?"
  132. [03:05:46] <Jack> "A bit. I moved here at the start of the season," he explains, his attention drifting back to Maka, "Came here from Imperia City."
  133. [03:06:21] * Clarity slowly shifts the book down, glancing at the man. Jack... Jack. Her crazy mind wanders all sorts of ways the world is probably better off knowing, flipping in the 'book' becoming much slower.
  134. [03:06:56] <@Maka> "Oh..." Maka goes silent for a few seconds and stares down at her Shinx, thinking. "...um, they have a lot of big bookstores in the city, right? You wouldn't happen to have..."
  135. [03:08:39] <Terri> (What's your door made out of, Maka?)
  136. [03:08:48] <@Maka> (wood)
  137. [03:08:57] <Terri> (Good.)
  138. [03:09:00] <Clarity> (that poor door)
  139. [03:09:18] <Terri> (Nah. I'd be more worried if it were glass.)
  140. [03:10:53] * Jack shakes his head, "I'm afraid not. I didn't bring much with me but a bit of money."
  141. [03:10:58] <Terri> you hear a rough fiddling with the door knob, and after about 15 seconds of that, loud knocking.
  142. [03:11:29] <Clarity> "Ooh ooh!  I wanna do it!"  With a plop, the half-opened 'book' gets painfully dropped on the counter.
  143. [03:11:55] <@Maka> "Aww...It's so hard to get books here in the country..." Maka sighs as she hears the knocking. "...it's the library, you can come in."
  144. [03:12:12] * Clarity CATAPAULTS over the counter and SMASHES the door open... ignoring Maka's words to the man.
  145. [03:12:44] <Terri> "Uh. Hi."
  146. [03:12:45] <Clarity> "... Oh, it's just Buff Guy!  C'mon in!"
  147. [03:13:35] <@Maka> "....oh no it's the loud guy..." Maka shrinks back a bit and slumps down in her chair. "...a-are you here to check out a book?"
  148. [03:13:40] <Terri> "Is this the capturey ball thingies store?"
  149. [03:14:03] <@Maka> "N-no, that's Arawn's place. This is the library."
  150. [03:14:13] * Jack instictively covers Maka a bit protectively, "Uh, no, this is the library. With the books..."
  151. [03:14:23] * Clarity drifts off romantically. "But of course~ Books capture all kinds of..." A pause. "Oh wait, no, that's the other place."
  152. [03:14:45] <Terri> "What's a librareey? Books....books..."
  153. [03:14:57] * Terri points to a book. "Book?"
  154. [03:15:29] * Clarity marches back over to the counter, picking up the half-read volume. And of course, she turns it around and flips the open pages at him. "Yeah! Y'know, with cool pictures and stuff!"
  155. [03:15:30] * @Maka 's eyes dart between Clarity and Jack. Her expression is half-fear half-is-this-guy-for-real.
  156. [03:15:45] <Terri> (He knows what a book is, but isnt quite sure of himself. He hasn't seen one in years.)
  157. [03:16:15] * Jack is pretty lost too, but doesn't give up, "Uh, you know, the things you read?" he points to one.
  158. [03:16:19] <Terri> "Brother used to have a few of these. Not this many though."
  159. [03:16:23] <@Maka> "...no Clarity, not all books have pictures...that one's manga...and you're holding it upside down now."
  160. [03:16:42] <Clarity> "Oh yeah.  W-Well, you know, the good ones do!"  Flip.
  161. [03:17:37] <Terri> "Not very tasty."
  162. [03:18:20] <@Maka> "No, books aren't for eating!" Maka's voice is strained and quiet.
  163. [03:18:48] <Terri> "No. They're not. Brother yelled at me."
  164. [03:19:04] <Clarity> A nod-along.  "Yeah, they taste pretty weird.  Kinda like, uh, what would you call that-- a mix of moldy bread and grass or something?"
  165. [03:19:47] <@Maka> "Um, so are you here to check out a book? We don't have any apricorn balls here."
  166. [03:20:07] <Terri> "Ok."
  167. [03:22:46] <Clarity> "Oh, sorry, here you go.  That was a lot better than the last one."  Closed neatly and plopped on the counter, the manga finds itself face-up.  You know, because it's backwards again.  But more importantly, Clarity herself finally hops up, looking Maka straight in the eyes.  "By the way, did you give her a naaaame yet?  You should totally do that, I can help this guy out!  Promise!"
  168. [03:23:34] * @Maka waves a hand at the bookshelves around. "Feel free to take a look...did I catch yo-" she ducks around Clarity. "did I catch your name? Are you new to town too?"
  169. [03:24:08] <Terri> "Im Terri. I live in forest."
  170. [03:24:12] * Clarity pouts a little. "Aww, c'mon."
  171. [03:24:45] * Terri goes and picks a random book that looks STRONG. AKA the first relatively thick book he can find.
  172. [03:25:39] * Terri opens it in the middle. Upsidedown. And backwards.
  173. [03:25:59] <@Maka> "...in the forest?" Maka looks puzzled and starts sketching something, nervously glancing at Terri once in a while. Once he's far enough away, she whispers to Jack "...Do you know him?"
  174. [03:26:27] <@Maka> Terri: first big thick book is probably a large book on medicinal plants in the area. It's quite verbose.
  175. [03:27:03] * Clarity is the only one to approach him, and staaaaaaaares upon doing so. "Whoa, is that really what I look like? Aw man, that's pretty embarrassing." Reaching for it, she tries her best to flip it around in his hands. "Here you go, Buff Guy!"
  176. [03:27:20] * Jack looks to Maka, then shakes her head.
  177. [03:28:35] * Terri flips through the pages.
  178. [03:28:57] <Terri> "Tasty plant, yucky plant, tasty plant... Bad plant, gross plant..."
  179. [03:29:00] * @Maka sighs and continues sketching. It's a picture of four Shinx, one bigger with Sky written above its head. Another smaller one has Kristeva written above it. "Uh...Clarity, do you know what Joanna and Raven named their Shinxes?"
  180. [03:32:25] * Clarity gives a teenagey giggle at Terri and his... antics before turning and walking back around. "Hmmm... I think so."
  181. [03:33:17] <Clarity> "I know the Daycare Lady said something about... Leek?  Lean?  Something close to that.  And the Small-Animal-Loving Guard... Hay, I'm pretty sure!"
  182. [03:33:36] * @Maka shoves the sketch at Clarity and forces a pencil in her hand.
  183. [03:34:37] * Jack looks between Maka and Clarity a bit confused.
  184. [03:34:44] <Jack> "Joanna's been busy, I take it?"
  185. [03:35:37] <@Maka> "Yup." Maka hugs her Shinx. "You've met Joanna already? Do you breed pokemon too?"
  186. [03:36:08] <Clarity> "Oh yeah!  She did spell it out, I think.  Somethin' like this."  At least her handwriting isn't hideous and unreadable... 'Link' gets scrawled over one.  But the other one, unfortunately, is cursed to be 'Hay' for life.  Because that dialect just isn't something a lazy fisherperson is going to understand anytime soon.  It's happily handed back.  "So... Kris.. tee.. vuh?  That's what you're calling her?"
  187. [03:36:37] <Clarity> "Oh man, that really IS pretty cute!  Pfft, Sky, I wish I was looking at a Kristeva when I was naming you."  Nodding at herself, the Shinx glares.
  188. [03:37:11] * Jack shakes his head, "No, I'm not much of a breeder. I prefer to train them...as, er, odd as that may sound." Training Pokemon for battle really was not a big thing yet.
  189. [03:38:25] <Clarity> "Whoaaaa!  That's really awesome!  You mean they actually help out and do things besides just waking you up from naps?"
  190. [03:38:26] * Terri sets the book down and looks for another.
  191. [03:38:58] <Terri> (BTW Boris is with Terri. Boris is almost never in his pokeball.)
  192. [03:38:59] * @Maka takes the sketch back, giving a skeptical look at the written names and simply nods back to Clarity, not bothering to correct her pronunciation. "Train them for what? I've tried to train Sartre to help with the library, but..." Sartre the Wynaut is off on a corner of the desk looking derpy and cute.
  193. [03:39:48] <Jack> "Well, yeah, you can teach them," he explains, "I train mine mostly to fight, but Taro also has a good nose for finding things. Back in the city, Pokemon battling is something of a sport."
  194. [03:41:35] <Terri> "Boris fight badmen with me."
  195. [03:41:41] <@Maka> "To fight...? You should talk to Raven. She's the new town guard captain, and she wanted people to help defend the village...like from that bandit raid a few days ago."
  196. [03:42:58] <Clarity> A miniature pout.  "I'm not sure if Sky could ever do something like that, he's WAAAY too nice.  Back in town I just ended up hitting a bunch of guys in the face with dead fish."  A sigh.  "Oh crap, I've been here all along and didn't even introduce myself, did I?"
  197. [03:43:04] <Terri> "Terri fail. Big badman ran. Could not catch."
  198. [03:43:04] * Jack nods, "Ah, yeah, I heard about that. I was out hunting, or I would have lended a hand. I'll definitely seek her out to speak with her."
  199. [03:43:14] * @Maka begins sketching again as she speaks to Jack. This time it appears to be a giant Boldore fighting a giant Nincada with sparks coming out of its mouth.
  200. [03:43:36] <Clarity> A big leap off the desk, extending a hand to Jack with a goofy grin.  "Sorry 'bout that!  I'm Clarity, nice to meet you, John!"
  201. [03:43:39] <Terri> "Badmen hurt Boris."
  202. [03:43:42] * Terri scowls.
  203. [03:43:55] * Terri then pats Boris on the head.
  204. [03:44:30] <Jack> "Er, just call me Jack," he seems rather unaccostumed to being adressed by hiis proper name, but takes the hand, if with a bit of surprise, "Nice to meet you."
  205. [03:45:41] <Clarity> "Oh, my bad, James.  Everyone calls me Clar, too!  Everyone including..."  She starts to count on her fingers, only one of them being raised.  "Oh right.  Nevermind."
  206. [03:46:26] <Terri> "Im Terri."
  207. [03:47:02] * Terri then picks up another large book, and starts to read it again, backwards, and upsidedown.
  208. [03:48:25] <@Maka> (99% of the books in the library are practical handbooks, so just pick something reasonable if you want to describe what Terri's picked up)
  209. [03:48:49] <Terri> 1d100
  210. [03:48:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d100: 41 [1d100=41]
  211. [03:48:54] <Terri> Fish.
  212. [03:50:25] * Terri points to the pictures. "These things underwater, yes?"
  213. [03:50:32] * Clarity shoots a side-glance. "Oh, whoa, hey, Buff Guy, hold on now. I know all about those."
  214. [03:54:36] <Terri> "Oh?"
  215. [03:55:12] <Clarity> "Yeah.  They're really good to eat... oh boy, don't tell me you don't know how to fish?"  She almost gasps in shock.
  216. [03:56:54] <Terri> "Tasty fish?"
  217. [03:58:41] * @Maka watches Clarity and Terri handle the book, and when she's convinced they're not going to destroy anything, she returns to tidying her desk. After about half a minute of silence. "Oh um...Jack? Do you know anyone who can bring books from the city here to the village? I'd buy them..."
  218. [03:58:42] <Clarity> "You really don't... do you?  Holy Miltank, with those muscles who KNOWS what you'd be able to fish up?  I gotta show you sometime if you're not yankin' my chain here."  A brief pause to think.  "I don't really think I've had any fish that weren't tasty, anyway!"
  219. [03:59:22] <Terri> "I think...long time ago. River. Tiny."
  220. [04:00:20] <Terri> "Before badmen."
  221. [04:01:04] <Clarity> "Oh, yeah.  The river down thattaway?"  She points toward where the Sunglow River probably is.  Not like Clarity herself is a master of direction or anything.
  222. [04:01:38] <Terri> "No."
  223. [04:01:49] * Terri points NW.
  224. [04:03:03] <Clarity> "Oh, huh.  So you're not from around here?"  Mini-sigh.  "Dunno what that feels like.  I've lived here my whole life."
  225. [04:03:19] <Terri> "From..."
  226. [04:03:26] * Terri thinks about it for a minute.
  227. [04:03:27] <@Maka> 1d20+6 cc
  228. [04:03:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, cc: 14 [1d20=8]
  229. [04:03:34] <Terri> "River ford."
  230. [04:03:39] <@Maka> (IT BEGINS)
  231. [04:03:42] <Terri> "No...Ford River."
  232. [04:04:04] <@Maka> (while we're at it...)
  233. [04:04:19] <@Maka> 1d20+9 family finder dc 15
  234. [04:04:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, family finder dc 15: 12 [1d20=3]
  235. [04:04:32] <@Maka> 1d20+9 one last try
  236. [04:04:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, one last try: 17 [1d20=8]
  237. [04:06:01] <Clarity> "Hmm, yeah.  'River Sunglow' just wouldn't have the same ring to it."
  238. [04:08:05] <@Maka> A few strange letters float out from behind the bookshelves and settle a couple feet above the library desk, eyes fixated on Maka. She promptly covers herself with a book. "Oh no they're here again..."
  239. [04:08:31] * Clarity spins around. "Whoa."
  240. [04:08:31] <Terri> "Who here? Badmen?"
  241. [04:09:32] * Terri sets the book down.
  242. [04:09:36] <Terri> and looks around
  243. [04:09:55] <Clarity> "That totally IS a good question."  Slowly walking up and tring to poke at them.  Sky gives a few weird looks too.  "Uh, are they friends of yours, 'ka?"
  244. [04:11:00] * @Maka shakes her head furiously and holds an open book out in front toward the Unown, as far from her face as she can stretch her arms. They all slowly turn to stare at the book.
  245. [04:11:36] <Terri> "Huh? Weird dark things."
  246. [04:12:23] <Clarity> "Definitely.  They look kinda cool, though.  Hey Sky, wanna take one with us?"  He gives a weird look.  She gives a weird look back.  This happens often.
  247. [04:13:31] <@Maka> "T-they're not cool. At all!" Maka retreats from the Unown, making a circle around her desk as she goes. They just continue to stare, some at her, some at the open copy of Great Expectateons she's holding.
  248. [04:14:09] * Terri pokes one in curiousity.
  249. [04:14:49] <Clarity> "You're kidding, right?  These things are awesome!  Bet I can catch one~!"  Sillily, she actually does make an attempt to grab at a few, to little avail.  Sky swats at one and gives up.
  250. [04:14:59] <@Maka> It gently floats up as Terri tries to reach toward it.
  251. [04:16:15] <@Maka> "No, they show up as I'm reading and ohnomakeitgoawaywhyme" One Unown dives close to Maka's face before fluttering off again to orbit around her head. Staring.
  252. [04:17:35] <Clarity> A weird look.  "Really?  I don't think it'd be that bad to have these little guys around while napping... it's not like they seem to really DO anything."  A few more attempts to poke at and grab some, before standing still and thinking.  "... I wonder what they'd taste like?"
  253. [04:17:50] <Terri> "Bad letters. No scare person."
  254. [04:18:06] * Terri tries to jump up and grab one.
  255. [04:18:15] <Terri> 1d20+6 DEX
  256. [04:18:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, DEX: 26 [1d20=20]
  257. [04:18:50] <@Maka> "They were...g-gone for a while though. Then...then I got the new books today. Maybe a bad person put them in the new manga I got. Who would do that?" ;_;
  258. [04:19:18] <@Maka> (oh christ, I actually don't know what happens with a nat 20 on that. dox just told me to run the Unown like they were before)
  259. [04:19:30] <Clarity> (It gets TAKEN HOME)
  260. [04:19:39] <Paradox> Terri disappears.
  261. [04:19:44] <Paradox> So does the unown.
  262. [04:19:46] <Clarity> (... SOMEONE gets taken home)
  263. [04:19:47] <Terri> D:
  264. [04:20:04] <Clarity> "... Whoa.  Wait, what?"
  265. [04:20:18] <Clarity> "Buff... Guy?"
  266. [04:20:22] <@Maka> "W-w-wWHAT?!" Maka whirls around. "No no no I don't want to disappear." ;-;
  267. [04:20:53] <Clarity> "What... if he's just invisible?  Uh, don't panic, come over here."  Sky jumps into her arms all of a sudden.
  268. [04:22:26] * @Maka runs to the nearest bookshelf and grabs an armful of books to dump on her desk. She flips them all open. "I-if you're there, you can r-read my b-books. All of them." She spins around looking through the library.
  269. [04:23:18] <Clarity> "Holy crap, calm down!  Just leave them alone... yeah, that's it.  That'll do it."  Nod nod gulp.
  270. [04:23:21] <Terri> 1d20-5
  271. [04:23:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-5: 10 [1d20=15]
  272. [04:23:59] * @Maka grabs Kristeva and Sartre, hugging them close. "But...but they follow me! they show up and follow me."
  273. [04:24:22] <Clarity> "And I think you're scaring her more than they are."  She points at the little Shinx that's being cradled almost stranglingly close.
  274. [04:26:30] * @Maka relents and stops squeezing her pokemon. She pokes at a volume of Boldorano. "Do you...do you think this has to do with it? They haven't shown up for a while...but now that I got new books today...maybe they came from the books!"
  275. [04:26:41] <Clarity> A deep sigh while walking a little closer to where Maka's standing.  "'Kay, little guys... you're not gonna hurt anyone, right?"  She also stares pleadingly at the Unown.
  276. [04:27:03] <Terri> 1d20-3
  277. [04:27:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 14 [1d20=17]
  278. [04:27:12] <Paradox> (ooh, almost)
  279. [04:27:12] <Clarity> "I dunno!  Books usually didn't summon things like that before.  Maybe they're aliens?"
  280. [04:27:27] <Paradox> Terri appears again, in the middle of the library.
  281. [04:27:38] <Paradox> He's holding his axe, and a sword, and wearing armor.
  282. [04:27:47] <Paradox> The sword and the axe are both bloody.
  283. [04:28:00] * @Maka is in the middle of flipping through A Tale of Two Skitties and shaking it. "Oh..oh! Terri, a-are you okay?!"
  284. [04:28:07] <Terri> "Huh?"
  285. [04:28:11] <Clarity> "Holy freakin' crap!  You alright, Buff Guy?"
  286. [04:28:21] <Terri> "I feel heavy."
  287. [04:28:36] <Terri> 1d20-3
  288. [04:28:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: -2 [1d20=1]
  289. [04:28:39] <@Maka> "W-why do you have weapons?!"
  290. [04:28:43] * Terri doesnt notice the armor.
  291. [04:28:51] <Clarity> "They didn't abduct you and do all sorts of weird experiments, right?"
  292. [04:28:52] <Terri> "Huh?"
  293. [04:29:06] <Clarity> ... Because it sure looks like they did.
  294. [04:29:06] * Terri looks at good ol' rusty axe.
  295. [04:29:38] <Terri> "Huh. Blood..."
  296. [04:30:39] <@Maka> "But you...you..disappeared...how..." Maka's voice gets quieter and quieter as her face contorts in confusion and fear.
  297. [04:30:44] <Clarity> "I don't even wanna know what happened, but uh, look at that, he's okay!  So they're not all that bad, right?"
  298. [04:31:32] <Terri> "Huh? Last thing I remember is grabbing letter guy."
  299. [04:31:57] <Paradox> (roll perception)
  300. [04:32:04] <Paradox> (all of you)
  301. [04:32:08] <Clarity> 1d20-3 k
  302. [04:32:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, k: -2 [1d20=1]
  303. [04:32:15] <Raven> (ppppht)
  304. [04:32:17] <@Maka> "Claritythat'sinsanetheymadehimdisappearhowcanyousaythat?" Maka's words come out in a flood of incomprehensible mumbles.
  305. [04:32:18] <Clarity> (Oh dicemaid, you're so amazing sometimes)
  306. [04:32:19] <@Maka> 1d20+6
  307. [04:32:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d20+6: 7 [1d20=1]
  308. [04:32:23] <@Maka> (Ahahaha!)
  309. [04:32:24] <Paradox> Clarity thinks she sees some nice fluffy clouds outside the window
  310. [04:32:25] <Clarity> (OH DICE MAID)
  311. [04:32:28] <Clarity> (SHINY?)
  312. [04:32:31] <Paradox> THAT ONE LOOKS LIKE A FINNEON OMG
  313. [04:32:33] <@Maka> 1d20 shiny?
  314. [04:32:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, shiny?: 2 [1d20=2]
  315. [04:32:37] <Clarity> (FUCK)
  316. [04:32:37] <@Maka> (DM YOU TROLL)
  317. [04:32:41] <Paradox> (hahahahaha)
  318. [04:32:59] <Terri> 1d20-3
  319. [04:33:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 7 [1d20=10]
  320. [04:33:32] <Terri> "Why Mr. Choppy bloody?"
  321. [04:33:47] <@Maka> "B-bl-blood?"
  322. [04:33:47] <Clarity> "Huh.  Yeah, Sky, I remember it looked kinda like that one!  ... What's that look for?  Oh, right."
  323. [04:35:57] <Clarity> "Well, these guys sure are weird."  All Clarity's efforts now go to having staring contests with them.  She isn't winning.
  324. [04:40:09] * @Maka has slowly built up a circle of open books around her and sits nervously in the middle as still as a stone.
  325. [04:41:56] <Clarity> "Hee hee... funny-looking eyes."  Off doing her own thing now, Sky decided to be the one to hop around Maka and act brave in his decision to fend off any approaching Unowns.  That or he was just protecting his kid, because, you know, it's pretty important that she doesn't disappear on her first day of... well, being alive.
  326. [04:42:42] <Clarity> "So everything alright, Buff Guy?  Doesn't feel funny or stuff?  .. I mean, it sure LOOKS funny, but that's beside the point."
  327. [04:42:57] <Terri> "I feel heavy"
  328. [04:44:01] * Clarity walks over and tries to look for if there's any visible way to get all the armor off. Though not with very much effort, considering the distractions. "Yeaaaah, we're just gonna not ask questions about that."
  329. [04:44:09] <Clarity> 1d20-3 hmmmmmm
  330. [04:44:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, hmmmmmm: 0 [1d20=3]
  331. [04:44:43] <Clarity> It probably looks like armor.  Actually, it likely looks less like armor and more like somebody just threw a bunch of metal plates on him at this point.  Huh.
  332. [04:47:14] <Terri> (Its very fancy looking armor.)
  333. [04:47:24] <@Maka> "...I have to be careful where I order books from..." Maka mutters quietly, slumping onto her desk.
  334. [04:47:52] * Clarity knocks on the armor in the only attempt she can think of to get it off. Hmm.
  335. [04:48:50] <Clarity> Suddenly, lightbulb.  A fist smashes against the palm and the usual stuff.  "Oh, I know!  If I take that book with me, they'll follow me instead, riiiiight?"
  336. [04:49:54] <@Maka> "...I...I don't know. They appear around me all the time. Sometimes I w-w..." Maka seems to need a moment to compose herself. "I wake up and there's one staring at me. It's terrible!"
  337. [04:50:36] <Clarity> "Huhhhh."  Head-scratching.  "Ever try asking 'em nicely to stop?"
  338. [04:51:53] <@Maka> "Would they even hear me? I don't see ears..." Maka pushes a volume of Boldorano and the library binder towards Clarity. "...Y-you should check this out though. In case it works. a-and it's a good story too!"
  339. [04:53:22] * Clarity does grab it, with some cheerful scribbling in the binder for regular check-out processes. Of course, the stories about how every book she'd checked out ended up being used as a pillow can be saved for another time. "Oh yeah, I know! I read it all backwards. Another one won't hurt though, there's probably some kinda secret code or something that makes them come out. Yep, that's it!"
  340. [04:54:09] * Clarity stops talking and mouths a "Can-you-hear-me-now" at one of the Unowns that just happens to be floating nearby. Then a shrug when it floats past.
  341. [04:54:10] <Terri> "Bad, creepy eyeballs. Leave them alone."
  342. [04:54:24] <Terri> 1d20+6 Terri's still an idiot.
  343. [04:54:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, Terri's still an idiot.: 25 [1d20=19]
  344. [04:54:28] <Terri> ...
  345. [04:54:32] <@Maka> (hahaha)
  346. [04:54:35] <Clarity> (Really.)
  347. [04:55:48] <Paradox> Terri disappears again.
  348. [04:56:49] <@Maka> At this, Maka just ducks underneath the desk and shudders. "t-tell me when they're gone! I don't want to come out!"
  349. [04:56:58] <Clarity> "Ohhh!  I get it!  There's nothing bad happening when Buff Guy disappears!  Okay, c'mere, lemme try."  Aaaaaand... grab?
  350. [04:57:04] <Clarity> 1d20+1 am I cool yet
  351. [04:57:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, am I cool yet: 19 [1d20=18]
  352. [04:57:07] <Terri> (Haha oh god.)
  353. [04:57:10] <Clarity> (APPARENTLY I AM)
  354. [04:57:16] <Paradox> (godwhyohgodwhy)
  355. [04:57:22] <Paradox> Clarity disppears as well.
  356. [04:57:55] <@Maka> Maka is all of the ;_; and just softly sobs under the desk.
  357. [04:59:02] <Paradox> They don't reappear.
  358. [04:59:09] <@Maka> "w-where did you take them? Why are you doing this?" she quietly mumbles while peaking her head out from under the desk occasionally.
  359. [04:59:50] <@Maka> "W-whe...where did you take Clarity?!"
  360. [04:59:58] <@Maka> 1d100-23 channel Unown? ohgod I'm doing this
  361. [04:59:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, channel Unown? ohgod I'm doing this: -7 [1d100=16]
  363. [05:00:55] <@Maka> "W-w-what do you mean? Help with what?! You....you disappeared my friend!"
  365. [05:03:24] <Terri> (AHAHAHAHAHA I WAS KINDA CLOSE)
  366. [05:03:26] <@Maka> "Eraser? Did...DID YOU ERASE MY FRIEND?"
  367. [05:06:35] <@Maka> "I'll...I'll fight the Eraser too! Just undisappearify Terri and Clarity! Please!"
  368. [05:06:55] <Paradox> < THEY WILL RETURN SOON. BUT NOT YET. >
  370. [05:07:32] <@Maka> "What do I have to do? I don't understand..." Maka crawls out from under the desk. "I..I just want to read my books..."
  371. [05:07:37] <Paradox> < WE COULD TAKE YOU TO THEM, HOWEVER >
  372. [05:07:54] <@Maka> "But...then will I disappear?!"
  374. [05:10:31] <@Maka> "I...I'll..." Maka gives a distressed look to her pokemon and snatches them up in their pokeballs, then grabs a book. "......I'll go." she says quietly. "...but...but you have to promise to give Clarity back."
  375. [05:11:40] <Paradox> < YOU HAVE OUR WORD. >
  376. [05:12:14] * @Maka nods then and wipes the tears from her face. "o-okay. I'm...I'm ready."
  377. [05:13:10] <Paradox> < VERY WELL. STEP OUT. >
  378. [05:13:48] * @Maka takes a confused step towards one of the Unown, still sniffling and clutching a book tightly to her chest.
  379. [05:21:14] <Paradox> Several Unown rush Maka as she steps out, and she disappears without a trace.
  380. [05:21:17] <Paradox> </mini>
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