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  1. What is Candies?
  2. A game where you collect candies, grow lollipops and go on quests.
  4. Where can I play it?
  5. http://candies.aniwey.net/
  7. FAQ:
  9. >All I'm doing is throwing and eating candy! What gives?
  10. Stop and wait for 150 seconds, then buy the wooden sword. Then your adventure begins.
  12. >How do I get more candies?
  13. You go to the quest tab, and keep doing the forest quest over and over. You have a chance to find a chest (seen as CHS on the screen) which has a chance of giving you boots/maps and will always reward you with candies.
  15. >Should I encrust my sword with chocolate/what does it do?
  16. Once you answer the frogs questions, he'll give you a chocolate bar. You need 2,000 candies to buy a diamond sword. After that, you have the option to encrust it with candies (it takes 101), and then after that you have the ability to encrust it with lollipops (requires 30), and the final encrust is with the chocolate bar. Each time you encrust your sword, it makes it more powerful. Yes, you should do this.
  18. >What are lollipops and what do they do/can I have more than 100 lollipops per second intake?
  19. Lollipops are used later in the game for brewing potions, as well as spending them at the sorceress on weapon upgrades, more candies, and upgraded candies intake. The lollipops grow on a 1:1 scale, meaning if you have an intake of 1 lollipop an hour, it will take an actual real time hour to grow one. The more lollipops you plant at the farm, the more you are able to grow. It increases in increments of hours, then minutes, then finally seconds. The final amount you can get by merely planting is 100 lollipops per second, however if you are able to kill the cow king, the Horn of Plenty will increase this to 300 lollipops per second.
  21.  >What does eating candies do?
  22. The more candies you eat, the more your total health rises. The amount needed for a health upgrade increases the more you level up.
  24. >What is the answer to [insert question here] given by the frog?
  25. Read the frog guide at the end of this pastebin. I'm not going to include every answer, only the ones asked over and over again.
  27. >What does each sword upgrades do?
  28. Sword of Life: Increases your health for each enemy killed
  29. Sword of Flames: Gives your sword fire damage
  30. Sword of Summoning: Summons a chupacabra for each enemy killed
  31. Imp Sword: Does the same as the Sword of Summoning, except with Imps.
  33. >How do I defeat the dragon?
  34. Use Major Health potions until you reach the dragon, then spam Invulnerability and Teleport to wait out the cooldown until the dragon is dead.
  36. >How do I avoid the * at the castle entrance?
  37. The boots from chests as well as a berserk potion and you will simply outrun it.
  39. >Do chests only spawn once/do they only spawn in a recently discovered area?
  40. No, and no. They will spawn indefinitely in any area you've unlocked.
  43. >If A implies B and B implies C, and D implies A, and E implies D, what does A imply?
  44. B
  46. >What is the only thing to go beyond the limits of our universe?
  47. The answer
  49. >If you could be whatever you want, what would you be?
  50. A frog
  52. >Consider 10 days. If I give you 1 candy on the first day, and each other day I give you twice more candies than the previous one, how much candies will I give you on the day number 10?
  53. 512
  55. Update 4/29/2013
  56. >the summoning sword is the upgrade of the imp sword, stop getting confused over this
  57. >you can change your farm loli icon by clicking on it
  58. >the best wish from the well is loli x 8 after you reach 2 mio, then buy all the sword upgrades
  59. >the cow level is real, you can get there by brewing many GMOOH potions and using them until you arrive there
  60. >the cloning potion doesn't work, stop using it
  61. >the clown appears after you throw 100000 candy on the floor and your loli farm has around 100000 lolis planted
  62. >the superman potion does nothing except change your looks
  63. >letting the candy converter running for an hour will cause it to speed up to near instant speed. even running for 10 minutes will greatly increase the conversion rate, watch how at first you get 1000 per second, then 10000 and then later 100000
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