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  1.     None of the humans in the city of Aeris had expected the city to fall to monsters, much less surrender to the mamono. For years, the city had been a stronghold against the demonic tides. Situated close to the frontier, the strong walls and courageous denizens of Aeris assisted the townspeople of the surrounding countryside in fending off errant bands of monsters. It had been sieged and attacked dozens of times, and never sustained more than a handful of casualties. The only reason that the city had been compromised was a misguided wurm migration during the last siege. The dragons had unintentionally burrowed too close to some of the supports for a large bridge spanning a canyon that connected Aeris to the nearest city, sapping the structure and preventing reinforcements from arriving on time.
  3.     The invading mamono hoped that the humans would realize the futility of resistance and surrender, but the garrison remained frustratingly defiant. Spies sent to infiltrate the city revealed that the common sentiment of the citizens was a preference of death to capture. Most people still believed the Order’s propaganda, assuming that being captured by demons was a fate worse than death.
  5.     A tactful demon marshal proposed a parley with the lord of Aeris, Lord Cervan. Messages left in his private quarters convinced him that the demons could have easily dispatched him or any other high-ranking defender at any time. Hoping to salvage the situation and save as many of his people as he could, the lord reluctantly agreed to host a meeting with the marshal.
  7.     After hours of heated discussion, the lord of Aeris agreed to surrender with incredibly generous terms in favor of the city. The deal was thus: Aeris would allow only a small number of monsters into the city. No monster was permitted to lay so much as a hand on any human without their consent, nor was any monster permitted to place any human in a state of duress to force them to consent. The mamono army would leave the territory surrounding Aeris and allow all areas of industry to resume.
  9.     In exchange, the monsters would be free to court any human in the city. Romantic advances that were reciprocated were not to be stopped by other humans. Any human that sought to be corrupted or incubized of their own free will was permitted to do so. When mamono food, goods, and services arrived in the city, the guilds were not permitted to boycott or impede sales of said goods and services. A minimum amount of spirit energy was to be collected from the resident men as a form of tax. Married men were exempt from contributing to this tax. If the townsfolk wished at any time to have the city turned into a demon realm, monsters would be permitted free reign of the city. Most importantly, if the monsters held up their side of the bargain for six months, Lord Cervan would become the husband of the marshal.
  11. ~~~~~
  13. “How could you let those ANIMALS into the city?! Have you gone mad?!” shouted one of the lord’s advisers.
  15. “You and I both know what was going to happen if I didn’t negotiate something. That deal is the only reason any of us are still alive.”
  16. Said Cervan.
  18. “Not for long. I thought your father had raised you better than to trust a fucking demon.”
  20. “Demons are the only thing you can trust.” Said the court wizard. “I inspected the document, and the magic contained within is legitimate. I don’t know how she poured so much energy into a piece of parchment, but it holds enough power to give her claims credence.”
  22. “And have the armies at our gates not retreated? Already the farmers and woodsmen amongst us can return to their fields and pastures. So far I’ve yet to hear about so much as a fence-post displaced by the monsters during their advance.” Said the minister of commerce.
  24. “Idiots! All of you! There must be some reason for all this; they wouldn’t just allow us to survive unscathed. The bishop will hear about this!” said the adviser. He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.
  26. The remaining members of the city’s council sat in silence. Though they were pleased about not being skinned alive and tortured by the demonic invaders, all of them harbored similar doubts about the mercy of their conquerors.
  28. “Urano, go tell the town criers to draft a special bulletin about the new state of affairs. And order extra protection for them.” Said Cervan
  30. One of the men at the table gave a quick bow and hurried out the door.
  32. “Kern, see to it that the monsters have a place of residence in the city. Many of our people have evacuated, and will not be returning. Marshal Andra has promised supplies for the construction of additional homes and renovation of existing buildings to accommodate the larger beasts. They also had plans to construct several new buildings within the walls. The old slums on the east side should have plenty of space. Just demolish whatever you need to in order to make room for the new buildings.”
  34. “As you wish, my lord.”
  36. Kern set off to find the monster in charge of constructing the new edifices.
  38. Cervan groaned and raised himself out of his chair. It had been weeks since he had slept for more than a few hours. He shuffled to the window and watched the flickering lights of the monster’s encampment. Surely they were incapable of restraining themselves for six whole months. They would snap and the city would be free again. But how long would it last before that breaking point? And when the levee broke, just how much would his people lose?
  40. There was a soft knock on the door.
  42. “Lord Cervan, Marshal Andra is here to see you.” Said a guard from the other side.
  44. Cervan and the other counselors tensed. “…Send her in.” said Cervan.
  46. Andra threw open the door and stepped inside without waiting for the guard to let her in. She had changed out of her military uniform, donning thigh-high stockings and a form hugging blouse. Cervan forced himself to keep his eyes off her cleavage as she marched towards him.
  48. “What are you doing here?” growled Cervan.
  50. “No need to be grumpy dear, I’m just inspecting my quarters.” She said playfully.
  52. “Your quarters?” asked Cervan.
  54. “Of course! If you’re going to be my darling husband it’s only right that we live together, no?” she said with a smirk. Her tail flicked back and forth behind her.
  56. “That won’t happen. Now get the hell out of here!” demanded Cervan.
  58. “Sorry baby, but it looks like you didn’t read the contract well enough. I gave you a pretty good deal on the city, but I admit that I was a bit selfish when I wrote it. Other monsters may have to keep their hands, paws, and claws off the other dicks in the city, but the signers of the document are permitted access to each other’s bodies so long as they aren’t raping each other.”
  60. A chill ran down Cervan’s spine.
  62. Andra sashayed over to Cervan and nestled herself under his arm. Her tail coiled around one of his legs as she nuzzled his neck.
  64. “So, which way to OUR room?~”
  66. ~~~~~~~
  68.     For the citizens of Aeris, life was surprisingly normal despite being under occupation from supernatural forces of corruption. The transition from human city to a mix of mamono and human was jarring to say the least. Humans shunned the “monster district,” and stayed as far away from it as possible. The houses nearest to the freshly constructed buildings were abandoned so as to distance the occupants from the strange new denizens of Aeris.
  70.     The monsters took the cold welcome in stride. Andra had been careful to select only the most level-headed and disciplined monsters to occupy the city. The engineers of the army had already begun construction of the new houses and service buildings for the mamono. With magic and muscle the structures were completed in just a few days. The largest building of constructed was a grandiose structure that looked similar to the townhall. Complete with its own clocktower and courtyard, the humans of the city became more curious than cautious. The last thing to be added to the building was a massive sign over the doors: Bureau of Monster and Human Relations.
  71. Any questions the people of Aeris had were answered in an education campaign conducted by the monsters. Pamphlets, speeches, personal counseling sessions, and husbands of the married monsters all worked to soothe the fears of the humans and help the monsters integrate into the community. Naturally, most of the humans remained skeptical of the demon’s good intentions. It was the most desperate who would be the first to fall to corruption and their desires.
  73. ~~~~~~
  75. With some help from her husband, Kaoli pressed through the doors to the Bureau. The lobby was every bit as ornate as the outside of the structure; decorative plants sat beneath vivid paintings of landscapes, and a sculpted fountain bubbled peacefully in the center of the room. Diegen pushed her chair forwards as they inspected the décor.
  77. “Oh!”
  79. The couple turned to a succubus who was seated at the reception desk. She smiled as they approached her.
  81. “Welcome! It’s so good to have more people coming in here! I would tell you to take a number, but I don’t think that will be necessary…” said the succubus. She let out a nervous laugh as she eyed the ticket dispenser, still in the single digits. “What can I do for you?”
  83. “We, uhh, had some questions that we were hoping that you could answer…” said Diegen. Kaoli squeezed his hand.
  85. “Of course! I can set you up with someone right away! Do you have questions about the rules of our occupation? Inquiries about mamono culture? Or are you just here to file a complaint about one of the monsters in the city?”
  87. “Culture. I think. Look, can we just talk to someone or something? It’s a bit of a sensitive topic.” Said Diegen.
  89. “Certainly! I’ll send for someone right away!”
  91. The succubus shuffled some papers around behind the desk and read through a list of names. Finding a suitable candidate, she scribbled out a quick note and used a warping pad to transfer the scrap of paper to its recipient.
  93. “She should be down in just a moment. Feel free to have a seat anywhere!” said the succubus.
  95. Kaoli squirmed in her wheelchair and Diegen pursed his lips.
  97. “… I mean, you know, for you!” said the succ speaking to Diegen.
  99. A flurry of wings saved the poor receptionist as a demon landed in front of the couple to escort them into one of the vacant rooms. After they had left, the succubus sighed and checked the clock to see how many hours were left in her shift. Six more to go.
  101. ~~~~~~
  103. “So, what can I do for you?” said the demon, folding her hands and leaning onto her desk.
  105. “I want to know, is everything the monsters have been telling us true? That you don’t eat humans or damn our souls?” asked Kaoli softly.
  107. “Certainly not! We are under strict orders not to lie to anyone about the realities of what mamono life is like.” Said the demon proudly.
  109. There was a long pause before Diegen spoke. “We’re a bit… apprehensive about all of this. Some of the things that your kind are telling us seems too good to be true.”
  111. “I know how it seems. I was skeptical as well. I was terrified that if I became a monster that I would lose myself, or find that my soul was forfeit to some malevolent being.” Said the demon.
  113. “You were a human?” asked Kaoli.
  115.     “I was." Said the demon. "A simple farm girl in a small town outside of a city like this one. When the monsters came, I hid in our barn with my family. I was certain that we were doomed, but they showed us mercy. They talked to us from outside the doors, let us talk to the men of the village who had found wives amongst them, and gave us food and water. Over time, I became good friends with a demon. With her help I transformed into a demon just like her. It was a difficult decision to make, but I have no regrets. I’m still the same person I was before. I even met the love of my life!” said the demon pointing to a charcoal sketch of her being hugged by a man.
  117. “But can it really heal you?” blurted Kaoli. “Transforming, I mean. I heard one of the succubi mention that mamono mana could heal wounds that even time couldn’t.”
  119. “It can. Just as a caterpillar loses its old body, humans who are subjected to mamono mana are granted entirely new forms.” Said the demon.
  121. “I’ll do it.” Said Kaoli.
  123. Diegen gripped her shoulders. “Are you sure? You said that you would think about it after we heard what they had to say…”
  125. “I have thought about it. I… I have to try something.” She said.
  127. “You have nothing to worry about. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.” Said the demon.
  129. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Said Diegen.
  131. “I want to! I don’t want to be a burden anymore…” said Kaoli.
  133. “You have NEVER been a burden to me.” Said Diegen ruffling her hair.
  135. The demon’s tail swished and she had to turn away from the scene to prevent tears from welling up in her eyes. This was what made this job worth while!
  137. “But… how do I become… something? Is it random? Do I just jump in a pool of sludge or something?” asked Kaoli.
  139. “Oh! Right. Here.” Said the demon rummaging through her desk. She produced a thick tome labeled “Mamono and You: Discovering the Monster Within!”
  141. The book was a detailed account of all the species that a woman could morph into. Each monster had their own page, complete with a colored drawing or drawings of various phenotypes of that monster, an overview of what that monster’s disposition and habits tended to be like, and a list of warnings and considerations to take into account before a final decision was made.”
  143. “Oh my…” said Kaoli flipping through the book. “There’s quite a lot of them…”
  145. “You can take that home if you would like. It’s not a decision that you should make lightly. We recommend taking a few days to think about what mamono you would like to become, and talking to a member of that species before finalizing a transformation.” Said the demon.
  147. Kaoli looked up at Diegen. He nodded. “I think that would be wise.” He said.
  149. Slipping the book into the pouch on the back of Kaoli’s wheelchair, they left the building to make a decision.
  151. ~~~~~~~~
  153. The receptionist succubus was in the middle of reading the news from the other mamono provinces when a woman nearly broke the doors to the lobby off their hinges. She stared as a woman in a mix of leather and chainmail armor sauntered up to the desk.
  155. “H-hello, welcome to-“
  157. “Monsterization will make me stronger, yeah?”
  159. The succubus was taken aback. “Sorry?”
  161. “Monsters are stronger than humans, even the men? I saw what they did from the city walls. Some of them were tossing people around like ragdolls. There was one species in particular that really knew how to fight. Are they all like that?”
  163. “Yes? Well, no… Kind of?” said the succubus.
  165. The woman let out a huff. “Well is there someone who knows? I really need to speak to someone about it.”
  167. “R-right away.” The succubus rifled through the list of people until she found a monster whom she deemed suitable for the ornery woman. Scratching out a note, she sent it away to a werewolf who had seen three tours of duty with mamono legions.
  169. “…So is someone coming?” asked the woman.
  171. “Yes.”
  173. The girl’s eyes bored into the poor demon girl. The succubus tried her best to go back to work, but the woman’s face contorted into a look of frustration as the seconds wore on.
  175. “Can I get you something to drink?” asked the succubus weakly.
  177. “Will it turn me into that monster?”
  179. “…No.”
  181. The girl rolled her eyes and groaned. Only the clacking of the werewolf’s claws on the hardwood floor restored her enthusiasm.
  183. “Hello, I’m Hattai, a pleasure to me-“
  185. “Hi, yeah, does becoming a monster really make you stronger? I mean, REALLY stronger? If it’s just something that I could achieve by working out than I’m not really interested, but it I can pull off some of the moves I saw those monsters doing during the siege, I’d be down to transform and everything.”
  187. The Hattai stared at her. She looked at the succubus who was doing her best to avoid eye contact with either of the creatures intruding in her otherwise peaceful lobby.
  189. “Let’s go into my office, I’ll tell you everything there…” said Hattai.
  191. The girl nodded and followed uncomfortably close behind the werewolf as she ascended the stairs.
  193. ~~~~~~
  195. “So, you want to become a monster to improve your fighting skills, no?” asked Hattai seating herself behind her desk.
  197. “Yeah! One species in particular. The ones who look like dragons from the storybooks, with the flaming tails and the giant swords!” said the woman.
  199. “Ah, yes.” Hattai produced a copy of the monster catalog and flipped to the salamander page. “That would be a salamander.”
  201. The instant Hattai opened the book, the girl leapt up and tore the tome out of her paws. Without hesitation, she began pouring over the text within.
  203. “They are traditionally warriors, some of the best we have. Though they do tend to lack the discipline that we look for when forming a more organized army. Many of them choose to forgo the standard issue shields for mobility. Morphologically, they are similar to lizardmen.”
  205. “Great. I’ll do it.”
  207. “…Oh.”
  209. “Is something wrong?” asked the girl, handing the book back to Hattai.
  211. “No! No… We just don’t get many humans who are so enthusiastic about transforming.” Said Hattai.
  213. “Ah. I see. So, what do I do now? Sign a contract, jump into some magic circle?” asked the woman rubbing her hands together.
  215. “Err, no. I’ll go retrieve a sample of salamander mana from our vault for you and then you can begin monsterizing.”
  217. “Great.”
  219. Hattai walked slowly to the door. “… And you’re sure about this? No reservations or anything?”
  221. “None.”
  223. “And no questions? Don’t you even want to know if it will hurt?”
  225. “Will it?”
  227. “…No, it won’t.”
  229. The woman stared at Hattai.
  231. “I’ll go get the mana now…” said Hattai.
  233. ~~~~~~~
  235. “Woahoho!” exclaimed the newly transformed salamander.
  237. “Please sit down!” Pleaded Hattai. “You need to eat and rest for a few days as you get used to all the new needs of your body.”
  239. “Fine, fine.” Said the salamander. She plopped back into her chair, but her new tail knocked it over and she collapsed to the ground.
  240. “Do I get a cool sword?” asked the salamander picking up her chair.
  242. “What? No. I suppose most salamanders choose the same weapons, but you’ll have to talk to one of them about it. This is a monsterization office, not an armory.”
  244. “Okay. Well, I’ll be off then.” Said the salamander.
  246. “Just don’t forget, finding a husband should be one of your top priorities. But no rape!” Shouted Hattai as the sound of claws faded down the hall.
  248. The werewolf sighed and slumped back into her chair. She would have to call in one of the maids to clean the char marks off of the carpet and walls.
  250. Pulling out a drawer in her desk she dipped a quill in ink and put a single slash on a paper titled “humans converted.” Her tail wiggled in excitement at the lonely dash, what she hoped would be the first of many.
  252. ~~~~~~
  254. Three weeks after their first visit to the Bureau, Diegen and Kaoli reentered to meet with their succubus consultant. If she could be called such a thing.
  256.     The people sitting in the lobby made room for Kaoli’s wheelchair as they passed by. Most people turned their heads or tried to hide their eyes, too embarrassed or ashamed to be seen in the Bureau. The building had become a serious point of contention for the Aeris; many people still saw mamono as nothing but demons using subterfuge to corrupt the population. Others had come to love monsters, or the goods and services they provided. Demon realm foods had become a staple on some tables. And of course, men and monsters were finding love all over the city. The human women were getting anxious as their neighbors and suitors were slowly taken away by the alluring mamono.
  258. Though Kaoli was in no danger of having Diegen stolen from her, seeing the streets fill with attractive women made her jealousy flare. Women who could provide more than she ever could.
  260. “Hello you two. Back again?” said the receptionist.
  262. “Yes.”
  264. “Of course! Just sign in here, and take a seat. Your previous consultant should be down in a minute; I think she’s just finishing up with another couple.”
  266. Diegen and Kaoli jotted their names down and wheeled over to the chairs. Diegen rolled Kaoli to the end of the row and took the chair next to it so that they could sit together.
  268.     After a few minutes, the demon from their first visit appeared with a different couple. Diegen recognized the man as the son of the baker, and deduced that the succubus next to him must have been his girlfriend. She now had stubby horns and tiny wings sprouting from her back. He turned away as she groped at the man and tried to pull him towards the door. With a final ‘goodbye,’ she tore her beloved away from his conversation and hauled him out the door.
  270. “Hello you two!” said the demon greeting Kaoli and Diegen. “It’s so good to see you back here. I was beginning to think that you may have decided against the treatment.”
  272. “No…” said Kaoli.
  274. “Well, let’s get inside shall we?” said the demon.
  276. They followed her into the office, and she shut the door behind them.
  278. “Please do remember, there’s no consequence to refusing. If you choose not to be imbued with mana there will be no hard feelings from any of the monsters in the city.” Assured the demon.
  280. Kaoli took a deep breath and looked over at Diegen. He stared back into her eyes and squeezed her hand.
  282. “I’ve decided that I want to become a mamono.” Said Kaoli.
  284. The demon smiled. “I see. Well, that’s a good choice, even if I am a bit biased. Do you have a species in mind, or did you need more time to decide?”
  286. “No, I know what I would like to become.” Said Kaoli. “If it’s possible, I’d like to be a lamia.”
  288. “Ooh, an excellent choice. Is there a particular reason for choosing that race?” asked the demon writing down notes.
  290. “One of them moved into a house not far from us. I thought that they would be slow and clumsy, but the way she moved was like water…” said Kaoli.
  292. “Indeed, many humans find that lamia posses more agility and speed than they bargained for. Normally I would have to warn you about the loss of your legs, but you’re a bit of a special case. You need to understand that if there is ever a medical procedure created that could fix your legs, we would not be able to help you as a lamia.” Said the demon.
  294. “I understand.” Said Kaoli.
  296. The demon smiled. “Very well. The other… “complication” with lamia is that they need more room than a human. Thankfully, Lady Andra has subsidized the renovation of existing human homes to accommodate newly transformed mamono.”
  298. She produced a packet of economic jargon which she handed to Diegen. He balked at the prospect of reading a dozen pages of financial literature when he didn’t even use the town bank.
  300. “We’ll figure all that out later.” Said the demon. “What we need to do now is decide when you would like to transform.”
  302. Kaoli and Diegen looked at each other, and then back to her.
  304. “I was hoping to do it today.” Said Kaoli.
  306. “Certainly! Are you ready now?” asked the demon.
  308. “Well, about what you said about my size… What if I can’t fit into our house anymore?” asked Kaoli.
  310. “We have rooms for people who share in that predicament.” Explained the demon.
  312. Kaoli took a deep breath. “Alright, I’m ready.”
  314. ~~~~~~~
  316. A few hours later, Diegen was allowed into the room to meet his newly transformed wife.
  318. “Diegen, is that you?!” said Kaoli frantically.
  320. He muscled past the demon and found Kaoli lying on a pile of pillows. Her face was streaked with sweat, and she looked exhausted.
  322. “What’s wrong with her?” asked Diegen. He hurried to her side to cradle her human torso in her arms.
  324. “Nothing. She’s perfectly healthy. The process tends to leave the subject quite tired. Kaoli is also having a bit of trouble adjusting to her new body…” said the demon.
  326. “I thought you said there was nothing wrong with her!” said Diegen.
  328. “There isn’t! She just hasn’t figured out how to move properly yet.”
  330. Kaoli groaned in Diegen’s arms and flailed her tail around. The tight cord of muscle flopped back and forth. She released her breath and hugged her boyfriend.
  332. “I can’t do it…” she sobbed.
  334. “It’s alright, you’ll learn.” Said Diegen stroking her hair. He noticed that immediately that it had a slightly softer feel to it than normal.
  336. “Kaoli, you need to roll over. Lamias move with their bellies to the ground. Diegen, could you help to adjust her?”
  338. Diegen took her hands into his and positioned himself in front of her. With effort, Kaoli rolled herself over with his help, using his hands to balance her human half.
  340. “Good. Now, slowly lean back, and try to drag your tail underneath your torso so that it’s supporting you.” Instructed the demon.
  341. Kaoli clenched Diegen’s hands and began to lean back. Diegen kept her balanced as she eased more of her weight back onto her tail. At last, she was standing eye to eye with Diegen, resting on her new tail.
  343. “I… I did it…” said Kaoli softly.
  345. Diegen laughed as Kaoli withdrew her hands and tested her own weight. Tears of joy welled in her eyes as she twisted her body. With an unsteady lurch, she staggered into Diegen’s arms and began to cry. He shed his own tears as Kaoli squeezed him. She pulled away and wiped some of the tears from her eyes.
  347. “You’re even more handsome when I get to look you in the eye.” She said.
  349. “And you’re just as beautiful as you were when you couldn’t.” Said Diegen.
  351. Kaoli laughed and hugged him again. The demon was doing her best to remain professional and not break down at the heartfelt display of love.
  353. For the next few minutes, Kaoli made her first attempts at locomotion with her new serpentine body. After several frustrating falls and some tears of frustration, she managed to move from one side of the room to the other.
  355. “Come on, you’re almost there!” said Diegen. Kaoli’s face was contorted in a look of concentration. With great effort, she slithered across the length of the room and collapsed into his arms. She laughed and slumped against the wall.
  357. “I can finally move on my own.” She said softly. She closed her eyes and sighed.
  359. “You two should get some rest. You look like you need it.” Said the demon.
  361. Kaoli yawned and nodded.
  363. The demon chuckled as she rested her head on Diegen’s shoulder. “I’ll show you two where you’ll be staying while the renovations happen.”
  365. ~~~~~~
  367.     Lord Cervan stood on the balcony that overlooked a central plaza in Aeris. Below, people and monsters mingled and went about their day. After four months, the humans of Aeris had come to accept that the monsters were here to stay whether they liked it or not. Most humans had come to enjoy the connection to the mamono realms. The new foods, goods, technologies and people had won many hardened hearts of Order members. And true to their word, there had been no instances of monsters attacking humans. The town guard received dozens of reports of domestic disputes every day, but there was yet to be an instance where the screaming was not related to non-consensual activities.
  369. “Admiring the view?” asked Andra from behind him.
  371. She wrapped her hand round his side and rested her head on his shoulder to see what he was looking at. Her plush bathrobe sent tingles down his spine as it brushed his skin.
  373. “What are you doing here?” growled Cervan shrugging her off.
  375. “Just seeing what my fiancé was doing out here all alone.” She said.
  377. Cervan gave a grunt and rested his weight on the railing.
  379. Andra stood next to him and took a sip of a steaming mug of demon realm tea. She made a cup every day, and the concoction smelled heavenly. It took every ounce of self-control that Cervan possessed to resist asking her for sip. “It’s not that bad you know.”
  381. “What?”
  383. “Everything." Said Andra gesturing to the city with her mug. "I know you and some of the other humans still have reservations about us, but we really do have your best interests in mind.”
  385. “Is that why you occupy our city and corrupt out people?”
  387. “I know it’s difficult to understand. It must be frightening to have the enemy you have feared for so long just appear at your doorstep and proclaim their love for you. But… that’s just how it is.”
  389. Cervan scowled at Andra. She frowned and looked down into the street below. Human men walked hand in hand with their monster wives, some of them recently transformed at the increasingly popular Bureau. Other humans watched the couples go, choosing to abide by their own species for love.
  391. “…I’m sorry. I’m not good at talking to someone privately like this.” Said Andra. “I’m used to giving grandiose speeches to an army. I just want you to know that I don’t take anything personally. All I ask is that if you decide things may be as I say they are, you’ll give me a chance. I really wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t care about you…”
  393. Cervan shifted his eyes away from the square and looked at Andra. She was looking away from him, but he could tell she was blushing. Her tail was tucked between her legs, sticking out the front fold of her robe. She glanced over and tried to hide her face with the mug when she saw him looking back.
  395. “A-anyways, I have some work to attend to. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said before hurrying off. Cervan watched as her hourglass figure stride away. His stomach knotted.
  397. “Andra…” he called.
  399. She turned back to him with an anxious look.
  401. “... Could you make me a small mug of that tea tomorrow?” asked Cervan.
  403. Andra’s eyes sparkled and her wings fluttered.
  405. “Yes! I mean, of course. I’ll be sure to make extra!”
  407. He watched her ears flitter as she walked away. Looking back down into the square, he watched a lamia laugh as she coiled around her husband.
  409. ~~~~~~~
  411.     The receptionist succubus stifled a yawn as she placed the last of the day’s paperwork into a stack. The lobby was empty, and the sinking sun shone through the stained-glass panels in the doors. Reaching down to deposit something into a drawer, the succubus shrieked as she found herself face to face with a stony-faced girl. The girl recoiled at the scream, but remained at the desk.
  413. “I’d like to become a monster.” She said quietly. Her voice was hardly more than a whisper, but it was stern and determined.
  415. “Oh, you startled me.” Said the succubus. “We’re almost closed for the day, are you sure that you don’t want to come back tomorr-“
  417. “Yes.” Replied the woman. She glowered at the pudgy succubus and clenched her fists on the counter.
  419. “A-alright, let me see who’s here right now.” Said the succubus doing her best to calm the strange girl down. “Why don’t you just have a seat.”
  421. The girl took a few steps back and eased herself into the closest chair to the reception desk. With a loud grating, she shifted the chair so that she could look straight at the succubus.
  423.     The succ gulped and sent off a few notes to whomever was still in the Bureau. The tension mounted as the seconds ticked by in silence. There was something wrong with this girl; that was abundantly clear. Her clothing was unwashed and dirty, but not the rags of a beggar. She had straight black hair that hung down past her shoulders, forming a veil to hide her piercing eyes. Though it shone with a sheen of grease, the woman had clearly made some effort to comb it before coming here. Her pale fingers tapped on the armrest of the chair as she stared into the receptionist’s soul.
  425.     There had been a rumor, one that had circulated through any monster army encampment: the amount of humans beyond redemption. Something that no mamono wanted to talk about, but a topic that many had a morbid curiosity about. Some said that it was one human in every ten thousand. For some, it was every five thousand. Others argued that every human could change if they were given enough time. No matter what the true amount was, the receptionist had a sinking feeling of dread that this may be one of them. Though she desperately wished for one of the security officers who patrolled the building to show up, she was too afraid to take her eyes off of the girl and summon one of them. Her entrance was proof that she could move quick as the wind and quiet as a mouse.
  427. The familiar clack of heels coming down the hall sent a wave of relief through the succubus.
  429. “Oh, hello! I’m surprised to see anyone here this late. Did you need something?” said a demon consultant cheerfully.
  431. “I want to become a monster.”
  433. The woman’s instantaneous reply startled the demon. She looked at the receptionist with a look of mild confusion, turning to worry as she saw her pleading eyes.
  435. “Uh, well, why don’t you come with me and we’ll talk about that.”
  437. The reticent girl thrust herself up from the chair and walked up to the demon. Matching her pace, she walked side by side with the demonic councilor up to her office.
  439. Only after the door shut in the distance did the receptionist realize that she had been holding her breath. Letting out a loud gasp, she flew over to the door and locked it. Stuffing the remaining papers on her desk into a random drawer, she beat a hasty retreat home to her husband and left the paperwork for her morning self.
  441. ~~~~~
  443. “So… you want to become a monster.” Said the demon slowly.
  445. “Yes.”
  447. “…And is there a specific species that you wanted to become?”
  449. “A strong one.”
  451. The demon frowned and pulled out her copy of “Mamono and You: Discovering the Monster Within!” and passed it to the girl.
  453. With practiced fingers, she rifled through the pages to find the monster she desired.
  455. “Why do you want to become a monster? If you don’t mind me asking.” Said the demon, doing her best to appear aloof.
  457. The girl hesitated, and began flipping through the pages with less gusto. “T-there’s this guy I like…”
  459. The demon perked up. Perhaps she had judged the girl to harshly. This may just be another human who was unable to communicate their affection. Indeed, men and women who were outcast by society were always the first to fall into the arms of mamono.
  461. “Uh-huh.” Said the demon, urging her to continue.
  463. “And… I’m not very good with people, so he doesn’t know. I don’t think he even knows my name. Not many people in town know me, and the ones that do don’t like me very much…” The girl’s solemn face broke into melancholy for a moment and the demon’s heart dipped.
  465. “I’m sorry to hear that. I know humans can he harsh to people they don’t understand.” Said the demon.
  467. “I don’t mind, I hate them right back.”
  469. Papers rustled as the demon reflexively clenched her hands into fists on her desk. That was not the cheery response she was hoping for.
  471. “I thought that with all the women in the city turning that I may be able to get him, but I’ve seen him chatting with some mamono.” Said the girl absentmindedly as she skimmed a description
  473. The demon said nothing. On one hand, this girl was putting up a lot of red-flags. But at the end of the day she just wanted to be loved. Maybe monsterization would make her more confident and outgoing. And do something about the smell…
  475. “Have you considered a shirohebi? They’re a bit exotic, but I think that I could get you a mana sample in less than a week.” Suggested the demon.
  477. “No, I want this one.” Said the girl placing the book down on the desk.
  479. The demon’s eyes bugged out of her skull as she saw the unmistakable picture of an ushi-oni.
  481. “Are you sure I can’t interest you in anything else?” said the demon.
  483. The girl glared at the demon.
  485. “Alright, alright. How about you try talking to the an ushi before you transform?” said the demon, hoping to buy some time.
  487. “No! I want to become one now!” said the girl slamming her fist down on the book.
  489. The demon flinched and gulped. “Very well, I’ll go get the mana. Come with me.”
  491. The consultant made sure to pick the innermost transformation room, the most secure place in the building.
  493. “Wait here please. I just have to go fetch that mana. It shouldn’t take long.”
  495.     The girl growled as the demon shut the door and flew down the hall. Taking out her notepad and pen, she sent a flurry of notes to guards, guard captains, any mamono that lived in the area and even Lady Andra herself. The girl would just have to wait a bit longer than usual to transform; the consultant wanted as many monsters on standby as possible before the transformation started. Taking a detour away from the mana vault, the demon took a leisurely walk through a supply cabinet to find a seal. After waiting for a few minutes, she set off to go get the ushi blood.
  497. Humming a tune as she went to calm her nerves, her voice contorted into a whimper of fear as she found the door to the transformation room ajar. The woman could have been anywhere, but the supply closet was in the opposite direction of the mana vault and the consultant hadn’t seen her on the way back.
  499. A gurgling groan came from the direction of the vault and the demon heard a glass shatter. Taking flight again, she used magic in conjunction with her wings to propel herself towards the sound.
  501. Rounding a corner, she did a somersault in the air and landed on her back. “Lilith’s heel’s…”
  503. The girl had downed an entire vile of ushi blood, and was transforming at an alarming rate. With proper dosage, the shifting from human into monster was painless. But this poor girl had downed enough mana to corrupt thirty women. The girl groaned in discomfort as her body rearranged itself, sprouting new bones and wrapping them in thick muscle. In the few minutes that the demon had been gone, she was already almost completely transformed.
  505. Leaping at the ushi, the demon made a weak attempt to fit the seal over her head before being swatted into a wall by a meaty paw. The air left her lungs as she crumpled to the floor with a groan.
  507. Worse than the pain, consuming too much mana meant that the girl was now quite possibly the horniest thing this side of the continent. The ushi was wheezing heavily as her new sex shimmered with fluid. With a final gut-wrenching crack, the last of her new bones slid into place. She let out an earsplitting howl and began to lurch towards the exit.
  509. ~~~~~~
  511. “How was work sweetie?” asked the secretary’s husband, placing a steaming plate of vegetables and meat down for her.
  513. “Good! Plenty of happy new monsters.” She said taking a bite of her mashed potatoes. “The only bad part was this girl who came in right before we closed. She gave me a weird feeling…”
  515. “What did she look like?” asked her husband, moving to the sink to start cleaning the dishes.
  517. “Uhh… worn clothing, kind of dirty looking. The worst part was her eyes. The way she looked at me made me feel…” the succubus shuddered as she remembered those cold eyes.
  519. “…Did she want to become a monster?”
  521. “Yeah, and she was really insistent about it too. So rude!” said the succ, waggling her tail as she ate a medallion of meat.
  523. “And did she have long, black hair?”
  525. “Yeah! How’d you know?”
  527. Her husband pointed out the window and the receptionist fluttered over to see what he was pointing at.
  529.     Outside, across the square, monster guards were trying to wrangle the newly transformed ushi. They screamed as she yanked on one of the ropes restraining her, sending several mamono flying. With a roar, the ushi sunk her massive claws into a food stall and threw it at some crossbowmen positioned on a roof. They leapt out of the way, but the cart became lodged halfway in the roof. Monsters and humans began screaming as they evacuated the area. The ushi howled and scuttled off out of view, dragging ropes, guards, swords and bolts behind her. The sound of chaos faded into the distance, and soon after a platoon of guards sprinted down the street after her.
  531. For a moment, the succubus simply stared out into the square. People were cautiously exiting their houses to see what the commotion was. One house had caught fire after a sizable chunk of the chimney had been forcefully removed. The entrance to the Bureau was in splinters.
  533. “Does this mean you don’t have work tomorrow?” asked her husband placing a clean glass into the cupboard.
  535. ~~~~~~
  537. “Andra, what’s happening?”
  539. Andra didn’t respond until she had finished putting on the last piece of her armor.
  541. “Something came up. I’ll be back soon.” She muttered. That bitch was about to GET IT. Of all the days for a fucking ushi rampage, it just had to be on a little spoon night. The only times when she got to feel Cervan’s arms around her waist and feel his cock press into her butt against his will. There was no greater pleasure for her than pretending to be asleep while massaging his member between her cheeks. The soft groans he made while she played with him were more pleasant than any symphony in all the land.
  543. “Andra.”
  545. She rolled her eyes. If he was going to chew her out, it would have to wait until she got back.
  547. “Be safe, okay?” said Cervan. He did his best to avoid her eyes, but his face had a hint of blush.
  549. “Y-yeah. Thanks.” Said Andra. She hopped over the balcony and flew towards the sound of battle. She was going to cuddle the FUCK out of that man when she got back.
  551. ~~~~~~
  555. “Lim’s blood, how many bolts do we have to put into her?!”
  557. The ushi roared as she pulled a demon silver spear out of her shoulder and tossed it aside. A salamander took a stance in front of her and she began to force the lizard back with a series of heavy blows.
  559. “Where the hell is Andra?!”
  561. “She said something about redirecting her!”
  563. “How?!”
  565. The salamander stopped another clawed paw from colliding with her and her knees buckled under the blow.
  567. “I don’t know, just slow her down!”
  569. ~~~~~
  571. Alfor was drawn away from his dinner table by a furious knocking at his door. It must have been something to do with the all the commotion outside.
  573. Opening the door, he instantly recognized the flustered face of the demon general whom had led the offensive against Aeris.
  575. “Y-y-you!” he stuttered.
  577. “Yes, hi. I really need you to come with me.” Said Andra She grabbed him by the collar and hauled him into the street.
  579. “What’s all this about?!” said Alfor.
  581. “WHAT?! Did you not hear the sounds of pain, destruction, and unbridled lust headed towards you?”
  583. “It sounded like any other night!”
  585. More guards joined the entourage as they ran through the streets. The cacophony of screams and destruction shifted as the ushi caught the scent of her quarry.
  587. “Listen, have you ever seen a pale girl with long black hair?” Asked Andra.
  589. “Huh? Yeah, I’ve seen her. I think she lives near me; I see her all the time.” Panted Alfor.
  591. “Do you know her?”
  593. “Hell no! She scares the fuck out of me! Have you met her? Not the kind of person you’d want to meet in an alley at night.”
  595. The squad was interrupted by a crowd of fleeing civilians.
  597. “Well, I REALLY hope that you would consider giving her a chance. Because we kind of need you to.” Said Andra.
  599. “WHAT?!”
  601. “Yes, it seems she cares about you a liiiitttle too much…” said Andra.
  603. “Wh- wait is that… IS THAT THING HER?!”
  605. “No! Well, kind of! She’s transformed, so I’m sure that she’ll be much more personable! You should go meet her!” said Andra.
  607. “ARE YOU INSANE?!”
  609.     The ushi burst through a wooden fence that cordoned off an alley and stumbled into the street that Andra and Alfor were on. Her green skin was covered in scrapes and bruises. A silver sword was lodged in one of her legs, but she had no problem outrunning the town guard. Sniffing the air, she fixed her bloodshot eyes on her quarry and let out an excited shriek.
  611. Andra flew Alfor up to the safety of a roof while the ushi tore into the other guards.
  613. “What am I supposed to do, talk to her?” said Alfor.
  615. “No, she’s past talking. You’ll have to seduce her.”
  617. “She’ll fucking kill me!”
  619. “She won’t! Mamono wouldn’t do that! Even her! Please, Alfor. I know that this is sudden but she really does care about you! She just didn’t know how to show it!”
  621. “Fuck that! I don’t have to do shit!”
  623. Andra stopped running. “No, you don’t. But you’re the only one who can stop this. If you don’t she’ll keep hurting people; including herself. All she wants is to be loved.”
  625. Alfor surveyed the damage to the city. Most of the carnage had taken place in the mamono district. A scar of splintered wood, fire and screams stretched all the way from the Bureau to the street below them.
  627. Andra stood next to him as he watched the flames. “I know it’s frightening, but you have to be courageous. Have we ever broken a promise to humans before?”
  629. “No…” said Alfor squirming.
  631. “I gave my solemn vow that no human would be raped by a mamono when I took this city. I plan to uphold that. But I also promised to prevent disasters like this from happening. And right now, I can’t uphold my word on both accounts without your help.”
  633. The ushi made it to the edge of the building they were standing on. She made a feeble attempt to clamber up the wood and stucco building, only to be dragged back by ropes and hooks. Thrashing free of the guards, she looked up at Alfor. He could see the pain in her eyes; even an ushi had its limits. She her breath came in labored wheezes, and her movements were getting sluggish.
  635. Alfor’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the desperation in her eyes. The monster that had trashed several city blocks stared up at him with a pleading look. He took a step back. The ushi let out a sad grunt, and tears began to well in her eyes. The beast let out a rattling sob and redoubled her efforts to ascend the offending building.
  637. “I need you to make a decision.” Said Andra.
  639. “I-I… I can’t! How can you tell me that she won’t tear me in half?” said Alfor.
  641. Andra put her hands on his shoulders. “If she’s about to kill you, I will PERSONALLY fly down and stop her. I haven’t done anything to her yet because I don’t want to hurt her, but I will if I have to.”
  643. The roof shook as the ushi crashed against it. Alfor looked over again. The spider-cow stared back up at him, with a look of curiosity. She cocked her head to the side a bit and her shaggy hair shifted to the side.
  645. “… What would I even do? Just go talk to her?” asked Alfor.
  647. “Something like that.” Said Andra looking down at the ushi to avoid eye contact.
  649. “I don’t want to, but maybe I ca-“
  651. “Close enough.”
  653. Under normal circumstances, “maybe” probably wouldn’t fly as “clear verbal consent” in demon terms, but desperate times called for desperate legal interpretations. Ignoring the fact that it would take a LOT of legalese to claim that Alfor was not under duress, Andra used a stilettoed heel to push Alfor off the roof.
  655. His shrill scream of terror was followed by a louder cry of joy from below. Andra peeked over the edge to see the ushi frantically tearing off Alfor’s clothing as she dashed towards a nearby park. Even from a distance, Andra could see the saliva running down her chin into her cleavage as she began to kiss and lick her new husband. The last thing she saw was Alfor being cocooned in her thick webbing before she turned away from the grisly (sexual) scene. As she flew back to the castle, Alfor’s screams began to echo into the night.
  657. ~~~~~~~
  659. “You’re back! What was all that?!” said Cervan.
  661. “Just a mamono problem, don’t worry about it.” Muttered Andra. She poured herself a sizable glass of demon realm whisky and tried to forget the look of betrayal on Alfor’s face.
  663. “Chief God, you look terrible. How many people died out there?” asked Cervan quietly.
  665. “None.”
  667. Cervan looked her over. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
  669. “I’m alright. I think I’d just like to go to bed.”
  671.     She shed her uniform and took a quick bath to clean off the soot and debris, as well as try to clean the guilt from her soul.
  672. It was close to midnight before she finally settled down into bed next to Cervan again. In a few moments, she was sound asleep.
  673. Cervan looked across the bed at her. Her breasts heaved in time with her breathing as she softly snored. Whatever happened must have shaken her; he had never seen her sleep like this. Her hands were clenched into tiny fists, and her face was contorted into a grimace. With a tiny whine she rolled over and clenched the sheets to her chest.
  675.     Cervan scooted closer to her, and draped one of his arms over her. Making sure not to wake her, he slid his hand further across her to interlace his fingers with hers. Her face relaxed a bit and she clenched his hand. Her breathing slowed and deepened as regular sleep replaced the nightmarish limbo she was trapped in. Cervan would never admit it, but exploring her body while she slept was the greatest pleasure that he had ever known. She really was everything that a man could ever desire. Not that he could ever tell her that…
  676. Maneuvering her butt against his crotch, he nestled against her back and went to sleep.
  678. ~~~~~~
  680.     In the wee hours of the morning, a specialist team of mamono transported the sleeping couple back to a secure room of the Bureau and set about repairing the damage to the park. A gnome was called in to repair the craters, and a mage who had studied dryad magic bent the trees back into position and replaced the crushed saplings and shrubs. Suds made from cancers was used to rinse away the remaining fluids. Cutting down the strands of webbing proved to be more difficult than expected, and a fire elemental was summoned to just sear them away.
  682.     The Bureau of Monster and Human Relations issued an official apology and promised to pay for any damages that the accident had caused. Thankfully, the members of the Extremist Faction who financed the Bureau had deep pockets and plentiful connections. The damage was fixed in a matter of weeks.
  684.     The story of what exactly happened that night varied wildly. Some say that a dragon got jealous. Some say that a monster reverted to pre-demonlord form. Others say that it was an experimental mana weapon that misfired. Even though the Bureau issued an official public report on the matter, the city would continue to propagate myths and conspiracies for years to come.
  686. ~~~~~
  688.     Six months came and went in the blink of an eye. All but the most zealous Order soldiers were pleased at how smoothly the Aeris had transitioned from a human city into a monster-human frontier city. Occasionally Order members would attempt to assassinate a mamono, or form some sort of paramilitary group, but such attempts were always quickly repelled. Others fled the city, hoping to make it back to human civilization or take up banditry to survive in the wilderness without the yolk of monster rule. Unbeknownst to them, the deal that Andra had made only protected citizens inside the city. Order gangs hoping to set out into the wilderness were often captured and raped a few hundred feet outside of the city gates.
  690. Lord Cervan looked down at the festival happening in the main square. By popular vote, the city of Aeris had officially decided to become part of the monster territories.
  692. “Do you want to go down and celebrate?” asked Andra from behind him.
  694. “Later. I’d like to go when the crowds die down a bit so I can go without guards.”
  696. Andra hugged him from behind and held her left hand out in front of him so that her ring caught the sunlight. He reached up with his right hand to grab it and they watched the crowds in silence.
  698. “I want to try some of that!” said Andra pointing to a food stall.
  700. “Alright, we can go get some. We should go just before the fireworks, when they restock all the food stalls for dinner patrons.” Said Cervan.
  702. “How savvy! That’s the reason I chose you, you know~” said Andra giving him a kiss on the cheek.
  704. Cervan tilted his head to sandwich her head between his and his shoulder.
  706. “And don’t think I’d let you off the hook just for the festival! I waited six months for this day and I’m not going to allow you to shirk your duties as husband just because some fireworks are happening.” Said Andra.
  708. “I know, I haven’t forgotten either.” Said Cervan.
  710. “Because you’ve been looking forwards to it~” teased Andra.
  712. Cervan huffed but didn’t say anything.
  714. “You know…” Andra whispered in his ear. “I’ve felt my butt getting bigger since I arrived in town. You know mamono bodies adapt to their husbands right?~”
  716. Cervan gulped. Andra laughed and slid to his side, grinding against him while reaching a hand behind her to caress his cheek. He retaliated by seizing her waist and giving her a kiss on the neck. She squealed as he tickled her stomach and nibbled her ears.
  717. The raucous sound of the festival below carried on as they embraced each other and shared a passionate kiss to celebrate the day.
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