All These Tables Kain't Flip Themselves

Apr 15th, 2013
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  1. [12:23:48] <@Kain> Poor Lenore! She's alll alone in Black Mage Village now, everyone ditched her! Oh, well. Her mom is still wandering around somewhere....
  2. [12:24:06] * Lenore starts looking around for her, of course!
  3. [12:25:16] <@Kain> After a bit of searching, you find her near the entrance to town, receiving a huge stack of letters from a Moogle.
  4. [12:25:38] <@Kain> Elena: "See you again~" she calls after the fluffy little thing as it flutters off.
  5. [12:26:29] <Lenore> "Oh! Who're those from!?" She runs up to mom with excitement~
  6. [12:27:33] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, hey, Lena! Some of these are from fans, apparently! I didn't know I had a fanclub... there's also a few I agreed to deliver as a favor to other people... oh, and there's a letter for each of us here, from..."
  7. [12:27:40] <@Kain> Elena blinkblinkls.
  8. [12:27:45] <@Kain> Elena: "Your father."
  9. [12:28:20] * Lenore blinkblinks. "Dad wrote? He never writes!" She carefully takes her letter, looking it over to make sure it's not some FAKE.
  10. [12:29:06] <@Kain> It does seem to be his handwriting!
  11. [12:29:51] <@Kain> Elena: "I know, and sending me a letter too... I wonder what the occasion is..."
  12. [12:29:54] * Lenore carefully opens it up!
  13. [12:30:01] <@Kain> She does as well.
  14. [12:33:34] <@Kain> Renegade's writing, much as his talking is, is blunt and to the point. "Bernie is at home, and injured. His companion tells me he was pursuing a creature that had injured you, but was overwhelmed by numbers. She managed to rescue him, against his wishes. He's here, recuperating. I figured you should know, he probably has some story or another to share. Come home next time you're in Treno if
  15. [12:33:34] <@Kain> you wish to see him, otherwise don't. -Dad."
  16. [12:33:35] <Lenore> (BTW, I just FINALLY redid my skills, if you want to look over them)
  17. [12:34:00] <Lenore> "Oh...he..."
  18. [12:34:40] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, your friend said he had gotten captured... was he saved already? That's sort of anticlimatic... But I'm glad!"
  19. [12:36:17] <Lenore> "...we should probably get there really soon."
  20. [12:36:37] <Lenore> She winces a little. "You don't know what happened right after you left, do you, Mom?"
  21. [12:36:43] <@Kain> Elena reads over her letter. "...hmm. He said pretty much the same thing in my letter, though he wants to see me again, too... I wonder..."
  22. [12:36:52] <@Kain> Elena: "Hm? What happened?"
  23. [12:37:52] <Lenore> She clenches one of her arms with her other hand, having trouble keeping eye contact with Elena. "Well, Blade...Bernie, he um, got really really mad at Dad after you left, and uh, he tried to kill Dad."
  24. [12:38:49] <Lenore> "Like, he stabbed him right in the heart."
  25. [12:39:09] <Lenore> "And then ran away, which is why I hadn't seen him for almost as long as I hadn't seen you."
  26. [12:39:14] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, that probably surprised Renny." she says, blankly.
  27. [12:40:08] <Lenore> "I wasn't that bad considering Dad can't die, was..." She bites her lip. "It was...really...horrifying to watch." Sniff.
  28. [12:40:41] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, Lena... come here, sweetie..." she hugs you tight. "I don't know what got into Bernie, but..."
  29. [12:41:08] <@Kain> It's about this time, in fact... that everyone conveniently returns from their trip across the world, teleporting into the village in a flash of light!
  30. [12:41:46] <@Kain> Theta, Elziabeth, and T-89 appear almost in the same spot as Natalie and Ammy, the ensuing clusterfuck causing Theta to trip backwards into Elizabeth!
  31. [12:42:15] <@Kain> She seems to have been expecting something to this degree, however, and simply catches you before you fall.
  32. [12:42:41] <Natbuncle> (>not a teleportation accident fusing us all into one body)
  33. [12:42:41] <@Kain> Elena: "Eh?" she looks up, eyes going wide.
  34. [12:42:54] * Amaryllis stumbles back in surprise. "Bloody what?"
  35. [12:43:41] <Theta> (This is sorta confusing but I'll go with it)
  36. [12:43:51] * Theta is catched, swoon~
  37. [12:44:01] <Natbuncle> "Oh, did I screw up?" Nat ports in doing a really silly-looking pose.
  38. [12:44:46] <@Kain> (Oh wait)
  39. [12:44:47] <@Kain> (Fuck)
  40. [12:45:04] <@Kain> (I forgot theta's thing actually ended in BMV goddammit)
  41. [12:45:12] * Lenore watches everyone teleport in with the most amazing clusterfuck.
  42. [12:46:04] <Amaryllis> (Elizabeth used Teleport for VENGEANCE)
  43. [12:46:04] <@Kain> (Okay, uh, quick fix. Elizabeth wanted to pick up groceries from Conde Petie and wanted your opinions since you were familiar with the area, T-89 came along for shiggles)
  44. [12:46:25] <Natbuncle> (I like castmmy's suggestion more, just sayin')
  45. [12:46:51] <Amaryllis> (REVENGE TELEPORT)
  46. [12:47:09] <Natbuncle> (I was actually going to teleport in catmode but had to backspace it because catmode doesn't have teleport)
  47. [12:47:12] <Natbuncle> (TECHNICALITIES)
  49. [12:47:45] <Theta> (technicatities)
  50. [12:47:57] <Amaryllis> (>Cat titties)
  51. [12:48:03] <Natbuncle> (you stop that right now)
  52. [12:48:06] <Theta> (ishiggyyourdiggy)
  53. [12:48:08] <Theta> ANYWAY
  54. [12:48:12] <@Kain> Elizabeth is holding a paper bag full of groceries in one arm as well, looking past the others.
  55. [12:48:23] <@Kain> T-89: "Oh, hello."
  56. [12:48:26] * Natbuncle holds the pose.
  57. [12:48:48] <Natbuncle> "Uhhhh..."
  58. [12:48:48] <Theta> Theta waves at everyone as he sips from a drink he purchased.
  59. [12:48:50] <Natbuncle> "Hi!"
  60. [12:49:04] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, heya!"
  61. [12:49:49] <@Kain> Theta hasn't seen Ammy and Lenore back yet, so this is somewhat of a surprise, but...
  62. [12:50:21] <Amaryllis> "Greetings. Teleport seems to be quite the trendy spell nowadays." Ammy glances around.
  63. [12:50:27] <@Kain> T-89: "It suddenly got crowded..." she notes. "Let me know when you need me, Theta."
  64. [12:50:27] <Lenore> "Um...hi." She gets out of MOMMAHUG and waves. "Um, I have some business in Treno..."
  65. [12:50:33] <Natbuncle> Nat hasn't seen Elena back yet! In fact, she blinks at her in that 'who're you' kind of way while holding pose.
  66. [12:50:42] <Theta> "Hi. When did you two get here?" He nods to T89 as she makes her exit.
  67. [12:51:56] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "Are you kidding? Teleport is incredibly useful. I don't think I've heard of a mage capable of learning it that hasn't. Well, I suppose it's more common nowadays than some years ago... But that's because civilization is more spread out, now."
  68. [12:51:57] <Lenore> "When Ammy did, a couple hours ago!"
  69. [12:52:46] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "In any case, thank you, Theta. I had better go put these away..."
  70. [12:52:49] <Natbuncle> "It's nice but," yaaaaaaaaaaawn, "it's kind of tiring."
  71. [12:52:51] * Amaryllis nods. "Lolo teleported us back." She then turns to Elizabeth. "...We have met before, have we not?"
  72. [12:53:12] <@Kain> She starts to follow T-89 but nods at Ammy. "Elizabeth. It would have been... Daguerreo."
  73. [12:53:16] <Amaryllis> (I -think- Ammy only very briefly met Elizabeth in session 1, but correct me if I'm wrong)
  74. [12:53:35] <Natbuncle> (Correcting, I was pretty sure there was a whole offscreen party that got thrown with ammyzabeth cooking together)
  75. [12:53:40] * Theta waves her off. "No problem. Thanks as well for earlier."
  76. [12:53:49] <Amaryllis> "Ah, yes, during the air pirate attack. Amaryllis." Ammy gestures to herself in a curtsy, then extends a hand.
  77. [12:54:50] <@Kain> Elizabeth shifts the groceries and shakes your hand. "No problem, Theta. And it's nice to meet you again." (Eh, we'll just say this is the first meeting in a while) "I think I also briefly saw you in New Cleyra, but you didn't seem to stop and chat."
  78. [12:55:41] <Theta> Sip. "...Sooooo...." He addresses the cat, Ammy and Lenore. "It's been a busy few days hasn't it?"
  79. [12:55:41] <Natbuncle> "Llllllllllllright." Nat breaks pose to stomp the ground, which looks as silly as usual because lasers and etc. "Is Lolo still here? That's who I was going to talk to!"
  80. [12:55:58] <@Kain> Elizabeth: "If we're going to have this many around, I might have to make more depending on if you stick around or not... hm..." she starts to head off again.
  81. [12:56:04] <Natbuncle> "I just... had a thing to do real quick. And then another."
  82. [12:56:08] <Amaryllis> "My apologies. I was in quite a hurry back then."
  83. [12:56:08] <Lenore> "Yeah, it has, although it doesn't feel like it..."
  84. [12:56:09] <@Kain> Elena: "Lolo? I think he's visiting his brother!"
  85. [12:56:23] <Natbuncle> "He has a- .... oh right."
  86. [12:56:30] <Theta> "I imagine Nat filled you in on what we did, assuming she remembered."
  87. [12:56:52] * Natbuncle handhips proudly. "You BET I did!"
  88. [12:56:54] <Amaryllis> "She remembered remarkably well. I'm glad."
  89. [12:56:54] <Theta> "I was out shopping when you got back I guess." Sip.
  90. [12:57:08] <@Kain> Prickles sticks his head out from behind Lenore's leg.
  91. [12:57:24] <Lenore> "Mmm, yeah..."
  92. [12:57:37] <Amaryllis> "Shall we find a place indoors to chat?"
  93. [12:57:53] <Lenore> She takes in a deeep breath. Breeeath. "I actually have somewhat urgent business in Treno, um..."
  94. [12:57:58] <Natbuncle> "I guess everything happened kinda fast," she reaches up and rubyrubs. "Ooh, but there's a thing I think I need to tell you too, Mr. Phi."
  95. [12:58:15] <Theta> "Funny. We were just IN Treno earlier..."
  96. [12:58:18] <Natbuncle> "... Huh? How uuuuuuuuuurgent?"
  97. [12:58:19] <Lenore> She fiddles with her hands, twirling them around each other...
  98. [12:58:24] <Theta> "Teleport is such a silly helpful spell."
  99. [12:58:24] <Lenore> "Um, well."
  100. [12:58:29] <Lenore> "My brother is at my dad's house."
  101. [12:58:41] * Natbuncle diaryflips. "Uh-huh..."
  102. [12:58:46] <Amaryllis> "You mean he escaped the Kraken's palace?" Ammy furrows her brow.
  103. [12:59:06] <@Kain> Elena: "We just got sent letters telling us about that." she holds one up at Ammy.
  104. [12:59:08] <Lenore> She holds up the letter. "I got a letter from Dad about it, he's pretty hurt, but that's not why I'm worried..."
  105. [12:59:20] <Lenore> "I...don't want them to get into a fight."
  106. [12:59:30] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, I'm sure Renny would avoid agitating him! He CAN turn invisible, you know."
  107. [12:59:33] <Natbuncle> "Being a big mean jerk... .... nnn, did something happen to him?"
  108. [12:59:48] <Theta> "Ouch. Well. Uh."
  109. [13:00:06] <Theta> "...Good thing there's a plethora of white mages around!"
  110. [13:00:19] <Lenore> "I...hope so."
  111. [13:00:27] <@Kain> Elena: "Tell you what... why don't I go on ahead to Treno and make sure those boys are behaving themselves?"
  112. [13:00:40] <Lenore> "Okay! Um, I'll catch up in a bit."
  113. [13:00:48] <@Kain> Elena: "I'm sure Bernie needs some magical healing, anyway..."
  114. [13:01:06] <Natbuncle> "Yeah, I can bring everyone there. Count on it!" She gives a thumbs-up and then head-tilts. "... By the way who were you again?"
  115. [13:01:12] * Amaryllis rubs her head. "Kary is in danger of being sacrificed to create Maliris's true form, the matter of gathering energy in Madain Sari has not yet been resolved, and now this."
  116. [13:01:22] <@Kain> Elena: "Elena! Lena's mom." she beams, standing side by side with her daughter.
  117. [13:01:23] <Lenore> "You being there might prevent anything from escalating, so that's a good thing."
  118. [13:01:44] <Natbuncle> "Ohhh right. I knew that!" She didn't.
  119. [13:01:51] <@Kain> She gets out a whistle and calls for Bruno, the behemoth hopping down from the roof of a nearby hut with a thump. She hops on and waves.
  120. [13:02:08] * Lenore waves as her mom runs off again! Sniff.
  121. [13:02:14] <@Kain> Elena: "I'll see you later, Lena! Love you~"
  122. [13:02:40] <Lenore> "I...I LOVE YOU TOO, MOM! ☆" She brightens up and yells after her mom!
  123. [13:02:43] <@Kain> And off they go!
  124. [13:03:01] <Natbuncle> "Doooon't worry, Lenny. I'm pretty sure I actually DO remember where to bring us to. ... Kinda, maybe."
  125. [13:03:43] <Lenore> "Yeah, you talking to Lolo is pretty important, and I'm sure my mom being there will help things, so..."
  126. [13:03:53] <Theta> "Well..."
  127. [13:04:00] <Theta> "Be aware they aren't aware of, you know, that."
  128. [13:04:17] <Natbuncle> "Which that?"
  129. [13:04:43] <Theta> "The fact his lifespan is tied to yours and he may or may not be immortal because of it."
  130. [13:04:43] <Theta> Sip
  131. [13:05:15] <Natbuncle> "Oh, right yeah, I was gonna tell him that. Turns out my Summoner knew all about it."
  132. [13:05:20] <Lenore> "Oh what."
  133. [13:05:29] <Natbuncle> "Yeaaaaaaah it's kinda a long story."
  134. [13:05:35] <Lenore> "Is that why...that vision thing occured when you tranced?"
  135. [13:06:02] <Natbuncle> "Well let's go ask him, not just stand around here! C'mon!"
  136. [13:06:50] <Theta> "Well if you do keep in mind this is rather delicate!"
  137. [13:07:08] <Natbuncle> "Hmm..."
  138. [13:07:19] <Natbuncle> "Hey, Mr. Zeta?"
  139. [13:07:24] <Theta> "Hm?" Sip.
  140. [13:07:29] <Natbuncle> "Throw me."
  141. [13:07:32] * Natbuncle pounces at him.
  142. [13:07:41] <Amaryllis> "The link? I am quite sure Nat's intent is to speak with them precisely on that matter."
  143. [13:07:44] <Amaryllis> "Something happened whilst we were in Mt. Gulug with Lolo, and he glowed with a light similar to Trance just as Nat had achieved Trance in your battle with Lich. I am sure he would like to know what happened."
  144. [13:08:11] <Theta> "Oh god wah -" He drops his drink as he flails and catches her?
  145. [13:08:48] * Natbuncle totes just triangle-jumps off of him and ruby lights in midair, landing as a shiny espeon.
  146. [13:08:50] <Natbuncle> ~Showoff~
  147. [13:09:12] * Lenore claps her hands together. "Wow!"
  148. [13:09:53] <@Kain> Heading over to Bebe's?
  149. [13:10:01] <Theta> "What the hell was that about."
  150. [13:10:02] <Natbuncle> The cat yawns and scratches itself. "3Neat, huh? ... It's probably better if I do it like this anyway."
  151. [13:10:09] * Theta picks up the cat and noogies.
  152. [13:10:16] <Natbuncle> "3Nnnnn~"
  153. [13:10:24] <Natbuncle> It's like a bizarro purr.
  154. [13:10:34] * Natbuncle gladly rides to Bebeland though, yes.
  155. [13:10:36] * Theta is totally weirded out and drops her.
  156. [13:10:39] <Natbuncle> ...
  157. [13:10:43] <Natbuncle> Okay walks.
  158. [13:10:45] <Natbuncle> Auu.
  159. [13:11:03] <Theta> "Lord you are a"
  160. [13:11:04] * Amaryllis picks up the silly Espeon and walks toward wherever Bebe is.
  161. [13:12:02] <Natbuncle> "3Annnnnnnd don't you forget it."
  162. [13:13:06] <@Kain> You find the black mage kids outside the workshop, with Bebe holding the Corrupt Stone and Lulu setting up a volleyball net. You hear them talking as you approach.
  163. [13:13:14] <@Kain> Bebe: "This doesn't seem very scientific at all."
  164. [13:13:45] <@Kain> Lolo: "Nonsense, this'll work, just-" They look over as the group approaches.
  165. [13:14:10] * Natbuncle climbs on Ammy's shoulder and kind of nudges her with a cat-hip. "3Psst, which one's Lolo again?"
  166. [13:14:20] <@Kain> To recap on appearances
  167. [13:14:42] <Theta> Theta squints at this.
  168. [13:14:44] <@Kain> Bebe is dressed in a blue outfit with a hood that ends in a fluffy ball.
  169. [13:14:55] <Theta> "Doesn't this strike you as rather...dangerous."
  170. [13:15:12] * Amaryllis makes a small nod toward Lolo for Nat's sake.
  171. [13:15:23] * Natbuncle returns a nod of thanks.
  172. [13:16:32] <@Kain> Lolo is dressed like a white mage, very typical outfit. Lulu is dressed in dark leather robes, though it seems she's added a few belts hanging on her dress.
  173. [13:16:43] <Natbuncle> Much appreciated.
  174. [13:16:50] <@Kain> Bebe: "Yes, yes it does. But this brother of mine...
  175. [13:17:22] <Lenore> "W-what are you all doing?"
  176. [13:17:52] <@Kain> Lolo: "He doesn't have a arcane centrifuge! So I was showing him how to improvise."
  177. [13:17:57] <Theta> "They are going to play vollyball. With something that evaporates Holy Water."
  178. [13:18:08] * Natbuncle leaps off Ammy in front of the mages - well maybe not Lulu if she's over there - and stretches, then sits on the ground and looks up like them like being a talking cat is totally normal. "3Hi! You're not all too busy to talk, are you?"
  179. [13:18:34] <@Kain> Bebe: "Not that busy, no." he looks over at carbuncle with some curiosity. Lolo seems to recognize the form.
  180. [13:18:39] <Amaryllis> "What exactly is it?" Ammy steps up for a closer look.
  181. [13:18:46] <@Kain> Lolo: "Hey... aren't you the one I saw in that vision...?"
  182. [13:19:20] <Theta> "It's a storm stone, much like this one," He shows Ammy the fire one. "The difference is..well..."
  183. [13:19:24] <Natbuncle> "3Uh-huh, at least from what I heard." She waves a paw. "3I'm Carb4u3ncle, nice to meetcha!"
  184. [13:19:28] <Theta> "I sorta made it out of corrupted energies Lich was releasing."
  185. [13:19:52] * Natbuncle tries to hop onto Lolo's shoulder if he allows it.
  186. [13:20:26] <Amaryllis> "Was that wise?" Ammy raises an eyebrow to Theta, then gestures at the mages to let her see the stone.
  187. [13:20:36] <@Kain> Bebe holds up the black stone for you guys to see. Well, not entirely black, but a dark grey, with several white vein-like patterns running around its length.
  188. [13:20:58] <Natbuncle> Her tails point and twitch around like a pair of antennae.
  189. [13:21:04] <@Kain> The patterns seem to shift in the stone, like they're alive.
  190. [13:21:04] <Theta> "Well my train of thought was 'I'll just ball them up so he can't have them' and then it made that. And then I accidently made another one by barring from from the shrine." He presents a second.
  191. [13:21:12] <@Kain> Lolo: "Uh, hi... I'm Lolo."
  192. [13:21:15] <Theta> "It's like double evil death balls."
  193. [13:21:30] * Amaryllis holds out a hand for the stone.
  194. [13:21:36] <Amaryllis> "May I see?"
  195. [13:21:57] <@Kain> Bebe looks over at Theta and shrugs, offering his to Ammy to look at.
  196. [13:23:14] * Amaryllis takes it and inspects the thing closely. Does it give off any particular feeling? Or react if Ammy takes hold of a bit of shadow energy?
  197. [13:23:19] <@Kain> Bebe: "Evil may not be an inaccurate description. Even Shadow energy is neutral..."
  198. [13:23:21] <Natbuncle> "3I think this is the first time we met... well for me it feels like it, the others said we met before though. Actually I changed my mind, here!" The silly cat climbs up to his hat - he IS wearing one, right? his head otherwise - and bounds off, reverting. No sense of right and wrong.
  199. [13:23:52] <Amaryllis> "Indeed."
  200. [13:23:55] * Lenore leans in and examines the stone. "Wow, that's pretty freaky..."
  201. [13:24:05] <Lenore> Can I roll Lore: Magic on the stone to find out more about it?
  202. [13:24:05] <@Kain> It gives off a mild eerie sensation, rather uncomfortably.
  203. [13:24:14] <@Kain> Go for it!
  204. [13:24:21] <@Kain> It doesn't react to shadow energy, though
  205. [13:24:24] <Amaryllis> Familiar at all compared to the feeling in the Fire Shrine?
  206. [13:24:30] <@Kain> Yes, indeed.
  207. [13:24:35] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  208. [13:24:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  209. [13:24:57] <Amaryllis> "The Fire Shrine felt similar. Perhaps you could cleanse it in the same way?"
  210. [13:25:35] <Amaryllis> "It certainly seems to be a different energy than shadow, however. Or else it is simply not reacting to other shadow energy." Ammy passes it to Lenore.
  211. [13:25:45] <@Kain> Lenore, you've never seen a storm stone like this before. It's... you can't tell if it's even elemental in any fashion.
  212. [13:26:07] <@Kain> You've never even heard of anything like this, it may be something... well, unique.
  213. [13:26:27] <Lenore> " really really strange. Maybe my dad should look at it..."
  214. [13:26:54] * Natbuncle lands and twirls to face the timidmage on one leg, then stretches.
  215. [13:27:04] * Theta groans.
  216. [13:27:32] <Theta> "I could probably do the same thing there, yeah..."
  217. [13:27:44] <Theta> "But Renegade would probably just toss this in his basement next to the evil bauble thing."
  218. [13:28:51] <@Kain> Lolo: "Oh, you're..."
  219. [13:29:00] <Lenore> "He respects property, he wouldn't take your finding unless you wanted him to."
  220. [13:29:01] <@Kain> Lolo: "Yes, in fact we -did- meet before, at the Wind Shrine."
  221. [13:29:59] <Amaryllis> "Well, what shall we investigate first? We added the newest shard to the Crystal, and it told us that the energy gathering in Madain Sari yet remains." Ammy looks to Theta. "You have not yet had a chance to speak with it, have you? It appears stable enough for that now."
  222. [13:30:04] <Natbuncle> "Oh! Well then, nice to meet again!" She handhips once more, beaming. "It's kinda a long story, but I don't remember that far back."
  223. [13:30:24] <Theta> "Speak with what exactly? The Crystal?"
  224. [13:30:30] * Amaryllis nods.
  225. [13:30:34] <@Kain> Lolo: "I see..."
  226. [13:30:34] * Natbuncle leans back and fishes the Crystal out, presumably still being the one carrying it.
  227. [13:30:41] <Theta> "If it was feeling chatty I wasn't here, no."
  228. [13:31:40] <Amaryllis> (Kain /nick to Crystal pls :D)
  229. [13:31:42] <Natbuncle> In fact she just hands it over to Ammy and turns back. "But no sad or mushy stuff like that for now! Lolo, I wanna ask you comething!"
  230. [13:31:54] <Natbuncle> Something.
  231. [13:31:57] <Amaryllis> (comething sounds lewd)
  232. [13:31:58] * Lenore tosses the storm stone around in her hand. "Weird though, it doesn't feel as weird when it's in your feels a bit comforting, even..."
  233. [13:32:01] <Natbuncle> (no get off my lawn)
  234. [13:32:22] <@Kain> Bebe: "...? I haven't noticed a sensation like that."
  235. [13:32:29] * Amaryllis takes the Crystal and holds onto it carefully.
  236. [13:32:43] <Natbuncle> "Can we be friends?" :D :D :D
  237. [13:32:50] <@Kain> Lolo: "Sure!"
  238. [13:33:22] <@Kain> Lulu just laughs. "I don't think there's anyone he knows that he -isn't- friends with."
  239. [13:33:43] <@Kain> The crystal is still glowing warmly.
  240. [13:34:04] * Natbuncle hops up, fistpumping. "Woo! For now that's good enough for me. We'll need to talk about something at some point, but... nohurryrightnow."
  241. [13:34:10] <Natbuncle> A little red she just turns to the crystal instead.
  242. [13:35:08] <@Kain> Lolo: "...huh? Oh, yeah, we never did figure out what was up with that vision... or why I glowed like you did..." he murmurs.
  243. [13:35:57] <Natbuncle> "Doooon't worry. We'll get there in a sec."
  244. [13:36:27] <@Kain> 4,0The warriors are reunited. the crystal murmurs.
  245. [13:37:19] <@Kain> Lolo and Lulu edge back from it, not having expected that.
  246. [13:37:29] <Natbuncle> "Hi again, Crystal!"
  247. [13:37:45] * Lenore nods to the crystal. "Hi!"
  248. [13:39:48] <Theta> "I suppose we are. Now tell me all your dirty little secrets. Like...where could I find a spiritual entity with enough self awareness to hold a discussion with? If such a thing exist."
  249. [13:40:10] <Amaryllis> "Should we move inside for this?" Ammy glances around to make sure the glowy talky stone isn't drawing too much attention.
  250. [13:40:28] <Natbuncle> "Huhh. You mean I don't count for that, Mr. Beta?"
  251. [13:42:00] * Theta looks to Natalie. "Damn it. I sure hope not."
  252. [13:42:20] * Natbuncle head-tilts and "?"s with the goofiest smile on her face.
  253. [13:43:08] <Lenore> "Yeah, I agree, we should go inside. C'mon!" She starts dragging Theta inside to the nearest building that looks like it belongs to somebody in the party. So Bebe's house.
  254. [13:43:22] * Theta is dragged along easily enough
  255. [13:43:41] * Amaryllis shuffles along, following.
  256. [13:43:47] * Natbuncle bounds along too.
  257. [13:44:42] <@Kain> 4,0Assuming you mean an elemental spirit and not the souls of the dead, the most guaranteed place is a powerful spirit-forged weapon that has seen quite a bit of battle. A weapon collector might hold such a piece, or perhaps a used weapons outlet... or an auction.
  258. [13:45:31] <Natbuncle> (My tables are flipping themselves!)
  259. [13:45:46] <Theta> "A talking sword."
  260. [13:45:57] <Lenore> "There's the Auction House at Treno...and Walt might have"
  261. [13:46:11] <@Kain> 4,0They are not unheard of.
  262. [13:46:34] <@Kain> 4,0The famed blade Ragnarok is one... but also an Eidolon, so not what you are looking for.
  263. [13:47:08] <Amaryllis> "I have need to discuss a matter with Walt myself." Ammy comments. She then looks to the Crystal. "Can you tell us more of this matter in Madain Sari? Can you more easily tell now what is happening there?"
  264. [13:47:13] <Natbuncle> "Huh... whatcha need something like that for?" She folds her arms instead of handhipping for once and gives a sage nod. "'Elemental Spirit' definitely isn't me."
  265. [13:47:36] <Theta> "I more meant something still 'unbound', if you will. A sapient weapon is a very...specific thing to seek out in that respect."
  266. [13:47:49] <@Kain> 4,0A great energy is gathering there. It is likely that another fragment of the Crystal nearly equal in size to this one is there, being assembled by someone.
  267. [13:47:53] <Natbuncle> "Oh, yeah, that too! Eheh, it probably would've been harder to screw up if we brought you around to ask."
  268. [13:48:26] <Lenore> "That's...pretty big, I guess checking on my brother might have to wait, hmmmm..."
  269. [13:48:40] <Natbuncle> "What kind of person like that would be hanging out THERE, though? Mr. Epsilon, we didn't meet anyone there who seemed like they'd have a big Crystal, did we?"
  270. [13:49:05] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps the gem collector..." Ammy murmurs.
  271. [13:49:13] <Natbuncle> "No way."
  272. [13:49:16] <@Kain> To Theta, it replies. 4,0In that case, then you may need to seek out a dense concentration of spirits. An elemental shrine may work, but there are other such places if you care to look hard enough. And the shrines may be problematic due to recent bouts of corruption.
  273. [13:50:07] <Theta> "And how would I know where to find such a place?"
  274. [13:50:12] <@Kain> 4,0Madain Sari may have the proper connections of leylines and environment you require.
  275. [13:50:37] <@Kain> 4,0In which case you would be fortunate.
  276. [13:52:05] <Amaryllis> "I am sure your brother shall be fine in your mother's care, Lenore."
  277. [13:52:27] <Theta> "I dunno maybe that clown girl?" He says to Nat.
  278. [13:52:28] <Amaryllis> "But this matter of another collector of Crystal shards sounds worrying indeed."
  279. [13:52:33] <@Kain> 4,0In other places... you would simply be looking for places of power. A lake in the heart of a deep forest, the caldera of a volcano, the bottom of the sea... an island floating in the sky.
  280. [13:53:19] * Lenore nodnods. "That makes lots of sense!"
  281. [13:53:51] <Natbuncle> "Well, yeah, but she had just a little one," she signifies the size with her fingers, "didn't she? And when the shards are close together they, you know, become one. So if she had a big piece, why would she have a little piece too?"
  282. [13:54:31] <Amaryllis> "Clown? Do you mean Belle? Chell did mention her having a task in Madain Sari..." Ammy frowns.
  283. [13:54:33] <Theta> He shrugs.
  284. [13:54:39] <Theta> "Yeah that one."
  285. [13:54:52] * Natbuncle shrugs back. "I guess it could be worth a look."
  286. [13:55:21] <Theta> "Well, thank you, crystal. Other than that just curious when last Bahamut was seen."
  287. [13:55:24] <Lenore> "It could be that she's got the big piece somewhere safe and she's taking little pieces she finds to where the big piece is stored, Nat!"
  288. [13:56:14] <Natbuncle> "Nnnn, mmaybe. But something like that's important, and she pretty much just GAVE us the shard she had."
  289. [13:56:15] <Amaryllis> "What kind of power could one derive from the Crystal by collecting a chunk of this size? We know Ayane may be using shards herself, and the Glutton might use them to call bound Eidolons..."
  290. [13:57:02] <Amaryllis> "And we have not exactly been told in what ways we might call upon your power either. At least, not deliberately and directly."
  291. [13:57:15] <@Kain> 3,0Beyond the ocean / The hearts of his chosen knights / Have called him forth
  292. [13:57:42] <@Kain> Oh great, it suddenly changed to riddlevoice.
  293. [13:58:04] * Lenore blinkblinks. "Huh?"
  294. [13:58:12] <Natbuncle> "... Who?" Rubyscratch.
  295. [13:58:33] * Theta is tempted to shake this dumb riddlevoicecrystal
  296. [13:58:58] <Theta> "Could be she knew we would merge it with our own and they could just steal a larger chunk later."
  297. [13:59:06] <@Kain> 12,0The lord of dragons was called within Burmecia by the one you traveled with.
  298. [13:59:25] <Amaryllis> "Bahamut? By Celina?"
  299. [13:59:41] * Natbuncle tilts again. ".... Who?"
  300. [13:59:56] <Amaryllis> "By what method?"
  301. [14:01:10] <@Kain> 12,,0A shard. A shrine. A focus. A ritual. A prayer from the heart.
  302. [14:01:43] <@Kain> 12,0His advice was sought with the help of her ally, Kujata.
  303. [14:01:56] * Natbuncle starts flipping through the diary at this point, occasionally nodding and/or "uh-huh"ing to herself.
  304. [14:02:13] <Lenore> "Good to know she's doing all right..."
  305. [14:02:36] <Theta> "Oh. So he isn't just twiddling his dragonthumbs. Alright then."
  306. [14:02:54] <Amaryllis> "If we travel to Madain Sari, will you be able to convey to us more precisely the location of this other collection of shards?"
  307. [14:03:28] <@Kain> 4,0Certainly.
  308. [14:03:32] <Natbuncle> "Ohhh. Mr. Delta, wasn't he one of the..."
  309. [14:03:53] <Natbuncle> "Well, actually I just checked on the others so it's probably no big deal."
  310. [14:05:43] * Theta looks to Nat, confused what she meant.
  311. [14:05:50] * Amaryllis sets the Crystal down on a table and then finds a seat for herself, resting her chin on her hands and staring contemplatively. She still has yet to figure out 12GIL's lost methods of dealing with Gates to the Underworld too, so Madain Sari is a good destination for that as well.
  312. [14:05:57] * Natbuncle gestures back to Lolo, sort of subtly.
  313. [14:06:16] <@Kain> The black mage kids have group huddled and are discussing something.
  314. [14:06:48] <Amaryllis> "Shall we make our way to Madain Sari then?" Ammy speaks up. "It seems we may have a good deal to do there."
  315. [14:06:51] <Natbuncle> Oh, good, no need for subtlety then, it can just be an entire thumb-point to signify 'you know, like me and him.'
  316. [14:07:10] <Theta> "Oh. yes. But this was for something different."
  317. [14:07:30] <Natbuncle> "Yeah, I guess..."
  318. [14:07:40] <Lenore> "I'm fine with Madain Sari..."
  319. [14:07:49] <Lenore> "Um, can we stop in Conde Petie on the way? Or maybe after, hm."
  320. [14:07:55] <Natbuncle> "Well, do you think we should tell them first? I mean, I think they kinda deserve to know," to Theta particularly.
  321. [14:08:39] <Theta> "Yes. But it's a matter of when."
  322. [14:08:56] <Natbuncle> "So we should wait until later?" Blinkblink.
  323. [14:09:39] <Theta> "I think it'd be best with someone who actually recalls this event occuring being present."
  324. [14:10:03] * Natbuncle uuuuuus a little.
  325. [14:10:37] <Theta> "If you really want to then by all means, do it. But you won't be able to answer all their questions about it."
  326. [14:10:49] <Natbuncle> "... Okay. That works for me."
  327. [14:11:27] <Amaryllis> "They are no doubt already wondering and speculating." Ammy interjects. "You may as well tell as much of the story as you can."
  328. [14:11:46] <Natbuncle> "We probably don't need to be in a hurry anyway! So I can take us to that place whenever you guys are ready I guess," she opens an ether bottle. "Lemme just get a drink."
  329. [14:11:53] <Natbuncle> Er, hi-ether even.
  330. [14:12:56] <Natbuncle> "Yeah, Ammy," chug chug, "but he IS right! I dunno what I'd be able to tell them beside 'if I get hurt you probably will too' and awful stuff like that, and it'd probably be scarier to know than to... not know."
  331. [14:13:46] <Amaryllis> "Were you to know you had frightful memories locked away, would you not pursue them regardless?"
  332. [14:14:35] * Natbuncle headscratches. "Yeaaaaah, I guess. Okay, so should we tell them before going?"
  333. [14:15:21] <Amaryllis> "I would say so, but ultimately this is your tale to tell."
  334. [14:15:39] * Natbuncle gives Theta a staaaaare.
  335. [14:16:08] * Theta shrugs. "I'd leave this to your judgement. I think it's your thing to share."
  336. [14:16:53] <Natbuncle> "Eiko doesn't think it's that big of a deal. Eheh... I guess I don't want him to be confused like I am all the time, that's all."
  337. [14:17:01] <@Kain> 1,1Up to you
  338. [14:17:13] <Natbuncle> "C'mon!" She beckons the others and - stop that - runs waving to the mage kids.
  339. [14:18:22] <@Kain> They look over as Natalie approaches.
  340. [14:18:42] <Natbuncle> Nat's totally waving happily without a care, bounding over to them. "Sorry 'bout that!"
  341. [14:18:54] * Lenore follows along, curious how this conversation is going to go, but keeping silent for now.
  342. [14:18:55] <@Kain> Lolo: "That shard of crystal I gave you has certainly become much larger since you've found more..."
  343. [14:19:42] <Natbuncle> "Mhm! It's my mission from my Summoner to put them together. ... I'd say something like 'by the way I'm an Eidolon too' but you saw my real form just a minute ago, eheheh..."
  344. [14:20:10] * Theta stands by but this is Nat's shindiggy
  345. [14:20:34] * Natbuncle dragged the others to help just in case she screws up. She gulps anyway.
  346. [14:20:52] * Amaryllis turns her chair around and leans to one side, resting her head in one hand now. But she remains silent and just watches and listens.
  347. [14:21:00] <Natbuncle> "So um, don't panic or anything... but er, it's probably easier to just say this all it once than not at all."
  348. [14:22:36] <Natbuncle> "AHEM." She tries to look serious and not goofy, which just makes her look goofier. "Uh, your dad kinda tied your life force to mine so you'd live as long as I do, but I think it means we feel a lot of stuff together like my trancing. His other kids are tied to a bunch of the rest of us too."
  349. [14:22:44] <Natbuncle> "... Surprise!"
  350. [14:25:33] <@Kain> Lolo: "What."
  351. [14:25:45] <@Kain> Lulu and Bebe just stare.
  352. [14:25:59] * Natbuncle makes a silly hand-motion with the 'Surprise!' and just... holds it in place.
  353. [14:25:59] <@Kain> Bebe: "...Well, I certainly didn't expect to get that bombshell today..."
  354. [14:27:16] <@Kain> Lolo: "...Whaaat?"
  355. [14:27:19] <Natbuncle> "We just found out not so long ago," a nod, "but uh, if stuff happening to me is as obvious as Ammy and Lenny said it was, then it might be the same for all of you, too. And it's prooooobably better if you know what's going on just in case, right?"
  356. [14:27:42] <@Kain> Lolo: "So that's how Father... and how-"
  357. [14:27:47] <@Kain> Lolo: "And why..."
  358. [14:27:51] <@Kain> Lulu is just quiet.
  359. [14:28:11] <@Kain> Lolo: "Well... um..."
  360. [14:28:21] <@Kain> Lolo: "...Thanks."
  361. [14:28:21] <Natbuncle> "Sorry. If I knew... well, I would've asked to be friends earlier, duh." She sticks a tongue out slightly.
  362. [14:28:30] <@Kain> Lolo: "I guess that means... I owe nine years of my life to you, huh..."
  363. [14:28:50] <@Kain> He rubs his head awkwardly.
  364. [14:29:15] <Natbuncle> "Don't worry about it!" Nat gives a goofy thumbs-up. "I'm happy knowing I coulda helped with something like this! But... I lost my memories a while back, and I've kept losing them for a while. You... haven't had anything like that happen, have you?"
  365. [14:29:53] <Natbuncle> "THAT definitely isn't something I want to be giving to someone else on accident."
  366. [14:30:34] <@Kain> Lolo: "No, I think my memories have been fine..."
  367. [14:30:48] * Natbuncle lets out a huge sigh of relief. "Phew."
  368. [14:31:14] <Natbuncle> "Then... that's the only thing I was worried about, really. I guess that means it's something totally separate!"
  369. [14:31:23] <Amaryllis> "Nat," Ammy speaks up. "given what we discussed earlier, I believe your amnesia is more akin to an injury than an affliction that may be passed on."
  370. [14:32:17] <Natbuncle> "I know, Ammy," Nat leans back a little, "I just had to be sure before we went on. It just makes me happy to know I'm letting someone live a happy life, y'know?"
  371. [14:32:56] * Amaryllis nods and smiles.
  372. [14:32:59] * Natbuncle walks up with a smile and rubs Lolo's head too, like a kawaii oneesan. "Anyway, I'm tough. So you're safe with me!"
  373. [14:34:46] <@Kain> His hood flops off, revealing his sort of boyish face and dark hair. He grins, sheepishly. "I'm not worried about that. But thanks..."
  374. [14:35:01] <@Kain> Lulu: "I think we should get in contact with the others as soon as possible, Bebe..."
  375. [14:35:06] <@Kain> Bebe nods. "Yeah..."
  376. [14:35:30] <Natbuncle> "My Summoner knows all about it too, he's with Fenrir," she points to Bebe briefly, "(by the way he's a really nice guy, has some good advice), and I think one of you was with... Madeen? The rest, though... they're bound to a Summoner too but she doesn't know about it from what I heard. A... Dagger or something?"
  377. [14:35:30] <@Kain> Bebe: "If you'll excuse us... this news... brings up some concerns that we need to share with our siblings."
  378. [14:35:31] <Amaryllis> "You may wish to tell them which Eidolons are linked to whom." Ammy advises from her chair.
  379. [14:36:14] <@Kain> Lulu: "Dagger... that's Queen Garnet Til Alexandros."
  380. [14:36:19] * Natbuncle nods almost-enthusiastically. "Yeah! I don't know if we'd be able to meet all of you on our adventures, so it's better for you to all know. Um, Mr. Omicron, what were the other ones...?"
  381. [14:36:34] <Natbuncle> "Oh THAT'S who that is," goofy amnesiac grin.
  382. [14:38:24] * Natbuncle gives Lolo a brief hug before backing off. "Good luck, everyone! Let's hang out sometime, 'kay?"
  383. [14:38:29] * Theta probably wrote them down so fishes around for it.
  384. [14:38:37] <Theta> (I don't recall off the top of my head, gotta go log diving for it)
  385. [14:38:41] <@Kain> Bebe wanders off to fetch some paper and a quill and ink.
  386. [14:38:48] <Natbuncle> (I do, it's just that Nat didn't write them down)
  387. [14:38:53] <Natbuncle> (... oh I put them on the NPC page too)
  388. [14:39:16] <Natbuncle> (the NPC page I never wrote descriptions for, but I think I did put which 'lons are bound to which mage, lol)
  389. [14:40:14] <Natbuncle> (Yeah, Lolo/Bunc, Lulu/Bigsnake, Bebe/Doggy, Quan/Madeen, Veve/Dragon, Xixi/Atomos)
  390. [14:40:52] <Theta> "Veve to Bahamut, Xixi to Atomos, Lulu to Leviathan, Quan to Madeen, yes."
  391. [14:41:05] <Theta> "Bebe to Fenrir as well."
  392. [14:41:10] * Amaryllis is taking this time as Theta fishes for the notes to write a short letter, it seems. She folds it up and stuffs it in an envelope when she's done.
  393. [14:43:18] <@Kain> Lulu: "Leviathan? I-is that a fat joke?"
  394. [14:43:34] <@Kain> Lolo: "Relax, sis."
  395. [14:43:43] * Lenore blinkblink. "Leviathan is really pretty, I think!"
  396. [14:43:43] <Natbuncle> "Is he really? I just remember him being really snakey..."
  397. [14:43:57] * Theta chuckles. "It is not, Lulu."
  398. [14:43:58] * Natbuncle grumblemumbles "Then again I only remember him being stone."
  399. [14:44:02] <@Kain> Lolo: "They meant the eidolon, they weren't saying..."
  400. [14:44:22] <Lenore> "I think he's pretty graceful for something so big~"
  401. [14:45:58] * Amaryllis stifles a small laugh at this conversation.
  402. [14:46:01] <Natbuncle> "I guess I met him not TOO long ago," diaryflip, "not that I actually remember that part. But I said good things about him, so I guess that means he's nice? Talk to him sometime!"
  403. [14:46:09] <Natbuncle> "I wonder how he's doing..."
  404. [14:46:38] <@Kain> Lolo: "In any case, thanks for telling us... this is some big news! And explains why father didn't leave documentation behind, I suppose..."
  405. [14:46:50] <Amaryllis> "He resides at Daguerreo. I have a letter I intend to send him myself," Ammy waves the envelope, "so if you have something to say, I can send it along as well."
  406. [14:47:29] <Amaryllis> (god it'd actually make infinity times more sense just to teleport everywhere and talk to NPCs instead of sending letters, but that'd drive Kain nut I'm guessing :D)
  407. [14:47:30] <Natbuncle> "Yep! The things binding us together are in a safe place, too."
  408. [14:47:51] <Natbuncle> (nah he specifically said I couldn't port to Daguerreo probably exactly for this reason)
  409. [14:48:22] <Theta> "There is actually a recording in Madain Sari he left for you all, Lolo."
  410. [14:48:23] <@Kain> Lulu: "Just a thanks on my behalf, if you will!"
  411. [14:48:26] <Theta> "I...hid the entrance to his lab, however."
  412. [14:48:26] <Amaryllis> (no but Elizabeth could)
  413. [14:48:38] <@Kain> Lolo: "In Madain... oh, the workshop..."
  414. [14:48:48] <Theta> "Bebe should be able to uncover it, however."
  415. [14:48:57] <@Kain> Lolo: "We'll have to try and find it sometime..." he nods.
  416. [14:50:05] <Natbuncle> "Anyway, sorry to be in a hurry," she hops back on one leg. "But we should go check on that energy thing quicklike, right? And... we should see Lenny's family too, shouldn't we?"
  417. [14:50:42] <Lenore> "Well, if you want to do it sooner or later is up to you guys, so long as we get to it!" She frowns.
  418. [14:50:42] <Amaryllis> "Is there a Moogle in town right now? I have just a letter to send out before we go."
  419. [14:51:23] <Natbuncle> "I'm actually out of these," she dangles around an empty hi-ether bottle, "So I think I can only bring us to one of those places before I need more."
  420. [14:51:38] <Amaryllis> (inb4 split so Lenore can visit Blade and we go to Madain Sari~)
  421. [14:51:55] <Lenore> "I uh...I have one! But I only have one, I'm going to have to make more soon!"
  422. [14:51:56] <Natbuncle> (I think I just smashed that with a hammer thanks to the *dust* MP cost teleport has)
  423. [14:52:13] <Natbuncle> "You make these?" Headtilt. "Ohh... I feel like I should've remembered that."
  424. [14:52:14] <Amaryllis> (>implying we can't just make tons of hi-ethers)
  425. [14:52:47] <Lenore> "You helped me with it before, too! But I forgive you for forgetting!"
  426. [14:52:55] <@Kain> Lolo: "There should be, near the chocobo stables..."
  427. [14:52:58] <Natbuncle> "Could you make more if we took you home first, Lenny? We don't know EXACTLY where to look for the other thing, so it could be easier..."
  428. [14:54:16] * Theta scratches his head. "Guess I should tell Elizabeth not to prepare that much food then."
  429. [14:55:04] <Natbuncle> "Naw, we can be back in like an hour if making these," ether bottle dangledangle, "doesn't take really long, I bet."
  430. [14:55:14] <Natbuncle> "... Does it?"
  431. [14:55:26] <Amaryllis> "I shall be right back then." Ammy shuffles off to send off letters. One's to Leviathan asking if he could do us a solid and do the whole blessing so we can breathe underwater thing. The other's an apology to Mogrika for blowing her off in Esto Gaza :<. Coupled with some chowder to make the cold more bearable.
  432. [14:56:29] <Lenore> "I could, and Dad has a workshop, which he'll probably let me use, so sure!"
  433. [14:57:33] <Natbuncle> "Okay! When Ammy gets done, come see me and we'll go. And thanks for understanding!" The latter part's said to the mages if they're still hanging around, maybe with a wink or something.
  434. [14:58:00] * Natbuncle walks slightly to the side and becomes an NPC that presents a dialogue choice of 'Are you ready?' when spoken to from town.
  435. [14:58:02] <@Kain> Okay, then! I'll spare you moogle time and tell you that the Moogle in Black Mage Village is Mogryo, and he absolutely loooves Chocobos, kupo!
  436. [14:58:07] * Amaryllis shuffles back to the house after enough time has passed to send off the letters!
  437. [14:58:15] * Amaryllis totally writes that down.
  438. [14:58:41] <@Kain> The mages head off to write their own letters.
  439. [15:00:22] <@Kain> Alright, any last minute business in BMV?
  440. [15:01:13] <Natbuncle> All done h- ... oh, Nat does want to know what the results of Cirra's research was, but also knows that asking for that would lead to her getting studied for a few more hours. And that's an 'okay let's not' right now. Maybe later!
  441. [15:01:24] <Lenore> Not that I can think of, standing around in the BMV is pretty scary anyway. Wait, wrong BMV
  442. [15:02:09] <Theta> Seeing as we're about to teleport around Theta -does- actually go tell her they might be late returning or might not come back for the night.
  443. [15:03:27] <Natbuncle> (Also just for bookkeeping purposes I was keeping track of the port MP necessary for the Lindblum visit and return trip but just was too lazy to sheet it, that's why both my hi-ethers are gone)
  444. [15:04:44] <@Kain> Alrighty, then~
  445. [15:05:14] <@Kain> Nat concentrates... recalling faint images from just after having worn her tiara and some passages in her diary...
  446. [15:05:37] * Natbuncle also concentrates on Renegade and landing on top of him. Unfortunately for that notion that isn't actually how teleport works.
  447. [15:05:40] <@Kain> And VWOOP... You find yourselves right at Renegade's door, having bypassed the silly security system.
  448. [15:06:07] <Natbuncle> "... There!"
  449. [15:06:18] <@Kain> He doesn't have visitors often, let alone ones that CAN teleport right to his doorstep, so why go through the trouble of warding it?
  450. [15:06:32] * Lenore looks around. "Huh, we got past the enchantment, I guess that makes sense, since it's supposed to keep out people who don't know what this place is..."
  451. [15:06:40] * Amaryllis looks around, a bit surprised. "Well I suppose you must already know the place..."
  452. [15:07:00] <Natbuncle> "I just remembered this place being where I stole the Teleport spell from him!"
  453. [15:08:03] <@Kain> After a moment, you notice a bit of bloodstains on the stairwell... leading up to the door.
  454. [15:08:07] <@Kain> Along with muddy footprints.
  455. [15:09:02] <Natbuncle> "... Welp that was a bad idea let's go to the other place!"
  456. [15:09:06] * Natbuncle starts chanting again.
  457. [15:09:34] <Natbuncle> Of course the magic circle fizzles out in a few seconds. Complete with fart noise.
  458. [15:10:48] <Amaryllis> "Someone should go to the market to buy ether ingredients then, unless we are simply to take from Renegade's likely stockpile. I imagine he may be cranky about that."
  459. [15:11:22] <Lenore> "We knew Blade was here injured, of course there's blood!, Ammy, sure, take 1000 of my gil and buy as many alcohol samples as you can get with that!"
  460. [15:11:40] * Amaryllis nods and shuffles off into the Dark City.
  461. [15:11:54] <Amaryllis> ...Taking the gil of course.
  462. [15:11:55] <@Kain> (That is hilarious taken out of context)
  463. [15:12:16] * Lenore hands it over, yeah, and then walks on into the mansion, dragging Nat and Theta if she has to.
  464. [15:12:33] <Amaryllis> (>trusting Ammy with booze money)
  465. [15:12:43] * Theta is dragged along, he's paralyzed by the fart noises
  466. [15:12:45] <Amaryllis> (...just kidding she has her wine from Lindblum anyway)
  467. [15:12:49] <@Kain> As you head inside, you note the trail leads right to Blade's room. An animated broom carrying a bucket of water and mop, straight out of Fantasia, is trying to clean the floor on the way.
  468. [15:12:59] <Natbuncle> "Uh..." Nat just watches Ammy awkwardly and then follows Lenny inside, yes.
  469. [15:13:17] <Lenore> (Oh, Treno probably doesn't have the strong Liquor infusions, oh well~)
  470. [15:13:18] <@Kain> You see Bruno up ahead, curled up in the hallway.
  471. [15:13:24] <Natbuncle> (god damn I lost it)
  472. [15:13:53] <@Kain> Blade's door is a bit ajar, and you hear quiet voices.
  473. [15:13:55] * Natbuncle doesn't recognize Bruno but approaches him anyway if he looks like he's just hanging out and isn't actually sleeping.
  474. [15:13:57] <Lenore> "Looks like mom got here!" She doesn't seem to think there's anything unusual about this as she heads over to her brother's room! First thing's first!
  475. [15:14:01] <Natbuncle> And a wave to him too.
  476. [15:14:06] <Amaryllis> (brb. lemme know which kind of ether I can get components to)
  477. [15:14:15] <@Kain> The behemoth yawns at you, Nat.
  478. [15:14:21] <Natbuncle> "Hi~"
  479. [15:14:29] <@Kain> Bruno: "Rrrr."
  480. [15:14:31] * Natbuncle yawns back. It's contagious.
  481. [15:14:37] * Theta squints at the Behemoth. How did she get here so fast he doesn't even
  482. [15:14:46] <Natbuncle> ~mages~
  483. [15:15:37] <Natbuncle> Nat follows Lenny after the yawnfest though.
  484. [15:15:40] <@Kain> As Lenore pushes her way into Blade's room, she sees Elena, as well as the heavily armored Alexis, a woman of unknown features covered head to toe in plated armor, with a helmet in the image of the dragon king himself, and braided black hair hanging out of the horns.
  485. [15:16:10] <Lenore> "Um...hi."
  486. [15:16:23] <@Kain> Blade is dressed only in bandages as he lays in his bed, the bedcovers pulled up over his waist. There's no sign of his equipment.
  487. [15:16:34] <@Kain> Elena: "Oh, hey, Lena! You got here fast~"
  488. [15:16:45] <Natbuncle> The cheery Bunclegirl pops her head out right behind Lenore, too. "Hi!"
  489. [15:16:52] <@Kain> Alexis turns, her expression unreadable from within her helmet. "...hello."
  490. [15:16:55] * Theta finally wanders in, takes his hat off to be polite.
  491. [15:17:11] <@Kain> Blade looks like he's been through hell and a half. Bruises, cuts and gashes that Elena is treating...
  492. [15:17:11] <Lenore> "I got one of my friends to teleport as soon as they were able!"
  493. [15:17:24] * Natbuncle briefly raises a hand to signify being that friend.
  494. [15:17:43] <@Kain> As he hears your voice, Blade rolls his head over and opens his blue eyes, looking over at his sister. "Lena...?"
  495. [15:18:10] * Lenore sits down on a chair near the bed. Or kneels on the floor near the bed if htere isn't a chair nearby, so that she's right near Blade. "I'm here." She nods to him.
  496. [15:18:41] <@Kain> His eyes are that same startling blue as your mother's, now, no sign of the crimson irises he had at the tournament. He groans and tries to sit up.
  497. [15:18:45] * Kain is now known as Blade
  498. [15:19:08] <@Blade> "I should be ashamed, having you see me like this..."
  499. [15:19:16] <Natbuncle> Natty follows and looks over him. She also gives Alexis a brief 'hi, I don't know you' kind of glance. Like the kind of look you'd give to a friend of a friend that you never met when you visit your friend in a hospital or something, only in this case it's a friend of a sibling of a friend and instead of a hospital it's a house.
  500. [15:19:40] * Natbuncle is SO READY in case that legendary +1 healing check needs to get put to use though.
  501. [15:19:51] <Lenore> "Ah! Um, don't sit up if it hurts! It's all right, I'd never think less of you for getting hurt, everyone gets hurt!"
  502. [15:19:56] <@Blade> "All that training, only for me to be taken by that coward's tricks..."
  503. [15:20:15] <Natbuncle> Such as the following situations: Elena sneezes and gets lost in time, Elena decides to go sleep with some guy and runs off, Elena forgets what she's doing, Elena disappears WITHOUT sneezing, Elena falls asleep...
  504. [15:20:40] <Lenore> "Kraken, right? He's a big jerk!"
  505. [15:20:57] * Natbuncle diaryflips a bit, then whomps it closed. "Hunh..."
  506. [15:21:01] <@Blade> "He knew I could defeat him in a straight fight!" he exclaims, then winces. Elena scolds him. "Bernie, you should keep your voice down and rest more. Lena, dear, you have a healer with you, riiiight?"
  507. [15:21:14] * Natbuncle handraises again.
  508. [15:21:40] <@Blade> Elena: "Could you come and help me a bit? Some of these injuries aren't healing with my magic."
  509. [15:21:48] <Theta> "How did you come across his...lair, anyway?"
  510. [15:22:13] <Natbuncle> "Mhm! Lemme see." She walks over and does just that, trailing some red light from her forehead into any applicable injuries.
  511. [15:22:14] <Theta> "Last I saw him he fled into a whirlpool in the waters of the city."
  512. [15:22:50] <@Blade> "My weapon... Catastrophe. A blade forged out of corruption, it could sense its own kind. Alexis and I... well, it wasn't the smartest idea at the time, but..."
  513. [15:23:25] <Lenore> "Corruption?" She blinkblinks. "By corruption, do you mean...uh..." She motions to Theta.
  514. [15:23:34] <@Blade> "We took bladders of air with us into a barrel and dove to the bottom of the sea, following Catastrophe's lead."
  515. [15:24:06] <Lenore> (Whoa, Blade and Alexis are real men)
  516. [15:24:10] * Natbuncle pauses to wince a second with a kind of 'wait, what' look. But then shakes it off and goes back to being a healbot.
  517. [15:24:20] <@Blade> Roll a healing check, Nat!
  518. [15:24:23] * Amaryllis returns with ether ingredients in tow. Whichever kind are available in Treno. She slowly pushes the door open and steps in.
  519. [15:24:24] <Natbuncle> 2d6+1 yes I love you
  520. [15:24:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, yes I love you: 11 [2d6=4,6]
  521. [15:24:30] <Natbuncle> and you too dicemaid
  522. [15:24:41] <Theta> "Wait, wait, hold up some."
  523. [15:24:46] <@Blade> You help Elena patch up the rest of his wounds nicely... they'll heal in due time.
  524. [15:24:57] <Theta> (Was Catastrophe the weapon Bebe mentioned?)
  525. [15:24:59] <@Blade> Yes.
  526. [15:25:40] <Theta> "How the heck did you aquire that weapon? Guessing it led you straight to the Water Shrine, so..."
  527. [15:25:45] * Amaryllis nods a greeting to Alexis and then shuffles her way to where everyone else is, hovering near the back of the group.
  528. [15:26:04] <Amaryllis> "Here, Lenore." Ammy hands over the ingredients.
  529. [15:26:07] * Natbuncle gives Ammy a wave.
  530. [15:26:15] <@Blade> "Not the water shrine... He wasn't holed up there. It was a palace made of coral north of Alexandria." he grunts.
  531. [15:26:23] * Amaryllis waves back.
  532. [15:26:26] <@Blade> Alexis nods at Ammy.
  533. [15:26:51] * Natbuncle looks between Alexis and Ammy, puzzling at the idea that they might know each other. But then just writes it off as amnesia and lightly shrugs at herself.
  534. [15:26:59] <Theta> "Well that part doesn't add up. Huh."
  535. [15:27:17] * Amaryllis then has a realization and turns back to Alexis. "Excuse me, you are...?" She shuffles up.
  536. [15:27:23] <@Blade> "I acquired Catastrophe a few years ago after retrieving it from the Void it had been cast into."
  537. [15:27:28] <Lenore> "Ah! Thanks. I probably should've asked for Infusions and Extracts for making Potions too, but I think Nat and Mom have that covered!" She returns to paying attention to HER BRO. "A Coral Palace? Interesting..."
  538. [15:27:39] <Natbuncle> "I wrote something about some kind of castle too, I think..."
  539. [15:27:42] <@Blade> Alexis: "...Alexis Creed."
  540. [15:28:09] <@Blade> The woman is rather stoic. "I travel with Blade."
  541. [15:28:10] <Amaryllis> "Amaryllis." Ammy extends a hand.
  542. [15:28:20] <@Blade> She extends a hand, shaking yours politely.
  543. [15:28:43] <Theta> "Oh. Alexis. Do you own a store in Lindblum? I was just there earlier today - anyway..."
  544. [15:28:46] * Natbuncle looks over to Lenny, looking drained. "Yeah... I'm almost outta juice from that and all the warping around, though. But it looks like he'll be fine!"
  545. [15:28:55] <@Blade> Surprisingly, Blade hasn't snapped at his mom for calling him Bernie.
  546. [15:29:16] <Amaryllis> "Forgive me for laying bad news upon bad news, but I believe the Fiend of Fire, Maliris has been watching and stalking you for a time."
  547. [15:29:25] <@Blade> Alexis: "...? No, but I get that a lot."
  548. [15:29:40] <Natbuncle> (kain I hope you heard the noise of a table crashing into a ceiling)
  549. [15:29:40] <@Blade> Alexis: "Why do people assume there is only one person named Alexis on the entire Mist continent...?"
  550. [15:29:41] * Amaryllis speaks quietly with a serious tone.
  551. [15:29:49] <Lenore> "She's a jerk too! I beat her up really good though, she's not at full power yet like Kraken is!"
  552. [15:30:06] <Theta> "..." Well now he just feels stupid cause his race always has dumb names no rational person would name their kid
  553. [15:30:16] <@Blade> "Maliris... that must have been the snake I saw with the Kraken..."
  554. [15:30:23] <Natbuncle> "Uh-huh. That Lich guy was pretty wimpy too."
  555. [15:30:34] <Amaryllis> "Yes, she retreated to the Kraken's palace after Lenore and I defeated her."
  556. [15:30:53] <Natbuncle> "I dunno if HE'LL be coming back, though," she says with a triumphant grin.
  557. [15:31:26] <Lenore> "A-anyway, you were talking about the Void, right? what's up with that?"
  558. [15:31:46] <@Blade> "The Kraken was a coward... he separated Alexis and I, and then locked me in a room and half-drowned me... and only when I was weary from the ordeal did he actually fight me... in a hopelessly outmatched battle against numerous servants of his, not to mention himself..." he mutters.
  559. [15:32:58] <Natbuncle> "Huh, he sounds weak if he'd actually have to do that." Nat leans back and ponders. "So that means he'd be totally easy if we could catch him by surprise, right?"
  560. [15:33:05] <Theta> "That jerkass really likes drowning folks huh."
  561. [15:33:12] <@Blade> "The Void... it's an abyss beyond time and space, a darkness beyond the world that not even the stars know. Catastrophe was cast into it from the mistaken belief that it was a terrifying weapon of evil."
  562. [15:33:42] <Amaryllis> "Just be wary, Alexis. Maliris requires a sacrifice to achieve her full form, and while I cannot be sure that is the reason for which she seeks you, it is a possibility."
  563. [15:34:02] <@Blade> "So, when I got the chance, I hopped right in to claim it back."
  564. [15:34:04] * Amaryllis nods again and shuffles back toward the rest of the group.
  565. [15:34:06] <Theta> "Given what corrupted energies look like coalesced that's not too surprising."
  566. [15:34:06] <Lenore> "Wow, that sounds pretty scary..."
  567. [15:34:11] <@Blade> Alexis: "I... see."
  568. [15:34:27] <@Blade> Alexis: "Thank you for the warning."
  569. [15:34:41] <Amaryllis> "You are quite welcome."
  570. [15:34:56] <Natbuncle> "That sounds pretty.... I swear there's a word for that."
  571. [15:35:27] <Theta> (Does he rhyme with wedgie)
  572. [15:35:31] <Natbuncle> (thumbs-up)
  573. [15:36:56] <@Blade> Blade just about spits, however. "It, and all of my other stuff aren't in my possession anymore, though. Alexis had to leave them behind to rescue me."
  574. [15:37:26] <@Blade> "So, now the Kraken has a legendary corrupted weapon in his grip."
  575. [15:37:32] <@Blade> Alexis: "Your life was more important."
  576. [15:37:58] * Lenore 's eyes widen. "Oh. Oh wow. Yeah, that's pretty bad, but Alexis is right, I'd rather have my brother not dead!"
  577. [15:38:01] <Theta> "He must look very silly holding it with his tentaclehands."
  578. [15:38:01] * Natbuncle yaaaawns.
  579. [15:38:11] <Natbuncle> "Well, we can just get that stuff back when we go to beat him up, yeah?"
  580. [15:38:39] <Amaryllis> "We really should treat this endeavor with more caution, Nat."
  581. [15:39:14] <Lenore> "Kraken is fond of tricks, traps, and surprise attacks...we'll have to be really careful if we go there..."
  582. [15:39:15] <@Blade> "I don't... want Lena to be put in danger." he grunts.
  583. [15:39:21] <Natbuncle> "IIIII dunno, Ammy. I'm PRETTY confident in my power by now."
  584. [15:39:44] <@Blade> Elena: "Bernie- oops! I mean Blaaade, you should be more confident in your sister's abilities!"
  585. [15:40:03] * Amaryllis gives Nat a look.
  586. [15:40:06] * Natbuncle handhips and turns back to edgy emo. "Well, she's our friend! We'll protect her, and we probably need her help too."
  587. [15:40:09] <Amaryllis> "That is no reason to be overconfident."
  588. [15:40:37] <Lenore> "I...well, I'm definitely delicate as a porcelin doll and have to be really careful, but...I can hit harder than a crashing airship with my magic!"
  589. [15:40:52] <Natbuncle> (Airship engine.)
  590. [15:41:05] <Lenore> (I know I know)
  591. [15:41:24] <Lenore> (I wasn't going to reference it verbatim)
  592. [15:41:38] * Natbuncle whips out the diamond and dangles it toward Ammy. "Is too."
  593. [15:41:42] <Theta> "If he really banks so much on lacking air,"
  594. [15:41:49] <Theta> "I think we can find a way to circumvent that."
  595. [15:42:18] * Lenore scrunches her face up a little. "Like a way to breathe underwater?"
  596. [15:42:28] <Amaryllis> "I sent a letter to Leviathan asking for his blessing. He owes us a favor after all, and he has the power to turn an entire people into merfolk. Granting the ability to breathe underwater should be simple."
  597. [15:42:34] <Natbuncle> "Um... don't we need that to GET there in the first place?"
  598. [15:43:02] <Lenore> "My brother just said he got there without that! Because my brother is pretty smart!"
  599. [15:43:19] <Natbuncle> "Well, yeah, but how would we all fit in..."
  600. [15:43:26] * Natbuncle looks up and ponders how big barrels really are.
  601. [15:43:35] <@Blade> Barrel!
  602. [15:43:40] <Natbuncle> Barrel!
  603. [15:43:47] <Lenore> Barrrrrrel!
  604. [15:43:58] * Amaryllis sighs. "Nat, just remember what it took to get where we are now. Not everything has been as easy as you wish it. And losing to the Kraken will provoke far worse consequences than simply losing a boxing match to a Moogle."
  605. [15:44:13] <Natbuncle> "... Losing a what to a who?"
  606. [15:44:23] <Theta> "I don't imagine he'll have an easy time trying to drown me, at least, and if Leviathan could assist, well..."
  607. [15:44:46] <@Blade> Prickles: "Oh... if I recall, you lost a fight with that Mr. Mogantz, Miss Natalie..."
  608. [15:44:47] <Natbuncle> "How DOES he fight, anyway? Does he use magic? C'mon, tell me he uses magic."
  609. [15:44:57] <Natbuncle> WHOA SINCE WHEN WAS HE THERE
  611. [15:45:29] <@Blade> "He favors magic, but he's not against attacking physically either."
  612. [15:45:30] * Natbuncle pats Prickly. "Oh, thanks, I was wondering why I wrote that name down."
  613. [15:46:02] <@Blade> Prickles just happily retreats behind someone's leg again.
  614. [15:46:08] * Lenore leans in and resumes talking to Blade. "I know it's really dangerous, and I really appreciate your worry, but me and my friends will be going there in the future. Not right away, we need to prepare to make sure he can't do the same thing he did to you, and to make sure we're strong enough for anything weird he does, but!"
  615. [15:46:09] <@Blade> ...when did he get a set of armor?
  616. [15:46:13] <Natbuncle> And bolts back up. "Still sounds easy as long as we can actually sneak up on him."
  617. [15:46:41] <@Blade> "...Ngh."
  618. [15:47:08] <@Blade> "...Be careful, Lena. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you, sis."
  619. [15:47:08] <Amaryllis> "I doubt that is possible. His palace lies in the ocean, and his realm is water."
  620. [15:47:40] <Amaryllis> "What we can do is prepare wards against the water element he favors and perhaps weapons meant to slay aquatic creatures."
  621. [15:47:55] <Natbuncle> "I don't know if we've met before or anything, but," Nat foolishly moves in front of Lenore, "You can trust me, I'll keep her safe! ESPECIALLY from magic."
  622. [15:48:08] <Lenore> She sniffs. "The same thing that...that I'd do if something happened to you! And look! It did!" Sniffsniff. Oh boy, she's starting to tear up.
  623. [15:48:16] <@Blade> Blade just kind of reaches up and shoves Nat aside.
  624. [15:48:18] * Amaryllis scribbles a note to herself to order a shipment of crabs from beneath Daguerreo. Or to visit herself and harvest some.
  625. [15:48:22] <Natbuncle> "N!"
  626. [15:48:40] <@Blade> "I'm going to hold you to that, like I have been." he says to Natalie.
  627. [15:48:50] <@Blade> "...Lena..."
  628. [15:48:50] * Theta chuckles at the Natshoving
  629. [15:49:12] <Natbuncle> "Uh-huh..." She looks up like somebody who doesn't get it. Probably due to not getting it.
  630. [15:49:19] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh, that reminds me!"
  631. [15:49:50] <@Blade> Elena: "If you've been locked up by that nasty Kraken, then the two of you are probably pretty hungry! I'll go fix something to eat~ Hopefully Renny has made sure to keep the place well stocked, still."
  632. [15:50:17] <Lenore> "D-did you really c-charge straight in" SNIFF "at a g-guy...a guy like that who plays dirty tricks? D-did you think I'd be happy if you died in the middle of the ocean with no body to even hold a funeral with?" Sniff.
  633. [15:50:24] * Amaryllis frowns at Blade's shoving. "Lenore and I faced down the Fiend of Fire together, as incomplete as she was. She is quite capable of handling herself, as are we."
  634. [15:50:38] <Lenore> Oh fuck it waaaaaah
  635. [15:50:42] <@Blade> "..."
  636. [15:51:04] <@Blade> Blade just reaches up and pulls Lenore down into a hug, wincing even at having to move like that. He looks past her shoulder at Ammy.
  637. [15:51:50] <Lenore> She sure is good at pretending she's not bothered and then just caving anyway, isn't she? She's sobbing into his chest now. Boohoohoo.
  638. [15:52:02] * Amaryllis looks to Blade, her expression as neutral as ever.
  639. [15:52:06] <@Blade> "...Maybe it -is- time I had a little more faith in my little sis." he laughs lightly. "...And yeah, food sounds pretty good, mom. ...Wait, what are you fixing?"
  640. [15:52:30] * Theta frowns at this scene.
  641. [15:52:39] <Theta> "I'll be honest, Amarmyllis, Lich sorta is a putz."
  642. [15:52:46] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh you know, a hearty lasagna, and sweetcakes, and ice cream, and-"
  643. [15:52:49] <Theta> "I mean, come on," he pulls out the lich arm. "Didn't even take this with him."
  644. [15:53:03] <@Blade> "You can't feed me that crap!" he suddenly protests. "...ow." he grumbles.
  645. [15:53:13] <Amaryllis> "If ever you find yourself in Mt. Gulug, look for the shrine beneath the well at the bottom of the caves. The one with a scarred field of star-shaped craters in front of it..."
  646. [15:53:17] * Natbuncle teehees like a fairy.
  647. [15:53:20] <@Blade> "That's not healthy at all! And you know I hate sweet food, mom!"
  648. [15:53:27] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh, you doo...?"
  649. [15:53:38] * Theta scratches at Nat with it. "I was meaning to leave it with the girls as a toy for Garland. Forgot to."
  650. [15:53:43] * Amaryllis looks to Theta.
  651. [15:53:52] <Amaryllis> " you have his arm?"
  652. [15:53:52] <Natbuncle> "Hehehe stop that, that tickles!"
  653. [15:54:05] <Theta> "Cause we wupped his ass so hard it fell off."
  654. [15:54:08] <Natbuncle> "^"
  655. [15:54:08] <@Blade> Blade grumbles and relents to patting Lenore supportively on the back.
  656. [15:54:52] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh! Lich arm. That's supposed to be good luck, isn't it? Or is that an axebeak head?"
  657. [15:54:59] <@Blade> Elena: "Chocobo tail?"
  658. [15:55:25] * Lenore finally stops being a faucet and gets off Blade. "...sorry. But could you please not reckless anymore?" Sniff. "...I hope I didn't get any of your bandages wet..."
  659. [15:55:36] * Natbuncle hops up and twirls around, giving Elena a look. "Um, hey Laney! Who's that out there anyway?" She gestures to the living room, where Bruno is.
  660. [15:55:36] <Amaryllis> "Add it to the pile with the bone then. I suppose we shall have to dismantle him piece by piece then, like I did with that bloody automaton on the Enterprise..."
  661. [15:55:48] <@Blade> Elena: "Anyway, I'll cook something nice for you and Alexis, Bernie~" she starts to head out but stops at Nat's question.
  662. [15:55:59] <@Blade> Elena: "That's Bruno, silly! Our pet behemoth!"
  663. [15:56:14] <Natbuncle> Nat just begins following her. "Ohh. Maybe he'll wanna be friends?"
  664. [15:56:15] <Theta> "I dunno I think it makes a good cat scratcher."
  665. [15:56:18] <@Blade> "It's... not... Bernie..." he grits his teeth.
  666. [15:56:25] <Natbuncle> "I think I'll go talk to him."
  667. [15:56:30] <Theta> "Maybe works well on Behemoths too."
  668. [15:56:47] <Lenore> (Man, I can't even imagine what would happen with just Elena and Alexis in a room. "So, how's the sex~? ☆" "...what.")
  669. [15:56:49] <@Blade> Elena: "Oh, I'm sure he'd love you! Just go on and scratch his ears!"
  670. [15:56:57] <Natbuncle> (oh dear god I lost it)
  671. [15:57:04] <Natbuncle> (Is... Would she do that to Theta too?)
  672. [15:57:15] <Lenore> (QUITE POSSIBLE)
  673. [15:57:16] * Amaryllis turns to Blade. "...You know, I had not expected you to value healthy eating." She seems a bit amused at this side of him after all this.
  674. [15:57:28] <Natbuncle> "Ohhh, but I like when MY ears get scratched, how're we gonna do it both at once..."
  675. [15:57:33] * Natbuncle leaves the room mumbling.
  676. [15:57:52] * Theta experiments with this and the lich hand of backscratches.
  677. [15:58:02] <Theta> scratch scratch good Bruno
  678. [15:58:02] <Lenore> (Although maybe she'd hound him to make sure he's giving Lenore some insane number of orgasms and start shoving books in his face and...give him...private lessons...oh god I need to drink some bleach)
  679. [15:58:10] <Amaryllis> ("Has my little Lena been using the techniques I taught her~? ☆")
  680. [15:58:13] <Natbuncle> (jesus h. christ)
  681. [15:58:14] <Theta> (WOAH)
  682. [15:58:15] <Theta> (WOAH)
  683. [15:58:19] <Theta> (WOAAAAH)
  684. [15:58:30] <Natbuncle> (holy shit I didn't realize we weren't skyping until just now)
  685. [15:58:32] <Natbuncle> (why AREN'T we)
  686. [15:58:34] <@Blade> "I value perfection in a lot of senses. One reason I perform as well as I do is thanks to a flawless diet." he leans back, sighing.
  687. [15:58:34] <Lenore> (AAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT HAVE ID ONE TO MY MIND ;_;)
  688. [15:58:47] <Lenore> (I WAS JUST WONDERING THAT TOO)
  689. [15:58:52] <Theta> (session over game bugged riot fix plz)
  690. [15:59:14] <Lenore> (Wanna' start a call Tree?)(
  691. [15:59:26] <@Blade> Theta and Nat go to scratch Bruno, and he rolls over like an enormous kitten, making a loud, purring noise. Occasionally he paws at the air.
  692. [15:59:28] <Natbuncle> (oh I didn't have it open because I was drawing still and that hogs so much CPU)
  693. [15:59:44] <Lenore> (Well, THERE'S YOUR ANSWER)
  694. [15:59:59] <Natbuncle> Nat hangs out with him in catform, by the way, expecting they speak the same language or something. And is probably sorely disappointed.
  695. [16:00:57] <Natbuncle> (Anyway yeah gimme a minute and I'll start one, everything's frozen as usual)
  696. [16:01:02] <Lenore> (That reminds me, Ammy and Lenore still have Ooh La La in effect)
  697. [16:01:03] <Amaryllis> "Curious. I suppose self-control does come with the territory, after all." Ammy considers, tapping a finger to her chin. She flares a wisp of shadow up her arm in demonstration.
  698. [16:01:09] <@Blade> Bruno: "Whassup." he says to Natbuncle, perfectly understandable somehow to her.
  699. [16:01:18] <Amaryllis> (oh god do we?)
  700. [16:01:23] <Lenore> (Since it's like 3 days or something and we skipped 3 days so it should still be working I think)
  701. [16:01:27] <Natbuncle> Oh my god. "3Just wanted to say hi~"
  702. [16:01:29] <@Blade> "...Heh. You're a practitioner of the dark sword too, huh?"
  703. [16:01:55] <@Blade> Bruno: "Hi. You got -real- small."
  704. [16:01:57] <Amaryllis> "Indeed."
  705. [16:02:04] <@Blade> Of course all of this is unintelligible to Theta.
  706. [16:02:10] <@Blade> But it seems they're indeed communicating somehow.
  707. [16:02:25] * Theta eventually banks the arm again, specially when they start meowing at each other, and just 180's back to the bedroom
  708. [16:02:35] <Natbuncle> "3Oh, this is normal. Being small is nice."
  709. [16:02:57] <Natbuncle> "3Here... right?" So Theta sees her making weird noises then jumping up and rubyclawing him behind the ears. Lightly.
  710. [16:03:06] <Natbuncle> ok no he doesn't
  711. [16:03:11] <Natbuncle> but he should've
  712. [16:03:16] <@Blade> "Sis... if it makes you happy, I'll try to restrain myself a bit." he finally mutters to Lenore.
  713. [16:04:03] <@Blade> Bruno rolls. "Aw yeah. Right there. Riiiight there."
  714. [16:04:13] <Amaryllis> "So I hope this gives you more confidence in your sister's safety. You should know her abilities well, and you likely have a good idea of the nature of mine now too."
  715. [16:04:19] * Lenore wipes her face. No more tears! "G-good! You train yourself so hard and perfectly, with how you organize yourself...uh, I think you'd be pretty good at thinking this out...why aren't you...?" She tilts her head, finger to chin. "Huuuuh..."
  716. [16:04:25] <@Blade> And then to Ammy. "If you're looking for a lesson, I'm not exactly in the best shape to give one."
  717. [16:04:39] <@Blade> "But... you bring up a good point I guess."
  718. [16:04:52] <@Blade> "You both do."
  719. [16:04:58] <@Blade> He lays his head back.
  720. [16:05:12] <@Blade> Alexis remains seated in a corner, and quiet.
  721. [16:05:12] <Theta> "Unless you bench press dragons or something I think she's pretty set anyway," shrugs.
  722. [16:05:12] <Natbuncle> If anybody ELSE walks into the living room(?) it's probably the silliest scene ever. In contrast to the EMOTIONS going on elsewhere.
  723. [16:05:31] * Amaryllis shakes her head. "A lesson? No, that is something only I can find for myself." She smiles a wry smile. "In fact, there is something you may find interesting about the dark sword, but I shall spare you the tale for now."
  724. [16:06:01] <Amaryllis> "Yes, well, one cannot always count on having a dragon handy to throw at one's enemies. Perhaps if I made a pact with an Eidolon." Ammy jokes.
  725. [16:06:21] <@Blade> "I'm seeking a pact myself, for certain reasons." he nods.
  726. [16:06:23] * Theta contemplates getting the arm out to bop Ammy for that terrible joke.
  727. [16:06:53] <Theta> "Speaking of which, is Renegade here? I got a question for him."
  728. [16:07:19] <@Blade> Blade grits his teeth at the question.
  729. [16:07:30] <@Blade> "He's here. Somewhere. Hiding."
  730. [16:07:31] <Amaryllis> "Are you?"
  731. [16:08:01] <Theta> "He's probably standing in the corner with a bucket of popcorn," he checks behind the curtains
  732. [16:08:12] <@Blade> "Just as well, I don't care for dealing with him right now."
  733. [16:08:23] <@Blade> "And yes. Odin. The supreme master of the sword."
  734. [16:09:04] <Lenore> "Oh, you might want to go to Ipsen's Castle, then!"
  735. [16:09:30] * @Blade looks at Lenore, a bit confused.
  736. [16:09:44] <@Blade> Bruno finally rolls over and looks at you. "So who are you?"
  737. [16:09:47] * Amaryllis frowns, then taps Lenore on the shoulder and takes her aside, stepping out of the room.
  738. [16:10:02] <@Blade> "Ipsen's Castle..."
  739. [16:10:10] * Lenore is dragged out by Ammy. "Eh?" '-'
  740. [16:10:27] <Amaryllis> "Do you recall what Baron said to us of Odin?"
  741. [16:10:54] * Natbuncle hops off. "3Oh, my name's Carb4u3ncle. They call me 'Natalie' in human form though. You're Bruno, right? Wanna be friends?" :D
  742. [16:11:11] <Amaryllis> "If you wish for your brother to become less reckless, then encouraging him in this quest shall not help. Unless you wish to make him and Baron meet." Ammy shrugs.
  743. [16:11:15] <Theta> "Nerp. Not here. Maybe Attic, or basement, or his dumb library." He wanders out as well, pauses in front of the meowtalkers
  744. [16:11:26] <Amaryllis> "Do you think that would convince him?" All this is said in a rather quiet whisper, by the way.
  745. [16:11:29] <Natbuncle> Nat's tails both wave at Theta.
  746. [16:11:35] <Natbuncle> She doesn't even turn around.
  747. [16:11:35] <@Blade> Bruno: "K."
  748. [16:11:37] <Natbuncle> Just... tails.
  749. [16:12:11] <Lenore> "Yeah, I want him to meet Baron! To know what's behind the master of the sword, the real face of him."
  750. [16:12:23] <Natbuncle> "3K~"
  751. [16:12:23] <@Blade> Bruno: "Yo, check this out."
  752. [16:12:25] * Amaryllis nods. "I see."
  753. [16:12:29] <Theta> "..."
  754. [16:12:34] <Theta> He just has to watch this a bit, it's too silly
  755. [16:12:36] <@Blade> The behemoth rolls over and conjures... a small meteor.
  756. [16:12:46] <@Blade> Which lands into his paws and he bats at like a ball.
  757. [16:12:53] <Amaryllis> "As long as that does not itself provoke a fight." Ammy shuffles back into the room.
  758. [16:13:22] <Natbuncle> "3Oh! Whoa! Lemme try!" Silly Meteorite on Carbuncle's spell list. *dust*
  759. [16:13:32] * Natbuncle attempts to conjure one too~
  760. [16:13:52] <@Blade> Vwoop! A much smaller one falls from the ceiling, landing in Nat's paws.
  761. [16:14:07] * Natbuncle tosses it up and bounces it on her head.
  762. [16:14:11] <@Blade> Bruno seems impressed. "Respect."
  763. [16:14:31] <Natbuncle> "3Thanks! You too, that takes skill."
  764. [16:14:37] * Lenore walks back in, going back to kneeling by her brother~
  765. [16:14:38] <Natbuncle> TIME MAGIC TAKES SKILL
  766. [16:14:43] <Natbuncle> AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT
  767. [16:15:08] <@Blade> "What am I looking for, at Ipsen's?" Blade asks as you come back in.
  768. [16:15:34] <Amaryllis> "The birth of a legend."
  769. [16:15:36] <Theta> "..." He just keeps moving, onto the library.
  770. [16:16:51] * Lenore nods. "The origin of Odin, essentially!"
  771. [16:16:55] <Amaryllis> "Which is to say, that which was left behind when Odin moved from the realm of man into myth."
  772. [16:17:08] <@Blade> Entering the library, you find it's lacking any sort of projection, simply being the blank, standard library room full of shelves. Renegade is penning in a book as you walk in.
  773. [16:17:54] <@Blade> Renegade: "This is the first time we've all been back in the same house in many, many years." he says to Theta, not even looking up. "A small time in my scale, but it's been nearly half my childrens' lives."
  774. [16:18:21] <Theta> Oh god what's he walked into.
  775. [16:18:46] <Natbuncle> Shoulda stayed and watched the cats.
  776. [16:19:08] <Theta> "I suppose this is why people say familry reuinions are...awkward?"
  777. [16:19:13] <@Blade> Renegade: "Not something you're likely to care about, though. What did you need?" he asks, standing up and placing his quill into the inkwell.
  778. [16:19:17] <Natbuncle> By the way Nat's meteoriting with her tails now. Just... using them like a makeshift hand.
  779. [16:19:23] <@Blade> "I see..."
  780. [16:19:50] <Amaryllis> "By the way, I know documents regarding the Dark Sword are difficult to come by, often considered forbidden. I have, myself, some notes on the art that are likely less well known."
  781. [16:20:27] <@Blade> "Do you." Blade asks.
  782. [16:20:40] <Lenore> "Yeah, I helped her find some stuff on it~"
  783. [16:20:53] <Amaryllis> "If you would like to see them, I could transcribe a copy." Ammy holds out her notes on the 'inner light' variant of Darkside.
  784. [16:21:37] <Theta> "I made another trip to The Enterprise, found something there." He flicks out one of the blue spheres. "Called this thing an Energy Core. Any idea what they actually -stored- in it?"
  785. [16:22:40] <@Blade> Blade takes them and looks over it.
  786. [16:22:52] <@Blade> "Tonberries." he mutters after a moment.
  787. [16:22:55] * Lenore hmms a bit. "I'll let you two talk about swords! I'll be back later~!" She goes off to check the library.
  788. [16:23:14] * Natbuncle pawwaves if Lenny passes through.
  789. [16:23:36] * Amaryllis is, by the way, pointedly showing him this technique and not the others since it might help with that "don't be so reckless" thing Lenore wants out of her brother~
  790. [16:23:42] * Lenore waves to Nat'n'Bruno~
  791. [16:24:41] <@Blade> "My variant of Darkside is a bit different." he explains.
  792. [16:25:05] <Amaryllis> "Is it?"
  793. [16:25:11] <@Blade> "It's a little weaker, but extracts the difference out of the enemy's life force, even if they're undead."
  794. [16:25:52] <@Blade> Renegade turns to catch the core and examines it as Lenore comes in.
  795. [16:26:06] <Lenore> "Hi! I have something for ya', Dad~!"
  796. [16:26:51] <Amaryllis> "I have not heard of that one. Ah, uh, my apologies. The first time we made our way here, Lenore was worried about your disappearance and so we searched your room for clues...Might that technique be in the book of dark sword exercises you have on the shelf?"
  797. [16:27:28] <Lenore> "Although some of 'em are just to look at, but..." First she pulls out the gel she got from the Enterprise that she TOTALLY FORGOT TO SHOW HIM BEFORE, the gel for the stasis things. "I forgot to show you this before, should've done it before, what is this?"
  798. [16:27:46] <@Blade> Renegade: "Let's see... Atomic energy, probably. A powerful and dangerous form of non-elemental energy, similar to the Ultima spell, but with lasting after effects if unleashed like that."
  799. [16:28:03] <@Blade> Renegade looks over at Lena. "Hm? What do you have there?"
  800. [16:28:03] <Amaryllis> (let's just nuke the Kraken's palace)
  801. [16:28:04] <Lenore> (The unknown gel in her inventory that it seems like EVERYONE FORGOT ABOUT INCLUDING ME)
  802. [16:28:26] <Amaryllis> (who cares if we irradiate the oceans? Nat can just eat horrifying mutant fish)
  803. [16:28:34] <@Blade> Renegade: *as an side to Theta* This is entirely discharged, however.
  804. [16:28:48] <@Blade> (What gel sample did Lenore take again?)
  805. [16:28:48] <Amaryllis> (nice covering your ass Kain)
  806. [16:28:53] <@Blade> (Oh wait)
  807. [16:28:55] <@Blade> (I see now)
  808. [16:29:35] <@Blade> He walks forward, handing the core back to Theta and looking at the container of gel, wrinkling his nose.
  809. [16:29:44] <Theta> "Damn. Could think of a few applications for little mini Ultimas. Ah well."
  810. [16:29:51] <Theta> He pockets it.
  811. [16:29:53] * Amaryllis shuffles to the shelf and picks up the book of intense dark knight exercises to bring back to the bedside.
  812. [16:31:39] <@Blade> Renegade: "It's also possible it simply stored solar energy." he says further to Theta, looking at the gel again. "This is a silicate based compound they were using for suspending the manikins in on that ship." he remarks. "You must have opened one of the containers. It can conduct electrical energy, I know that much."
  813. [16:32:49] <@Blade> "Yeah, it should be in there somewhere..." he says.
  814. [16:32:58] <Lenore> "Conduct electricity?" Her eyes start widening.
  815. [16:33:15] <Theta> "More than just opened it, but yeah."
  816. [16:34:00] <@Blade> (Hm, did you actually explain that they were called manikins to him?)
  817. [16:34:14] <@Blade> (If you didn't then he'll say 'those lifeforms' instead)
  818. [16:34:41] <Amaryllis> "There is yet another variant that allows the user to transform into a beast." Ammy starts flipping through the book out of curiosity.
  819. [16:36:10] * Lenore takes the bottle back. "Anyway! I found more Magus Sister stuff, if you wanna' see it!"
  820. [16:36:36] <@Blade> Some of the exercises involve pushing yourself to the brink as much as you can, without actually rendering yourself unconscious with the technique. It can be achieved with a special mindset, or certain rare and very valuable rings, both are known as Undying Rage. The text seems to emphasize not only developing your body, but your mind, as well, and offers quite a few tips and techniques for
  821. [16:36:36] <@Blade> spellcasting.
  822. [16:37:01] <@Blade> Renegade: "Certainly." he looks over at Theta first though. "Was there anything else you wished to ask?"
  823. [16:38:21] * Theta shakes his head. "Was just wondering about that one thing, I'll leave you two be," he returns to the edgycave.
  824. [16:38:47] <@Blade> Of note, the dark knight training book offers detailed illustrated physical exercises, entire chapters on puzzles and mind training...
  825. [16:38:51] * Natbuncle waves again. By now she's reflecting the meteorite off another reflect wall and then another around the room lik ea pinball machine.
  826. [16:39:03] <@Blade> And entirely human methods of utilizing the dark sword.
  827. [16:39:31] <@Blade> Alexis gets up and leaves the room as Theta enters.
  828. [16:39:45] <@Blade> Bruno's spending his time trying to catch the bouncing meteorite.
  829. [16:39:47] * Lenore pulls out her notebook, opening to the page with the new rune, and then starts pulling out the lipstick and compact and scissors. "Found these!"
  830. [16:39:53] <Theta> He actually stops by the time he sees Nat...
  831. [16:39:56] <Theta> ...whatever Nat is doing
  832. [16:40:02] <Natbuncle> HAVING
  833. [16:40:03] <Natbuncle> TOO
  834. [16:40:04] <Natbuncle> MUCH
  835. [16:40:05] <Natbuncle> FUN
  836. [16:40:12] <@Blade> Renegade: "Makeup. ...Magical makeup?"
  837. [16:40:18] <Amaryllis> "That sounds...rather painful to do." Ammy comments on that exercise. "But it would be practically cheating to use a ring for it." Flip flip. Read read. "These make an interesting counterpart to the notes I recovered from the Tonberry civilization. Do you mind if I borrow this?"
  838. [16:40:35] <@Blade> Renegade: "Really? Really? I realize they're women, and also mages, but..."
  839. [16:41:02] <@Blade> Renegade: "What else did you find? A purse of infinite storage space? High heel shoes that can elevate you to any height?"
  840. [16:41:17] <@Blade> "Go ahead, I've memorized it."
  841. [16:41:17] <Amaryllis> (make him drink the ooh la la)
  842. [16:41:46] <Lenore> "Yeah, that's not really the interesting stuff..."
  843. [16:42:05] <Natbuncle> It turns into a juggling act btw. What's that? Not in combat? 0 MP cost for all spells? This is Dust's fault. In fact jesus fuck the whole room pretty much IS a pinball machine with like, 50 meteorites. They just keep building up.
  844. [16:42:07] <@Blade> Renegade: "I suppose they're interesting finds, it just confounds me... But go on."
  845. [16:42:29] <@Blade> Crash! Whoops, there goes a vase. ...Oh, it repaired itself.
  846. [16:42:54] <@Blade> Alexis stops too, and just watches, then looks at Theta. "Why."
  847. [16:43:03] <Lenore> "THIS, is the interesting stuff!" She pulls out the Ooh La La, the empty Shenanigans bottle, and the Jilted Bride's Sorrow. "Well, the best one is empty, I wanted to test it out and it was so good I just...couldn't...stop...sorry..."
  848. [16:43:06] <Theta> "I don't know. I really don't."
  849. [16:43:25] <@Blade> "Potions...?"
  850. [16:43:25] <Lenore> "Might've been part of the magic of it..."
  851. [16:43:28] <@Blade> *Renegade:
  852. [16:43:32] <Theta> "She's going to hurt herself and I'm going to laugh."
  853. [16:43:38] <Natbuncle> Also every now and then a laser beam shoots out and blows one of the meteorites up, completely at random.
  854. [16:43:49] <@Blade> Nat, rolll....
  855. [16:43:53] <Natbuncle> ohboy
  856. [16:43:56] <@Blade> hm, what's a good counterpart to concentration
  857. [16:44:05] <@Blade> Nat roll AWARENESS
  858. [16:44:11] <Natbuncle> 2d6 YES I LOVE HAVING NO RANKS
  859. [16:44:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, YES I LOVE HAVING NO RANKS: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  860. [16:44:41] <@Blade> Natalie eventually loses the concentration required to keep this shit up and suddenly has like fifty rocks pelt her from every directrion.
  861. [16:44:46] <@Blade> *direction, too
  862. [16:44:47] <Amaryllis> "Thanks." Ammy glances out of the room at hearing the commotion, then quickly turns back to her book as she decides she'd rather not know what's going on.
  863. [16:44:57] * Theta fist pumps and laughs. "Yesssss."
  864. [16:45:00] <Natbuncle> "3Nnnnf!"
  865. [16:45:01] <Lenore> "Well, the Shenanigans one, I drank it and...I've been a bit loopy's hard to describe, like, mor emagical? I'm not sure. The Ooh La's a femininity booster, don't bother with that, I don't think you care. Um, and the Jilted Bride's Sorrow...well, you know how perky Mom is? It turned her into a sobbing wreck with a single sip." :/
  866. [16:45:10] * Natbuncle curls up and whimpers.
  867. [16:45:37] <Lenore> "There's another one called Spring Day 1402 but Ammy keeps hoarding it so I don't have it at the moment, it made her really happy when she drank it though...maybe that's why."
  868. [16:45:38] <@Blade> Bruno picks Nat up by the scruff of her neck and takes her away.
  869. [16:45:48] <Natbuncle> 3~
  870. [16:46:15] <Amaryllis> (kinky)
  871. [16:46:23] <Lenore> (^)
  872. [16:46:29] <Theta> "..." looks to Alice and shrugs.
  873. [16:46:37] <@Blade> Renegade: "So these are hormonal potions." he seems confused.
  874. [16:46:46] <Theta> "Are they still talking about dumb shadow stuff in there."
  875. [16:46:52] <Lenore> "Not...quite...I mean, you'd think they were, but..."
  876. [16:46:56] <@Blade> Alice gets kidnapped by a fucking Heracross.
  877. [16:47:10] <@Blade> Alexis just shrugs, too. "Probably."
  878. [16:47:30] <Lenore> "I got the impression that Spring Day actually causes you to experience a memory? Something kind of weird. And the Jilted Bride's Sorrow does it too."
  879. [16:47:46] <@Blade> Renegade: "Hmm... the Magus Sisters were quite talented."
  880. [16:47:50] <Lenore> "I've been kind of scared to try them, though..."
  881. [16:48:02] <@Blade> Renegade: "I'll study these bottles for you if you like."
  882. [16:48:12] <Theta> "Oh...."
  883. [16:48:20] <Theta> Awkward silence time, it seems.
  884. [16:48:29] <Natbuncle> (start making out)
  885. [16:48:36] <@Blade> Alexis: "...."
  886. [16:49:00] <Lenore> "Um, if there's anything you want to focus on, it'd be this one." She taps the empty Shenanigans bottle. "See if you can find any traces left or anything, because I think this is the really big one, but the magic of it wouldn't let me take just a sip to test it."
  887. [16:49:24] <@Blade> He pours a sample of each to test, and keeps the bottle of shenanigans to test.
  888. [16:49:50] * Amaryllis is actually just reading now, leaving Blade to rest.
  889. [16:50:02] <Lenore> "Um, anyway, could I borrow your workshop really quick to make some Hi-Ethers?"
  890. [16:50:15] <@Blade> Nat gets taken to a giant catbed and gets her wound licked.
  891. [16:50:15] <Lenore> She fidgets a bit.
  892. [16:50:26] <Natbuncle> D'awwwww.
  893. [16:50:28] <@Blade> Renegade looks up. "Feel free."
  894. [16:50:37] <Lenore> "T-thanks!" She runs off to do that.
  895. [16:50:59] <Theta> "..."
  896. [16:51:04] <@Blade> Alexis: "...So."
  897. [16:51:13] <Lenore> Now, uh, Kain, were the better Tier 3 Alcohols available? Or just the tier 1s? Because tier 1 would give me like 25 of them exactly if Ammy spent all the money I gave her~
  898. [16:51:16] <@Blade> Alexis: "...Is their mother always so difficult to deal with?" she asks quietly.
  899. [16:51:33] <Natbuncle> ... She has auto-regen so that probably only takes a few seconds, but she ends up returning the gesture by swapping forms and giving him some nice scratchings anyway.
  900. [16:51:37] * Amaryllis continues reading, completely unaware of the awkwardness just outside the door. :D
  901. [16:52:35] <@Blade> I'll let you have the tier 1's
  902. [16:53:11] <Theta> "Yeah pretty much, I think."
  903. [16:53:25] <Theta> "She's fairly, uh. Liberated."
  904. [16:53:25] <Lenore> Oh dear. Well, I-I'll just make like 4 or 5 batches for now.
  905. [16:53:31] <@Blade> Alexis: "Don't stay in a room alone with her." she warns.
  906. [16:54:21] <Lenore> Nat doesn't have any MP so I guess she can't Faith, the Workshop is a +2 bonus right?
  907. [16:54:39] <@Blade> Yep
  908. [16:54:43] <Lenore> ALL RIGHT
  909. [16:55:01] <Natbuncle> Nah actually Nat has enough MP for a faith, that's only 10
  910. [16:55:11] <Theta> "Why's that?"
  911. [16:55:14] <Lenore> But it'd only work on one!
  912. [16:55:19] <Natbuncle> lame
  913. [16:55:40] <Amaryllis> After a little while, Ammy closes up the book, gives Blade another nod of thanks, and walks out...right past the awkward scene with Theta and Alexis and to wherever Lenore is working on alchemy if that's easily findable.
  914. [16:55:44] <@Blade> Alexis: "She asked me how well I was 'taking care' of her boy."
  915. [16:55:53] <@Blade> Alexis: "..."
  916. [16:55:57] <Theta> "..."
  917. [16:55:58] <Amaryllis> Theta is still stuck with awkward kinky mom discussion.
  918. [16:56:16] <Lenore> 5#2d6+5+2 Making Hi-Ethers, Hi-ether DC is like, 11? Something like that.
  919. [16:56:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Making Hi-Ethers, Hi-ether DC is like, 11? Something like that.: 15 [2d6=4,4], 17 [2d6=4,6], 12 [2d6=4,1], 14 [2d6=1,6], 15 [2d6=2,6]
  920. [16:56:31] <@Blade> Easy peasy
  921. [16:56:50] <Lenore> That's 20 Hi-Ethers~
  922. [16:56:55] <Theta> "I'm sure she meant beacause of his injuries. Right? Ri- oh who am I kidding what."
  923. [16:57:06] <Amaryllis> "Lenore?" Ammy shuffles up.
  924. [16:57:14] <Lenore> "Yes Ammy?"
  925. [16:57:50] <Amaryllis> "If you are not too busy with the ethers, could you do me a favor?"
  926. [16:57:58] <@Blade> Alexis: "I understand that she's concerned about the wellbeing of her children, but..."
  927. [16:58:34] <@Blade> Alexis: "It would do her well not to pry like that."
  928. [16:58:48] * Amaryllis takes out the bottle of Spring Day 1402 and pours off a bit in a spare potion bottle.
  929. [16:59:00] <Lenore> "I just finished a-a-a..."
  930. [16:59:09] <Theta> "Thank you for the warning. If I'm ever in such a situation, well."
  931. [16:59:14] * Natbuncle eventually leaves Bruno to his bed with some thanks-patting and stumbles into the awkward scene while trying to see what the others are up to. In loliform of course.
  932. [16:59:17] <Theta> "It's a good thing I'm a Geomancer."
  933. [16:59:44] <Lenore> "I uh, just got my dad to analyze the other potions from the sisters, maybe you could ask him for that? it's a little beyond me at the moment...although I guess having some of these tools here might help..."
  934. [16:59:59] <Lenore> Is it possible to do a Synth check to figure these out with the Workshop bonus or n o ?
  935. [17:00:04] <Natbuncle> "..."
  936. [17:00:06] <Natbuncle> "Hi!"
  937. [17:00:15] <Natbuncle> "Bye!"
  938. [17:00:21] * Natbuncle goes to find Lammy.
  939. [17:00:55] <Amaryllis> "Well, I trust you to analyze this just the same."
  940. [17:01:39] <Lenore> "Uh...uhuh!"
  941. [17:02:22] <@Blade> Alexis nods and moves on to the library.
  942. [17:02:53] <Theta> "..." stands around awkwardly. Alone. Then decides to follow for self defense.
  943. [17:02:55] * Amaryllis holds out the poured off portion of the potion, a small smile on her face.
  944. [17:03:00] <Natbuncle> FOLLOW WHO
  945. [17:03:12] <@Blade> Hm...
  946. [17:03:40] <@Blade> Sure, roll a check, Lenore.
  947. [17:03:56] * Natbuncle peeks into the room 1,1with a Faith
  948. [17:04:21] * Lenore starts squinting at the potion, with a magnifying glass or telescope on a sample or something~
  949. [17:04:28] <@Blade> Alexis enters the library, and noticing Theta's following, simply sits down at one of the tables. " wish to discuss something?"
  950. [17:05:18] <Lenore> 2d6+5+2+2 Yay Faith~
  951. [17:05:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Yay Faith~: 16 [2d6=3,4]
  952. [17:05:23] <@Blade> Spring Day is a rather bubbly drink. the reflection of the magnified bubbles you can almost seen pleasant scenery drift by.
  953. [17:05:50] <Theta> "No it's more running the risk OF being caught out by her. Where did the others ago anyway..."
  954. [17:06:03] <@Blade> I suppose the term is effervescent, anyway.
  955. [17:06:22] * Amaryllis watches with curiosity as Lenore examines the potion.
  956. [17:06:52] <@Blade> Alexis: "I think I saw your companions going to the room with the alchemy equipment."
  957. [17:06:54] * Natbuncle jumps on Ammy's back FROM OUTTA FUCKIN' NOWHERE and peers over her shoulder to also watch.
  958. [17:07:04] <Amaryllis> "Agh!"
  959. [17:07:08] <Natbuncle> "Hi!"
  960. [17:07:12] <@Blade> Hm, Lenore...
  961. [17:07:37] <Theta> "Hm, alright, thank you," he follows on in there.
  962. [17:08:09] <Amaryllis> "Nat, is this necessary?"
  963. [17:08:15] <Natbuncle> "Nope!"
  964. [17:08:42] <@Blade> You think... maybe with some time you could replicate this. This is rather magic intensive, though, and would probably need some rather hard to find ingredients... And you probably couldn't even attempt to make it without an alchemy workshop.
  965. [17:08:49] <Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy sighs.
  966. [17:09:18] * Lenore squints. "I think I've got it...partially figured out!"
  967. [17:09:20] <@Blade> The bottle seems to refill its contents from nowhere, but you think that's an effect of the bottle, not the liquid.
  968. [17:09:21] <Natbuncle> "So did you make 'em?" Nat :Ds and asks while still clinging on Ammy.
  969. [17:09:44] <Lenore> Wait wait, do all the bottles do that? With the exception of Shenanigans.
  970. [17:09:48] <Theta> "What is this?"
  971. [17:10:01] <@Blade> The core ingredients for Spring Day seem to be very potent, but pleasant hallucinogens, enhanced by illusion magic.
  972. [17:10:18] <@Blade> Only the shenanigans bottle seems empty, after all this time.
  973. [17:10:22] * Lenore motions to the Hi-Ether bottles all in nice rows behind her. "Hyup!"
  974. [17:10:26] <@Blade> The others are quite full.
  975. [17:10:43] <Amaryllis> "Have you figured out the potion?"
  976. [17:10:57] <Natbuncle> "Nnnnyeah! Thanks a bunch!" The catgirl drops off and unseals one right away, chugging it.
  977. [17:11:12] <Lenore> "I've figured it out, but it's tricky!"
  978. [17:11:32] <Lenore> "It'll need a lot of ingredients I don't have, and I probably should have more practice before I try.
  979. [17:11:59] * Amaryllis nods.
  980. [17:12:01] <Theta> "Ingredients for what?"
  981. [17:12:28] * Lenore hands Nat 8 of the Hi-Ether bottles. "Be careful not to smash them!"
  982. [17:12:33] <Lenore> "Oh, for Spring Day!"
  983. [17:12:35] * Natbuncle watches Theta's tail for once.
  984. [17:12:43] <Natbuncle> "Yeah, I'll be careful!"
  985. [17:12:54] <Natbuncle> She says while dumping them all into pockets.
  986. [17:13:00] <Theta> "...What did she just drink?"
  987. [17:13:14] <Lenore> "Oh, that's just a Hi-Ether!"
  988. [17:13:18] <Theta> "Spring Day?"
  989. [17:13:19] <Natbuncle> "The stuff for the energy I needed!"
  990. [17:13:37] <Natbuncle> "So I'm actually ready to go RIGHT NOW."
  991. [17:14:02] * Lenore points to the FULL BOTTLE next to her. "This is Spring Day! It's a little weird, but it makes you really happy, if I'm right about how Ammy reacted to it!"
  992. [17:14:15] * Natbuncle ponders on the 'wait, why ARE we still here' for a second and starts the Teleport incantation. Which, much like last time, is just a slow laser beam making silly shapes around them.
  993. [17:14:34] <Amaryllis> "Hm?" Ammy didn't really want to have this conversation with everyone.
  994. [17:14:39] <Theta> "Where the heck you find something like that?"
  995. [17:14:39] * Lenore shoves all the bottles she has into her hat real quicklike!
  996. [17:15:06] <@Blade> Malboro Flower, Fermented cactuar juice, Myconid spores...
  997. [17:15:07] <Lenore> "The Magus Sisters had a storage of these bottles in their room in Mt. Gulug!"
  998. [17:15:20] <Theta> "Huh..."
  999. [17:15:25] <Lenore> (>cactuar juice)
  1000. [17:15:37] <Natbuncle> It speeds up, making red pentagram trails.
  1001. [17:15:49] <Lenore> "If you want to try one of the drinks we got from them, you can go ahead, since they don't seem to ever run out! Except for one of them..."
  1002. [17:16:07] <Natbuncle> "Hm hm hm~"
  1003. [17:16:42] <Natbuncle> "... Uh where were we going again?"
  1004. [17:16:49] <Amaryllis> "Madain Sari."
  1005. [17:16:50] <Natbuncle> The warp circle tightens around them.
  1006. [17:16:51] <Lenore> "Madain Sari!"
  1007. [17:16:53] <Natbuncle> "Right."
  1008. [17:16:56] <Natbuncle> "Aaaaaand...!"
  1009. [17:16:58] <Natbuncle> VWOOP
  1010. [17:17:00] <Lenore> "There's Spring Day 1402-"
  1011. [17:17:04] <Lenore> VWOOP
  1012. [17:17:05] <Theta> "Sure, why - "
  1013. [17:17:13] <@Blade> VWOOP
  1014. [17:17:38] <@Blade> You suddenly find yourselves in the warm climed town of Madain Sari, standing in the middle of the street.
  1015. [17:18:38] * Natbuncle did a silly pose at the end, by the way. Like always. Fist raised high to the sky.
  1016. [17:18:39] * Lenore was starting to raise the Ooh La La as she's warped, and then stumbles after reappearing, bottle in hand, tripping right into Theta.
  1017. [17:19:08] <Theta> "- not," he doesn't even checks, just takes a sip.
  1018. [17:19:21] <Amaryllis> "Well, shall we find a private place to consult on where to go?" Ammy's quickly stuffed the Spring Day bottle into her bag as the teleport resolves.
  1019. [17:20:44] * Lenore blinks a few times as she gets off of Theta, noticing he grabbed the Ooh La La. "Um, a-are you sure you didn't want to hear me explain before you drank?
  1020. [17:20:45] <Lenore> "
  1021. [17:21:08] <@Blade> 1d100 shenanigans
  1022. [17:21:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Blade, shenanigans: 29 [1d100=29]
  1023. [17:21:13] <Theta> "Isn't this the sunny one?"
  1024. [17:21:44] <@Blade> Theta, you begin to feel a little bit...
  1025. [17:21:46] <@Blade> Strange.
  1026. [17:21:59] <Lenore> "N-no, that's Ooh La La! I don't know what it does to men, but to women it uh..."
  1027. [17:22:04] <Lenore> "...makes them more feminine."
  1028. [17:22:27] <Natbuncle> "... What're you two doing over there?" Nat was following Ammy but bends backwards limbo-style to watch them.
  1029. [17:22:59] * Amaryllis can't help but be morbidly curious what's happening to Theta.
  1030. [17:23:05] <Theta> "Huh?"
  1031. [17:23:33] <@Blade> There's a small boost of confidence, as normal. ...As he speaks, his voice sounds just a tad higher pitched. And Theta suddenly finds it a bit harder to balance.
  1032. [17:23:41] <Lenore> Her face turns crimson as she points to her chest.
  1033. [17:24:03] * Theta wobbles some. "Huh?"
  1034. [17:24:18] * Natbuncle does an upside-down handstand. "Hm?"
  1035. [17:24:36] <@Blade> He feels a bit of strange tightness in his chest too... Oh god no.
  1036. [17:24:39] <@Blade> No, no. No.
  1037. [17:24:42] <Natbuncle> Yes.
  1038. [17:24:59] * Lenore 's face turns entirely pink. "Oh my god I am so sorry."
  1039. [17:25:03] <@Blade> After a moment, Theta... isn't quite a man anymore.
  1040. [17:25:12] * Amaryllis opens up her bag.
  1041. [17:25:17] * Amaryllis removes the whiskey bottle.
  1042. [17:25:22] * Amaryllis pops open the whiskey bottle.
  1043. [17:25:27] * Theta looks down
  1044. [17:25:30] <Amaryllis> The whiskey bottle is now in her mouth.
  1045. [17:25:33] <Amaryllis> Glug glug glug.
  1046. [17:25:36] * Natbuncle keeps handstanding. "... Ammy, I'll take some too."
  1047. [17:25:41] <Amaryllis> Now the whiskey bottle is being handed to Theta.
  1048. [17:25:46] * Theta jiggle jiggle, makes sure that isn't a hallucination
  1049. [17:25:50] <Theta> "What."
  1050. [17:25:52] * Lenore is the reddest.
  1051. [17:25:55] <@Blade> Unfortunately not.
  1052. [17:26:14] <Amaryllis> Handed off to Nat then, if Theta doesn't take it.
  1053. [17:26:29] * Amaryllis glances around Madain Sari for a bench.
  1054. [17:26:32] <Natbuncle> One glug THEN it's handed to Theta.
  1055. [17:26:34] <Lenore> "I...I'm pretty sure it's temporary! I think they only made the temporary ones refill themselves!"
  1056. [17:26:53] <Theta> "I. Huh. What. Temporary."
  1057. [17:27:09] * Theta takes the bottle and tries to look at his reflection in it.
  1058. [17:27:19] * Natbuncle intuits reflect on it to help out.
  1059. [17:27:24] <@Blade> Your features have gotten a bit fairer.
  1060. [17:27:34] <Lenore> "It's longer than the Spring Day 1402 or Jilted Bride's Sorry but I'm pretty sure it's only a couple days at most!"
  1061. [17:27:35] <@Blade> And your voice is noticably higher pitched now.
  1062. [17:27:45] <Amaryllis> Is there a bench? Well, even if there isn't a bench, Ammy finds a place to lie down, taking a small gulp of Spring Day before she does and replacing it in her bag.
  1063. [17:27:53] <Theta> "I'm..."
  1064. [17:27:54] <Natbuncle> Too bad he was always androgynous-looking.
  1065. [17:28:02] <@Blade> Ammy finds her bench, soon enough.
  1066. [17:28:15] <Theta> "...A woman. Maybe. WHO THE HELL MAKES THIS SORTA CRAP?"
  1067. [17:28:24] * Natbuncle pokes the monkeyperson's chest.
  1068. [17:28:26] <Natbuncle> "Huh."
  1069. [17:28:44] <Natbuncle> "Sure is magic."
  1070. [17:28:46] <Lenore> "I don't think they intended it for men to drink! Like, Ammy and I took a sample of it and uh...well, we don't really regret it, but..."
  1071. [17:28:49] <@Blade> (You fuckers did this on purpose)
  1072. [17:28:57] <@Blade> (You planned this out on skype)
  1073. [17:29:00] <@Blade> (I know you did)
  1074. [17:29:01] <Natbuncle> (Yes you COULD come listen to us say that almost word-for-word)
  1075. [17:29:04] <Natbuncle> (of course we did)
  1076. [17:29:12] <Lenore> (1,1I was actually hoping it'd make him more masculine)
  1077. [17:29:19] <Natbuncle> (1,1liar)
  1078. [17:29:25] <Amaryllis> (yeah I was hoping for a...uh...package size increase)
  1079. [17:30:00] <Theta> "I think I'm gonna faint."
  1080. [17:30:13] <Theta> "My poor temporarily maiden heart can't handle this."
  1081. [17:30:14] <@Blade> Should have taken the bottle labeled "Old Spice"
  1082. [17:30:24] <Lenore> (WAS THERE ONE?)
  1083. [17:30:29] <@Blade> (no)
  1084. [17:30:46] <Lenore> (Aw man, I wish he could've drank that and become diamonds)
  1085. [17:31:09] <Natbuncle> ...
  1086. [17:31:15] <@Blade> Prickles: "Well, er..."
  1087. [17:31:16] <Natbuncle> "So Ammy um..."
  1088. [17:31:27] <Lenore> "D-do you want some of my extra clothes, or um..."
  1089. [17:31:35] <@Blade> Prickles: "You're probablky very dashing like that at least." he tries to offer.
  1090. [17:31:45] <Lenore> Fidget fidget fidget she's blushing so hard there's steam coming off her face
  1091. [17:31:49] <Theta> S/he loses it at the suggestion of such thing
  1092. [17:31:50] <Theta> and just
  1093. [17:31:52] <Theta> swoon and faint
  1094. [17:31:58] <Natbuncle> "You... said something about that- oh nevermind."
  1095. [17:32:09] * Amaryllis is probably just now waking up from her Spring Day dose on the bench.
  1096. [17:32:21] * Lenore watches in horror as maiden theta swoons and faints.
  1097. [17:32:21] * Natbuncle stoops down and LIFT.
  1098. [17:32:47] <Natbuncle> "I... guess we should probably take hi- ... her somewhere, huh."
  1099. [17:33:04] * Amaryllis nods.
  1100. [17:33:05] <Natbuncle> ... Is the tail still there?
  1101. [17:33:22] <@Blade> The tail is still there. And quite a bit thinner, and soft and shiny.
  1102. [17:33:28] <Natbuncle> Adorable.
  1103. [17:33:47] <@Blade> (By the way you people are horrible why did I ever give you things like this)
  1104. [17:34:01] <Natbuncle> (yeah just wait until you realize what's gonna happen when we start using them on our enemies)
  1105. [17:34:06] <@Blade> (I still love you though)
  1106. [17:34:11] <@Blade> (Except after that)
  1107. [17:34:17] <Amaryllis> (damnit Tree you weren't supposed to tell him that part)
  1108. [17:34:17] <@Blade> (Now I am filled with nothing but hate)
  1109. [17:34:26] <Natbuncle> (<3)
  1110. [17:34:39] <Theta> ( is he a futa or just a chick now)
  1111. [17:34:42] * Theta flees
  1112. [17:34:47] <@Blade> (...)
  1113. [17:34:49] * Natbuncle piggybacks Lambda and wobbles a bit. "'Kay, let's go."
  1114. [17:34:50] <Lenore> (STOP NOW)
  1115. [17:34:51] <Amaryllis> (will Ayane take an AVD penalty if we make her boobs too big to balance?)
  1116. [17:34:52] <@Blade> (Did you have to ask that)
  1117. [17:34:57] <@Blade> (Fully female)
  1119. [17:35:02] <Kraken> (Roll out the FATAL)
  1120. [17:35:05] <Theta> (WELL YOU SAID 'NOT QUITE A MAN')
  1121. [17:35:08] <Natbuncle> (this game is now a plutfic)
  1122. [17:35:15] <Theta> (sorry ;o;)
  1123. [17:35:31] <@Blade> -18 apple pie posters
  1124. [17:35:31] * Amaryllis is quickly getting everyone to a fucking inn. She is registering a fucking room.
  1125. [17:35:41] <Amaryllis> And no, no one gets to fuck in the fucking room. At least not like this.
  1126. [17:35:44] <@Blade> Are you
  1127. [17:35:46] <@Blade> SURE
  1128. [17:35:50] <@Blade> you want to word things like that
  1129. [17:35:50] <@Blade> Cast
  1130. [17:36:00] <Natbuncle> At least it was clarified.
  1131. [17:36:01] <Natbuncle> It's fine.
  1132. [17:36:03] <Natbuncle> No fucking.
  1133. [17:36:08] <Natbuncle> Only pure maiden love.
  1134. [17:36:10] <Natbuncle> Like kissing.
  1135. [17:36:14] * Lenore follows Ammy completely silently, her face completely red.
  1136. [17:36:26] <@Blade> Anyway, you soon find an inn that doesn't rent rooms by the hour, where you decide to take a break for now. Or at least Theta does, having lost consciousness.
  1137. [17:36:33] * Amaryllis pats Lenore on the head in an "it's okay" sort of way.
  1138. [17:36:36] <@Blade> You rent a room or two no problem.
  1139. [17:38:03] <Amaryllis> "So. Um." Ammy sways a bit as she paces the room, the whiskey taking hold. "What now?"
  1140. [17:38:14] <@Blade> The place is fairly modest, sandstone walls with comfy beds, very thin blankets, a flowering cactus in the window.
  1141. [17:38:28] <Natbuncle> Speaking of.
  1142. [17:38:32] * Natbuncle looks to the bottle.
  1143. [17:38:32] * Lenore is sitting on a bed and looking down at her hands in her lap, face still scarlet.
  1144. [17:38:35] * Natbuncle looks to Mr. Prickles.
  1145. [17:38:37] * Natbuncle looks to the bottle.
  1146. [17:38:38] * Natbuncle looks to Mr. Prickles.
  1147. [17:38:49] <@Blade> Which bottle?
  1148. [17:38:53] <Natbuncle> The bottle.
  1149. [17:39:05] <@Blade> Ooh La La?
  1150. [17:39:06] * Lenore has STUFFED THE BOTTLE IN HER HAT.
  1151. [17:39:22] <Natbuncle> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
  1152. [17:39:42] * Theta is now known as Thetina
  1153. [17:39:48] <@Blade> Prickles is no longer drinking anything you fuckers give him
  1154. [17:40:02] <@Blade> In any case...
  1155. [17:40:05] * Thetina eventually stirs awake. "Oh lord it wasn't a nightmare."
  1156. [17:40:30] <Amaryllis> "More whiskey?"
  1157. [17:40:38] * Lenore stays quiet.
  1158. [17:41:02] * Natbuncle is already curled up - wow I almost typed 'girled up' - in catform at the edge of a bed or something.
  1159. [17:41:03] <Amaryllis> "Do you think Poisona would cure this?"
  1160. [17:41:16] <Thetina> "No, I don't think being intoxicated will alleviate this. Let's just...focus on work. And stuff. Yes."
  1161. [17:41:26] <Amaryllis> (wait, Ammy had a Poisona potion applied - did it remove the effect for her?)
  1162. [17:41:47] <@Blade> (Nope)
  1163. [17:42:07] <Amaryllis> (I was giving you an out, man. Guess you're stuck with Thetina for a few more sessions~)
  1164. [17:42:08] <Natbuncle> Yaaawn. "3You look okay like that anyway."
  1165. [17:42:23] <@Blade> You're stuck with it too
  1166. [17:42:26] <Thetina> "So. Uh. Crystals in Maiden - Madian Sari."
  1167. [17:42:42] <Amaryllis> "Yes." Ammy fishes in her bag for the Crystal.
  1168. [17:43:15] <@Blade> 4,0Even the Crystal is appalled.
  1169. [17:43:23] <Amaryllis> "We apologize."
  1170. [17:43:29] <Lenore> Visible steam.
  1171. [17:43:38] * Thetina shakes the damn Crystal >:T
  1172. [17:43:45] <Natbuncle> "3Nnnn~ You all worry too much!"
  1173. [17:44:21] <Thetina> "it's easy for you to say when you're USED to going from being the little girl to a cat on moment's notice."
  1174. [17:44:26] <Natbuncle> "3Besides, Mr.- ... Ms. Lambda, weren't you trying to like, wear a mask or something earlier? You could always... like... NOT need to do that now."
  1175. [17:44:33] <@Blade> 4,0You wish to learn the location of the nearby chunk of crystal...
  1176. [17:44:34] * Natbuncle does a backflip and does just that.
  1177. [17:44:37] <Natbuncle> "Oh yeah, that's true."
  1178. [17:44:48] * Amaryllis snaps her fingers. "This is true. You could pretend to be one of the mage dolls now."
  1179. [17:45:33] <Thetina> "Are you suggesting I use this as a disguise long term in situations involving Ayane? What. I....curse you you stupid little teal kitten I can't debunk this concept but aaaaa."
  1180. [17:45:42] <@Blade> 4,0And it is located. It is being used to supply power to... some sort of weaponized machine.
  1181. [17:45:53] * Natbuncle sticks a tongue out.
  1182. [17:45:53] <@Blade> 4,0And it has started moving.
  1183. [17:46:18] <Natbuncle> "A weapon...?"
  1184. [17:46:20] <Amaryllis> "Where is this machine?"
  1185. [17:46:56] <@Blade> 4,0Close to the water's edge, and moving away from us.
  1186. [17:47:00] <Lenore> Lenore's face is
  1187. [17:47:05] <Thetina> "So it's on a ship?"
  1188. [17:47:28] <Natbuncle> "Hmm... you can still do your geomagix stuff like this, right?"
  1189. [17:47:35] <Amaryllis> "Geomancy."
  1190. [17:47:40] <@Blade> 4,0No... it is... something else.
  1191. [17:49:10] <@Blade> 12,0Something that does not yet have a name.
  1192. [17:49:37] <Amaryllis> "Could you describe it?"
  1193. [17:51:06] <@Blade> 12,0A cylindrical shell of iron that floats within the water
  1194. [17:51:46] <Amaryllis> "Within the water. Well, bloody hell how are we supposed to reach that?"
  1195. [17:51:58] <Natbuncle> "Within?" Nat droops. "So... we're not gonna be able to get there unless we have that breathe-underwater thing we don't have yet then, huh..."
  1196. [17:52:12] <Thetina> "Look, Lenore, this is entirely -my- fault. And the teal ruby cat and Amaryllis have a point this could actually have some sort of clever application."
  1197. [17:52:33] <Lenore> She slowly nods, face still as red as before.
  1198. [17:52:38] <Natbuncle> "Oh yeah," a sage nod, "there's lotsa stuff you could do like that."
  1199. [17:52:51] <@Blade> 12,0It is still partially surfaced... and has not yet left the area of Madain Sari.
  1200. [17:52:58] <@Blade> 12,0 It is... waiting.
  1201. [17:53:20] <Amaryllis> "A trap?"
  1202. [17:53:20] <Natbuncle> "Oh, well why didn't you say so?"
  1203. [17:53:23] <Natbuncle> "Let's go RIGHT NOW"
  1204. [17:54:00] <Thetina> "So...well...hell if Ayane -is- here you could probably help me with a disguise of sorts to tamper with things. Or something. Now?"
  1205. [17:54:32] <Amaryllis> "Waiting for what?"
  1206. [17:54:33] <Lenore> She...slowly nods and gets up and starts rummaging in her hat-scrunchie-whatever it is right now.
  1207. [17:54:45] * Natbuncle whips out some ribbons and hairbands and moves around to Green Letterwoman's back, beginning to pull 'her' hair back. Maybe a braid or something. "Disguise..."
  1208. [17:55:00] <Natbuncle> GREEK
  1209. [17:55:39] <Thetina> "I will pick you up and toss you out a window. If there isn't one I'll make it."
  1210. [17:56:27] <Natbuncle> :< "Okaaaaay."
  1211. [17:56:46] <Natbuncle> "You sure? You can borrow ONE of my ribbons."
  1212. [17:56:48] <Natbuncle> "..."
  1213. [17:56:50] <Natbuncle> "Maybe two."
  1214. [17:57:14] * Lenore pulls out a pretty long one-piece sundress, not all that revealing or anything.
  1215. [17:57:17] <Thetina> "Only to strangle you with."
  1216. [17:57:34] <Lenore> ""
  1217. [17:57:39] <Natbuncle> "Auuu."
  1218. [17:58:03] * Amaryllis plops down on a chair with the Crystal. She shrugs at it as she watches the shenanigans unfold.
  1219. [17:58:33] <Lenore> "Oh...and I guess you'll need some"
  1220. [17:58:52] <Thetina> "..."
  1221. [17:58:55] <Natbuncle> "..."
  1222. [17:59:01] <Lenore> "..."
  1223. [17:59:06] <Natbuncle> "Crystal, which way is the thing again?"
  1224. [17:59:10] <Natbuncle> "I'm just gonna go um."
  1225. [17:59:12] <Natbuncle> "Scout."
  1226. [17:59:12] <Thetina> "Yeah uh
  1227. [17:59:13] <Lenore> She drops the dress and goes back to sitting silently, her face entirely red.
  1228. [17:59:28] <Thetina> "Under water. Scouting."
  1229. [17:59:29] <Thetina> "Stuff."
  1230. [17:59:30] <Amaryllis> "I shall accompany you, Nat." Ammy gets up quickly.
  1231. [17:59:39] <Natbuncle> "Good idea."
  1232. [17:59:41] <Amaryllis> "Let's go. Now."
  1233. [17:59:42] * Natbuncle opens the door.
  1234. [17:59:44] <Natbuncle> "Um."
  1235. [17:59:46] <Natbuncle> "Bye!"
  1236. [17:59:49] * Natbuncle leaves, closes the door.
  1237. [17:59:51] * Amaryllis pushes Nat out the door.
  1238. [18:00:00] * Amaryllis heads out of the inn.
  1239. [18:00:50] * Natbuncle ... leaves a ribbon on the bed too she has like 50 million
  1240. [18:01:13] <@Blade> Nat and Ammy give Lenore and Theta some space to sort out his new, uh... issues.
  1241. [18:01:19] <Thetina> "How about you just leave me with one of the doll costumes you had and I'll meet you all there."
  1242. [18:01:25] <Amaryllis> (time for LTH)
  1243. [18:01:26] <Thetina> "Underwater boat thing. Can get to that easily."
  1244. [18:01:33] <Amaryllis> (And -not- involving Nat this time)
  1245. [18:01:56] <@Blade> Meanwhile, the other chunk of crystal lies within a mysteeeerious craft in Madain Sari's bay. What could be going on?
  1246. [18:02:13] <Lenore> "You sure you can put it on by yourself okay? They're a get into..."
  1247. [18:02:16] <Natbuncle> (What, are you kidding? Nammy ALSO have LTH)
  1248. [18:02:22] <Amaryllis> (No.)
  1249. [18:02:25] <Natbuncle> (ok)
  1250. [18:02:55] <Thetina> "..."
  1251. [18:03:06] <Lenore> "..."
  1252. [18:03:17] <@Blade> Find out next time, on Kaingame Episode 39: The Mechanized Sub-marine!
  1253. [18:03:19] <Thetina> "I can't claim to know how to put them on no...oh sod it fine please help me." (FADE TO AWKWARD)
  1254. [18:03:56] <Natbuncle> 1,1So does Theta get -4 PWR?
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