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  1. You are born into this world as the person you will die. I was never made to be here, so my life is my hell. My life is an abortion, that I cannot escape. I burn in the fiery pits of hell everyday that I wake up. To watch the devils of this hell, whom consummated me and brought me into their life, a hell in itself. How grateful I am, that this devil decided to like him, and that in turn, that devil decided to like her, so profusely, that they fought for their love against the devils who condemned their marriage, and brought others into the world because of on their deniable love for each other. However, devils don’t know how to love, so the solvent of love they had both feigned for each other had a soluble barrier, and their so called love dissolved before their very eyes. The hateful nature that lay within, rose to seep through the cracks they could not repair. These devils woke up and fought for each other, for whichever one could sacrifice themselves first for one another. They were so consumed by their hate, that they did not realize they bore three beings out of such hate and resentment, just to have these beings rot in the pits of hell they had made home for them. To never trust a god, and see the devil for anyone and anything that they are. To wear these skeleton impaired sun glasses, and to see the world as their coffin, and as the grave that was its playground. To live their life in past tense, because they were never born in the first place. To live in a world without life essentially. A world with life would have to include colors of the rainbow, but all that we could see was a pitch black aura that was a cloud above who we met, and everyone and everything as nothing less than that. To give life such color, would mean to bring life with a purpose to live, which would simply be ridiculous in my stone cold eyes. So I lived this life of grey and white, as if I was the grim reaper himself, preying on dark spirits and evil beings, to find a glimpse of color that hid behind the exterior. However, it seemed to me as if everyone and everything was as gloomy outside as it was on the inside. This made me start to sink even deeper into this abyss of this hellish world. Years went by, until some color began to take life in the animals around me. I could see the bright blue eyes, of the bird who came to sit by the window which trapped us apart. I focused intently, on this ray of life that I could actually see. I was astounded that I began to see the same rays of lights in more animals as well, almost every animal that I encountered. I played with these colorful friends and found solace in this world of make believe life that I had found. Soon enough after having spent time with these friends, I had found other color in people who made me feel like I had life. These people made me feel as if i had a purpose of hope and color and promised to me that we could make it to the finish line together, and gain access this land of a beautiful haven through a schooling education. It sounded too good to be true, almost as if a trap, but it was better than the hole I had been living in, so in the end it was a done deal. So I marched right into these buildings, supported by my colorful friends who gave me a will to live, and for all of us to fill each other with one another’s light and color along the way. I am still on this journey to this day, however, seeing a little less color than before. Although having lost most of my friends who had given me the ability to see the world in color, somewhere along the way I had attained the ability to see everything as an art instead of demonizing it. I can now appreciate everything in a different sense of beauty. I have found that I can find this unconventional type of beauty in every dark being and spirit, not because I couldn’t see it before, but because I had been choosing not to see it.
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