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Apr 28th, 2011
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  1. Ok, So I've been seeing A LOT of threads here saying about how 'Anonymous' did it etc. Allow me to explain why this IS wrong.
  3. 1.Anonymous is not a group its the collective term to describe people who think and feel the same, Communism is not a group? Its an idea a way of thinking perhaps.
  5. 2.If 'Anonymous' is getting revenge on Sony for punishing a hacker(Amusing someone who converts file types is a hacker) then why would they go and steal the credentials of the rest of the community? Seem a little pointless.
  7. 3.INPS (a data forensics team) said that there is 7 main Databases all hosted at different data centers but linked over a type of 'cloud' Each database uses PostGRESSQL which would mean the most amount of data each database could hold with no stability issues is aproximitely equal to that of 10,348,439 Rows Which if you add them by 7 is around 77-78Million sets of user credentials, Because of the cloud you would have to hack each database systematically meaning that This hack would of had to of been brewing over the past 10 months to make it possible, Which would of been detected.
  9. 4.This happened around when Sony was scheduling Maintenance, Whats to say they didn't just fuck up? So to avoid being flamed they blame a 'group' Who only grief organisations by sending them black faxes and Denial of Service attacks.
  11. 5. And finally, They said an Admin downloaded an infected attachment which is incorrect, INPS confirmed it would NOT be possible due to the base PostGRES data plan not allowing Telnet connections on port 25(Mail port) meaning Admins accounts (Which can only be accessed at the data center) have no access to email. Meaning the only method of intrusion would be via recent Oracle DB_10.9 exploit using Metasploit or such framework. However they would not of been able to do this as the exploit was only live for a matter of hours before being patched.
  13. So please, Stop pasting articles from news sites who still believe CMD is a tool the microsoft hackers left in the machine to access banks.
  15. I don't play on the PS3 Or care for Sony/PSN however It does bother me when people fuck up and can't accept the blame.
  17. P.S; If their was an intrusion and this data was lost, The UK and EU consort would of sued Sony for over 500Million by now because of the Data Protection act, Which makes being Hacked illegal.
  19. - Anonymous Source
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