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  1.  slumberingOccultist [SO] began trolling illogicalCipher [IC]
  3. SO: hell]o[ there! judging fr]o[m the stars, y]o[u're an excellent tr]o[ll t]o[ talk t]o[ n]o[w!
  4. IC: Hello.
  5. IC: That's quite an odd statement to begin with.
  6. SO: ]o[r maybe by the rand]o[m functi]o[n, ]o[ne ]o[r the ]o[ther.
  7. SO: ha ha, well, i guess it helps t]o[ break the ice f]o[r saying hell]o[! i mean a plain ]o[ld "hi" is pretty dull, d]o[n't y]o[u think?
  8. IC: Hmm, I don't mind dull, but yes. It is a rather boring way to start a conversation.
  9. SO: th]o[ugh i guess y]o[u c]o[uld always g]o[ "that's stupid" and the c]o[nversati]o[n dies there! :)
  10. IC: Luckily for you, my curiousity was greater than my confusion.
  11. IC: And I decided to continue it.
  12. SO: ha ha, great then! let's h]o[pe i can keep up the curi]o[sity.
  13. IC: That would most likely be beneficial for the both of us.
  14. SO: um, shit...
  15. IC: You get entertainment, while I learn more.
  16. IC: Hmm?
  17. SO: ha ha, well, i'd rather learn as well! maybe mutual entertainment! :)
  18. IC: That's always a possibility.
  19. SO: um shit being that i can't think ]o[f anything really interesting t]o[ g]o[ fr]o[m there, except maybe ]o[ffering t]o[ judge y]o[ur h]o[r]o[sc]o[pe, but that is never accurate and it's a pretty big waste ]o[f time, ha ha!
  20. IC: Actually, I'm quite curious about this horoscope you keep referring to.
  21. IC: It might be an interesting test.
  22. SO: ha ha, well, it's n]o[thing special! it's just judging the current p]o[siti]o[n ]o[f the f]o[rty-eight c]o[nstellati]o[ns, calculating their individual impact based up]o[n y]o[ur wriggling day, and then piecing t]o[gether a f]o[rtune!
  23. SO: a test? ha ha, am i being tested?
  24. IC: No, a test of its accuracy.
  25. IC: And this is entertainment for me
  26. IC: C|B J
  27. SO: well that's a test i'm g]o[ing t]o[ fail because they've never c]o[me true! at least f]o[r myself! but maybe it'll be different f]o[r y]o[u!
  28. IC: There is always a chance.
  29. IC: Nothing is absolute in this world.
  30. SO: but if y]o[u'd like, sure! just tell me y]o[ur c]o[]o[rdinates and wriggling day and i'll be able t]o[ figure it ]o[ut!
  31. SO: ha ha, maybe the abs]o[lute shittiness ]o[f these f]o[rtunes! :)
  32. IC: No, I refuse to believe in any absolute.
  33. SO: ha ha, y]o[u might change y]o[ur mind after y]o[u heard s]o[me ]o[f these! i mean i get "y]o[u will have a fateful enc]o[unter" every ]o[ther week, if that came true then there w]o[uld be n]o[ such thing as a fateful enc]o[unter since fateful enc]o[unters w]o[uld l]o[se their fatefulness after en]o[ugh ]o[f them happened!
  34. IC: Not if fate is determined by every single moment in existence.
  35. SO: what an ]o[dd thing t]o[ say! what d]o[ y]o[u mean by that? :)
  36. IC: Then every encounter is fateful.
  37. IC: Have you heard of the flutterbeast effect?
  38. SO: ha ha, well, i d]o[n't think this enc]o[unter is very fateful, t]o[ be h]o[nest! i'm pretty sure i'm c]o[ming acr]o[ss as a huge fucking spaz, which isn't very fateful at all!
  39. SO: and i haven't, actually!
  40. IC: No, you are coming off quite pleasant, although slightly self-deprevating.
  41. SO: ha ha, thank y]o[u! y]o[u are pretty curi]o[us y]o[urself!
  42. SO: s]o[ what is the flutterbeast effect? :)
  43. IC: As for the effect, it is theorized that even something as small as a flutterbeast affects the outcome of the universe.
  44. IC: And if one was to change a single moment in history, even down to the flap of a flutterbeast's wings, the world will be a completely different place.
  45. SO: d]o[es the flutterbeast kn]o[w that it can d]o[ that?
  46. IC: I would assume it doesn't.
  47. SO: ha ha, t]o[ be h]o[nest, i have a hard time placing that much imp]o[rtance ]o[n a single flutterbeast.
  48. IC: But who knows, there might be some philosophical flutterbeasts out there.
  49. IC: Meh.
  50. IC: To each their own.
  51. SO: maybe! they must be interesting c]o[nversati]o[nalists!
  52. IC: If you can find one that speaks, I would assume so.
  53. SO: c]o[uld be interesting. but i think i understand the flutterbeast effect, if it's expanded t]o[ maybe ]o[ur pe]o[ple!
  54. IC: Well, that's supposed to be a subtle implication in the hypothesis.
  55. IC: For if something so small could change history, then every moment we spend is a crucial turning point.
  56. SO: yeah that subtlety was a bit l]o[st ]o[n me. g]o[]o[dness i'm pr]o[bably c]o[ming acr]o[ss as an idi]o[t, ha ha!
  57. IC: No.
  58. IC: I'm not very good at explaining things, so it might have been lost in my telling.
  59. SO: s]o[ d]o[ y]o[u think this rand]o[m c]o[nversati]o[n is a turning p]o[int, mister ic?
  60. IC: Possibly.
  61. SO: ha ha, i think y]o[u explained quite well! a bit simplistic, but f]o[r that phil]o[s]o[phy, maybe simple is the best r]o[ute t]o[ address it!
  62. IC: And please, the name is Raesho.
  63. SO: nice t]o[ meet y]o[u raesh]o[! i'm epirra!
  64. IC: The pleasure is mine.
  65. SO: guess i sh]o[uld have started with an intr]o[ducti]o[n, ha? :)
  66. IC: No, this made the conversation much more interesting.
  67. IC: Less personal, more scientific.
  68. IC: Not that I'm saying that the conversation will now become dull.
  69. SO: ha ha, well shit, there g]o[es all ]o[f the scientific credibility ]o[f this discussi]o[n!
  70. IC: Heh.
  71. SO: is this the p]o[int where we talk ab]o[ut ]o[ur pers]o[nal vices and c]o[mpletely shatter the intellectualism we started with? because, um, t]o[ be h]o[nest, i d]o[n't think i have any interesting vices.
  72. SO: and that w]o[uld be dull.
  73. SO: and ruin the c]o[nversati]o[n.
  74. IC: Only if you wish to, but it doesn't sound like you do.
  75. SO: ha ha, i w]o[uldn't want t]o[ b]o[re y]o[u! plus that s]o[unds far less interesting than musing ]o[n fate and phil]o[s]o[phy.
  76. IC: Yes, philosophy is a rather interesting subject.
  77. IC: Nothing else is based solely on personal opinions and not facts.
  78. SO: it d]o[esn't c]o[me up very much hist]o[rically, but it is pretty interesting! th]o[ugh it can be pretty danger]o[us t]o[ study, phil]o[s]o[phy!
  79. SO: and hist]o[ry t]o[]o[. pers]o[nal ]o[pini]o[ns and ]o[bservati]o[n, i think! but i'm n]o[t a phil]o[s]o[pher s]o[ i'm just guessing ]o[n that.
  80. IC: Yes, one wrong step and you have whole cults after you.
  81. IC: Heheh.
  82. SO: ha ha, i guess that is a danger, if y]o[ur phil]o[s]o[phy is especially engaging!
  83. SO: i was talking m]o[re ]o[f culling, but i guess cults springing up ar]o[und y]o[u is equally w]o[rris]o[me!
  84. IC: Oh true.
  85. IC: I forgot about that for a second.
  86. SO: ha ha, really?
  87. IC: To busy laughing in nostalgia to think of it.
  88. SO: ha ha, y]o[u're a c]o[nfusing guy! what's s]o[ funny ab]o[ut that? :)
  89. IC: Oh just a memory.
  90. IC: Something that most wouldn't find very funny.
  91. SO: ha ha, are y]o[u implying that y]o[u've unintenti]o[nally started a cult thr]o[ugh y]o[ur phil]o[s]o[phies bef]o[re? :)
  92. IC: No, more my moirail has had an entire cult after his head due to a slip of the tongue.
  93. SO: w]o[w, what was his cult like? what phil]o[s]o[phy was it based ]o[n?
  94. IC: It was the followers of the mirthful messiahs.
  95. SO: ugh! that is very unpleasant. i'm surprised y]o[ur m]o[irail survived, t]o[ be h]o[nest!
  96. IC: He accidentally said that he didn't like faygo while talking to a group of them.
  97. IC: Their shock at the statement was the only thing that kept him alive
  98. SO: i've read ]o[f such terrible things ab]o[ut the messiahs, they're damn vici]o[us.
  99. IC: Gave him a good 10 second start.
  100. IC: Yes they are.
  101. SO: s]o[metimes that's all y]o[u need t]o[ escape! but i think they're less ]o[f a cult and m]o[re ]o[f a r]o[wdy bunch ]o[f psych]o[paths.
  102. IC: They almost reached my house, which my moirail used to hide from them.
  103. SO: m]o[res]o[ than any ]o[ther gr]o[up ]o[f tr]o[lls. and g]o[]o[dness, what st]o[pped them?
  104. IC: I only consider them a cult because of how well they banded together.
  105. IC: I live on a plateau high in the mountains.
  106. IC: If you don't know the path, you're as good as dead
  107. IC: My moirail knew the path, they didn't.
  108. IC: As soon as he was out of their sight, they had no hope.
  109. SO: as an]o[ther m]o[untain dweller, i can understand that! i'm glad t]o[ hear y]o[ur m]o[irail survived!
  110. SO: they didn't g]o[ after his hive in retributi]o[n, did they?
  111. IC: Heh.
  112. IC: Funny that you say that.
  113. IC: My moirail is a wanderer.
  114. IC: His hive is nothing more than a tent.
  115. SO: ]o[h w]o[w! s]o[ he has a p]o[rtable recuperac]o[]o[n and everything?
  116. IC: No.
  117. IC: Just a tent.
  118. IC: The idiot didn't think of that when the construction drones came around.
  119. SO: h]o[w d]o[es he c]o[pe with the nightmares? i've slept a few times ]o[utside ]o[f a recuperac]o[]o[n, it's really unpleasant.
  120. IC: I don't know.
  121. SO: ha ha, that w]o[uld definitely be s]o[mething i'd ask him ab]o[ut! m]o[stly because if there's a secret t]o[ it, i'd like t]o[ learn it s]o[ i c]o[uld d]o[ the same!
  122. SO: sleeping with]o[ut a recuperac]o[]o[n, that is!
  123. IC: He only says that the voices help him sleep.
  124. IC: And laughs.
  125. IC: The idiot.
  126. SO: ]o[h, ]o[kay! actually, i think that can make sense! psychic p]o[wers are very weird like that, and maybe that's what it is!
  127. IC: No.
  128. SO: ]o[r maybe it's talking t]o[ the dead?
  129. IC: I know it's not that.
  130. SO: ]o[h? that's ]o[dd then!
  131. IC: Yes.
  132. SO: and maybe a bit c]o[ncerning!
  133. IC: Heh.
  134. IC: If it's concerning for you, think of it from the perspective of his moirail.
  135. SO: ha ha, it must be nerve-wracking! h]o[w can y]o[u keep track ]o[f him when he d]o[esn't have a hive?
  136. IC: I've tried for years to convince him for sweeps to let me build him a portable recuperacoon, but he won't let me.
  137. SO: d]o[es he at least have a lusus t]o[ watch ]o[ut f]o[r him?
  138. IC: Heh.
  139. IC: He watches out for his lusus just as much as his lusus watches out for him.
  140. IC: And I keep track of him through trollian.
  141. SO: speaking as a stranger y]o[u've just met, i think that y]o[u sh]o[uld just build him the recuperac]o[]o[n and sh]o[ve it int]o[ his sylladex!
  142. IC: I built him a compact generator, so I can always talk to him.
  143. IC: Heheheheh.
  144. IC: Haha.
  145. SO: it's pretty neat that y]o[u w]o[uld kn]o[w h]o[w t]o[ build ]o[ne ]o[f th]o[se! y]o[u're quite smart, if i may say s]o[!
  146. SO: huh?
  147. IC: His sylladex.
  148. IC: I couldn't put something in there if I tried.
  149. SO: ]o[h, is it a piece ]o[f shit? :)
  150. IC: No.
  151. IC: I'd say it's the best sylladex possible.
  152. SO: ]o[h? h]o[w s]o[? :)
  153. IC: But it only takes what it wants.
  154. SO: that s]o[unds like it w]o[uld be excepti]o[nally fussy!
  155. IC: It's a Deus Ex Machina modus.
  156. IC: It takes what is deemed necessary and releases it when it needs to be released.
  157. SO: ha ha, i've never heard ]o[f a m]o[dus like that!
  158. IC: Nor have I.
  159. IC: He's the only person that I know of with it.
  160. SO: that is very interesting!
  161. IC: I still don't even know how it works.
  162. IC: Why it deems useless objects like rocks necessary, but won't take food half the time.
  163. SO: i guess it's ]o[ne ]o[f th]o[se m]o[duses that y]o[u really can't understand! h]o[w mysteri]o[us!
  164. IC: Exactly.
  165. IC: I've given up.
  166. IC: Sweeps of analysis have led to nothing.
  167. SO: ha ha, that m]o[dus s]o[unds terrible! even w]o[rse than mine!
  168. IC: No, it's perfect.
  169. SO: ha ha, i think y]o[u c]o[uld figure it ]o[ut if y]o[u had ]o[ne y]o[urself!
  170. IC: What is better than a modus that warps destiny to its whim?
  171. SO: i d]o[n't kn]o[w, if it d]o[esn't take f]o[]o[d half the time, i'd think it's pretty bad.
  172. IC: But the food it takes half the time is enough to keep him alive.
  173. IC: A bit more, but never too much.
  174. IC: Never anything that would spoil before he got to it.
  175. IC: And nothing that he wouldn't be able to cook with his limited supplies.
  176. SO: i d]o[n't kn]o[w, trusting a sylladex t]o[ kn]o[w what's best f]o[r me rather than my ]o[wn judgment seems a bit reckless!
  177. SO: but maybe i'm just a wuss, ha ha!
  178. IC: I wouldn't trust it either.
  179. IC: But it's amazing to watch.
  180. SO: it d]o[es s]o[und like it w]o[uld be an interesting sight! :) but i d]o[n't kn]o[w if i w]o[uld say that it warps destiny t]o[ its whim!
  181. IC: Hmm, yes, it is going a little far to say that.
  182. IC: But it's close.
  183. IC: It can take things that he'd normally be unable to access, giving him access to new possibilities.
  184. SO: it is a bit ]o[f a w]o[rris]o[me idea. :) and i guess that's a p]o[sitive way t]o[ l]o[]o[k at it!
  185. IC: It changes his destiny with every single item it takes and releases.
  186. SO: it seems a bit reckless t]o[ give that much c]o[ntr]o[l t]o[ y]o[ur sylladex!
  187. SO: but i'm n]o[t ]o[ne t]o[ talk!
  188. IC: Nor am I.
  189. IC: But he trusts it.
  190. IC: And I trust him.
  191. IC: So I must trust it.
  192. SO: have y]o[u tried asking him ab]o[ut where he g]o[t the m]o[dus? and maybe h]o[w t]o[ get an]o[ther c]o[py ]o[f it? :)
  193. SO: might help with understanding it, plus maybe give y]o[u m]o[re reas]o[n t]o[ trust it!
  194. IC: His answer is always the same.
  195. IC: He's had it for as long as he can remember.
  196. IC: And it's always been there for him.
  197. SO: what an enigmatic answer!
  198. IC: Yes it is.
  199. IC: But he is an enigma himself.
  200. SO: ha ha, t]o[ be h]o[nest, that s]o[unds like it w]o[uld be really frustrating! i'd want t]o[ understand everything ab]o[ut my m]o[irail.
  201. SO: s]o[ i can best pr]o[tect and help them. :)
  202. IC: I do want to understand him, but his enigmatic life is one of the things that drew us together.
  203. IC: And I've accepted that.
  204. SO: s]o[unds like there w]o[uld be an interesting st]o[ry behind that, but i'm pr]o[bably being incredibly n]o[sy and fussy and maybe a bit intrusive as it is!
  205. IC: No, it's fine.
  206. IC: This is actually quite entertaining for me.
  207. IC: I'm quite boring, but he's the one exciting thing in my life.
  208. SO: ha ha, really? i d]o[n't think y]o[u're quite that b]o[ring!
  209. IC: Heh.
  210. IC: Well, thank you.
  211. SO: y]o[u have interesting phil]o[s]o[phies, and y]o[u're pretty smart!
  212. SO: y]o[u're welc]o[me! :)
  213. IC: Heh.
  214. IC: I'm not exactly sure where to go from here.
  215. SO: ha ha, well, we talked a l]o[t ab]o[ut y]o[ur m]o[irail, which was fun! i'd talk ab]o[ut mine, but...
  216. SO: i d]o[n't have ]o[ne, ha ha!
  217. IC: Well, that's too bad.
  218. IC: Although you seem fine without one.
  219. SO: ha ha, it's n]o[t really that bad! and thank y]o[u!
  220. SO: i have my lusus fussing and w]o[rrying ]o[ver me, i w]o[uldn't want s]o[me]o[ne else t]o[ be t]o[]o[!
  221. IC: Heh.
  222. IC: My lusus dotes on me too, but he never was the best at making me less introverted.
  223. IC: So I'm lucky to have one.
  224. SO: mine is a class-a w]o[rryw]o[rt and a bit ann]o[ying, t]o[ be h]o[nest! she's als]o[ a shitty hunter, s]o[ am i, s]o[...
  225. IC: I'm sure you're not that bad.
  226. IC: But lack of food is rather concerning.
  227. SO: y]o[u have t]o[ l]o[ve them th]o[ugh, ha ha! pr]o[tected us when we were little and taught us all we kn]o[w! and y]o[u seem pretty nice, s]o[ i think y]o[ur lusus did a g]o[]o[d j]o[b!
  228. IC: He taught me to be polite.
  229. IC: My moirail taught me how to express myself to others.
  230. SO: ha ha, well, i have my little garden full ]o[f weeds and nasty shit. and there are eaglebeast nests all ]o[ver this m]o[untain, s]o[ i'm g]o[]o[d at swiping them!
  231. IC: Without them, I'm not sure where I'd be.
  232. IC: Heh.
  233. SO: y]o[u'd be l]o[nely, i'd imagine!
  234. IC: Probably dead too.
  235. SO: ha ha, i think that's a given, if we didn't have ]o[ur lusii! :)
  236. IC: Well, I might have made it.
  237. IC: But I'd be much worse off.
  238. IC: I was a feisty little wriggler.
  239. IC: As my lusus likes to say.
  240. SO: ha ha, were y]o[u? i w]o[uldn't have guessed!
  241. SO: y]o[u struck me as a peaceful little wriggler. maybe a bit sleepy!
  242. IC: Heh.
  243. IC: No, that's the politeness my lusus taught me.
  244. IC: And my general apathy.
  245. SO: ha ha, he did a g]o[]o[d j]o[b! i'm s]o[rry, th]o[ugh, y]o[u d]o[n't strike me as apathetic!
  246. IC: Well, my moirail has helped with that over the sweeps.
  247. IC: But I'm still not much for emotions.
  248. SO: f]o[rmal and intellectual, but y]o[u clearly d]o[ care f]o[r y]o[ur lusus and m]o[irail!
  249. IC: Yes, they are the only two major beings in my life.
  250. IC: So they get all of the affection I have.
  251. SO: and i'm certain they'll help y]o[u find m]o[re! ]o[r, at least, maybe help y]o[u find m]o[re fateful enc]o[unters leading t]o[ that?
  252. IC: Yes, there's always the fateful encounters.
  253. SO: i think y]o[u're d]o[ing just fine! and that y]o[ur lusus, y]o[ur m]o[irail, and y]o[u are all str]o[ng individuals!
  254. IC: Thank you.
  255. IC: I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that.
  256. SO: y]o[u're welc]o[me! :) and i'm sure they kn]o[w! especially with having y]o[u ar]o[und and being able t]o[ see h]o[w y]o[u've all helped each ]o[ther gr]o[w!
  257. IC: ∴∴∴
  258. SO: ha ha, what?
  259. IC: Um...
  260. IC: Nothing
  261. IC: Thank you.
  262. SO: ]o[kay then! and y]o[u d]o[n't have t]o[ keep thanking me, th]o[ugh i d]o[ appreciate it! y]o[u really are super p]o[lite!
  263. IC: ΩΠ‼
  264. IC: Sorry
  265. IC: I do that sometimes.
  266. SO: y]o[u d]o[n't need t]o[ ap]o[l]o[gize either. :) um, shit, ]o[nly if y]o[u want t]o[, ]o[f c]o[urse! i'm n]o[t trying t]o[ be b]o[ssy ]o[r act ab]o[ve my place, just saying that y]o[u can be c]o[mf]o[rtable and relaxed and such talking t]o[ me!
  267. IC: No, no.
  268. SO: ha ha, it's all right! if it happens, it happens! :)
  269. IC: It's fine.
  270. IC: You have the right to say that.
  271. SO: ha ha, n]o[t many w]o[uld agree with y]o[u there!
  272. SO: but thank y]o[u f]o[r saying s]o[. :)
  273. IC: Maybe.
  274. IC: You're welcome.
  275. SO: anyway, raesh]o[, my lusus is making a nuisance ]o[f herself, s]o[ i sh]o[uld pr]o[bably g]o[! it was nice meeting y]o[u!
  276. IC: Okay.
  277. SO: h]o[pe i didn't disapp]o[int f]o[r a fateful enc]o[unter, ha? :)
  278. IC: It was nice for me too.
  279. IC: No, it was a pleasant encounter.
  280. IC: Goodbye.
  281. SO: stay safe! and if y]o[u want t]o[ talk again, feel free t]o[!
  282. SO: see y]o[u! :)
  284. slumberingOccultist [SO] ceased trolling illogicalCipher [IC] --
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