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  1. She sits on the stone with her head hung, the forest mist swirling about her and pierced by arrows of moonlight. The stone is engraved with a symbol, faded and weathered and rests in the centre of a small glade at the side of a mountain. She sits with her knee up to her chest, one foot on the stone, the other hanging. You can see the pale death-blue flesh peeking from the deep slit in her hakama. Her white hair hangs loose and covers her face, the long strands of her fringe casting a deep shadow across her features.
  3. The crimson stains on the wrap about her chest glare out at you strikingly. Clutched to it is her Odachi, your family heirloom. You step into the glade and a strong wind blows through, rustling through trees and picking up fallen leaves from the forest floor. It tugs and pulls at your clothes.
  5. One strays towards the stone she sits on, propelled by the breeze. The crystal clear sound of a small suzu rings out through the woods and the leaf splits, drifting in two different directions.  "Why are you here, Kinsman?"
  7. You step into the glade. "So... This was the place after all. I'm here to reclaim my family's heirloom and to put an honoured ancestor to rest."
  9. You see a derisive smirk cross her shadowed face. "Honoured?" She lets the question hang in the air then shakes her head softly. "No matter. This sword is mine.  This grave, all that I have left. This alone, I will not run from.” She lifts her head and pierces you with a bone chilling gaze, made all the more blood curdling by the absence of her eyes.  Two small light blue flames rest in the sockets instead, flickering and weaving with a damned, eternal steadiness. You see a scar across the bridge of her nose, too rugged to have been a shallow cut. So that’s where her eyes went.  
  11. “Leave this place, Kinsman.”
  13. You firm your nerves and draw your blade, determined to face your ancestor and deliver her to an eternal rest. She remains motionless as you rush in, remains motionless as you draw your sword back and moves only at the last moment.
  15. With nothing more than her thumb, she flicks her blade out of its sheath and intercepts your strike. She sighs, “Are all those of my blood as foolish as I was?” Before you can react, the foot that was resting upon the stone is planted on your chest and with an unholy strength she kicks you back with enough force to send you flying across the glade.
  17. You twist in the air and plant your hand on the ground. Shards of dread shoot through your arm as you directly touch this black earth and you almost lose strength. Will prevails though and you push against the ground and use the momentum to land on your feet in a crouch.
  19. Already she is before you, following up with a downward slash. Instinct kicks in and your perception of time halts. Your mind begins to churn, what can I do what can I do? What technique should I use, what experience can I draw from? Which battlefield will help me now? Which fallen foe have I learned from, whose skill can save me? But like a defunct clockwork doll, the gears in your mind keep slipping and skipping. So for a perceived infinity your brain whirrs in the back ground while your eyes drink in the sight before you, frozen in time, a brief moment for your dissecting perusal.
  21. Moonlight gleams off her perfect skin, marred only by the odd scar here and there. You trace every mark, every scar, every wide gash and an illusion of how she was before death overlaps. The arrows stuck in her side, the gaping torn wound on her left ribs left by a peasant’s rusted sword, one on her right hip caused by a farmer’s mattock. The illusion phases in and out and your gaze wanders to ascertain your immediate threat. Was she feeble? Weak? Or was she powerful?
  23. Well trained muscle lend confidence to her every movement. She is a full two heads taller than you, though much of that seemed to go to her lithe legs. Powerful ripped abs, a tremendous core that told you she could fell a tree with a single downward stroke, the kind of blow you now had to try and avoid. Not an ounce of useless fat on her trim form – you weren’t nearly blasphemous enough to call the large mounds, barely constrained by her tight and bloodstained wrappings useless – a slim waist and wide child rearing hips that her hakama hugged tight enough to leave indentations.
  24. It was entirely possible that drinking in the view like this ran to your detriment. You barely have time to intercept her blade with your own, but from the instant you engaged her, you knew how hopeless this all was. The edge of her blade bites into yours and the steel shatters leaving your chest open and unguarded.
  26. The large blade splits you, shearing through your gut and severing your spine. It slices through you as cleanly as it did the leaf earlier and the blade rips out the other side of your torso, dissecting you entirely. You fall back onto the cool grass and gasp, at the clean blade, at your whole torso and at the complete lack of sensation below where the blade passed through you.
  28. She looks down at you, her twin flames narrowing, “Looks like you underestimated me. To think that with your strength, you could put me to rest… Should I be insulted?”
  30. You manage to find your words and squeeze them out. A herculean task with the half of useless lung her sword left you with, “You’re just…. Too… strong.”
  32. “Perhaps.”
  34. “The… books… were wrong.”
  36. She walks back to her stone and sits down again. “Save your breath. Everything should reconnect soon.”    
  38. You lie on the ground for what feels like two to three minutes before you begin to notice the tingle of sensation at your toes. Your breath comes easier and easier and before long you feel ready to sit up and look at her. “The books were wrong. How did someone as powerful as you die fleeing from battle to mere farmers?”
  40. She looks at you and smiles sadly, “If that’s how they wrote it, I can understand why you would come here. The truth isn’t nearly so… straightforward. But it is true that I ran. I ran and died like a dog.” She pauses a moment. “No. Perhaps a dog wouldn’t have fled.”
  42. An awkward and morbid silence spreads between the corpse and you before she turns your way again. “At any rate, you challenged me and lost. Do you know what that means?” You set your jaw and nod “You challenged me arrogantly and lost, steeping yourself in dishonour. This bloodline does not need another Ochimusha.” She stretches a hand out and a blue flame alights within it. She clutches it like a sheath and draws a small blade from the flame.
  44. Its edge glows eerily and wisps of fire flicker along it. “Use this. Burn and cut away at your dishonour. Then leave this place. Maybe the company your corpse leaves behind will make my grave less lonesome.”
  46. You stand and approach, each step heavy, but then you had steeled your resolve long before this. You take her blade, “The only ones who should live by the sword, are those who are prepared to die by the sword.”
  48. “Spoken like a true warrior.”
  50. You kneel on the grass and split your kimono, baring your chest to the cool night air. You watch it rise and fall, proof of the life about to be snuffed. The corpse watches over you with sincerity. “May you die an honourable death, kinsman.” You clench your jaw and plunge the knife into your gut then wrench the blade across horizontally before the pain can still your hand.
  52. Then it hits you, but it isn’t pain. A searing heat that bubbles up in your stomach then explodes through your chest. You double over and clutch at your gut, eyes wide and gasping wordlessly as the conflagration sears through you leaving a burning sensitivity and lust in its wake. The blade drops to the side. The corpse begins to chuckle, then laughs, then slips into a loud and drawn out mad cackle.
  54. “Fufufu…fufufu…fufufuhahahahahahahaAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Fools! It seems that my bloodline does indeed only produce fools!” In an instant she is before you once more. She puts her foot on your hunched over shoulder and kicks you back.
  56. The action alone sparks another wildfire in your gut, like she just dug her fingers into the gaping wound that should be and tore it wider.
  58. She swings her sword at you, slicing your arms, chest and legs. Yet only your clothes fall to neatly sliced tatters. You grunt a little as the cool, biting night air assails your bared skin. She drops down on you with a heavy thud and a slap of flesh. She isn’t wearing anything under that hakama. The icy wetness of her arousal spreads across your burning stomach and soothes the heat but inevitably, something falls in to replace it. Something sparked the instant her blade slid into your flesh. Amidst a confusing monsoon of sensation, you are dimly aware of your prick stiffening against her rear.
  60. She looks down at you with mirth in her eyes, laughing all too obviously at your own expense. “Did you honestly think I’d make my own kinsman kill himself? What’s a boy as earnest as you doing out in the real world? Ah – but that doesn’t mean I won’t be punishing you.” There is the obvious and expected softness, but a solid layer of muscle to her ass too. There was no reason to expect she neglected the training of her legs.
  62. She reaches across to pick up the blade she gave you and eyes it fondly. Her eye-flames seem to focus on you as her tongue slips out and she licks down the edge, notably quivering as it cuts into her and splits her tongue before passing through. She then takes the blade and sinks it into her chest just above her wrappings. She moans as she drags the knife down her body, slicing her clothes in a fell swoop, freeing her tremendous breasts and letting you see the drooling need between her legs. With the confining skirt-like garment gone, the scent of heat is free to spread between the two of you, a smell so potent that you can’t tell when she started to get aroused. Just now? When she struck you down? Or before, right when you stepped foot into her glade?
  64. She bites her lip and throws the knife aside. “I don’t think we need foreplay.” She reaches for your cock and lifts herself just high enough to slide your head up to her pussy, the twitching heat prodding at her icy sodden entrance. You bite back a gasp. The flames had mostly died down but the residual lust is growing stronger yet. She leans down and begins to lick her way up your chest, her soft cool tongue followed by her two hard nipples as her breasts press against you. Her hips begin to descend slowly, taking you deeper the further up your chest the licks. Her canal wraps about you with almost perfect compatibility, glorious zipangu pussy with over a thousand writhing folds that cling to your shaft and suck it in deeper. The cry you make when she takes you to the base is lost between her lips as her tongue makes its way past your teeth.
  66. Joined utterly, she begins to coil around you like a snake, her powerful arms wrapping about your chest, her thick thighs and claves crossing under your butt and legs. She drives the entire encounter with nothing more than her own physique, her wide hips rolling forward and up to draw your throbbing cock halfway out of her twisting and writhing depths before engulfing it to the hilt once again in a slick, quick, and thigh splattering motion.
  68. You shudder as you feel her icy fingers claw your back. Arching instinctively, you buck your hips. Her pelvis collides with yours with a lewdly wet smack and she moans into the kiss. Her tongue explores your warm mouth, notably growing less cold. It twits around your own, wrestling for an easy won dominance like the rest of her.
  70. Pinned utterly, only your arms are free.  You wrap them around her, one hand burying itself in her white hair and gripping the back of her head. The other runs down her spine, making her shiver until it comes to her large, gropeable ass. You do as the descriptive dictates and give it a small rub before giving it a strong squeeze. She seems to yelp through the kiss and tightens bodily. Her arms, her legs, even the walls of her slick canal, all constrict with a carnal fervour that has you groaning in pleasure. You buck your hips into her tightness once, twice then thrice, but are arrested by a wreathing vice.
  72. She breaks the kiss and cries aloud, her eye flames spluttering and spitting.  She sinks her teeth into your shoulder and rakes her fingers down your back as a quaking orgasm wracks her. She utters out a whining sigh from your shoulder and murmurs something that sounds like “It’s been too long.” The light in her eyes dims as it begins to settle into a calm burn.
  74. You still haven’t cum yet and you could let her recover  before she claims the ‘more’ she undoubtedly wants, but somewhere deep within you smarts at the effortless manner she took your years of training and experience and smote it to nothing. The tiny rebel within takes this chance to assert some form of victory. You twist in her embrace rolling her over onto her back to enact a moment of vengeance, but her dim eyes flare in challenge.      
  76. She takes the momentum and uses it to roll the two of you over again, her hair becoming a leaf-streaked mess. Her thighs unhook from around your legs and she uses her knees to stop the motion as you come to lying on your back once more. She sits up ramrod straight, having claimed dominance anew and looks down at you, eyes burning imperiously. You prop yourself up on your elbows and give a sheepish guilty grin. Her lips curl in an ill-concealed smile and she gives your bottom lip a bite before going back to the kiss. You sit up straighter and she goes from rolling her hips against yours to bouncing in your lap.
  78. She wraps her arms around your shoulders and you place your hands on her knees then slide them down her supple inner thighs, feeling every ridge of ligament and tendon, every rugged scar that weaves a history across her flesh. You feel her muscles bunch and move as she bounces in your lap, her abs clenching visibly, inner walls tightening around your girth. Your hands then wind up gravitating to her ass. You earn another clenching contraction from her pussy as you give her big meaty cheeks a squeeze and it’s enough to send you right up to the brink.
  80. Sensing this, her pace hastens until she’s slapping her hips into your lap with wild abandon and massaging your shaft with her inner muscles, aiming to milk it of the building load. She impales herself on your erection once more, but you hold her ass still as she tries to rise, thrusting up until the lips of her womanhood press flush to your crotch. Balls deep, your cock twitches as it begins to pump its load directly into her cold womb.
  82. The searing heat makes its way down your urethra and out with a ball clenching urgency. You make tiny, short thrusts deep inside her as your cock pumps ropes of your hot seed into her deepest parts, the head of your cock pressing right up to her cervix. Her cunt clenches in her second orgasm of the night and it works to suck you in deeper. Waves of roiling motion take you and send you up to a cloud higher than the ninth, making your already powerful orgasm even more mind-melting.
  84. She quivers in your grip as you fill her womb with cum and spread your mortal heat throughout her. You recollect your wits sooner than her though and seize the chance given to you. You push and thrust and lift her and yourself up and forwards, bringing the dead warrior to her back, her white hair splaying all about her like the rays of moonlight that filter into the glade.    
  86. A little indignation flares in her eyes, but it’s far weaker this time. She simply looks up at you from her back, tightening her leg-lock as if in reminder. You grin and place your hands on her hips, holding her still as you begin to thrust, cock remaining rock solid through your orgasm. Though you probably only have one more left.
  88. You take one of your hands from her hips to trace along her marvellous, sculpted body. From her raised mons pubis and puffy vulva to the prominent “v” shaped bones of her pelvis. You lean down and lay a kiss between the lowest pair of abs before licking your way up the middle of the muscled ridge. She gives a light moan and reaches to squeeze one of her breasts, the pale blue nipple solid and pinched between two of her fingers. Her other hand snakes down to rub at her clit, rubbing little circles in time with the thrusting of your hips and the tightening of her thighs.
  90. You make it to the top of her abs and give them another kiss before moving up to her unoccupied breast. You move your hand up her side to just under her armpit, and catch her lonely bouncing nipple gently between two teeth, lips locking around the areola. You move your hand from her side to cup the large breast and hold it in place as you molest the cold and sensitive nipple with your hot mouth and tongue.
  92. You trace tiny circles around the nub and alternate between sucking and pulling. Your joint manipulation of all her most sensitive areas takes its toll and you feel her grow tighter in an already familiar way. You aren’t too far off yourself and decide to end it in a flourish. You let her go and she lets you stop thrusting long enough to pull out and move her around. Her pale blue insides gape slightly as your cock withdraws from her depths. A small stream of cum leaks out of her, but most of it remains inside due to her position.
  94. You get your feet under you and crouch low before grabbing her legs behind the knee and hiking them over your shoulders. Then you line your cock up with her twitching entrance and slide in to the hilt, leaning forward as you do so and bracing your weight with your hands planted on the ground to either side of her head.
  96. From this new position, you have her pinned under you and drive your cock down into her deepest parts. The first thrust has you bury yourself half way, the second takes you to the hilt as you bottom out inside of her and your balls slap against her jiggling ass. She wraps her hands around your neck and pulls you in, nibbling at your lip again before kissing you.
  98. Her abs clench and her breasts shake around as you pound her from above. From this angle, your cock drives into her cervix, grinding against it each time you bottom out and making her cry quaveringly into the kiss. You quickly regain all the progress you lost towards the peak in the moments it took to change positions. Barely past the tenth thrust and you feel her tighten in response to the tell-tale thickening of your girth. Her hands go from your neck to your shoulders and she claws another set of furrows into you as she cums. You plough down into her one last time and feel the head of your cock press past the ring of her cervix. Her cunt quakes in a mini orgasm and it tightens around the glans of the head snugly.
  100. The pressure at the tip of your dick feels exquisite up until the moment you cum, the added tightness distending your cum-vein until the pressure grows too vast and it shoots against the walls of her womb with a pent up force, smearing them in a hot, life-bearing white. Your balls twitch and clench as they work to breed the dead samurai quivering under you, utterly insensate.
  102. You thrust the last dregs of your orgasm into her womb and lean back, letting her legs slip from your shoulders before collapsing atop her, softening cock still buried deep. You breathe a satisfied sigh and nestle your head in between her breasts. She is still gone to the world more or less, but not to the extent that she can’t wrap her arms around your head and hold it to her bosom more firmly.  
  104. You wrap your arms around her in kind and roll the two of you onto your sides, embracing her tightly. For long a long moment you remain like that. But the moment comes to its inevitable end as your body begins to shake. Tonight isn’t a night to be naked, out in the open and covered in fuck-juices. She gives you a light squeeze before letting you go.
  106. “Get dressed, Kinsman. If you actually froze to death here I’d be quite depressed.”
  108. You shoot her a teeth chattering smile and turn to put your clothes back on before you realize that they lay on the forest floor in tatters. You turn to her with a dry look and she squirms in a slight guilt.  “Sorry.”
  110. You sigh and shake your head, “It’s fine. There is a town not too far from here. If I’m careful I can make it back to where I’m staying unseen.”
  112. She nods and turns away, heading back to her gravestone, her clothes re- materialising. “Fare well then Kinsman. Breed strong sons. Maybe one day I’ll be put to rest.”
  114. You tilt you head, “What?”
  116. She turns back, “What?”
  118. “I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m not leaving until I win that sword back and if that means I have to build a house here and challenge you every single day, then so be it.” You turn and begin to wander off, clutching at your shaking arms, “But for now I need to head back before I turn into a block of ice. Later, then.” You head out of the clearing and into the woods, leaving the Ochimusha behind, a peculiar expression on her face and the lightest tint of red.
  120. “Was that… a confession?”
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