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  1. [4:13am] ZeroYuki (~ZY@Ningyo.Hime) has joined.(24 people)
  2. [4:13am] [Chihiro] sets mode: +ao ZeroYuki ZeroYuki
  3. [4:14am] <ZeroYuki> 26 @ kusion = ZeroYuki no need to tl
  4. [4:17am] <ZeroYuki> .Seen Kristen
  5. [4:17am] <[Chihiro]> Kristen was last seen here 6 hours, 47 minutes ago.
  6. [4:20am] <nomae> guess she never logged back in after she got home
  7. [4:42am] <nomae> Amagami SS has a new OP!
  8. [4:55am] <[Shunrai]> its nt
  9. [4:55am] <[Shunrai]> nt is not a carebeat
  10. [4:56am] <nt> drama makes me /care
  11. [4:56am] <[Shunrai]> hes a night traveler
  12. [4:56am] <[Shunrai]> drama makes me pissed
  13. [4:57am] <[Shunrai]> qcing something with over 40 erros and fixing it makes me pissed
  14. [4:58am] ZeroYuki (~ZY@Ningyo.Hime) has parted. (shunrai, shunrai, shunrai, a bunch of lies. Oops I didn't say that)(23 people)
  15. [4:58am] <nomae> who is zeroyuki anyway?
  16. [4:59am] <[Shunrai]> a every emo tl
  17. [4:59am] <[Shunrai]> he does chi to e
  18. [4:59am] <nomae> ahh
  19. [4:59am] <[Shunrai]> hes a doki slut like nt
  20. [4:59am] ZeroYuki (~ZY@Ningyo.Hime) has joined.(24 people)
  21. [4:59am] [Chihiro] sets mode: +ao ZeroYuki ZeroYuki
  22. [4:59am] <[Shunrai]> his tls are pretty horrid since hes doesnt speak english good nomae
  23. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> sorry mistyped some things
  24. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> hope you don't mind shunrai
  25. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> nomae
  26. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> if you want to ask, ask from the person himself
  27. [5:00am] <[Shunrai]> <.<
  28. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> i'm zeroyuki
  29. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> I was here before in 2009
  30. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> tled asura cryin
  31. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> princess lover
  32. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> for chihiro
  33. [5:00am] <ZeroYuki> and also zettai shougeki
  34. [5:01am] <ZeroYuki> was called back here to tl k-on 26
  35. [5:01am] <nomae> ahh, that's why your name looks familiar then
  36. [5:01am] <ZeroYuki> but saw that the topic was @ kusion
  37. [5:01am] <ZeroYuki> so decided that there was someone at it
  38. [5:01am] <ZeroYuki> so I didn't need to tl it
  39. [5:01am] <ZeroYuki> which is good for chihiro
  40. [5:01am] <ZeroYuki> and good for everyone else
  41. [5:01am] <nomae> well, maybe
  42. [5:01am] <nomae> you didn't see Kusion's last script :P
  43. [5:02am] <CyberMirage> why does this look like doki staff... =__=
  44. [5:02am] <ZeroYuki> you should ask this in doki-staff
  45. [5:02am] <ZeroYuki> you should ask this in doki-staff
  46. [5:02am] <ZeroYuki> and say
  47. [5:02am] <ZeroYuki> why does doki-staff look like chihiro
  48. [5:02am] <ZeroYuki> it's the other way round actually
  49. [5:02am] <CyberMirage> oh wait, now I remember you
  50. [5:03am] <CyberMirage> why are you in here..?
  51. [5:03am] <ZeroYuki> I was already in here...
  52. [5:03am] <ZeroYuki> I was with the era
  53. [5:03am] <[Shunrai]> i dont have anything to do do with doki
  54. [5:03am] <ZeroYuki> where there is still kylaran
  55. [5:03am] <[Shunrai]> dont remind of what crap is
  56. [5:03am] <CyberMirage> which was before me
  57. [5:03am] <[Shunrai]> now this group is freaking annoying cause nothing gets done right
  58. [5:03am] <ZeroYuki> shunrai
  59. [5:03am] <ZeroYuki> shut up
  60. [5:04am] <ZeroYuki> I already apologised
  61. [5:04am] <[Shunrai]> oh fuck you its irc
  62. [5:04am] <ZeroYuki> stop being such an ass
  63. [5:04am] <[Shunrai]> i can say what ever the fuck i want
  64. [5:04am] <ZeroYuki> <&ZeroYuki> sorry mistyped some things
  65. [5:04am] <ZeroYuki> <&ZeroYuki> hope you don't mind shunrai
  66. [5:04am] <ZeroYuki> so chihiro needs editors?
  67. [5:04am] <CyberMirage> yup, Doki flashbacks....
  68. [5:04am] <ZeroYuki> so Shunrai is too busy to edit?
  69. [5:04am] <CyberMirage> I'm going to sleep
  70. [5:05am] <nt> i'm gonna go carebear mode again
  71. [5:05am] nt (~nt@night.traveler) is now known as nt|carebear
  72. [5:05am] <[Shunrai]> im actcually working on fairy tail atm
  73. [5:05am] CyberMirage (~Shiro@kore.mo.unmei.jyanaika) is now known as CyberSleep
  74. [5:05am] * &[Shunrai] is in many grups
  75. [5:05am] <ZeroYuki> tell kristen ZeroYuki isn't going to translate k-on 26 if kusion or a J->E tler is available for it
  76. [5:05am] <ZeroYuki> plus CCs are available
  77. [5:05am] <ZeroYuki> why use a C to E
  78. [5:05am] <ZeroYuki> that I mean honestly
  79. [5:05am] <CyberSleep> I thought kusion just used GT <_<
  80. [5:07am] <ZeroYuki> no idea, you guys know better
  81. [5:10am] <[Shunrai]>                                                                                                                  +
  82. [5:11am] ZeroYuki (~ZY@Ningyo.Hime) has parted. (Shunrai, don't miss me :) Do something in Chihiro, don't just stay there and get access for nothing. Btw Jecht kicked you in Doki, not me, so don't blame me.)(23 people)
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