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  1. To people who have this account added you'll know who this is - if you don't it's Hydrex. I swapped account due to this one having a warning from discord on record and my other account because I didn't want to face the concequences of my actions. All i've got to say is I fucked up. I fucked up and it was all my fault due to my shitty mental health and lack of respect for people to blatently love me for who I am, but hey I went and fucked that up didn't I? Liv I know forwell you'll probably read this and I know forewell how you feel about me and that you seriously don't give a fuck about me. But honestly idc i'm still here for you. "Hʏᴅʀᴇx. | 9͓̽9͓̽9̽#0888" if you ever even want to see me again let alone speak to me. I fucked up and I'm not even gonna bother saying sorry. Honestly I was a cunt and seriously shouldn't of said/done what I did. I caused too much and tbh you probably don't even want to hear my name mentioned ever again. But I am here and I'll stick by that. Good luck in your life - you won't fuck up your transfers and honestly you'll be fine. I'm the dick in this situation and the fact I tried to paint you out to be the bad one makes me out to be a massive cunt. Honestly if you ever need me my tag is there. Good Luck.
  3. 15 Year Old With No End Of Emotional Pain
  4. - Hydrex
  6. P.S - 999 Don't hate you, I don't know who made that alt but I didn't.
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