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  1. Clearance Level: 2
  3. Item #: SCP-5433
  5. Object Class: Euclid
  7. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5433 is to be kept in a soundproof humanoid containment cell with an area of approximately 46 square meters with encased by chain-link fence exactly 13 meters from the outer wall, which should be made of concrete. Outside of the fence, two armed guards are to be posted outside of the fence’s entrance. Inside, four video cameras, (placed within two opposite corners of both the bedroom and the bathroom), and two microphones (one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom), are to be active at all times within the containment cell. All information from the cameras and microphones are to be recorded in five second intervals, which should then be transmitted to Team [REDACTED] within Site-[REDACTED] for review. Any personnel assessed to be affected by AE-5433-03 are to be permanently replaced. Every 10 days, SCP-5190 will conduct Procedure [REDACTED] upon SCP-5433 and target all personnel assigned to SCP-5433.
  9. Description: SCP-5433 is a Caucasian male approximately 45 years old, 183cm tall, weighing 79kg, with brown hair and blue eyes. While physical tests have shown no abnormalities, psychological exams have shown indications of [REDACTED]. Previous records have indicated that there have been no changes since SCP-5433 started to exhibit anomalous properties and was contained on 23/07/2007.
  11. Due to the nature of SCP-5433, Director [REDACTED] of Site-32 has suggested that all sentient beings be further classified into three categories within this report.
  13. 1. SCP-5433-A: Sentient beings that do not have knowledge of SCP-5433.
  14. 2. SCP-5433-B: Sentient beings that have knowledge of SCP-5433
  15. 3. SCP-5433-C: SCP-5433-B that become the primary target of AE-5433-03.
  17. Members of the SCP-5433-B and SCP-5433-C categories are defined by their link with SCP-5433 within the noosphere, which is present as long as they have knowledge pertaining to SCP-5433. It is hypothesized that SCP-5433 subconsciously monitors these links, or at the very least is subconsciously aware of both the links and those it is connected to. Once a noosphere link is established between SCP-5433, it is permanent.
  19. A distinction between the terms “memory” and “knowledge” is made in accordance with Dr. [REDACTED]’s notes on The Direct and Indirect Dimensions of Information. Additionally, “knowledge” about SCP-5433 will be determined as any information that exhibits four out of the five criteria of Dr. [REDACTED]’s Theory of Reference, namely:
  21. 1. The subject links the information to an Identity.
  22. 2. The information does not conflict with previously known information about the aforementioned Identity.
  23. 3. Neither the Identity nor the information are in conflict with SCP-5433’s Informational Structure.
  24. 4. The idea behind the Identity can be synonymous with SCP-5433.
  26. SCP-5433’s primary anomalous effect begins 10 meters away from its body in all directions. Beyond this distance, SCP-5433 cannot be observed due to an antimemetic barrier. This barrier blocks any information concerning or including SCP-5433 from escaping the area. Test subjects report nothing unusual about SCP-5433’s perceived absence, but what they each observe has a variance of up to 40%. When discussed, all subjects considered other observations identical as their own despite any discrepancies. Individuals undergoing Class W Mnestic drug treatment report being able to observe SCP-5433 while outside the antimemetic barrier, but are unable to describe or otherwise record what they are observing.
  28. SCP-5433 can be recorded by any instrument within the antimemetic barrier around it. This includes, but is not limited to: artistic recreations, video recordings, audio recordings, written descriptions, and photographs. All such products from are to be labeled under the designation SCP-5433-##. Of note, SCP-5433-## generates an antimemetic barrier at the same distance as SCP-5433, with the same anomalous effects. However, this antimemetic barrier only exists for as long as a sentient being is observing SCP-5433’s recorded presence. Tests have further shown that being within SCP-5433’s antimemetic barrier allows the subject to observe SCP-5433 beyond SCP-5433’s antimemetic barrier. Destroying SCP-5433’s presence in instances of SCP-5433-## removes the anomalous properties.
  30. Crossing SCP-5433’s antimemetic barrier results in two different anomalous events, dependent upon if the subject is entering or leaving the barrier:
  32. AE-5433-01: Upon crossing the antimemetic barrier from the outside, the subject becomes subconsciously aware that they are in SCP-5433’s territory. At this point, the subject establishes a link in noospace with SCP-5433; a connection that also changes SCP-5433-A subjects to SCP-5433-B. While within the bounds of the antimemetic barrier, subjects are fully capable of observing SCP-5433. Additionally, any suppressed memories or knowledge about SCP-5433 the subject has resurfaces. The method the memories or knowledge were previously suppressed seems to have no effect on SCP-5433’s ability to restore them.
  34. AE-5433-02: When crossing the antimemetic barrier from the inside, the subject’s memory is altered. All memories and knowledge of SCP-5433 gained while within the barrier is suppressed with altered versions where SCP-5433’s Identity is replaced by a different Identity that the subject is familiar with. The Identity that replaces SCP-5433 is seemingly chosen by what the subject believes would be the next most appropriate. If there were multiple individuals in the barrier at the same time, the Identity among all of them is the same. If multiple individuals were within the barrier at the same time, but left at different times, the memory will be further altered to reflect a new consensus among them. Subjects are not aware that Identity changes have been made. Tests have confirmed at upwards limit of a 90% variance between what subjects remembers and what actually occurred. 7% of test subjects developed mild cases of Capgras Syndrome after exposure to AE-5433-02, though repeated exposure does not seem to raise the chances or severity. Class W mnestic drugs have proven effective at preventing AE-5433-03 from occurring.
  36. Additionally, SCP-5433 has an automatic and instantaneous process that appears to be subconsciously driven, designated AE-5433-03. During AE-5433-03, SCP-5433 chooses a target, (henceforth known as SCP-5433-C), from among the SCP-5433-B population. SCP-5433 ceases to be observable to SCP-5433-C, even if the subject is within the antimemetic barrier.
  38. All memories and knowledge that SCP-5433-C has in reference to SCP-5433 are then subsequently erased. SCP-5433 further alters all memories and knowledge among SCP-5433-B that contain both SCP-5433 and SCP-5433-C so that the SCP-5433-C is no longer present in them. The erasure of SCP-5433-C extends to instances of SCP-5433-## that contain both SCP-5433 and SCP-5433-C. As such, SCP-5433-B are incapable of observing SCP-5433-C in any occurrence of SCP-5433-## that was created before AE-5433-03 occurred, while SCP-5433-C is unable to observe SCP-5433 instead. Due to this, SCP-5433-C is unable to activate the antimemetic barrier of SCP-5433-##, which continues to be the case until SCP-5433-C has first-hand observation of SCP-5433.
  40. All subjects are unaware that AE-5433-03 has occurred and any changes are thought to have always existed by SCP-5433-B and SCP-5433-C. When subjects were shown evidence to the contrary: 23% dismissed the evidence; 47% seemingly accepted evidence, but when questioned, had reverted back to their initial belief; 24% became catatonic until amnestics were administered; and 6% [REDACTED] which triggered AE-5433-03 again. AE-5433-03 has been shown to result in the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease in 72% of SCP-5433-C that have been the target of AE-5433-03 three or more times. After Alzheimer’s Disease has been induced, further instances of being targeted by AE-5433-03 will increase the progression of the disease by 10%. Additionally, use of mnestic drugs besides Class Z have proven ineffective at regaining memories erased by AE-5433-03.
  42. While it is not fully known what triggers AE-5433-03, Researcher [REDACTED] theorized that there may be a connection between the knowledge SCP-5433-C has concerning SCP-5433 and SCP-5433’s targeting of them. However, the knowledge necessary to trigger AE-5433-03 appears to differ between different members of SCP-5433-B. As such, all knowledge of SCP-5433 is considered a potential antimemetic cognitohazard.
  44. The final anomalous event, known as SCP-5433-D effects only SCP-5433-B that undergo any sort of mnestic drug treatment. Over a period of [REDACTED] days, SCP-5433-B that are targeted by SCP-5433-D will start being erased from the memories of all other SCP-5433-B entities until the targeted SCP-5433-B finally forgets about itself and becomes catatonic.
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