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  1. Hello,
  3. I'm writing in reference to your Programmers Stack Exchange account:
  7. We noticed that you've asked many questions, a large number of which were not well received by other members of our community. Specifically, many of your questions were downvoted and closed because they seemed to be hastily written, or of the type that we'd prefer users refrain from asking. A few recent examples:
  9. What are some algorithms that, given a sufficiently powerful computer, will generate strong intelligence?
  10. If the universe is a simulation, in what language it is likely that it is programmed?
  11. Wouldn't it be cool if there had a programming language
  12. Introduction to evolutionary algorithms and machine learning?
  13. This is a troubling pattern, and since there doesn't seem to be much improvement in your contributions since your earlier suspension I'm afraid I have little choice but to suspend your account again, for a couple of weeks. Please consider using the time off to read all of the information linked below thoroughly:
  15. An overview of how our system works
  16. A brief guide on how to ask questions
  17. A short summary of questions we permit
  18. Help on formatting your questions
  19. Furthermore, we recommend taking a look at highly upvoted questions within the tags that interest you as examples of how to ask better questions. We really want you to have a good experience here, and the first step to that is making sure that your questions are clear, on topic and provide all of the information someone would need to answer.
  21. If you’re interested in more tips for writing successful questions, we highly recommend the following resources:
  23. Short, self contained compilable examples By Andrew Thompson
  24. A short question checklist By Jon Skeet
  25. Your account will return to its normal state after the suspension period ends.
  27. Regards,
  28. Yannis Rizos
  29. Programmers Stack Exchange moderator
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