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  1. [6:44 AM] Durandal †: However!
  2. [6:44 AM] Durandal †: I didn't just message you at random.
  3. [6:45 AM] Durandal †: I'm trying to hunt down people to start up a new faction with.
  4. [6:45 AM] Hern: I am guessing there was a reason
  5. [6:45 AM] Hern: New faction?
  6. [6:45 AM] Durandal †: People who aren't super vocal/don't cause tons of drama.
  7. [6:45 AM] Durandal †: People more interested in playing the game than bitching about it.
  8. [6:45 AM] Hern: Always loved freelancer and I avoid drama when possible
  9. [6:46 AM] Durandal †: Then I want you to give my proposal a read.
  10. [6:46 AM] Durandal †: [6:24 AM] Durandal †: I'll have to do a bit of explaining then.
  11. [6:24 AM] Durandal †: So I basically had an idea for a new Core faction.
  12. [6:25 AM] Durandal †: But instead of being super Imperial and obsessed with control, these guys would be frontiersmen and peacekeepers, operating on the true fringes of the edge worlds.
  13. [6:25 AM] Durandal †: These are the kind of guys who would basically think "Yeah yeah, Imperium Omicronis, Rho and Delta are civilized, whatever."
  14. [6:25 AM] Durandal †: They'd recognize that the Core didn't effectively own the rest of the edge worlds.
  15. [6:26 AM] Durandal †: So they would be the ones operating in small numbers with minimal support deep out there, away from the Core's main power base.
  16. [6:27 AM] Durandal †: I was drawing a lot of inspiration from the Texas Rangers for it, and was thinking of actually calling them the Core Rangers or the Omicron Rangers or something and using Ranger| as a tag.
  17. [6:27 AM] Durandal †: We'd use primarily fighters and bombers, the occassional gunboat, MAYBE one cap as a base of operations.
  18. [6:28 AM] Durandal †:
  19. Texas Ranger Division
  20. The Texas Ranger Division, commonly called the Texas Rangers and also known as "“Los Diablos Tejanos”—the Texas Devils",. is a U.S statewide investigative law enforcement agency with statewide jurisdiction in Texas, based in the capital city of Austin. Over the years, t...
  22. [6:46 AM] Hern: Guessing a lot of players shifting to Rebel Galaxy Outlaw?
  23. [6:47 AM] Durandal †: Uhhh not really.
  24. [6:47 AM] Durandal †: Server pop has actually been rising lately.
  25. [6:47 AM] Durandal †: We had 128 players online the other day for an event.
  26. [6:47 AM] Hern: thats great news
  27. [6:49 AM] Durandal †: Oh, by the way.
  28. [6:49 AM] Durandal †: You'll want to join the new Discord:
  29. [6:49 AM] Durandal †:
  30. [6:49 AM] Hern: Thank you
  31. [6:50 AM] Durandal †: Of course!
  32. [6:53 AM] Hern: I am guessing the Rangers are based in the Texas system?
  33. [6:53 AM] Hern: Semi-official bounty hunters for Liberty space?
  34. [6:53 AM] Durandal †: No no,
  35. [6:53 AM] Durandal †: How familiar are you with the Core NPC faction?
  36. [6:54 AM] Hern: Fairly but not an expert on the topic
  37. [6:54 AM] Durandal †: Re-read what I copypasted earlier.
  38. [6:54 AM] Durandal †: The Core are trying to build an empire in the Omicrons.
  39. [6:55 AM] Durandal †: These guys would be affiliated with them but have none of that same imperial zeal, and would operate on the very fringes of their territory.
  40. [6:55 AM] Hern: Interesting concept. Are the Zoners not going to get upset?
  41. [6:56 AM] Durandal †: Ah, are the Zoners ever not upset?
  42. [6:56 AM] Durandal †: They can go kick rocks :p
  43. [6:56 AM] Hern: LOL, no joke
  44. [6:59 AM] Durandal †: So, what do you think. You in?
  45. [7:00 AM] Hern: I will have to think about it. I have gotten very busy at work recently. We are doing a rebuild of our website
  46. [7:00 AM] Durandal †:
  47. [7:00 AM] Durandal †: This was you?
  48. [7:01 AM] Hern: Correct
  49. [7:01 AM] Durandal †: And really, don't worry about how much time you can devote.
  50. [7:01 AM] Durandal †: I'd like to have you there either way.
  51. [7:01 AM] Hern: What would be my role?  I like to haul and trade
  52. [7:03 AM] Durandal †: Well, admittedly we'd mostly be flying fighters and bombers and essentially being space cowboys, frontiersman. But I think we can find RP centric routes to do.
  53. [7:04 AM] Durandal †: I think the big thing I'm looking for is mostly people who don't mind getting blown up, and don't mind sitting around the metaphorical campfire to RP.
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