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  1. How to use Offline Descrambler 2.xx
  2. -----------------------------------
  4. This is a brief guide about how to use Offline Descramber (OD from now).
  6. a) Pre-requirements:
  8.   1) One or more CSA engine DLLs dropped in the main folder application.
  9.   2) One or more MultiDec plugins dropped in the MDPlugins applications folder.
  10.   3) One .TS (Transport Stream) file which have at least one ECM PID that can
  11.      be descrambled by one of your previously dropped plugins.
  13. b) How to get the .TS file
  15.   Some DVB programs can record valid .TS files, but only some of them allows
  16.   you to record the file with ECM PID inside and without touching data in any
  17.   way. Look for one of this programs if you want to use OD. Don't ask me about
  18.   a software to do it, I'm using my own.
  20. c) How to process the file
  22.   1) Run OD, press the left "Browse..." button and select the .TS file that you
  23.      want to descramble.
  24.   2) Press the "Analyze" button and you will get a list of PIDs present in the file
  25.      and its category (Encripted PIDs, like video and/or audio) are guessed, the PID
  26.          number is correct, but it could be wrongly identified as unknown in example. This
  27.          qualification is not important, it is a simple non accurate information.
  28.   3) Check that you have only 1 ECM PID selected, if there are more than one un
  29.      check the non needed ones and keep *ONLY* one ECM PID checked. If no ECM PID
  30.          is detected, your stream can not be descrambled, look for another application
  31.          to grab the TS file or fix your configuration in the DVB application.
  32.   4) Enable your plugin(s) in the plugins window if needed.
  33.   5) Press the "Process Stream" button and wait for a while, if everything is running
  34.      fine you will see a "TS/Sec" indicator changing, a progress bar and maybe a time
  35.          counter.
  37. d) F.A.Q. (Frecuently Asked Questions)
  39.   q) Why OD is generation 0 byte TS files ?
  40.   a) You do not have ECM PID at all or you have not pressed the "Analyze" button, or
  41.      your plugin(s) is/are not able to decode the ECM stream to get the proper keys
  42.          to submit to the CSA engines. By default plugins will look for support files in
  43.          the MDPlugins applications folder. Remember OD does not magic ;)
  45.   q) OD shows "Privileged instruction" window. Why ?
  46.   a) You are using a CSA engine not compatible with your machine. In example
  47.      FFdeCSA_128_SSE can only run in SSE capable machines. Use a different CSA engine.
  49.   q) FFdeCSA engines OD is faster than classic CSA. Why ?
  50.   a) FFdeCSA by fatih89r (ported to windows by Altx) mimics hardware CSA engines as
  51.      much as possible and uses multiple packets in parallel. It is a very nice work.
  53.   q) Once descrambled the resulting TS file gives me errors in ProjectX, or any other
  54.      stream check application. Why ?
  55.   a) Your "ECMs before wait for CWs" settings are wrong. There are not fixed settings
  56.      for all channels. Most work fine with 20/0, but others need a more relaxed ECM
  57.          separation, so you can try 50/49. For a simple calculation you can run OD one time
  58.          and look to the "ECMs between change" value, takes the aproximated value of usual
  59.          differences (usually around 100) and use the half (50 in this case) for the first
  60.          box and the half less one for the second box. Remember to press "Set" button after
  61.          each modification.
  62.          This error could also happends if your signal is not good, you have reception
  63.          problems, a bird is sit in your LNB, ...
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