Session 3B-2 - We Missed You, Terri

Sep 26th, 2011
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  1. [00:21:51] <Paradox> Alright! It's of course, Summer 1st - the Fireworks festival! Summer is finally here, and celebrations abound.
  2. [00:22:13] <Paradox> If you're here on IrisHill, you've opted for the quieter and more scenic celebration site.
  3. [00:24:08] <Paradox> There's not really anything special here. While the beach had shops and raffles, and the square has other festivities and lots of food, the only person up here selling anything is Rylan Melikos - but really he seems to be pretty much giving the wine he's supposed to be selling for his dad away.
  4. [00:24:08] <Paradox> There's not really anything special here. While the beach had shops and raffles, and the square has other festivities and lots of food, the only person up here selling anything is Rylan Melikos - but really he seems to be pretty much giving the wine he's supposed to be selling for his dad away.
  5. [00:25:29] <Paradox> (Aaaand feel free to act!)
  6. [00:26:00] * Canute has managed to haul a lounge chair all the way out here, as he can't sleep. For now, he sits. And stares.
  7. [00:26:14] <Nike> This was an environment Nike felt much more comfortable, in. She tried the beach, but found she couldn't stay for more than a few minutes before she had to leave. Here, she managed to take in a deep breath before settling onto the grass.
  8. [00:28:28] * Arawn has taken up a lazy spot on the hilltop, waiting for fireworks to start; Spring is playing with Mr. Dream nearby - mostly by staying safely out of reach of the little hellion - and Hephaestus is snoozing in the glass--err, grass--next to Arawn. The man himself is busy with a sketchbook; or as busy as can get with his damaged hands.
  9. [00:29:40] <Paradox> The aged martial arts instructor Amonson is here, staring silently towards the sea. Rylan is at his booth, giving away wine samples and playing on his lyre. Otherwise, it's just you guys here.
  10. [00:30:28] * Terri yawns sheepishly, and wanders over to the hill looking around.
  11. [00:30:57] * Maka shows up in a light sundress and silly straw hat. One hand is neatly wrapped around Submission's arm, the other is holding Sartre. "Thanks for taking me out here Sub!" she says in a quiet but cheery voice.
  12. [00:31:24] * Canute nudges and smiles at any pokemon if they approach him, probably whatever the hell arawn's are running around.
  13. [00:31:54] <Nike> Nike looks to Suicune, and smiles a tiny smile at the baby. "You hold my spot for just a little bit." She stands up, and crosses over to Rylan, asking what wines he had available tonight.
  14. [00:32:35] <Paradox> Mr. Angry nudges back harder at Canute. By which I mean punches Canute in the shin. >:[
  15. [00:32:39] <Canute> "OW."
  16. [00:32:45] <Terri> 1d20+6 food scavenger
  17. [00:32:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, food scavenger: 14 [1d20=8]
  18. [00:32:48] <Submission> "Of course," Submission says, eyeing the local scenery. He'd be here if he could! D: But since he'll be hosting the get together style things later on, it might be best to go get things prepared. "Just be back before it gets late. If nothing else, look for Nephene or Barkeep. I'm sure they're here somewhere."
  19. [00:32:54] <Canute> "WHAT IS THIS TH--no."
  20. [00:32:55] * Terri finds something edible and starts eating it.
  21. [00:33:12] * Canute leans back. "No, just relax..."
  22. [00:33:35] <Paradox> Haphaestus in the meantime is busy melting down a patch of sand, and gently blowing and nudging it into patterns.
  23. [00:33:52] <Terri> (What am I eating, anyways?)
  24. [00:33:56] * Arawn looks up at Mr. Dream, the oh-so-PISSED Marill. "Careful with him!" he calls over; hard to tell if he's saying that to Canute or the little bastard.
  25. [00:34:08] <Canute> "...Yes, careful."
  26. [00:34:28] <Paradox> Terri is eating ... well, it's just a hill, so any food he found is probably something someone else brought up here!
  27. [00:34:36] <Nike> "Rylan, are you sure you don't want anything for these?"
  28. [00:35:18] <Paradox> "No! Of course not, Nike, how could I take money from you for such a poor vintage?"
  29. [00:36:13] <Paradox> "All wine is on the house! It's a day for celebration, not counting coppers!"
  30. [00:36:56] * Terri picks up a sample of wine and starts drinking it.
  31. [00:37:25] <Terri> "Hi. Where wine house?"
  32. [00:37:27] * Terri says as he's drinking some of the wine.
  33. [00:37:40] * Canute just sits, all pokemon generally staying close. OH GOD SO UNFAMILIAR
  34. [00:37:56] * Maka approaches Rylan and eyes the wine collection apprehensively, eyes darting to and fro between the different bottles. "Um...uh...R-rylan? Sub's hosting something at the library w-want to bring him some wine to serve, but...I don't know what kind would be good."
  35. [00:38:15] <Paradox> "Sadly, there is no vineyard here in Oran, but my father imports wine from throughout the Empire here for your enjoyment! And of course, the Inn has some pretty good wine, too."
  36. [00:38:43] <Paradox> "Oh. Hmmm!"
  37. [00:38:51] * Nike glances at Maka, then to Rylan. "If I can make a suggestion, the reds you offer have much more flavour than your whites."
  38. [00:39:18] <Submission> Submission has generally wandered back towards the cottage on the hill. He's pretty eager to tell people that he passes to stop by in the evening for a get together. Few who know him have ever seen him this excited for anything at all. It's very... un-Submission of him.
  39. [00:39:35] <Paradox> "Oh, I didn't know you had such a keen palette!"
  40. [00:39:52] <Paradox> "You're quite right, Nike."
  41. [00:39:57] * Maka nods at Nike and glances back at the collection. "...T-there are so many reds though..."
  42. [00:40:41] * Canute just gets up and swipes a glass. "Then I'll try. Only a bit, though, never usually drink."
  43. [00:40:56] <Canute> "...Nnn. It works, I suppose."
  44. [00:41:16] <Nike> "Do you prefer something more sweet or bitter, Maka?" She glances back over her shoulder, wondering if she should let Surt out to enjoy the fireworks, and help keep Suicune company.
  45. [00:41:19] * Canute sets it back down. "It's good, as far as alcohol goes. Go ahead and take one of those, kid."
  46. [00:41:50] * Terri blinks at Rylan confused.
  47. [00:42:20] * Maka shakes her head. "...I-it's not for me. Um...we're having guests over, and...I t-thought it'd be nice to bring some wine back."
  48. [00:42:25] <Arawn> Arawn eventually settles his sketchbook down, giving up for the time, and tucks it away in a satchel at his side; watching the others without joining in just yet.
  49. [00:42:25] <Terri> "You say wine on house. But no wine house?"
  50. [00:42:51] <Canute> "Well whatever I just drank is fine... guests, though, I suppose people do really like you."
  51. [00:43:20] <Maka> "M-me? Um...It's my brother Sub who's planning this."
  52. [00:43:27] <Paradox> "Oh. That just ... means you don't have to pay for it. Have some more dear friend and ... Arawn looks like he's lonely, why don't you talk to him?"
  53. [00:43:44] <Paradox> Rylan hands a full bottle to Terri and tries to shoo him off. :T
  54. [00:44:11] <Canute> "I see. Do you have time to talk, then, or are you too busy preparing?"
  55. [00:46:18] <Paradox> "Here, Miss Maka! My finest Imperia Merlot, from the vineyards of the Sisterhood of Songs! Your brother will surely enjoy it."
  56. [00:47:23] <Maka> "Huh? Um...W-well, Sub is the one preparing everything. He took me here- oh, t-t-thank you Rylan." Maka takes the bottle graciously and then looks at Canute. "um...t-talk about what?"
  57. [00:47:28] * Terri looks at Rylan even MORE confused, but takes the bottle.
  58. [00:47:28] <Terri> and just looks at him with an odd expression.
  59. [00:47:49] <Canute> "You did some very interesting things at my tower earlier."
  60. [00:48:07] <Canute> "I would like to know the how and why, especially without interference from... those other two."
  61. [00:48:56] <Maka> "N-no...n-n-no I didn't. T-t-they just show up...I-I don't know how..." Maka hides behind the wine bottle. Unsuccessfully unless this is some huge-ass bottle.
  62. [00:49:14] <Canute> "...Are you sure?"
  63. [00:50:04] <Canute> "You copied the diagram exactly, and then added..."
  64. [00:50:43] * Maka nods and looks around shiftily, avoiding Canute's gaze. "T-that's um....t-that's how it always happens...I'm in the library reading and...they appear."
  65. [00:51:04] <Canute> "I see. Then come. And talk quietly, there is quite a bit to discuss."
  66. [00:52:02] <Maka> " you still mad at C-Clarity? I-is that why?" Maka reluctantly follows.
  67. [00:52:39] <Maka> "...D-don't be mad at Balthazar either. H-he's really a nice guy too..."
  68. [00:52:53] <Nike> "Go easy on the poor thing," Nike calls out, letting the two head off, before wandering over and sitting down near to Arawn.
  69. [00:53:00] * Canute collapses down, Knight waddling over with his own glass. "Mad? No, simply frustrated. They are children, and do as children do."
  70. [00:53:26] <Canute> "But you. You have... what you did..."
  71. [00:53:38] <Maka> "...B-but they're older than I am..." Maka sits down and squeezes Sartre.
  72. [00:53:39] <Canute> "If you did that without knowing, what inspired it?"
  73. [00:53:52] <Maka> "...D-did what?"
  74. [00:54:17] * Canute holds up the sketchbook, open to the page with the summoning circle. "This."
  75. [00:54:58] <Terri> 1d20-3
  76. [00:54:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 0 [1d20=3]
  77. [00:55:00] <Maka> "Oh! Um...I like to sketch things I see...and I guess...I-I g-guess I've been kind of collecting the letter pokemon lately...So I drew them in that too..."
  78. [00:55:07] <Terri> (FAIL'D. Awesome.)
  79. [00:55:09] <Canute> "And then it happened."
  80. [00:55:32] <Canute> "And... the rest of that happened."
  81. [00:55:34] <Maka> "B-but it happens when I'm not drawing too...."
  82. [00:55:41] <Maka> "t-the rest?"
  83. [00:55:55] * Canute hands the book back. "You know what I am."
  84. [00:56:33] <Canute> "They... fooled me, admittedly."
  85. [00:56:45] * Maka nods slowly. "Um...d-did you...d-did you put a curse on me? W-when I go to sleep...I...keep dreaming of your tower. E-every night...."
  86. [00:56:52] <Canute> "No."
  87. [00:57:09] * Terri drinks some of the liquid from the bottle.
  88. [00:57:40] <Terri> actually wait
  89. [00:57:40] <Terri> 1d20-4
  90. [00:57:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-4: 5 [1d20=9]
  91. [00:57:50] * Arawn is just busy flopping down into the grass when Nike comes by. Spring settles on his chest. "Oh, hey."
  92. [00:57:51] <Canute> "But you have... I cannot call it anything but power. Raw, unharnessed power. It is FASCINATING, but... dangerous."
  93. [00:57:58] * Terri struggles with the bottle, trying to figure out how to open it.
  94. [00:58:29] <Canute> "I would rather like to know your history with those things, whether you have tried anything..."
  95. [00:58:38] * Maka nods absentmindedly. "T-that's what they sai-" She suddenly claps her hands over her mouth and drops her sketchbook and Sartre."
  96. [00:58:48] <Maka> "I..I mean...n-n-n-nothing!"
  97. [00:59:45] * Nike looks over, and calls Suicune over. The baby water beast pads over and lays down next to her, and Nike looks up to the stars. "...Forgot you had an interest in sketching."
  98. [00:59:54] * Canute raises an eyebrow. "They. Have you been... asked before? I would hesitate to simply say 'allow me to teach you how to use your power', as that is itself a dangerous arrangement."
  99. [01:00:14] <Canute> "Especially for someone that might leave in a week if things go badly."
  100. [01:00:33] <Arawn> "I don't," arawn answers plainly. "Just... design failures."
  101. [01:01:09] <Maka> "...Y-y-you wouldn't believe me if I told you." Maka just shakes her head sadly.
  102. [01:02:29] <Nike> "...I'm sorry there wasn't something Baldur or I could do."
  103. [01:02:39] <Canute> "And would you believe me about anything if I had not SHOWN you?"
  104. [01:02:41] * Terri looks at the bottle trying to figure out how to open it.
  105. [01:02:55] <Terri> 1d20-4
  106. [01:02:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-4: 1 [1d20=5]
  107. [01:03:11] * Terri now tries to yank out the top of the bottle.
  108. [01:03:22] <Terri> 1d20+6
  109. [01:03:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20+6: 21 [1d20=15]
  110. [01:03:28] <Maka> "B-b-but...I can't show you...It's's complicated."
  111. [01:03:38] * Terri breaks the bottle making wine fly everywhere. Boris watches facepalmingly.
  112. [01:03:39] <Canute> "I see."
  113. [01:03:55] <Canute> "...Then perhaps we can experiment."
  114. [01:05:14] <Arawn> "'Course there isn't. I doubt you'd be able to help with designing something for a young girl anyway," Arawn remarks. He seems extra grouchy today.
  115. [01:05:22] <Maka> "..Ex...experiment?!" Maka's eyes widen. "W-w-what do you mean? On m-me?!
  116. [01:05:24] * Terri drinks from the broken bottle, trying to avoid cutting himself on the glass.
  117. [01:05:40] <Canute> "If your specialty is in summoning, then you could attempt... Ha! No, no."
  118. [01:06:09] * Nike takes the wine she got from Rylan, and pours out a glass, handing it to Arawn. "Here. Have some."
  119. [01:06:54] * Terri goes back to Rylan's stand, and grabs a glass, and pours some of the wine into it, spilling HORRIBLY.
  120. [01:07:17] * Arawn waves it away. "I don't drink; you should know that by now."
  121. [01:07:39] <Terri> "Hi Mr. Cranky Ball guy!"
  122. [01:07:45] * Terri says as he's pouring ant notices Arawn.
  123. [01:07:50] <Maka> "W-what? W-what are you thinking of?" Maka tries to hide behind her sketchbook, then suddenly drops it with a yelp. "B-b-b-blinking! T-t-the letters I drew are blinking. Did you d-do this?!"
  124. [01:07:53] <Terri> *and
  125. [01:08:20] * Canute shakes his head. "They did that from the moment you drew them."
  126. [01:08:22] <Nike> "I do. But it sounds like, of anyone here, you're the one guy who needs a freakin' drink the most. Just offering."
  127. [01:09:18] <Canute> "I didn't touch the thing at all."
  128. [01:09:53] * Maka glances at them again and shuts her eyes with a small squeal as one blinks at her. With a louder squeal she opens them just as suddenly. "I-I...I saw me...what even is t-that? When I c-closed my eyes..."
  129. [01:10:03] <Terri> "So, this wine?"
  130. [01:10:09] * Terri points to the broken bottle.
  131. [01:10:11] <Canute> "That is for you to discover on your own."
  132. [01:10:47] * Maka closes and opens her eyes a few times, moving her sketchbook around too. "...I-I can...I can see through these eyes..."
  133. [01:11:16] <Canute> "...Oh? You repurposed it entirely?"
  134. [01:11:21] <Canute> "This IS fascinating."
  135. [01:11:38] <Maka> With a shaking hand, Maka manages to flip the sketchbook to the next page and sighs in relief at the blankness of it.
  136. [01:11:43] <Canute> "Well, now you know. And it IS your sketchbook."
  137. [01:11:54] <Arawn> "...I'm still going to pass," he waves it off, sitting up a little to look at Terri. "...Oh, it's you."
  138. [01:12:34] <Terri> "Hi!"
  139. [01:12:43] <Canute> "If you are at all interested in attempting to do something with your powers intentionally, then visit me at the same you did today, in... three days."
  140. [01:12:51] <Maka> "D-d-do you know why that happened?!" Maka's expression drips with fear as she turns back toward Canute. "L-l-like in your books?"
  141. [01:13:03] <Terri> "My folks used drink wine. It taste odd."
  142. [01:13:06] <Canute> "Do I know? Not in the slightest!"
  143. [01:13:23] <Terri> "No bad though. Tasty water."
  144. [01:14:14] <Terri> "Gooder than water."
  145. [01:14:25] <Maka> (hm, it's currently 1. But okay, summer 5 it is)
  146. [01:14:59] * Nike shrugged. "As you wish." She took a sip of the glass, and looked at the sketchpad. "...You know, even if it's for a smaller person, you don't have to sacrifice that much weight."
  147. [01:15:44] * Terri looks at Nike.
  148. [01:15:49] <Terri> "Who you?"
  149. [01:16:13] <Maka> "" Maka glances down at her bag, where her pokeballs are stored. "I...o-o-okay..." She gives a small nod.
  150. [01:16:13] <Arawn> "I'm surprised with your build you're not downing rum, or... grog or something."
  151. [01:16:50] <Canute> "Very well. I have no other business, then, unless you'd like to ask questions."
  152. [01:16:55] <Nike> "Nike Fyron. My father employs Arawn. Don't know why he hasn't moved out to get his own shop yet."
  153. [01:17:07] <Terri> "Ok."
  154. [01:17:17] <Arawn> And then he rolls over a little to snatch his sketchpad back up. "That's not even the designs for her, jeez..."
  155. [01:17:23] <Terri> "What rum? What groug?"
  156. [01:17:36] <Maka> "Um....w-why do you want to teach"
  157. [01:17:45] <Terri> 1d20-2
  158. [01:17:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-2: 0 [1d20=2]
  159. [01:17:48] <Canute> "To be frank, I don't."
  160. [01:17:52] <Arawn> "Because I'm working on it," Arawn grumbles. And then looks at Terri with a raised eyebrow. "...How the hell does a man like you not know what rum is?"
  161. [01:17:59] <Maka> "T-then...what?"
  162. [01:18:05] <Terri> "I feel weirddd."
  163. [01:18:17] <Terri> (Fun fact. Terri has NEGATIVE con.)
  164. [01:18:19] <Canute> "...But to simply leave your powers running wild, without some sort of harness..."
  165. [01:18:52] <Maka> "W-well, t-they said I wou-" hands clasped over mouth again. "...n-n-nevermind!"
  166. [01:18:55] <Canute> "Without an outlet, without a method of stopping them... To simply watch those things multiply and shape reality..."
  167. [01:19:00] <Terri> "I knoow what ruun is!"
  168. [01:19:05] * Terri runs and comes back.
  169. [01:19:22] <Terri> "See! Ruun!"
  170. [01:20:12] <Arawn> "...M. That's an M sound, not an N. Rum."
  171. [01:20:16] <Nike> "...Going to need a lot of this, tonight..." Nike mutters, looking at the bottle.
  172. [01:20:26] <Terri> "Ooooooh."
  173. [01:21:02] <Canute> "I want to see if they can BE controlled, if you can simply stop the flood, or direct it."
  174. [01:21:02] * Terri drinks some wine straight from the bottle, slopping most of it not in his mouth.
  175. [01:21:20] <Arawn> "You know. Alcohol. Beer, even."
  176. [01:21:48] <Terri> "Allkoolhol? Beer... Beer sound familiar."
  177. [01:21:57] <Terri> "DAD Drink beer!"
  178. [01:22:10] <Maka> "W-w-well, it''s n-n-not just me! There are s-shrines a- oh no...I...I k-keepsayingstuffIshouldn't..."
  179. [01:23:14] <Arawn> "Well, thank god you're not completely clueless... maybe."
  180. [01:23:26] <Nike> "So what exactly are you trying to design, Arawn? Armour? Sword?"
  181. [01:24:04] <Canute> "Shouldn't, hm."
  182. [01:25:05] * Maka just sits silently, keeping her hands clasped over her mouth to keep from saying anything.
  183. [01:25:19] <Terri> "Beer taste weird. had when tiny. bad water."
  184. [01:25:19] * Terri 's face is getting redder and redder by the minute
  185. [01:25:26] <Terri> Boris is just facepalming
  186. [01:25:51] <Canute> "...Well, go ahead and don't say things."
  187. [01:25:57] <Canute> "It isn't as if I can lose any information."
  188. [01:26:10] <Terri> "Deeeezzign AXE!"
  189. [01:26:14] * Terri hugs his rusty axe.
  190. [01:26:21] <Arawn> "Tch... I don't--Hey, big man, wine's no better for you," he sighs, then tries to answer Nike. "I... don't even know for sure yet. She's no fighter, that's for sure."
  191. [01:27:31] <Nike> "Ah, careful. Don't cut yourself with that thing." If it were possible to cut yourself on something so old and rusty. She shakes her head, and looks to Arawn. "Then, perhaps some sort of protective shirt?"
  192. [01:27:54] * Maka slowly lowers her hands. "Um...C-canute? How did you figure out you could magic?"
  193. [01:28:16] <Terri> "Oool' Rusty'd neeeever huuuurt me! He friend!"
  194. [01:28:28] * Canute looks up and sighs. "If anything, it was an accident."
  195. [01:28:29] <Canute> "I'd rather not talk about it."
  196. [01:28:48] <Terri> "Heeeee only baadmen and treeeesh."
  197. [01:28:53] <Terri> "Sheeee?"
  198. [01:29:02] * Terri starts axing down the nearest tree.
  199. [01:29:16] <Terri> 1d20+5
  200. [01:29:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20+5: 6 [1d20=1]
  201. [01:29:19] <Terri> *6
  202. [01:29:25] <Terri> oh god
  203. [01:30:03] <Terri> 1d100
  204. [01:30:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d100: 59 [1d100=59]
  205. [01:30:17] <Arawn> "Maybe, but..." Oh jesus christ what the hell is he doing.
  206. [01:30:24] <Paradox> Terri swings his axe!
  207. [01:30:35] <Paradox> Aaaaand his drunken grip slips as he swings
  208. [01:31:00] <Terri> "RUUUUSHTY!"
  209. [01:31:03] <Paradox> The axe goes flying, landing right on Haphaestus' little glass sculptures.
  210. [01:31:15] <Nike> "...Now that's just not fair."
  211. [01:31:35] <Paradox> The placid torkoal suddenly hops up angirly, melts the axe with a quick spout of flame, and begins stomping in place and billowing smoke everywhere.
  212. [01:31:37] * Terri chases after his axe.
  213. [01:31:46] <Terri> oh god
  214. [01:31:55] * Canute is jolted and snaps his head around oh god what.
  215. [01:32:05] <Maka> "...O-o-okay." Maka pulls out a pokemon and lets out an O Unown.
  216. [01:32:16] <Maka> 1d100-24 channel this bitch
  217. [01:32:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, channel this bitch: 39 [1d100=63]
  218. [01:32:17] <Canute> "...Should I..."
  219. [01:32:20] <Arawn> "Woah... hey, calm down!" Arawn sits up, watching the little monster start rampaging. "Hey, you brute, you should probably apologise."
  220. [01:32:24] <Terri> "RUUUUUSHTY!"
  221. [01:32:25] <Maka> 1d100-24 I bet that wasn't enough
  222. [01:32:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, I bet that wasn't enough: 55 [1d100=79]
  223. [01:32:28] * Terri glares at the TORKOAL
  224. [01:32:30] <Maka> 1d100-24
  225. [01:32:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, 1d100-24: 58 [1d100=82]
  226. [01:32:36] <Maka> (Dicemaaaaaaid)
  227. [01:32:45] <Maka> 1d100-24 good thing I have HP
  228. [01:32:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, good thing I have HP: 6 [1d100=30]
  229. [01:32:46] * Canute shakes his head. "N-no, there is no need..."
  230. [01:33:56] <Terri> "YOU HURHT RUUSHTY!"
  231. [01:33:56] <Paradox> "KOAAAAAAAAL!!"
  232. [01:33:57] <Paradox> 1d20
  233. [01:33:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  234. [01:33:59] <Maka> "...w-w-what is happening?!" Maka clutches the O Unown as she stares at the angry glasskoal.
  235. [01:34:08] <Paradox> The Torkoal launches itself at Terri in an undignified body slam
  236. [01:34:19] <Terri> (AC?)
  237. [01:34:33] <Arawn> Arawn fumbles for Hephaestus' Pokeball as it reveals itself to apparently know more moves than Arawn thought it did.
  238. [01:34:50] * Terri enters a tearful Rage
  239. [01:34:54] <Paradox> (oh wait he doesn't have body slam)
  240. [01:35:01] <Terri> "YOU HURT RUSSHTY!"
  241. [01:35:09] <Terri> 1d20 OTHER axe
  242. [01:35:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, OTHER axe: 14 [1d20=14]
  243. [01:35:20] <Paradox> (flamethrower then!)
  244. [01:35:24] <Terri> (Steel type)
  245. [01:35:29] <Arawn> (Oh right he has that)
  246. [01:35:30] <Terri> (Again, whats the AC?)
  247. [01:35:35] <Paradox> (2)
  248. [01:35:41] <Terri> (hit then.)
  249. [01:37:05] <Paradox> 4d12+17+5+15
  250. [01:37:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 4d12+17+5+15: 65 [4d12=9,7,10,2]
  251. [01:37:43] <Terri> "GAAAAAAAAH!"
  252. [01:37:50] <Paradox> At this point Arawn can probably return it, if that's what he's doing
  253. [01:38:04] <Terri> 2d12+21+6+6+6
  254. [01:38:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 2d12+21+6+6+6: 61 [2d12=11,11]
  255. [01:38:10] * Arawn proceeds to return Hephaestus while Terri's busy being BURNING'd
  256. [01:38:47] <Terri> Terri's already in the middle of attacking it the moment it melted his axe.
  257. [01:38:52] <Damien> (luckily it resists steel.)
  258. [01:39:07] <Damien> (or well... I don't know if it does actually. Pure fire resists it I know)
  259. [01:40:17] <Terri> and Boris' attack
  260. [01:40:17] <Terri> 1d20 aerial ace
  261. [01:40:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, aerial ace: 1 [1d20=1]
  262. [01:40:29] <Paradox> Arawn returned it
  263. [01:40:32] * Alexei ( has joined #IrisHill
  264. [01:40:33] <Terri> at what point?
  265. [01:40:34] <Paradox> There's nothing to attack
  266. [01:40:40] <Terri> ok
  267. [01:40:42] <Paradox> > * Arawn proceeds to return Hephaestus while Terri's busy being BURNING'd
  268. [01:40:46] <Arawn> (It does resist. And has bitchin' defense)
  269. [01:40:46] <Arawn> (that only did like 20 damage to it)
  270. [01:40:52] <Terri> (Ok.)
  271. [01:40:59] <Terri> "GAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
  272. [01:41:11] * Terri smashes the ground where the Torkoal was again.
  273. [01:42:02] <Arawn> Arawn gets up, pulling his weapon up with him; it has left a patch of burnt grass where it was laying.
  274. [01:42:58] * Terri keeps attacking the ground repeatedly.
  275. [01:43:23] <Maka> "...W-what...why?" Maka squeezes O Unown tighter as she stares at the scene with Terri and Arawn.
  276. [01:43:36] <Nike> Nike also gets up, her hand hovering over her sword. The baby Suicune whined, and buries his face in his paws to hide from this. "That's enough, Terri, stop it."
  277. [01:44:37] * Arawn whistles, calling Spring and Mr. Dream to his side. Spring is all :( and Dream looks about as pissed as Arawn; or maybe it's vice versa, but all the same.
  278. [01:45:03] <Canute> "Because fools will be fools. I was right in hesitating, it seems."
  279. [01:45:07] * Terri attacks the ground a few more times, and the steel axe just sticks there in the dirt, tears streaming down from Terri's cheeks.
  280. [01:45:49] <Paradox> Amonson walks serenely over to Terri, and the old man puts a hand on Terri's shoulder.
  281. [01:45:57] <Paradox> "The axe was important to you?"
  282. [01:46:22] * Nike looks up, and notices the old man's approach. She stands more casually, and keeps her hands away from her sword, now.
  283. [01:46:30] <Terri> "Yes. Father'sh axe."
  284. [01:46:37] * Maka looks down at the poor Unown she's nearly squeezing to death. <O-oh! I...I forgot. Um...T-this guy here says he can do magic...And...he says he wants to teach me how to use my...umm...powers.>
  285. [01:47:47] <Paradox> O: < Oooh. I can almost feel that. Squeeze harder! >
  286. [01:48:10] <Arawn> "Tch..." Arawn makes some kind of snarky-ass sound and starts walking away a little.
  287. [01:48:42] <Maka> <T-that i-isn't the point right now! W-what do I do? D-do I go see him later? learn how to do magic?>
  288. [01:49:07] <Maka> 1d20+2 STR for squeeze aw heck why not
  289. [01:49:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, STR for squeeze aw heck why not: 17 [1d20=15]
  290. [01:49:09] <Nike> Nike looks to Arawn, and whispers to him. "Perhaps you or my father should look to repairing it?"
  291. [01:49:36] <Paradox> The old man nods. "Do you know where the lake is, young man? Meet me there in the morning. Any morning."
  292. [01:50:07] * Terri sniffles. "I think know where lake"
  293. [01:50:48] <Paradox> O: < Ohhh that tickles. Learn magic? Could be interesting. But you can't do any real magic, you don't have even the teeeensiest bit of spark in you. We checked! >
  294. [01:50:49] <Arawn> "I'm not going to put effort into fixing something someone else lets fall into disrepair," Arawn answers, scowling.
  295. [01:51:40] * Maka turns to Canute and gives a confused look. "T-this guy says...says I c-can't do magic. He um...he checked." She lifts up O to show him.
  296. [01:51:44] <Nike> Nike sighs, and nods. "Well, it looks like Mr. Amonson has it covered, anyway..."
  297. [01:51:47] <Canute> "...Interesting."
  298. [01:51:58] <Paradox> (you can't hear that, Canute!)
  299. [01:52:06] <Canute> (maka just said though)
  300. [01:52:16] <Canute> (like, out loud.)
  301. [01:52:29] <Paradox> (oh, I missed her line)
  302. [01:52:45] <Paradox> O blink sat Canute. If he could, he'd :3
  303. [01:53:03] <Canute> "Then what do you call... what it is exactly you do?"
  304. [01:53:57] * Maka looks at O expectantly. <...T-that's a good question! W-w-what is it? The...the ink? Um...t-the thing where you appear out of n-nowhere. Can...can I really control that?>
  305. [01:55:41] <Paradox> < Yeah! You're a natural at it! And you have a pretty decent natural bonding empathy, too. >
  306. [01:56:01] <Paradox> < Even stronger than that Raven girl. It's in her but I doubt she could actually do anything with it. >
  307. [01:56:46] <Paradox> The old man patpats Terri, and starts heading down the hill, back towards town, without another word.
  308. [01:57:00] <Maka> <R-r-raven too?! I...oh, r-right, she's related to dead n ugly...oh no no, I c-can't call him you think I could call one of you up on purpose now? H-how do I?>
  309. [01:57:29] * Maka has just seemingly been staring at O for the last half a minute or so, as far as Canute can tell. Maybe looks a tad crazy.
  310. [01:57:41] <Paradox> Rylan kinda siddles up to Nike and Arawn. "Geez. What's with that guy? Is he dangerous?" he whispers.
  311. [01:58:00] * Canute just waits, occasionally peoplewatching elsewhere. I mean, he dragged a lounge chair out there, he can relax.
  312. [01:58:00] <Nike> "Simple. Very simple."
  313. [01:58:28] * Canute also occasionally pats a pokemon, or prevents Knight from taking any more wine.
  314. [01:58:36] <Arawn> "He's a careless lummox," wn shrugs. "So yes, he more or less is."
  315. [02:00:56] <Paradox> < I don't know! It's different for everyone. Some people can summon them by writing, some by thinking about it, some by reading for a bit... you'll have to find what works for you. >
  316. [02:01:25] <Paradox> "Huh. Maybe we should talk to the mayor about him. I know he warned us about those bandits and all, but if he's that unstable..."
  317. [02:02:15] <Terri> 1d20-3 listen check
  318. [02:02:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, listen check: 17 [1d20=20]
  319. [02:02:39] <Arawn> "Up to you," Arawn shrugs. "If he can't take care of his own precious tools, he's more a danger to himself than anyone else, really."
  320. [02:02:39] <Maka> "Um....Canute? I...I don't know what to call it,'s's a different type of power...not like magic..."
  321. [02:02:39] <Maka> 1d20+3 hm
  322. [02:02:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, hm: 7 [1d20=4]
  323. [02:02:42] <Paradox> (oshit)
  324. [02:02:49] <Canute> "I see."
  325. [02:02:54] <Paradox> Terri hears!
  326. [02:03:36] <Canute> "Then feel free to not show up at the appointed time, then, if they are sure that I can't help."
  327. [02:03:39] * Terri stares at Arwan tears in his eyes.
  328. [02:03:43] <Terri> "What Lummox."
  329. [02:03:53] <Terri> 1d20-2 sobering up check
  330. [02:03:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, sobering up check: 4 [1d20=6]
  331. [02:03:59] * Maka glances between her sketchbook and a novel in her bag. She scratches her head and adjusts her hat a bit, but she can't quite figure out what she's supposed to do to calling chord. <Um...d-do you think that guy can help at all?>
  332. [02:03:59] <Terri> nope.avi
  333. [02:04:14] <Paradox> < Audino. >
  334. [02:04:37] <Maka> "They um...they don't know if you can help..." Maka looks terribly confused.
  335. [02:05:12] <Paradox> < No, I mean, there's an Audino over there! >
  336. [02:05:26] * Maka turns. Even more confused! D:
  337. [02:05:28] <Canute> "Then let them think. They have time. No issue of mine if it really isn't a magical matter, and if I can't affect things..."
  338. [02:05:34] * Canute turns with. Huh?
  339. [02:05:54] <Paradox> Sure enough, there's an Audino. It seems to just sorta be standing there, a bit confused.
  340. [02:06:15] * Maka gives a half-hearted wave at the Audino.
  341. [02:06:19] <Arawn> "Lummox. Lumbering Dustox," Arawn answers, seemingly not surprising that he's been heard.
  342. [02:06:19] <Canute> "...Hello there."
  343. [02:06:41] * Canute gets up and wanders over to the audino. "Lost, are you?"
  344. [02:07:15] <Ilya> <Paradox> It walks over and hugs Maka.
  345. [02:07:21] <Terri> "Dushtox?"
  346. [02:07:24] <Canute> "...Well."
  347. [02:07:54] * Maka hugs it back. "Um...Hi? Are...are you cold?" She offers it her hat. Not sure how that's supposed to help though. :V
  348. [02:08:07] <Ilya> It doesn't let go!
  349. [02:08:26] <Ilya> Audino legcling, engaged.
  350. [02:08:27] <Canute> (oh god even better)
  351. [02:08:27] <Canute> (it's the gremlin)
  352. [02:08:29] <Arawn> "It means you'll just start a storm and a mess wherever you go if you're not careful."
  353. [02:08:33] <Maka> "Um....C-can you let me go now?"
  354. [02:08:56] <Ilya> It looks up. :DDDD "Audino!"
  355. [02:09:10] <Maka> 1d100-24 channel it
  356. [02:09:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, channel it: -1 [1d100=23]
  357. [02:09:25] <Ilya> (So very very channeled)
  358. [02:09:47] <Maka> <Hi? Um...did...did you want something?>
  359. [02:10:37] <Ilya> < You smell nice! You soft! I like you! You smell nice! >
  360. [02:10:54] * Terri glares at Arawn.
  361. [02:11:40] <Maka> < you. Um...But...w-what do you want?>
  362. [02:12:56] <Ilya> < I want to love you! You're soft! >
  363. [02:13:02] <Terri> "I save you. You turtle melt friend. You insult. YOU Mess."
  364. [02:13:28] * Canute sits back down.
  365. [02:14:52] <Arawn> " 'Save' me? I don't remember you doing that. More than that, Hephaestus wouldn't have melted your... 'friend' if you hadn't started swinging like an oaf and been completely unable to control yourself. If you feel like blaming someone for... Rusy, was it? Blame yourself."
  366. [02:15:10] <Canute> (will there be anything else for me here?)
  367. [02:15:10] <Canute> (I'm kinda tired)
  368. [02:15:35] <Maka> <Um....o-okay...> Maka just gets a resigned look on her face and sits down on the ground best she can with an Audino attached to her. "Um...Canute, I...I guess I'll see you in a few days?"
  369. [02:15:35] <Paradox> ( nah, you can go )
  370. [02:15:36] <Arawn> "Though, with the fact that you went through a bottle of wine without realising what it even was, you probably can't even understand that right now."
  371. [02:15:42] <Canute> "If you want."
  372. [02:15:55] <Canute> (i'll definitely have to see logs)
  373. [02:15:55] * Maka then focuses on O again and channels him. (Totally forgot I took Channel Friend last level :V)
  374. [02:17:22] <Paradox> < Do you want me to ice him? Chilled Audino is a delicacy in some places, I hear. >
  375. [02:17:37] <Maka> <> Maka sweats a bit and raises shaking hands to grasp O. <I should have mentioned b-b-before't be bringing Arawn aro- oh um, he's...the guy with the s-s-scythe. I...won't bring him around anymore, so...> her mindvoice kinda trails off.
  376. [02:18:14] <Maka> <W-w-well might still see him, but I won't ask him to...yeah...>
  377. [02:18:17] <Paradox> < Huh? >
  378. [02:18:30] <Paradox> < To what? >
  379. [02:18:33] <Terri> "throw bad. foolish yes. you?"
  380. [02:18:46] * Terri tries to think of the term.
  381. [02:18:53] <Terri> 1d20-3
  382. [02:18:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 11 [1d20=14]
  383. [02:19:02] <Maka> <Y-you know? When I took him to the library and um...he...he...> Maka gulps a bit. <...k-k-k-killed some of you...b-b-because I was scared.>
  384. [02:19:14] * Maka hangs her head in shame and hides her face from O.
  385. [02:19:32] <Paradox> < HE DID WHAT!? >
  386. [02:19:32] <Terri> "poophole. do nothing but poop."
  387. [02:20:04] <Maka> <I...I...I'm sorry! Oh...oh> Maka starts crying a bit and doesn't know what to do, but she holds onto O tightly.
  388. [02:20:19] <Paradox> < THOSE POOR SOULS! Killed in the mortal work, in the shape of the ink! Their souls lost forever, their memories forgotten, their existance erased! They've been doomed to eternal unrest and torment as - ahaha no don't cry I'm just kidding. >
  389. [02:20:48] <Maka> <W-w-w-what do you mean? I...I'm so sorry!>
  390. [02:20:56] <Terri> "you no poop from butt. you poop from mouth."
  391. [02:20:58] <Paradox> < If unown get killed they just go back to the ink. Most have been unown for so long they don't even NOTICE when they get killed. >
  392. [02:21:00] <Arawn> "...Don't strain yourself too hard coming up with an insult, there," Arawn shrugs. "You should consider yourself lucky your axe didn't actually hit someone, or it might be more than that you lost."
  393. [02:21:27] <Maka> <....D-d-d-don't do that!> Maka whaps O onto the ground.
  394. [02:21:29] <Maka> 1d20+2 str
  395. [02:21:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, str: 19 [1d20=17]
  396. [02:21:42] <Paradox> HULK SMASH
  397. [02:21:49] <Paradox> < Ow! >
  398. [02:22:03] <Paradox> < Well, I can't feel pain, so that's fake ow ... but ... >
  399. [02:22:13] <Arawn> Arawn, apparently not caring for this anymore, turns and starts leaving at that. This is apparently beyond his patience, even if it means giving up on the fireworks.
  400. [02:22:20] <Maka> <Y-y-y-you're such a meanie!> Maka sniffles and wipes away some tears.
  401. [02:23:56] <Nike> Nike groans, and buries her head in her hand. Between the simple, VERY simple Terri getting Arawn at just the right level of "lost patience asshole," and Maka having an argument with her Unown in the background...she was lucky to have some wine, tonight. Even if it was mediocre wine.
  402. [02:23:58] <Terri> "You no good. almossht badman. watch self"
  403. [02:24:07] <Paradox> < Man. You're so emotional. You'll probably retain your emotions for years and years if you fail and get turned into an unown! >
  404. [02:25:19] <Paradox> Rylan kinda jogs after Arawn. "Hey, don't leave! The fireworks should be going off any second, wait for them at least!"
  405. [02:28:01] <Arawn> Arawn just laughs at Terri's parting words, though he doesn't seem willing to stop and respond. He grumbles to Rylan when the other comes after him. "I've had enough of fire for now. And I'd rather not be here when the explosions scare big and brutish into a rage or something stupid like that."
  406. [02:29:44] <Nike> "Oh please, Arawn. He'll be too entranced by the colours." Sip.
  407. [02:29:45] <Maka> < you like fireworks?> Maka decides she might as well try making idle chatter if O is around.
  408. [02:31:46] <Paradox> "And I'm going to play Vadia von Schtort's 8th melodia on the harp later. You're one of the few that can appreciate the classic masterpeices!"
  409. [02:32:03] <Paradox> < Fireworks? What are fireworks? >
  410. [02:32:05] <Arawn> "...Now you're bribing me."
  411. [02:32:52] <Paradox> "Perhaps!"
  412. [02:33:13] <Maka> <'ll see then. J-just watch'tbringmetotheinkrightnowIreallywanttoseethefireworks.>
  413. [02:33:13] * Maka sits and idly pats the Audino on the head as she waits for the fireworks to start.
  414. [02:33:44] <Arawn> "...Alright, fine." Arawn sighs; although he doesn't really head back so much as take a seat where he is.
  415. [02:34:07] <Paradox> The audino suddenly lets go of Maka's leg.
  416. [02:34:08] <Paradox> It stands up, and stumbles off, still smiling. ':D
  417. [02:34:27] * Terri goes back to his melted axe, and picks it up.
  418. [02:34:38] * Maka waves. "Um...come by the library if you'd like sometime? ...can audinos learn to read?"
  419. [02:34:42] <Paradox> "That's the spirit."
  420. [02:35:11] <Paradox> Rylan runs over to get a blanket, and sets it down for Nike. He sits down, too.
  421. [02:35:27] * Terri frowns as he looks at it, and puts it carefully in his backpack. He also picks up his steel axe and does the same.
  422. [02:35:42] <Paradox> It's not so much an axe as a blob of cooling metal now
  423. [02:36:02] <Nike> Nike lets out a little "heh," and nods, muttering a quiet "thank you," to Rylan, and she sits down. She whistles and snaps her fingers, and Suicune is quick to rush back to her side, panting happily.
  424. [02:36:18] <Paradox> The wooden handle was completely incinerated
  425. [02:36:35] <Paradox> "You've got your pokemon very well trained."
  426. [02:37:36] <Paradox> Aaaaand finally, the fireworks go off!
  427. [02:38:37] * Arawn relaxes in the grass, still looking somewhat irritated - surprise surprise - but at least Mr. Dream is discernably the angrier one. He starts threatening the fireworks, though it sounds adorable.
  428. [02:38:39] * Maka beams and claps, then raises O up to the sky. <S-see? Fireworks.>
  429. [02:38:39] <Paradox> First from the beach, which is a bit farther away. You can see the reds, greens, blues, and yellows, and their shimmering reflections on the sea.
  430. [02:39:32] <Paradox> Wait, but it's still too early for the fireworks. Huh. Someone the beach must have messed up. Nevetheless, they keep coming.
  431. [02:39:59] <Nike> Nike looks up with wonderment, as does Suicune. Although sometimes Suicune buries his head in his paws to help shield him from the noise. Nike continues to pet him, looking at the fireworks like a wowed child.
  432. [02:40:19] <Paradox> The ones in the square go off too, a few minutes later - those are a bit closer, and you an really feel the CRACK of the fireworks as they rise into the sky.
  433. [02:41:23] * Arawn maybe manages to lighten up a little during the display; it's not like anyone will really pay attention to him while that's going on anyway.
  434. [02:42:06] <Ilya> < We didn't have those. We had alchemists flying on the backs of charizard, throwing metallic concoctions into their flames as they danced around in the sky! This is pretty cool too though. >
  435. [02:42:55] <Maka> <I...w-we're a small village right now! We'll get that too someday! ;-; I still like fireworks...>
  436. [02:43:27] <Terri> as soon as the fireworks go off, Terri yelps in suprise, and whips out his melted axe, and looks at Arawn.
  437. [02:43:38] <Terri> 1d20-3
  438. [02:43:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Terri, 1d20-3: 4 [1d20=7]
  439. [02:43:42] <Ilya> Melted blop of cooling metal you mean
  440. [02:43:44] * Maka squeezes O again and just continues watching the fireworks.
  441. [02:44:03] <Terri> he then realises that the noise is NOT comming from Arawn.
  442. [02:44:09] <Terri> and looks for the source of the noise.
  443. [02:44:23] <Terri> while ducking for cover.
  444. [02:44:29] <Terri> "ANGRY STICKS!"
  445. [02:45:01] <Nike> Nike can't help but roll her eyes, and keep scratching Suicune's head.
  446. [02:45:47] <Terri> Boris isnt sure WTF is going on either.
  447. [02:45:53] <Ilya> Aaaand </session>
  448. [02:45:54] <Terri> and ducks with Terri
  449. [02:46:25] <Ilya> (Unless you guys wanna continue RPing, but we seem to have lost steam.)
  450. [02:46:47] <Maka> (thanks for another awesome session :D)
  451. [02:46:47] <Nike> (Well I don't see much else happening after the Fireworks, so...)
  452. [02:47:10] <Terri> (Yeah, and I need to get some sleep.)
  453. [02:47:14] <Ilya> (oh! one last thing)
  454. [02:48:23] <Ilya> Rylan digs into his pocket, and takes out two small bracelets.
  455. [02:48:38] <Ilya> He hands one to each Nike and Arawn.
  456. [02:49:28] <Ilya> "I forgot, I was supposed to raffle these out or something! Well, you guys can just have them. They're good luck charms from ... somewhere."
  457. [02:50:09] * Ilya then stands up, and walks over to his big harp, and begins playing his song~
  458. [02:50:19] <Terri> Eventually, Terri realises that no one else is panicking, so either everything is fine, or they're all crazy.
  459. [02:50:31] <Ilya> (okay, NOW sesshion)
  460. [02:50:36] <Nike> " you." Nike looks at the bracelet. She slips it on, and sits back, enjoying the song.
  461. [02:50:49] <Arawn> Oh, hey, free bracelet. Arawn doesn't mind.
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