Nightmare Night Surprise

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  1. “Look, mommy!” Ruby Pinch exclaimed excitedly, galloping over to her mother so quickly that she nearly tripped over her hooves. The little unicorn spun for a second, the bobbly antenna on her shaking too and fro as the filly tried to balance herself in her large, unwieldy bumblebee suit.
  3.     A hoof shot out and stabilized her, keeping the little foal from tumbling into the dirt. “Ruby, please be careful! I understand that you’re excited, but you’re going to hurt yourself if you don’t look where you’re running!” Berry Punch chastised, placing her other hoof on Ruby’s faux thorax, straightening it slightly.
  5.     “Sorry,” Ruby mumbled before leaning down and grabbing her basket in her mouth. “Buh loogh! Ah gogh sogh muh kandee!” Berry gently removed the basket from her daughter’s mouth, smiling. “I got so much candy from the last house! They gave me, like, four [i]entire[/i] chocolate bars!”
  7.     “Oh my, how generous of them,” Berry said, smiling down at Ruby as the two of them trotted down the path towards the next house. “Did you remember to say thank you?”
  9.     “Mhm,” Ruby said, taking the basket back in her mouth. Berry ruffled her daughter’s mane lightly, her docile smile contorting to a grimace as she felt a sharp jab in her belly. Grunting, the mare stopped in her tracks, placing a hoof up against her swollen midsection.
  11.     Berry had been carrying Ruby’s sister for nearly a year now, and as the days wore on, Berry desperately wished that it had ended six or seven months ago. She thought she would have been used to it this time around—but it had been roughly nine years since she had last been pregnant with Ruby, so perhaps time had clouded her judgment. Regardless, this foal was big, and it was [i]rowdy[/i]. Ruby had been a quiet passenger, occasionally tapping her hooves against the sides of her mother’s womb to let her know that she was still there, but not much else. This foal, on the other hoof, was downright hyperactive. There was hardly a moment of the day that went by without the filly beating her hooves against Berry’s insides or twisting and shifting around in her womb. Berry could almost swear that the rambunctious little thing had once thrown all her weight against the back of her uterus, as if she were trying to bodyslam Berry bladder.
  13.     [i]It worked[/i], Berry thought bitterly, her cheeks heating up. As irritating as the foal’s energy could be at time, she couldn’t stay mad at her for long; Berry and Ruby had spent the last year preparing for the little filly, and the two of them had never been closer. Ruby had taken very kindly to the idea of a new baby sister; far from the cliché of the resentful older sibling, Ruby had taken it upon herself to act almost more like a second parent for the filly than a sister, something Berry was eternally grateful for. The stress of the past year had been greatly reduced by the surprising maturity her daughter had displayed.
  15.     So here they were, on Nightmare Night, Ruby in her bumblebee suit, and Berry in her toga and golden wreath harkening to Equine Civilizations past; if she couldn’t drink, at least she could pay homage to a long-unworshiped deity of alcohol with a bedsheet and a prop from the Ponyville Schoolhouse theater collection she had convinced Ruby to borrow from Miss Cheerilee.
  17.     “Let’s go to the next one!” Ruby said excitedly, balancing her basket of candy on her thorax, giggling as it bounced with each step. Berry smiled at her daughter, waddling beside her, breathing heavy as she tried her best to keep up with the energetic foal in her gravid state.
  19.     “Trick or treat!” Ruby bellowed after pounding on the door with her hoof. The door swung open, and a familiar orange-maned mare swaddled in gauze and wrappings opened the door.
  21.     “Oh, aren’t you adorable!” Golden Harvest crooned as she looked over the Bumblebee Ruby. “And that’s quite the Dioneighsus costume, Berry.”
  23.     “Thank you,” Berry beamed, doing an awkward little twist and turn in an attempt to show off the flowing fabric of her toga, but her large belly impeded her to the point where it was not much more than a clumsy hobble. “That’s a wonderful mummy costume.”
  25.     “Oh, I’m not a mummy,” Golden Harvest said, chuckling. “I’m a cart-crash victim! It’s far more original.”
  27.     “Oh,” Berry said, her brow furrowing. “I see.” Ruby whined softly, bouncing up and down with her basket in her mouth.
  29.     “I haven’t forgotten about you,” Golden Harvest said to Ruby with a little wink, reaching over behind her, and dropping a single carrot into Ruby’s basket. “Happy Nightmare Night!”
  31.     “A carrot?” Ruby asked incredulously. “You’re supposed to give out candy on Nightmare Night!”
  33.     “They’re nature’s candy,” Golden Harvest said, grinning broadly.
  35.     Ruby frowned. “That’s what Applejack said about her apples and Twilight about her raisins.”
  37.     “Nature has a lot of candy,” Golden snapped, and with that she shut the door. Ruby and Berry both winced, Berry giving a groan as the vibrations from the loud sound roused the filly nestled inside her, who chose to voice her displeasure by giving Berry’s diaphragm a sharp kick.
  39.     “Oof!” Berry grunted, stumbling slightly as the two turned to walk down the path from Golden’s house to the next. She brought her hoof to her belly, eyes crossing slightly as she inhaled sharply, trying to catch her breath.
  41.     “Are you alright, mommy?” Ruby asked, turning around to give her mother a concerned glance. Berry looked up at her daughter, her chest heaving gently as her belly shifted slightly.
  43.     “I-I think mommy needs to rest for a little bit, dear,” Berry said, moaning as she all but collapsed down onto her rump, and then slumped to her side. Ruby squeaked, and rushed over to her mother.
  45.     “Mom!” she yelped, nudging her side. “Mommy! Are y-you okay?”
  47.     “Nnggh… I’m fine, dear,” Berry groaned, turning her head to give her daughter a reassuring, if somewhat strained, smile. “Y-Your sister is just being very rowdy right now.”
  49.     “Oh, okay,” Ruby said, sighing in relief. The little filly trotted up beside her mother, nuzzling up against Berry’s cloth-covered belly bulge. “Calm down, Pina! Mommy and I are trying to trick-or-treat!”
  51.     Berry giggled, and gently drew a foreleg around Ruby, squeezing her into a tight hug. Ruby couldn’t help but giggle as well, snuggling up against her mother’s chest. “Can we go get more candy now?” she asked, looking up into her mother’s eyes, lower lip jutted out in a pout.
  53.     Berry smiled, kissing her daughter’s forehead. “Of course, sweetheart.”
  55.     The two of them managed to get to the next house with little incident, whereupon Ruby managed to procure an unholy amount of gumdrops from Lyra and Bon Bon, much to her delight. Lyra attempted to rope Berry into a lengthy discussion about a weirdly shaped stump she had seen a few days ago and how it provided unequivocal evidence supporting a changeling conspiracy to overthrow the Equestrian monarchy, but the filly had decided that her single winding blow to her mother early hadn’t been enough, and was now playing an uptempo beat with her hooves against Berry’s bladder, so the mare was able to slip away from Lyra’s rambling with a quick explanation.
  57.     “Ruby, how much further is the next house?” Berry asked, lagging a good few paces behind her daughter. Her belly had begun to tighten, the foal shifting and pushing around inside her with little sign of ceasing. It was taking all her energy to just continue trotting after Ruby, sweat dripping down her forehead and legs wobbling all the while.
  59.     “It’s kinda far down that path,” Ruby said, pointing with a hoof to a small cottage on a knoll across a stream a little ways away from them. “Are you sure you’re alright, mom?”
  61.     “I’m f-fine, dear,” Berry said, clenching her jaw as she took a weak step forward. Berry moaned, and dug her hooves into the dirt path, her tail hiking, toga cloth fluttering as a deluge of liquid poured from her backside, splattering the ground beneath her. “O-Oh dear.”
  63.     Ruby’s jaw dropped. “Mom! Y-Your… your th-thing—!”
  65.     Berry clutched her belly, the turgid surface now rock-hard. Groaning as she felt a deep pressure in the pit of her gut. “Fffnnggah… R-Ruby? Ruby, dear? M-Mommy’s gonna need your help…”
  67.     Ruby scampered to her mother’s side, eyes practically bugging from her head, her fake antenna bobbing wildly. “O-Okay! Okay! Wh-What do I need to do?”
  69.     Berry opened her mouth, but a sharp pain rolled through her entire lower half, and all she managed to vocalize was a low groan. The mare sunk down a few inches as her legs splayed out even further, her rump pushing up into the air as her back arched. “M-Move my costume away fr-from my backside…” she managed to force out, her eyes rolling back as she clenched her jaw tight, her belly giving a massive heave as it contracted in on itself.
  71.     Ruby did as she was told, carefully gathering up the cloth around her mother’s hips and haunches, pushing it up her body as to expose Berry’s backside to the open air. Berry grunted, another contraction slamming up against her, and Ruby gave a shriek as a bit of fluid spurted onto the ground right beside her.
  73.     “Ew…” Ruby whined as she turned away from her mother, gagging lightly.
  75. Berry gave a weak chuckle. “I-I know it’s a little strange—“
  77.     “Gross,” Ruby corrected.
  79.     “—b-but this is how e-every foal was born. Even you.”
  81.     “Doesn’t make it any less gross,” Ruby said, crinkling her muzzle. Berry snorted, and then let out a hellish shriek as the foal’s head slammed up against her cervix and slowly began to push it apart.
  83.     “R-Ruby,” Berry spluttered, trying to focus on the panicking foal, who had been thrown into near hysterics by her mother’s sudden outburst. “P-Please… ch-check to see wh-where—h-how the foal i-is…”
  85.     Ruby whimpered in protest, but turned to look between Berry’s legs once more nonetheless. The filly gasped softly at the sight that greeted her; her mother was spread wide, and emerging from the gaping slit was something like a—
  87.     “I can see her head!”  Ruby yelped enthusiastically, the light-pink top of the baby pony’s head crowning forth from Berry’s vagina. Berry could do nothing except moan in response, a great fire clawing and gnashing at her insides, desperately attempting to consume her. Ruby squealed as her mother’s nethers distended with the movements of the foal, her lower lips almost seeming to grasp and clutch onto the skull of the filly as if they didn’t want to let her leave.
  89.     “G-Get ready for herrr…” Berry slurred, words almost completely unintelligible as the pain wracked through her. With shaking hooves, Ruby lifted them to Berry’s straining slit, and placed them on either side of the foal’s head. Berry took a deep breath, and with all the might she could muster, pushed down on the foal. Her birth canal clamped, her vulva strained and parted, and her throat burned raw as she let out a tortured cry, tears streaking down her cheeks where they mixed with a cold sweat. Despite the brisk autumn evening, she was burning alive, with nopony else out there but…
  91.     [i]Pop![/i]
  93.     “I got her!” Ruby yelped as the foal slid from her mother into her hooves, the filly cradling her fragile little sibling against her chest. She looked very similar to her sister; her coat was made a shade or two lighter, but with each moment that passed and with each little breath Pina took, Ruby watched her slowly flush with more color.
  95.     “G-Good job, Ruby,” Berry groaned, huffing and puffing as her heart raced, the immense heat that had overwhelmed her slowly being washed away by the biting October breeze. With a little whimper, Berry collapsed forward into the dirt, her rump still thrust up into the air, wreath tumbling to the side of her.
  97.     There was a distant [i]slam[/i], and a moment later, a yellow pegasus dressed in a long, flowing black cloak settled down next to them. “Oh my goodness,” Fluttershy said softly, looking between the slumped, half-conscious Berry and Ruby cradling her newborn sister, still attached to her mother via the umbilical chord. “I-I… I heard the screams, and the shouting, and the—the everything, but I thought it was just some foals having Nightmare Night fun! I-I didn’t realize it was such a dire situation! D-Do you need anything, Berry? Sh-Should I call for the hospital, or sh-should I just—”
  99.     “Gnngh,” Berry grunted, tilting her head up to look at Fluttershy, the mare’s gaze unfocused and glassy. “Th-There is one thing I-I do need…”
  101.     “What is it?” Fluttershy asked, biting her lip in concern.
  103.     “Whisky.” Berry’s head hit the dirt again, the mare giving a low, drawn-out moan as her newest daughter let out a small cry into the night.
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