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  1. [02:42am] nice69: congratulations with the new dongle, can you provide us with a video?
  2. [02:43am] kado: sorry thats not me, i am not person behind that shiit
  3. [02:43am] nice69: so that's not you?
  4. [02:44am] nice69: you didn't know anything about it?
  5. [02:44am] kado: i am only do for fix, not make tool
  6. [02:44am] nice69: fix? you mean repair?
  7. [02:44am] kado: beleive me
  8. [02:44am] kado: i am idiot person who know nothing about
  9. [02:45am] nice69: why did they mention your name and spread the news with your name?
  10. [02:46am] kado: thats all fuckin indonesian
  11. [02:47am] nice_69 joined the chat room.
  12. [02:48am] nice69: so you don't have anything to do with all those news?
  13. [02:49am] idone left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
  14. [02:50am] nice69: but do you think it is possible for a dongle to do that kinda thing?
  15. [02:50am] eussNL: no
  16. [02:50am] nice69: i've thought so
  17. [02:50am] kado: no i dont think so
  18. [02:51am] nice69: maybe they're jsut a bunch of kids trying to make their way up to hall of fame eh?
  19. [02:52am] kado: but thats not good way, and they use my id and publish
  20. [02:53am] kado: in that case they can make their way up my ass
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