MHFZ 11th Anniversary Events Cheat Sheet

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  1. 11th Anniv Events Cheat Sheet
  3. These are ordered by JP release. Some of these have potentially pretty good gear and transmogs, and a few are puzzles too. You don't really want to miss the armors, especially if you generate a set that happens to use their pieces.
  7. ---
  8. Week 1 - Zenith Anorupatisu Launch
  9. ---
  10. Yep. There should be a daily, regular Anorupatisu quest that grants Abnormality +5 decorations around this time as well.
  12. ---
  13. Week 1 - Carnival Launch
  14. ---
  15. Carnival games can be played every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in server time for transmog masks and emotes, this also continues well past the 11th Anniv. They have their own server tab. You have a limited amount of tries for points each week, but unlimited free plays without any point gain. There's also a multiplayer minigame around that uses up another kind of ticket that can be exchanged for a raw 500pts.
  17. ---
  18. Week 1 - Fish Great Sword
  19. ---
  20. A puzzle quest in Dos Jungle. You cannot come in with any items other than bullets/coatings, and slaying the Plesioth is a fail condition. Didn't actually complete this one but whatever.
  22. One objective is to deliver two iron ore, but you don't have any pickaxes. Another objective is to break the head of a Pink Rathian, which supposedly sends pickaxes to the supply box. After delivering the ore, you are given further instructions.
  24. This GS in question has good raw, although it's Normal length and uses Quake Res for a Z skill. It upgrades with Z Khezu materials.
  26. ---
  27. Week 1 - 11th Anniversary Hammer
  28. ---
  29. Complete a series of quests available at the Yellow Guildie. Nothing difficult as far as I remember it.
  31. This Hammer has high element, Hearing Protection Up, and Normal length. It needs Z Giaorugu materials to upgrade.
  33. ---
  34. Week 2 - Event Kiyoshi Set/Transmog (White Armor)
  35. ---
  36. Defeat a GR200 Zenith Daimyo Hermitaur at the Painted Falls in 10 minutes. Getting the Zenith break yields more production tickets.
  37. This armor uses Z Rathalos, Tigrex, Doragyurosu, and Giaorugu materials to upgrade.
  39. The HR1 transmog quest throws you into a frontloaded ZX set with a Hammer and you are capture a low rank Cephadrome in the Dos Desert. It will also take a large amount of tranqulizer items to do so. Use sonics, you should smack the top fin once and wait for it to retreat to Area 7 (ie Diablos and Plesioth default spawn) to sleep.
  41. ---
  42. Week 3 - Brachydios Pounder Tonfa
  43. ---
  44. Capture a GR100 Brachydios at the Polar Sea. You are forced to use these same Tonfas.
  46. Stat-wise Bogabadorumu's own has 10 extra raw and the same amount of Blast, but these ones have Stylish Assault Up, and need Z Daimyo materials to upgrade.
  48. ---
  49. Week 4 - Felyne/Shakalaka Switch Axe
  50. ---
  51. This is one is broken down into multiple quests. The requirement to take the next quest is a material provided by the previous.
  52. -The first quest is set in the Great Forest and you have to defeat 20 Shakalakas without having a Felyne defeated, who will be in fixed places in each area, so don't take Ice Age with you. You should pick up the shinies and deliver them all before finishing the quest.
  53. -The second quest forces you to equip this Switch Axe and defeat a Gypceros, Iodrome, and 8 Remobra in Dos Swamp.
  54. -The third quest is to defeat a GR200 Zenith Gasurabazuara. The subquest is the Zenith break.
  56. This Switch Axe has Poison, Drug Knowledge Up, and a Stun Phial with good raw, although likely outdone by the ZZ Halloween Swaxe. The weapon upgrades with Z Rathalos materials.
  58. ---
  59. Week 5 - Banana Light Bowgun
  60. ---
  61. A gathering quest at the Painted Falls. Can't quite give moonrunes because item names will very likely change.
  63. This LBG is a meme and has bad raw, but 100% affinity + Flash Conversion Up. Use Z Midogaron parts to upgrade it.
  65. ---
  66. Week 6 to Week 9 - Spooky Sword & Shield + 2x Zenith Transmog Material
  67. ---
  68. Complete a series of quests available at the Yellow Guildie. The twist is that they are all riddles. You can make the SnS on the first week while the series continues onward each week to reward up to two transmog materials for Zenith armors by the end of it.
  70. For the weapon, the material required to take on the series was found by collecting Diva Defense rewards (which was probably why JP did two events back-to-back in August). The order of the monsters that need to be killed are Hypnoc, Daimyo, and Khezu, they can be HR1. You may have to spam dialogue options at her to see if anything new comes up. The Sword & Shield itself has a ton of Darkness element on it and upgrades with Z Blangonga materials.
  72. As for the rest, you're on your own. Four Chameleos quests are also on the board to grant an item that starts the second series of quests, one for each of the SnS's upgraded forms; they are functionally all the same otherwise.
  74. ---
  75. Week 7 - Aruganosu and Goruganosu Hats/Transmog
  76. ---
  77. Defeat a GR400 Zenith Rathalos in 15 minutes, with no help from NPCs, Rarity 9 or lesser weapons only (ie GR200 Zeniths), and are forced to wear Goruganosu's hat at ZX level with no decorations in it. You may want to use weapon deco slots in place of the helmet and build around it being forced in. Clearing this once won't give you enough materials to create one of the two.
  79. The transmog quest is clearing an Aruganosu and Garuganosu supremacy slay quest with the Red Lavasioth hat forced on at GX level. No NPCs, and you can only take two people.
  81. ---
  82. Week 8 - Event Kashoku Set/Transmog (Black Armor)
  83. ---
  84. Defeat a GR400 Zenith Doragyurosu in 15 minutes. The horn and tail cuts are subquests.
  85. This armor uses a myriad of different Zenith materials to upgrade.
  87. The HR3 transmog quest disallows taking items and forces you to go naked with the Iron SnS in the arena, and requires you to slay 10 Mosswine. However, you need to cook a Well-Done Steak before that to actually receive any benefit. The catch is that a Pariapuria is on the loose, and the Supply BBQ has a smaller window to successfully cook meat. You fail the quest if you cart once, of which Paria has no problem doing in 1-3 hits.
  89. ---
  90. Week 8 - Free Transmog Lottery + Quest
  91. ---
  92. The receptionist gives you 20 tickets for every one of the above event items you make, regardless of how far you may have upgraded them. The two armor sets need to be in full but can still be of mixed grade, and the game only cares if you made either Gold/Silver Volganos hat for that one. Take these to the gacha cat and find the right lottery option to use them, two of these tickets are expended each roll for numerous transmog tickets. You may still have to roll a fair deal to get quite literally everything. If you want even more tickets though, you can do a HR4 Breeding Season Hypnoc quest.
  94. Transmogs include the 10th Anniversary bunny set, the festival loser Hypnoc waist, and much more.
  96. ---
  97. Week 10
  98. ---
  99. Fun's over, go home.
  101. ---
  102. The Rest?
  103. ---
  104. JP had a fair deal of Trial Coin and N Point handouts leading up to and during the 11th anniversary, at least once every week after maintenance there was a handout. I'm not really putting this all down because TW already spoils its playerbase enough and they may not follow through the same stuff. You can find the original JP events page here:
  107. As of this writing it remains to be seen if ZZ (and thus Magnet Spike) will release earlier than usual. There was a three week gap between the end of JP's 11th Anniv and ZZ launch.
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