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  1. (PLAYER HELP) Zamas(x) : ...The moment has pretty much passed for my app, by the way.
  2. Sigune(x) says: We'll get to killing her...
  3. Barruk(x) says: We must be patient. We'll only have one shot at pulling this stuff off...
  4. Sigune(x) says: We just need to get stronger, as always.
  5. Barruk(x) says: But how? That's the question. What could cause us to jump up in power to get near her?
  6. Barruk(x) says: Or if we dont have the power... We need some sort of strategy...
  7. Sigune(x) says: Let's head back inside.
  8. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :You have been denied for Sage mode.
  9. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :ok.
  10. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :May I know the reasons so I can improve?
  11. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :We believe its' currently too powerful at this time. Feel free to try again another time.
  12. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :....dont we have demon energy half-demons
  13. (Admin PM) AjSwift12 to Zamas :Ys, we do.
  14. (Admin PM) AjSwift12 to Zamas :And asc 1 humans
  15. (Admin PM) Zamas to AjSwift12 :'too powerful'
  16. Admin Chat:CaelumZ: Please don't undermine the decision making process with passive agressiveness.
  17. Admin Chat:AjSwift12: What....
  18. Admin Chat:CaelumZ: Don't say "We have X and Y powerful things, but you were denied because we throught your X was too powerful"
  19. Admin Chat:AjSwift12: I only gave out common knowledge that most ppl already know
  20. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :We believe it'd be far too strong for you once combined with things like Third Eye. It may seem average now, but with your ascensions on the horizon it could easily build up to be completely overpowered.
  21. (Admin) 05/24/19(22:51:06) Ericdoss | | 1343957826 (logged in.)
  22. Admin Chat:CaelumZ: What I'm saying is, don't agree with the player and undermine the admin trying to explain something.
  23. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :But then you would just increase scrutiny for third eye. I don't see how I would compare to a Tier S rare as a common with something like a signature.
  24. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :The decision is final.
  25. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :..I'm asking for a concrete reason though.
  26. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :not a bullshit one.
  27. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :I gave you the reason. Whether or not you accept it is on you.
  28. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :You gave a bullshit one. I just want a straight answer.
  29. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :You were denied. End of story. You're not entitled to a 'reason' in the first place, I gave you the reason we discussed out of respect.
  30. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :But you can't even give a straight reason to why I was denied.
  31. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :I gave you a reason. We believe its stoo strong for you.
  32. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :but im a human.
  33. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :Arguing with me does not increase your chances for future applications.
  34. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :im not even arguing.
  35. Admin Chat:Niezan2: :|
  36. Admin Chat:CaelumZ: I'm not sure what else to tell this guy except to shut up and respect the admins decision.
  37. Admin Chat:Niezan2: dunno? give a proper reason.
  38. Admin Chat:CaelumZ: We dont have to give a proper reason. All we have to say is Denied or Approved.
  39. Admin Chat:CaelumZ: Reasoning is a priviledge, not a right.
  40. Admin Chat:Niezan2: it's p.much a right. How do you expect someone to improve without knowing what they did wrong?
  41. Admin Chat:Drileyx: There was also the problem with his lack of development
  42. Admin Chat:Drileyx: This is him like day one iirc
  43. Admin Chat:Drileyx: As in he just joined and all he did was try to lethal Gin and lost
  44. Admin Chat:Niezan2: he's been around for a little longer then you think
  45. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :I'll add onto it with two more things. 1. The moment is gone and 2. You haven't had your character for more then a day or two. Give us some more dev before you dive into things like that. Thanks, and have a nice day.
  46. Admin Chat:Drileyx: Huh, never seen him before. When I saw him lethaling Gin out of nowhere I legit thought he was a troll.
  47. Admin Chat:Drileyx: I do agree with Niezan that reasoning should be a right, not a priviledge.
  48. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :okay, that wasn't that hard.
  49. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :Neither would be kicking you. Are we done here?
  50. Sigune(x) says: [nig]
  51. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :don't see how threats of kicking me helps here.
  52. Sword
  53. Damage Multiplier: 0.1
  54. Accuracy Multiplier: 0
  55. Delay Multiplier: 0.1
  56. Drain Multiplier: 1
  57. Explosive:0
  58. Homing:0
  60. Sigune picks up Sword.
  61. (Admin) 05/24/19(23:04:56) Wks60 | | 3867412346 (logged out.(Wyatt Ivaria))
  62. (Admin) 05/24/19(23:04:56) Wks60 | | 560835362 (logged in.)
  63. (Admin) 05/24/19(23:05:25) Wks60 | | 560835362 (logged out.(Wks60))
  64. (Admin) 05/24/19(23:05:31) Wks60 | | 3867412346 (logged in.)
  65. (Admin) CaelumZ(Verus, God of Production) teleported to Adalbracht.
  66. (Admin PM)- To  Zamas :Very easily, actually.
  67. (Admin PM)- From  Zamas :ok, and?
  68. (Admin PM)- From  Wks60 :Send me the logs of the conversation, please.
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