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  1. ==Cast==
  2. * [[Luke Newberry]] as Kieren Walker<ref>{{cite web|title=New BBC Three talent are joined by Kenneth Cranham and Ricky Tomlinson as filming begins on zombie drama, In The Flesh|url=|publisher=BBC Website|accessdate=24 February 2013}}</ref>, the protagonist, is a teenager who was diagnosed with Partially Deceased Syndrome, and is treated at a treatment centre in [[Norfolk]]. Kieren has trouble re-adjusting to life after the zombie outbreak, and has frequent flashbacks of when he was a sufferer.
  3. * [[David Walmsley]] as Rick Macey, a former member of the army who was presumed to be dead in [[Afghanistan]]. He was Kieren's best friend, and Bill's son. At the end of the first episode, we discover that Rick was too a sufferer of partially-deceased syndrome, and has been found in Afghanistan.
  4. * [[Emily Bevan]] as Amy Dyer, a zombie and part of Kieren's hunting pack. She seems much more unaffected by her former state than Kieren does.
  5. * [[Harriet Cains]] as Jem Walker, Kieren Walker's sister and a member of the HVF (Human Volunteer Force), a force dedicated to holding back the outbreak. She has trouble accepting Kieren as her brother, but still seems to care for him and is protective of him.
  6. * [[Ricky Tomlinson]] as Ken Burton
  7. * [[Steve Evets]] as Bill Macey, the head of the HVF regiment in Roarton, which has turned into a force dedicated to 'protecting' the village from cured partially-deceased sufferers, in the fear that they may become rabid again. As the first episode progresses, he murders a former PDS sufferer in the middle of the cul-de-sac, whilst Kieren watches on.
  8. * [[Kenneth Cranham]] as Vicar Oddie, the local Roarton vicar, who believes that PDS sufferers are evil, and that they should be killed. He persuades Bill Macey to murder the tame PDS sufferer in the cul-de-sac, however he appears to be oblivious to Kieren's arrival in Roarton.
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