The Eternal War, Session 24

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  1. Session Time: Sat Nov 17 00:00:00 2012
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  8. 01[19:40] <Staffen> You stand together, still in the Magos's cell. Sierck sits with a look of childish impunity on his artificial face.
  9. 06[19:41] * Six-Jay changes position, moving to stand behind the Magos, he lowers his weapon slighty and looks at the others with an out of idea's sort of expression on his face.
  10. 06[19:43] * Plex sighs heavily and shakes her head. "I hoped it wouldn't come to this." She strides over to the side of the room and begins sorting items out of her excruciator kit.
  11. 01[19:45] <Staffen> Magos Sierck half-interestedly looks at the collection of tools. "So - we are done with the esoteric, now? On to the brute-method."
  12. [19:45] <Narcisa> "If it matters." She mutters quietly, "He has implicated another through my time in his head. One Warsmith Todt. If he can be acquired and properly datamined, this one's guilt would be confirmed." She spoke n a flat, monotone voice.
  13. 06[19:47] * Six-Jay glances sharply at Narcisa at her words, casually speaking of acquireing a Warsmith is something that seems to have peaked his interest.
  14. 06[19:50] * Six-Jay in fact does not look at anyone. He just stares at his boots for a moment.
  15. [19:50] <Petrus> "What's a warsmith?
  16. 01[19:51] <Staffen> An hour's hard efforts pays off, and the Magos, attempting an air of gracious consent in spite of Plex's hard efforts to harrass him, consents to exchange one piece of information.
  17. [19:52] <Narcisa> She would look to Petrus and shake her head.
  18. 06[19:52] * Petrus shrugs
  19. [19:53] <Petrus> "We killed a traitor astartes a while back."
  20. [19:54] <Petrus> "He was all silver with black and yellow chevrons on his shoulders"
  21. [19:58] <Plex> "One piece of information, is it? Fine. The ship you were on--Vok's ship. What was your exact purpose, your duties?"
  22. 01[20:00] <Staffen> "The Humble," Sierck sighs. "I was aboard to to essentially act as quality-inspection - make sure that everything was satisfactory... as it was, which makes the interception more saddening."
  23. 01[20:01] <Staffen> "I'm sorry," the Magos says, rocking in place as much as he can, "but that's about all you're getting out of me. Care to try again?"
  24. 06[20:01] * Plex snorts derisively and continues the session.
  25. 01[20:06] <Staffen> Another hour later, Sierck breaks his word. As Plex has found one of his few remaining internal organs she had a new avenue of assault, which turned things against the Magos. He offers up one more answer.
  26. [20:08] <Plex> "Not as secure in your superiority, now, I see. Who was Vok delivering these supplies to?"
  27. 01[20:09] <Staffen> "The Iron Warriors," Sierck spits out - there's a hint of a rasp to his voice.
  28. [20:09] <Plex> "Where to? Where was the destination?"
  29. 06[20:12] * Six-Jay as the interrogation begins yeilding results Six-jay activates a small device in one of the compartments of his carapace armor.
  30. [20:12] <Six-Jay> Go on Magos? Where?
  31. 01[20:14] <Staffen> Sierck initiallyrefuses to answer. An hour later though, Plex rips yet another response out of him.
  32. 01[20:17] <Staffen> "The 14th Grand Company has come out of the Eye to meet Vok's shipment fleet halfway, further coreward-spinward," Sierck admits, "in the adjoining Akros Sector."
  33. 06[20:17] * Six-Jay smiles softly and glances to Plex, giving the woman a nod of respect.
  34. 06[20:21] * Plex rests on her back leg for a moment before nodding decisively. "You've been more than helpful," she says, mumbling a "Finally" under her breath. "Shame I'm going to have to cut this pleasant little visit short." And with that, she leaves the room.
  35. 01[20:22] <Staffen> Your comm-beads crackle lightly. ++That was fairly impressive, Cell,++ the Lady calls. ++I was listening to that just now with Octavius. Fine work++
  36. 06[20:22] * Six-Jay holsters his weapon and removes the item from the compartment in his armor, it's a small vox-theif. He holds it up for the cell to inspect breifly before following Plex out the door.
  37. [20:22] <Plex> ++Once we took the proper track, milady,++ Plex says tiredly. ++I apologize for the early embarrassment.++
  38. 01[20:23] <Staffen> Sierck bows his head and smiles, laughing weakly through ragged breaths.
  39. 06[20:24] * Petrus follows the rest of the cell
  40. 01[20:24] <Staffen> ++Unfortunately,++ you hear Octavius say, ++just saying 'the Akros Sector' doesn't give us much. That could easily be a thousand systems to look through.++
  41. 01[20:24] <Staffen> The Knight is present, but he is standing at attention; you quickly see why.
  42. [20:25] <Six-Jay> ++ I am sorry my lord,++ Six-jay speaks into his own vox-bead. ++ But with the prove we have gathered we can turn him over for a more detailed examination by the excrutiators can we not?++
  43. [20:25] <Six-Jay> proof*
  44. 01[20:25] <Staffen> The Space Wolf -- Balmung, Octavius called him -- is standing with his arms across his breastplate. A literal, gargantuine grey-furred wolf trots close behind him, looking over your numbers with a haughty regard through cybernetic eyes.
  45. 06[20:26] * Petrus bows before the astartes
  46. 06[20:27] * Six-Jay pauses as he notices Balmung, he lowers his hand from his vox-bead and glances to the rest of the cell breifly before stepping forward and giving the Space-wolf a respectful nod. "My Lord."
  47. 01[20:27] <Staffen> "I see the old fop has you doing his work," Balmung growls. He says a few indecipherable words to the wolf before looking at you again.
  48. 01[20:27] <Staffen> He removes his helmet, revealing long and wild hairand a thick grey beard. "How'd it end, then?"
  49. 06[20:28] * Six-Jay seems unsure as to whether or not they should share the unadulterated information with the Astartes.
  50. [20:29] <Six-Jay> My lord," Six-jay speaks, clearing his throat.
  51. 01[20:30] <Staffen> The wolf sits on its hind legs and the two of them expectantly look to Six-Jay -- it's as if they're coordinating the turn of their heads.
  52. 06[20:30] * Six-Jay goes on. "Proper Protocol demands that we return our information first to the Inquisition, the Venerable Adeptus Astartes will be informed together at the council.
  53. 01[20:31] <Staffen> A grumbling laugh emerges from Balmung's throat, and suddenly any imposing quality to his expression fades. He seems more like a happy old man now.
  54. 06[20:31] * Six-Jay lets out a breath that he did not know he had been holding.
  55. 06[20:32] * Narcisa stares up at the large Space marine, perhaps a bit of a look of shock breaking her features a she witnessed one laughing.
  56. 01[20:32] <Staffen> "Well, little laddy," he says, fishing in a pouch, "I think this gives me the authority to hear that information, does it not?"
  57. 01[20:33] <Staffen> He produces a icon in the shape of a stylized red "I". A golden skull sits in its center, and its edges are black.
  58. [20:33] <Plex> "The magos worked with Vok," she says, still tired, and ignoring the guardsman. "Claims to have been mere quality control. They were delivering to Iron Warriors, the 14th Grand Company, somewhere in the Akros sector. Milord." The last is added almost as an afterthought, though she remembers to at least incline her head.
  59. [20:34] <Narcisa> She nodded at Plex's report. After a pause, "If I may? Lord?" As if asking permission for something
  60. 01[20:34] <Staffen> The Wolf raises a brow, looks at the rosette, and then looks over you all. "Kraken's Tooth, didn't think that'd actually work on you. But this is great news."
  61. 06[20:34] * Six-Jay glances sharply at Plex, but when the Space Wolf produces the Rossette he has the decency to blush for a moment before snapping his attention to the Knight near the door. "My Lord, the prisoner is once more returned to your charge. If you would be so kind as to look in on him while we speak with the representative?"
  62. 01[20:35] <Staffen> He puts away the rosette. "I'm not here for the prisoner, lad. And, you can talk when you want, Tech-Priest. I don't mind."
  63. [20:35] <Narcisa> "Might you know what a Warsmith is?"
  64. [20:36] <Narcisa> "It is not a rank I recognize from the Mechanicus. At least ... amongst the mortals."
  65. 01[20:36] <Staffen> "I do," the Wolf grins, "Anselm and I helped knock one over. Neither of us got him, though - we were cheated out of that. It's a name the Iron Warriors have for one of their commanders."
  66. [20:37] <Narcisa> "Warsmith Todt is a heretek. He works alongside Traitor Marines, then." She mutters and nods "My thanks."
  67. 06[20:38] * Six-Jay still seems intent on bustling the Knight on guard duty back into the cell with the Heretek.
  68. 01[20:38] <Staffen> "Anyway," Balmung begins, patting the axe that rests on his thigh, "my old Brother Anselm wanted me to bring you to drink with us tonight. Said he had business with you lot."
  69. 06[20:39] * Six-Jay glances to the rest of the party and then back to the Space Wolf. "Ah, Shall I inform our Lord Inquisitors that you will be meeting with the Battle-Brothers then?" He directs the question at the cell, clearly beleiving he is uninvited.
  70. 01[20:40] <Staffen> Balmung points a finger towards Six-Jay. "Methinks you're invited as well, lad."
  71. 06[20:41] * Six-Jay seems surprised at this but then inclines his head in acquescience towards the superhuman. "As you say my Lord."
  72. [20:41] <Narcisa> "I hope he does not expect us to drink with the both of you." She remarked a bit off the cuff "You would... hold us at a disadvantage."
  73. 01[20:42] <Staffen> Balmung shrugs. "Who's to say?" He snaps his fingers at the wolf, and the animal quickly stands up. "Let's get going."
  74. 06[20:44] * Plex shrugs before following the astartes. "Best keep up," she informs the rest of the group.
  75. 01[20:44] <Staffen> He clomps off in the direction he came, and the wolf follows after without bothering to look to you all.
  76. 06[20:44] * Six-Jay nods once to the others and then key's in his vox-bead as he takes up the rear, muttering into it softly for a few moments.
  77. 06[20:45] * Petrus follows after the astartes
  78. 06[20:45] * Narcisa follows. She looks to Plex "It would be bad form to ask if I might pet the beast that follows him would it not?"
  79. 06[20:46] * Plex nearly trips from the unexpected question.
  80. 01[20:47] <Staffen> "It would," Balmung blurts out, "he doesn't like being pet. I think it hurts his ego... him and Anselm are similar like that."
  81. [20:47] <Plex> "You heard him," Plex almost slurs. "No petting Anselm."
  82. 06[20:48] * Six-Jay clears his throat and replies. "Several of the Fenrisian breed have... Behaved badly in response to the the crews treatment of them. When the noble Space Wolves arrived, it took some getting used to for the crew to uh... Understand how to deal with them."
  83. 01[20:48] <Staffen> Balmung begins laughing so hard he stops in place. "Aye, I think he'd bite you harder for it!"
  84. 06[20:48] * Narcisa smiles "Yes. No petting the astartes." she repeats, her head dangling quickly though as she kept her head low as she followed
  85. 01[20:49] <Staffen> A few minutes' walk later, and you arrive at another prefab bulding. A Knight is emerging from it with his helmet locked to his belt.
  86. 01[20:50] <Staffen> "Amandus," Balmung calls, "your Master here already, boy?"
  87. 01[20:50] <Staffen> The Knight nods. "He's sending me off on errands, my Lord. He's in his usual place."
  88. 01[20:51] <Staffen> They nod to one another, and pass each-other by. Amandus gives you all a look-over as he walks, but doesn't seem concerned at all by you.
  89. 06[20:52] * Six-Jay does his best not to make eye-contact with the Knight as they pass by.
  90. 06[20:52] * Petrus tries to look as professional as possible
  91. 01[20:53] <Staffen> Balmung enters into the prefab, holding the door open for you all.
  92. 06[20:54] * Petrus goes into the building
  93. 06[20:54] * Narcisa would have forced herself to meet the gaze as she entered the structure, trying to at least limit her mopey-ness. She followed as one might expect.
  94. 06[20:54] * Six-Jay will be the last to enter, aside from Balmung himself. Clearly out of his depth. He had been here for a long time but was clearly unused to interacting with Space Marines in any enviroment outside fo the formal one.
  95. 06[20:55] * Plex enters as well.
  96. 01[20:56] <Staffen> Within is a large array of enormous men - Space Marines out of their war plate talking amongst their armored brethren. The chamber is furnished as a drinking hall, and most of the people gathered are hirsute men in grey armor or tunics. There are a fair few white-wearing Astartes, their tunics decorated with black crosses.
  97. 01[20:57] <Staffen> Here and there are a few Marines wearing black tunics trimmed in the same gold you saw on Anselm earlier. They wear gold crosses which in turn have black crossses embeeded in them.
  98. 06[20:58] * Six-Jay survey's the room noteing something of the possible chapter makeup by their out-of armor tunics and habits.
  99. 01[20:58] <Staffen> One is a positively enormous man. He stands amidst a gathered group of his Battle-Brothers, locked in a boasting match with a Space Wolf.
  100. 06[20:58] * Petrus bows to the gathered space marines
  101. 06[21:00] * Narcisa looks about with heavy eyes, muttering "I already feel as if I do not belong." loud enough for hopefully the immediate group to hear.
  102. 01[21:00] <Staffen> Another black-and-gold-wearing Marine regards you from a seat on the edge of the ring of spectators. A third -- even from this distance you can tell he looks astonishingly old compared to the others -- sits in a corner, watching the contest, and a fourth is sitting at the far end of the table, alone as well. He watches you enter.
  103. 01[21:02] <Staffen> Curiously, many of the Knights seem to also be marked with what looks like a red hand in the center of their iconography.
  104. 01[21:02] <Staffen> Balmung shoves his way past the gathered crowd at the table for the boasting-match. His passing draws the attention to him.
  105. 01[21:03] <Staffen> "Hail, Balmung," a Wolf calls, "can I offer you a drink for a story, Brother?"
  106. 01[21:03] <Staffen> Balmung holds up a hand. "Maybe later."
  107. 01[21:04] <Staffen> "Balmung," the black-wearing Knight at the end of the table shouts, "maybe you can tell us sooner or later about that wolf's fur!"
  108. 01[21:04] <Staffen> The Wolf laughs at this, but ignores that one otherwise. He makes his way to the corner.
  109. 01[21:06] <Staffen> The Knight sitting there is staring into his drink. His face is thin, defined by prominent cheekbones. His eyes are sunk into his skull, and surrounded by thick wrinkles. Much of his face is covered in distinct lines of age. Three studs are on his forehead, a good half of the cluster on Balmung's.
  110. 01[21:07] <Staffen> Like an old man, he slowly turns his watery eyes up to Balmung, and gives a smile through his thin, bloodless lips.
  111. 06[21:08] * Plex has followed Balmung through the effective "bar;" by no means small, she's still dwarfed by every single marine present, including those out of armor.
  112. 01[21:08] <Staffen> His smile widens and he bares his teeth. "Balmung," he says, standing up. His arms are thick and spotted, muscular despite the fact he looks incredibly old. He easily competes with Balmung for height despite being outside of his armor. He's a huge example of Astartes.
  113. 01[21:09] <Staffen> "Anselm," Balmung says, grabbing the Marine in a big hug. "What's this about, then? Decided to get out of the armor for tonight?"
  114. 01[21:09] <Staffen> The Wolf releases the Knight, then. "Business. I'll explain in a moment."
  115. 06[21:09] * Six-Jay frowns slightly, clearly unused to the enviroment.
  116. 01[21:10] <Staffen> Anselm turns his attention to the Cell. "You're the queen-bitch's hounds, then," he says warmly, as if what he just said isn't at all derogatory.
  117. 06[21:11] * Six-Jay has absolutely no problem with that, after all... He works for Octavius.
  118. [21:11] <Plex> "Guilty as charged, milord," Plex says, bowing in a manner that would make Nyx proud.
  119. [21:11] <Petrus> "Indeed Lord Astartes."
  120. 01[21:12] <Staffen> The old Marine gives a loud snort. "We met earlier. You might as well be meeting me entirely anew now, though - I'm a different creature in armor, I'm told."
  121. 01[21:13] <Staffen> Anselm sighs as he relaxes into his seat. "Come, sit you lot. I had properly-sized chairs brought for you all."
  122. 01[21:13] <Staffen> "Kept one for you though, Balmung. You're likely to crack one of those little stools in half with your... girth."
  123. 06[21:13] * Petrus finds a seat and sits down
  124. 06[21:13] * Plex snickers just a little tiny bit at the description of the chairs before sitting as requested.
  125. 06[21:14] * Narcisa moves to sit, likely a seat away from the marines, reserving that honor for those that had properly earned the praise heaped upon the group earlier
  126. 01[21:14] <Staffen> Balmung laughs at that, and sits at the appropriate place besides Anselm. He barks a command to the wolf, which curls at the floor beside him.
  127. [21:14] <Six-Jay> "My thanks Great Lords." Six-jay speaks with all the air of a Schola-Raised soldier. He too moves to sit.
  128. 01[21:15] <Staffen> "Look at you," Anselm cooes, "so eager to spout honorifics. I imagine that Odin's taught you well."
  129. 01[21:15] <Staffen> Balmung seems to snigger at the name "Odin".
  130. 06[21:15] * Six-Jay bristles quietly but responds with as much dignity as he can muster. "Indeed my Lords. Speaking of my master, he will miss our report dearly if we are delayed for too long."
  131. [21:16] <Plex> "Relax," Plex says. "He was listening with the Lady to our proceedings. Likely we won't be providing him with anything new in person."
  132. [21:17] <Petrus> "I'm sure he will give you some leeway when he hears why you're late."
  133. 06[21:18] * Six-Jay glances to Plex like she had just stepped in his pie, but turns his attention back to the space-marines. "You have important news my lords?"
  134. 01[21:18] <Staffen> "Of course he will," Anselm says, taking a sip of his steel mug. "Odin and I have an understanding... I don't twist his head off and he doesn't nag at me too much. Here's a bit of advice to you - don't try to drink the Fenrisians' alcohol. It tastes of plumbing-purge and iron. "
  135. 01[21:18] <Staffen> Balmung chuckles at that. "This lightweight hadn't ever drank before we were in the Watch. None of his boys had. None of them know good drink."
  136. 01[21:19] <Staffen> Anselm rolls his eyes tiredly. "Anyway, Odin and the queen-bitch are rather the reason I've got you all here."
  137. 06[21:20] * Plex is suddenly all ears.
  138. 01[21:23] <Staffen> Anselm scoffs. "This is something new to me. Usually when I talk with mortals they're all eyes and ears. Did you not hear about all of my exploits while you were pissing yourself and crying for more from your collective teats?"
  139. [21:24] <Narcisa> "Judging from your age your exploits were prior even to that."
  140. 06[21:25] * Six-Jay clears his throat slightly. "What is it you are trying to say my Lord?"
  141. 01[21:26] <Staffen> Anselm casts a dark smile and snorts. "You'd be right, I'll wager, little Tech-Priest. Most of our ventures fade after two-hundred years, but for some reason someone felt it prudent to keep our Team's fresh in the public mind. I guess I can't say I'm not unhappy you aren't too tripping over yourselves to hear about the Iron Collar or the Ethereal Terror."
  142. 01[21:27] <Staffen> He sighs and looks to Six-Jay. "I'm saying you lot are green enough to piss grass. But still, my two Inquisitorial nuisances think it prudent I should ask for your help. I'm inclined to agree with them if half what I've of you is true."
  143. [21:27] <Petrus> "Lord Astartes I noticed that not all the chapters present in the campaign are at this meeting, is there a reason for this?"
  144. 06[21:28] * Plex listens carefully, refraining from speaking as anything she'd ask he's likely to answer shortly anyway.
  145. 01[21:29] <Staffen> Anselm nods to Petrus. "For one, the Templars are too busy praying. They have an odd way of doing it, I think - me, I am content to pray as I chop off the heads of heathens, but they have to do it in seclusion. The concept of drink and socializing is lost on the Ultramarines and the Fists as well. The Wardens -- there's a few here. But a lot of them are off on duty at the moment. Don't get me started on the Spirits. I will say with all respect to Master Thanatos that there is simply no good blood between our Chapters."
  146. 06[21:31] * Petrus nods
  147. 06[21:31] * Six-Jay nods slightly. "What is it then that you require of us my Lords?"
  148. 01[21:31] <Staffen> "I don't need anything out of you," Anselm says. "Odin wants you to play a part with a little trap though."
  149. [21:31] <Plex> "The bait, or the spring?"
  150. 06[21:32] * Petrus raises an eyebrow "The bait?"
  151. 01[21:33] <Staffen> "I'm the bait, actually," Anselm says, "hence my lack of armor. People think that a Marine out of armor is hopeless -- what they don't realize is that I can rip this table out of its socket and crack every bone in all of your bodies with a wide enough swing."
  152. 06[21:33] * Petrus eye go wide
  153. [21:33] <Petrus> eyes*
  154. 06[21:34] * Narcisa reflexively jumps back a bit, still a bit jumpy from her previous work with the Magos
  155. 06[21:34] * Six-Jay thinks for a moment then speaks. "Which means the trap wont take place here? You are after all surrounded by other Marines... Even a confident fool would not attack a Space Marine in the midst of other space marines...Barring of course it was anouther space marine."
  156. 01[21:36] <Staffen> Anselm nods. "Not here. Oriel worries that some idiot in the Rogue Trader's fleet is compromised and is funnelling in traitors. They might be trying to disrupt things on the ground or they could be trying to save that prisoner. I'm going to go pay my respects to an old friend - that's when they're supposed to go for me."
  157. 01[21:36] <Staffen> "The question is why they'd go after you of all people, Skin-and-Bones," Balmung remarks.
  158. [21:36] <Petrus> "Lord Winterscale knows of the traitors in his fleet."
  159. [21:37] <Plex> "The magos did seem awfully certain that his stay would be short."
  160. 01[21:37] <Staffen> Anselm tilts his head. "Does he? Do you speak with him frequently? Have you talked to him in the last hour?"
  161. [21:37] <Petrus> "No I have not Lord Astartes, but the reason he has joined the campaign is because of the traitor."
  162. [21:38] <Petrus> "If they had the ability to kidnap his niece off one of his ships then they have the ability to take over one of his ships."
  163. 06[21:38] * Six-Jay thinks for several long moments, surveying the rest of the cell and the two marines while he does so. "My lord Petrus, Winterscales fleet is huge. Surely you cant suggest he is sure of the loyalty of absolutely every one?"
  164. [21:39] <Six-Jay> everyone*
  165. 01[21:39] <Staffen> Anselm grumbles and narrows his tiny eyes. "So he thought it wise to come here knowing someone in his retinue has sold him out. Someone so cowardly as to kidnap his own blood..."
  166. [21:40] <Petrus> "Yes Lord Astartes, but he is not stupid. He may be brash and over eager to launch a barrage of torpedoes at someone who looks at him funny but he is hardly stupid."
  167. [21:40] <Plex> "Perhaps this trap idea came to the Lady and Inquisitor Octavius from him," Plex offers.
  168. [21:41] <Petrus> "He might be feeding the traitor wrong information."
  169. [21:42] <Six-Jay> "Regardless, the Inquisitors have directed the Space Marines to us. That is as good as an order from them in my ledger, does that not decide the issue?"
  170. 01[21:42] <Staffen> "The plan," Anselm takes a quick chug of his drink, "ugh, this is disgusting -- the plan is, I shall go to a square near here -- I know it well. I'd been there before. I'm going to pay my respects to an old friend there. You'll be in place beforehand - you'll approach it by circling around and setting up there. Hopefully, we'll catch attention, and hopefully we can get names out of it."
  171. 01[21:42] <Staffen> "To answer your question, Balmung," Anselm says, picking up a laurel which had been disposed of on the table, "they know who I am. They know what it will do to morale here if I am killed. Either everyone begins acting irrationally, or they fall into a panic."
  172. 01[21:43] <Staffen> He places the laurel on his head.
  173. [21:43] <Plex> "A plan with few moving parts is one with fewer chances of failure," Plex notes. "A relatively simple ambush, then."
  174. 01[21:44] <Staffen> "I thought it was stupid," Anselm admits. "Oriel seems to think it'll work though. He doesn't make these sorts of arrangements unless it will work out. And I wouldn't be surprised if he has ulterior motives."
  175. 06[21:44] * Narcisa furrows her brows but bites her tongue, holding back a question, shaking a questioning look off her face with a shake of her head, contradicting herself when she spoke "Indeed."
  176. 01[21:45] <Staffen> Anselm puts his mug down and looks to you all. "Working for the Inquisition must be insulting. All the wetwork, all the dirty tricks... I have heard much about you all. You're all inexperienced yet, but I think with the right direction you can be made into legendary warriors. You wouldn't want to become my serfs would you? Fight in the name of glory untold?"
  177. [21:45] <Six-Jay> "My lord, you will be unarmed and unarmored in this Ambush?"
  178. [21:46] <Narcisa> "He did say without armor." She noded
  179. 06[21:47] * Six-Jay blinks slightly, surprised by the offer. He looks at the marine with something more approaching the awe of a common soldier for a moment before he snaps out of it and inclines his head. "Your offer is far to worthy for me my lord, though I thank you for the consideration."
  180. 01[21:48] <Staffen> Anselm laughs, and looks into his cup again. "Figured as much. I'd probably get you all eaten by some eldritch horror anyway."
  181. 06[21:49] * Plex half-smiles. "It was the Inquisition or fuel the Emperor's Throne. It's selfish of me, I know, but I rather like living."
  182. 01[21:50] <Staffen> "I'm not exactly going to be unarmed. I've killed other Marines with my fists," Anselm assures you. He reaches behind his seat, and plops down on the table possibly the largest sword any of you have likely seen. In its scabbard it easily is as long as Petrus is tall, and takes up most of the table's width.
  183. 01[21:51] <Staffen> "No Knight walks without his sword," Anselm assures you.
  184. 06[21:51] * Six-Jay coughs. "I shall forgo procureing and stashing you a bolter then my Lord."
  185. 01[21:52] <Staffen> "Sit and drink with us for a while. I won't be leaving a few hours. I'm in a mood to answer questions now anyway."
  186. [21:53] <Petrus> "What's the lay out of the ambush point?"
  187. 01[21:54] <Staffen> "It's an old city square," Anselm tells you. "It's been ruined since the siege a few years ago. Empty shell. The statue in the middle survived, praise the Throne."
  188. 01[21:55] <Staffen> "There are a couple of buildings to hide in," he adds. "You'll probably be able to set up comfortably."
  189. 06[21:55] * Plex looks at Six-Jay significantly.
  190. 06[21:56] * Six-Jay seems to be more in his element now. "Has the rubble been cleared? Will there be much cover for you or any possible assailents in the squares center?"
  191. 06[21:56] * Petrus nods "Any points of interest around the square?"
  192. 01[21:57] <Staffen> "It's not been cleared," Anselm says. "It's just the statue in the middle on a raised platform, a bunch of benches and posts and those waist-high walls architects are so obsessed over dropping randomly. Think it's pretty. A decent bit of cover, but much of it can be a killing-field very easily."
  193. [21:58] <Narcisa> "I believe I shall choose to cower in one of the mentioned buildings myself."
  194. 01[21:59] <Staffen> Anselm chuckles at that.
  195. [21:59] <Petrus> "Could we survey the area ourselves?"
  196. 06[22:00] * Six-Jay nods his head, contemplating his strategy already.
  197. 01[22:00] <Staffen> "You should be in place and ready at least an hour before I show up," Anselm tells you. "I'll get you a map later. But yeah, you'll be able to look it over, but I recommend you be subtle in case our friends are already planning on me."
  198. [22:00] <Plex> "We can do subtle--really," she insists before any of the other Cell members can laugh.
  199. [22:01] <Narcisa> "A shame I did not bring along Varians mothers explosives." She mutters
  200. 06[22:02] * Six-Jay smiles. "I have a large selection of frag and Krak grenades as well as a Melta-bomb. Perhaps the marines might be persuaded to open their venerable armory to our disposal?"
  201. 01[22:02] <Staffen> Anselm glares at this. "Absolutely not," he says sternly. "Besides. One our grenades is about three times the weight of yours."
  202. 06[22:03] * Narcisa chuckles at this, perhaps imagining trying to throw it
  203. 06[22:04] * Six-Jay inclines his head. "My appologies lord, I merely suggest it might be prudent to bring to bear the weight of arms against an unknown foe."
  204. 01[22:05] <Staffen> "I can tell you an unlovely story about a mortal who once tried to wield an Astartes bolt pistol," Anselm says, leaning back in his seat.
  205. [22:05] <Plex> "No arms left after the recoil?"
  206. 06[22:06] * Six-Jay raises his hands in defense. "Pardon my lord, I was referring more to your supply of mines and other stationary explosive devices. As fine a weapon as your personal firearms are... I have no desire to use them."
  207. 01[22:07] <Staffen> "Horrible, the results. He didn't brace properly... couldn't; his hands were too small to fully cover the grip." Anselm shakes his head. "He pulled back on the trigger and the recoil somehow managed to catch his finger. As it twisted in his hand it spun towards him and he succeeded in pulling the trigger again in his resultant agony. That was most certainly not an open casket."
  208. 06[22:09] * Plex turns a little greener. " I can imagine it was not."
  209. 01[22:09] <Staffen> "You've no questions? About me? About Balmung?" Anselm gives you an almost predatory smile. "About those ghouls the Dark Angels? Or do they not tell you Chapter names when they tell our tales?"
  210. 06[22:09] * Narcisa makes an unpleasent grimace at the idea, cringing
  211. [22:09] <Petrus> "Do you have any idea on what we might face?"
  212. 01[22:10] <Staffen> Anselm sighs, and shkaes his head. "No, I do not have any idea in the slightest. I'd imagine they're armed like mercenaries if they're coming out of some Rogue Trader's group. They can't hope to fight Marines directly so they're liable to be hitting the power station for the fortress as well."
  213. 06[22:10] * Six-Jay clearly seeing no chance at victory, stands up and bows slightly to the marines. "As you will my Lords, I have much to prepare if we are to be ready to assume position before the trap is sprung." He turns to the others. "Shall we?"
  214. 01[22:12] <Staffen> Anselm sighs. "None to talk with me. Too many duties. No time for old legends."
  215. 01[22:12] <Staffen> "You're moping," Balmung cracks.
  216. 01[22:12] <Staffen> "Shut up, you hairy ass," Anselm snaps.
  217. [22:13] <Plex> "A moment," she says to Six-Jay. "Milords, I do remember...something. Vague. It had to do with a missile, but somehow your names were attached to the story. Is it mere hearsay, or is there some truth to the fantasy?"
  218. 01[22:13] <Staffen> Anselm and Balmung pause in their exchange of insults.
  219. 01[22:13] <Staffen> "I don't rightly remember anything," Balmung says, scrunching up his bearded face.
  220. 01[22:15] <Staffen> "There was Thanato," Anselm says, wagging his thick index finger. "You remember the superheavy bomber? In a panic Sinbad and I flew for it. You were in Tactical Dreadnought plate so you couldn't follow, but you damn-sure tried. You tried to take a rocket from the Helios."
  221. 01[22:15] <Staffen> Balmung gives a broad smile at this. "Aye, I remember that disaster. The thing couldn't carry my weight though!"
  222. 01[22:16] <Staffen> Anselm grins thinly at this. "Neither of us rode a rocekt, sadly. I wish people remembered me grabbing onto that fighterjet in mid-flight though."
  223. 01[22:16] <Staffen> *rocket
  224. 02[22:18] * Plex (CelestialD@CA0B447C.871ABD36.96B4FF0C.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  225. [22:18] <Narcisa> She quirked a brow "Fighter jet?"
  226. 03[22:18] * Plex (CelestialD@CA0B447C.871ABD36.96B4FF0C.IP) has joined #eternalwar
  227. 01[22:19] <Staffen> Anselm nods. "Thanato. Just before I boarded the bomber. An archenemy fighter came at me, trying to clip me in half, but I lodged myself on top of it with my relic blade and began to wedge the stabilizer off - engine and all. I hopped off and it fireballed."
  228. 06[22:20] * Six-Jay mutters something under his breath as he hears this.
  229. [22:20] <Plex> "So there were clearly entertaining actions, but the story was equally obviously sensationalized," she says, grinning.
  230. 01[22:21] <Staffen> Anselm laughs. "Indeed. Nobody talks about how I burned every hair from my body not two hours later. I think that's proscribed though. Maybe they talk about it in veiled terms."
  231. 06[22:22] * Narcisa looks suitably impressed at this, "Though perhaps we should leave before your stories distract us for the remainder of this day if not week."
  232. 01[22:22] <Staffen> Two hours pass. Balmung and Anselm exchange petty conversation about a variety of topics. They force answers to questions out of the Cell as well.
  233. 01[22:23] <Staffen> After some time, they finish, and Anselm hands you a rolled up map and sends you on your way, giving you his greatest assurances that you'll succeed.
  234. 01[22:24] <Staffen> The map's directions are clear; it's an hour's hike into abandoned city. Anselm's visit is in another three hours, under the cover of early morning darkness.
  235. 01[22:28] <Staffen> Soon after, you embark for the square with all your supplies on-hand. The way is quiet for the most part.
  236. 06[22:28] * Petrus goes and finds a bolt hole to hide in
  237. 06[22:30] * Six-Jay moves with the rest of the group, his equipment secreted in several packs and dissasembled. He notes a large group of individuals loading materials onto a centaur and discreetly points them out to the group.
  238. 06[22:38] * Six-Jay upon arrival moves to take up a position that will allow him to anchor the rest of the group concealing himself in the second story ruins of one of the buildings he covertly begins to assemble his kit, including his heavy stubber, his carapace armor and his other weapons.
  239. 01[22:39] <Staffen> Petrus locates a nice location in a shelled-out tithing center. It overlooks the statue in the middle.
  240. [22:40] <Petrus> ++Uh oh++
  241. [22:41] <Petrus> ++Seems someone else chose my spot++
  242. 01[22:42] <Staffen> The statue itself is a golden figure with an incredibly large bronze memorial plaque. The figure is a Space Marine, flowing cloth over his armor. His helmet, with its extended front shaped into an aquiline beak, is apparently wrapped in strips of cloth. He stands with his arms crossed, staring down in judgement of whoever stands before him. Miraculously, the statue does not appear to have suffered the damage that wrecked the rest of the area.
  243. 06[22:47] * Six-Jay has readied himself a nice little kill-nest, his equipment is laid out in concealment around him, his pack is removed and his helmet is on. His heavy stubber is blackened with soot and he is watching the road for Anslem or sign of his possible ambushers. He has made sure to be well inside the 120 meter range of his main weapon.
  244. 06[22:49] * Narcisa crouched, and did her best not to stick out like a bloody, blood-red sore thumb from her position overlooking the statue, her plasma pistol out and armed in her hands
  245. 06[22:50] * Plex finds herself a broken bit of building wall to blend in to, hesitantly touching the tainted Warp in the area and wrapping it about herself like a heavy, greasy blanket.
  246. 01[22:51] <Staffen> A couple quiet hours pass. Then, in the dead of night Anselm appears on the road in his black tunic, a faint blue light from the moon above catching against his sword's scabbard.
  247. 01[22:51] <Staffen> He slowly approaches the statue, hands thumbed through his belt, and kneels.
  248. 06[22:56] * Six-Jay hand quickly goes to his vox-bead and he speaks rapidly into the channel to Petrus. "Aegis, Sniper-Barrel across the way. Taking shot." He voxes the position quickly as he lines up his own blast.
  249. [22:57] <Petrus> ++You take him out. Still waiting for my guest++
  250. 06[22:59] * Six-Jay fires a huge fusilade at the location in question, doing nothing perhaps but indicating the locaiton of the target to everyone within a hundred miles.
  251. 01[23:01] <Staffen> Anselm can be seen to look around. Suddenly, a chorus of screams is heard in the night.
  252. 01[23:02] <Staffen> A hellish fire bursts into reality in the inky night sky. Flies can be heard buzzing somewhere. The air grows cold.
  253. 03[23:04] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  254. 03[23:04] * Staffen changes topic to '6J, Sok, Pet, Narcisa, DH4, DH1, Plex, DH2, DH3, SL'
  255. 03[23:05] * Staffen changes topic to 'Anselm, 6J, Sok, Pet, Narcisa, DH4, DH1, Plex, DH2, DH3, SL'
  256. 01[23:07] <Staffen> The lights in the courtyard, previously devoid of power, flicker on. In the dim you can see four figures flying through the sky, entering from various directions. One is bound in torture-gear while another is bloated beyond what should be physically possible for obesity. Another is little more than a burning skeleton and the last bears long, spindly appendages.
  257. 01[23:08] <Staffen> Anselm shouts in challenge at them:
  258. 01[23:09] <Staffen> "Foul netherbeings!" the Knight cries out. "I am Anselm of Silen! Terror to Heretics, Bane of Daemons, Slayer of Xenos! Guard Master to Vandemon Bruno! I have slain harder foes than you! Face me if you think yourselves brave!"
  259. 01[23:11] <Staffen> It seems to work, as he has captured the unholy creatures' attention, save for the burning one, which is looking in the direction of the Cell.
  260. 03[23:12] * Staffen changes topic to 'Anselm, 6J, Sok, Pet, Narcisa, DH1, DH2, Plex, DH3, DH4, SL'
  261. 06[23:14] * Six-Jay sees the encroaching daemons, but his attention is locked on the foe across the way. There was no telling what weapon the being across the way had and the space marine might have no defense against it. With a murmered prayer to Drusus and the Emperor he adjusts his aim and opens up with anouther full auto burst.
  262. 01[23:15] <Staffen> The figure in the window ducks away and most of the bullets miss him.
  263. 01[23:16] <Staffen> However, the rifle quickly pops back out. In the light provided by the streetlamps you can see the visible portion of the weapon appears frighteningly enormous.
  264. 06[23:19] * Six-Jay dives for cover as the weapon reappears and shouts into his comm-bead. "TAKE OUT THE FRACKING SNIPER!"
  265. 01[23:20] <Staffen> The sound from this assassin's weapon firing is deafening. The muzzle flare is blinding.  Six-Jay is able to slip past but the round determinedly slams through rockrete and through the ground behind Six-Jay. Where it went is anyone's guess.
  266. 06[23:24] * Petrus fires at the sniper but he rolls away in time
  267. 06[23:25] * Narcisa raises her drawn plasma pistol, the small blue vent on top glowing dimly as she concentrated on the twisted thing.
  268. 01[23:31] <Staffen> The fat daemon-thing flies with astonishing speed at Anselm, flailing its arms at him. The Knight is caught somewhat surprised by this as it cuts at him with its disgusting, long fingernails.
  269. 01[23:32] <Staffen> The burning thing, however, takes flight for your hiding-spot. It seems fully aware of where you are.
  270. 06[23:40] * Plex espies the sniper from her hidey place, framed neatly by the bullet holes 6-J left behind. She grabs a mental handful of the Warp sludge and forces it into the sniper's rifle, fouling its circuitry.
  271. 01[23:41] <Staffen> The bound daemon flies for Anselm now, making to bite him. He is able to slide away in time, but while he seems to attempt to counter it the thing slides away.
  272. 01[23:42] <Staffen> The fourth tries to go for Anselm, but misses him fully as well.
  273. 01[23:48] <Staffen> This would, perhaps, be why Anselm is so legendary. His sword flashes with energy, its form sheathed in bright blue. He socks the long-limbed thing square in the jaw, before twirling his blade and carving into the morbidly fat abomination. His attacks leave it a ruin, and its form begins to burn.
  274. 01[23:49] <Staffen> He brings his sword around with the grace of a dancer, controlling the man-sized weapon with a grace nobody should be capable of. He hacks deep into the bound daemon, and it cries out in pain as strips of shining black leather fall from its form.
  275. 06[23:54] * Six-Jay seeing the Daemon thing begin heading their way dives for his pack, keeping himself low as he begins fiddleing with an object inside of it for several long moments, his heavy stubber and autogun slung over his shoulders as he frantically works for several long moments before leaping up to the hole in the ruin. "VILE WARP SPAWN! COME AND GET ME!" He fires his weapon into the air for effect.
  276. 01[23:57] <Staffen> The daemon turns its attention to Six-Jay and opens its blackened jaw.
  277. 01[23:58] <Staffen> The sniper is loudly attempting to slip away.
  278. Session Time: Sun Nov 18 00:00:00 2012
  279. 06[00:03] * Petrus fires a shot through the wall and hits the fleeing sniper
  280. 03[00:05] * Staffen changes topic to 'Anselm, 6J, Sok, Pet, Narcisa, DH2, Plex, DH3, DH4, SL'
  281. 06[00:07] * Narcisa takes aim at the daemon floating above, the woman pulling the trigger on her plasma weapon before the tempermental thing simply hissed and discharged a great deal of heat from the vent, the techpriestess screaming out in pain as it heated up yet she was still able to hold it.
  282. [00:07] <Narcisa> "Aaaargh! Omnissiah... damn it!"
  283. 01[00:10] <Staffen> The burning daemon flies for Six-Jay, howling madly at him with arms outstretched to grab him. The trooper manages to avoid its grasp, however, and it lands in close proximity to the melta bomb, seemingly unaware.
  284. 06[00:16] * Plex remains hidden, instead casting about for a possible controlling link to the hosts...and finding none.
  285. 01[00:16] <Staffen> The daemons continue to assault Anselm in the square. He is able to fight them back, but the bound one bites into his flesh and shakes.
  286. 01[00:20] <Staffen> Anselm skewers the thing on his arm, and it releases its grip on his arm. Angry, he swings his sword, with the thing still stuck on it, at the long-limbed daemonhost.
  287. 01[00:20] <Staffen> The strike kills both of them, with the bound thing disintegrating under the force of the sword's impact and its energy field.
  288. 06[00:22] * Six-Jay focuses on the Deamonhost as it approaches, ducking the things hellish charge just as it reaches him. The thing instead flies past him and end up almost exactly where he wanted it too...With a breif and heartfealt thought of thanks to the Golden Throne Six-Jay stares down the abomination, and gives it the finger before throwing himself back off the ledge and out of the building, turning as he falls in an effort to minimi
  289. 06[00:23] * Six-Jay ***the damage he would suffer from the fall. Even as he throws himself from the building, the Melta-bomb goes off beneath the daemonhosts feet. Six-jay scrambles for a hold on the side of the building or to minimize the effect of his fall in anyway that he possibly can.
  290. [00:25] <Petrus> ++We've got company coming up the stairs++
  291. 01[00:27] <Staffen> The resultant blast fully disintegrates the monstrosity.
  292. 01[00:27] <Staffen> Down in the courtyard, Anselm of Silen roars in triumph.
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