Living Under The Moon Chapter 3 (prose) (37-54)

Mar 11th, 2013
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  1. The next instant there's a bang and a bright flash.
  2. The hooded ponies disappeared. A giant banner, rolls down the front of the building. The bright red resembles the cloaks that you'd just seen, but the most eye catching is the heavily contrasting black letter on the banner.
  4. "Q"
  6. The sound of Luna gasping is what catches you off gaurd most "This is bad"
  7. "Bad?" You turn your head. "What do you mean"
  8. "We gotta go, /now/!" She says hastily "Let's get to the cart"
  9. Suddenly you rise into the air as Luna runs through the crowd hastily. You have no idea what's going on.
  10. Soon you see thd cart, your helmet being rushed into position on your head as a suddenly, SWISH, fills your ears in a blink you're at your home in the mountain. A second blink you land hooves first into the throne room in the canterlot castle.
  11. You dizzily stumble as you land, your eyes focusing eventually on Celestia.
  13. You turn to the left to see Luna, a look of exhaustion on her face. "Sister," she says in between pants "I...I have grave news" She say looking up towards her sister.
  14. "What is it?" She asks.
  15. "The Sons of Discord have returned." The word Discord makes your stomach clench. Discord was the only villain from the show that genuinely felt threatening to you.
  16. "At Ponyville city hall a banner bearing the Symbol of Discord hangs for all to see" Luna states further.
  17. Celestia turns to you expectantly "Is this true, Anon?"
  18. You nod "I can back her up on the claim"
  19. "Very well," She stood up to look down "I will begin taking the necessary precautions, the both of you be on your gaurd." She says to the both of you "The Sons have in the past proven to be unpredictable. So prepare for the worse. I will inform Twilight and her friends as soon as possible"
  20. Luna nods "Anon and I will guard the night" She says Saluting. You take that and Salute as well.
  21. A blink and the both of you are back home.
  22. You turn seeing Luna sitting on the floor "Oh...gosh" she pants further. "Make sure, that next time I panic, "She inhales deeply "Be sure I don't use that spell so fast like that"
  23. "Why's it exhaust you so much?"
  24. "It's more the rapid use of it." She answers.
  25. "So what do we do?" You ask looking at her.
  26. "We rest until we bring the moon up." Luna answers simply.
  27. "That's it?"
  28. "Yes."
  29. "Shouldn't we assemble the Lunar Guard?" You ask worried "and on that just how many are in your guard?" You fling a hoof to the side as you ask.
  30. "Ten"
  31. "Ten hundred?"
  32. "Ten pegasi."
  33. Fucking hell
  34. "We gotta fix that." You say, wide eyed at how small the princesses personal guard is. "Why is it like that?"
  35. She grumbles "I'll say it again; You've never had a negative reputation. My sister believe I should keep out of politics, therefore my guard team is small, and what few volunteers I had left after a month."
  36. "That is bullshit" You say.
  37. It took three sleepless days to actually convince Luna on your plan.
  38. "Okay..." She trails off as you stand the foggy marsh area of the Everfree Forest.
  39. It took fourty minutes to find what you were looking for.
  40. But you knew it would be here.
  41. You both stared at the large beat up cart, the show of wear and tear highly evident, as the environment had taken it's toll on the exterior.
  42. You tap three times
  43. This was first step of your plan.
  44. Recruiting a new Lunar Guard member.
  45. A unicorn.
  46. You'd have picked Twilight if you could, but having her might prove problematic should Celestia disapprove of this expansion with out her consent.
  47. So you went with a pony that was close to Twilight.
  48. A specific unicom.
  49. "Do you KNOW how late it is?!" The female voice yells from inside the cart.
  50. This might just suck...A lot.
  51. "Who dares disrupt The Great and Powerful Trixie's beauty sleep?!"
  52. The door pulls open revealing a very irritated Trixie.
  53. Of course the anger disappears the moment she sees you and Luna.
  54. -
  55. She was passed out for an hour.
  56. Honestly didn't expect her to do that when she saw you.
  57. Or Luna more specifically.
  58. "Wh-...What happened?" She muttered sitting up from her bed.
  59. "You passed out" You calmly say.
  60. " wasn't...a dream, Princess Luna is at my cart!"
  61. "In your cart...actually" Luna interrupts having been sitting
  62. "Huaaaah" The weirdest gasping noise escapes Trixie's mouth "I-I-IIII " She babbles on "I'm not worthy, Trixie is NOT worthy" She jumps from her bed bowing her head.
  63. "Please don't" Luna says.
  64. "But Trixie must, She...I've read SOOO much, your the reason I dedicated so much to my craft" She rambles
  65. "Uhm... We need to discuss some business" You finally say, having been" She props suddenly, "What is it?!"
  66. "We're looking to expand the gaurd" You state firmly. "And I've persuaded The Princess to allow you to be the first inductee"
  67. Her eyes went wide as saucers.
  68. Then she passed out.
  69. Again.
  70. another hour.
  71. "Well glad to see your up....again" You state as Trixie jumps up.
  72. "Luna Guard what!" she jumps at your voice
  73. "Well....Would you want to be in the guard?" You repeat the question feeling kind of odd, like you're talking to some crazy individual.
  74. "Why me?" She asks looking genuinely confused
  75. "Why not you?"
  76. "I'm just a show pony" she says slightly "I mean...half of my act is just me blowing up a storm"
  77. "Well if I remeber you did make a storm happen at one point" you state...You're starting to feel like Sethisto.
  78. "not a strong one" She retorts
  79. Luna interupts from the spot she's been sitting in "You do have potential" she tells her "I can feel it inside you"
  80. ", uh I don'y I don't think anyhow" she mutters
  81. "Please don't be modest" Luna objects " I sense a level of magic that could potentially rival my sisters student Twiligh Sparkle"
  82. Trixies eyes suddenly go wide....the air feeling deadly serious suddenly "Did you say....Twilight Sparkle"
  83. -
  84. "That...that usurping.....ARGH!" the right words seem to escape Trixie's mind as she stomps around the small space of the cart in irritation "No wonder she stoped the ursa major so easily! The disgusting arrogant..."
  85. You find it ironic she's call Twilight arrogant.
  86. "She could have this town wrapped around her finger!" Trixie huffs in anger
  87. "I believe that's called humility in these time Trixe" Luna says "if I may I could teach you as my sister has for Twilight, I'm sure you would find it beneficial"
  88. "Only if you join the guard!" you interupt quick tomake sure she'd actually help your goal and not just do it to serve out her petty grudge against Twilight. "You'll have to serve with me and defend the kingdom and Luna," you explain "And that would mean cooperating with Ms. Sparkle"
  89. Trixie's face contorts in irritation "Fine! I'll join," she says her voice calming down "if joining a guard is what will my Trixie Truly Great and Powerful then She shall do such!"
  91. Luna had probably recieved the biggest magic work out in the span of ten minutes teleporting the cart to the house, and then teleporting the both of you. to the canterlot castle to retrieve Trixie's armor.
  93. It took 2 hours.
  94. First it was finding the right size, then the right weight. ,then the right material of metal, then, the right 'colour' so it went with her hat. then she spent nearly a half hour in itself fussing at how it made her look broader in the shoulders (it took fifteen minutes to tell her that YES they this was the only armor that fit to her desired specifications.)
  96. All this while you sat outside the fitting room standing about bored whilst Luna and Celestia discussed Trixie's new arrangements and how Luna was to teach Trixie only the magic she needed, you'd specifically went out of your way to let Luna know about the potential for Trixie jumping ship once she had the skills equal to Twilight.
  98. So now here you were. Sitting outside the door, Waiting.
  100. You feel like you're in one of those weird anime's where your thrust into a crazy scenario surrounded by a dozen women, and the sexual tension is just oozing out of every crevice when your alone...except not...Don't know where that thought really came from.
  102. "And the Great and Powerful Trixie is finished!" She anouncec waalking out to meet you, her new armor matched to go go with the color of her cape and hat.
  104. "You do realize you have to wear the helmet right?"
  106. "Actually, if my research is correct, unicorns don't need them" Trixie smiles confidently "the helmet interfere's with the magic of their horn."
  108. " I did not know this." you sayrolling your eyes a little.
  110. "Now...let me get a look at my superior officer" She says, with out warning grabbing your face with her hooves. You let out an odd 'squeek' noise as your uzzle scrunches in her grip, her eyes looking about appraisingly. "My, oh my, in the light you are very easy on the eyes"
  112. "Wha..." your eye twitches as your face heats up.
  114. She keeps turning your face, admiring it's looks "and how do you get your mane to do this" she asked noting the way it sort of swooshed to the side in a way reminiscient to Matt Smith,
  116. "It just does..?" you answer confused not used to this much physical contact in your new body.
  118. "Well don't stop" She says with a peculiar tone "It's quite befitting...and your eyes..." she suddenly has her, armored, hoof pressing up against your eyelid. "You are just like the text books, eyes suited for dark," she's suddenly grabbing at your wing, "Leathered wind for speed"
  120. You let out a sharp "Hnnnnnng!" Why does everyone like these wings so much!? They do the same fucking things as feathered ones!
  122. "You are definetly the best looking mare I've met in quite a while" she says admiring your whole body as she walks around you "Built perfectly for your career, oh you we will definetly need to spend some quality time together"
  124. she fliting? With you?
  126. Fuck it, your definetly in one of THOSE anime's.
  127. "You know I'm a stallion, right?" manage to say as she keeps inspecting you. You realised she'd called you a mare.
  129. "So you are" she responds in a passing manner, her voice containing little interest outside of looking at every inch of your body.
  131. "I really don't se how I'm so interesti-AAAYAYAY"
  135. FUCk!!!!
  137. Curse your devilish handsomeness.
  139. "For a stallion your tail and mane are very soft."
  141. "I use salon brands," You defend yourself.
  143. She keeps toushing you all about, Damn it she's persitant "Yes, I like how you look" She tells you as she finally stands in front of you "But you're obviously not like other equestians" she says "Too defensive"
  145. "Well I'm not exactly the same species" you argue back, realising your blunder in words "Of pony! of those!"
  147. She gives a laugh "Well...I will find out." she smiles at you playfully,
  149. "Ahem" The sound of Luna comes from behind you both.
  151. Thank. God.
  153. "Sorry to interrupt, but it's getting rather close to morning, and Anon has his training session with Shining Armor." She tells the both of you "And you," she turns to Trixie "We will be going to a special training room of our own to augment your abilities"
  155. Trixie grins excitedly "Oh excellent!"she jumps to her side " I promise I won't dissapoint you Princess"
  157. "Luna will suffice" she says turning to you " I trust you can find the training grounds on your own." she says before they both start turning away teleporting in a dark blue flash to who knows where.
  159. A second passes and you let out a relieved sigh, feeling your back muscles loosen slightly "Alright..." you say aloud turning to walk toward the hallway that leads toward the training grou-
  161. Standing where you've turned is a blank white face surrounded by a red cloak. "Hello plebian" the indeterminable accent speaks to you through the blank mask.
  163. Well, this certainly can't be good.
  165. You turn to check your exit only to find a second cloaked pony blocking it off.
  167. "So your the anomaly" the mare like voice speakes behind the mask walking to inspect you. "Hard to believe you adapted so well to the dimensional shift" she says as you watch how her body moves smoothly, the cloak shaped in such a way that it couldn't be doubted that they were at the least a mare.
  169. "And you are?" you voice drags into silence as you ask the question
  171. "A Son of Discord of course" you could her a slight grin in her voice "And you're a human"
  173. The calm statement takes you off guard slightly as you fight the twitching reflexes in the muscles of your face to show alarm.
  175. "Yes we know Anon, you caught our attention the moment you were pulled into our world by our great antogonist"
  177. "So should I call you Whitey the mighty then?"
  179. You hear a chuckle as she circles you "if you so choose, you may call me Ivory."
  181. "So you're a girl, but your a son of discord..." you chuckle back with a smile "That seems like a bit of a contradiction, dont you think?"
  183. You suddenly find yourself pressed against the wall "We have no concern of the formalities of gender" you find yourself staring into a pair of light blue eyes, our own eyes darting noticing the sandy brown hair that was revealed by her fallen hood.
  185. "And why am I so important?" you mutter as she presses your armor into your chest.
  187. "You're a formality, a small complications that I've been allowed to take care of" you find yourself staring into her eyes...a slight glowing come from behind her mask as you feel compelled to stare, unmoviign as you feel everything else become important "You're not important, just a disgusting insect." she says as you feel her hoof press into your neck.
  188. Your heart beat races as you feel your airflow start to cut off "Oh I love it when their so succeptable to hypnosis...I could almost making your force yourself to stop breathing."
  190. You can feel yourself panicking yet, only physically...yet your feel completely relaxed.
  192. "I could make you do that....but then I wouldn't get to savor that special feeling..." she grins pulshing closer her. her hoof pressed against your neck further as breathing becomes even harder "..that special closeness of watching your life leave you, that moment where I see the light in your eye's the most intimate thing I ever get...moment like these." She keeps talking as your head starts to get blurring "I share my identity with you...something Son's of Discord are forbidden from doing....and you share your last rasping breaths with me...isn't that special?"
  194. You only manage to make a gurgling grunt in response as blotchy red spots cover your vision.
  196. You can make out a mass of light grey fur appear....a soft pressure against your lips...a stroking of your mane...
  198. Vision fading.
  200. Oh god...
  203. You start seeing flashes of your early life, every girlffriend you've ever had...
  205. This really sucks.
  207. You're dying.
  209. And you're seeing your entire life play before your eyes.
  211. This is horrifying.
  213. You never got to tell that one girl you liked her, You're never gonna see how your new life would have went here... And you think you just had your first and only kiss stolen from the one pony who's killing you. Fuck.
  215. You're only hope is that equestria doesn't have a hell...
  217. You hear a sounds like...
  219. "Stop it!" it a loud male voice calls shooting from nowhere, you feel Ivory's grip release, your vision returns in time to see Ivory dissapear in light magenta energy...a flash of energy passing by as you see the other Discord Son try to retaliate.
  221. Your throat stings as air flows back through it, the flesh pushing back out as you gasp and groan, your vision swirling again as your suddenly black out from all the stress.
  223. You don't know how long you were out.
  225. "Anon," the voice calls "Anon, can you hear me?"
  227. Your head feels really fuzzy....
  228. Oh...yeah, it's covered in fur.
  229. "Anon?" you hear the sound of Shining Armor.
  231. "Five...more minutes please" your grumble, holding your head "What the hell happened?" You ask, blinking your eyes open as your vision works it's way back from blurry to clear.
  233. "You were attacked" He says as you turn over to look at him.
  235. "Oh!" you exclaim the momories flashing back at you; the attack. the banter, the almost dying....and oh shit "she kissed me..." you mutter in disbelief.
  237. "What?" Shining asked confused at your statment.
  239. "Nothing...just what happened to her?" You ask concerned as your last memory was of her evaporating in a mist of magenta.
  241. "Oh, I zapped her with a displacement spell," He says says calmly "by now she's in the gallopfrey islands"
  243. blink a bit "she was a unicorn....she could telport back."
  245. "Displacement spell tend to disrupt a unicorns own magic" he explains "uses their horns magic to put them elsewhere and then makes it fizzled for a day."
  248. " definetly a neat trick...what about their friend?" you ask slowly crawling off the table, recognizing the room as a medical room.
  250. "Well..I think they were a pegasi or an earth pony"HE answered shaking his head a little, dizziness apparent "...sorta...zapped my energy a little."
  252. "I'd imagine a spell like that wouln't be to big for ya" you chuckle prodding his side a bit.
  254. He laughs in return prodding back "mostly specialise in defensive spells...but I'm working on expanding my skill set"
  256. You laugh a bit before quieting down a bit "Those were The Sons of Discord." you tell him.
  258. "I suspected that, I've been briefed on them a bit, didn't expect them to try an attack so soon." he rubs his hoof to his head "here I was hoping we could ease up on security"
  260. "Ain't no rest for justice" You say...that sound corny...
  262. "WHERE IS HE?!" Luna's voice echoes down the hall, the royal voice rattling the shelves and cabinets.
  264. "I'm in trouble aren't I?"
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