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Oct 23rd, 2019
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  1. Alternatively if you do not believe me buy some pH strips and test the pH of your urine. If it is anything below 6 there is an underlying issue with the gut. If you're above 6, then you can conclude I'm wrong, a quack, and a retarded faggot. But if I'm not, then my THEORY may help you. Disease cannot thrive in an alkalized gut. If disease is the root cause of this issue, then it can be resolved through altering the pH value and getting essential minerals. If it is truly genetics, which in my experience is rarely the case, then it was worth a try.
  3. >and you never answered my question about infection in mammals
  4. Infection is animals is extremely rare as compared to humans and those who are infected are often kept in captivity and/or surrounded by pollutants.
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