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  1. We look for front-end developer who understands JavaScript basics, knows the V8 work and experienced dealing with Angular 1.x+ apps with JADE - based layout.
  3. We developed a web-based sound-processing software which is called GPU AUDIO - these are several one-page apps based on common source files and unique technology stack.
  5. Each app is a set of knobs, buttons and other controls. We use WebSockets to send data to our Node.js - based test app and back. Data is wrapped into Protobuf message but don't worry - you will not handle this data, we do that for you. Each app represents its unique set of knobs and other controls to handle and animate data it receives from a server or from a user by catching mouse events.
  7. For this job, we have several tasks to work with, all of them are well-described and documented using our GitLab Issue Tracker. Also, we are all online almost 24/7 and have a practice of online conversations to help developers we work with to achieve our common targets - get things done, - so you will know anything at any stage of your work.
  9. Here is a short list describing tasks we have to implement:
  11. - Fix compressor one-page app layout. The app is almost done in terms of layout, you have to fix .jade by implementing slot-controller and overriding all slot knobs styles as it needs;
  13. - Do the same for a multi-compressor app;
  15. - Fix spectrum analyzer component by implementing generator for Node.js test app and;
  17. - Fix equalizer filter curve-rendering formulas (formulas provided by us).
  19. You can see some apps developed (and you will deal with) in the attachment. Full list of tasks and other details are available upon work discussion.
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