Sweetie Belle x Button Mash Greentext

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  1. [SCAT WARNING: some parts of this story contain minor scat; I've put a tilde (~) before any scenes where this is prevalent.]
  5. >Sweetie Belle and Button Mash hang out regularly.
  6. >They like to sit and waste the time away by playing video games.
  7. >During one instance of this, Sweetie begins to realise a growing agony in her belly.
  8. >That extra helping of cheese at lunch certainly didn't help, and neither did all that binging at dinner last night.
  9. >Her belly was rumblingly loudly, those rumbles growing more and more noticeable with each one that involuntarily shook the little filly's tummy.
  10. >The pain becomes more and more of a problem, and the dawning realisation that gas is going to pass rather soon only alerts poor Sweetie Belle more.
  11. >She keeps glancing to Button, making sure that he doesn't look over at all--her plan is to try and let some gas out silently and stealthily.
  12. >She holds a clasp on her sphincter until the buildup cannot be held back anymore and quietly leans aside, focusing everything on making this fart silent.
  13. >Her nerves stiffen; she bites her lip as she feels the ring of muscle allow a toasty jet of air to pass through it with a near-inaudible sort of hissing.
  14. >Button seems to have not noticed her little release, and Sweetie feels confident in her plan's success.
  15. >Her relief is quite soon diminished as the air around her slowly sours; a super strong scent of eggs and veggies growing up from her little butt.
  16. >She panics, and makes desperate efforts to fan her steaming plot with her tail, but to no avail.
  17. >Button sniffs, and turns to Sweetie with a rather disgusted expression.
  19. "Do you smell that?"
  20. "Smell what?!"
  21. "Smells like somepony farted."
  23. >Button sniffs around for a few more seconds before giving up and turning back to the game.
  24. >Sweetie Belle sighs a breath of relied and wipes her brow.
  25. >She decides it's best to just get back to focusing on the game and wait till she's next outside to relieve herself fully.
  26. >This idea works... For the best part of a minute, when that churning gurgle resonates from her marginally pudgy little belly again.
  27. >She crosses her legs and tenses both her anus and her buttocks in an attempt to hold the fart in for just a little longer.
  28. >The pressure grows, and the pain does with it, but Sweetie tenaciously holds back the flow with a firm contraction on her plot hole.
  30. "Come on, Sweetie Belle! You're losing every round!"
  32. >Now sweating profusely, Sweetie Belle bites her lip and turns to Button, right as the gas inside her grows too strong to contain.
  33. >A long, slowly deepening muffled rasp spreads out into the sofa cushion; she blushes deep crimson as she tries to stop the flow, but the mere velocity of its release does not allow it.
  35. "Oh, no... I'm so sorry! It just-"
  37. >Button just stares at Sweetie as the two foals are enveloped in another ripe swarm of Sweetie Belle's sickeningly warm aroma.
  38. >The putrified odour of all the food she'd eaten in the last few hours now flooded her nose and dried her throat.
  39. >Sweetie fanned her hooves around wildly to try and lessen the stinky onslaught of her flatulence.
  41. "Woah. Who knew a GIRL could fart like that?!"
  43. >Sweetie was a little surprised to say the least.
  45. "Wh-Huh?!"
  46. "That was a good fart for a girl! I dunno about the smell, though... I feel like I'm gonna throw up."
  48. >She blushes again, using her tail to brush away some of the lingering fumes.
  50. "I'm sorry... I should stop eating so much cheese, I guess."
  51. "Check this one out!"
  53. >Button leans away from Sweetie, elevating his tush a little before ripping a trumpeting, boisterous rip.
  54. >Sweetie Belle isn't sure whether to laugh or be confused, and instead just grins awkwardly.
  55. >Button Mash takes a few deep sniffs of his own creation, before using a waft of his hooves to share it with Sweetie.
  56. >She sniffs it herself, noting that it smells quite a lot like onions or something similar, and the two foals start laughing.
  58. "Not quite as smelly as your one, but pretty good, huh?"
  59. "Yeah! Not bad!"
  61. >Within just a few seconds Sweetie Belle felt that need to pass gas again, and this time playfully lay down away from Button, holding her tail out the way of her butt and cocking up one leg like a dog to let a squeaky plume vent from her shapely rump.
  62. >Button, in all honesty feeling quite turned on at this point, leant in for a stronger sniff, immediately regretting doing so and falling off his sofa, coughing and gagging but laughing at the same time.
  64. "Oh, wow! What the hay do you eat, Sweetie Belle?!"
  66. >She blushes and pulls a smirk of childish innocence.
  67. >Sitting up and recovering from the last attack of nerve gas, Button recollects himself and offers Sweetie a hoof.
  69. "Pull my hoof!"
  71. >Laughing childishly she gives his hoof a sharp tug and grins as she hears the loud popping from behind him, followed by a sigh of relief.
  72. >Button then swivels to offer his tush, Sweetie courteously taking a cautious whiff.
  73. >Her paunch begins to grumble and bubble again, but unlike Button she turns herself around and hovers her ass off the sofa and before Button's gazing face.
  75. "Pull my tail!"
  77. >Being rather secretly more and more aroused by Sweetie farting in his presence, Button Mash happily yanks Sweetie Belle's tail with his head right up against it.
  78. >She doesn't let rip right away, but instead suddenly falls back and lands with a loud thump, Button's face held beneath her trembling derriere.
  79. >She applies extra force, keeping him pinned beneath her with no chance of breaking free as she starts to issue a juicy, quite wispy mist of acrid methane all over his face.
  80. >The stench kicks in immediately, and Sweetie Belle giggles naughtily as Button pants and flails beneath her.
  81. >She lets another fart bubble against his muzzle and he starts screaming out.
  83. "Sweetie Belle! Get off me! I can't breathe, seriously!"
  85. >She ignores him and holds him under her for a few more seconds until his speech become slurred and his movements begin to slow.
  86. >He's on the threshold of passing out as she finally gets off him, and all he can do is start violently dry heaving.
  88. "Sweetie... Belle?! Why... In Equestria did you do that?!"
  89. "Because it was funny!"
  90. "I didn't think it was that funny; I couldn't breathe! I could have died!"
  91. "Don't be silly! Besides, it's your turn!"
  93. >Still with resent, Button gets up off the floor and tries not to keep coughing and retching.
  94. >He doesn't look too pleased at Sweetie Belle.
  96. "Lie down on the couch."
  98. >She smiles knowingly and takes her place laying down on the sofa, her eyes closed and her muzzle ready.
  99. >Button, still quite cross at Sweetie Belle, hoists himself up over her on the sofa and revolves his body to lower his butt onto her face.
  100. >She doesn't seem to be worried in the slightest, likely as she knows that Button's farts don't smell nearly as lethal as hers.
  102. "Well..? Are you gonna fart or just sit on me?"
  103. "It's just coming!"
  105. >It still takes a few seconds of silence before Button's hole dilates slightly and a seeping windy fart passes over Sweetie's face.
  106. >She takes it in through her nose, the vapour noisome but not particularly unpleasant.
  107. >Getting quite annoyed that Sweetie isn't crying out beneath him, Button Mash starts grinding his backside up against her face, grunting angrily as he does so.
  109. "That doesn't smell too bad, Button."
  111. >He remains vexedly silent, just trying to grind and praying he won't end up being out-grossed by a girl.
  113. "Are you gonna just keep doing that? It's getting kinda boring."
  114. ~
  115. >Feeling as if he's about to just give up, Button's answer suddenly comes to him in the form of a groaning belly and a heaviness in his bowels.
  116. >He grins.
  118. "Button?! Unless you want to fart on me again can you get off?!"
  119. "Oh, I'm gonna fart on you alright! How about... You open your mouth this time? Yeah!"
  121. >She sighs and levers her mouth open over his plothole a little, not really paying much attention to his mediocre gas.
  122. >He knows it's dirty, and probably far grosser than what Sweetie had administered to Button, but the gut feeling of revenge was enough to drive him forward.
  123. >He could feel solid matter snaking slowly to his anus, with nothing more than a little encouragement on his behalf.
  124. >The first thing to exit was an airy fart, which puffed into Sweetie's mouth with a loud hiss.
  125. >The taste was only a little more offensive than the smell, and the rather bored filly just let the lukewarm gas swim around in her open mouth.
  126. >This was it: Button could feel that loaf growing closer to its escape, and he applied some extra pressure to Sweetie to just be sure.
  127. >With a wet pop of his pucker, it distended and a waxy brown log began to grow out into Sweetie's mouth.
  128. >Not really paying attention, Sweetie made no effort to close her mouth for the turd, letting it fall in her mouth and then jolting in surprise.
  129. >Button quickly hopped off Sweetie Belle, using all his strength to keep her mouth clamped shut with his little gift inside it.
  130. >She squirmed around on the sofa and screamed into her closed mouth.
  131. >With every attempt to push the feces out of her mouth with her tongue, she only ended up mashing it together with her tongue.
  133. "No no! Swallow... Swallow.."
  135. >She tried every effort to wriggle free, but soon realised the way Button was holding her meant she had no chance of escape.
  137. "Who's the grossest, now?!"
  139. >Her eyes began tearing up as she realised she had no option but to swallow the poop, cringing as that bitterness clung to the back of her throat.
  140. >Upon hearing that gulp, Button let go of Sweetie and she gasped for air desperately, whimpering and trying to scrub the vile taste off her tongue.
  141. >Button, on the other hand, was rolling around on the floor and laughing. That pure look of fear in Sweetie's eyes was the funniest thing he'd seen all day.
  143. "You forgot something, Button."
  144. "What's that?"
  145. "It's my turn next."
  147. >With this, in an act of irate aggression, Sweetie pulled Button Mash over to the sofa, sitting him up against it before harshly bringing her butt onto his face with a loud muffled thump.
  148. >He began to panic slightly, remembering how badly those last two farts of Sweetie's smelt.
  149. >She'd been holding this one in all through Button's turn, and decided to just let rip with all the might that little filly would muster.
  150. >The result of this was a bubbly, clearly forced swill of ripened, corrosive fog.
  151. >The abusive noxious scent of spent veggies and rancid dairy hit Button's nasal tract instantly, and he tried to stop breathing just to avoid having to take another singing breath.
  152. >Being the gassy little pony she was, Sweetie Belle managed to swell up her gut with another hot pocket of gas within only minutes, eeking these saturated and fetid fumes onto Button's head and smirking as he started to shudder and franticly flail out and try and escape.
  153. >She showed him no mercy, just rubbing her plothole right against his nostrils as he started screaming again.
  155. "I'm sorry, ok! I didn't mean it! C'mon, Sweetie Belle stop!"
  157. >She didn't listen to a word he said, her own belly roaring and her own feeling of solidity growing.
  158. >If Button was going to poop in her mouth, she was going to make sure he stopped moving this time around.
  159. >After yet another sickeningly sloppy ripple of gas, Button's movements began to slow again, and his speech once again became more drawling and saddened.
  161. "Please... Just stop it, Sweetie Belle... Please get off... I just need.."
  162. "Need what?!"
  163. "Just need to breathe some... Fresh air again. Please, I'm begging you.."
  165. >She dismissed his whining and focused on her bowel movements.
  166. >A roughly six second-long whispery wet rasp preceded her relieving feeling of excretion, her pearly little sphincter trembling before it winked over Button's muzzle and pressed out the first turd; fat, stinky as all hell, and somewhat runny too.
  167. >That baked scent of her hot shit was strong enough to make poor Sweetie gag herself, and she made sure to smear that feces well over Button's face.
  168. >He made his best efforts to scream out as she broke into loud sobbing, gagging hard and feeling the rising feeling of vomiting.
  169. >Another swampy, ripe fart sent bubbles rippling through Button's brown mask and he only started crying louder.
  171. "What a cry baby!"
  173. >She squeezed out a second loaf, adding to the disgusting caking of grainy residue coating Button's face and overflowing onto the floor.
  174. >Her belly gurgled violently, and the next time she opened her pucker the consistency of the shit gradually began to lessen from a somewhat consistent log to a runny mess.
  175. >With a loud, wet sort of sound she began to pump out a lengthy stream of liquid diarrhoea onto, and into Button's nose and mouth.
  176. >She laughed as she felt the warm, watery feces dribble between her legs and onto the floor.
  177. >Whatever small, pointless movements Button was making at this point soon came to a halt, and he fell into unconsciousness.
  178. >That satisfaction of forcing Button to pass out screaming made Sweetie grin even wider, giggling mischievously as she finally took her ass off of him with a loud squelch, turning round to admire her slowly sliding mound of steaming, rancid mud.
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