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History of the Urupuruu

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Sep 2nd, 2012
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  1. The Urupuruu were created by Arupa from mud on the banks of a great river. They lived next to the great river for a long time, singing songs and hunting and fishing, until one day, a strange beast came and sat on our side of the river, shocking anyone that came near it. Elder Rapulachu and Shaman Rupol took this as a sign that Arupa wanted them to leave, so the Urupuruu picked their things up and moved to the east, to the edge of a great chasm. On the edge of a small creek, the Urupuruu built the village of Yetu Mahali, and prospered for a time under the rule of Elder Nameless. Elder Nameless was walking along the edge of the chasm one day when the ground gave way, and Nameless fell into the chasm. It was then that Elder Lupo ascended to the position of Tribal Elder. Lupo made contact with the strange shadow creatures to the south, and expanded the tribe from the small village of Yetu Mahali to three settlements, adding Mwepesi and Udongo to the list. Elder Caesar of Udongo was fascinated with learning, and so set about creating a grand structure of stone in the form of a Great Library. Elder Kario of Mwepesi fought back legions of strange demons hat flew up from the chasm, and so built the village into a fort with high walls and many defenses and a large tower at the edge of the abyss. Elder Lupo created the position of Eldest Leader, so that all puruu would report to the Eldest Leader first, and the Village Elder second. When a team of militia members, lead by Askari Nguni, traveled north with a group of scholars to find both the source of the demons, and a way to the other side of the chasm. After being attacked and nearly wiped out a multitude of times, the scholars and warriors found the end of the chasm, the ocean, and a great floating jungle. Meanwhile, back in Yetu Mahali, Eldest Leader Lupo had died and Eldest Leader Caesar took control. Caesar demanded that Elder Kario give Fort Mwepesi to Caesar, but Elder Kario refused. Caesar then took a large army and began to besiege the Fort. The defenders inside of the fort were driven made by strange gases from the mines, and left the safety of their walls to charge the attackers siege camp. The entirety of the defenders forces were killed. Up north, Askari Nguni and a young scribe named Rupol dug a trench from the Calm Firil Sea to the edge of the chasm, and flooded the entire thing. No one is sure what happened next, but we do know that all of the northern expedition was slaughtered save Rupol. Rupol floated down the new Salt Lake where the chasm used to be on the body of a large dead animal. The curios puruu witnessed the wrath of Arupa in the form of the flood, and the Wrath of Quotumo the Abyss in the form of a volcanic eruption. After arriving back home in Yetu Mahali ((Which by this point had been combined with Udongo into one big city)) Rupol began preaching the message of Arupa, and how one small puruu can change the world in ways never seen before. A year later, after being appointed the position of High Priest of Arupa, a statue of Lupo fell on Rupol's head, instantly killing the poor puruu. Eldest Leader Caesar, now taking the title of Kiongozi, began to expand to the north. They made settlements all along the Calm Firil Sea, and a settlement to the west by the river. They built boats to sail with, and formed a great army of puruu to travel north and spread Arupa's message. The army in the north is currently fighting against savages, and one of the villages along the Calm Firil Sea has pledged aid to a group of tall green Eleni that have been having trouble with some Bugmen slavers.
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