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  1. Friendly Fire = On
  2. US Central
  3. Just be respectable to everyone playing.
  4. Don't mic spam, if someone tells you something you say is offensive, please refrain from saying it, if not you will be banned.
  5. Please no team killing, unless its a GOOD meme.
  6. Respect your mods, they're good people!
  7. Let me know if one of my mods is abusing.
  8. Tonia - Owner, Goodest Noodle ♡
  9. Ben - Foot King, aka bestest bb ♡
  10. Josh - Resident Trap ♡
  11. Teddy - Best Ghost ♡
  12. Ryan - Epic Nae Nae ♡
  13. Mason - Casserole ♡
  14. Blake - Spicywiener ♡
  15. Noah - French Frog ♡
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