Leon A Standard Random Speedrun information

Nemz38 Feb 3rd, 2019 (edited) 208 Never
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  1. 1- Tapping Click's on Ada's EMP gun is faster than holding it in
  2. 2- Mr X is a timed event at the end after you do 1000 damage at the start and stand at the side so the slabs can drop, after the slabs drop it's completely timed and keeping him out of an animation at the end makes it as fast as possible.
  3. 3- Quick turning is slower except for on certain areas such as RPD stairs
  4. 4- Shooting the 2nd g-guy on way to King and Queen pieces makes him dive and not come back
  5. 5- Caution doesn't make you run slower
  6. 6- Difficulty adjustment must be below Rank 7 for G3 to get an optimal fight
  7. 7- On Ada's segment you can come off charging the power things before finishing them and it still finishes
  8. 8- Movement speed isn't tied to FPS
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