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  1. <Wren> if defending you is being a cunt, then rest assured I'll never do so again.
  2. <Kent> the heck is this about?
  3. <Wren> Just letting you know, Kent.
  4. <Wren> [22:24] <Wren> You should perhaps thank Kent for getting your little group a foothold to where they are, instead of belittle him.   <--being a cunt, apparently.
  5. <Wren> Won't happen again.
  6. <Kent> No, wren.
  7. <Kent> You wrestling that node out from me by OOC means was kind of a dickish move.
  8. <Kent> The way you speak in main chat
  9. <Kent> and try to troll our group
  10. <Kent> is being a cunt
  11. <Kent> that it is.
  12. <Kent> You AND malefactor
  13. <Wren> You're misunderstanding then.  I'm not "trolling" anything, but I strongly dislike bullies, which make up 99% of that group.
  14. <Kent> Nobody here is a bully.
  15. <Wren> And I offered to talk over the node ig with you, Kent.
  16. <Wren> Call it a camp or whatever.
  17. <Kent> That's not the point.
  18. <Kent> You could have PMed me about it
  19. <Kent> But no
  20. <Kent> You decided to put some soldiers on it
  21. <Kent> and let mine continue to defend it
  22. <Wren> You're right, I could have. Maybe I should have.  Either way, its done.
  23. <Kent> god knows HOW the node was uncapped.
  24. <Kent> You and malefactor do the very same thing.
  25. <Kent> And it pisses me the fuck off.
  26. <Wren> Do what same thing?
  27. <Kent> Wait until people are offline to do things
  28. <Kent> take nodes in that way
  29. <Kent> malefactor has done that to me on three nodes.
  30. <Wren> 90% of the time..i don't even touch nodes.
  31. <Kent> Well, you've done it to me on this one.
  32. <Kent> And your buddy malefactor did it to me too
  33. <Kent> Before i stopped giving a fuck about nodes.
  34. <Kent> Just like you may think 99% of my side is bullies, the way i see it 99% of your side is dicks.
  35. <Wren> I don't think we really want to get into dickish moves and the scorecard on that..
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