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  1. SELECT l0_.agreement_pdf_uid AS agreement_pdf_uid_0, l0_.amount_discount AS amount_discount_1, l0_.amountLeft AS amountLeft_2, l0_.amountLeftToday AS amountLeftToday_3, l0_.amount_paid AS amount_paid_4, l0_.amountsRefreshedAt AS amountsRefreshedAt_5, l0_.amount_fees AS amount_fees_6, l0_.amount_delay_charges AS amount_delay_charges_7, l0_.monthly_revenue_netto AS monthly_revenue_netto_8, l0_.amount_extension_base AS amount_extension_base_9, l0_.amount_extensions AS amount_extensions_10, l0_.amount_extension_payment AS amount_extension_payment_11, l0_.amount_extension_prepayment AS amount_extension_prepayment_12, l0_.canonicalCode AS canonicalCode_13, l0_.amount_topay AS amount_topay_14, l0_.amount_loan AS amount_loan_15, l0_.amount_interest AS amount_interest_16, l0_.amount_total AS amount_total_17, l0_.amount_unpaid AS amount_unpaid_18, l0_.amount_delays AS amount_delays_19, l0_.has_extension AS has_extension_20, l0_.asked_to_convert AS asked_to_convert_21, l0_.asked_to_extend AS asked_to_extend_22, l0_.asked_duration AS asked_duration_23, l0_.asked_extension AS asked_extension_24, l0_.extension_payments_r1 AS extension_payments_r1_25, l0_.repay_reported AS repay_reported_26, l0_.minutes_waited AS minutes_waited_27, l0_.appliedAt AS appliedAt_28, l0_.is_archive AS is_archive_29, l0_.goneBadAt AS goneBadAt_30, l0_.gonebaddocuments AS gonebaddocuments_31, l0_.bad_recovered AS bad_recovered_32, l0_.gonebadrepay AS gonebadrepay_33, l0_.charge_until AS charge_until_34, l0_.charged AS charged_35, l0_.civil_case_number AS civil_case_number_36, l0_.is_creditinfo_off AS is_creditinfo_off_37, l0_.days_late AS days_late_38, l0_.delayAt AS delayAt_39, l0_.early_repayment_date AS early_repayment_date_40, l0_.gonebadcomments AS gonebadcomments_41, l0_.gonebadcompany AS gonebadcompany_42, l0_.is_generated_interest AS is_generated_interest_43, l0_.is_itella_off AS is_itella_off_44, l0_.is_late AS is_late_45, l0_.late_payments AS late_payments_46, l0_.number AS number_47, l0_.offered AS offered_48, l0_.overpay_document_uid AS overpay_document_uid_49, l0_.has_payments_late15days AS has_payments_late15days_50, l0_.has_payments_latelessthan30 AS has_payments_latelessthan30_51, l0_.has_payments_latemorethan30 AS has_payments_latemorethan30_52, l0_.has_payments_paymentsenttobailiff AS has_payments_paymentsenttobailiff_53, l0_.preliminary_grant AS preliminary_grant_54, l0_.rates_canonical AS rates_canonical_55, l0_.received_court_ruling AS received_court_ruling_56, l0_.remindedAt AS remindedAt_57, l0_.repaidAt AS repaidAt_58, l0_.sent_to_court AS sent_to_court_59, l0_.status AS status_60, l0_.terminatedAt AS terminatedAt_61, l0_.torepay AS torepay_62, l0_.user_canonical_data AS user_canonical_data_63, l0_.uuid AS uuid_64, l0_.version AS version_65, l0_.warning_notification_sent_at AS warning_notification_sent_at_66, l0_.is_long_term AS is_long_term_67, l0_.disable_delays_charging AS disable_delays_charging_68, l0_.createdAt AS createdAt_69, l0_.updatedAt AS updatedAt_70, l0_.siteId AS siteId_71, l0_.id AS id_72, l0_.amount AS amount_73, l0_.duration AS duration_74, l0_.code AS code_75, l0_.sms_id AS sms_id_76, l0_.saleChannel AS saleChannel_77, l0_.loanType AS loanType_78, l0_.r1_id AS r1_id_79, l0_.granted_administrator_id AS granted_administrator_id_80, l0_.coupon_id AS coupon_id_81, l0_.discount_id AS discount_id_82, l0_.user_id AS user_id_83 FROM loans l0_ LEFT JOIN Loans_RepaySchedule l1_ ON l0_.id = l1_.loanid LEFT JOIN Loans_RepaySchedulePayment l2_ ON l1_.id = l2_.scheduleId LEFT JOIN Loans_Loan_Tag l4_ ON l0_.id = l4_.loanId LEFT JOIN Loans_Tag l3_ ON l3_.id = l4_.tagId WHERE l3_.id NOT IN (1, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 36) AND DATEDIFF(CURRENT_DATE, l2_.date) > 30 AND (l2_.paidTotal < l2_.topayTotal AND l2_.date <= CURRENT_DATE) AND l0_.status = 'granted' AND l0_.is_archive = 0 AND l0_.siteId = 1 AND l0_.id IN ('507302', '507263', '507109', '506858', '506815', '506712', '506511', '506081', '506028', '506003', '505912', '505554', '505453', '505421', '505303', '505028', '504955', '504919', '504827', '504780', '504601', '504540', '504482', '504338', '504232', '504173', '504142', '504010', '503920', '503850', '503832', '503755', '503576', '503552', '503392', '503414', '503084', '503161', '503028', '502878', '502827', '502191', '502067', '501833', '501657', '501629', '501575', '501107', '501041', '500996') ORDER BY l0_.createdAt DESC;
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