My Robot Kain't Understand RABU

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  1. [19:41:00] <@Kain> The seven of you ride into Black Mage Village on six chocobos, with one being practically pulled along, riderless. The sun is starting to set, and it looks like you may have to spend the night unless you leave again immediately.
  2. [19:41:30] * Natalie carries Ambrosia on her steed romantically like a princess, by the way. ... Which one of them is the princess? ... uhh.
  3. [19:42:35] <Natalie> Actually for a minute she considers putting her self-plushie on the chocobo and letting it ride, but then everybody else would think she's a huge narcissist.
  4. [19:44:59] <@Kain> Bebe leads you all over to the chocobo stables, where a number of chocobos are waiting with their genome handlers.
  5. [19:45:36] <@Kain> The ones you rented from Madain Sari stay over in a different part of the stables, though, as you go to leave...
  6. [19:45:52] <Natalie> ... Still didn't name him.  Oops.
  7. [19:45:57] <@Kain> The oldest looking chocobo, a healthy ten-year old male, walks over to Natalie, curiously.
  8. [19:46:13] <@Kain> He nudges at the ribbon Nat's still wearing.
  9. [19:46:15] <@Kain> "Kweh?"
  10. [19:46:17] * Natalie returns the look.
  11. [19:46:35] <Natalie> "Hmm?  Is there something up with this?"
  12. [19:46:46] <@Kain> Ambrosia tilts her head, back and forth, then squints. "K-kweh!"
  13. [19:46:55] <@Kain> The chocobo looks at Ambrosia. "Kweh!!"
  14. [19:47:01] * Natalie headtilts before undoing her ponytail and pulling the huge ribbon out. She's not a touhou so she can survive a FEW minutes without it.
  15. [19:47:26] <Natalie> Oh shit horses don't exist in this setting so it's not called a 'ponytail' aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what do you even
  16. [19:47:26] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "He recognizes it." she says after a moment. "The old owner won a race with him."
  17. [19:47:47] * Theta_ dismounts and lingers a bit to watch this, thinking himself on what to catch up on while here himself..
  18. [19:47:55] <Natalie> "Ohh, I see!  Sorry, I guess I didn't get what he- wait what"
  19. [19:49:26] <@Kain> A somewhat familiar face walks in, next to Theta, looking over, curiously. It's Cygnus, dressed now in thick overalls that are awkwardly hanging over his default Genome attire.
  20. [19:49:38] * Natalie blinks out the disbelief while holding the ribbon out for the chocobo. "... Huh. Does that mean you want a race with me too...?"
  21. [19:49:48] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Greetings Theta. ...Is that woman conversing with Bobby Corwen?"
  22. [19:50:17] <Theta_> "Seems that way."
  23. [19:50:34] <@Kain> Bebe, sensing too many NPCs hanging around, bids you guys farewell for now and tells you to come over later if you want~
  24. [19:50:45] <@Kain> (brb)
  25. [19:52:30] <@Kain> (Back)
  26. [19:52:42] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "No, I think he just wanted to say hi to her."
  27. [19:54:25] <Natalie> "Hee."  Natty spends a moment tying it back in and pats the bird on the head.  "That's good that you remember so much... even I don't remember where I got this one from.  I have a bunch, after all!  But, I'll try to pass it on if I can."
  28. [19:55:01] <@Kain> Bobby Corwen: "Kweh!"
  29. [19:55:18] <Natalie> (Oh I just realized you meant the- ... oh well imagining that one being worn as a hair ribbon is hilarious too)
  30. [19:55:28] <@Kain> Cygnus: "How have you been acclimatizing?"
  31. [19:57:28] <@Kain> Cygnus seems to have picked up a job here at the stables, from what you can tell. ...It's strange, him making casual conversation, too. As he waits for a response he's picked up a push broom and began sweeping up chocobo feathers.
  32. [19:57:33] <Theta_> (Man when you said 'thick overalls' I thought it was nutsack)
  33. [19:57:40] <Theta_> (OOPS)
  34. [19:58:23] * Natalie slooooooooowly turns back over to Ambrosia. Oh dear somebody's using a broom in her presence, this is going to go somewhere.
  35. [19:58:32] <@Kain> (Arwill wore jeans)
  36. [19:58:57] <Natalie> (Cygnus is the adorable one yeah, Arwill is the asshole)
  37. [19:59:01] <@Kain> Ambrosia watches Cygnus push the feathers around, and slowly starts to follow him around with her dust broom, sweeping up the dirt of the dirt floor stable.
  38. [19:59:16] <Natalie> Hnnngggh.
  39. [19:59:44] <Theta_> Theta looks over to him.  "Is that what they are calling it nowadays?  I guess I can say I found myself then."
  40. [20:00:17] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Adjusting. Adapting. To experiences outside the village." he clarifies.
  41. [20:00:32] <@Kain> He slooowly stops, turning around and looking at Ambrosia. "...Greetings."
  42. [20:00:57] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Hi!" she says in her best Nat-tone, but her face is otherwise expressionless.
  43. [20:01:01] * Natalie just sits down and watches the paradoh god hnnnggggh
  44. [20:01:06] <Theta_> "You seem to be doing fine your-" He's distracted by Ambrosia being silly for a bit.  "This is Ambrosia.  You can say I 'found' her a week ago or so."
  45. [20:01:33] <Natalie> "Nnnn.  She's getting good at that."
  46. [20:01:47] <Theta_> "Her race isn't entirely different from our own or the Dolls.  Same beginnings and all."
  47. [20:02:46] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Intriguing. Another race of artificial lifeforms?" he steps obscenely close to Ambrosia, inspecting her, and she doesn't back up at all, staring back.
  48. [20:03:20] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Manikin..."
  49. [20:04:14] <Natalie> "People here sure are...."  Nat muses to herself but decides not to finish that sentence.
  50. [20:04:34] * Theta_ looks to Nat and hrrrms
  51. [20:04:42] <Theta_> "I wonder if you woke up here one day you'd act the same."
  52. [20:04:45] <@Kain> Cygnus: "You are fortunate." he says to Theta, stepping back.
  53. [20:04:49] <Theta_> "Least I think it'd be funny."
  54. [20:04:56] <Natalie> :<
  55. [20:05:11] <Theta_> Then to Cygnus.  "How so?"
  56. [20:05:13] <Natalie> "... Mmmmaybe.  Me writing a long time ago kinda sounded like that... a little bit... sorta."
  57. [20:06:53] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Studying as many like our kind as you can is likely to bring new insights, correct?"
  58. [20:07:44] <Natalie> "Nnnner hey Mr. Sigma!  Which way is what'shisface's place again?  I guess I better go let myself get studied, speaking of," Nat cuts herself off and butts in.
  59. [20:08:30] <Theta_> "I suppose that's true.  I've been feeling like the Mayor lately.  It's sort of scary." he laughs.
  60. [20:08:45] <Theta_> He looks to Nat and details how to find Bebe's house for her.
  61. [20:09:24] <Natalie> "'Kay, thanks.  I'll be there!"  Excitedly she gives a thankful gesture and then WHOOSH.
  62. [20:10:31] <Natalie> ... Fun fact: He could've described anyone else's house and she probably would have totally trusted it.
  63. [20:12:15] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Am I going to be studied, too?" she tilts her head.
  64. [20:12:25] <@Kain> Cygnus: "I would not mind studying her..."
  65. [20:12:51] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Clarify what you mean, however, Theta."
  66. [20:13:19] <@Kain> Cygnus: "You have been feeling hormonal changes promoting mammary growth?"
  67. [20:13:23] * Theta_ raises an eyebrow at Cygnus.
  68. [20:13:30] <Theta_> "I'm not sure if you gained a sense of humor or you meant that literally."
  69. [20:14:20] <@Kain> He tilts his head at you about the same time Ambrosia does too.
  70. [20:15:26] <Theta_> "Oh my this IS how she feels.  You're not a test subject, so to say, Ambrosia.  I find the differences between our species interesting but I wanted you to come here because this is the home of my race, which you're closely related to."
  71. [20:15:33] <Natalie> (these two are competing for 'best character' in my book, I think they're going to have to have a duel to the death)
  72. [20:15:35] <Theta_> "I thought it would be good for you to see how it is."
  73. [20:15:43] <Theta_> "Basically, Cygnus..."
  74. [20:16:18] <Theta_> "Well, you've come along a lot since last I saw you.  Do you notice some of the others starting to seem a bit off from how you previously percieved them?"
  75. [20:17:02] <@Kain> Cygnus: "As opposed to... a bit on?" his expression is so confused.
  76. [20:17:42] <@Kain> Ambrosia is the one to speak up and clarify for him. "He means unusual behavior as per normal expectations."
  77. [20:19:08] <Theta_> "Right. That."
  78. [20:19:40] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Oh! I see. In fact now that you mention it, yes. Some of the other citizens have begun to act in increasingly unpredictable manners consistent with certain other residents."
  79. [20:19:44] <Theta_> "Sorry I've become a bit less direct with my wording and more a smart ass. Product of the company I keep."
  80. [20:20:29] <Theta_> "Basically, Cygnus, with time, that will become more and more apparant."
  81. [20:20:31] <@Kain> Cygnus: "It seems to have a correlation with the 'learning social experience' that the mayor scheduled us for."
  82. [20:21:30] <Theta_> "So when you suggested studying Ambrosia here, once being in your shoes, I asked myself, 'did he mean the literal study her, or is this innuendo.' "
  83. [20:22:52] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Innuendo implying what?" he thinks really hard on that for a moment. "Unacceptable bodily viewing?"
  84. [20:23:41] <@Kain> Cygnus: "I recall in Lindblum one human getting alarmingly agitated and aggressive towards another human when such an event transpired."
  85. [20:24:08] <@Kain> Cygnus: "I have not come to understand what sort of bodily viewing is acceptable and which is unacceptable yet, however."
  86. [20:24:24] <@Kain> Ambrosia tilts her head. "I don't mind being looked at."
  87. [20:24:51] * Theta_ starts to speak, then stops.
  88. [20:25:08] <Theta_> "I think with time you'll learn that.  It just is...slow I guess.  I'd suggest traveling more."
  89. [20:25:13] <Theta_> "Just don't ask Arwell.  For the love of God."
  90. [20:25:19] <@Kain> Cygnus: "I have learned eye contact is generally acceptable in most circumstances."
  91. [20:25:31] <@Kain> Cygnus: "So I err on the side of caution."
  92. [20:25:46] <@Kain> You do notice he has been looking you and Ambrosia in the eyes all this time.
  93. [20:26:15] <Theta_> "This reminds me, is the Mayor here at the moment?"
  94. [20:26:20] <@Kain> Cygnus frowns. "Arwell is erratic and offensive."
  95. [20:26:44] * Theta_ grins. "You'll find new ways to put that with time."
  96. [20:26:57] <@Kain> Cygnus looks left, then right: "Mayor Mikoto is not at the chocobo stables. It is more likely she is at the mayor's house here in the village."
  97. [20:27:24] <@Kain> *Arwill
  98. [20:29:23] <Theta_> "Oh so she is in the village at the moment?"
  99. [20:30:18] * Theta_ looks over to Ambrosia. "I'd like to introduce you to her while we have the chance, but after that we can look around as you want, or you could on your own.  Alright?"
  100. [20:30:44] <@Kain> Ambrosia nods. "Okay."
  101. [20:31:01] <@Kain> Cygnus: "Good luck. I will resume my stable cleaning."
  102. [20:31:48] <@Kain> Cygnus points out to Ambrosia before you go. "Sweeping dirt is inefficient."
  103. [20:31:58] <@Kain> Cygnus: "...but thank you."
  104. [20:33:03] <Theta_> "She likes cleaning." he chuckles.
  105. [20:33:16] <Theta_> (annnd did nat poof completely? :C)
  106. [20:33:24] <@Kain> Nat poofed over to Bebe's.
  107. [20:33:39] <@Kain> I got the impression it wasn't exactly something he wanted to play out but we can if desired
  108. [20:34:03] <Natalie> Actually yeah playing it out would be fine, but it was like... Thetatime in his home village, y'know?
  109. [20:34:10] <@Kain> or maybe a routesplit within a routespliiiiit
  110. [20:34:15] <Natalie> ... yes it's that
  111. [20:34:40] <Natalie> unless he wants to be all 'hey you come meet the mayor with me' but she's content being 'inspected' by weirdos
  112. [20:34:49] <@Kain> So what next? Nat and the gang at Bebe's, or go ahead and take Ambrosia to Mikoto, or what?
  113. [20:34:54] <Natalie> who may or may not turn out to be BBEGs in disguise who smash her tiara with a hammer and kidnap her unconscious body
  114. [20:35:04] <Natalie> and then take over the world
  115. [20:35:05] <Natalie> maybe
  116. [20:35:18] <@Kain> (god this cookie is so delicious)
  117. [20:35:50] <Theta_> well alright, over to the mayor's then yeah
  118. [20:37:00] <Natalie> (Considering I don't work tomorrow (actually I didn't think to ask if he does or not I just realized it's a holiday weekend hrmmm) I don't mind going second after this anyway so take your time have fun)
  119. [20:37:43] <@Kain> alright then~
  120. [20:38:29] <Theta_> (I do work tomorrow actually)
  121. [20:38:58] <Natalie> (Well there we go!  I'll just do stuff later if cutiewaffle is still awake after your silliness)
  122. [20:39:10] <@Kain> Mikoto's house was not an original part of the village, either. It was built just past the village's graveyard, an unavoidable reminder along the way of the fleeting nature of life.
  123. [20:39:44] <@Kain> It's still an overly happy sort of black mage face house, though.
  124. [20:39:58] * Theta_ , now reminded of this layout, realizes how awkward introducing the other girls here would be.
  125. [20:40:44] <@Kain> Rather a bit larger than all the other houses, the place sports a sort of meeting hall for an entryway, and Mikoto's actual private rooms are in the back.
  126. [20:40:59] <@Kain> The front door is open, as always, letting you in to the town hall.
  127. [20:41:18] * Theta_ enters the meeting hall and heads to the door to her personal quarters. He knocks on the door. "Mikoto, are you home?"
  128. [20:41:59] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Yes? Is that you, Theta? Just a moment, I've just gotten out of the bath."
  129. [20:42:41] <@Kain> Ambrosia raises her arm and sniffs a moment, frowning.
  130. [20:43:02] <Theta_> "Yup!  Was passing through, helping Bebe with something he was investigating."
  131. [20:44:53] * Theta_ looks over to Ambrosia with a small laugh. "I'm sure she'd understand."
  132. [20:45:44] <@Kain> Ambrosia just kind of whines a little.
  133. [20:46:14] <@Kain> After a moment, the door is unlocked, and Mikoto is standing there in a white-mage patterned bathrobe, with wet hair hanging to her shoulders.
  134. [20:46:40] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Oh?" she says, noticing Ambrosia, and she smiles. "Come on in, both of you. I'll put some coffee on."
  135. [20:47:22] * Theta_ nods.  "Thanks.  Been sort of a long night for us."
  136. [20:49:28] <Theta_> "This is Ambrosia.  I know I mentioned introducing you to the dolls in my care, but she's actually not included in them.  I found her about a week ago."
  137. [20:49:41] <@Kain> She closes the door behind you. Mikoto's private quarters are lit only by a small fireplace crackling away, the windows are covered tightly by venetian blinds and curtains. The layout is fairly modest, she has a few chairs for guests, and there's a door leading to her bedroom.
  138. [20:50:20] <Theta_> "She's neither doll nor genome, I think you can tell, but...well, sort of close."
  139. [20:50:31] <@Kain> Mikoto: "The way you say that makes me think there's something special about her?" she studies both of you, then walks over to the cabinet of her kitchenette, also in the room, and begins taking out the necessities to make coffee.
  140. [20:50:40] <@Kain> *she says that before Theta explains
  141. [20:51:06] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Ohh, I see. Well, hello, Ambrosia! It's nice to meet you." she says in a warm voice.
  142. [20:51:51] <Theta_> "Ambrosia, this is Mikoto.  She's...basically my version of how you probably see me."
  143. [20:52:32] <@Kain> Ambrosia considers how best to greet her, given the circumstances, and simply puts her heels together, left hand holding right hand, and bows. "It's an honor."
  144. [20:54:21] <@Kain> Mikoto sets the coffee pot over the fireplace, and has a seat, gesturing for the two of you to sit.
  145. [20:54:40] <@Kain> Mikoto: "She's a well-mannered young lady, that's for sure."
  146. [20:54:56] * Theta_ takes a seat and accepts the drink.  He sips it slowly.  "She was made to be a servant initially."
  147. [20:55:15] <Theta_> "Her memory is lost of that time, but behaviors remain."
  148. [20:55:26] <@Kain> Mikoto looks at her curiously, taking her own coffee once it's done. "By whom?"
  149. [20:55:51] <Theta_> "Essentially, Bahamut has hidden another vessel to this planet, from another world.  It persists to this day and operates."
  150. [20:56:06] <Theta_> "Humans once manned it.  Her race were, I believe, subservant to them."
  151. [20:56:32] <Theta_> "There's more of her kind on it, but I believe she is the only one who has left it to this day."
  152. [20:56:53] <@Kain> Mikoto: "That's not too unlike our own situation, is it?" she considers.
  153. [20:57:14] <@Kain> Mikoto: "We were supposed to be vessels, rather than servants, but people from another world, playing god..."
  154. [20:57:25] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Mmm..."
  155. [20:57:25] <Theta_> "It's not at all.  I mostly just wanted...well, for her to see things as we do.  I figured meeting you would be good for her."
  156. [20:57:51] <Theta_> "And her situation is a bit different than the dolls in my care, so it's probably best she was alone for it."
  157. [20:58:27] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Well, I'm glad to meet her! Welcome to Black Mage Village, Ambrosia. This is a haven for those with no other place to call home. You're welcome here anytime you like."
  158. [20:58:41] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "But... I do have a home." she tilts her head.
  159. [21:00:19] <Theta_> "That's true, you do.  But Vivian and the others are like yourself.  And not many of our race dwell out there.  This village is...well it's the home to the rest of us."
  160. [21:00:32] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Theta's already made sure of that? He's thoughtful, isn't he? You really have grown so much since your... rather tasteless display not long ago." she remarks.
  161. [21:00:42] <@Kain> The latter half of that is directed to Theta.
  162. [21:01:17] <Theta_> "Ironically I can thank one of the most untactful humans I've met for that, I think."
  163. [21:01:58] <@Kain> Mikoto takes another sip of coffee. "Oh? Well I'm all ears! I'd love to hear some stories sometime."
  164. [21:02:23] <Theta_> "It's a long story but I'm sue you've heard of the Renegade.  I found stasis, I think, in his attic.  Which is odd cause he swears he was in her basement."
  165. [21:02:32] <Theta_> (his basement*)
  166. [21:02:32] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "All ears..." she squints. "...listening." she says quietly to herself.
  167. [21:03:10] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Oh, that wizard mentioned on Baku's radio show?"
  168. [21:03:26] <Theta_> "Essentially he wanted us to amuse him and baited us to exploring the vessel the rest of her people are on."
  169. [21:03:49] <Theta_> "But her waking up surprised even him.  I'm not really 100% what triggered it, I have a hunch but..."
  170. [21:04:57] <@Kain> Mikoto: "So are the rest of her kind asleep, too?"
  171. [21:05:08] <Theta_> "Some are. Some aren't."
  172. [21:05:26] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I see... we may have to expand the village eventually, then..."
  173. [21:05:37] <Theta_> "The problem is Bahamut won't let them off the ship."
  174. [21:06:24] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Bah humbug."
  175. [21:07:58] * Theta_ laughs.  "She's been picking up traits from my companions.  There's a lot of mystery around how she got here, but that wasn't really why I brought her by.  I was wondering if there was any advice you might have for her."
  176. [21:08:15] <Theta_> "You've been through this way more than I have, anyway, even if I sorta get a feel for what it's like now."
  177. [21:08:58] <@Kain> Mikoto thinks on it a moment.
  178. [21:09:38] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Well... the first thing you should probably learn, Ambrosia, is about objectivity and subjectivity."
  179. [21:13:23] <@Kain> Mikoto: "There are things that are constants in the world, like gravity, or the composition of water... These are objective, true things. And then there are people and the many, many facets to them. A person might be described as good-natured by one person, and selfish by another. This is subjectivity. You should be cautious what to believe when someone tells you something, because people
  180. [21:13:23] <@Kain> are separated by walls called opinions, and hundreds of little doors and windows of emotion, perspective, and circumstance."
  181. [21:14:44] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Speaking of which - never let someone tell you there is no such thing as good or evil. They exist - that is another objective truth, though the world is not divided strictly into black and white. There are varying degrees of good in the world, and there are varying degrees of evil, and there are places where the two may meet and become subjective."
  182. [21:15:31] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Should I believe what you're telling me?"
  183. [21:16:02] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Good question! No, like anyone, my words are subject to my own personal biases and are not objective. You should listen, and then come to your own conclusions."
  184. [21:16:31] <Theta_> "To be fair you listen to almost anythine Natalie says," he pinches Ambrosia's cheek playfully.
  185. [21:16:41] <Theta_> (anything*)
  186. [21:17:10] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "She's funny." she says to Theta, smiling a bit.
  187. [21:17:34] <Theta_> "Thank you, Mikoto. Um..."
  188. [21:18:05] <Theta_> "Well I had two other things.  I found Vivi's lab earlier today.  It's in Madian Sari."
  189. [21:19:00] <Theta_> "The contents of which had some interesting implications, so I sort of hid the entrance further.  I'll just ask the part I'm curious about."
  190. [21:19:17] <@Kain> Mikoto suddenly looks quite interested.
  191. [21:19:31] <Theta_> "I know Bebe doesn't know this and his other children don't, but are you aware their existances are tied to Eidolons?"
  192. [21:20:12] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I've been deciphering Kuja's journal... and parts of it have conjecture on such a subject, but no, I didn't. Not exactly that."
  193. [21:22:06] <Theta_> "This is apparantly the doing of Kuja and Vivi in their final days while colaborating.  I can tell you the location of the lab but finding the door's probably gonna be trickier - but basically, what I took away from it, is some of the Eidolons are sharing their 'part' in Gaia with them."
  194. [21:22:27] <Theta_> "I was just curious how much of that either of them shared.  Seems not much..."
  195. [21:23:56] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I know that my brother wanted to repent for what he did, and went to work with Vivi, but I didn't learn many details of their collaboration."
  196. [21:24:39] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I think the first thing he tried, according to his journal, was simply reversing his original modifications. But it seems like it was a one way process."
  197. [21:25:04] <Theta_> "Mhm.  Well, it's given me some ideas but I haven't really gotten a time or place to start with them.  I just thought I should ask about this because it seemed sorta delicate."
  198. [21:25:22] <Theta_> "My other question is sort of a crass side note from something I read while working for Renegade.  More a morbid curiosity."
  199. [21:25:41] <Theta_> "Is, uh..."
  200. [21:26:01] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I do wonder about the implications... does that mean they're immortal? How would they feel about learning about this? These sort of things must be bothering you on some level."
  201. [21:26:09] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Hm?"
  202. [21:26:54] <Theta_> He contemplates how to ask this, so first answers what Mikoto just said. "I was wondering that as well, but I wanted to see how my plans went before discussing that."
  203. [21:27:31] <@Kain> She simply waits for his question.
  204. [21:27:38] <@Kain> Ambrosia politely listens.
  205. [21:30:29] <Theta_> He looks to Ambrosia, then back. "Okay, basically, I have no idea who else could answer this truthfully.  Iiiis Zidane aware we can't reproduce with humans, or is there something else hilariously awkward going on in Alexandria at moment about this and possible misconceptions about them not having the right, uh, nuts and bolts for the job."
  206. [21:30:40] <Theta_> "Wow that came out way worse than it sounded in my head."
  207. [21:31:28] <@Kain> Mikoto laughs!
  208. [21:31:49] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Yes, sadly, he's aware."
  209. [21:32:36] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Our genitals are pretty much identical to humans', but something about our bodies is incompatible. Children just are concieved."
  210. [21:32:42] <@Kain> *aren't
  211. [21:33:03] * Theta_ seems a bit disapoined. "Maaan I was sorta hoping there was some hilarious conspiracy between the nobles or something."
  212. [21:33:51] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Oh, there's probably gossip. I mean, just because Zidane knows the problem doesn't mean everyone else realizes it."
  213. [21:35:02] <@Kain> Mikoto: "It's sad..." her expression sombers up a bit. "I would have looked forward to a niece or nephew..."
  214. [21:35:18] <@Kain> Mikoto: "But there's not magic yet in this world that can bridge the gap between our species."
  215. [21:36:15] <Theta_> "Hrm."  Theta doesn't mention it but he think she knows a kinky enough mage to ask.  "I'll keep an...eye out for that, I guess.  Unfortionately that's all I really have to ask or say at the moment other than the girls are doing fine adjusting to Treno and are happy.  Thank you so much for the land you granted us."
  216. [21:37:02] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I inherited that land from Kuja. I may as well do something nice with it..." she smiles.
  217. [21:37:26] <Theta_> "It might amuse you to know one of them, Savannah, adopted a kitten and we named it Garland."
  218. [21:37:33] <@Kain> Mikoto: "At one point I considered just... having a small subdivision there, a separate black mage village, bu-"
  219. [21:37:43] <@Kain> Mikoto: "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"
  220. [21:37:58] <@Kain> Coffee goes flying all over everything as she chokes herself laughing.
  221. [21:38:27] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Oh god... oh my god... that IS hilarious! Hahaha..."
  222. [21:38:46] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Oh, if he -knew-, I could just see the scowl on his face!"
  223. [21:39:20] <Theta_> "I'm looking forward to introducing them to you as well one day...a second extension of the village would be interesting."
  224. [21:40:01] <@Kain> It takes her a minute to calm down, Ambrosia not really getting why it's so funny, but Mikoto smiles.
  225. [21:40:10] * Theta_ looks over to Ambrosia.  "Is there anything you'd like to ask Mikoto, Ambrosia? Sorry for distracting this."
  226. [21:40:31] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Can I take a bath?"
  227. [21:40:46] <Theta_> "I shoulda seen that one coming."
  228. [21:41:10] <@Kain> Mikoto smiles. "You may use my bathroom as you see fit, but Theta didn't mean that."
  229. [21:41:22] <@Kain> Ambrosia thinks and hms and haws a moment.
  230. [21:43:27] <@Kain> Ambrosia: "Can you tell me about love?"
  231. [21:44:19] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Love? That's an awfully specific subject... let's see."
  232. [21:44:38] <@Kain> She glances to Theta. "I don't want to keep you too long..."
  233. [21:44:49] <Theta_> "Well..."
  234. [21:45:49] <Theta_> He looks to Ambrosia.  "How about you go clean up for the moment, then you two can talk some and you'll be free to look around the village?  I'll be at Bebe's house most likely."
  235. [21:46:25] <@Kain> Ambrosia nods. "Okay."
  236. [21:47:24] * Theta_ looks to Mikoto with a look implying he's got something to say to her in private before he makes his leave.
  237. [21:47:53] <@Kain> Mikoto nods and gets the towels and such out for Ambrosia, and scoots her into the bathroom, before returning, walking over to Theta.
  238. [21:48:17] <Theta_> "Basically, concerning what she asked, I think I should shed some light on some things."
  239. [21:49:18] <Theta_> "When we investigated that airship I looed into her past, and visited the room of her 'owner.' "
  240. [21:50:43] <Theta_> "I'm not really sure of the context but the facts I know is she was married to him, but Bahamut forced the humans on the ship to leave it, without taking their servants with them."
  241. [21:51:30] <Theta_> "He put her into stasis, but somehow she woke up a couple of years ago and somehow got off the ship.  Renegade found her and she went into stasis shortly after."
  242. [21:52:32] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I see..."
  243. [21:52:48] <Theta_> "I...think she woke up cause I look sorta like her past husband?  And I fear he might have tampered with her memories cause I have a device that would restore them, but she, well..."
  244. [21:53:06] <Theta_> "Responded very poorly and unnaturally to it when she saw it."
  245. [21:54:10] <Theta_> "So this might have something to do with that.  I just didn't want you to be stuck answering that without some context."
  246. [21:55:13] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Are you sure it's tampering and not... hm. Some sort of post traumatic stress?"
  247. [21:55:28] <@Kain> Mikoto: "How did she react, exactly?"
  248. [21:56:20] <Theta_> "She froze up and hid in a corner, started to repeat 'I'm not broken don't fix me'.  Very scared.  When I put it away, she was perfectly normal, didn't even recall the reaction."
  249. [21:56:47] <Theta_> "I...sorta guessed it might have been he forced her to forget about him.  This all happened hundreds of years ago.  He's long dead by now."
  250. [21:56:50] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Holy.."
  251. [21:57:10] <@Kain> Mikoto: "And you think she might have asked about love because you resemble him?"
  252. [21:57:58] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Because deep down she remembers having feelings like that?"
  253. [21:58:58] <Theta_> "I think it might be the motivation, yes."
  254. [21:59:29] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I see... okay. I'll work with her how I can."
  255. [21:59:31] <Theta_> "And I couldn't really see you giving her any advice there without...well, knowing her background a bit more."
  256. [22:00:01] <@Kain> She nods.
  257. [22:01:02] <@Kain> She yawns a bit and goes to get a bit more coffee. "Have you learned anything more about Ayane since we last met?"
  258. [22:01:12] <Theta_> "Thanks a lot, Mikoto.  I really haven't been able to offer her much advice on this."
  259. [22:01:23] <Theta_> "Well."
  260. [22:01:25] <@Kain> She smiles. "It's no problem, Theta."
  261. [22:01:53] <Theta_> "I'm not really sure how to make this not sound ridiculous."
  262. [22:02:16] <Theta_> "She made a pair of underwear that allows her to draw on the lives of others and tap into their power. It's how she impersonates Kuja."
  263. [22:02:22] <Theta_> "She's used it to summon Eidolons against us."
  264. [22:02:34] <@Kain> She puts the cup of coffee down.
  265. [22:03:02] <@Kain> She walks over to the wall, and opens up a secret compartment, taking out a liquor bottle.
  266. [22:03:12] <@Kain> She walks back over to the coffee and dumps just a little in.
  267. [22:03:12] <Theta_> "See. I -told- you."
  268. [22:03:22] <@Kain> Then returns it to the wall.
  269. [22:03:35] <Theta_> "Other than that. uh."
  270. [22:03:39] <Theta_> "I blew up her air ship."
  271. [22:03:43] <@Kain> Mikoto: "That woman worries me."
  272. [22:03:56] <Theta_> "She doesn't know I'm 'around' so to speak, or wise to her."
  273. [22:03:57] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Did you? Well, that should take some spring out of her step."
  274. [22:04:05] <Theta_> "Eeeeh."
  275. [22:04:10] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Ooh, that's a good advantage."
  276. [22:04:19] <Theta_> "We also learned she's an item with the pirate Gilgemesh."
  277. [22:04:20] <@Kain> She sips her now alcoholic coffee, then makes a face.
  278. [22:04:31] <@Kain> "This isn't a good a combination as I thought it'd be."
  279. [22:04:45] <Theta_> "Them or the coffee and the liquor?'
  280. [22:05:01] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I meant the coffee, but that doesn't sound nice, either."
  281. [22:05:14] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Zidane knew Gilgamesh, actually. Before he became a notorious pirate."
  282. [22:05:31] <Theta_> "Well, either way, she thinks The Glutton sabotaged her ship, and not me."
  283. [22:05:48] <Theta_> "So that was a small victory but honestly it's not really helping me learn more about -her-."
  284. [22:05:55] <@Kain> Mikoto: "He was a low life pickpocket that boasted of being a greater treasure hunter than he really was. It wasn't until Zidane proved how much better he was that Gilgamesh became so... motivated."
  285. [22:06:44] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Hmm...."
  286. [22:07:41] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Well, I wish you the best of luck, Theta. I'll do my best to try and get tabs on her, too."
  287. [22:07:51] <Theta_> "I've been contemplating reaching out to Walt to help me make a disguise of sorts to help with this cause there's no way I can keep up with 'those 3 woman I know the names of and that one guy in the hat who is a thorn in my side.' "
  288. [22:07:54] <@Kain> Mikoto: "I do feel like this is partly my fault that she's being such a nuisance now."
  289. [22:08:22] <@Kain> Mikoto: "The Black Waltz..."
  290. [22:08:50] <Theta_> "Yeah! Something like that. The wings are tricky."
  291. [22:09:02] <Theta_> "Hat and mask for the eyes I could probably figure out."
  292. [22:09:22] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Actually, I've heard through the grapevine that Walt plans on making a trip to Madain Sari on business. I've never heard of him leaving Durandal, even before I was told who and what he was, so I wonder what's going on..."
  293. [22:10:44] <@Kain> She thinks, a moment.
  294. [22:10:52] <Theta_> "That town unsettles me for some reason.  It's where this all began and it's all coming full circle, isn't it."
  295. [22:11:14] <@Kain> "Wings... The lady summoner in Lindblum, Eiko, has a wing ornament that's somewhat functional... maybe if you could replicate and modify..."
  296. [22:11:55] <Theta_> Oh god he'll never escape Nat's insanity. "Hm. Alright."
  297. [22:12:07] <Natalie> ♡
  298. [22:12:10] <@Kain> Mikoto: "There is definitely something foul going on with Durandal." she agrees.
  299. [22:12:34] <Theta_> (He was referring to madain sari :P)
  300. [22:12:36] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Oh, alternately, you might try and talk to some of the other people in the village good with their hands."
  301. [22:12:45] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Lindblum -is- quite far off."
  302. [22:14:39] <Theta_> "I'll consider it.  I think I need to get some parts from around here anyway."
  303. [22:15:15] <Theta_> He stands slowly.  "I think I should head out to poke around, some, then.  She might have some questions she's uncomfortable asking around me, even."
  304. [22:16:29] <@Kain> Mikoto: "Alright. Take care of yourself out there, Theta." she sets her coffee down and hugs you. "The world is starting to go mad again, I don't envy the job you might have ahead of you."
  305. [22:18:40] * Theta_ hugs her back.  "I'll be fine.  Your throwing me out into it was the best lesson, hell, best -thing- you ever did for me.  The only thing out there that scares me is not finding a solution to this before it's too late for the girls I'm looking after."
  306. [22:19:24] <Theta_> "Well. That and the bear man I made a deal with.  But that's not important right now."
  307. [22:19:38] <@Kain> She pulls back, smiling at you. "Hell, Theta, even before you learned more about the world you were always trying your hardest. You'll make it."
  308. [22:20:14] <@Kain> "Get out there and make me proud."
  309. [22:21:29] * Theta_ nods and makes his exit.  "Will do.  I'll see if I can arrange something around new years, but bye for now!"
  310. [22:22:00] <@Kain> She waves you off, smiling.
  311. [22:22:16] <@Kain> We'll call it there, for Theta.
  312. [22:22:25] <Theta_> alright
  313. [22:22:31] <Theta_> thanks Kain, that was :3
  314. [22:22:36] <@Kain> Sure thing~
  315. [22:22:41] <Theta_> mikoto is best oneesama
  316. [22:22:55] <Natalie> and then after he leaves
  317. [22:22:59] <Natalie> sloppy kisses
  318. [22:23:13] <Natalie> wet girlsex
  319. [22:23:18] <Natalie> right on the desk
  320. [22:23:22] <@Kain> whoa
  321. [22:23:24] <@Kain> how lewd
  322. [22:23:30] <Natalie> thank you I try
  323. [22:23:45] <Theta_> wouldn't even be mad.
  324. [22:23:53] <Natalie> you'd be mad
  325. [22:23:55] <Natalie> STURBATING
  326. [22:23:58] <Natalie> AHOAHOAHOAHOHAOHOAHOHAHOA
  327. [22:24:02] <@Kain> whoa
  328. [22:24:03] <@Kain> anyway
  329. [22:24:04] <Theta_> god I thin baku
  330. [22:24:07] <Theta_> would laugh to that one
  331. [22:24:16] <@Kain> GAHAHAHAHA
  332. [22:25:20] <@Kain> Oh, actually.
  333. [22:25:22] <@Kain> One more thing.
  334. [22:25:28] <@Kain> As Theta leaves Mikoto's house...
  335. [22:26:12] <Theta> (ruh roh)
  336. [22:27:24] <@Kain> A figure stands in the graveyard, staring at the doorway of the town hall. It's gotten dark out, and you can't quite make out their details... but their head has a terrifying, unnatural shape, a mane of black hair with two ears on top of its head, and a stretched muzzle with enormous nostrils. Its eyes are on either side of its head, looking in seemingly opposed directions, but at the same
  337. [22:27:25] <@Kain> time fixated directly on you.
  338. [22:27:30] <@Kain> You blink once, and the figure is gone.
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