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  1. Ex-Playboy bunny reveals why she fell in love with Richard Lugner
  2. http://i2.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article4264289.ece/ALTERNATES/s1200/Richard-Lugner-and-Cathy-Schmitz.jpg
  3. As many of you know, Richard Lugner is an Austrian Entrepreneur and he was born on October 11, 1932, which makes him a man in his 80s. However, how was he able to make a playboy bunny fall in love with him in the first place is quite a mystery. Lucky for us, she decided to discuss everything that might interest us. So, if you were a bit unlucky with the ladies, maybe this information might help you out.
  4. Well, in an interview Cathy Lugner decided to come to the open and tells us everything there is to know about her relationship with this billionaire. At the beginning of an interview, she even stated: ‘It is more than just nice to live a luxury life where you do not have to worry about anything, however, money’s is not the only thing that is important.’ That is something that is true, but it is difficult to believe to be true as it comes from a 27-year old playboy bunny who married an 84-year old billionaire.
  5. Simply put, they have a 57-year age gap between them, and as much as we have been against the big age gaps in the past between celebrities, this is probably the biggest. While both of them have claimed that they did, in fact, marry because they love each other, they still have some concerns about the relationship in general. Before this marriage, Richard Lugner was already married five times, as he has admitted that the path to finding love is a bit rocky.
  6. However, what was wrong with his last wife? She was known to have loved him very much, and him divorcing her for a Playboy bunny who is 57 years younger, does not make him look better. Richard Lugner has sworn off marriage after he was divorced for the fourth time, however, he said that Cathy was able to change his mind. The couple got engaged in August, and they got married just a month later.
  7. Despite him marrying Cathy, Richard Lugner has stated that he is still fearful that she might actually be after his riches and not him in general: “Women can be very dangerous, and marrying them can be very deadly, but I would like to give it another shot, since I am not getting any younger”. Cathy has also admitted that she always loves the luxury lifestyle., but that is not the sole reason why she married him.
  8. ‘When I first met him, I simply thought that he was a nice guy. Of course, I knew he was rich, I am from Germany and he is very famous’ she stated, before adding “I have dated a lot of younger men, and he has been with a lot of younger women as all of his wives were younger than him. And while young men just look after themselves and chase women, he takes care of me and we have fun!”, however, is that enough for their marriage to survive?
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